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She whispered "How about him?"


This was just one weekend of our long, wonderful marriage.
It does not define us as people or the kind of couple we were.
But it happened, just the same.

One morning , my wife threw out this crazy spur of the moment
idea we should just take off for Vegas, this weekend, just
to do something crazy. And I was totally caught off guard.
"Come on. Let's just do it, " Christina
said with a big bright smile on her face. Her eyes had not
sparkled like that in a very long time.

We always said for years, that once our daughter grew up
and went off to college, we were going to do more crazy things
again. But the reality was my wife and I never did any crazy
things, even after Jamie headed off to college. We both
just kept working hard and spent long hours at our offices
with rarely a night when either of us got home before seven.
So we lived by the rule, fend for yourself as far as dinner
went, because neither of us were cooking when we finally
did get home.

We both rushed to the computer, sat down and booked our flight
and found a hotel room for the weekend. It was the most exciting
thing my wife and I had done in years. Two mature, normally
predictable forty five year old people, suddenly acting
like kids all over again. We were both going to pack that
morning, work until noon and then rush to the airport to
meet up again and just leave.

I got to the airport before Christina and checked our flight
to make sure it was still on time before I waited for my wife
to arrive. I remember standing there telling myself this
was totally insane. But I also worried because seldom is
there a day when Christina ever shows up when she is supposed
to. It is always , this meeting ran long or someone called
and I got delayed, kind of excuses.

It was a little past noon and our flight was scheduled to
take off a little before two, leaving us less than two hours
to check our bags, get through security and catch the plane
at the gate before they close the door. I remember standing
there checking my watch and getting more nervous by the

I just knew Christina was going to blow this idea of hers
about spending a weakened together in Vegas by not arriving
with enough time. Twelve turned into twelve fifteen and
then twelve twenty and from out of nowhere my wife finally

Gray busyness suit, skirt and matching jacket , along with
her black heels clicking as she crossed the tile floor as
she walked towards me with a big smile on her face. "I
know, I know , I'm a little late, " Christina
said as she walked up to me and gave me a big wet kiss to shut
me up. "Now let's just go have some fun for a change, "
Christina said after her wet kiss.

We eventually boarded the plane to my relief, and put our
carry on's in the overhead compartment. We had the
two inside seats and we had both already greeted the man
sitting next to the window already, in our row. I didn't
think anything of it at the time when Christina removed
her suit jacket and handed to me to put away for her. Her white
blouse was rather sheer or sheer enough to show some of her
bra which I noticed the man staring her.

Christina worked hard to keep her shape and had become very
active when they put in an exercise room where she worked.
I know a lot of nights she got home late because she worked
out for an hour before heading home. The truth be told Christina
looked great for a woman her age and when you tossed in her
rather ample chest, she struck quite a pose.

But my sweet wife never even noticed the man looking at her
chest and smiled at me before she sat down and buckled her
seat belt. "This is going to be so much fun, "
She said as I sat down and buckled mine before we held hands
and waited for the plane to taxi out before takeoff. I napped
as soon as we were safely in the air while Christina browsed
a magazine or two and then began chatting with the man sitting
next to her.

From time to time, I was awake enough to hear them talking
about children and then another time about jobs and careers,
but most of the time I just slept. That killed the first two
hours so when my eyes finally did open up we only had an hour
or so left before we touched down.

I remember I rubbed my eyes before I checked my watch and
then I turned to see Christina and ask her how she was doing.
And as soon as I did, I saw her hand in the man's hand ,
when she winked at me but didn't say anything. Immediately
my entire nervous system went haywire as I looked again
and sure enough my wife was holding hands with the man. I
remember my heart was beating so fast all I could do was sit
up straight and stare at the front of the plane.

Like most couples Christina and I went through a bad stretch
in our marriage but we worked it out and decided we would
both try even harder. I had been feeling left out and alone
about five years earlier and found comfort in the arms of
a female friend of ours. I didn't do it to hurt Christina
and in fact I never thought she would ever find out. It only
happened three times before I broke it off and confessed
to my wife and begged her for her forgiveness.

