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She reinvented a lost art form. (Anticiaption was the key)


This is not a story based, on purely sex.

This took place in the early seventies and it was almost
entirely men who were in management. That fact and what
this story is about would in today's world be unthinkable.

If there was one thing I learned quickly after graduating
from college and getting my career going, was that most
meetings and seminars were a waste of time. Some one or more
than a someone talks and talks and after a couple of hours,
everyone's mind shuts down but the speakers just keeps
on talking anyway. They don't seem to care if they make
a connection with their audience or not.

I was twenty nine years old, still single although I was
dating but I had not yet found that special someone I wanted
to share the rest of my life with. My company sent me to Boston
to attended a three day seminar on improving efficiencies
in the work place and some other useless topics.

So early one morning, I packed my bag, drove to the airport
and slept my way all the way to Boston. When you have to travel
for business, it becomes boring unless you happen to get
lucky and have a nice looking, flirty stewardess. Yes they
were still called stewardess because they were all women..
On that particular flight, I got lucky and spent as much
time flirting with the woman as I did sleeping.

But then the task at hand, once I landed was to take my bag,
grabbed a cab and headed to the hotel conference center
where I was going to be staying as well as attending the seminar.
It was all about as exciting as watching grass grow because
after you have done a few, they are all pretty much the same.

Day 1

Thankfully it was casual business attire so I got to wear
a nice pair of slacks and sports shirt when I walked into
the conference room shortly after breakfast. The room
was arranged with round tables with six seats at each and
a stage on the one end for the speakers to use. But I didn't
realized I was late and had showed up right before the seminar
was about to begin. That meant I was stuck with one of the
chairs I had to turn around unless I wanted to stare at the
back wall of the room, instead of the speakers for the next
three days.

I quickly shook the other people's hands who were already
had my table and introduced myself to each of them. Nothing
too exciting and nothing out of the usual routine. A bunch
of business people get together for three days and try to
be friends when they all know they will never see each other

So I settle in, with my back to the people at my table and waited
for the first speaker. I was one of the closet tables to the
stage so I also felt screwed again, because I would have
to pay attention for the entire three days. I had already
learned if your near the back of the room, you can dose off
or doddle in some paper through most of it. But no such luck
for me this time around.

And then my good fortune changed when this rather attractive
tall slender woman walked out on the stage. Professional
down to her short heels but still sexy enough in her gray
business jacket and matching gray skirt. I remember thinking
to myself she was quite attractive even though her hair
was pulled back in a bun and she wore dark rimmed glasses.
The female version of Clark Kent.

"Incentives" was the first and only word she
said and then she just stood in the middle of the stage and
stared out at all of us. "What are incentives and how
can you make them more effective?" She asked all of
us although no one answered because it was more of a statement
than a real question. I sat listening and waiting to see
what she was going to say next.

"My name is Jane. Yes, you can call me plain Jane for
those who have already had that thought but were too afraid
to say it out loud, " She said with a smile. All thirty
to forty of us at the seminar instantly laughed as Jane suddenly
felt like she might be a very good speaker. She then went
on to explain to us all the different topics that were going
to be discussed over the next three days.

Jane constantly walked from one side of the stage to the
other side as she continued speaking to us about the three
days in front of us. She then stopped in the middle of the
stage again, looked out at all of us but didn't say a
word for another full minute. My eyes met her once or twice
and although she smiled at me I wasn't sure she was actually
smiling at me.

"You know I was just wondering what kind of incentive
I could offer all of you, to keep you engaged and stay interested
in this seminar over the next three days?" She said
with a big smile on her face. She raised her hand to her chin
as if she pondering that idea in front of us. By then I could
tell for sure, this woman was a very gifted speaker who seemed
relaxed. And she made everything she said sound like she
was speaking off the cuff, even if it was all preplanned
and rehearsed.

Jane stood there pondering her question a while longer
before she asked us all if anyone had an idea. "Any
ideas? Come on, someone has to have an idea that would motivate
you, " Jane said to us. Someone from one of the other
tables called out, "Let us leave a couple hours early
each day." Of course we all laughed and waited to hear
her response. She then slowly moved to her left and then
back to her right and then agreed that might be a good incentive.

