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She was really blonde…


I remember Kim from working with her almost 15 years ago.
I ran into her today at lunch and was suddenly fascinated
with her again. She had been the young secretary of our development
group. During those first years she had gone through a divorce
from a husband who thought his wife should be his slave day
and night. He would abuse her physically and emotionally.
It seems that every month or so, she would come to work with
large dark glasses on just to hide the shiners he gave her.
I remember having problems then trying to understand
the beatings and why she kept going home to him. Several
of us, along with Kim, had developed a good friendship over
the time and met at lunch daily just to chat. We were all so
glad when she announced she was getting a divorce from Tommy.
After the divorce, I tried to date her but she was just not
into it yet. But she was still a fox. She was about 5’1” or
5’2”, about 110lbs, long blonde hair down to her butt, blue
eyes like the sea but she did have one problem: she overused
her makeup. I know that from the periodic beatings she took
during her marriage, she would use it to disguise it as best
possible. But after the divorce, she still piled it on.
When I finally moved on to another job, our little lunch
group got together for one last one and we all did the hugging
and “stay in touch” with each other. I moved out of state
for a year or so, before returning and lost contact will
all of them. That brings us up to a month ago when I ran into
Kim again.
We sat and laughed at lunch until we realized we had been
talking for over two hours. She called into work and told
them she was taking the rest of the day. I did the same and
we walked around town still talking. She told me how she
had gotten married again but after a couple of years, he
wanted children but wouldn’t give up the drugs he was abusing.
They were constantly broke because of his addiction, so
finally she left him. She wouldn’t date anyone after that
for several years because she was just convinced she would
get another loser.
I took her hand and said she was too damn good looking to
stay home alone. She gripped my hand and laughed, saying
she did have a dog. I laughed and we continued to walk, this
time hand in hand. We talked about my life since she had last
seen me and I made jokes about how her not dating me back then
forced me to run away. She laughed and then stopped to look
up at me. She said you aren’t serious are you? I hugged her
and said of course not.
She pulled back and just looked at me for a moment not saying
anything. She then looked at my dark jacket where her face
had touched me while hugging and she started to apologize
and try to brush her makeup off my jacket (I said she used
a lot.). I took the jacket off and said don’t worry about
it, I can clean it later. She took my arm and we continued
walking around town.
We had circled the downtown area for a good two hours, when
we got back to our cars. Standing next to her car, I had her
hands in mine.
“Kim, why not have dinner with me tonight?” I asked.
“Well…huh…I don’t know…I guess we could…I want to change
from my work clothes into something more comfortable.
Okay?” she replied.
I said, “Why don’t I just follow you back to your apartment
and you can change, then we won’t worry about the cars?”
She looked up at me a little apprehensively. “I guess that
would be okay…here is my number if we get separated.” And
she handed me her cell number.
I got in my car and followed her without difficulty to her
apartment. We climbed the stairs and heard a dog barking
from one of the apartments.
“That’s Thor, my chow. He is not used to me being home so
early.” Kim said as she unlocked the door.
Suddenly there was a huge heavy black furry thing looking
me in my eyes with his paws on my chest. Big dog and I stood
still for a minute while he and I got used to each other. Kim
was pulling at him and calling him, “Thor…no … Thor…no!”
I finally reached a hand up to his head and brushed it around
his ears. He gave me a big lick that nearly knocked my glasses
off and dropped back to the floor.
Kim was chastising him and I told her not to worry, he was
just protecting her. She looked at me as I was trying to clean
my glasses somewhat from the dog slobber. She came up to
me and with her hands on mine, she said, “you sure?”
I bent my head down and gave her a quick peck.
“I’m fine now, just need a shower to finish the cleaning
job he did on my face, ” and laughed. She looked up at me with
her soulful blue eyes and then pulled me to her in a massive
hug. She said, “Paul, you have always made me laugh regardless
of what the situation was.”
I looked around her apartment and it was tastefully done
but a little over so with the “home products” prints and
hangings on the walls. Much like her makeup, the extra touches
in her apartment were a little too much. I merely said, “Nice
looking place you’ve got here, Kim, show me around.”
