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She got all her holes filled for several times


Roger and his wife, Louise, and have become our best of friends,
we've been such close friends with Roger and Louise
that over the years we've always engaged in a fair amount
of sexy activities like swinging and foursomes, so when
Roger invited us to join them for an overnight sailing trip
on his boss's yacht, it sounded like a fun idea, we've
known Tom, his boss, and his wife Ruth for several years,
not really well, but well enough, Tom was a big, strong man
with a private gym on his garage and always in a very good
shape, and Ruth was a very beautiful sweet and kind blonde
woman, so we gladly accepted.
When the day arrived
Maria noticed me talking with Roger on the phone with a very low voice, intrigued she asked me
if everything was ok, I just grinned and nodded while hurrying
her up to finish packing her things, but then, as she was
packing her personal things I asked her to put on her white
bikini under her shorts and T-shirt, Maria looked at him
with suspicious as that bikini was a little wisp of nothing,
with thin ties around her neck and back on top, and at the
sides on the bottom, the top doesn't come close to holding
her tits, and the bottom was a little bit more than a thong,
but not much more and it shows off her sexy ass quite nicely.

As we reached the marina Maria was surprised, it was
supposed to be us, Roger and Louise, , Tom, and his wife Ruth on this
cruise, but when we got to the marina, the only persons she
saw was Roger waiting for us and Tom preparing things on
the yacht, so Maria asked about Louise and Ruth, and Roger
answered "Ruth needed to travel as something came
up with a family member and Louise came down with the flu,
she really felt bad because she knew you'd be the only
woman on the boat with us."
And then Maria turned
at me but I just laughed and added. “Lucky woman, you are going to be the only female on the
yacht, under the hot sun, and with three men!"

Needless to say a strong suspicious reached again Maria’s
mind, first asked to put on that sexy white bikini, and then
all the others women not coming, sure enough wasn’t a
coincidence, she almost refused to go, but on the other
way something in the back of her mind said the prospect of
being the only woman on a boat with three quite virile men
just might not be that bad of a prospect, she really wasn't
sure about what was going to happen on that cruise, but she
was more than willing to go with the flow. [image] When we
boarded the boat, Tom laughing told Maria that since Louise
and his wife had been unable to make the trip that she could handle their duties on board, Maria grinned back
and asked in a sort of mock bravado “So what are my duties
on this voyage, captain?"
Tom looked at her with
a twinkle in his eye and replied jovially. "Easy, drinks, food, decoration and take care of
the men!"
Maria just laughed and sat on the deck
next to me, she pulled her hair into a ponytail, adjusted her shades and we went
off, it was a warm, sunny summer day, just perfect for sailing,
Tom was at the controls, with Roger and me working the sails,
as we headed into the wind and out to sea, Maria found a place
toward the front of the boat to lie down and get some sun,
and she peeled off her T-shirt to let her breasts get a little
kiss of sunshine.
Maria had just about dozed off when
she heard my voice calling for her to come join them in the back, she made her way back
just in time to see Tom finishing long Vodka Oranges to all
of us, he joked with Maria telling her he was doing her job,
so she lightly kissed him on the face and grabbed her drink,
we all chat for a while as sipping our drinks, the combination
of sun and booze was a sure-fire way to get Maria turned on
and she could even feel her nipples swelling as she got a
long sip on her drink, after a few more sips Maria stood up
and went below deck to prepare another round of drinks.

Maria brought the pitcher with orange juice, the bottle
of Vodka, a plate with dry fruits and nuts, and four glasses
back on deck, she found the cooler with the ice and poured
us a round of drinks, after the second round, we were all
starting to feel really good then Tom piped up "Well,
Maria, I see drinks and I see food, so where's the decoration?
Yeah, and I know how you can decorate this ship, why don't
you take off your shorts so we can see your ass, honey."

Maria looked at me in the eye, I just smiled wickedly
and nodded my head slowly, so she stood up, unbuttoned her shorts,
let them drop to the deck and kicked them aside, Maria heard
Tom giving off a low whistle as she slowly turned to let the
three of us get a good look at her butt cheeks, she could feel
our stares, and her pussy began to swell in response as she
was thoroughly enjoying it, and then I said, with a twinkle
in my eye and a grin on my face. "You know, Maria, you
aren't playing fair, I mean, we all have our shirts
off, but you're still wearing your top. You can't
have that on."
That was the time Maria figured
out that she was going to be fucked by me and my friends, I walked over to her, reached
around the back of her neck and pulled the string that held
up the top of her bikini, the top fell open, exposing her
breasts to the lustful gaze of all of us, then Tom reached
up and pulled the string in the back until it came loose and
he held Maria’s top in his hand, as I picked up a bottle
of suntan oil and said giggling. "We can't risk
getting these beauties tits sunburned, can we? Roger,
would you like to do the honors?" [image2] Roger just
grinned lasciviously while I sat back down and stared as
he proceeded to pour the lotion onto Maria’s tits, she groaned as Roger's strong hands kneaded
her tits, and she felt an erotic sizzle every time he touched
her painfully hard nipples, Maria’s pussy was tingling
as he massaged the lotion onto her creamy breasts, she opened
her legs as she swayed lustfully, hoping that someone would
touch her so she could cum, even though she could see our
hard cocks in our baggy swim trunks, we didn't respond,
so Maria understood that we were taking things at an easy
pace, then Roger asked softly "How does that feel?"

