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Sharing my wife was becoming an addiction


My wife and I tried hard to avoid more evenings where I enjoyed
watching her being shared with another man. It was harder
than we ever thought it would be.

In my previous two stories about sharing my wife, I wrote
as honestly as I could about the guilt and excitement my
wife and I felt afterwards. We are a normal married couple
with three kids who suddenly did something very taboo for
a respectable couple to do. And the affects of my wife being
shared with a friend mixed us up as a couple for some time.

The first time I would say it happened mainly because I developed
this sick fantasy to watch my wife with another man. I didn’t
really think about it until after we had been married for
nineteen years. And I can’t say why I suddenly thought
watching something so bizarre would turn me on, but I did
once I convinced myself I was not insane. How does any loving
husband ever decide he wants to share the woman he loves
with another male? But somehow one night when we were out
with a good friend of ours, it happened. And based on how
wild she got, we both discovered something’s about ourselves
that we were ashamed of.

Immediately following the first time, we were both filled
with guilt and regret. Yet the memory and intensity of doing
something so out of character lingered inside of each other
us. It was as if we had let the sex genie out of the bottle and
we could not get it back in. Like I said, we learned as a couple
that once we involved someone else in our sexual marriage,
it was there for eternity.

It took us over a year before we could finally discuss it
honestly. We had different reasons for the emotions we
felt. I felt guilty because I had not protected my wife and
in fact I guided her into that situation. She was embarrassed,
as she later stated because of how consumed with her own
lust she became while being with our friend. She had no love
for him but physically speaking he pushed all the right
buttons and she hated herself for allowing that to happen.

It was so very wrong for any couple to let happen yet it was
so arousing when we remembered. But nice people remember
lots of shameful things but that doesn’t mean they can
get it settled in their minds. Did it make us bad people?
How does any couple ever find a place to tuck that sort of
secret away and not let it simmers like it did inside of us?
Of course neither of us dared to bring it up but from then
on I saw my wife differently.

And after more than a year of it haunting us, the subject
needed to be dealt with. And shockingly within a few days
after we forgave ourselves and each other, the yearning
for more excitement over took us for a second time. Susie
and I both decided we would risk our marriage one more time
for the chance of repeating it.

I called Ben, the same friend and invited him over one more
time. Of course Susie and I both now knew what to expect.
I guess my wife and I both felt too much temptation to miss
out on a second chance to experience what most would describe
as forbidden sex. And our friend was more than happy to enjoy
my wife again, the two of them picked up exactly where they
left off. I stood next to our bed and for a second time was
mesmerized watching her being fucked by him and how she

The morning after Ben had screwed my wife for the second
time, I awoke somewhat in the same mood as the first time,
although not nearly as guilty. Susie slept like an angel
next to me as I could still hear her whimpers and moans. As
her husband, few mixed emotions lingered although I felt
my wife had openly agreed to try it again, so at least I didn’t
regret talking her into it.

And when Susie did open her eyes, she had a glow about her
face that a woman has after a night of torrid sex. “Good
Morning, ” she said while rolling over and smiling at
me. I had always viewed my wife as the “girl next door”
type with a cute face, shoulder length blonde hair and an
appealing shape. I remained proud to call her my wife although
I had seen a more animalistic side of her.

“You still feeling good about all of this?” I asked
while propping my pillows behind my back. Our children
were visiting their grandparents for a week, so my wife
and I had time to come to grips with what we had done for a second
time. “I feel great. Are you still ok with last night?”
Susie asked as she tucked her pillow behind her back next
to me on the bed she shared with our friend the night before.

Neither my wife nor I knew what to take away from what we had
done twice during our marriage. The first time we could
blame ourselves and say we were just plain stupid. But the
second time we were selfish and had no one to blame but ourselves.

“What are you thinking right now” she asked as I stared
off into space. I paused to make sure I picked my words carefully.
I explained to my wife I was a little confused about where
this was leading us as a couple. “Where do you think or
want it to lead us” she asked with her soft sweet voice.
“I don’t know. I mean I loved watching you again even
though I know I shouldn’t feel that way. It made me so excited
and horny to watch you fuck Ben, ” I replied. “Does
that make me a bad person or just a stupid husband?” I asked.