“Okay, ” she said and pulled me by hand to each room describing
what she did to it and what she planned to do with it. We got
to her bedroom and there was a four-poster bed with a frilly
canopy. I wasn’t surprised at all but then when I sat on the
bed’s edge, Thor came in and growled lightly. As if to say,
“watch out sucka”. Kim shushed him and came over next to
As she sat down beside me, I felt the mattress for the first
time. It was one of those 16-18 inch thick “dream” mattresses.
I placed my hands on it and laid back down on it. I remarked,
“This is a great mattress!” She lay beside me and said, “Remember
I have a bad back, so I don’t waste any money on my mattresses.”
I half rolled to her and put my arm over her, pulling her
to me. I kissed her, looking into her eyes. I could see the
years of hurt still behind them but I also so the want in them
as well. I rolled back carrying her up on top of me. She had
her arms between us but I felt her crotch against mine. I
kissed her again and pulled her at her butt pushing her crotch
into mine. She moaned and continued kissing me.
I began to run my hands up and down her back and caressing
her butt cheeks through her suit. She sucked on my tongue
like it was a lifesaver and continued to grind her pussy
against my bulging pants. I pulled her legs apart slightly
to allow her crotch to fully lie against mine. Between sucking
on my lips and tongue, she was moaning. My hands came up under
her suit coat and caress her back through her light blouse.
I pulled my hands out and around her pushing her up off my
chest. I unbuttoned the coat and the blouse simultaneously.
She unbuttoned my shirt as well. She sat up straddling my
hips and shrugged her jacket and blouse off. She was wearing
one of those “wonder bras” (not to my surprise) and I slid
my hands underneath it to touch her breasts. Her head fell
back and she let go a loud groan. Her pelvis was still rubbing
my bulging pants as I reached around her to release her bra.
She put her hands on my arms pulling my hands back and said
a very quiet, “No…please.” I pulled her back down to me and
began to kiss her again.
She ran her hands over my hair and held my face with them.
I slipped my hands down the back inside of her slacks. I could
feel the outline of a lacy low cut pair of panties. She moaned
more as I squeezed her butt cheeks. My fingers continued
to seek out her love box. Slowly, they creeped down her crack
and I felt the warm moistness of her panties. I lightly ran
my finger tips across them and was rewarded with a gasping,
“oh God, ” from Kim.
I rubbed my fingers up and down the panties in her crack
and she continued to push her groin into mine. I pulled my
hands back out and grabbed her as I rolled her over on the
bed. I lifted up and reached down to release her slacks.
She placed her hands on my forearms and said, “I’m not sure,
Paul.” I looked at her and seeing all of her history in her
eyes, I just pulled my hands up and began to caress her breasts
Her groin was grinding mine to distraction. My cock was
getting rubbed too hard for its current condition still
in my pants. So I lay beside her and began to run my hand down
her stomach. I reached down between her legs, still outside
her slacks and cupped her pussy hard. She groaned out, “Oh
God…” and grabbed my shoulders. She pulled her self up and
kissed me. As my fingers rubbed her pussy, her legs were
beginning to tremble. Her breath as she had her head on my
shoulder was almost gasping, when finally she yelled out
a sound, no words, just a yell.
Her legs tightened around my hand and her fingernails
dug in to my shoulders. She sucked into my neck with her lips
and finally started to come down. She held me and I held her
not moving my fingers. She pulled my hand out from her legs
and attempted to sit up. She was sniffling a little as she
tried to talk.
“Paul…that hasn’t happened to me in so long…I’m sorry…I
couldn’t control myself for while there…I’m sorry…”
“Kim, ” I lightly took her chin and lifted her head up to
my face. “No reason to be sorry…are you alright?” She blushed
and said she was better than she thought she was. I could
see the tears making tracks down her face. I pulled her to
me and just hugged her good, wrapping my arms around her.
She sniffled a little more and then she pulled back from
“We’ve got to…I’ve got to change…don’t you want to go to
dinner?” She finally stood up beside the bed and looked
down at me. She had her arms across her chest and bra as if
to block the sight of her nakedness. She then noticed my
bulging condition and she said, “I’m sorry, Paul, you must
be hurting so bad.”
At first, I didn’t know what she was referring to then my
condition made me aware of it.