"Mmmmmmm, " Maria answered giggling.
"I could ask you the same thing, how does it feel to rub your
hands on these babies?"
Tom and I needed to slip
away to work the sails and check our bearings, but Roger stayed behind and continued to play
with her tits, there was no pretense that he was protecting
her tits from the sun, he was deliberately turning Maria
on, and she was digging the hell out of it, she was right on
the edge of a massive orgasm, and she couldn't help
it, so she reached down and squeezed his cock, then she grabbed
the sides of Roger's shorts and yanked them to the deck,
and his cock bounced upward as it was freed from its confines,
Maria grabbed his cock and slowly worked her hand over the
shaft, and it stiffened right up, he groaned, and she knew
what he wanted, so she just slid to her knees getting face-to-face
with his cock, opened her mouth and slid the bulbous head
past her lips and into her mouth, and then she sucked and
slobbered it, licking up and down the shaft, then burying
his full length all the way down in her throat, Roger just
gasped as she deep-throated his cock, working her lips
almost to the base, before pulling back and working hard
for his cum, he finally got to the point where he pulled Maria
away from him and panted "Damn, Maria, I don't
want to come too soon, it's going to be a long weekend."

Maria looked deep into his eyes and said in a voice thick
with lust "Remember I know very well how strong you
are, I know you can get back up to speed pretty quickly, I
want to taste your cum, and I want it now, so just fill up my
mouth with your hot cream."
With that, Maria
slid his cock back into her mouth and worked him vigorously, and it wasn't more than a minute or
two before she got what she wanted, Roger grunted hard and
his cock exploded into her mouth, he must have been storing
it up for a while as he shot so much that it dribbled out the
corners of her mouth onto her tits, when he was finished
shooting, Maria licked his cock clean, then she lay back,
her chest heaving, she still hadn't come, but she knew
that it was going to happen soon, just then Maria noticed
that I had made my way back onto the deck, I grinned at Roger
and told him that he might as well not bother trying to get
his shorts back on, and Roger asked rhetorically "Yeah,
what's the point? As long as she's around, it's
going to be hard to get my cock back in my pants." [image3]
I just stared at Maria with blazing eyes, then bent down
and kissed her, hard and insistent, while my hand was gently
squeezing her pussy through the damp cloth that just covered
her crotch, then I stood up abruptly and dropped my shorts,
so my cock swayed free in front of her face enticing Maria
to play, what she gladly did, I knelt back down and resumed
working a hand between her legs, pressing the nylon material
of her bikini bottoms into her drooling pussy, Maria groaned
as she reached up and softly held my cock as it grew in her
hands to its full length, and then as she did with Roger,
she opened her mouth wide and slid the head of my cock past
her lips, until it poked at the opening to her throat.

