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Sharing your wife. Not as simply as you think


If you have followed our story, then you already realize
my wife Susie and I were getting ourselves into a very different
kind of marriage. It started with a sick fantasy I developed
after twenty normal years of marriage. Embarrassing to
admit, I wanted to watch my wife have sex with another man.
First it was a good friend, who seduced her twice with my
approval. Then she picked up a stranger in a bar one night
and it happened again. Each time it happened, it was hard
to justify continuing yet the excitement I felt watching
her was unbelievable.

I felt after those three taboo experiences my wife and I
still remained close as a couple although we changed just
a little as people. Susie and I chose to remember only the
good parts to deal with the guilt that consumed us both after
we did it those three times. The surprise was the benefit
we derived was a much more intense sex life in our own bedroom.
I wanted my wife almost every night and she needed to be held
and made love to just as much. But mentally I felt it was wrong
to continue sharing her, even if it remained a strong fantasy
inside of my head.

We had both agreed after it happened the first time to not
let it interfere with our wonderful marriage. We viewed
it as a side bar to our marriage and it didn’t mean we were
suddenly bad people or unfit parents. And yes we realized
most happily married couples don’t get into this sort
of thing.

When does a fantasy become something more? Neither of us
knew the answer. Being the male and husband, there was something
very special about watching the woman I loved enjoying
herself so intensely with another man. For my wife, I believe
she found the idea of being intimate with someone else exciting
for her own reasons. But no amount of logic can explain this
kind of behavior.

Yet after doing it a few times the temptation was very strong.
The morning after she had picked up the stranger for our
third experience we decided to find a man who would be discreet,
respectable and not someone we knew. Friends were not a
good choice and total strangers were equally as dangerous.
What we hoped to find was a man who would be willing to enjoy
Susie as a lover while not judging us a married couple for
having this interest.

My wife is a full time mother of our three teenage children
but also worked twelve hours a week in a girl friend’s
deli. That is where she found Glenn, a regular customer
who she felt some connection with. Eventually she talked
to him to feel him out. Glenn was interested and a special
night, as we called them was set.

But as I stated in my last story, Glenn turned out to be very
different in ways I had not expected. He didn’t just grab
my wife and pull her into his arms. Instead he made her linger
and grow nervous, as I sat in his great room and wondering
when he was going to take advantage of my wife. I was tense,
Susie was tense yet Glenn appeared calm and in no hurry.
His approach was nothing like the other two men whom I had
shared her with.

And then when he felt the tension cresting he suggested
she strip down to her bra and panties so the atmosphere could
simmer longer. No rushing to his bedroom as I originally
expected. It sounded exciting at the time as I watched her
leave for one of his bathrooms to strip as he had suggested.
And I also realized Glenn was indeed enjoying Susie on a
more personal level than her previous lovers.

And that is when my fantasy seemed to take a turn. At first
I was excited about watching her prance around in front
of him barely dressed. My cute wife reappeared in the doorway
wearing a lacy powder blue bra and matching panties and
of course looked marvelous. At first I reacted like most
men would react when they see a woman barely dressed.

And showing off my wife like she was his toy got me excited.
But the longer I watched her model for him and offer him a
hint of what was to be his when he was ready, also began to
make me feel a little jealous for the first time. I may have
seen her a thousand times covered by only her bra and panties,
but this was Glenn’s first time and it didn’t sit well,
although I didn’t know why it bothered me.

He wasn’t grabbing her, kissing her or rushing her off
to be conquered. Instead he was enjoying the view, her womanly
charms in a way that apparently was pleasing him. I may have
had an erection but I watched as my wife began to adjust to
his style and play the part he wanted her to play. Maybe it
was the mental connection I observed between them that
bothered me more than I realized. I had gotten use to the
physical connection she had made with the other men but
never expected anything different when I brought her to
Glenn’s house. In other words, I figured I would bring
her, he would quickly get her heated up and then off to his
bedroom to fuck her.

I share all this with you because I want to be honest and say
with each experience we had with other men, there were some
times when I didn’t feel completely comfortable sharing
her. But there were more high points than low ones so my desire
to watch her again didn’t subside.