“That’s okay, Kim, I’ve been at this point before without
dying, ” and tried to laugh it off. She just looked at me
and then she sat down beside me.
“Paul, no one has ever treated me like you have. I guess
that’s why things got carried away a little bit for me. I
didn’t want us having sex so fast but it was like my body had
a mind of its own.” She tried to explain to me.
“Kim, don’t worry about it. We are grownups and these things
are apart of life. Are you okay is the important thing?”
I ducked my head down to look at her face. She was still staring
at my bulge. One of her hands was brushing her hair back from
her face and the other was gripping my leg.
“Paul, I want you to know about me. I have only been with
two men in my life and both of them were my husbands. I never
had sex with any body else ever so I only know what I know from
them. Tommy was my first and Greg and I really didn’t count
much because of his habit, he couldn’t do too much.”
I put my arm around her bare shoulders and kissed her head.
I resisted the urge to say, “Now…Now”. I was electrified
just by her skin contact with mine. She mumbled something
and I asked her what she said.
“I can blow you if you need me too, ” she said and placed
her hand on my crotch.
Then I put my hand on hers and said, “No, not now but sometime
when you really want to.” She pulled her hand back suddenly
as if she had been shocked. She lifted her face back up and
I kissed her nose. She was crying freely now and so I took
her in my arms and just held her.
After awhile, she calmed down as did my bulging crotch.
She pulled herself to her feet and said, “Are we going to
eat?” Good ole Southern girl. I said sure and grabbed my
shirt up.
“I want to change and you know where the bathroom is, ”
she replied.
With my shirt, I ducked into the bathroom. I was shocked
by my features in the mirror. There was a lot of her makeup
on my face and chest. So I started the water in the sink and
using a face towel began to clean myself up. I could smell
her in the scent candles in the bathroom and I grew a boner
immediately. With the water running, I jerked it off and
then cleaned up with the face towel.
I was just buttoning my shirt when she knocked on the door.
“Everything okay in there?”
“I’m fine, are you decent?” I asked. She said come on out.
I came out tucking my shirt into my pants and she was standing
there in a light yellow sundress. It went with her skin and
hair color so well. The only problem for me was the “bra”
she had on under the dress. It stood out like a bra and not
sensuous at all. I told her to turn around for me and as she
did, the back was low and I could see her bra across her back.
“You look marvelous, ” I said. She beamed and said, “Really?”
I put my hand on my chin as if I was appraising her as a painting.
“Yep… but there is something…just a minute let me look…I
know just hold still.” I reached around her and quickly
unclasp the bra. She pulled back suddenly and said, “Whaattttt…no…”
“Ditch the bra” I said. She fumbled with it and her lips
began to tremble.
“Kim, you don’t need it and it looks like your wearing your
underwear on the outside of your clothes. Would you go out
with me if I had my jockeys on over my pants?” I tried to explain.
“I don’t go anywhere without a bra, Paul, ” she said.
“But your dress is not designed for it. Maybe one of the
corsets with bra cups but not with straps showing everywhere.”
She slowly stopped trying to re-clasp the bra and then
looking in the mirror at her reflection, she took her arms
out of her straps. The dress was held up by a string tie around
the back of her neck. With the bra off, she pulled her dress
down straight. Her breasts were very small as I knew from
holding them earlier. She looked up at me through the mirror
and said, “I don’t have any boobs, ” and appeared to be ready
to cry again. I walked up behind her and placed my hands over
her boobs under the dress top.
“Yes, you do and I think their great for me.” I said. I felt
her nipples go hard and I kissed her bare shoulder.
“Really?” she asked timidly. Her areoles were slightly
swollen and that was most of the only definition she had.
She turned sideways causing my hands to come loose and looked
at her profile. She pulled the dress down flattening it
across her chest. Her nipples stuck out like pins on a map.
“My nipples show through, ” she said.
I pinched one and remarked, “Yeah, ain’t it great?” I pulled
her to me and kissed her passionately. She was so tense and
then slowly she began to relax. My cock started to get tense
again and she felt it. She pulled back and looked at it then
my face.
“What do you think you are doing, anyway, Mister? Are you
trying to seduce me again?” and she lightly patted my crotch.

“Only if you will let me.”