"Are there any other ideas for a good incentive?"
Jane asked us next. "You see if you get your employees
to help develop the incentive, it might motivate them more
than if you just think it up yourself" Jane then added.
Someone else then yelled out" Free booze, "
and of course we all broke up laughing even harder. Jane
pondered that idea for a few seconds before she also agreed
that might work. "After three days listening to me
and the other speakers, you might need free booze, "
she said as we all laughed along with her. Jane was not only
entertaining, she was funny.

She then went back to pacing back and forth while we all waited
to hear what she was going to say next. I had to admit to myself
at least the start was pretty dam interesting so far. In
fact it may turn out to be the best seminar I had ever attended.
Jane then stopped in the middle of the stage and told us she
would consider both ideas before she introduced the next
speaker, a man who was an expert on how atmosphere in the
office can be destructive. He wasn't nearly as entertaining
or as interesting as Jane but we all listened anyway. I guess
we all wanted to hear what Jane had decided about an incentive
for us.

The first half of the first day at any seminar goes by quickly
because we are not yet bored or worse yet, brain dead. It
was just after eleven when we all had gotten back from our
first break when Jane reappeared on stage. She had her arms
crossed in front of her as she stared out at us with a rather
serious expression.

We all took our seats quickly and faced her, ready to hear
what she had decided. "I know I don't look the
part now but when I was younger, I use to be a dancer, "
She said to us. The woman looked to be about my age, so for
her, younger was not that long ago.

No one said a word because all our minds were wondering if
she meant real dancer or stripper. But Jane didn't
look like the kind of woman who would have ever been a stripper.
"Ok that was a big fat lie. I wanted to be a dancer but
I wasn't very good at it. I couldn't keep a beat, "
She said as we all laughed again along with Jane.

She then began to walk back and forth while she told us a group
about a seminar a few weeks ago who came up with another incentive
idea and she wanted to run by us first. "So far we have
two incentive ideas. One is you get out early and the other
is you all get free booze, " She said and then stopped
in the middle of the stage. She looked out at all of us and
smiled which caused everyone to nod our heads that she had
it correct so far.

"But I have one more to toss out to you nice businessmen, "
She said. I remember sitting there on the edge of my seat,
enjoying this a lot. "I opened things up this morning
and will be opening each morning as well as each afternoon
session. So the other incentive a group came up with was
that I would remove one item of my clothing during each of
my opening sessions?" She said straight faced.

I sat the shocked and never took my eyes off of the woman in
the gray business suit. "And for your quick thinkers
the answer is no. I will decide which item of my clothing
I remove, not you" Jane said giggling as we all began
to nervously laugh with her.

"So we have three incentive options. Get out early,
free booze or I take off my clothes, " She said to us.
"Go ahead talk amongst yourselves and decide, "
Jane said as I turned my chair to face the other five men at
my table. It took us five seconds tops to all agree that Jane
should strip for us.

"We seem to have a decision, " She said after
the entire room shouted out we wanted her to remove her clothes
in front of us.. The rest of the morning session was conducted
by another man who talked nonstop and bored us all to death.
What everyone needed by the time he was finished was a break
for lunch and see Jane on stage again.

Lunch was a nonstop buzz between all of us and the only thing
everyone was talking about was Jane and if she would really
strip or not. And I can safely say I had never attended a seminar
with this much excitement swirling around. I had lunch
with two men, one from Chicago and the other from the New
York area and all three of us agreed, none of had ever seen
something like this before.

Everyone was back in their seats five minutes early and
we were all waiting to see what Jane would actually do. There
was electricity in the air and we all felt it. I remember
I checked my watch and saw it was one sharp yet no one had taken
the stage or more specially no one had seen the tall, very
slender woman who said her name was Jane.

Five minutes past one Jane finally walked back out on stage
smiling as she looked out at all of us. I was a nervous wreck
inside and had a hard time remaining in my seat. "What
a surprise. You are all back on time, " Jane said as
she made her way to the center of the stage. She stood there
looking out at all of us for a few more moments before she
then said, "I think we need a revote."

"With a show of hands who wants to get our early?"
Jane said to the group. I turned quickly and saw no hands
being raised. She took a deep breath and then asked for a
show of hands for those who wanted free booze and again,
no one raised their hands for that option either.