And eventually Glenn and my wife began to physically connect
and my mind calmed down as I enjoyed watching her respond
to him. It simply raised my blood pressure to watch Susie
get lost in the grips of so much passion. The foreplay they
enjoyed was special but when Glenn entered my wife’s
pussy with his hard cock, the seriousness of what I was watching
really gripped me. And if I sound like a terrible husband
then so be it, but that is what my fantasy was always about.
The simple act of witnessing another fat cock stretching
my wife’s tight pussy and pumping her as she gasped and
begged for his cum.

And based on her response it was by far the most intense fucking
she had shared with any man. The contortions her body went
through when his thrusts began in earnest were mind altering.
It excited me to view this but also began to rattle me the
way he was making her respond to him. Susie was not just connected
to him; she was so much into being with him, it was hard to

But once he had satisfied himself, Glenn left us alone in
his bedroom. I held my wife tightly on his bed while the bond
we had always shared slowly began to return. I had known
and loved the woman for over twenty years and no amount of
temporary passion could replace what my wife and I shared
as a couple. We made love quickly as my urgency was too powerful
to control. My wife helped me reclaim her as my wife like
she always did after an encounter with another male.

Although we did not notice, Glenn returned and watched
us on his bed while remaining silent. Susie’s gasping
for air and moaning to each of my thrusts turned him on, I
have no doubt. And Glenn admitted to me once I was finished
and Susie was in the shower, that he had never seen a couple
have sex in person before. He seemed quite excited about
witnessing it firsthand.

“Well what did you think about tonight?” Susie asked
as we got in our car to drive back home. “It was definitely
different. Very exciting but also a little disturbing
when he had you wear only your bra and panties for the longest
time, ” I replied. I had always been honest with my wife
and didn’t feel this was the time to start lying to her.

“That was odd but after while it kind of turned me on more
than I expected, ” she replied as we reached our house.
As a couple we had lots to figure out even though we had become
a couple with a very unconventional hobby. That is if sharing
your wife can be considered a hobby in the first place.

Once back in our bed, Susie snuggled next to me like she always
did before falling asleep in my arms. I, on the other hand
could not fall sleep as I kept replaying what I had seen Glenn
do to her earlier in the evening. Had I simply lost my mind?
What in the world was I doing, wanting my wife to fuck other
men just so I could watch? And my most important question
was to figure out if she was doing it mostly for me or was she
agreeing to this for reasons of her own.

The night passed slowly as I hardly slept a wink before I
saw the sun rising in the morning sky. But the affects of
being fucked the way Glenn had fucked her took a toll on my
wife. She slept until almost noon to regain her strength.
I made coffee, chatted with our kids and kept checking my
watch before she finally wandered out into the kitchen.

Smiling her usual bright smile, Susie greeted me as I sat
at the table wondering what was truly on her mind. But with
our kids around the house, that was no time to talk about
it. We went about our daily lives without a word being spoken.
But I could no longer look at my wife and not wonder what she
was thinking? Her slender five foot five inch frame and
small oval breasts were even more tantalizing to me. All
I could see was her breathing heavily on Glenn’s bed,
sucking for air while telling him to fuck her relentlessly.

The Susie I had witnessed was not the Susie I married twenty
plus years ago. I was not sure yet if that was a good thing
or a bad thing. And when my wife went to work a few days later,
I knew she would run into Glenn again when he came in the deli
to order lunch. I wondered how they chatted, if she was embarrassed
or if she had other things on her mind.

In other words, I was beginning to lose grip on reality and
wondered just how stable my marriage really was. And I had
no reason for doubting my loving wife who didn’t treat
me differently after each time she had fucked someone else.
It was all in my head and I needed to clear it out, once and
for all. Some of you may be thinking I was getting jealous
but you would be wrong. I still loved watching my wife with
other men and it had nothing to do with jealousy. It had everything
to do with my insecurity as her husband not knowing if she
was still in love with me or not.

I had to deal with the reality that with Glenn, my wife had
the most intense sexual experience so far. Maybe the most
intense of her life which didn’t exactly make me feel
like her hero. She had experienced something I doubt I had
ever made her experience when we made love. I wondered if
he had been so good, that she would leave me and want to be
with him, if for no other reason than the sex they shared.

Once Susie crawled into bed after work that night, I pulled
her next to me and whispered, “Can we talk?” My wife
snuggled to my side like she always did and replied, “Sure
honey. Is something bothering you?” I think I had held
all my fears and concerns inside for too long and just let
them burst out. Susie listened before hugging me very tight
and telling me, “I love you even more now. Glenn was just
sex, really good sex, but just sex.”

