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She got a wild day while I was with my friends on a football match


It was early evening after lunch when I heard my friends
sound the horn, so I run to pick up my tools and join them,
we were going to see an important match with our favorite
team, Maria was a little upset for stay alone at home, she
was still sitting at the sofa trying to watch TV and with
a really bad face, then I approached to kiss her a “see
you later” but she stood up, well, she almost jumped,
and say to me keeping the distance.

“Very well mister, if you think you go out with your friends
and enjoy the day having fun together, and after return
home at night and smelling alcohol why I must stay here waiting
for you, you’re completely wrong! In this case I go out
too, I go to make my day and enjoy it on my way!”

My friends sounded the horn again, so I didn’t have time
to argue with her, I just waved a kiss to her and said laughing
“Great, have a great day, make it funny for you” while
running to the door and join my friends, and as soon as I got
in the car they drove immediately without gave me time to
look back and check if Maria was on the window, but honestly
I didn’t think so!

Maria decided to head downtown and got a funny day instead
of being bored at home watching TV all day, she dressed herself
in a short mini skirt and a short top, no bra no panties, she
put on some makeup and slipped on her high heels, then she
walked out to the street, she wasn't exactly sure what
to do first, so she hailed the first cab that went by.

Upon entering the cab she noticed right off the big black
man that was driving, and how he turned around gazing at
her exposed legs as she sat on the back seat with her skirt
almost up to her waist, then he asked where she want to go,
Maria seductively said to him “Well, not sure about where
to go, just sure about what I want to do!”

The guy looked surprised at first then said with a lust warm
voice "well, in that case I can show you a good time

Maria looked at him a little surprised by his boldness,
then with an why not on her mind she smiled to him and replied.
"I'm going to need more than just one black cock
today, I want to have a great day today."

"Don't you worry, " he said. "I know
where to go with you and how to make your day.”

He drove to a small parking lot not too far away, and as he
parked he got out of the cab and jumped in the back with Maria,
he sat on her side and reached toward her feeling her long
smooth legs, running his hand up her thigh until it disappeared
under her skirt, then his eyes almost popped out of his head
when his hand touched her exposed pussy.

Maria's clit was already wet anticipating his touch,
she was crazy with lust, and feeling his strong black hand
probing her made even more nuts, then his fingers ran along
the folds of her clit at first, Maria closed her eyes enjoying
his touch as much as he enjoyed feeling up the white woman
into his cab, then she felt his fingers opening her pussy
lips and a finger slipped into her pussy hole, Maria felt
her cunt juices dripping down her crotch into her ass checks
as she slouched down more on the back seat, spreading her
legs open wider to allow him an easier access.

Then another finger entered her pussy and he started fucking
her with his two fingers, Maria moaned out loud as she grabbed
his hand between her legs helping him on finger fuck her,
he was driving his fingers deeper and harder into her cunt
and Maria just wanted to cum desperately.

The black cab driver stopped momentarily to pull Maria's
skirt off, tugging on it as she wiggled out of it, then he
yanked her top off freeing her tits for him, and immediately
he squeezed both of them in his hands while licking her soft
nipples, taking turns back and forth from one to another,
as frantically kept his fingers working between her legs.

Maria had hold of his hand helping him on finger fucking
her, guiding him up her clit, further and further inside,
then she took his hand and helped him insert another finger
as she wanted more fingers in her, her juicy cunt easily
accepted his three fingers all the way in her hole, and Maria's
frenzy was at the point of being out of control, she was ramming
his hand against her crotch, shoving his fingers inside
her hot hole, and no matter how much Maria got it seemed like
she wanted more, then, in her lust driven frenzy and stricken
voice, she whispered loudly, "shove it deeply in."

Maria was driven completely by her sexual desires, she
was out of patience as the cab driver was being too cautious
in his penetration of her pussy, and as she was too caught
up in her lust, she then grabbed his wrist tightly and pulled
him hard against her wet clit, burying his fingers deeply
into her hole while screaming "Oh, that's it.
Yesss. Yesss."