My wonderful wife snuggled next to me before explaining
she was worried that I was ashamed of her for the way she reacted
again with Ben. “I thought you might be upset that I became
so unglued last night. I couldn’t help myself although
it is embarrassing to remember how I acted this morning, ”
she explained. Susie climbed from our bed wearing her t
shirt and panties as I watched her ass wiggle towards the
bathroom and still I felt my cock aroused at the sight of
her. If I was a descent man in the first place I would not still
be viewing her the way I was. My dick was half awake even though
I felt guilty for looking at her that way.

But respectable people don’t just accept this behavior
as normal. Susie and I were still very much in love and good
parents to three teenagers. We had a group of friends who
didn’t even tell dirty jokes when we had parties together.
We had our family and our reputation to protect even if we
had stepped over the line on two separate occasions.

And when Susie opened the bathroom door again, I saw some
of that guilt coming to the surface. Standing in the doorway
she leaned against the opening and said in somewhat of a
frantic tone, “What if Ben slips up someday and tells
somebody about this?” I could see the stress she was feeling,
painted all over her face.

“I don’t know. I guess we have to pray he doesn’t.
I still trust Ben, “I replied as my wife began to tremble
just a little. “But. I mean what if it just comes out someday.
I mean I will just die, ” she said getting more and more
concerned by the second. I walked to my wife and pulled her
into my arms and assured her Ben was not going to say anything.
He has just as much to lose as we do, I told her as she began
to calm herself.

We wandered together into the kitchen as she made us some
coffee. It was easier this second time because we were alone
so we were free to talk about our feelings. But after a half
hour of honest conversation I was getting more excited
than I should have. I kept remembering her lying on the bed
taking his hard cock and begging for more.

My wife also struggled with her moral upbringing which
would never have condoned this kind of behavior. “But
we are married. And I guess what we do as a couple, is our business
and no one else’s, ” I said after she had rambled on
for some time. And the entire time I shamefully lusted for
her as she sat across from me at the table. Her oval breasts
pushed against her t shirt as her nipples appeared swollen.

“What is your biggest fear, right now?” I asked her
after a long pause, while we each thought to ourselves.
My wife hemmed and hawed for a few moments as I could clearly
see her wheels turning. “I guess that you will start to
view me differently, ” she responded. I assured Susie
I would never change my view of her even no matter what we
did even though that was not completely honest.

“I think this proves one thing to both of us, “I said
as she looked up. “What?” she asked while smiling across
from me. “I don’t think we could or would have ever done
this with Ben, if we both didn’t’ feel our marriage
and love were strong enough to handle it, ” I explained.
“I love you even more, ” she said as I told her I felt
the same way. We were new to this kind of behavior yet the
door had been opened and it remained to be seen just how far
my wife and I were willing to walk through it.

But my cock was hard watching her and remembering her from
the night before. I don’t know if my wife sensed my interest
at first yet she flirted with me as if she was in the same mood
I was. We didn’t make it to our bed but landed on the sofa
as our lips began to mesh like two red hot coals. My hands
were soon under her t shirt and the warmth of her soft breasts
was amazing. In some ways it felt like it was our first time
all over again.

Susie pulled her top over her head as my lips suckled each
of her nipples. And as I yanked her panties down Susie stopped
me briefly, “Do you want me to shower?” she asked while
gasping for air. But inside my mind I wanted her used soiled
pussy just the way it was. “No, ” I said as I pushed my
shaft past her slippery, pussy lips. Ben and I had both fucked
her the night before and as I slipped into her I felt our remains
still coating her womanhood. “Oh fuck honey, you feel
good, ” she said to me more than once. Our union was quick
yet intense as I ground myself inside of her with more and
more force until my balls exploded.

At the time I thought we were in complete control but I learned
rather quickly that the temptation bug’s, bite was more
serious than I thought. We cleaned ourselves up and went
about our daily tasks as if nothing had happened. I mowed
the grass and my wife cleaned up the house as the afternoon
slipped away without further discussion. Susie and I were
still the same people or so we thought and we had a home and
a family that needed tending to. But by late afternoon I
was on the patio enjoying a cold beer, when she walked out
and asked me what I wanted for dinner.