She pressed her sweet lips to mine as I felt a weight being
lifted off slowly. My wife can be very cat like in bed, especially
when she is horny. Susie was clearly horny as my hands soon
slipped under her pajama top and realized her perky nipples
were hard. I pushed her top over her breasts and slowly rolled
her onto her back before gently begin to suckle her. “Oh
baby. You always make me feel so good, ” Susie told me
as my cock had already hardened. I reached down and began
to attempt to slip her panties off when Susie told me to wait
a second and climbed from our bed, leaving me gasping for

My dick pulsated and throbbed as she closed the bathroom
door for a few agonizing seconds. When she opened the door,
my wife appeared in the door way wearing a French cut, low
lacy bra, black matching thong and thigh highs and heels.
“Wow, ” I think was my first response. Blushing slightly
she walked to the edge of our bed and whispered to me, “I
bought this after work. I thought maybe you would enjoy
your very own sexy fashion show.”

Why is it we want to find the good girl, marry her, have our
children and then also want her to be our slut when the sun
goes down? Susie was all those things indeed and standing
in front of me wearing her scantly covered, ultra sexy lingerie
made me cock throb even more. The woman was my angel and yet
she was also the most erotic sexual creature I could have
ever found on the face of the earth.

“You look delicious, ” I remember saying as she slowly
reached behind her back and removed her bra. As it slipped
over her breasts onto the floor, she arched her back making
sure her breasts looked as perfect as perfect could be.
I had already slid my boxers off and held my cock stroking
it slowly as my eyes remained glued to her womanly charms.

“Did you buy this for me?” I asked as Susie paused and
smiled. “Of course I bought it for you, ” she replied.
I don’t understand how an hour before I was filled with
concern and doubts and then as if someone flipped a switch
I was thinking of sharing Susie with Glenn for a second time.
Like I said none of this makes much sense but by then my hormones
were racing out of control.

My sexy wife simply let her thong bottom fall down her legs
as she climbed onto our bed and straddled my hard hungry
shaft. Her fine blonde pussy hair could not hide her wet
pink lips which appeared puffing and ready to be parted.
“Did you see Glenn this week?” I asked as she slowly
began to lower herself onto my shaft. She nodded yes too
absorbed in feeling me entering her to actually speak.
Her face concentrated on being consumed by my shaft as if
that was the only thing in her world, at that moment.

Once I felt her pubic bone hit mine, she was all mine once
again as she whimpered on top of me. Reaching up for her oval
breasts I held each of them and began to guide her up and down
as we stared a sensually slow pace at first. Her eyes remained
closed as I studied my wife and realized the intensity she
was enjoying, first hand. And then Susie stopped with my
shaft at its deepest point inside of her warmth.

My wife wiggled her hips just enough to keep my cock throbbing
as if was about to explode. I could not control my urges any
longer and rolled Susie onto her back and began to fuck her
like it was our first time together. And when I exploded
my wife urged me to fill her so she could sleep all night filled
with my hot wonderful cum.

Over the next few weeks I thought about her and Glenn a great
deal. Not with the insecurity I once had, but from a fantasy
point of view. I could not clear the imagines I had watching
the two of them that night they were together. And I knew
my wife was still waiting on him at the deli when she worked
but she never mentioned him when she got home. I was not sure
if she was still excited by him or too embarrassed to bring
up his name ever again.

Susie may have agreed to step over the line, most wives never
dare to step over but she remained a respectable woman,
great wife and loving mother, just the same. I had to accept
the fact that Susie had a strong sex drive and had displayed
her lust when she was out of control. After all I was the one
who had told her let her hair down and enjoy him for all she

And then one day at the office my phone rang and Glenn of all
people was on the other end. “Sorry to bother you but I
was wondering if we could meet for a drink and chat, ”
he asked being as polite as he could be. I agreed and considering
calling my wife to tell her but decided it against it. I had
no idea what Glenn wanted to talk about and if it was something
bad, I certainly didn’t want my wife to know about it.

So as calmly as I could be I called Susie first and told her
I had to work a few minutes later than usual and her and the
kids should eat without me. Walking in the bar, I was unsure
of what was waiting for me as I spotted Glenn and walked to
his table. Over the next half hour I learned what a truly
nice guy, Glenn was. He explained how my wife had been avoiding
him completely when he went into the deli ever since we spent
time at his home.

