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She's Got A Friend (fm:first time)


"She's got a friend, " Jerry, my roommate,

"They've always got friends, " I replied
in a bored voice.

"But this one is special, " he persisted.

"They're always special too. Give me a break,
will you. Could I just
once find a girl for myself instead of taking seconds off
your hands?"

"Sure, " Jerry responded snidely. "But
how you ever going to find one if
all you do is look inside your text books? For God's
sake, Max, we
just finished midterms and you're already studying
for your exams. And
it's a Friday night!"

He was right. I was too preoccupied with my grades, but I
needed to
keep them up for my scholarship to keep going. I knew I'd
aced my
midterms, I knew I was headed for another straight A report
card. I
knew I could afford the break, so I gave in... again. "Who
is it this
time? Another cheerleader?"

"No, it's my dream girl, you know, Melissa, the
blonde from upstairs
who's in our civics class. She's the reason that
I'm failing. I look
at her all the time and I don't hear a word the professor
is saying, "
Jerry whined.

"You're failing because you never open a book
and you don't even read
the crib notes I make for you, " I said.

"Well, maybe."


"Okay, you're right. But I promise, once I get
her out of my system,
I'll settle down in that class. It's the only one
I'm failing right
now. So helping me get her will help me pass. And you know
I gotta
pass so I can play ball this spring."

He was right. I needed to help him pass so he could pitch for
college baseball team so I could keep my work study job as
team manager
and pay for my room and board. That was the deal offered to
me by the
baseball coach last year, be Jerry's roommate and
help him pass his
classes and try to keep him out of as much trouble as possible.
fact that Jerry was a chick magnet made it a lot harder job.
When he
wasn't off chasing some skirt, one of them was chasing
him, sometimes
right into our dorm room. Some of them didn't care that
I was already
in there, or even if I watched while she seduced him. Sometimes
it was
downright amazing, Jerry could play hard-to-get as well
as any woman
and make it work to his advantage.

However, Melissa was proving to be different from the others.
Jerry had
obsessed over her all semester and had made several passes
at her only
to be turned down every time. This was new to him. Sure, he'd
turned down before, but not by someone he had really wanted.
In those
cases, he persisted until he finally won the girl over.
But Melissa had
not only turned him down every time, she completely dismissed
him, as
if he was as important to her as the color of the linoleum
on the
classroom floor. So hearing that she had finally said yes,
was a
surprise, and a bit of a disappointment. I thought she was
from other girls. I knew she was an excellent scholar from
questions and comments in class. And even though she had
a great
figure, (I may have been a book nerd, but I had always been
able to
spot a hot body no matter how a woman dressed to disguise
it) she
dressed as if she were here to get an education, not to get
Therefore, I was guessing Melissa would be a lesson for
Jerry, that not
all women were to be had with a quick line or a charming smile,
values mattered to her, and brains as well. In other words,
I was
hoping Melissa would go for someone like me instead of just
another notch on Jerry's bedpost. Oh well.

So I got myself cleaned up and dressed as well as my 5'10"
180 lb. frame
would let me. I brushed my short, sandy brown hair and put
my wire rim
glasses on over my grayish-blue eyes, and we headed out
to the local
emporium and meat market.

We got there and Jerry began looking for Melissa and "her
friend, " soon
to be my friend for the next three or four hours, or until
Jerry could
get Melissa in the mood or drunk enough to take her to bed.
We found
Melissa and her friend, in a back corner booth. As we approached
table, Jerry slid in on Melissa's side and I got in next
to Denise,
Melissa's roommate. Denise was all smiles and as perky
and lively as
one could ask for on a Friday night date, Just one problem
though, all
her attentions and smiles were for Jerry. Melissa, on the
other hand,
was anything but jovial. She'd dressed as if she were
going to class,
and her answers to all of Jerry's questions and flirtations
came out in
a monotone. It didn't take me long to figure out that
Melissa had said
yes to Jerry for her roommate. Things finally got settled
for the
evening when Jerry asked Melissa to dance. A half second
after Melissa
said, "No thanks, " Denise said, "I'd
love to." So Denise and Jerry
trundled off to the dance floor, and I was left alone with

She sat there quietly sipping her drink, plain soda if I
was not
mistaken, when I finally broke the ice between us. "You're
a nice
person, " I said.

My comment confused her. "What do you mean? You hardly
know me."

"I' know you well enough to see that you said yes
to Jerry tonight just
so your roommate could get to meet him. Am I right?"

"You're very perceptive, " she said,
"But then I knew that from civics

Now it was my turn to be a little surprised. "I didn't
think you had
noticed me in class."