The cab driver started moving his fingers inside Maria
back and forth fucking the inside of her cunt, then she went
crazy and got an wild orgasm as she grabbed his wrist helping
him on ramming his fingers hard into her pussy hole.

Maria came out of her delirious state as he extracted his
fingers from her dripping clit, meanwhile his cock had
become rock hard while he was playing with her, and without
wasting no time he then unbuckled himself and yanked his
pants off including his underwear, and his big black cock
stood out.

Maria smiled to him, she had been waiting for suck his hard
cock, immediately she took it deep in her mouth until she
swallowed his full lenght, and as she had his cock all way
down her throat she could even feel her throat stretch open
to accept his length, and then she started sucking wildly
on him, a few minutes on sucking him and Maria felt he was
really horny and couldn't take much more, she could
feel even he was ready to take it out and exploded outside
of her waiting mouth, so she quickly mumbled the best way
she could with her mouthful and in an almost begging voice,
"NO!! NO!!" "Don’t take it out! Do it
in my mouth! Cum in my mouth!”

And he started cumming deep in her throat, Maria swallowed
the must she could of his cum, then she backed off him again
and knelt up to him while looking him in the face, her tongue
licked some remaining cum dripping from her lips and down
her chin, and then she gave a delicate little teasing lick
on his lips before saying, "Fuck me in the ass."

The black cab driver was speechless looking at her, Maria
gave him a lit tap on his face while opened the door of the
cab, she then knelt on the edge of the seat with her ass up
in the air facing out the door, the driver already had regained
his senses and quickly went out walking around the cab to
the other side, where Maria's ass was ready and waiting
for his cock, then he positioned himself right on her back
door and Maria beckoned him again. "Ok! Now just go
ahead and fuck me in the ass with your hard black cock."

He wasted no time and he pushed on her ass and penetrated
her back hole, her ass was already wet from the juices that
had run from her pussy, so his cock shoved easily into her
asshole, and once inside her he grabbed Maria around the
waist and pulled her back as he pushed forward, then his
cock forced through her wet asshole in one motion and he
was buried completely up her rectum, and then he started
hammering her hardly and wildly.

The black cab driver was in heaven, he couldn’t believe
on his luck, he just had started his day and he had his hard
cock stuffed up the asshole of a beautiful white woman and
she was loving it, she was making him crazy, he couldn't
believe such a beautiful looking white woman would beg
so desperately to be fucked, much less in the ass, but that's
what was happening, Maria was begging him to fuck her ass

He stayed buried in her for a moment trying to believe that
it was really happening, then he picked up the pace fucking
her faster and harder with longer strokes, even for a few
times he was able to extract all of his cock from Maria's
ass and re-penetrate her hole in one quick motion, while
Maria repeatedly cried out. "Fuck me, fuck me hard."

He tried to keep ramming into her asshole the longer he could,
but his excitement was too high and he finally yelled out,
“I'm gonna cum" and then the cab driver shot
with incredible force all his cum inside her asshole.

They stay there for a few more minutes to regain their breath,
then he thanked Maria for the nice time she gave to him, she
thanked him back for the good fuck she got, and then both
got in the cab taking their places while trying to clean
themselves the best they could and got dressed, and as they
were more or less composed Maria told him the address to
a shopping center nearby and he drove off.

As in the shopping center Maria runs to the women toilette
to clean herself, but as usually a long queue of women was
there waiting for their turn, that made Maria feel frustrated,
she really needed to clean and compose herself a little
better, glanced at the other side she noticed nobody outside
the men’s toilette, so without hesitating she went inside,
the room was empty so she took out her top and washed her face
and breasts, then using some paper towels she cleaned the
best she could her pussy and ass, but then she heard some
steps and loudly voices coming to the door, and she just
had time to jump inside a stall and close the door behind

The bathroom door banged open and three laughing young
males entered, pushing and shoving each other in a frenzy
of young macho mock violence, then they blasted past the
urinals and the sinks, one of them opened the stall door
before Maria could even react with the opening of her stall
door, and screamed a “What the fuck?”, the others immediately
peered around him to see Maria sitting topless on the toilette,
she blushed as she realized she didn’t locked the door
behind her, then she looked up and stunned she saw the guys
staring incredulously at her.