But that was five years ago and we had worked past that point
in our marriage and were at a really good place, or so I thought.
But now Christina was holding hands with the man alongside
of her on our way to Vegas. It was simply not the time or the
place to make a scene so I just sat there shaking a little
bit inside and worrying a whole lot.

Was this her way of telling me she was leaving me and wanted
to get me all the way to Vegas to break the bad news? And then
I wondered if my wife already knew this man and was having
an affair with him and wanted to just rub it in by suggesting
we go to Vegas for a fun weekend. Was she going to stay with
me when we landed or was she going to stay with him, after
she dumped me at the airport.

I remained silent the last hour of our flight but did relax
a little when I noticed she was not holding hands with him
any longer. I got even more nervous when I heard the wheels
hit the runway before the plane slowed down and slowly made
its way to its assigned gate. And then right before we stopped
I glanced over at Christina and saw her blouse rising and
following as her ample breasts appeared to be heaving with
each breath she took.

Our plane finally stopped as the attendants quickly rushed
to get the door open and help us all exit the plane. Christina
finally stood up smiling at me as I handed her, her suit jacket
and her purse. "Thanks honey, " she said still
smiling as if there was nothing wrong. I wondered what in
the world is happening but I moved so my wife could exit first
with me right behind her.

And then it was as if she never even held his hand as Christina
and I made our way to the baggage area with her heels once
again clicking as she walked. My wife and I got our bags and
headed out to grab a cab to take us to our hotel. It was after
Christina and I were finally in the cab that I asked her what
was with, her holding the man's hand on our flight out.

"It was just me, trying to be silly. I wanted to surprise
you and do something crazy for you when you woke up, "
My wife said smiling before she kissed me on my cheek. Christina
and I had talked many times over the years how we never did
anything wild or crazy. And we both felt bored with our lives,
even if they were really good lives we shared together.

Christina and I checked into our room and immediately we
were quite impressed with the junior suite. "Honey,
quick, come over here and look at this view, " Christina
said sounding rather excited. So I walked over to the window
and looked out at the strip and all the hotels and casinos.
"This is going to be an even better view at night, when
all the lights are on, " I said as Christina turned
and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"I think we both have a pretty good view, right now, "
She said before we shared our first kiss in our weekend love
nest. My wife not only had the body of a very sexy forty five
year old woman, but she also knew how to use that body of hers.
One kissed turned into two and before I knew it, I was unbuttoning
Christina's blouse in front of the window.

She was an impressive woman once you see her with her top
off and how her large breasts were being cradled by one of
her sexy bras. So I ran in hands slow up from her waist until
each had cupped one of her delicious breasts before I just
stood there holding them. Christina was already feeling
the heat too and asked me if we should kick off our weekend
in style. I merely nodded my head as I felt my dick already
beginning to swell.

"Let's just promise each other, this is going
to be a weekend we will never forget, " Christina
said with a big smile on her face. We both tore our clothes
off and started in the huge walk in shower in our room and
the heat just kept getting hotter and hotter from then on.
Christina was five foot six and weighed about a hundred
and thirty pounds, but she used it in a way that packed a real

When we couldn't stand it any longer we both dried off
in record time and ended up on the king size bed where I went
to work on my wife's pussy without hesitation. God,
how I loved to see that woman on her back with her legs spread
moaning and whimpering because of what I do to her.

Christina had one very strong climax that rocked her world
before she sucked on me until I couldn't stand it any
longer either. We then just fucked each other and it was
the best sex we had had in years. It seemed like a came, and
came and just kept cumming until I was exhausted. "I
think we both needed that, " My wife said after I laid
on her still gasping for air.

It was one hell of a way to kick off this unexpected weekend
getaway in Vegas. Christina and I both showered together
again because we planned on hitting the strip next and seeing
what else might be fun to try. Of course it takes her two to
three times longer to get ready than me, so once I was dressed
and ready to go, I watched the local news and patiently waited
for my sexy wife.

Christina may have the face , the style and the body of one
hot woman but she always dressed herself as a professional
business woman. "Well, what do you think" ?
she asked me so I turned around to check out, what she had
on. Now, let me say that every dress or skirt that Christina
ever wore back home came to her knees or below her knees.
So when I saw her wearing a skirt that was above her knees,
I nearly passed out. I am not saying it was a mini skirt because
she was too old to wear one of them, but my wife's skirt
did stop a good inch or so above her knees.