Maria looked up to see that I had my eyes closed tightly as
her mouth was working back and forth on my cock, she used
her hand to squeeze the base of my cock and to feed my full
length into her mouth, she sucked wildly my cock faster
and harder, then I took my hand away from her crotch and put
both hands on the back of her head and began to fuck vigorously
her mouth, Maria looked up at me again as I worked my cock
back and forth in her mouth, and it didn't take long
before I was groaning heavily, and she felt me swell in her
mouth seconds before I fired a thick hot load of cum into
her throat, but that time, Maria managed to swallow every
drop of my cum and then she noticed that Tom and Roger had
returned to the deck and they were staring at her, and laughing
Tom asked jovially "So, did you leave anything for
the captain?"
"Yes captain, but I think
now my pussy needs some attention, " Maria answered joyfully and we all laughed, Roger
drifted off to check the back sails while Tom and I took her below
to Tom's cabin, Maria lay back on the bed, and Tom untying
the sides of her bikini bottom and pulling them off, leaving
her naked to his lustful gaze, I knelt on the bed next to her
running my hands over her oily body, Maria was so close to
coming she couldn't stand it, and my hands roaming
all over her body was stoking her arousal to a fever pitch,
and needless to say it was doing the same for me, so my cock
was already getting hard again, then Maria looked over
at Tom, he had slipped off his shorts and she just stared
at his enormous cock, I just grinned as I saw Maria staring
in disbelieve at that so big cock.
Tom was immediately
in action, he knelt down and brought his face to Maria’s pussy and began to slide his tongue
up her dripping slit, all the way to her throbbing, bloated
clit, his tongue worked wild on her cunt, while his lips
caressed her pussy lips as he drank in her juices, just then,
Maria’s vision was obscured as I straddled my chest and
slid my already hard cock between her tits, she used both
hands to mash her breasts together to deepen the valley
that my cock was sliding through, so my cock head poked up
from between her tits and into her mouth as I fucked her tits
with a steady rhythm, Maria climbed higher and higher up
to an orgasm but about the time she reached her peak and squealed
in climax, I slid off of her, moved Tom out of the way, knelt
between her legs and pushed my cock slowly into her burning
pussy hole.
Maria howled as she felt my cock filling
her to the brim, and in no time I was up to ramming speed, she wrapped her legs
around my back as she humped me back with every bit as much
effort as I was drilling her, suddenly Maria sensed a presence
next to her and it was Tom offering her his big cock to suck
and lick, it was so big that she could only get the cock head
and a little bit of it into her mouth, but anyway she worked
enthusiastically on it, and she pumped the rest of it with
her hands, Maria could feel another climax coming to a quick
boil from the hard, steady fucking I was giving her, and
she arched her back when it crested, she could feel me beginning
to hit the short strokes, because I was grunting and panting
hard as I blistered her pussy with my cock, then as Maria
screamed out in another orgasm, I stiffened, then pushed
my cock as deep as I could before spewing a long and deep cum
shot into her pussy and we clutched each other as our climax
washed over us, finally my cock slipped from her gaping
pussy, followed by a stream of cum, I got up from the bed and
motioned toward Tom, my chest still heaving "She's
all yours, man, I think I got her opened up enough for you
to really bang her hard." [image4] Maria felt a chill
run through her body, because she knew that was the moment
when she would get that enormous cock inside her, but at that point she really didn't care,
she just wanted Tom's huge cock inside her in anyway,
so she lay back, lust coursing through her body, her legs
spread lewdly, and then Tom got in between her legs and pressed
the head of his cock to her pussy opening, Maria groaned
as his cock head passed her pussy lips and entered her pussy
hole, he was going at it slow as he knew it takes time and patience
for a man with his size of cock to get it into a woman, the problem
was at that moment Maria was a woman on fire that wanted to
be fucked hard by his big cock, so she panted, her climax
welling to the surface again. "Come on, Tom, don't
take it easy. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"
He didn’t
need to be asked twice, he sort of growled, then shoved forward, Maria screamed in ecstasy as she was filled
with his enormous cock, it didn't take long before
Tom had every bit of his cock into her twitching cunt, and
she was rocketing along from one orgasm to another, his
cock worked like a piston in her pussy, and she was working
her hips up and down trying to keep up, Tom had Maria bent
nearly in half, with her legs high over her head as he fucked
her ruthlessly, she gazed over through lust-glazed eyes
and saw me standing on her side and just staring and grinning
as she was deeply fucked by Tom, he fucked her deeply and
wildly for around 15 minutes, then as her string of orgasms
began to leave her gasping, Maria heard Tom panting and
groaning until he thrust forward hard and released a flood
of cum deep into her pussy, she just pulled him to her and
they kissed frantically as he continued to pump his still
semi-hard cock in her pussy.
Maria was shaking and
shuddering from the unbelievable series of climaxes she had just experienced, but then as
soon as Tom vacated her pussy and leaving a gaping, cum-filled
void, Roger was right there to take his place, she didn't
know how long he had been watching, but surely he had seen
enough as his cock was back at full roar, he flipped Mario
onto her knees, pushed the head of his cock to her dripping
wet cunt and plowed in with a vengeance, she just lowered
her head to the bed, raised her butt and surrendered to another
wave of orgasmic vibrations that rippled through her body,
it seemed like every time he pushed his cock in her he brushed
her throbbing clit, sending sparks of pleasure radiating
through Maria, she was just about in a state of delirium,
as she crested to another powerful climax, when she felt
Roger grab her butt cheeks hard and pounded her pussy in
a series of deep, fast thrusts then spewed his cum load into
her pussy, which was already overflowing with cream, Maria
just knelt on the bed and shuddered as she enjoyed the afterglow
of her climax, Roger then pulled out quickly and a river
of cum flowed out of her gaping pussy and rolled down the
insides of her thighs, Maria just looked up at me with lust-shrouded
eyes, and I bent down and kissed her slowly, then I said "Why
don't you come up on deck and work on your tan?”