"I didn't until after the first test. I got a 96
and only one other
person got a grade higher than me. Even though the grades
are posted
anonymously with our code numbers, I deduced from your
class comments
that you were the only other person who knew the material
as well as I
did. You're Mr. 4986, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am." I was embarrassed.

"Tell me, " she said, "You aren't
a genius are you? You're a book nerd
like me who studies compulsively, right?"

I would have been offended if it weren't for two things,
first, she was
absolutely right, and second, she said it with such a sincere
smile, I
knew she meant it as a compliment. "Yes, " I
said smiling in return.
"I am a book nerd. If it weren't for Jerry wanting
me to go out with
your friend so he could be with you, I'd be studying
right now."

"So you're a nice person too, helping out your
roommate." I blushed
again. Looking around, Melissa said, "I think Jerry
has found a better
partner in Denise than In me. Can you see them?" she
asked pointing to
the dance floor.

Looking through a maze of bodies, I could see Denise and
Jerry dancing.
She was turned away from him, but pushed back against him
grinding her
butt into his crotch. Jerry had his hands on her sides holding
her to
him and grazing his fingers along her breasts. Denise leaned
back for
a kiss and Jerry moved a hand up to cup her breasts fully.
If they
didn't leave soon, they would be copulating in front
of the whole

As I turned back to Melissa, she was standing and putting
her purse
strap over her shoulder. "Let's leave them to
each other, " she said.
"I'd like to go back to my room and talk over some
civics with you.
I've written out what I think might be some of the essay
questions for
the final exam. I'd like to bounce them off you and see
what you
think. How‘s that sound to you?""

"Great!" I said, but I was thinking less than
scholarly thoughts by
then. It had been a major turn on that a terrific looking
brilliant girl like Melissa had said she noticed me, and
I was doing my
best to notice her. I walked behind her and looked at her
ass and
legs, and yes, I had been right, they were excellent. This
was my
first chance to spend any real time noticing them that evening.
before that, as she brushed by me getting out of the booth,
I also
noticed that she wore a very subtle fragrance, and that
her breasts
were very firm. Her mind was a turn on, but her body got me

We walked back to the dorm, and she was telling me all about
thoughts on civics. I was trying to keep my mind focused
on the topic,
but it kept straying to thoughts of her body, and I had to
ask her
several times to repeat her questions. As we walked, our
hands would
occasionally touch, or she would stop and put a hand on my
shoulder and
look at me seriously as she made a point, and those minor
contacts kept me distracted and hard all the way home. In
fact, when
we got to the dorm, I excused myself to get my books and notes
from my
room, but more than that, I had to splash cold water on my
face and
think about baseball to get my hardon to go down. I figured
if it came
up again in her room, I'd have to cover it with my notebook.
embarrassment aside, as I was climbing the two floors of
stairs, my
mind was racing to think of a way I could kiss her, so when
I got to
her door, my book was already covering my re-erection.

As she let me into her room, I was pleased to see she had kicked
off her
shoes and taken off her sweater. She seemed relaxed on her
home turf,
and we sat down. In spite of my lewd intentions, I found myself
into a deep discussion with her. At points, it became a debate,
and I
noticed her face was flushed and her nipples were poking
through her
blouse. It hit me that she loved intellect so much she got
horny when
she was challenged. I did my best to keep her on edge, but
a few hours
later, having covered all possible exam topics, we wound
down and were
both really tired and traded yawns. It was time for me to

In the back of my mind, what little part wasn't being
used to debate
with Melissa, I had still been trying to think of a way to
kiss her,
but I'd failed. I'd succeeded at impressing her
more with my
knowledge, but our lips, and in fact, our bodies were no
closer than
they'd been three hours ago when we'd first started
studying. Finally,
I got up from the desk chair where I'd been sitting,
and she rose from
her bed across the room and we met at the door. I leaned against
door jam and told her how much I'd enjoyed the evening.

"Me too" she said. "If you know as much
about physics as you know about
civics, I could use some more help tomorrow."

"I'm a mental dwarf when it comes to math, "
I said, "but I'd be happy to
let you show me what you're studying. I'd be very

"You would?" she asked.

""Yeah, I really would. I think you're
great." Then I surprised both
her and myself as I leaned in and kissed her good night. It
was a soft
kiss, and Melissa returned it, and we both smiled, and I

Melissa called down the hall to me. I eat breakfast at 8:00
in the
basement café.

"I'll be there, " I turned and waved as
I replied, and surprisingly, I
didn't trip. And then I was on my way down the stairs
reliving the
kiss and thinking how wonderful she was. I must have thought
that kiss
over six times before I got to my room when suddenly I was
faced with a
new dilemma. Jerry had put a tie on the door handle, the international

dorm room signal that the room was intimately occupied.