“I feel really bad. I mean I didn’t want to bring back
bad memories every time she sees me, ” he said softly
as I sat listening to him. In turn I explained to Glenn that
my normally conservative wife was most likely too embarrassed
to face him ever since they had been together. I think Glenn
and I both left the meeting, understanding that it was not
as easy for Susie as it was for us after what we had all done
a month before. I assured him he had done nothing wrong and
assured him I would speak with my wife. I needed to make sure
she had come to grips with her night with Glenn so it would
not bother her any longer.

Susie was as happy as she always was when I did finally get
home. The kids were already off at friend’s house or supposedly
at the library studying for some big exam. “Did you get
your work done?” she asked as she kissed me on the cheek.
Pulling her into my arms, I felt her warmth and softness
as I held her tight for a few lingering seconds. But I also
knew I could not come out and tell her I had met with Glenn
since she might be even more upset.

Pulling back, my wife had a sheepish grin covering her cute
face as she winked at me and whispered, she would definitely
be ready once we got to bed later on. Eleven o’clock finally
rolled around and once Susie and I were in bed, snuggling
under the covers I knew I had to tell her the truth. We had
never kept secrets and if I didn’t confess to her I had
met with Glenn, it would not sit well with me.

“I didn’t work late tonight, ” I said hoping she
would not get angry. “I didn’t want to tell you but Glenn
called me today and asked to meet with me, ” I explained
as she remained completely silent next to me. “You met
with Glenn?” Susie asked softly a bit surprised of course.
“Yes, He called me today at my office and asked to meet
with me. He feels bad that you are avoiding him at the deli
when he comes in and he was worried he had done something
wrong, ” I explained to Susie.

“He didn’t do anything wrong. I guess I am too embarrassed
to talk to him, ” my wife replied while remaining at my
side. “Why are you embarrassed?” I asked hoping this
talk would ease her mind. “Golly honey. You saw how I acted
with him, ” she whispered. “Yes I watched. But you
reacted like I wanted you to react. The sex was great, wasn’t
it?” I asked.

Susie took a deep sigh and remained quiet for a few seconds.
We were at that moment when as a happily married couple,
we needed to be truthful and honest with each other about
my wanting to share her with a few other men. “So you think
we should meet with him again?” she asked while beginning
to tremble a little more.

“I think it would help to meet him for a drink and just get
past this, ” I suggested as my wife reached up, kissed
me gently on my cheek and told me she would think about it.
I laid with my heart beating like a bass drum realizing her
and Glenn might be together again. It was exciting to think
about but also concerning, considering the intensity
she had with him the first time.

Susie agreed to my idea of us meeting Glenn one night, if
for no other reason than to put this in our past. My wife took
extra time in front of the bathroom mirror, applying her
makeup and fixing her long blonde hair. I found myself more
nervous than the first time we went to his house and all we
were doing this time was meeting him for a drink or two. Of
course I secretly hoped more might happen, but couldn’t
mention that to Susie. I was not sure if my fantasy was also
not my problem.

Susie wore a cute skirt and rather conservative top although
I thought she looked stunning just the same. “You nervous?”
I asked as we drove to the bar where Glenn agreed to meet us
again. “Kind of. It’s going to be awkward to talk with
him knowing what he and I did the last time we were together, ”
she replied. I didn’t respond as I feared my mind was getting
ahead of where she was. All I could think about was the possibility
of witnessing my wife lost in the throes of her lust with
another man.

And when we walked in the bar, Susie spotted Glenn immediately
and pointed towards him. “Remember to relax, ” I said
to her as she approached the table he had saved for us. Glenn
put out his hand to her as she reached out and shook his politely.
I sensed my wife was anything but relaxed as we all took our
seats. Susie ordered a glass of wine which I knew would settle
her nerves since it always did.

And feeling like the third wheel, I sat back and listened
to the two of them begin to talk. Glenn apologized to my wife
if he did something wrong and my wife apologized to him for
ignoring him at the deli. It took them both ten minutes to
get past their issues before I saw the stress leaving my
wife. It felt odd to watch two adults, merely friends who
didn’t know how to deal with the fact, they fucked like
animals the last time they had the chance.

But I also knew if I suggested anything it would blow up in
my face. This had to be my wife’s decision all the way.
Yet she showed no signs of being interested in being with
Glenn again even after her second glass of wine. But slowly
and I mean very slowly I noticed her breasts heaving slightly
on her chest while she chatted with the man. And her body
language was more open and direct with Glenn the longer
they were together.