Was it all in my mind or did my wife have a certain sway in her
hips that was different than before? “Let’s go out
for pizza, ” I said as my wife to rush off to change. And
when she returned I marveled at her sexy appearance. Susie
stands five feet, five, long, slender woman with average
yet perky breasts. “Do I look ok?” she asked standing
before me wearing a tight pair of jeans and tank top. Of course
she looked great as we headed to our favorite pizza pub.

And it was about that time that my mind began to play games
on me. Did my wife look like she was on the make, or was it just
my imagination? Would other men see her the way I was now
seeing her? Did Susie suddenly bring out the sexual demons
in me? We each had a beer and shared the pizza before walking
out into the warmth of the summer night.

“You want to go home, or stop for another beer?” I asked.
And as I watched her more carefully than ever before, I was
mesmerized by her beauty. Her shoulder length blonde hair
and figure made a striking, sexual pose for any man who passed
by her. “I don’t care. Let’s stop for another beer.
The kids aren’t home so we are free, ” she replied as
my heart raced.

It had been less than twenty four hours since she fucked
our friend and already my mind was having more bad thoughts.
I was beginning to wonder if I was not having some kind of
mental and moral breakdown. But I didn’t know of any doctors
I could see, that would help me cure what was in my thoughts.
Susie and I held hands and walked a half block down the street
until we found a little neighborhood bar.

A couple of men were sitting at the bar as Susie and I walked
in. Immediately they turned to check her out which now bothered
me. I couldn’t recall if she always got those kinds of
looks, or was it that somehow every male now sensed she could
be available for them. “You ok? You are acting funny, ”
she whispered to me as we took a table near the door.

“I guess I am still thinking about last night. Did you
see the way the guys at the bar looked at you?” I whispered
to my wife. Susie looked toward the bar and smiled at the
men who were still staring at her. “Oh sure. But guys always
look at me that way, ” she replied. I realized I had lived
twenty years with the woman and had never seen the real sexual
side of her that other men saw. I felt I had blindly gone through
life thinking other men didn’t really notice the sexuality
of my wife so closely.

Susie and I chatted and drank our beers as we talked about
our kids, the week we had alone with them gone and what fun
it would be. “Can I ask you a question and you have to promise
to answer it truthfully, ” I asked my wife after a pause
on our conversation. Susie grew serious and nodded yes
back to me. “When you were having sex with Ben last night,
did you feel any love for him”?

It was the one question I dreaded asking and feared hearing
the answer to. Susie put her beer down and looked into my
eyes. “No, it was not love. My heart belonged to you. But
my body belonged to him for that short while, ” she replied.
“So it was just a physical attraction?” I asked quietly.
Susie glowed across from me as she explained it was just
physical but with lots more intensity than she ever thought
another she would feel with another man.

As a man and a husband I had lots to figure out but the one thing
I left the bar with was a complete trust in my wife and her
love for me. Susie and I slept in the next morning and spent
the rest of our kid free week having fun as lovers, not as
parents. And then the days turned into weeks, a Susie and
I returned to our normal routine. Well that is except for
when we made love, since I was unable to erase the memory
of her and Ben and how excited I became watching them.

But what I learned over the next year or so was as man; my view
of sex had changed. I saw men and woman differently when
I removed the love element during sex. I also struggled
with my views and felt guilty for harboring them. I bought
us a few porn movies which we watched together and we both
felt the effects. And when Susie and I made love, I thought
I felt her respond differently but never said anything.
I didn’t know if it was all in my mind or if she was feeling
the same way.

Within two years since our last incident with our friend,
Ben, I felt like the excitement we shared was not as intense
as it used to be when Susie and I made love. Physically it
remained incredible but mentally it felt routine. I wondered
how we could rekindle that uncontrollable fire without
having to add another man. But how do you tell the woman you
love, your true desires and remained loving in her eyes.

I knew two things and only two things at that point. One was
that Ben was not an option if my wife felt the same need as
I did for more excitement. Second was that I was beginning
to want more taboo activities even if it went against every
bit of my upbringing.