"You are going to make this difficult for me aren't
you, " Jane said as we all laughed and raised our hands
without her having to even ask us if we wanted to watch her
remove her clothes. Even if Jane had not suggested she would
remove her clothes, I was beginning to see how very attractive
this woman truly was. She was graceful when she walked back
and forth on stage almost as if she was gliding. And although
she didn't have the curves of a lot of women I thought
were sexy, Jane was a sleek sexuality about her that was
very pleasing and very attractive.

"OK, ok, I guess I owe you one item of my clothing, "
She said as we all tensed up. I had never been a bold person
before but for some reason I raised my hand up and showed
her two fingers. I remember she looked down at me a few feet
from her and frowned for a moment before she looked back
at the entire group and said, " I have just found the
smartest man in the room."

She then stepped off the stage, reached for my hand and led
me back onto the stage to stand alongside of her. "Does
anyone know why I just called this man the smartest man in
the room"? She asked the group. I was also now getting
a strong whiff of her perfume and she smelled really, really
good. Jane then explained to everyone that she had promised
one item of clothing for the start of each morning and each
afternoon session and I had been the only one who remembered
that fact.

Jane then smiled at me and told me to go back to my seat before
she explained that when we throw out an incentive to our
workers, they are going to remember so we better remember
the details too. "If you don't remember everything,
your employees are going to think you weren't serious
about the incentive, " Jane explained as she began
to pace back and forth again.

It felt like the room was going to explode when Jane stopped
pacing and faced us. . "You do remember I said I get
to pick the item, not you, " Jane added with a big smile
on her face. I was tense but then every man in the room as tense
as we all waited to see if this woman was really going to take
something off or not. You could have heard a pin drop after
that. No one spoke, coughed or blinked.

"I guess it will do me no good to ask for a third vote, "
Jane said as she paced back and forth one more time before
she stopped and faced all of us in the center of the stage.
I was very tense and stared at her in disbelief when she reached
behind and appeared to be unzipping her gray skirt. There
was a hushed silence that sounded so loud, it was deafening.

Fortunately for her, when her skirt fell, her gray suit
coat was still long enough to cover her up so we really didn't
see anything except the top of her nylons and more of her
legs. Immediately I felt like Jane was the sexiest woman
I had ever seen before. She then giggled as she reached down
and removed both of her heels and held them in one hand and
her skirt in the other. "I will see you again tomorrow
morning, " Jane said and then walked off the stage
carrying her shoes and her skirt.

I don't think anyone at the seminar remembered a single
word the afternoon speaker said because we were all still
thinking about Jane. And once we all gathered in the bar
at the end of the first day, she was all we talked about too.
The common opinion was that Jane would not remove anything
else the following morning because if she did, she would
be revealing a lot more than more of her legs.

Day 2

Everyone and I mean everyone was in their seats five minutes
early again as we all waited while being filled with excitement
for Jane to appear again. And when she finally did appear
everyone exhaled. "Good morning everyone. It is
amazing what a good incentive can do to motivate people, "
She said smiling as she walked to the center of the stage.

"Big day huh?" Jane said next as we all laughed
at once. She began to pace again and talk to us about the importance
of keeping your employees engaged in whatever incentive
everyone agrees to. "It has to be fun for them, "
She added as she paced back and forth. "Has this been
fun so far?" She asked us and immediately everyone
began to applaud at the same time.

"I can see you all like this incentive so far. But why
in the world did you all turn down getting out early or free
booze?" She said giggling as she asked us. Whatever
I felt was electric the day before was nothing compared
to how the room now felt.

Jane had on a dark blue business suit, jacket and skirt and
blue heels but she still looked absolutely stunning. Tall,
slender, sexy although her hair was still in a bun but her
dark rim glasses were now blue ones, not gray ones. "Another
idea you can use in your office is to change things and reward
someone who doesn't expect to be rewarded while the
incentive is still going on, " she said to us.

"Please come up here on stage with me, " Jane
said as she looked directly at me and motioned for me to join
her. "This was the smart person yesterday so today
he deserves a reward, " she told everyone while I
walked up onto the stage and stood by her side. Once again
her perfume was intoxicating.