Maria smiled and let me pull her up from the bed and escorted
her to a quick shower, as she was ready we sauntered up to
the deck, she breathe deeply enjoying the gentle sea breeze
caressing her naked body, she was feeling free to stand
naked under the warm summer sun, while Tom had gone into
the galley and prepared some sandwiches, which he brought
out on deck, along with a few more Vodka’s Orange, after
we ate and drank it was time for us, men, to work the sails
and Maria took the opportunity to slather another coat
of suntan oil all over her body and catch some rays, she lay
on a towel feeling the sun and wind on her naked butt and it
turned her on again, after a while, Maria was lying on her
back, soaking up the sun and thinking about what had gone
on earlier, and she could feel herself getting wet and horny
again, almost subconsciously, she slid her left hand between
her legs and slid her fingers through her labia and up to
her clit, which was already tingling in anticipation,
Maria was lost in her fantasy, building to a nice self-induced
climax when she saw a shadow fall over her and she sensed
a presence next to her and then I said playfully. "What?
You didn't get enough earlier?" [image5] Maria
just smiled and reached up to fondle my cock, which was already
semi-hard, then she purred as she stroked my cock. "Looking at you, I think you didn't get
enough either.”
Maria stroked me for a couple of
minutes until she could feel my cock throbbing, she felt a trill of lust slither
through her body as my cock jerked in her hand, just then
she saw Tom and Roger come up, and their cocks were also in
something of a state of readiness, even though Tom had slipped
on a very tight pair of swim trunks, I turned to them and said
laughing "You guys almost missed a hell of a show here!"

Then I helped Maria up and escorted her below, Tom and
Roger trailing behind, I led her back to the bed, indicating her
that she should lie back, then I took a bag that Tom had handed
me and tossed it on the bed next to Maria, she looked in the
bag and she was astounded to see a variety of sex toys and
a bottle of lubricant, surprised Maria asked Tom, as she
dumped the contents of the bag on the bed. "Where did
you get these?".
"They're Ruth's,
" Tom answered. "She had them stowed on here to use on our boat trips.”