And when spring returned and my birthday grew near, my wife
told me she wanted to plan something special for me. Immediately
I wondered if she was talking about ordinary things or something
to do with our secret. I remember the look in her eyes once
she realized what was truly on my mind. Pulling me into our
bedroom so we could speak without the kids hearing us, Susie
closed the door. “Are you thinking what I think your thinking?”
she asked softly.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say, ” I replied,
feeling as embarrassed as I have ever felt. My wife didn’t
seem upset or angry but more like shocked that I was still
having those kinds of thoughts after all this time. Susie’
face was aglow once more as she blushed slightly before
whispering to me, “Is that what you really want for your
birthday?” For the third time in my life I had let my lust
trap me in a corner with no way out.

How does a respectable, loving husband tell his wife that
he wants her to fuck someone else as her present to him? I
could feel my face burning red the longer she stood in front
of me. “Be honest. We’ve been married too long to keep
secrets from one another, ” my wife said. Knowing now
was not the time to lie I stalled in order to catch my breath.

“Ok. Yes. I think about it a lot, ” I admitted to her
as I felt some relief. “But I wasn’t thinking of it for
my birthday. Well that is until you asked me what I wanted
the way you did. It just got my mind going again, ” I explained.
Susie walked into the bathroom for a second as I began to
worry that I had crossed some line that she would never be
able to forgive me for.

But when she appeared again she at least had a smile on her
face as she walked up to me. I felt her arms wrap around my
neck as she pressed her lips to mine. After our tender kiss,
my wife backed up and began to blush a little. “Ok I will
also admit I think about it once in a while. Probably not
as much as you. But do you really think we should do that again?”
My heart was literally racing as the words left her lips.

Just the thought of sharing her again, excited me way more
than it should have. “Would you really? Let me rephrase
that. Do you really want to?” I asked. My wife said we needed
to go check on the kids. As she opened the door, Susie turned
me and said, “Give me some time to think about it.” Even
though I felt embarrassed, and remained a mess for the rest
of the day. And when I laid down on our bed next to her in the
dark, I felt her snuggle close to me once more.

“Who were you thinking of?” she whispered to me. “Honestly
honey I don’t have anyone in mind. I mean I didn’t think
we would ever have this conversation again, ” I whispered
back. But she knew my cock was standing straight up as I felt
her reach under my shorts and began to stroke it. Her smooth
warm hands on my shaft made my head spin as she remained silent
and kept stroking me. “It shouldn’t be anyone we know, ”
she whispered. Of course at that point I would have agreed
to anything. All I could think about was having another
opportunity to watch her being fucked and how she might

My mind was going insane and when I looked up I saw my wife
let go of my cock she pulled her top over her head. The shadow
of the woman was stunning as her breasts heaved on her slender
chest. I felt as tense as I had felt since the last time she
fucked Ben. Susie slid her panties off, remaining silent
the entire time before straddling my body. Her pussy was
soaked as my hardness pierced her easily.

My wife braced herself by holding her hands against my chest
and began to move up and down in the darkness of our bedroom.
I could hear her breathing quicken as I knew her mind was
exactly where mine was at that moment. We fucked each other
while we both were imagining someone else. Just the way
she moved on top of me told me my wife was filled with as much
lust as I was. And when I exploded she panted and whimpered
throughout my orgasm.

For me, the best and worst part of our adventure was having
it back on the table but not knowing who or when. Susie never
mentioned it again although I felt it was in her thoughts
as the intensity we shared when making love, picked up immensely.
And I also felt that I had to find her the right partner quickly
as to not make this linger too long for either of us.

Our marriage had an underlying tension ever since our plans
had been finalized. My wife and I each glanced at each other
more than normal. All I could visualize was her lying on
her back sharing herself with another man. My only real
issue was the fact I would not know him nor would she, since
she wanted a stranger. That fact excited me as well as concerned
me both at the same time. It felt much different since it
was going to be a stranger.

On Saturday I suggested to my wife, she dress up real cute
and we should g out and have some fun. As soon as I said it,
Susie gave me one of her looks and I knew she understood what
I was really saying in front of our children. Blushing,
she smiled at me and replied, “Ok. I’ll be ready at eight.”
Neither of us talked to each other much during dinner as
the tension was cresting quickly.