Maria squealed and covered her breasts with her hands and
turned her hips away from their view, she was not waiting
for being caught half naked like that in front of these guys,
she felt her face redden in embarrassment, but then she
smiled to herself with the thoughts about how she could
turn a so embarrassed situation on her favor.

The guys were still looking at her speechless, and they
all had a comically sincere look on their faces. Then the
first one said “Well this is a really surprise, we already
had read stories and watching x-movies about women in the
men’s toilette but we thought it wasn’t real.” Maria was starting to feel more comfortable and amazed
by the hungry look at those young guys to a middle age woman
like her, she just smiled at them and then the same guy said
“So what's going on now? We go to get some action?
We would like to get in on some action with you like in the
movies, if we could."

The guy finished lamely, and Maria began playing her role
"Well, guys, you're all kind of young... and
I was just getting ready to leave.”

"We're in our twenties, " the first guy
protested. "We're all twenty that’s old enough,
and we all already had done women, it’s not our first time,
but this situation is different, it’s new for us and we'd
like to get a try with you."

"Yeah, " chimed the other two enthusiastically,
Maria blushed anew and thought about the situation, the
role she was playing with them could be very funny even if
they seemed too young for her. "I'm forty-six,
guys. Isn't that too old for you?" she asked honestly.

"Yeah probably, but you are still a very sexy and hot
woman, " they laughed, and then the first guy said
while regarded Maria hopefully. "So can we?"

"Well, who is first?" Maria said slowly and
cautiously while drawing her hands down and offering the
guys a full view of her breasts, then she let her skirt down,
consciously sucking her little pooched tummy in, as she
stood there naked for their devouring eyes.

As they didn’t made any move and they just stood there
speechless and staring at her naked body, Maria said with
a grin "One of you watches the door, I don't want
anyone more coming in and catching us, and one of you at a
time in here. Now if you'll give me a moment of privacy
and I'll get ready for you."

With that Maria shut the stall door and removed her skirt
from around her feet, then she lay down on the mat with her
head at the base of the toilet, her spread legs faced the
door of the stall, she felt good lying here though it was
chilly down here at floor level, she briefly felt her pussy
lips and clit, then she touched her ass hole gently feeling
the sore from her previous ass fuck.

With her mind running under the thoughts of the coming fun,
Maria spread her thighs and peeled her pussy lips apart
and fingered herself idly and then self-consciously placed
her wet finger in her mouth, it tasted of her and slightly
of black cab driver, so the randy feeling was back, she was
getting wet all over again, and then she called gently under
the stall door. "I'm ready, "

Maria smiled as she heard the whispered discussion of the
guys about who would be the first one, then she saw the shoes
of one guy trot to the door of the men's room to stand
lookout, and then the guy who was talking with her first
opened her stall door, came shyly forward and waited, Maria
looked out as the other young guy as he stopped there just
staring between Maria's legs, then he backed off,
looking uncertain and even scared, he apparently wasn't
even going to watch his friend, Maria easily knew from their
reactions that they had little or even no experience with
girls or women, in spite of what they had said previously
to her.

The guy tugged his shorts off in one bunch and kicked them
off his feet, Maria smiled as she noticed he wasn’t wearing
any underwear, he then stood there with a stiff cock, not
too big but with an average size, he stared down intently
at Maria's pussy and after a few seconds he dropped
down to his knees between Maria's legs and continued
to stared at her pussy while he breathed to himself a kind
of wow, then placing a hand on the mat at each side of Maria,
he assumed a classic missionary position over her torso
while his cock bumped blindly around at the top of her pussy.

Maria smiled realizing his naivety, and then she reached
her hand between them and pushed his cock to the entry of
her pussy hole, he pushed again and slipped inside Maria's
warm depths, his eyes went wide in surprise and Maria truly
believed he had entered his first woman, then he started
breath heavily while slowly was stroking his cock in and
out of Maria's pussy, she smiled at him to let him now
that everything was ok while she cooed at him to spur him
"Come on, tiger. Fuck me!"