Maria looked better and there were some things in that
bag that got her pussy flowing, she picked out a long dildo and
a sizeable vibrator and hefted both in her hands, as she
caressed the long dildo, we three sat back in chairs, our
eyes eagerly anticipating what Maria was about to do, so
she reached her hand between her legs and found her pussy,
she took the bottle of lube and poured a generous amount
all over her crotch, and, of course, she made sure we could
all see her do it, Maria was humming with lust and she knew
exactly what she wanted to do, so she slid her fingers up
her slit, exposing her pulsing clit to our view, she felt
a thrill run through her as she saw three stiff, naked cocks
being worked by three sets of hands, so Maria took the big
dildo and fit the head to her slit, rubbed it up and down,
and then she started to ease it into her pussy, she was so
turned on that she was groaning with lust as another orgasm
began to climb to a peak.
Once Maria had a good bit of
that rubber dildo inside her pussy, she started pushing and pulling it back and forth,
getting it a little deeper with every thrust, until nearly
all of it was disappearing into her flooded pussy, she was
gasping and moaning as she fucked herself , then she looked
over at us and we were staring bug-eyed at her show, still
pumping the dildo back and forth in her pussy, Maria rolled
slightly to her side, reached down with her other hand,
spread her butt cheeks open and began to finger her asshole
as it was already well lubricated from the oil she had used
and the juices flowing from her pussy, Maria heard an audible
groan from across the room as she pushed one, then two fingers
into her ass, until she got her asshole opened up enough,
then she picked up the vibrator, which was a nice-sized
piece of stainless steel, and slid it into her ass, Maria
noticed a move from the corner of her eye and looked up to
see me climbing on the bed, holding my cock in one hand as
I took the vibrator from her ass, flicked a switch and started
working it back and forth into her ass at the same time that
she was fucking her pussy with the dildo.
to say her whole body stiffened and Maria cried out sharply as she was swept by a tumultuous orgasm, she
shook and shimmied as she felt the twin invasion of the dildo
and the vibrator, I knew she was one woman who loves to have
her ass fucked and at that moment I sensed what she wanted,
so I just kept drilling that vibrator in her ass as she came
again and again and again until her mind was truly blown,
Maria was gasping and panting in supreme pleasure when
I whispered in her ear in my most seductive voice. "Tell
us what you want us to do with you, honey." [image6]
Maria just screamed as loud as she could "Oh Yes! Fuck
me! Fuck me everywhere! Please! Fuck all my holes, I want
all of your cocks fucking me!”
I pulled the vibrator
out of her ass and lay down behind her as I put the head of my cock at the opening to her ass and pushed
it slowly, but firmly, all the way in, Maria howled as another
orgasm came to ahead just from the feeling of my hard cock
thrusting into her ass, and she begged me to fuck her ass
hard, but Maria and I, we both knew what she really wanted,
so after her latest climax peaked, I rolled onto my back,
pulling her on top of me, Maria managed to get her feet under
her to ride better my cock and also open her legs to expose
her pussy, then she looked out and saw Roger and Tom just
staring at us, their fists steadily working their cocks,
then Maria gasped "What a hell Roger! What are you
waiting for? Come on and stick your cock in my pussy, I want
you and my husband to sandwich me!"
Roger didn't
need any further encouragement, he knelt between Maria’s legs and slid his cock right up her pussy
without the least bit of trouble, and the moment she felt
Roger's cock complete the double penetration, she
felt another climax explode through her body and it was
followed by another one and another one, Maria was in pure
ecstasy while having multiple orgasms, and she just let
herself be swept along on the orgasmic tide as Roger and
I double-fucked her with a strong, steady rhythm, then
Maria felt the bed give way next to her, and looked over to
see Tom's cock at her face, she eagerly gobbled up as
much of his cock as she could, working her tongue around
it while he pushed it back and forth into her mouth and she
sucked on his cock, she worked her body around the two cocks
that had her skewered, and after a minute or so, Maria pulled
Tom's cock out of her mouth and rubbed the leaking head
all over her face.
Maria wanted to be consumed by these
three cocks fucking all three of her holes at once, she was lost in lust with her
wild triple-penetration, anyway it was all too much for
all of us, Tom was the first one to lose it, Maria heard him
cry out, then he ripped his cock from her mouth and shot a
geyser of cum all over her face, he left cum streaming across
both her eyes, across her nose, her lips and down her chin,
one final orgasmic spike roared through her body as Maria
felt a big glob of cum drip from her chin onto her tits, and
she jerked from head to toe, I was the next to come and I slammed
her ass down hard onto my abdomen and buttered her ass with
my hot cum, seconds later Roger followed me, sending a flow
of cum deep in her pussy, groans of requited lust filled
the cabin as we three emptied our balls in and on her, and
that was the last thing Maria heard, she dimly recall Roger
pulling his cock out of her and I rolling her to the side so
I could crawl out from under her, before she felt asleep
exhausted but satisfied.
It seemed like she was only
out for a couple of minutes, but when Maria woke up it was dark outside, she looked over at
the portable alarm clock by the bed and saw that it was almost
10 o'clock, so she had been sleeping for almost five
hours, Maria sat on the bed and the next thing she noticed
was that we were stopped dead in the water and there was some
kind of party going on above, as Maria heard rock music from
a boom box and voices that didn't belong to any of us,
so she got up slowly and peeped through the porthole and
saw that we were lashed on to another yacht, and everyone
was apparently getting along splendidly, Maria knew she
needed to freshen up before meeting any new strangers,
so she grabbed soap and a towel and got into the small shower
and cleaned up, it wasn't hot water, but after sitting
in the sun all day, it wasn't cold either and it felt
great, then as she got out of the shower, Maria saw me sitting
on a chair with a plate of food and a cold beer, the other boat
had laid in some pasta and some heavy snacks, and I had fixed
her a plate, and then I said "I thought you were out
for the night, but when I came down to check on you, I saw the
bed was empty and heard the shower running, so I figured
you were probably hungry and thirsty, so here you go."

We chatted casually while Maria ate, the talking turned
out to the other boat and I said to her it belonged to a sailing
friend of Tom's named Mike, and he had three of his friends
on board with him, Maria let a slow smile creep across her
face at the thought that four more men had been added to the
equation, I noticed it and I just smiled to myself but I didn’t
make any comment, she finished the plate and polished off
the beer and I handed her another one from the small cooler,
Maria dug in her bag for something to wear, and she decided
on a snug tank top that didn't quite cover her belly
and a thin wrap, she wanted to be easily accessible in case
things went as she expected they would, as sipped on her
beer she looked at me and I grinned back at her while saying
“Hum, you look very sexy, are you ready for a little more
fun or am I wrong?"
Maria winked smiling, we stood
up and she followed me, her tits swayed seductively, showing clearly through the
thin material of the shirt as we climbed up to the deck, a
big cheer arose from the assembly that was gathered drinking
beer as Maria emerged on deck, everyone was feeling quite
good, and Tom hollered jovially, like some pirate captain
"Ah, here is our girl, greetings, my dear."