Crap! What to do? The night had gone so perfectly, but now
it was
going to end on a sour note. I could go down to the study lounge
sleep there on a couch, but I hated that. Practical jokers
who found
helpless sleepers in the lounge, especially on a Friday
night, could do
all kinds of things. I'd had my glasses shaving creamed,
my shoes
filled with water, a water balloon smashed against my head.
I was in
no mood to be a target. Then a thought struck me. If Jerry
had Denise
in our room, that meant that there was a bed going unused
in Melissa's

On my way back up the stairs, tons of thoughts went through
my head.
Would she be mad at me for asking? Would she think I was coming
on to
her? Would she say yes, but then back out of our breakfast
date? None
of the responses I imagined were good, but there I was at
her door
again. I knocked softly.

"Who is it, " she asked?

"It's Max, " I responded to the closed
door which opened abruptly.

Holding a terrycloth robe closed tightly at her throat,
Melissa Looked
at me quizzically? "Did you forget something?"

"No, " I said. "I need a favor if it's
not too much to ask. I‘d like

Before I finished, she said, "Let me guess. Denise
and Jerry are
spending the night in your room, and Denise sent you up here
to sleep
with me. That bitch! I told her never to do that again! She
she can just play musical beds all the time!"

Cripes, she was really mad. I looked down and then stammered.
never said anything. I didn't knock on the door or talk
to them. I'll
just go sleep in the study lounge." I turned to walk

"Wait a minute!" Melissa called and walked
out to me. "It's not your
fault. I'm sorry. Denise and I just don't always
have the best
relationship. She has a tendency to take advantage of people."

"I understand, " I said. "Jerry and I
are pretty much the same way."

We stood there awkwardly for almost a full minute, when
Melissa, finally
said.. "Well, you better come inside. It's getting
late, and I need my
beauty sleep."

She was trying to make light of the situation, and I thought
of telling
her she was plenty beautiful, but I was still feeling awkward,
so I
just said, "Thanks." And we walked in, and she
closed and locked the

As an afterthought, she pulled the scrunchie out of her
hair and opened
the door and put it on the outside handle. We both knew that
was the
girls' equivalent to a tie on the knob. "Now if
Denise comes home,
she'll be the one inconvenienced for a change."

Looking around and seeing Denise's bed neatly made,
I volunteered to
sleep on top of the covers and keep my clothes on. I didn't
want to
offend Melissa, nor did I want to invade Denise's space.
digested this for a minute and then said, "When I turn
off the lights
we won't be able to see one another and it'd be uncomfortable
to sleep
with all your clothes on like that. Just get undressed and
sleep the
way you normally do. I just sleep in my t-shirt and panties,
but how
would you know with the lights off? I mean..." She
stopped abruptly
realizing she was giving me more information than she intended.
besides, Denise's space has been invaded plenty already.
I daresay
it's happening as we speak."

I laughed at this, and that made Melissa chuckle and we kind
of settled
down to a comfortable silence. Melissa turned off the light
and used
the bathroom first brushing her teeth and washing her face,
from the
sounds of it. She came out and her figure was silhouetted
by the light
and I could see she had taken off her robe. Even with her t-shirt
she had a terrific figure and when she turned sideways against
backlighting, I could see how well endowed she was. My instant
was going to be hard to hide without my books. Thank God the
lights were off or Melissa would see more than she wanted.
As I made
my way to the bathroom, Melissa told me she didn't have
an extra
toothbrush, but she had left the mouthwash out for me. It
was the best
she could do. I thanked her, closed the door and did what
ablutions I could. I peed as quietly as I could, washed my
hands and
face, gargled, then turned out the light before exiting.

Picking my way carefully to Denise's bed in the dark,
I only banged my
knee on one desk chair. Undressing, I put my clothes on that
chair as
I stripped down to my boxers and t-shirt. Climbing under
the covers, I
wished Melissa sweet dreams and thanked her again for letting
me stay.
Melissa wished me a good night, and all was silent. Boy,
was it

Silence. Silence. SILENCE!. It was almost deafening as
I laid there
in the dark. I was wide awake, I still had a major hardon and
all of a
sudden I felt as tense as I could possibly be. I was afraid
I'd snore,
or wake up and forget where I was, or Denise would start banging
on the
door and demanding I leave. I listened for Melissa's
deep breathing to
indicate that at least she was asleep, but I couldn't
even hear that.
The silence was driving me crazy.

Suddenly, I heard Melissa sigh. "Are you okay""
I asked.

"I'm fine, " she said. "I'm
just not sleepy."

"Oh, did you want to talk for a while?"

"No. I mean, yes. I don't know. Do you?"