She reached into her closet and pulled out a light pink
cardigan sweater. She through it over her shoulders and
looked at me as if to dare me to disagree. I just whistled
at her and then she saw her face still tear streaked.
“Oh my makeup. I can’t go anywhere like this.” She went
into the bathroom and began to put her face on.
Thor came up to me and muzzled me on the leg. I petted him
and scratched his ears ‒ the best way to make friends with
a dog. She came out and saw me petting Thor.
“When I first got Thor, he didn’t like any man, not even
my brothers. I thought then he would be a good protector,
but now I’m not sure seeing you and him together, ” she remarked.
“He is a great dog and a good protector for you. That’s the
breed in him. I guess he just figures I am not scary for you.”
“Yeah, sure, tearing my clothes off, making me run around
half naked. Some protector and some friend.”
I said, “Let’s go eat.”
We drove out to a small Chinese restaurant at the Marina
and we were the only customers at that time of night. We talked
and laughed and fully enjoyed the meal. They had a Big Band
CD playing or radio station playing background music.
So I asked her to dance with me. She looked stunned and said,
“What?” I said let’s dance.
“Paul, there is no dance floor here. Get real.” I pulled
her up next to our table and took her into my arms swaying
with the music. The waiter apparently saw us and turned
the volume up some. She was resistant at first and then slowly
she relaxed against my body. The music finally stopped
and the waiter came up to tell us it was closing time. I pulled
back and she grabbed her sweater and purse.
I paid the check and we walked out on the Marina. It was a
moonlit night and very little breeze. We walked side-by-side
and she held my arm tightly. We got down to the breakwater
and listened to the water against the wall. I sat down on
the walk and pulled her down beside me. She remarked that
the concrete was cold to her bottom. I pulled her to my lap
and laid her out in my arms.
The moon shined down behind my head, casting a shadow across
her face. She looked at me as if she was memorizing my face
and every pore. She ran one hand through my hair and wiggled
a little getting more comfortable in my lap. A breeze came
up and she shivered slightly. Her nipples trying to punch
holes through her dress. She squeezed her arms and elbows
together as if to rub her nipples down.
“Don’t do that, ” I said.
“But they are sticking out and it bugs me, ” she said.
“They look great to me and I like them like that, doesn’t
that count for something?” I asked.
She smiled and giggled.
“Paul, you can make me feel so good. And I mean that in many
ways, you know.” I leaned down and kissed on her lips. Her
lips separated slightly as if to welcome my tongue but I
only sucked air from her mouth. She pulled my head to her
and drove her tongue into my mouth.
We kissed liked that for sometime. My hands moved over
her body in my lap and I didn’t hesitate to roll and pinch
her nipples.
“Your outrageous, ” she exclaimed breaking the kiss.
“Right out here in front of everyone.”
Exaggeratedly, I looked around as best I could and said,
“I don’t see nobody.”
She lightly slapped my face and pulled herself up. “Let’s
walk…please” she said.
Up we walked slowly still arm in arm and after awhile, my
hand was cupping her breast with my arm around her with out
her flinching and slapping at my hand. As we approached
the car, I realized it was the only one in the parking lot.
I pulled her to me and then lifted her up on the hood of the
car. I pulled myself between her legs and held her to me with
her chest in my face.
She put her arms around my head and held me to her breasts.
I pulled her closer to me with my crotch against the steel
fender. Her crotch was right against my chest. Her hands
were moving over my head and shoulders and back as mine were
doing hers as well. I could feel her heat from her nexus against
my chest. I began to suck on one of her nipples through her
dress fabric. She moaned and ground her pussy up against
I switched nipples and with my hand I pulled the dress fabric
away from it allowing my lips to capture the nipple between
them. I lightly bit down and then sucked it into my mouth.
Her hands grabbed against my back and her pussy ground against
the car and my chest. My hands clasped her butt cheeks and
squeezed. I bit down again and she cried out, “No…no…no…aghhhhhh”.
She crushed me against her and through her dress and my shirt
I felt the moistness of her climax.