Maria looked around as she sipped her beer and took
in the ambiance, then she was introduced to Mike and his friends,
John, Dan and Ben, Mike appeared to be slightly older than
the others but, he was quite handsome and well-built and
with a winning smile, anyway they were all good-looking
and appeared to be quite kind, I drifted off to the other
boat with some of the others, leaving Maria alone on the
deck with Tom and John, they chatted for a while as they nursed
their beers, Tom was sitting next to her on the deck, leaning
back against a bulkhead, and was massaging her shoulders
, then he got up on his knees and really started to work on
her shoulders and back, and she quickly started getting
aroused again, John noticed what Tom was doing and her reaction,
so he looked over at Maria and commented. "Hmmmmm,
that looks inviting, would you mind doing the same to me?
We've done a lot of tacking today and I'm a little
Maria nodded smiling, obviously she
had her doubts about John's sore muscles but she didn’t mind, he sat down
between her legs and she began to knead his shoulders and
his back while Tom worked on her, he started working his
hands around to the front to caress her tits, and every time
he did, he'd run his fingers over her nipples, sending
shock waves of lust coursing through her body, so Maria
could feel her juices starting to flow, but she wasn't
quite ready to let John know what Tom was doing to her, however,
when Tom reached down and pulled her shirt off, she had to
take her hands off John's shoulders for a moment, and
he looked back to see why she had stopped his massage, needless
to say, his eyes bugged out at the up-close view he had of
her breasts swinging free, speechless he just turned back
around silently and Maria resumed working on his muscles
while Tom was still massaging her shoulders, but he began
to spend more time caressing her tits and she started to
get really horny, without even thinking about it her hands
reached around to touch John's chest, she rolled his
nipples around as she worked her hands over his chest and
down his stomach, he started breathing heavy and he had
to adjust his legs to account for his growing cock, suddenly,
Maria felt Tom's cock dry humping her back, smearing
pre-cum all over her skin, she reached down and grabbed
John's cock through his shorts and began to work her
hands over his cock, the head of John's cock poked up
from the waistband of his shorts, wet at the tip and very
enticing, he groaned as Maria squeezed his thick cock and
then she whispered in his ear. "I want to see your cock."
[image7] John swiveled around so that he was facing Maria
and spread his legs, she pulled his shorts down and his cock
sprang upon its freedom, hard and ready, she got up on her knees,
bent over and engulfed his cock right into her mouth, Maria
worked her lips over his shaft until the head of his cock
was poking at her throat, and then she started working her
mouth up and down in a steady, vigorous motion, of course,
in that position her butt was in the air, and Tom seized the
opportunity and flipped the wrap away from her ass, slid
his fingers through her juicy pussy several times, then
pushed his huge cock into her, that time he didn't try
to ease his way in, he just pushed it slowly and evenly right
up her pussy until Maria felt his pubic hairs tickling her
ass, she just worked her hips back and forth in rhythm to
the easy thrusts from Tom's cock, and she was soon on
a fast train to a climax, she worked her mouth up and down
on John's trembling cock, and he was pushing up with
his hips, trying to drive as much of his cock into her throat
as he could, Maria could feel he was ready to explode from
the way he was moaning, so she concentrated her efforts
on extracting his cum and within just a few minutes, his
body stiffened, he lurched upward and spewed a hot, thick
load of cum down her throat, Maria swallowed every drop
before releasing his sated cock, he then got up, pulled
his shorts up and thanked her before walking off to rejoin
the others, that left Tom still fucking her from behind,
and he bent over and cupped her tits in his big hands, sending
shock waves of lust throughout her body.
But they weren't
alone very long, Maria was working her hips around Tom's cock, her head down and her eyes
closed as another climax washed over her, when she sensed
something in front of her, she looked up, opened her eyes
to see Dan and Ben standing in front of her with their shorts
around their ankles and their hard cocks in their hands,
obviously John must have spread the word to his friends
about the woman who'd just given him a great blowjob,
Maria grinned at them as she shooed their hands away and
replaced theirs with hers, then brought them both to her
lips, Dan was on her left and Ben on her right, she slid Ben's
cock into her mouth first, and sucked him all the way to the
root in one long, screaming plunge, he gasped in pleasure
as Maria worked her mouth back and forth, taking him deep
in her throat, then pulling back until just the head was
in her mouth, she grinned as she took him out of her mouth
and slashed her tongue up the underside of his cock, then
turned her attention to Dan, he was a little bit bigger than
Ben, so it took her a couple of sucks before she was able to
get him all the way in her throat, but soon she was humming
along with his cock jammed into her throat, Maria was feeling
in the paradise with a cock in her mouth, one in her hand and
a really big one pumping in her twitching, dripping pussy.
[image8] Maria even occasionally brought both cocks to
her mouth at the same time, working both heads past her lips,
it didn't take long before they were panting hard and their cocks
were trembling in the precursor to an orgasm, Maria concentrated
on Dan first and worked her mouth hard to get his cum, with
a grunt he pushed his cock all the way into her and fired a
huge cum load straight into her throat, Maria swallowed
all of his cum, then turned her attention to Ben filling
her mouth to overflowing with his cum, feeling both cocks
giving her their cum sent her rocketing to another orgasm,
and she slammed her hips back to get Tom there with her, he
gripped her hips hard with his hands and really pounded
deep and wild her pussy with his hard cock, they were both
gasping and moaning as they hit the hard strokes, and then
her body convulsed in a terrific orgasm, meanwhile Tom
lurched forward and jerked hard several times and came
deep into her pussy, they both shook and shimmied as they
felt the orgasm flow over them, finally, Tom's balls
were empty and his cock felt away from her slack pussy.