"Well, yeah, I guess. I mean, I'm not sleepy either, "
I said. "What do
you want to talk about?'' Not civics again, right?"

"No, not civics, " she smirked. "I guess
I want to ask you a question."

"Sure, " I said, sitting up with the covers
gathered around me, "go

Melissa paused then finally launched into it. "Do
you find me
attractive, Max?'

I answered so fast it was as if I knew the question before
she even
asked it. "Absolutely!" I blurted. "You're

"How so? I mean, How could you think that when you've
known me so
little time? When you kissed me tonight, I thought it was
really nice,
but then I began to question why you had done it. Was it because
liked my mind? Or did you just like me because we had a good
tonight? Or were you just pretending to be nice to me so you
could try
to get me in bed like other guys? What is it about me that made
want to kiss me? I've always thought that people should
really know
one another for a long time before they become intimate."

Her last line threw me a bit. I had never really thought of
a kiss as
intimate, at least not the kind of kiss we‘d shared. Especially
days compared to what so many people did off handedly, Denise
and Jerry
being a perfect example. I guess I was taking too long because
cleared her voice. "Ahem, Max?"

"Yeah, I'm here. I'm just trying to frame
my answer so you know how I
feel. Let me try saying it this way. First, I really do think
a wonderful person, or at least very nice. Things like what
you did
for Denise tonight letting her meet Jerry, and then letting
me stay
here when you were really uncomfortable with the idea,
and then how you
just left the mouthwash out for me. I know none of those are
things, but they tell me that you care about other people.
considerate of other people is a sign of good character
in my opinion.
Second, you really love learning. Learning is probably
the most
important thing to me, and even here in an educational institution
don't find many people who want to be here to learn.
Mostly they're
here for a degree, which to them is just a piece of paper so
they can
get a job, or they're here to party, or to find a spouse,
or just
because they don't want to go to work. But I know you're
here like me
because you want to know things and find a way to use what
you learn.
I admire that so much about you. And finally, I think you're
No, more than just pretty, I think you're a very attractive
woman. I'm
sure you've heard that before, and I'd bet you
think most men are after
you just for your looks. But the truth is you are very pretty
and it‘s
another gift from God like your brain. Some men only notice
that in a
woman. It's probably just hormones, but hormones
are part of us too.
And as a man, I can't help being physically attracted
to you, but I'm
not ashamed of it either. When I look at you, I'm drawn
to you by your
beauty as well as your brain and your niceness. So, I guess
for all
those reasons, I just wanted to kiss you. Okay?"

Now it was my turn to wait for an answer. Sitting in the dark,
I grew nervous again. Had I blown it by being so honest? So
Finally, I spoke again, "Melissa? Was that okay?"



"Yes, it was okay. No, it was more than just okay. What
you said was
what I have been wanting to hear, or at least understand,
from anyone
who's ever said he was interested in me. Thank you."

"You're welcome. I meant it."

"I know, " Melissa said. "Listening
in the dark, I could tell your voice
was sincere. But, Max, I've never really been involved
with anyone
before. Where do we go from here?

"I guess we go to sleep and then go to breakfast together
in the
morning." I said and paused, "Or we could try
another kiss."

"I think another kiss would be appropriate right
now, " she said in a shy

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, I jumped out of bed
and moved to
her, banging my knee on the desk chair again. I barely felt
it as I
moved to where the sound of her voice had been. Reaching
her bed, I
sat on it gingerly; Melissa moved her legs over to give me
room. I
could now make out her silhouette against what little light
was coming
in from the window. I placed my hand on her shoulder and drew
her to
me. As if by magic, or intuition, or millennia of genetic
our lips found each other in the dark and molded together

This kiss was so much more tender and fulfilling than the
impromptu one
I had bestowed upon her earlier. Our mouths were in perfect
sync as we
moved a little from side to side. She allowed herself to
lean into me
as both my arms went around her and she reciprocated. Our
twisted as we kissed more deeply and felt the warmth flowing
us. Finally, we broke the kiss due to lack of air, both of
us panting.
I know my heart rate was up at least fifty percent, maybe
two hundred
and fifty percent. We sat there looking at one another in
darkness, not really seeing but just glowing with smiles

Somewhere, in the deep recesses of my mind, my training
as a gentleman
took over and urged me up from her bed. My body was fighting
my brain
to stay and do so much more, but there had been a tacit agreement
we share another kiss, and as wonderful as it had been, it
was over,
and I needed to remove myself from temptation. Damn my courtesy
respect. Damn my understanding that she was vulnerable
not having been
in a relationship before. Damn me for not ‘going for it.'
But then
there it was. I was a gentleman, and I wanted Melissa to know
that I
was a gentleman, and a gentle man, and she would always be
safe with
me. "Thank you, " I said. "That really
was wonderful. I'll just slip
back over to Denise's bed now and go to sleep, or at least
try to."