Glenn had indeed been unexpected as far as being the man
who lights my wife’s spark even hotter than I ever did.
Had we hit a homerun when Susie and I agreed to find a man we
didn’t know who would be discreet and respectful being
her play partner when the mood struck us? When Glenn excused
himself to use the men’s room, Susie turned to me blushing.
“You were right. It really helped to sit and talk with
him. I feel much better, ” she said softly.

Of course my dick was half hard with anticipation she might
suggest she would like to fuck him again. But of course that
was not something I could suggest. “What’s on your
mind right now?” she asked catching me off guard and ill
prepared to honestly answer her question. “Nothing, ”
I replied too quickly tipping my hand to the woman who knew
me as well as I knew myself. Susie grew serious and stared
at me forcing me to tell her the truth. “Ok sorry. I was
really thinking it would be fun to do it again, but I want
it to be your call, ” I said feeling ashamed for even having
those thoughts again.

My wife looked shocked as I held my breath afraid I had said
the wrong thing, even if it was what was on my mind at that
moment. Shaking her head no she gasped for air as she covered
her mouth with her hand. “I don’t think I should do it
with Glenn again. I mean it messed us both up the last time, ”
she whispered while shaking in her chair.

“I understand. But I had to tell you and be honest, ”
I said to her as she brushed her blonde hair away from her
face. “You really think we should do this again?” she
said once more while still rattled to the core. There comes
a point in every couple when temptation becomes stronger
than logic. Most women seek a man to spend their lives with,
bear his children and live happily ever after. With Susie
she had found me for that role, but when she found Glenn,
she had also found her perfect sexual partner as a bonus.

I don’t know why he affected her the way he did. And yes
after she had fucked him that first time, I was troubled
by what I had watched. But I also realized Susie was still
in love with me and would not want any other man as her life
partner. The question for my wife was she brave enough to
want to be selfish and experience her sex partner one more
time. Glenn returned before my wife and I had a chance to decide
as I pretended as if nothing had happened while he was gone.
But Glenn sensed something had changed as he looked at my
wife and realized her mind was drifting somewhere else.
“You ok?” he asked Susie as I remained silent. My wife
tried to gather her thoughts at that awkward moment at the

Turning to me, Susie leaned towards me and whispered, “I
need some time to talk with Glenn alone. Can you leave us
for a while and I will come get you at the bar when I have made
a decision.” Of course Glenn felt something happening
and remained silent even when I stood up and walked away
from them without saying a word. My heart was literally
pounding so hard I feared I was going to have a heart attack
as stood at the bar. One minute turned into ten as I glanced
back from time to time wondering what the two of them were

My mind was unable to stop spinning at that point. My palms
were clammy, my heart raced and my eyes watered every time
I looked back and saw my wife with Glenn at the table. And
when I glanced over after a few more agonizing minutes wondering
what they were saying, I saw Susie lean towards Glenn and
kissed him gently.

Was she saying good bye to him or was she telling him she wanted
to be with him again. My slender sexy wife then rose from
her chair, grabbed her purse and walked towards me at the
bar. Her hips seemed to sway but then I could not be sure if
I was imagining it the way I wanted to have it happen. Her
face looked rosy as she approached me.

“You ready to go?” she asked as she kissed me on the cheek.
“Sure, ” I replied as we walked out into the parking
lot leaving Glenn at the table. “What did you two talk
about?” I asked my wife once we were out of the noisy bar.
“We talked about spending the night together again, ”
she replied which of course shocked me. I was confused,
excited and in the dark as far as what was really on her mind.
Once inside our car Susie turned to me, “If you want to
watch again, and then take me to Glenn’s house, ” she
said before becoming completely silent.

I don’t remember the ride nor did Susie and I make any conversation
along the way. We arrived at the same time Glenn pulled his
car into his garage. As my wife reached for the door handle,
I tugged at her arm. Turning she smiled and said, “I want
this as much as you do. That is unless you have changed your
mind.” I shook my head no as Susie told me to join them in
the house. She then climbed from our car and walked up to
Glenn who was waiting for her in his garage.