Maria was really having a great time, Tom then helped Maria
up, she retrieved her tank top, went down for another quick
shower, and as she was back he escorted her to the back of
his boat, where Mike and I were quietly chatting, her nipples
were still rock-hard and she was getting a rush from the
feeling of some of Tom's cum still dripping from her
well-fucked pussy, I smiled at her as we approached and
she gave me a quick kiss, just then Mike spoke up and said
with mock suavity. "Would you like a tour of my humble
Maria knew what Mike was after, and as
she gladly said a yes to him he took her hand and they crossed over to his boat,
they walked in silence back to the short steps that led down
to his cabin, Maria sat on the bed while Mike fixed her a drink,
he then sat down next to her and they talked about nothing
in particular, as they chatted, he was constantly lowering
his gaze to her tits, which were threatening to break a hole
through the material of her shirt, and Maria kept returning
her eyes to the growing nice bulge in his shorts, suddenly,
he reached over and gently pinched one of her nipples, then
the other one, sending ripples of lust through her body
and down to her crotch, he followed by getting his hands
on her tits and gently squeezing their flesh, then Mike
pulled her shirt up, bent his head down to suck and lick her
tits, and Maria threw her head back and let the feelings
of passion rocket through her.
As Mike worshiped her
breasts, one of his hands slid down between her legs and he began to fondle her wet pussy, Maria
moaned in complete surrender, and after a few minutes,
he stood up and dropped his shorts, revealing an already
hard cock, Maria didn't need to be asked, so she pulled
her shirt off, untied her wrap and lay back naked with her
legs spread in anticipation, Mike didn't bother with
foreplay, and Maria didn't need it, he just knelt on
the bed between her legs, and she took his cock in hand and
aimed it at the entrance to her pussy, once he got the big
head of his cock against her hole, he lunged forward and
his cock slid right on in, and he started to fuck her with
steady strokes, she lifted her legs in the air, wrapped
her arms around his shoulders and got right into it with
him, he quickly got into a hard, fast rhythm, and as he pushed
his cock into the deepest part of her he sent her into orbit,
Maria was gasping, panting and humping as he drilled her
with precision. [image9] They couldn't keep this
up long without something cracking, and what cracked first
was her climax, Maria bucked and shuddered under a massive explosion of lust,
and Mike was right behind her, he plunged forward hard and
grunted loudly as he shot hot loads of cum deep into her pussy,
Mike then slid his cock out of her quickly, and it was only
when Maria noticed that the rest of his crew had wandered
in, John quickly took up his position between her legs and
rammed his cock into her as he picked up her legs and worked
his cock back and forth at a measured pace, fucking her hard
and steady, and she felt another climax swelling to a head,
then it quickly crashed over her as John shoot his cum into
her, he then slid away, and his place was immediately taken
by Ben, she could feel cum pooling under her butt, and that
gave her a huge erotic thrill, which, naturally, sent her
over the top in another climax, Maria’s mind was a swirling
maze of sexual sensations as Ben fucked her through another
climax before he added his cum to the thick flow that was
running freely out of her cunt onto the bed, next was Dan
and he was ready to pound her pussy hard and fast, at that
point Maria just wanted to be fucked and fucked and fucked,
her body was covered in sweat as Dan fucked her with a barely
controlled fury as he was just in the grip of the lust as she
was too, it was truly a feeding frenzy now, and then as Dan
finished shooting his load, Maria noticed that Roger and
I had arrived.
I had already shed my shorts and my cock
was sticking out ready to more fun, Maria gasped as I flipped her onto her
knees and rammed my cock into her gushing pussy hard from
behind, Roger moved to her head and she gobbled his cock
to the root and she sucked and slobbered on Roger's
cock while I fucked her just the way she loved it, hard and
fast, as Maria worked her body around my cock, she felt her
hands being filled with cock, and looked to see that Mike
and John were kneeling on either side of her, she stroked
their cocks in her fists at a smoldering pace, I was fucking
her hard, fast and long while Roger thrust his cock deep
in her mouth for one, two, three deep sucks, then he wrenched
it from her mouth and sprayed her face with his cum, Maria
howled and shook as another climax hit her, and as soon as
Roger staggered away, Mike took his place, only instead
of putting his cock in her mouth, he slid forward until his
cock was firmly buried between her tits, she got the message
real quick, and jacked his cock easily with her breasts,
watching Maria give Mike a tit fuck made me climb over the
top and I pumped her hard several times, then I added my cum
to the flood that was being squeezed out of her pussy, and
then I pulled out and laid the last couple of spurts right
on her asshole.
Maria’s head was spinning, but she