I laid her back against the windshield and slid my face
down to her pussy, lightly kissing as my lips traveled down
her front. I got to the moist patch of her dress and sucked
it between my teeth as if to suck it dry. She lifted her legs
up some and placed her feet on the car hood. Her dress slid
up her thighs and I ducked my head under it. Her hands were
holding her head and she was moaning. I followed my nose
right to her soaked panties. I put my mouth completely down
on her and began lightly chew against her mons.
She moaned and pushed herself against my mouth. My hands
slid up underneath her butt and pulled her panties down.
As her pussy was exposed, I began to lick and kiss on the slight
triangle of hair distracting her from trying to stop me.
My tongue slipped down between her lips and found her clit.
My hands pulled her panties on down past her knees and returned
back to her hips. She was loudly moaning and groaning with
one hand in my hair. I sunk my tongue into her hole and began
to suck on her pussy. Her hips began to buck against my mouth.
She began to say, “Oh..yess…yessss…please…yes”
I hummed against her some while eating her out. I could
feel her leg muscles tremble some and I put a finger in her
replacing my tongue. Working it in and out, I slid a second
one in. Her hips were bucking back against my fingers every
time I would pull them back. I curled them a little to rub
against her G-spot and she came hard. So hard, she snapped
up into a seated position and cried out.
She snapped so hard, her pelvis rotated up and almost broke
my wrist with my fingers deep in her.
“Stop…stop..moving your fingers! Oh God, you are killing
me, ” she cried.
With my wrist bent badly and my fingers curled in her clenched
pussy, I couldn’t do anything at that moment! I kissed the
inside of her thighs and slowly tried to uncurl my fingers.
I made my way with my face down to her legs to her pussy. The
way she had me pinned, I could only see the blonde patch of
hair and the juices from her climax on the car and coating
my arm.
She pulled my hair some as if to get my attention. I told
her to sit back for moment. She thought I was stalling and
pulled my head up.
“Let me go, ” she cried.
“I can’t, you’ve got me pinned!” I tried to explain.
She looked at me and then I felt her hips begin to relax and
she sat back a little bit. This allowed my fingers to uncurl
and I could withdraw them from her pussy. I pulled them out
and then brought them to my face. I licked them clean. She
sat there and laid back against the windshield. With one
hand over her eyes and the other holding her dress down,
she said, “What are doing to me, Paul? I’ve never done this
before. Why is this happening?”
I reached down and picked up her panties where they had
fallen to the ground. I put them in my pocket and turned back
to her. I pulled her from the windshield back into my arms
and asked her, “I am just doing what feels good. What is wrong
with that?”
“I don’t know. All I know is that twice today, you have caused
me to orgasm as I never have before through two husbands
and I don’t understand it.”
“Listen, Kim, it’s alright if you feel good. You shouldn’t
feel guilty about this at all. I’m glad it was good for you.”
“But, Paul, we are not married and we are not in love. That
is what is wrong.” She sounded almost like a virgin teenager.
I begin to realize that in many ways she must feel that way.
She was so self conscious about her figure and her makeup
and then her two husbands, if you call them that, didn’t
help things.
“Kim, you are 39 years old and I am 48. We are old enough to
be two consenting adults without all the other stuff can’t
we? You trust ME, don’t you?” I almost felt like a teenager
trying to talk his girlfriend into going all the way.
“Paul, I have just never felt this way inside and it scares
me some. Yes, I trust you or else we wouldn’t even be here.”
She slid off the car but not leaving my arms. I held her to
me and after a few moments she started giggling.
“What is so funny, ” I asked. She pushed back away from
me and lowered her hand to my bulging pants. She patted it
and said, “See, we have your problem again.”
“Well, if you weren’t so damn sexy and sweet, I wouldn’t
be in this shape.” I countered.
She left her hand on my bulge and slowly rubbed it.
“Paul, you know I have been married twice and I did have
sex with my husbands, but what you have done to me today,
is nothing like I ever felt with them. I can feel you here
with my hand and know that I caused it and I don’t want you
to suffer.”
“Kim, don’t worry about me. Just take things as they come…and
no pun intended.” She giggled and then laughed.
“I think I came for both us tonight, didn’t I.”
“I hope we haven’t finished, yet, have we?” I asked.
She squeezed my cock through my pants and lifted her face
up towards mine. I leaned down and kissed her. She responded
by squeezing my cock hard with her fingers and sucking my
tongue into her mouth. Holding my tongue in her mouth, she
unzipped my fly and released my cock into the night air.