By the time I made it into his kitchen I heard them kissing
in the other room. Clearly this second time there was no
need for games as the two of them knew what they wanted and
needed. As I turned to corner I stopped in my tracks and stared
at my wife with her top already off and her lacy bra crushing
her breasts against his chest. The affect they were having
on each other was mind altering as I stood a few feet away
and watched silently to their explosion of passion and
lust. It is odd to watch the woman you love so engrossed with
another man, yet it was what I wanted to witness from the
very beginning.

Susie’s lips meshed at Glenn’s as her slender frame
cradled nicely in his arms. Glenn looked twice as thick
as my wife’s body yet the two of them together made for
a wonderful imagine, just the same. Glenn’s hand soon
reached behind and pushed her soft ass tight to his hard
cock as she let out an appreciative moan. Neither of them
noticed me of course as he then led her towards his bedroom
while I froze in my tracks.

This funny, sick thought entered my mind at that moment.
I was watching my wife knowingly and willing going off with
him so she could be fucked. I slowly made my way to the doorway
of his bedroom and found Susie on his bed with Glenn still
kissing her hot lips and nibbling down her neck. “Oh yes
honey, ” she said to him as his lips made their way to her
covered breasts.

Glenn pulled Susie up so she could unhook her bra for him
as she quickly fell back onto the bed as he lifted it off her
shoulders. My own dick was painful as I stared at my wife
loosing herself in his arms. Her nipples were swollen and
welcomed Glenn’s warm lips on each of them while she continued
to encourage him. “I’m so horny. You are driving me
crazy, ” she said a couple of times as he sucked her nipples
and forced his other hand under her skirt.

Clearly my wife was again experiencing something special
with Glenn and could not control her reactions or her words.
“Your pussy is very wet, ” he told her once as she gasped
on the bed while he played with her womanhood. Somehow during
the assault my wife managed to remove her skirt as did Glenn
remove all his clothing. “I need to cum, make me cum real
hard, ” she whimpered once when he yanked her panties
off and began to lick her ripe pussy.

Whatever Glenn did somehow managed to affect my wife more
than I ever could. Her head flopped from one side to the other
as he licked her until she was screaming out her pleasure.
“Oh fuck. Don’t stop baby, don’t stop, ” she said
right before she exploded for him. Glenn’s powerful
frame held her under him as his hands held her legs apart
while his tongue did more damage. I was amazed at how quickly
she built up her tension again as he drove her over the edge
of sexual bliss.

My wife held her legs wide open for the man as he continued
to lick her until she was close to losing her mind. Susie
had never achieved three orgasms that I was ever aware of
yet with Glenn I watched her do the impossible. Once he let
her go, she reached for this thick organ and began to suck
it as if it would be her last chance. “I love tasting your
hard cock, ” she told him as he laid on his back and watched
her work on his shaft.

As I said in my last story, Glenn’s cock was average in
lengthy but thicker than any cock I had ever seen before.
My wife’s mouth stretched around it as she worked on the
mushroom head before taking it deep into her mouth. The
scene was exactly what my fantasy was all about yet the intensity
my wife showed, was lots more than I expected.

And then I froze when Glenn lifted her off his shaft and told
her to straddle him. Her slender chest cavity was sucking
for air as she lifted one leg over and positioned her wet
pussy right above his hard shaft. “Go ahead, ” he told
her as she wiggled her pussy onto his hard cock and began
to shiver as he stretched her open, one inch at a time. Bracing
herself by pushing her hands against his heaving chest
it was clear to me the intense process a man and woman go through
when uniting their bodies.

His hairy chest and her swollen pink nipples were such a
contrast as I walked to the end of the bed and watched her
being impaled by his shaft. And when all I could see was his
full hairy sack against her soft ass, I knew the two of them
were locked together. And as my wife’ ass began to rise
up and then slide down around his cock; Susie kept muttering,
“Holy fuck, holy fuck.” “Fuck me nice and slow, ”
Glenn told her as she set an easy pace for the two of them.

Her arms wobbled as she tried her best to hold herself upright
while his thick cock filled her hot pussy. “Oh fuck baby, ”
Susie said a few times while savoring his manhood breeding
her for the second time. And when I least expected it, my
wife glanced to her left and saw me stroking my cock while
staring at the time of them. Smiling Susie watched me for
a few seconds before saying, “Looks like you are having
fun watching us.” She quickly turned her attention back
to her lover as Glenn continued to fuck her tight hole in
front of me.