"Ok where did I leave off yesterday?" She asked
me. I felt my face turning a little redder by the second but
I still told her yesterday she had removed her skirt and
her heels so far. "That's right. I knew you were
smart. So now I owe you one more item I have on, " She
said to the group.

She glanced at me and asked me to hold her skirt as she reached
under her suit coat and unzipped her blue skirt in front
of all of us. Again you could have hear a pin drop. Jane slowly
lowered her skirt until she was able to step from it before
she smiled as she handed to me to hold. She then removed her
heels and handed them to me next.

"So do I have this correct so far? I mean if you offer
an incentive to your employees, you should always be checking
with them to keep their buy in because they want to feel like
they are part of this incentive, " She said to the
men in the room. "I guess you will all tell me if I asked
you that I now owe you one more item I am wearing, "
She said before she turned to me and said, "You get
the reward, so you decide which item I remove next."

Jane had very dark hair but the greenest eyes I had ever seen
before. Her makeup was flawless, her lipstick a bright
red color but it was her eyes that captivated me, right from
the start. "Have you decided?" She asked me
still and was at least still smiling while standing with
her long legs and the top of her lacy nylons exposed.

I took a deep breath and softly told Jane I wanted her to remove
her suit coat next. "For those of you in the back, he
asked me to remove my suit coat next, " she said louder
than I had said it. "Another point about incentives,
make sure everyone can hear them, understands them and
stays involved in the process, until the very end, "
She said to us.

Jane then turned back to me and said, " Suit coat,
right?" I nodded my head as she smiled at me and then
reached for the bottom of the three buttons holding it in
place. But as soon as the bottom button came undone Jane
turned back to the crowd and then back to me and said, ."
You do realized I don't have a blouse on under this coat."
To top of Jane's bare chest was showing all the way down
to the top button on her suit coat.

I simply nodded my head as she smiled at me and went back to
undoing the second from the bottom button. I was holding
my breath standing by this incredible specimen of a woman
when her suit coat was finally unbuttoned but she had not
removed it yet.

Jane then looked at me again and told her to stand behind
her so I moved so I was now facing the tables behind her. She
then turned and faced me directly before she slowly opened
up the front of her suit coat and exposed her dark blue bra
to only me. She then winked at me or at least I thought she
winked at me before she removed her coat and handed it to
me to hold for her.

Her breasts were on the smaller side but still large enough
to hang perfectly in her dark blue lacy bra. I couldn't
take my eyes off of Jane and the crowd in the rest of the room
couldn't take their eyes off of the back of her bra.
Jane then turned and showed everyone in the room her body
that was covered by only her bra, panties and nylons.

It was as if someone brought a bolt of lightning into the
conference room after that. Her dark blue matching panties
clung to her pussy tightly but not tight enough to show the
shape of her crack. But everyone could still get a really
good look and an eye full, just the same.

"Thank you honey, " Jane said to me as she took
her clothes and her shoes from my hands and introduced our
next speaker. We were all mind numb after that and no one
paid any attention to anything other than remembering
what Jane looked like standing in her bra and panties in
front of us. For her afternoon part of the incentive Jane
removed her nylons so all she had left on was her bra and her

Everyone attending the seminar drank heavily that night
in the bar and the only thing we all talked about was Jane
and if she would really take everything off and show us her
tits and pussy. . And I am pretty sure every guy at the seminar
did the same thing I did when I got back to my room later that

I had been half erect most of the afternoon so when I showered
before bed, I couldn't resist soaping up my cock and
balls and stroking myself in the shower. And I have a good
size cock and boy was it harder than hard. I knew it wasn't
going to take much for me to explode and within a minute of
stroking, I shot my cum all over the place like a fire hose
being turned on while lying by itself on the ground. I don't
think I remember a time when I came that much.

Day 3

We were once again all in our seats well before the last day
of the seminar even started. There was more than a little
excitement in the air and not because it was the last day
of the seminar. The last day of any seminar is always the
best day but this particular seminar had changed how everyone
looked at them. Jane only had her bra and panties left to remove for us. And
that alone would have probably been enough for us all to
gladly miss our flights home, just to see her completely
naked. And there was more betting about Jane than I had seen
at any super bowl party. There were odds about her removing
her bra and then stopping? There were odds about her pussy
and if would it be hairy, trimmed or did she shave it?