The guy needed no further encouragement, his thrusts sped
up and his cock started filling her snugly, he slowly lowered
himself onto her wet chest and she hugged him lightly to
her, this intimacy exciting him very much and all of the
sudden she felt his lips on hers, and his insistent tongue
force its way into her mouth, Maria responded with an excited
moan, her tongue doing swordplay with his, he kissed her
with the unskilled passion of the neophyte, and she kissed
him back thrilled by his enthusiasm, he rode her and she
fucked back against him, coaxing him to orgasm, then he
sped up even faster and gasped into her face. "Do you
want-inside or out?"

"Inside me, tiger, fill me up, " Maria told
him, then he stiffened and groaned and she felt him shoot
his cum into her pussy, he spurted and spurted inside her,
coating her and himself with his cum, finally he rested
on her for a few more minutes with his cock still in her wet
pussy, and then he regarded at her solemnly and asked. "Did
you? I know...?"

"Of course I did it, tiger. You were good." Maria
told him truthfully, she hadn't come indeed, but his
freshness was touching and exciting her, then the guy pulled
out of Maria and she felt his warm sperm start pool at the
mouth of her pussy, she kissed lightly on his weakening
cock coated with its wet cream and told him humbly "Thank

"Thank you too, " the guy gushed, rising off
of her to quickly dress himself and gathering his shoes
he stumbled out of the stall, leaving Maria laying there
waiting for her second young guy, he entered and immediately
sized her then he said anxiously "I would love to have
a blowjob instead, that’s something you can do?”

"Of course I can if it’s what you want, any problem
at all." Maria answered while getting up on her hands
and knees and moved parallel to the guy, he simply dropped
his pants down to his feet, again Maria noticed he wasn’t
wearing any underwear too, and started stroking himself
unconsciously, his cock was medium size and it was hard
as a rock, Maria scooted up next to him and placed her hands
on his cock and balls while said smiling to him "That’s
for me to do, now I'll take over from here."

The guy dropped his hands off his cock and Maria began to
stroke and kneads his cock, he leaned his head back and closed
his eyes as Maria took his cock into her warm mouth and started
sucking him, then rubbing the underside of her tongue against
his sensitive cock head as sucking him, the guy moaned and
Maria felt his excitement growing.

Maria didn’t want to lose her excitement too, and she
used one hand to play with the sensitive clit between her
legs while increasing her performance with him, his cock
was wet with her saliva as she released him from her mouth
and then she moved down to his nuts, cocking her head sideways
to lick and nibble, sucking his sack and balls and stroking
his rampant cock lightly with her free hand as she worked
him, and judging by the inarticulate sounds the guy made
he wouldn't last long, Maria even could noticed how
he was flexing his legs and rocking from one leg to the other
as he prepared to shoot his cum.

Meanwhile Maria herself came in small waves of orgasm from
the sheer excitement of it all, she inserted her right index
finger in her squishy pussy and sloshed it around, then
planting her mouth back on the guy's cock, she reached
around him and slowly wormed her finger into his anus and
pressed it deeply inside, surprised at first soon he groaned
in response, whether in discomfort or pleasure Maria didn't
know, but she instructed him without taking his cock out
of her mouth "Come on, tiger. Come on. Come inside
my mouth."

"Shit, shit, shit, " the guy moaned, "here,
here it comes, here it comes..."

And with that Maria sucked him furiously, she felt his anus
contract around her finger and felt as he erupted inside
of her mouth, he shot a few big looping jets of warm sperm
onto her tongue and down her throat , his hips bucking at
her and her face riding his groin, it was fun, Maria thought
while she started to swallow the excess sperm in her mouth,
Maria was moaning luxuriously to him, so the guy would know
how much she appreciated the taste of his cum, she didn't
want him to have any questions on that score.

Then the guy backed away from Maria and gushed enthusiastically,
"That was so fucking good, that was just so fucking

"I'm glad you liked it. Your sperm have a beautiful
taste, " Maria said blushingly.