"Thank you, Max. That was truly lovely. I've
never had a kiss like
that before. It told me more about you than anything else
And you not forcing yourself on me says so much too. Good
night, my
good and kind gentleman. I'll see you in the morning.
Sweet dreams."

"And to you too, " I replied as I climbed under
the covers once more.
And for the next twenty minutes, I tried, I really tried
to get to
sleep, but to no avail. I tired rolling on my left side, but
uncomfortable in less than five minutes, and then my right
side with
the same result. Lying on my back and stomach offered no
more comfort.
In fact, being on my stomach was downright painful as I had
huge erection. Believe it or not, it developed after the
kiss. I
guess during the kiss, my mind knew the physical pleasure
was only
fleeting and to not get overly excited. But lying there
in the dark,
reveling in the feel of Melissa's body so finely entwined
with mine,
the idea that this was just the beginning and we would, hopefully,
be doing much more gave my member permission to go ahead
and think of
the possibilities. Oh My God, the possibilities! They
were damn near
killing me. I was so hard I was going to explode.

Meanwhile, I would from time to time hear Melissa roll over
and adjust
her covers. I was guessing that she too was having difficulty.
It was
pleasing to think she might be almost as affected as I. Suddenly,
blurted out, "Damn, I'm mad!"

"What's wrong? I inquired wondering if she could
sense my lewd thoughts
about her and us and the future.

"It's silly, but I'm jealous."

"Jealous, of what? I swear I've been lying here
thinking only of you."

"I'm jealous that you're sleeping in Denise's
bed. I don't want her to
come back and know you were there. It's ridiculous,
but it's how I

"So what do you want to do, trade beds?"

"No, I don't want to sleep in her bed. I just don't
want you to sleep
in her bed. Max, how would you feel about sharing my bed?'

How would I feel? How would I feel? Like I won six lotteries
in a row!
Like I woke up and was President! Like I had just been made
king of
the world! I took a deep breath and responded slowly. "I'd
love to."

Once more I moved through the darkness. And once more I banged
my knee
on that doggone chair. Shit, I need to have my eyes checked
for night
blindness. And then I was there. Melissa had slid over as
far as she
could and was holding up the covers for me to get under. It
was only a
twin sized bed, there was not much room for the two of us,
make that
three of us, my hardon was still enormous. (okay, it's
not anywhere
near enormous, but I was feeling like it was poking out my
boxers as
far as it could, and I was afraid to let Melissa feel it protruding
think me a lecher.) So I slipped under the covers backward
and backed
up just enough so I wasn't teetering on the edge. Melissa
sensing my
tension laid down with her back to me and our butts slightly
one another, she had nowhere to go with the wall on her side,
and I had
nowhere to go or I'd fall on the floor.

We said good night again, but the tension now was even more
weighty than
it had been before. If nothing else, the proximity was killing
us. We
laid there stone still for a good fifteen minutes when Melissa
the ice again.

"Max, " she asked. "Are you as uncomfortable
as I am."

"Yes, " I said.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because we're not used to being so close to another
person. We're used
to sleeping alone."

"Oh, I guess so."

"Besides, this bed s pretty small. It's supposed
to be for one person."

"I suppose. You want to go back to Denise's bed?
I can forget about
being jealous if I need to."

I turned and laid on my back, and so did she. "No, I like
being close
to you. I'd rather stay awake all night not sleeping
next to you than
to sleep in the same room away from you."

"That's really sweet, " Melissa said
as she turned on her side to face me
and brushed her breasts against my shoulder. "But
that's not
practical. Suppose we just turn on our sides and try to fit
like spoons."

"We could do that, but I don't think it would really
help that much."

"Why not? it would save space on the bed, " she
said defending her idea.

"Yes, it would, but it won't ease my tension.
In fact, as impossible as
it may be, it might increase my tension even more."

"Why would you be more tense when we'd have more

"Because being so close to you is what is making me
so tense. It's a
kind of wonderful tension, but it could be embarrassing
too, if you get
my drift.., " It took a few seconds, but the idea that
I was aroused
finally sank in.

"Oh, " she said. "Oh my! I didn't realize
I had that kind of effect on
you. I mean, all we did was kiss. I would have thought you'd
need ...
uh... more...uh... stimulation."

"I would, or I do, but after our kiss I began to think
about what might
happen between us in the future and that provided me with
a lot of...

"Oh, " Melissa said. "I guess it would.
I got to thinking along those
lines too, and that's when I got jealous. That's
when I got mad, and
kind of ... stimulated myself."

"You did? Really?"