wasn't finished yet, as soon as I felt away, Ben was right there with a renewed
hard-on, he put the head to her asshole and pushed it forcefully
in, she squealed in delight as Ben quickly began to fuck
her ass and with a few strokes he filled her ass with his cum
as Mike reached his climax covering her tits with cum, then
Ben slid his cock out of her ass and John was right behind
him, filling her ass with his cock and hammering her until
he added his cum to the load inside her ass, the cabin was
warm with the body heat of eight people, Maria was sweaty,
cum-filled, exhausted, in a pure state of ecstasy and lust,
but it wasn’t done yet, as she knelt on Mike's bed,
she felt Roger slide under her and position himself between
her legs, he thrust his cock up her pussy and she threw back
her soaking-wet hair as another climax tried to work its
way to the surface, then Maria felt a pair of big hands on
her ass, she looked back and Tom was aiming the huge head
of his cock at her ass, any other time probably she would
have objected because he was so big, but at that time she
had been fucked so open back there, and she was so delirious
with lust that she just urged him in a croaking voice to,
"Yes, stick that big cock up my ass and fuck me hard!"
[image10] And that's just about what he did, with a
quickly thrust he slid his big hard cock into her ass and
Maria took it all inside her, we all were watching mesmerized and in disbelieve
how that enormous cock disappear inside her asshole, she
howled, cried, moaned, laughed, screamed as Tom and Roger
double-fucked her on Mike's bed, Maria managed to
look around through blurry eyes, and we all had surrounded
them and we were all stroking our cocks, she motioned for
me to come over for her suck my cock, I knelt on her left side
and she headed to my cock as it was fully hard again, I filled
her mouth with my cock, and she sucked me for a while, then
Mike came on my side and she sucked his cock too, back and
forth Maria went from one cock to the other, then she sensed
something on the other side of her, she looked up just to
see John, Ben and Dan standing in front of her with their
hard cocks in their hands, she gladly grabbed one by one
and started stroking them, taking turns from one cock to
another, Maria was under an overwhelming feeling of a never-ending
climax, finally she felt Roger and Tom start to fuck her
harder and faster until they gasped hard and shot whatever
was left in their balls deep in their respective holes,
and then she felt a rain of cum cover her as Mike and I shot
a couple of strings of cum over her face, and John, Ben and
Dan covered her tits and her belly with thin ropes of their
That was the end, Maria could feel herself falling
asleep on the bed as the guys left the cabin, she barely remember
I picking her up later on in my arms and carrying her back
to Tom's boat, back to his cabin, where she immediately
fell again into a deep slumber, it was almost noon the next
day by the time Maria woke up, her body showing stark evidence
of what she had put it through the night before, it seemed
like every muscle she had was sore, her face and chest were
sticky from dried cum, her lips were chapped, and her hair
was a sticky, tangled mess, her pussy was red and puffy,
and her asshole was sore and swollen and she still had thick,
moist cum oozing slowly from both holes, not only that,
but her clit was still tingling and Maria smiled to herself
while thinking if someone had showed up with a hard cock
right then, she had have simply rolled onto her back and
let him fuck her again, however, that dream never happen
as she saw me coming down to check on her, I bent down to give
her a quick kiss, I helped her up and got her into the shower
where she could clean herself before we landed, we didn't
talk much in the remaining time we were on Tom's boat,
since Maria was busy getting dressed and I was helping Tom
and Roger get the boat into the marina.
After we'd
docked, and said our good-byes, Maria and I wrapped our arms around each other's shoulders as
we walked to where we'd parked our car, then as we reached
our car and prepared to return to the real world I asked looking
up at Maria with a wry grin "So, did you like the trip?"

Maria stopped walking while thinking for a couple
of minutes then said. “Well, I think so.”
Then she just added
with a laugh, “I’m just kidding, of course yes, was not all week ends that ended up getting
repeatedly fucked by seven men, including you, fucked
everywhere, my pussy, my ass, my mouth, my tits, over and
over, with all of you taking turns inside me, then out and
back again, I've never had an experience so wild like
this, and by the way, the only thing I'm sure it’s
I want to do it again as soon as possible.” [image] I burst
in laugh and said while opened our car "You're
still an unbelievable woman, I guarantee Mike and his crew
won't ever forget you, neither will Tom and Roger."

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awesome fucking wife


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It's so arrouse!!! it's unbeliveble hot!!! Need some continue!!!


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this story very hard tooo bad I could see it rather than read about the happenings


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