That did feel good…like a stretch from sitting too long
in one position.
She grasp it with both small hands and began to caress it.
She reached one hand in and cupped my balls with it. She then
broke the kiss and bent down to it. Going to her knees, she
examined my cock in the moonlight continuing to caress
with her hands. Then I felt her lips against the head of my
cock. It made me draw in a sudden breath. She backed away
and asked, “Did I do something wrong?”
I placed my hands on her head and pulled her back to my cock,
simply going, “no…no…no…please.”
She giggled and said, “I’ve heard that today haven’t I?”
and then took my cock into her mouth. She worked it in and
out coating it with her saliva. Each time she pulled back
from it, she would give it a suck. After today and this evening,
I wasn’t going to last long like this.
“I’m going to cum soon” I announced.
I could hear her smacking noises of her lips on my cock.
The tingle crept into my balls and I loaded up.
“I cummingggggg noowwwwww” I cried out and I unloaded
so much. Finally, as my head stopped spinning and my sensitive
cock began to jerk with her kissing, I pulled away from her.
I looked down and she was wiping my cum off of her face and
licking it up in her mouth swallowing every bit.
I pulled her up and mashed my mouth against hers, getting
some of my own cum in return. I held her tight and finally
she pulled back.
“I need to breathe, please.” I slowly let her down but as
she slid down; my cock came back to attention between her
legs. She started giggling and said, “You are trying to
seduce me aren’t you?”
I pulled away from her and stuck my cock back into my pants.
She stepped back in the moonlight and looked at me.
“What a mess we have made here, ” she said and snickered
a little.
“Well, this is you on me, ” I pointed to my damp shirt, “Look
at you.” Her hair was all messed up and there were damp mouth
marks around her breasts on her dress. Down at the junction
of her legs was an equally damp spot on her dress.
“That is what I mean, ” she said. Then, “I’m hungry again,
can we get something to eat, maybe through a drive thru?”
I opened the car door for her and she sat down. I went around
and was getting in when she suddenly opened her door and
said, “wait a minute!”
“What’s wrong, ” I asked.
“My panties, I don’t have them on!” she cried out.
I laughed and showed them to her from my pocket. I got in
the car and she said, “Give me them back, I totally naked
underneath my dress.”
“I know and I love it, ” I said not giving in.
“Paul, please, I feel so naked. If we stop anywhere, I’ll
be so embarrassed.” She begged.
“It is alright as long as you can resist the temptation
to lift up your skirt to every man to see.” I prodded her.
“Damn meanie. Just wait until I get Thor on you. He’ll protect
me.” She declared.
I simply laughed and drove down the road. We passed several
drive thrus that were already closed and then approached
an ice cream shop. It wasn’t drive thru but there were no
customers that I could tell.
“How about some ice cream? That will hit the spot won’t
it.” I said and turned into the parking area.
“Paul, we can’t get out looking like this, people will
see us.” She begged.
“I want some and I know you want some, but unless you come
in and tell me, I can’t get you any.” I got out and started
in. She jumped out and was mumbling something about an S.O.B.
or something. Then she clinged to my back blocking any of
the clerks from seeing her. We went in and it was like no one
noticed us at all. She finally picked out something on a
cone and I got a milkshake.
We walked back to the car and got in.
“You are really mean, you know that? Making me go in looking
like I do. I ought to just get out and walk home, now!” She
“Okay. I’ll meet you back at your apartment with Thor.
Have a good walk.” Yes, I was very mean but I wanted her to
take control and not blame me for everything. She sunk in
the seat and licked her cone, pouting. About halfway through
my shake, she says, “Are we going to sit here all night or
“I am just getting turned on watching you lick that ice
cream from the cone.” I said.
“You horny bastard; can’t you do anything but talk about
sex?” and then she began to giggle. I looked at her and she
was actually going into a laughing fit.
“What’s so funny, now, ” I asked.
She looked and pointed at my face. I looked in the mirror
and saw I had a ring of milkshake around my mouth and dripping
down my chin. She says, “You look just like you did at the
Marina, when I was on the car hood. You know the moonlight
shone on your face and it was wet all over.”