So we all anxiously waited five minutes past the scheduled
start time and then ten minutes past and still no Jane. And
then a hush fell over the room when one of the male speakers
walked out on stage and stood facing all of us. "I am
sorry to inform you but Jane called in sick today so she will
not be attending these last two sessions with you."
he said and all at once everyone let out a gasp. "Why
don't we all take a fifteen minute break before we get
started, " He said before he left the stage.

We all stood up and complained, pissing and moaned and did
everything else but start a riot. There were men who were
downright angry while most of us were merely disappointed.
Jane was an amazing woman who had changed my point of view,
not only about seminars but also how I would work closer
with my department and work to make incentives more exciting
for them. And she made me realize I might have been attracted
to the wrong kind of women in the past. Classy, slender and
charming seemed a lot more sexy than just having curves.

The morning session turned out to be a brain cell killer
as the speakers did their best to try and keep us interested
and motivated anyway they could. But by noon the energy
in the room was completely gone and all everyone talked
about was catching their flights to get home before night
fall. We all wandered back into the conference room after
lunch and slowly took our seats like dead fish that get washed
up on shore. We were finally near the end of the seminar.

And then as if the sun rose for the first time, Jane walked
back out on stage to a rowdy round of applause. "Did
you miss me?" She asked us first with her wonderful
bright smile. She was now wearing a black suit coat and skirt
and black rimmed glasses although her hair was still pulled
back in a bun. I think she got a ten minute standing ovation
before she finally got us all to stop cheering and sit back

"Ok how did everyone feel this morning when you were
told I was sick?" She asked. A bunch of boos followed
as she covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. "Well
now you know how your employees would feel if you don't
do what you said you were going to do, " Jane told us
before she began pacing back and forth again. If she stripped
or not, it was great having Jane back in the room.

We were all sitting on the edge our chairs waiting like we
were sitting on pins and needles. "Now if we all remember
correctly, we agreed on an incentive, right""
She asked the group and everyone cheered. If the energy
had been sucked out of the room in the morning session, it
was overflowing with energy and excitement now that she
was back.

"And if we all remember correctly, you had three choices.
The first one was get out early, the second was free booze
and well, we all know the third option that you selected, "
she said smiling at us again. "So since we are down
to our last day and our last few hours with one another, I
want to make you a counter off, " She said.

Jane remained standing in the middle of the stage and looked
at us as everyone was squirming with excitement. "This
seminar is scheduled to end at four this afternoon. But
I want to do is give you a second chance to vote. Either you
stay with your first option and watch me undress or I will
let you all leave at two instead of four?" She said
and then shut up.

Immediately everyone checked their watches and since
it would be earlier that would mean we could all grab earlier
flights and be home a lot sooner than dark. "So do you
want a long weekend or do you want to watch me do, you know
what I agreed to do, in front of you?" Jane asked us.

She explained that the point of a good incentive is to offer
newer and better options along the way so employees have
more ownership of the incentive. As tempting as it would
be to see Jane naked it was also tempting to get out of Boston
and back home a lot sooner than I expected.

"Go ahead and discuss it. You have five minutes to
decide, " Jane said and left the stage. I was torn
both ways and felt some connection with this woman even
if I didn't really know her at all. She was the most dynamic,
sexy and attractive woman I had very come across. But getting
home early was also a really good option after being away
for three most long boring days.

Jane walked back on stage five minutes later. It wasn't
everybody but most of us wanted to leave early even though
watching Jane undress would have still been a thrill of
a life time.

Jane then talked to us about how a good incentive can quickly
turn negative if we are not careful. "If you all don't
agree then you are all feeling that negativity right now, "
She said. "So since you have all been so wonderful
these past three days, I am going to show you being fair is
always the best option. You will be finished at two and, "
Jane said before she reached behind her back and unzipped
her skirt.

"Where is my helper" Jane said looking down
at me again. I jumped from my cheer as the cheers started
up and filled the room. I stood by her side as she reached
down and carefully stepped from her skirt before she handed
it to me. She then handed me her shoes next before she unbuttoned
her black suit coat.