And then I noticed the top Christina had on and I couldn't
believe it showed as much cleavage as it did. I mean it came
down so far in front, anyone looking at her would be able
to see half of her large breasts although not her bra. "Wow!"
I said because that is all I could say. My wife's eyes
sparkled as she explained she had bought it, just for a trip
like this.

"We are here to have some fun, right?" My wife
said giggling at my shocked expression. I told her we were
going to have lots of fun if she dressed like that the entire
weekend. "Oh, don't worry, I have more outfits, "
She said as I held her hand and together we headed out into
the night life of Vegas.

Christina played the slots for about an hour while I played
black jack and even made a few bucks instead of losing a few
bucks. And we had decided to meet up in an hour at the bar in
the middle of the casino. So I left the blackjack table forty
bucks ahead and wandered towards the bar, I spotted my wife
sipping a martini, talking to another man at the bar.

Can't say why , but it struck me as very sexy, too. I had
always realized my wife was a very attractive, very sexy
woman, especially in the outfit she had on. So naturally
other men would notice her and if one of them spotted her
sitting alone at the bar, he would try and make some conversation
with her, too. So I watched the two of them for a minute or
so before I walked up to Christina who immediately pulled
me close to her so we could kiss.

"Honey, this is Chuck. He is here for a friend's
wedding, " Christina said so I shook the man's
hand and asked my wife how she did at the slot machines. She
was acting like a school girl for the first time in a really
long time as she reached into her purse and took out a handful
of cash. "I won, three hundred dollars. Can you believe
it, " Christina said beaming from ear to ear.

Christina and I had not yet been outside since we arrived
from the airport so we decided to go for a walk and soak up
the people and the lights. I had to admit, this was turning
out to be a fantastic idea because if Christina would not
have suggested to me early that very morning, no doubt one
or both of us would have still be at work, back home. Instead
we were holding hands walking on the sidewalk of the city
that never sleeps.

Christina and I strolled for a while and walked into a couple
more casinos but didn't gamble in either of them. One
time we just used the restrooms and in the other one, my wife
sat at the bar and had another drink and talked. About three
years into our marriage, well before we had Jamie, Christina
and I had talked about trying a threesome someday.

Of course I wanted it to be her and another woman and me. And
Christina didn't say that would not work but she said
she might want her, me and another man, but only if we found
the right other man. But it was just foolish talk a lot of
newly married couples talk about when they talk about fantasies
and other crazy things.

So we were at the bar sipping our drinks when Christina shocked
me again, when she bought up the threesome idea we discussed
twenty plus years ago. "I didn't think you even
remembered that conversation, " I told her my sweet
wife. "Sure I do, " Christina said as she leaned
forward and kissed me again at the bar in front of everyone
else at the bar.

"So what are you really saying?" I asked her
still stunned that we were again talking about a threesome
as if it could still happen. Christina blushed a little
before she whispered to me, " We are here and are looking
to have some fun, so I guess I am saying, maybe we should try
it, this one time."

Just looking down at her waist now that her skirt, had ridden
up half way to her panties, had me already reeling. I guess
my brain couldn't digest this much information so
quickly. "I'm not saying tonight because we
already took care of that, but maybe tomorrow night. It
will be our last night in Vegas, " Christina said
smiling at me with her bright eyes.

" Are you serious?" I asked her after I drank
half of my drink in my gulp. "I don't know honey, "
She said still smiling at me. "Let's just sleep
on it and talk about it in the morning, " Christina
said before we finished our drinks and headed back out onto
the strip. It was only eleven at night, but we had both gotten
up at six that morning and worked a half a day, so Christina
and I decided just to go back to our room and get a good night's

We snuggled close together in a soft bed and fell asleep
looking at the night lights of Las Vegas. We definitely
both needed the rest because we didn't wake up until
well after nine the next morning. It was possibly the best
night sleep I had, had in a really long time. When I rolled
over and to see if my wife was still sleeping , she greeted
me with another of her big wonderful smiles. "I didn't
want to wake up by getting out of bed, so I just laid there
watched her sleep for the last ten minutes, " She

"Well good morning sweet heart, " I said to
Christina as she wiggled over to kiss me before she jumped
out of bed and walked towards the bathroom with only her
sexy panties on. I realized once again, I was the luckiest
guy on earth to have such a sweet wife and one who had a body
of a goddess, to boot.