“That was you all over my face, dear, just like it is on my
shirt. I guess that is tit for tat as I was getting hard just
watching you eat the ice cream cone like you did my cock.”
She stuck her tongue out at me and then began to eat the cone
and remaining ice cream. She crunched it loudly and announced,
“You might be careful who you make mad at this point. Some
things are not meant to be chewed with teeth.” Even knowing
she was kidding, my cock kind of went half mast on me. I just
looked down at her and started laughing with her.
We finished up and I leaned over and kissed her. She looked
at me as if to question why I did that and I just smiled. Her
nipples began to poke through her dress front again.
“Damn you. Let’s get home before anyone I know sees us.”
At the apartment, we went in and petted on Thor for a little
bit. Then I offered to take him out for her. She said that
would be great and she would finally get to put some clothes
on while I was out. I threw back, “not too many, please” and
got hit in the back of my head with Thor’s leash.
Thor didn’t need to go far and we finished in a record time.
In the apartment, I heard the shower turn on so I gave Thor
some treats and got him settled. I went back to her bedroom
and saw her sundress on the bed. I walked over to it and lifted
it to my face. I could smell her musk in it and my cock immediately
came to attention.
Then I got an idea. I slipped my clothes off and quietly
opened the bathroom door. The steam had fogged the mirror
and I heard her say, “Stay out Thor. Go back, Thor”. She must
have thought her dog had opened the door. So I sneaked on
in and pressed my cock up against the shower curtain.
“ go to bed.. Thor…bad dog” she said and swatted
at shower curtain where my cock was. I then grabbed the curtain
open and climbed in with her.
“Tho..Paul…what are you doing? Let me finish and you can
get in then!” she said. I just looked at her and she looked
at me as the steam billowed around us. The water was hot but
not as hot as the girl standing in front of me. With her hair,
both head and pussy, dripping wet, soap suds hanging off
her nipples and sliding down her arms, she quickly crossed
her arms over her chest to block my seeing her breasts and
crossed her legs slightly.
“Get out…already… you have had enough fun for today and
I am cleaning it off me as I speak. Now…get out…wait your
turn or use the other bathroom.” She screamed at me. Then,
like a mad house cleaner, she grabbed her back brush and
started to try and swat me with it to get me out. I laughed
and gathered her in my arms, soap suds and all. I kissed her
until she stopped wiggling. I pulled her up in my arms and
her legs went around my waist. My cock was sticking up ready
and I slowly lowered her onto my cock.
When it first touched her pussy lips, she pulled up and
tried to break the kiss. But I held on and pushed my cock on
into her pussy. Whether she had soaped up and rinsed herself
or she was gushing juices again, my cock met no resistance
going in. She moaned into my throat. She slid all the way
down on my cock and I felt the pussy walls squeeze my cock
in almost a welcome touch. The water was streaming down
our bodies and her nipples were punching holes into my chest.
I began to lift her up and drop her, thrusting my cock up
into her. She broke our kiss and began to suck on my neck,
going from kisses and licking to actual sucking on my neck.
With her arms around my shoulders, I let my arms slide down
her body and placed my hands on her bottom. This way I could
lift her up and down on my cock. With each downward motion,
she would push down against me. I literally could feel her
clit extended out mashing against me on the downward strokes.
The water was beginning to cool but I didn’t want to stop
and neither did she. She pulled her chest back away from
me arching back during one downward thrust and I felt her
groaning through her body to my cock. She was cumming again
and big time. The water was streaming from the showerhead
over her breasts down to our joining. I pushed up with my
hips holding her in my arms and she began to wail.
“Oh…oh…oh…I’mmmm….I’mmmm….OHHHHHH!!!!” and then
the water went cold. She snapped back up, almost like she
did at the car, and I almost lost my grip.
She screamed from the cold water and it still ran down our
“Hold my neck, Kim, ” I commanded. With her doing that,
my hands were free to turn the water off. Her breasts were
rubbing my chest and my cock was feeling it inside her. She
was breathing heavy and was all but limp in my arms. I began
to thrust back up into her and she began to moan again.