The room as dead silence as we all watched Jane removing
her clothing in front of us for the last time. She then slipped her nylons down
her long slender legs and handed them to me too. "Do
I owe you one item or two? She asked the crowd wearing only
her black and white bra and matching panties. Everyone
yelled out two as Jane look at me and then back at the audience.

She then whispered to me, "Do you want one item or two"?
so softly no one else heard her. I smiled and told her it was
up to her as she winked at me again and this time it was a definite
wink. "This man is a true gentleman, " She told
everyone before she reached behind her back and began to
unhook her bra. I had a lump in my throat by then but so did
every other man in the room.

She then reached about her back and fumbled with her bra
snaps. "You are all lucky you don't' have
to wear one of these. Bras are not always easy to get on or
get off, " She said as everyone laughed at the same
item. "Are you all ready?" she asked the crowd
before they cheered.

The only thought in everyone's mind was, will Jane
take off her bra in front of us or not? `She smiled at me and
everyone else before she slowly began to lift the straps
of her bra off her shoulders. I was the only one who could
see the gentle curve of her breasts from the side as my heart
raced even more. "Is everyone ready?" Jane
asked. Everyone in the room erupted in cheers before she
lifted her bra off and exposed her delicate, pinkish looking
breast, at last.

A low constant rumbling started up and didn't let up
as Jane stood in front of the room with her small, but delightfully
perky breasts exposed. They might have been very big but
since Jane was so slender they looked perfect, resting
on her chest. Her pink nipples had puffed out and looked
like little darts pointing at everyone and then she turned
to give me a better view of her breasts and they were now pointed
at me.

Jane and I exchanged a few seconds of some very serious eye
to eye contact after that. I couldn't tell if I was affecting
her but she was sure affecting me. She then turned back to
the other men at the seminar and smiled before she teased
us all for a few more seconds by holding the sides of her panties
but not lowering them yet.

I didn't think the tension could get any stronger but
it just did. Jane thanked us all and said we had been a great
crowd before she slowly lowered her panties before she
handed them to me. Her hips had an actual nice curve to them
and her dark trimmed pussy hair made her look absolutely
incredible. We not only could see her pubic hair we also
could see her pink lips sticking out and appeared to look
as if she was also aroused. She then walked from one side
of the stage to the other showing everyone in the room the
beauty of her naked womanly form.

Jane then asked me to follow her and carry her clothes for
her as she turned and walked off the right side of the stage
waving at everyone with a huge smile on her face. Once we
were out of sight, I stood there holding her clothes while
Jane turned and faced me directly still totally naked for
a few more seconds. There was definitely more serious eye
contact between us.

She then took her panties from my hands and slipped them
back on before she took her bra and put it back on too. And
if my luck couldn't have gotten any better, once Jane
was completely dressed she reached into her suit coat pocket
and handed me her business card. She then looked at me and
softly said, "This has never happened to me before but I might like
to have a drink with you sometime. Give me a call if you feel
the same way." She then turned and walked off leaving
my head spinning even more.

It took Jane and I two months before our schedules lined
up so we could meet for that drink. But, in the meantime,
we talked often and got to know a little about each other
on the phone. She graduated from Arizona State with a communication
major and was working on her master part time. And I learned
she had been working for this motivational company ever
since she graduated and had performed her lecture and strip
routine many, many times because it was so successful.

When we finally met in Cleveland a couple of months since
we first met at my seminar, I believe Jane and I both felt
like we had found someone who could be very special. It was
just odd to see her again and casual clothes, meaning plain
white slacks, green top that showed no flesh at all and a
pair of sandals, instead of a business suit. But her dark
rimmed glasses were the same and her hair was still up in
a bun.

We each had booked ourselves a room but I never got to mine.
I finally knew what lightning felt like once Jane and I were
back together again. We spent a couple of hours in the hotel
lounge and then a couple of minutes making out in the elevator.
Her lips were so hot that they burnt my lips but I didn't
care. Seconds inside her hotel room, we tore each other's
clothes off in record time. I had already seen her naked
one time but it was nothing compared to seeing her naked
and being alone with her for the first time. It was the perfect
combination of love and lust, that we shared.