She used the bathroom while I ordered us breakfast from
room service to surprise her with something we didn't
often do, which was eat a full breakfast together. I used
the bathroom next as Christina lounged around our room
in her panties and a hotel robe, they provided for us.

When I came out wearing the other robe, we both started laughing
because we looked like twins. "We are wearing matching
outfits. Do you want to wear one of my skirts this afternoon?"
my silly wife asked. I told her I would think about it and
then told Christina I had ordered us room service, so we
didn't have to hurry to get something to eat. "That
was so sweet of you, " she said as she sat in one of the
soft chairs and curled up.

It took room service about a half hour to arrive but it was
well worth the wait. Fresh orange juice, eggs, bacon, rolls
and even a bowl of fresh fruit. "Why does all of this
taste so good?" I asked my wife after she had finished,
felt full and leaned back in her chair. "I ate too much,
for sure, " Christina said as she relaxed.

"So, do you want talk about what we talked about last
night?"I asked her. And Christina knew exactly what
I was talking about now that it was morning. "Do you
think we could really do something like that"? she
asked me first. I told Christina I wasn't sure but if
we talked about it, we might figure it out.

"It would certainly be the craziest thing we could
ever do, " Christina said next. So we slowly began
to discuss it but not as if we might actually try and do it.
We chatted more about the kind of person it would have to
be and how we might feel during and after it. "Kind
of gives me Goosebumps, " My wife said smiling at
one point. "Ya, I know. Pretty crazy stuff, "
I replied back to her as we both laughed a little bit more.

"Well, if I can remember this correctly, you wanted
another woman, right?" She asked me. I nodded my head
before I said that finding one might be a real challenge.
"And if I remember correctly, you wanted another
man?"I asked her next. Christina blushed before
she said, she was not sure she could ever really do that with
another man.

"But I would be right besides you on the bed, "
I said curious to how she would react. Christina laughed
before she said, "Sure, you would be, while he would
be on top of me." I chuckled and told her I knew it sounded
stupid so maybe we should just stop talking about it and
have a fun morning and afternoon. "Honey, that is
the best idea I heard since I woke up, "Christina said
before she jumped and ran into the bathroom to start to get
herself ready for a full day of fun in Vegas.

I just sat there and watched TV because it always takes my
wife at least thirty minutes to get herself ready for anything.
"Ok, pick one, " I heard Christina say standing
behind me in the bathroom doorway. She had on another shorter
skirt and was holding two tops up so I could pick one I liked
best. "Maybe just wear your bra without another top, "
I said jokingly of course. Christina put down the two tops
and stood there in her lacy bra barely holding her big boobs
in place. Then she bounced a little bit and asked me how she

"You will definitely be very popular" I said
to her as she picked up her two tops back up and walked back
into the bathroom to pick one for herself. She came out wearing
the pink one to go with her short white skirt. It didn't
show any cleavage like the one my wife wore the night before
but it was tight enough so every man could see how full she
really was.

I showered, shaved and was ready within ten minutes before
we left our room and headed for the elevator. We were alone
on the ride to the lobby so I asked Christina what she felt
like doing to have some fun. My wife looked at me but didn't
speak for a moment before she said, "Let's spend
the day looking for the right man." My blood pressure
went up twenty points in a matter of seconds.

It was already noon when we got back into the casino and began
to wander around holding hands on the search of our life
time. I asked Christina if she was serious and my wife said
she was , if I was. "Ok let's get out into the bright
sunshine and go for a walk, " I said as she smiled and
nodded her head.

It was the craziest way Christina and I had ever spent an
afternoon doing together. There were times when I really
didn't think we were really looking for a man she could
have sex with but I went along with her game feeling like
she was never going to find him. The time pasted quickly
but we also stopped and played a few slots and had a late lunch
around three that afternoon. So it wasn't like Christina
and I just walked around looking at men.