The amount of energy the two of the created was amazing to
witness as their bodies continued grinding together.
My cock was building too much pressure and I knew I would
not last very much longer. Still my wife’s sweet ass rose
up and wiggled down around his cock with more urgency. “Oh
baby, ” she said to Glenn right before he lifted her off
and told her to get on her hands and knees.

My wife was so horny by then she would have done anything
he asked of her. I continued stroking my cock as Glenn knelt
behind her and pushed his fat cock back into her dripping
pussy. “I’ve got a real big load for you, baby, ”
he said to my wife once as she whimpered under his assault.
No matter what they said to each other insulted me as it just
went along with the intensity in the room we were all captured

Glenn was clearly more dominate and more comfortable fucking
my wife with me in the room. Susie was more than eager to please
him even if I witnessed it all. His thrusts picked up quickly
as she braced herself barely holding herself upright while
he fucked her. “Come on baby, ” she said to him a few
times when I figured she felt him expanding inside of her.

Glenn was slamming his cock into her as my wife held on and
begged him to fuck her even harder. He quickly rolled Susie
onto her back and mounted her with the need to fill her real
soon. And once he began to build up towards his finish, my
wife whimpered to him to fuck her even harder. It is a brutal
thing to witness but necessary the way nature intended.
And then he grunted from deep within his chest which caused
me to explode at the same time.

Glenn began to thrust into my wife filling her with his hot
cream as she laid there accepting it with only a few last
whimpering sounds. I could hardly breathe when he finally
climbed off and I saw the river of white cream gushing out
of her. Glenn and Susie snuggled on his bed which was different
than the first time when he rushed out of the room, leaving
the two of us alone.

When Glenn did climb off the bed with a satisfy grin on his
face, I rushed to my wife and pulled her into my arms. “I
love you, ” she said to me as I quickly climbed on top of
her and fucked her with a vengeance. It didn’t take me
more than a minute before I exploded in her as she laid under
me kissing me the entire time. When I was able to calm myself
my wife kissed me one more time and thanked me.

I think at that moment in our long marriage, we both realized
this was not going to stop and that Glenn would be part of
our lives for some time to come.

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An other great one! Thanks


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1. The only constant I know is change. I am not the same person--beliefs, behaviors, needs, emotional
responses--I was 5, 10, 15, etc. years ago, and neither
is anyone else. The relationships I have are changed as well (see above!)
If they are alive, they are growing, if they're not
growing, they're dead. 2. We grow when we challenge our boundaries, our expectations,
our beliefs; we grow when we are challenged. Again, if we
are not growing, are we alive? I find this a great addition to the material here. It is well
written, follows itself sensitively and logically, and
is very believable, whether it is fantasy or true. If this is fantasy, I encourage all to take the step to experience
the reality. If this is reality, I commend those who have stepped forward
and experienced an expansion of themselves they had no
awareness of a few years ago.


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A very hot story


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I had the same feelings when we started in this lifestyle,
they are a bitch. But....If your relationship is strong
you can have a barrel of fun.


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She is playing you for the fool that you are, any
body can see she is getting as much sex as wants, and what
do you get, a nervous break down.

Get in there and fuck her at the same time and also you bring
in women for yourself and see her change her meaner..

Or just find more men and shut up about it.....


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Loved the story


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Great story. The writing is wonderful. If it's true,
all the better.


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Don't think it is only you who has dealt with these feelings.
A well written story with the right amount of erotic details.
As a woman who has done this both ways with her husband, I
can assure the feelings are normal. As long as she still
loves you as her husband and neither of you want that to change,
then I say go for it and enjoy it. Remember, no two people
make love the same way so it isn't surprising that ya'll
came across someone who makes love in a different fashion
than you do and makes you wonder if he is so much better...that
goes along with the territory....but a wonderful story
and I hope that if it is true, you will realize that she loves
you and that is all that matters in the end.


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Wonderful story! Erotic, yet heartwarming. Keep the stories


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I keep waiting to hear Susie's voice, her point of view.
What is her hesitancy about? Is she afraid she is or has developed
emotions for Glenn? Would she leave her husband, if Glenn
asked her, because he feels her emotional needs better?
What of what Glenn is thinking? Is he just in for the sex?
Or does he purposely breakup couples like these two?

It would be nice to know how Glenn and Susie feel and think,
as I think it would make this story more meaningful.

I still think the story is headed for a twist in that the husband
gets what he wants -- seeing his wife with other men, and
loses what he has -- his wife leaves him for Glenn.