"Yes, really."

Now I turned on my side facing her and we were only inches
apart. Then
without much thought I placed my hand upon her hip and she
moved toward
me, and all the barriers between us came down. Suddenly
we were
kissing again, but passionately this time. Our mouths
were open and
our tongues tangled, twirling in a frenzy of sensation.
Our bodies
pressed together as I moved my hand up her back and pulled
her close.
Her top leg moved across my hip and she pulled me into her
with her
calf and ankle hooking me closer. My hardon pressed against
her lower
belly and mound, and she groaned into my mouth

And then we were both out of breath and broke the kiss and
lay there
panting as we both decided our t-shirts were too much clothing
us. Those flung to the floor, we embraced again with our
bare chests
together. I was acutely aware of the warmth of her breasts
as they
molded against me. I moved a hand up to stroke the side of
her top
breast as we kissed deeply again. Then I rolled myself on
top of her
and kissed her neck and worked my way to her ear lobe and gently
upon it with my lips. "That's going to feel so
good when you do that
to my nipples, " she whispered.

Taking her cue, I kissed my way down her neck to her collarbone
kissed along its edge to the v in her lower neck. I worked
my kisses
down between her breasts then slowly moved my mouth over
her left side.
I kissed circles around her nipple spiraling to the center,
gently took it in my mouth and began sucking. I was rewarded
another moan and sucked even harder. This made Melissa
moan even
louder and tell me, "That feels so good, Max."

I continued sucking her left nipple for a few minutes then
Melissa said
her right breast needed attention, so I moved my head over
to give it
an equal share. Instinctively, I moved my hand up where
my mouth had
been and gently pinched her left nipple while I now sucked
on the
right. Melissa responded with deeper breaths and an "Oh
yes, Max!"

Then suddenly her hand was on my shoulder pushing me to my
back with her
rolling on top. "It's my turn, " she said
and immediately she began
kissing my neck from side to side while her hands roamed
over my chest.
She let her fingers find my nipples and began rubbing them
as she
nibbled my left ear. Now it was my turn to moan. She continued
but began to punctuate her kisses with little noises of
contentment and
little phrases such as, "I love the way you smell and
taste, " and "I
love how strong you feel when you hold me." This of
course made me hug
her tightly and she returned to my mouth for a deep tongue
lingering kiss after which she kissed straight down my
chin and neck to
my chest and suddenly her mouth was on my right nipple and
her hand was
moving down inside my boxers to grab my hard cock. This was
almost too
much for me. I had to concentrate as hard as I could not to
come as
she began stroking me.

"Oh my God, Melissa!" I said. " I'm
not going to last long if you suck
my nipples and rub me like that.

"Like what? She giggled mischievously and stroked
ms slowly down and up
letting her finger rub the top of my cockhead spreading
m precum.

"The way you are holding me and stroking me is going
to make me explode
in just a few seconds, " I pleaded.

"But isn't that what you want?" she asked
and she played with me more.

"Of course it is, but not this soon, " I groaned.

"But then won't you eventually get hard again
if we keep kissing and
rubbing? I've read that most young men can climax three
or four times
a night. Isn't that right?" While saying this
she had stopped kissing
me but kept her hand wrapped around my dick. She finally
had stopped
moving her hand, but she had increased the tightness of
her grip.

"Yeah but from what I've read most women are disappointed
if the man
climaxes too soon. I thought you'd like to climax first
or at least

"I don't feel like I have to be first as long as
you don't get up and
leave me unrequited, " she said as she kissed my cheek.

"Unrequited?" Who uses a word like unrequited
while having sex?
Melissa apparently did, and I loved her even more for it.
Here we were
in bed with our bodies all wrapped together, she's
kissing my chest and
holding my cock and we're having a semi-intellectual
discussion about
the male anatomy and female emotional expectations. I
wondered if we'd
ever get past our brains or if we would always ask questions
of one
another and what was at the core of our feelings. I stopped
however, as Melissa began jacking me off even harder and
bit my left
nipple. It was exquisite pain, and I shot my load all over
her hand
inside my boxers. I came massively and created a huge mess,
but it
felt so good, I didn't care. I was with Melissa, and
her hand was
still on my softening cock, and she was still kissing my

"Thank you, " I said.

"You're welcome, " she replied as she
pulled her hand out and wiped the
excess semen off on my boxers. She laid there for a minute
with her
head on my chest listening to my heartbeat slowly coming
back to normal
after my pinnacle of excitement. Neither of us said anything,
but we
both knew it was her turn now.

I pulled Melissa up to me and kissed her as tenderly as I could.
Then I
began to kiss her eyes and nose forehead. When I got to her
ears, I
nibbled on her lobes and this brought a small intake of breath
her, and I knew I had found one of her erogenous zones. Meanwhile,
one free hand had been busy rubbing her back and ribs and
stomach down
to her panties.