The guy blinked at her incredulously and then smiled sheepishly.
"Thanks. I really didn’t know if women do this in
real, especially a lady like you, I was thinking this was
just prepared for movies, so when I asked you it was just
a try, I couldn’t believe as you had accept it so easily."

Maria smiled to him and answered “Of course women do this
as a regular basis, x-movies are always based in the reality
turned to the extremes for the audiences, and almost all
women make oral sex. And about myself I love to do it, I don’t
have any barriers on any of my holes, I can use all of them
for my pleasure and to please my partner, and of course I
always enjoy what I do.”

The guy blushed and looked incredulous with her words,
but then he moved out as the third guy entered the stall,
the two guys she had done both moved off guarding the door
while they chattered excitedly in low tones about their

The last guy dropped his shorts and kicked them off along
with his shoes, Maria smiled and wondered to herself if
young guys don’t wear underwear anymore, while she spied
his rigid cock jutting out of a hairy groin, then Maria slowly
laid back down on her mat and the guy knelt between her spread
legs and he didn't waste time on niceties, his cock
speared Maria's cum-filled pussy and he commenced
to fuck her on the floor, boning her with short fast strokes
that kind of took the wind out of her as he rested on his elbows
above her, he did the classic missionary position over
Maria, but resting is weight on his arms, his body never
touching hers except where his cock slam into her pussy,
his face was near hers, his eyes were closed in concentration
and Maria watched amused his face as he worked inside her.

The stall was filled with the sound of him exerting himself
and the slap of his groin meeting hers, soon Maria felt his
strokes reaching deeper and faster into her, she reached
out and grasped the guy’s buttocks with both hands and
helped drive him down into her, he was pile-driving her
now and she raised her butt cheeks off the mat to enhance
his fuck, then he panted "Where do you want it huh?
In you, or on you?"

"Pull out and shoot on me, " Maria whispered
releasing her hands from his ass-cheeks.

The guy gasped and popped his cock out of Maria as he shot
streamers over streamers of his sperm onto her stomach
and chest, then he rubbed himself furiously up and down
her pubic triangle shooting dying spurts up to fill her
navel with his sperm, while Maria watched him excitedly
and yelled to him "Yes, yes, that's it!"

They both lay on the floor exhausted, Maria really had loved
these young guys and their naivety, the guy finally came
to his senses and backed off her, Maria watched his eyes
admiring his work on her, to tease him a little more she idly
trailed her index finger through his ejaculated sperm,
then she fished around in her belly-button and then put
the creamy digit into her mouth.

The guy goggled at her and gasped "Shit you're
hot, lady. I almost cannot believe this had happened to
us. You're really hot! I just would love to know two
things. Did you do things like this often? Did you like our
performance with you?"

"I'm always ready for fun. And thanks, I really
appreciate all of you!” Maria said giggling as she lightly
blushed with the appreciation, the guy then rose shakily
to his feet and dressed Maria rested on the tap, their sperm
on her belly and her chest slowly cooled as she waited, finally
the guy left the stall and she heard them outside slapping
high fives as they exited the bathroom.

Maria rose up tiredly to her feet and washed her body the
best she could on the lavatory, then she tried to dry her
body with hand paper again, and then she put her skirt back
on, she dried her body and breasts a little more then she
pulled her top over her head, but the fabric clung to her
skin where the wet deposits of spunk were remaining, finally
she put on some makeup and left out of the men's toilette.

As she left the shopping center it was already late evening
and it start to be a little dark, Maria checked her watch
and realized it was still too early for me to be back home,
the match probably didn’t have finished yet, so she decided
to use her remaining free time to watch a movie.

Maria bought her ticket and entered the already dark room,
her seat was at the very back of the main floor underneath
the balcony, and luckily no one would be able to see how she
was dressed, a messed small skirt and top, both still with
some visible bobbles of dry sperm. Oh well, at least she
would see the movie and let the time flow until she went back
home, she thought she would see it alone on that row as the
lights dimmed, but just before the movie started, a man
slid into the seat beside her, in the dark she couldn't
see any details, but she liked his cologne and his crisp

The movie was running on the screen and Maria couldn't
focus on it, she was forced on the men and the smell of his
cologne, she wondered what it might be like to fuck with
him, and the notion caused a stirring inside her so she crossed
her legs automatically, but her foot bumped the man beside
her, Maria blushed and whispered "I'm sorry.”