I savored every inch and I mean every inch of her entire body
as she laid on the bed purring like a very happy kitten. I
tasted her but the most special thing we shared was constantly
looking into each other's eyes. We had found lightning
in a bottle and both knew it.

Jane finally climaxed after a lot of effort but it was worth
for me and for her. And when she laid on her back waiting for
me to mount her, I had never seen perfection in a woman until
I looked down at Jane. My long hard cock slowly slipped into
her tight wet pussy as both our bodies shuttered. I couldn't
believe my cock was actually going deeper inside of the
same woman I drooled over at the seminar.

I pushed one last time and finally I was completely inside
of her tight pussy with my manhood. She whimpered a lot but
it was such a sexy whimper I hoped she would never stop whimpering
for me. We would fuck for a few seconds, stop and kiss each
other and then go back to fucking each other again. Sometimes
Jane nibbled on my bottom lips while my cock kept working
in and out of her warm vagina.

Neither of us could slow down for very long and before we
knew it before Jane and I were slamming our organs together
harder and faster. I knew the moment I couldn't take
it any longer and felt the first spasm of thick hot cum blast
down my cock and start to finally fill her. And Jane fucked
me back making sure she got every drop inside of her hungry
pussy before I was finished.

We then laughed, kissed hugged and talked nonstop for about
a half hour until we decided to take a shower together. And
I don't have to tell you how that turned out. I loved
holding her wonderful small soft breasts as we kissed and
she loved soaping up my cock and gently stroking it in the

At one point Jane and I could hardly breathe again when she
got on her knees and began to suck my cock for the first time.
She had me as hard as a rock within a couple of minutes of feeling
her warm mouth and soft tongue teasing me like no other girl
ever had. Jane stopped with the water splashing down on
her and looked up at me before she asked me I wanted a blow
job."I have never done that before but I will let you
cum in my mouth if you want to, " She said smiling while
she continued stroking my cock.

A minute later Jane was on the bathroom vanity with her legs
spread again as I moved closer and felt her pussy swallow
my cock for the second time. "We can do the blow job
some other time. I want to cum in your pussy again, "
I told as she clung to me and whispered back, " From
now on, you can cum in me any time you want to." I pumped
Jane so full of cum it was dripping on the bathroom floor
by the time I was drained.

We then spent the next five hours laying on her bed, still
naked while talking and asking questions about each other.
I was curious and asked her how she came up with the idea of
the strip option for the seminars. Jane giggled and said
a girl friend of hers from college suggested it. "What
did you say at first"? I asked. Jane leaned over and
kissed me before she said it horrified her. "I dont
even dress in sexy clothes and now I strip on stage, "
She said as we both laughed together.

"But the trick is to be confident and take charge right
from the beginning, " She added next. "And
then it is easier to take off your clothes?"I asked
her. Jane said it has gotten easier over the years and then
she said she never met anyone like me before and that I made
her more nervous than she had been since the first time she
did it.

We decided to get out of the room and went for a walk in the
warm night air holding hands like lovers do. "Does
it bother you that your new girlfriend takes off her clothes?"
Jane asked. I smiled, squeezed her hand and told her I was
proud of my new and last girl friend for taking off her clothes.
We were down by the river when Jane and I shared the first
love kiss we ever shared. The ones we shared in her room were
more lust than love so it meant something special to both
of us.

If you're wondering, Jane and I married six months
later and I got another promotion at work and she kept stripping
at various seminars all over the country. I never thought
of my wife as a stripper although technically that is what
Jane did during her motivational talks. And a year and a
half after our wedding Jane stopped working. It is hard
to take off your clothes as part of your performance, when
you belly is growing bigger by the day because of our first

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That is wonderful story about anticipation and passion. Please continue to share or your literary works of art.


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As Always Mr D & F

Simply Brilliant.



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story about anticipation and desire told well and with a good ending


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Great story, wish you two the best, and hope you two have happy and blessed family together.


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A really great story! Oh, if we could only go back to that era when everything wasn't so damn PC.....


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Absolutely incredible erotic story! The anticipation really did make it so much better. Love to read more like this!