We eventually got back to our hotel around five and decided
to have a cocktail at the bar, to kick off our last night in
Vegas. I had kind of thought we had given up on the searching
thing, because never once did Christina asked me to look
at even one guy and give her my opinion. And then without
warning Christina leans over towards me and whispers,
"What about him?"

I turned quickly and saw the same man she had talked to at
the bar the night before standing a ways away talking with
some other people. So Christina and I watched him and within
a few minutes a woman in a wedding gown and her new husband
joined their group too. "What was his name"?
I asked Christina. "Chuck. He told me his name was
Chuck and he also told me he was out here alone for a friend's
wedding, " she added. "Is he married?"
I asked her. My wife frowned at me and said what difference
would it make, because we are married too.

"So, how do we do this?" she asked me now acting
rather nervous. Like I was supposed to know how we should
approach him and ask him if he wanted to be part of our threesome
and fuck my wife in front of me. "I don't'
know. I never did this before, either, " I told my
rather nervous wife. I thought for a second or two while
my wife kept her eyes on him the whole time. "Why don't
you go over and say hi. And then ask him if he has some free
time around ten to meet us back here at the bar, " I
said to her.

"Are you sure about this?" My wife asked acting
frantically. I told her if she was sure, then I was sure.
"Ok stay right here. I'll go talk to him, "
Christina said before she got off her bar stool and began
to walk towards the group of people surrounding the bride
and groom. And now I was suddenly just as nervous as she was.

I watched as Chuck smiled when he spotted my wife again and
walked a few feet away from his group to chat with her alone.
Of course I couldn't hear what they said but they both
nodded their heads at one point and smiled before she started
to walk back towards me. Christina had a very tense look
in her face as she walked towards me without a smile.

"Well?" I asked her as soon as she sat back down
on the bar stool. "He said he would meet us here at the
bar at ten, " was all she said before she took a large
sip of her drink. "So let's eat dinner early so
I have plenty of time to get ready, " My wife said as
we both smiled at each other but they were fake, nervous
kind of smiles.

Christina and I shared a sub sandwich for dinner because
neither of us were very hungry after our late lunch at three
that afternoon. And then we rode together in the elevator
back to our room, hardly saying a word to one another. "This
does not seem like fun, for either of us, " I finally
said and broke the ice. Christina was so tense, she could
hardly breath before she nodded her head in agreement.

"He doesn't know our names or our room number.
And we leave tomorrow late morning, so if we don't'
show up at ten, we are still good to go, " I explained
to Christina. "Your right. It was just a really stupid
idea in the first place, " She said and then finally
was able to take a deep breath and exhale. It was only seven
but neither of us felt like going out yet, so we hung around
our room and watched TV and tried to unwind.

"Did you tell him why you wanted to meet him"?
I asked her an hour later. Christina said no, she never told
him because it would have been too embarrassing to."Then
he really has no idea, so even if we were to see him at ten,
we still wouldn't have to tell him anything about our
stupid idea. We could just say it was to last night in Vegas
and we wanted to have one last drink with him, " I said.
My wife agreed, so just like that, we were back to the plan
to meet him at ten but this time all we were going to do was
have a drink with the man.

We were once again back to being normal people and started
to laugh again about how silly we had been. So my sexy wife
looked at me with her bright eyes back and asked me if we were
going to still meet him but only for a drink. "Sure,
why not"? I said before she rushed into the bathroom
to shower and get dressed for our last night in Vegas.

She wore a shimmery black , evening gown on our last night
in town because we both had agreed to spend one night, all
dressed up, as if it was New Years Eve. Christina looked
simply elegant as she took my arm and walked down the hallway
towards the elevator. It was just before ten when we made
our way back to the bar and sure enough Chuck was there with
a big smile on his face.