Susie and I were quiet in the car as we backed out of our driveway.
She wore a cute black mini skirt and heels and personally
I thought she looked fantastic. One of my strongest thoughts
was why in the world I was willing to share her with anyone
else. “Where should we go?” she asked as we sped off
in search of her next lover.

“This feels really strange, ” I said after we had driven
away from our home. “I know. I am kind of wondering if this
is a good idea, after all, ” she replied. “Me too, ”
I said as both broke out laughing. My wife and I decided to
just go out and enjoy our date with no expectations which
seemed to take some pressure off ourselves.

But even having only a slim chance of sharing her again,
did excite me way more than I thought it would. Susie and
I stopped by the country bar we had met Ben the first time
and found it packed like it always was on a Saturday night.
We took a table and looked around although it felt odd to
be looking at men wondering if my wife wanted to fuck them.

Susie was dressed much nicer than most of the other women
although with me by her side, no one dared approach her.
Yet she kept searching as she bounced to the music on her
chair almost as if she was getting in the mood. Her cute face
and blonde hair made her look too good to be true but then
again being her husband I remain prejudice, of course.
And when I left her to use the men’s room, she was alone
when I returned. “Anyone ask you to dance?” I said as
I took my chair. Susie shook her head no yet smiled as if it
was no big deal for her. We danced a few times, drank too much
and headed home feeling some relief.

But the possibility of her being with someone else still
affected us both once we crawled into bed. I was not sure
my marriage would ever be the same again. “Are you disappointed?”
she asked as we snuggled next to each other. “No not really.
It was fun to think about it anyway. Maybe it will take us
more time than we thought, ” I replied right before we
melted in each other’s arms.

So the game we began to play was going out as our date night
each Saturday even if the odds of finding another man were
remote. And unexpectedly what my wife and I found was that
it helped us grow even closer as a couple. We had a full week
to spend as parents so it was nice to have Saturday nights
just for us. For me it was a combination of being on a date
with the woman I loved while also holding the remote chances
we might repeat our forbidden secret, yet again.

I was at our table enjoying the beer and music when Susie
headed off to the ladies room like she did often when she
drank beer. I had gotten to know some of the regulars, since
we went to the same bar most Saturday nights. Most couples
I recognized would smile or wave when they danced close
to the table I was at. One man, Jeff, who we had gotten to know
a little, stopped by and asked where Susie was. He had shown
interest in my wife but Susie wanted nothing to do with him.
Jeff and I chatted for a short while before my wife returned.

Jeff did his usual smile and attempted to impress my wife
but she remained polite yet not interested in him. When
Jeff left I looked at my wife, feeling like it was just another
of our date nights. “You remember what we talked about
concerning your birthday?” she asked with an odd expression.
I shook my head yes as I felt my body tense up. “Why?”
I asked as Susie stared at me.

“I might have found someone. That is if you still want
to do that again, ” she whispered. Suddenly I went from
feeling comfortable to being a nervous wreck. It’s one
thing to want it, or dream about it but when it gets real,
it felt quite different. “Who?” I asked as I searched
frantically around the bar. Susie blushed and whispered
there was a man she noticed at the bar and stopped on her way
back to talk with him. “I didn’t mention anything about
our secret, ” she said as her eyes seem to sparkle more
the usual.

I had to settle my nerves while I remained silent across
from my wife. I had more concerns than desire. “So I should
go spend some time and see how I feel?” she asked quite
nervous as well. I remember nodding yes while feeling a
pit in my stomach growing larger by the second.

And when I lost sight of my wife in the crowd, I began to have
second thoughts at the same time I felt my cock coming to
life. I sat there alone feeling like I had lost my mind for
sure. And one minute turned into five and then into ten as
my wife didn’t return. If I had been able to rationally
think, I should have realized it would take a woman longer
than ten minutes to figure out if she wanted to be intimate
with someone. But I was not rational and wondered if I had
lost my wife forever.

Ben, the man she had been with twice, was a friend and someone
I knew and trusted. Now my wife was talking with a complete
stranger and it didn’t set well inside of me. And when
I went to the men’s room, I casually searched for Susie
and saw her at the bar talking and laughing with a man I never
thought would be her type. I stared with amazement since
the man looked nothing like Ben or I. He was quite tall and
my wife looked tiny next to him.