Maria felt him lean over to her, his lips deliciously close
to her ear, his thigh brushed hers, and his cologne whisked
inside her nose and his whisper stirred her. "No problem!
You can do it again, I loved your small touch!”

Not the words so much but the way he said them and the closeness
of his lips, ostensibly he was sparing the people sitting
directly in front, but she knew why he leaned close, he wanted
to look down her skirt and gaze at her breasts, Maria smiled
to herself and with tantalizing slowness she leaned to
him, her thigh rubbing his, her breasts touching his sleeve,
her lips practically brushing his ear as she whispered.
"A small touch can lead on a good fuck!"

His body stiffened noticeably and Maria could almost see
his cock harden, she leaned back and this time he kept his
thigh against hers, she knew it was time for his move and
she waited for it, she didn't need to wait long, he leaned
over placing a hand on her leg, his lips met her ear, and his
tongue traced the outside curve, Maria felt her nipples
rise and began to harden as he whispered "I always
like a good fuck after a small touch."

His fingers squeezed her thigh, and he didn't remove
them as he sat back, Maria's heart roared ahead at breathtaking
pace, his fingers burned her tender skin, her ear tingled
where he had touched her, she then leaned across and with
her hand on his firm leg she inserted her tongue into his
ear and slid her hand up his thigh to the crease where leg
met hip, the heat from his groin warmed her fingers and she
whispered back "So do I."

Her own boldness surprised her but seemed not surprising
him, his hand crept up her thigh like a spider and Maria wondered
how far she might let the spider creep, anyway her body answered
for her and she opened her legs and let his fingers find his
way down her skirt until they find her heating pussy, meanwhile
she slid her hand over his crotch feeling his hard cock underneath
and squeezing it, Maria felt her own need built through
her, so she unzipped him and slipped inside his boxers to
touch his pulsating erection.

If he was surprised for Maria doesn’t wear any panties
he didn’t show it, and his finger continued to slide up
and down on her as she squeezed and pulled his hard cock feeling
the veins throb in her hand, then striving to control her
breathing she stroked his cock as he finger fucked her pussy,
then his fingers primed hardly her pussy while her strokes
armed his coming explosion, they were both ready to release
their sexual desires, so his fingernail hooked her most
sensitive spot and Maria quivered uncontrollably, they
were both seconds from release when suddenly the lights
rose and the movie stopped for the interval.

They both jerked back their hands and righted their clothes,
Maria stood as the people in front rose and she tried not
to laugh as the man pulled his jacket across his lap, without
looking at him she slipped past knowing he couldn't
follow her, at least not for a while, and his embarrassment
made Maria almost laugh, it was so ironic and delicious,
she then entered the lobby knowing her own cheeks glowed
and her nipples poked against her top, and by the way men
looked at her she knew she wore that sensuous hot woman look
that glow of an aroused female, Maria would have laughed
but she didn't want to spoil the effect.

Maria sat at the lobby bar and felt her body cool and her blood
settle while she sipped a coca cola, the interval finished
and as she returned to her seat his was empty, Maria was surprised
when it remained empty after the lights dimmed and the movie
began, she was several minutes into the movie when he slid
into his seat, Maria made no move to him but he did it, he leaned
across and as she expected a whisper he instead turned her
chin and kissed her, his tongue worming into her mouth,
his hand racing up her thigh to grab her pussy.

Then his fingers sank into her wet pussy lips rubbing them
immediately, Maria reached across and found his zipper
down, his boxers had gone and his cock was hard and vibrant
as before, she squeezed and pulled it as he bit her lip, then
she reached down and guided his fingers inside her making
them please the best part of her, while he used his free hand
to help her stroke his cock, to work it to orgasm.