Still silent, we shifted in the dark and my kisses moved
down to her
collarbone and upper chest and then between her breasts.
It wasn't
until I kissed her right breast, found the nipple, and sucked
it that
Melissa finally broke our silence with an "Oh Max!"

I continued sucking her nipple while my hands rubbed up
and down the
outsides of her thighs which she had lifted around my body
crossing her
ankles behind my back. When I moved to her left nipple, Melissa

separated her legs and moaned out an "Oh my. Yes!"

As I was kissing my way down her belly and making a line of
wet as I
dragged my tongue across the top edge of her underwear,
Melissa sighed,
"I have read about this in books, but they just can't
describe how good
it feels." And then she lifted her hips while I put
my fingers inside
her waist band and pulled her panties down her legs and off
and tossed
them into the darkness.

Just before I leaned forward and kissed her again, I said,
"Now we don't
have to read about it, we can do our own research."

We kissed long and slow and deeply and wetly and Melissa
wrapped her
legs around me again. By this time my cock was fully hard
and ready as
Melissa's pussy pushed against it through my boxers.
I moved my hips
letting her feel my hardness rub against her. She groaned
into my
mouth. As much as I wanted to rip my undershorts off and push
her, I calmed myself down and backed from her embrace. I
kissed her
neck and shoulders and moved down to her breasts again,
but this time
my hands were on the inside of her thighs rubbing her. Melissa
told me
how good it felt when I sucked her nipples again, and she
actually let
out a little yelp the first time my fingers rubbed against
her pussy
lips. And then she pulled my hair and fully cried out as I
slid two
fingers inside her very wet pussy.

Melissa held my head to her breast and kept telling me how
good it was
as I moved my fingers in and out of her. She moaned even louder
as I
placed my thumb on her clit and began rubbing it in a circular
And when I put a third finger inside her and firmly bit down
on her
nipple like she had done to me, she lifted her hips off the
bed and
screamed my name out loud as she came.

Either the people in the rooms next door were used to hearing
noise from
Denise and her boyfriends, or they weren't home. I
thought for sure
Melissa's screams would bring the whole floor to the
room wondering
what the emergency was. But no one banged on the door or wall
anything, there was just Melissa's loud panting as
she caught her

We lay there in the darkness holding one another. Both of
us had come
hard each in our turn, and both of us knew we wanted more.
I let
Melissa's breathing fully return to normal before
I kissed her
forehead. She tilted her face up to me and we kissed another
one of
our long deep and wet kisses building ourselves up again
to more
passion and more pleasure.

When we broke the kiss, my mind hit on a practical note. "Melissa, "
said. "I want to do more, but I didn't have any
idea that tonight
would turn out the way it did, and I didn't bring any

"That's not a problem, Max. I know where Denise
keeps her stash of
condoms. Denise may be a wild child, but she's determined
not to get a
disease or pregnant, so she always keeps a big supply in
her dresser."

With that we untangled and Melissa got up and walked to the
bathroom and
turned on the light. Her body was immediately cast in half
light from
the side and It almost took my breath away to see her exquisite
Melissa clothed was beautiful, Melissa naked was gorgeous
far beyond
the posed models in magazines. Maybe that's why she
was so gorgeous,
she wasn't posed. There was no fake, sultry look, no
legs parted in
mock invitation, no fingers spreading her nether lips
exposing herself
to men who would never have her. She was just standing there
for an
instant, her arm still stretched to the light switch just
inside the
bathroom door while she let her eyes adjust to the light.
Her breasts
were firm and full and well rounded. Her nipples were still
in arousal from my sucking and teasing. Her pussy lips were
swollen and parted, and her pubic hair, though trimmed
short, was wet
and matted from her juices which had spread during our foreplay.

Melissa was far more beautiful than those magazine models,
and she was
going to be giving herself to me completely in a few minutes.
allure was overwhelming.

Melissa hadn't been looking at me at all, as soon as
she could see
clearly, she moved across the room to Denise's chest
of drawers, opened
the third one down and pulled out several foil packages.
Closing the
drawer and turning toward me, she spoke. "Sit up and
take your shorts
off will you, Max."

Would I? That was a rhetorical question if I ever heard one.
I had my
shorts off and was sitting up on the side of the bed in less
than an
eye blink. If Melissa was taken aback by my eagerness, she
didn't show
it. She tossed two of the condoms onto her desk and started
the one she kept as she walked back to the bed and lowered
herself to
her knees in front of me. When she had the condom out of its
she looked at my cock closely in the dim light coming from
bathroom. She reached out with her empty hand and stroked
It up and
down feeling it's texture. Neither of us said a word
until Melissa
took the condom and fitted it on the head and began rolling
it down my
shaft. "Am I doing it right?" she asked.