I figured it would end up being a one cocktail, fifteen minute
chat before Christina and I were off on our merry way. Obviously
Chuck was impressed with my wife's gown and complimented
her a couple of times. But of course he was always a gentleman
and I think Chuck was just a gentleman, naturally. My wife
seemed to like his attention but more as a friend and nothing

We found out Chuck had been married and had three grown children
and two grandchildren too. And he explained he lives in
California and drives to Vegas about once a month, just
to get away and relax. And as the three of us talked, we told
him about our careers, our only daughter Jamie and that
this trip was a spur of the moment thing and that we still
couldn't believe we were actually in Vegas for the

At one point Christina looks at me oddly and if her eyes were
asking where I was at. Inside my stomach began to twist into
knots as I looked back into her eyes before I nodded my head,
yes. I was now listening to that little voice in the back
of my head asking me if this threesome thing was back on,
or was I just thinking too much into my wife's thought

I sensed my wife had been sort of aroused all day long but
I didn't know if it was because Vegas was having that
affect on her. Or was it that she had been thinking about
making love with another man the entire day and that was
making her more aroused than usual. Christina glanced
at me again, half smiling with her eyes still asking me what
she should do.

Sex is a very private thing we all do and we all enjoy. So the
idea of having sex with someone you hardly know, just seemed
too insane, but maybe my wife and I were ready for some insanity
for just one night of our marriage. So I sat there with them
for a few more minutes before I told Christina I was going
to use the men's room and that her and Chuck could talk,
if she still wanted too.

"Are you sure?" my wife elegant wife asked as
Chuck sat there having no clue what my wife and I were actually
discussing. I smiled at Christina before I said, "Might
be fun, " and then I walked away. Would my wife of over
twenty years really ask Chuck if he wanted to make love to
her in front of me or would she chicken out. And quite honestly
I saw it as a fifty, fifty kind of deal.

I took my sweet time and nervous waited away from them at
a distance because I knew if Christina was going to invite
him to our room, she would need some time to figure out how
to ask such a question. My wife may be very sexy but she was
still a real lady with class. And certainly not the type
of woman who talked to strangers about sex, ever!

Christina and nothing but terror in her eyes when I finally
returned and once they saw me, they both stopped talking.
I was a wreck not knowing what might happen and she was a wreck
because of what was going to happen. Chuck then turned to
me with a smile on his face and offered me his hand to shake
while he said, "This is definitely going to be a first
for me too."

Nothing you have ever heard, read or even imagined about
doing something like this is even close to the reality of

It was both the sexiest moment of our lives and at the same
time the most non sexual moment in our lives, when the three
of us walked into our room. Three normally sensible people
about to do something they never thought they would ever
do. I kissed my wife first and then whispered to her "Now
go kiss Chuck, next." . "Just give me a few more
seconds, " Christina whispered back to me as she
remained in my arms like she was feeling safe for the time

It really struck me at that point that the reason I and Chuck
were there was because we were men and we both just wanted
sex. But I wondered for a moment why Christina had agreed
to do this. I knew my wife enjoyed sex too, but this was going
to be way more sex than she had ever had in one night before.
Knowing she was going to be overwhelmed must have not entered
her thoughts.

So, after my wife had finally shared a first kiss with Chuck,
I walked up behind her while she was still in his arms, and
began to unzip her evening gown. Christina tensed up of
course but remained in Chuck's arms as she felt her
dress being unzipped from behind. If you're a woman
and you go to a hotel room with two men, you can pretty much
bet on the fact they are going to strip you.

I then stepped back and watched her from behind as her and
Chuck then kissed again and their second kiss had more heat
to it. Or course all Christina had on under her evening gown
were her panties, so when her gown came off, she would be
almost completely naked. But they remained in each other's
arms and kissed for the third time so I walked back up to my
wife and slowly helped lifted the straps on her gown, off
her shoulders and let it fall to the floor between them.

When she finally turned to face me again, Christina's
face was so red, she looked like a Christmas tree light.
Of course that Christmas tree had two gorgeous ornaments
hanging on her chest. I instantly saw my wife different
even after all the years we had been married.

It turned out that sex was a full contact sport but I never
realized how much of a full contact it was until I had the
chance to step back and just watch it. Once Chuck and I were
both naked too, with our hard cocks in plain view of Christina,
her mood seemed to change again and she grew much more serious.
Chuck and I decided that together we would both remove my
wife's panties, at the same time.