I felt my heart racing as she was tasteful yet definitely
was flirting with him at the bar. Her back was too me yet I
saw her body language and how she was gaining his interest.
The man reached out and pulled her closer as my heart beat
drowned out the loud music. Susie moved tight to him as her
ass squirmed when he held her tight to his crotch.

I became too nervous to watch as I returned to our table and
waited as if she was given birth to my child. I ordered another
beer and tried as best I could to gather my wits, knowing
she was with him at the bar. And a half hour later, Susie returned
with a red face and a definite sway in her hips. “You ok?”
I asked as she took her chair.

“Yes. I’m ok. What do you think? I told him everything
and he is interested if we still are, ” Susie said softly
between songs. I sensed she was physically and mentally
aroused from being with the man even if I thought he was not
her type. Our ride down the street in search of a hotel was
a blur for both of us. Susie and I were definitely stepping
way over the line much farther this time since Jake was a
complete stranger.

Jake followed us in his truck to a motel although my wife
and I said very little. Pulling in and parking I looked at
my wife one more time and said, “Should we get a room”?
My wife was shaking next to me in the front seat and offered
a half smile before replying, “Sure. If you still want
to.” Leaning over I kissed her lips and sensed how horny
she truly was. Walking to the front desk, paying for the
room and walking back felt completely different than when
we had Ben involved with us.

I motioned for Ben and my wife to follow me as we walked up
the outside stairs to the room. It was clean although dated
as we all entered. Jake and I shook hands but didn’t really
know what else to say to him. If I could have stopped and thought
for a second I would probably have stopped the whole thing.
But when I glanced over and saw Susie standing nervously
yet delicious I just backed away figuring nature would
take its course.

Jake turned away from me and walked up to her. Jake had to
be six foot something and when he pulled Susie into his arms
she disappeared. I took a seat wondering what in the world
had I gotten her into. But she kissed him and clearly was
aroused from the beginning. The two of them embraced for
a long time as I suppose they needed time to adjust to one
another. I sat on the chair, watching and feeling fairly
useless at that point.

Being in a room filled where forbidden sex was beginning
to explode affected me, as my cock began to quickly harden.
Susie and Jake were growing more passionate with their
embrace and kisses. It looked as if the hungry side of their
sexuality was coming to the surface. My wife began to gasp
for air as I watched her every move and realizing she was
slipping over the edge with her lover. Her response to Jake
was incredible and disturbing both at the same time. Why
had she picked him? What in the world made her want to fuck
this man and not someone else? I had no answered and could
only sit and watch how they were together.

Jake was soon grabbing her ass with both hands forcing his
manhood to press against her pussy. Susie’s top came
off and Jake attacked her breasts while she hurried to remove
her bra for him. She clearly wanted to show him her flesh
as I stared at the two of them in a daze. It was like witnessing
two animals desperately following their instincts. Had
I become numb when I witnessed my wife half naked in front
of another man?

My cock was painful as Susie slipped her skirt off while
Jake stripped next to her. Her pink panties clung to her
crack as she turned their bed down and offered me a quick
smile. The slender curves of my wife looked more than appealing
as her nipples pointed upward while she waited for Jake
to join her. And as he pushed his shorts down, Susie glanced
in my direction smiling.

And as I sat and watched the two of them getting hotter and
hotter, I knew she had let him go too far to stop him if she
had any second thoughts remaining. I was so caught up in
the situation I began stroking my own cock as the pressure
was too much to handle. Jake laid on the bed with a large,
hard cock for her to satisfy before she could return to being
my wife. They embraced as their bare flesh branded each
other like lovers do.

And I must have looked away for a split second and when I looked
back Jake was on his back while my wife was sucking his shaft
a few feet from my chair. I stared and stared almost not believing
what I was seeing. Her red lipstick covered lips were wrapped
around his throbbing organ. The same lips I loved to kiss
were now busy satisfying his shaft in front of me.