"Looks right to me, " I said, trying not to let
my voice quiver too much
from the sensations I was feeling.

When Melissa had finished rolling it down, she took my cock
in her hand
again and tried a few more strokes. The condom didn‘t move,
and she
seemed satisfied. Then she said something wonderfully
"Until I get a prescription for the pill and have been
on it a couple
of months, we'll have to make do with these."

"Okay, " I said. "I'll buy some tomorrow, "
wondering if I'd need a few
or six dozen.

"I'll come with you, " Melissa said as
she got to her feet. "We can buy
several brands and see which one we like best."

It occurred to me that Melissa was not only very practical
guileless, but she was planning on us being a couple for
a long while
and making joint decisions. It was scary and exciting and
something to think about, but more pressing issues were
immediately at
hand as Melissa pulled me to my feet and we entered into a
long and
glorious kiss. Melissa kept stroking my dick, and I moved
one hand to
her gorgeous ass and the other to her breast. We kissed and
and stroked and rubbed until we knew it was time to lay back

Melissa got on her back in the middle of the bed, and I got
on my knees
between her legs. I laid down slowly as she embraced me with
sheathed cock coming to rest between her pussy lips while
she lifted
her knees up my sides and rested her heels on the backs of
my thighs.
We kissed and rocked until we could hear the wetness of her
rubbing my shaft.

"It's time, " Melissa said and separated
her legs farther. I moved my
hips back and allowed my cockhead to lower, and then I thrust
It was not the right place. Melissa grunted. I tried again
with the
same result. This time Melissa reached down between us
and said, "Let
me help." She moved my cock to where I could now feel
the head just
parting her lips. I eased my hips forward and VOILA!

There is no way I can describe how good it felt to be inside
Even with a condom on, it was like no other feeling I'd
had before, and
words failed me then just as they do now. I did what was natural,
kissed her more passionately than I had before and began
moving my cock
in and out slowly. Melissa responded with as much fervor
and started
rocking her hips in time with mine to make each thrust complete
where my balls were rubbing on her pussy lips.

Fucking was wonderful. I know now that it always is and always
will be
for as long as I can do it. But the first time, and with someone
really wanted, and who wanted me just as much, the loving
journey to
nirvana was incredible.

I'd like to say I lasted 20 minutes and made her come
three times, but
the truth is I lasted only two minutes and Melissa came up
short of an
orgasm. Nevertheless, you would have thought I had made
her queen of
the world as she felt me climax, held me close, and told me
it was
great and I was a terrific lover afterward.

We held each other for a long time after which I got up and
disposed of
the used condom and peed. Melissa took her turn in the bathroom
and we
settled down in bed together again, but this time with no
and no holding back. I had made sure another condom was within
reach, and then I set out to make Melissa have a tremendous
orgasm. I
kissed every inch of her body from head to toe just as a warm
up. I
then moved in on her nipples and gave each one a very very
good sucking
as my fingers teased Melissa's clit. She was very near
her second
orgasm of the night when I purposefully kissed my way down
her belly,
over her mound, and then put my mouth right on her clit. When
I began
to suck, Melissa began to scream. She put a pillow over her
head to
muffle her cries, and she had one loud and very long orgasm
another as I continued to suck for long long minutes.

This pleasuring of Melissa with all her primal yelling
had made me hard
again, and I took a short break from my ministrations. This
time I put
the condom on myself and carefully guided my cock into her
very wet and
swollen pussy. Melissa only took a few seconds to go on another

rampage of orgasms, and I lasted a lot longer. I finally
came inside
her with her clutching my back and wrapping her legs around
me so
tightly I could barely breathe. It may not have been as loving
a fuck,
but it sure was a better one for Melissa. She lay limp beneath
panting for long minutes after she had thrown the pillow
onto the floor
somewhere in her desperate need for fresh air now that she
had stopped

When Melissa could finally speak, she told me I was the world's
lover, and I almost believed her. I knew in my heart that
we were
acting out things we'd read about and dreamt about
and had hoped for
for so long until we finally found each other and made them
come true,
and that many other couples had made love and fucked just
as well as
we, but this was our time. This was our love and our sex, and
it was
perfect for the two of us.

After quite a while, we both got up and shared a shower and
exhausted climbed into bed and held each other as we fell
asleep. It
was a deep and wonderful sleep which we awoke from amazed
and happy to
have the memories from the night before. And then my heart
took flight
again as Melissa's first words to me that morning were,
"Where's that
other condom?"

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