We had my wife stand between the two of us as she knelt down
and both reached for her panties. Christina was trembling
for sure but she stood there and looked down at us as we lowered
her panties slowly until first her pubic hair began to show
and then her entire pussy. If nature gave you a pussy, you
can pretty much bet it is going to get fucked and with two
men twice when two men are with you.

We were both going to use Christina's body, to stimulate
our own bodies until we reached our orgasms, inside of her.
Chuck and I both kissed my wife a few more times before we
each took one of her hands and led her over to the bed. She
had no doubt about what we were going to do to her and with
her, after that. But I think Christina just didn't
had any clue just how intense it was going to get once we put
her on the bed. And by the time she did, it was too late.

Once naked, on her back laying between us, Christina told
me afterwards she became overwhelmed, right from the start.
Between massaging her large soft breasts to playing with
her pussy with our fingers first and then our tongues, all
she basically did was gasp and whimper from then on. It was
actually Chuck that got my wife to climax while I was kissing
her and holding her while he licked her pussy until she was
into a completely frenzy.

And when she snapped, she really snapped as I held her in
my arms, while she kept crying out, that it was too much for
her to take any more. But Chuck and I knew she could still
take more so he just kept on licking her pussy and Christina
kept whimpering and whimpering until her climax finally
swept throughout her entire body. Her face tensed up and
her toes curled when she finally felt her release.

Christina was now so helpless, she reminded me of a new born
baby. So I held my wife's head in my arms as Chuck quickly
moved into position on top of her. I then placed her head
on the pillow and backed away as his thick cock slowly began
to penetrate her.

I always knew sex was very intense but I had never had the
chance to just step back and watch how intense it is, even
between two strangers. Chuck was a well built man and definitely
had all of my wife's attention once he had his entire
hard cock planted inside of her tunnel. He then began to
work his thick shaft in and out of my wife's pussy like
they had done it a million times before. And all she could
do was whimper, cry out and trembled the entire time.

Chuck was still being gentle with Christina at least in
the beginning but that would also change near the end. So
when he got all worked up so did she, as the two of them fucked
and fucked and fucked some more until he finally exploded
and filled her pussy with his seeds.

Chuck then watched as I quickly mounted my wife and took
my pound of pleasure from her too. Christina had her second
hard cock to satisfy before she would be able to rest. Fucking
her that night after another man had just fucked her, changed
what sex meant to me, forever. I was even more driven to shoot
my cum into my wife , just like Chuck had done.

My wife was dressed and ready to leave for the airport, the
next morning and she was even on time for the first time in
her life. Christina and I didn't talk about the night
before because there was basically nothing else to say
about it. We both knew what happened, we both knew how much
pleasure we experienced and we both knew we were now going
to return home having changed a little bit as people.

Just before we boarded or plane, my wife turned smiling
at me and kissed me one last time in Vegas before she told
me she had a wonderful time, the entire weekend. "Me
too, " I said as I smiled back and followed her onto
the plane. And to this day neither of us have ever brought
up that night, ever again.

In a marriage as long as ours, sometimes couples make a memory
that will stay with them forever but it doesn't define
the kind of people they really are. Our one crazy memory
happened a long time ago in Las Vegas.

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That was a great story - I enjoyed it a lot -

But I don't think that should of been the last time -- I think U should of had your three-some with another woman --


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What a fantastic story and a wonderful memory for you both.


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Great story- we are both going on a 7 night cruise in January and I am hoping for some 3 some or more. I hope we get lucky.


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Did you ever get your other woman and her?


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I have been picked twice by a couple for the same while staying in a hotel and going down to the hotel bar after work and striking up a conversation with a couple. Both times it was because the husband had strayed and admitted it. Both wonderful fun. And once because I became friendly with a mother on an airplane while helping her with her children while her husband slept and ignored the wife and kids. We stayed at the same hotel and checking in at the same time she knew what my room number was, so she came to visit after the small children were asleep and when she complained how that man helped her more than her husband and his reply was perhaps she should come and thank me after they were asleep. Best thanks I ever got for being nice too a couple of precousious children.


Trapper69 61 G
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Hot story, but I think she set it up before she even surprised you with the idea of the "escape" trip to Vegas,,,,,


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Hot story. Just wondering if you two discussed having another woman join you as well. Thanks for sharing....