Her legs trembled around my waist and I knew she was not
going to be able last long in that position. So I lifted her
up and off my cock and she tried to stand in the tub. Her legs
wouldn’t hold her for a minute and she used my cock to steady
herself. She started to go down on my cock, but I wanted to
go in her. So I said, “No, baby, not that way.” I turned her
around and had her lean over with her hands on the faucet
knobs. I then bent down slightly and placed my cock up in
her pussy from behind.
“Oh…oh…Paul…that feels so good. I haven’t had sex like
this ever.” With that encouragement, I began to trust in
and out of her pussy. Her pale white butt look almost good
enough to eat as I held it and impaled her pussy with my cock.
More I thrust and she began to rock back against me. She was
on her tiptoes as she was so short to me. I wrapped my hands
around her waist and lifted her up. I told her to stand on
the tub. Doing that, her legs could bend and I could really
get my cock up in her pussy.
Her juices were pouring down from around my cock and she
was giving me more encouragement.
“Paul…push harder… oh…fuck me now…oh harder please…”
and I tried to please. I continued to thrust in her as my cock
having cum twice was really up for the trip. I rubbed her
breasts and then rubbed in clit. She brought one hand down
and felt my cock going in and out of her pussy.
“Yes…yess…yes..” she kept repeating.
With the water on her back, I took one finger and slid it
into her butthole. It immediately clinched against my
finger and I felt her pussy almost jump reacting.
“Oh God…what are you doing…. I can’t stand it….oh God…fuck
me..” she exclaimed. She came with a rush and I felt her pussy
squeeze like a sponge around my cock. I was thrusting so
much that I actually came out of her. With my finger in her
butthole, I took my slicked up cock and replaced my finger
with it. I was greeted with another round of “Oh God…no…no…Oh
God …fuck me…please”.
I slid my cock in slowly and she began to push back against
me forcing my cock deep into her rectum. As I went all the
way in, her sphincter clasped around my cock and I could
not hold back. What cum I had left in me after today, got shot
up her asshole then. I felt like someone had sucked everything
out of me.
Her legs were trembling badly, so I pulled my cock out and
lifted into my arms. She curled up and I grabbed a towel going
into the bedroom. With both of us sopping wet, I still laid
her on the bed. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was
light as if she had passed out. I dried her off and with a few
other towels, cleaned her as the cum dripped from her butthole.
Her hair was still plastered wet to her shoulders and back.
So I sat her up and began to comb through her hair. She began
to moan and I could feel her hold herself up. I left one towel
underneath her for any extra seepage. She came to and realized
where she was. She then saw in her vanity mirror, us sitting
side by side naked with me combing out her wet hair.
“Some mess we make, Hmmmh?” and smiled sheepishly. “You
have totally wrecked me, you know? You’ve turned me into
a whore and made me like it.”
“Never. I just made love to you as some one should do. Something
you have deserved to have for many years. I’m just glad I
got to do it with you.”
With my limp cock in my lap and her head tilted downward
with me combing her hair, she said, “Well, I can see I fixed
that problem.” With her fingers, she lightly touched my
cock. It jerked a little and she jumped back and asked, “Not
again. I can’t go again. I’m wore out. It will kill me. Please.”
I laughed and said, “Don’t worry it’s tired out, too.”
As I finished her hair, I got up and went for her hair dryer.
She began to tell me how she had never done all we have done
ever before. She said that she had never taken a shower with
either husband but that they had never tried. She said that
Tommy had fucked her ass a time or too, but that was when he
was drunk and wanted to see her hurt. She had never had an
orgasm during intercourse before and she had never had
orgasms like she had tonight.
“You know, I never let them see me totally nude either.
I was always in the bed with a nighty on or I had my bra on. I
have such small titties, I didn’t want anyone to see them.
But they don’t bother you at all, does it?
I finished her air and then turned her to the vanity mirror.
While she saw both of our reflections, I then reach over
and held each nipple in my fingers. She looked at the reflections
and then saw my cock start to rise. She giggled and said,
“Okay, you have convinced me that you are really weird.
But I like it. Can we go to bed before we do anything else?
I am really tired. Do you need me to do something about your
cock now that it showed me it likes my titties?”
I took her in my arms and threw on the bed. I said let’s go
to sleep before it decides different. I knew tomorrow was
going to be a great day for both of us.

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