Their ministrations lasted only minutes, her orgasm came
in a wave that lifted Maria almost out of her seat, her pussy
clamping on his fingers, squeezing and milking and rubbing,
as his cock shot like a cannon, his sperm slipping past her
fingers to eject like a shower, neither breathed for some
seconds as their bodies joined in an erotic dance then,
they settled and Maria released his softening erection.

He removed his fingers and in the dark Maria saw him lick
his fingers and that simple act alone excited her again,
but she settled back into the seat letting her heat ebbing,
then she closed her eyes for a few minutes to regain her breath
and get her senses back, and as she opened her eyes the man
was gone and she was there alone.

The movie finished and she took a taxi back home, as Maria
arrived she went direct to the shower and the warmness of
the water running down her body made her relax, and as she
felt on the bed she immediately felt asleep.

As I arrived home I came upon a sleeping Maria, she was lying
naked on her back, fully exposed with her legs slightly
apart, I paused and gazed at her for several minutes, then
quietly I kneeled down and crept close, careful not to disturb
her rest I kissed her toes, gently, then softly, I licked
her toes, one by one, kissed them lightly and while she stirred,
she did not awaken, so softly I placed kisses on her ankles
and gently up her legs, and as if she knew what I was up to,
her legs parted further but she remained asleep, so I continued
moving my lips up her thighs, massaging softly with my tongue
and Maria almost imperceptibly, was moaning “mmmmmm!”

As my mouth reached her pubic mound, I brushed my whiskers
upon her triangle Maria moaned softly again and I slipped
my tongue inside her pussy lips and licked it up and down,
her legs spread even more widely, I worried she might become
startled but Maria kept her eyes closed and moved as if she
had been expecting me, so I tasted her fluids and began to
stroke slowly my cock, knowing the vibrations would begin
to further arouse her.

By then Maria was clearly into it, although her eyes remained
shut, I hummed and gently sucked on her clit, then softly
she said, “I knew you’d come to me, Please, don’t

Growing even more excited myself I continued my oral massaging
as her moans increased, and before long her moans grew into
loudly “Ohs” and “Ahs”, my sucks and licks intensified,
and then with one very loud “Oh”, a rush of moisture
saturated my beard while her hands moved to the sides of
my head and tugged gently, Maria then guided me until my
body was classically above hers and my lips softly touched
hers, we then kissed passionately as her tongue moved all
around my mouth and she expressed her feelings with another
loudly “mmmmmm!”

My already hard cock slipped quickly inside her pussy as
her hips thrust against mine welcoming me into her depths,
we fucked that way for several minutes then Maria rolled
over, so that I had my back on the bed and she had her weight
fully upon me, my hands moved firmly over her back and sides,
exploring the terrain with firm but tender loving care,
I kissed her as my hands pulled her cheeks apart and my index
finger traced a path to her ass hole, then I pushed my finger
moistening with her juices into her asshole.

Responding Maria lifted her body and as my cock continued
its thrusts into her pussy, my finger entered her back door,
then my cock and my finger rapidly pumped in and out of her
both holes, and within a few minutes I exploded, filling
her body with waves over waves of my sperm, Maria’s body
started shaking as she reached a violent and wide orgasm
and her scream of pleasure filled the air, then we quietly
held each other as she settled down on me and we fell asleep
that way.

By the way, my team wined the match.

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again, a very fucking hot story, especially Maria taking
a big fat black cock up her tight ass, does she enjoy ass fucking
often? do you fuck her ass a lot? ...she is number 1 cock hungry
bitch, keep the stories coming my friends.... I enjoyed this one a lot , 3 times a lot....


vikingluso replies on 10/26/2013 3:43 am:
Sorry, a wrong option and I published a new comment instead of a answer to you. Anyway here is the answer:

Thanks a lot for your so expressive comment. And about your questions the answer is YES

Members can vote on this response!

Thanks a lot for your so expressive comment. And about your
questions the answer is YES!


vikingluso replies on 10/25/2013 3:32 pm:
Sorry all, wrong option, this msg it's supposed to be an answer to brainteaser2005.