And the way she was sucking him disturbed me at first as she
seemed to savor his cock and big hairy sack. Jake’s cock
had thick bulging veins on the sides as her warm lips ran
over them as she took as much of him into her mouth as she could.
It was the sickest and most exciting sexual act I had ever
witnessed or been part of. And the longer she sucked him,
the more dominate Jake was becoming. His needs were taking
center stage for sure. At one point he yanked her panties
down her legs as she helped him as best she could.

I knew of the terms, voyeur and pervert and I felt like it
was both at that point. My wife was on a bed with a man she just
met and I was stroking my shaft watching them together.
Jake pinned her on her back and used his fingers to hold her
love button clear of its cover while his tongue began to
drive her insane. He soon began to taste her nectar while
it gushed out of her pussy. “Oh yes” and OH fuck, ”
was her response as he licked her into frenzy. She had one
hand full of sheets as she gripped down and rode out her first
orgasm and all I did was watch.

Her fine blonde pubic hair was matted down as I stood over
them and witnessed her second violent orgasm while still
stroking my cock. All I knew at that point was the three of
us could not have stopped even if the place caught on fire.
And I am not proud of that fact but at the time, that was how
intense it was in the room.

And when Jake let his tongue lick up pussy for the last time,
he arched himself up and moved on top of her like a cat about
to consume its prey. And I stood there and didn’t offer
a hand to save my wife as Jake moved into position above her.
My wife lay still panting and mumbling while she felt legs
forced apart. Jake’s hard shaft pressed to her wet lips
as I held my breath.

He pushed just slightly at her as the round head of his cock
pushed between her swollen wet folds of warmness. And of
all the things I had witnessed with our friend, when he entered
her was one of the most exciting for me to see. With Jake I
stood at the edge of the bed and watched him begin to consume
her womanhood and could hardly take my eyes off of the two
of them becoming one.

Susie’s mouth remained open as she gasped and squirmed
under him while she felt him entering her without being
able to stop his advances. Jakes shaft was four or five inches
inside of her as she began to moan louder than she ever had
before. I had learned to value the ordeal she went through
when our friend had fucked her. It looked to me she had to
adjust and endure while her partner probed deeper and deeper
without an option. Jake was a big man and soon pressed himself
all the way inside of my wife as the air rushed from her lungs.

I had such incredible swings of my emotions at that point.
I felt sorry for her although I knew she was floating on a
cloud. I felt jealous of him for having her for his own, even
if it would not last very long. And I grew a bit angry or concerned
when he began to really fuck my wife so hard. “Oh my Goodness, ”
I thought she said as he pumped in and out with hard thrusts.

It was hard to believe Susie and I were once again doing this
even if was happening right before my eyes. Her arms were
hanging on for dear life wrapped around his neck as he punished
her with his cock. Jake was nothing like our friend and didn’t
take into account how she was handing it or cared one bit
how I was either.

I was both thrilled and deeply concerned watching the woman
I loved being fucked so hard. Shamefully I was as hard as
I could have been witnessing him doing her the way he was.
It was something I would no doubt feel guilty about for a
long time. But at the time, I stared at her pussy stretched
around his shaft and listened to her moaning and whimpering
during their union. “Oh yes baby, ” she muttered once
as I saw Jake tense up and figured he was filling her with
his cum. Jake grunted one time as he continued filling my
wife with his sticky cum sending my mind to a place it should
have never gone.

And when he had used her and was satisfied, I stood by waiting
for my turn while the two of them lingered in each other’s
arms for some time. Jake rammed her a few times after he was
emptied as she squirmed under him still in his grasp. But
his shaft had done its damage to her and I saw it when he finally
climbed off her and walked to the bathroom.

My wife’s hair was messed up; her makeup altered but as
my eyes moved down to her breasts. I immediately noticed
red marks Jake had also left on her. And her pussy still leaked
with drops of white cum. Still panting for air, Susie looked
up at me and offered another of her embarrassing smile.
I stripped quickly and climbed next to her on the bed she
had just shared with Jake. We kissed a few times before he
walked out, got dressed and thanked us both for a fun time.
It was then that my wife and I should come to grips with what
we had done. “Do you think we should talk?” she asked.
I was too aroused to talk first and climbed onto her as she
spread her legs sensing I was too horny to control myself
any more.

Looking back I can see how that was a selfish act on my part,
since Susie may have needed to talk about what we had done
and all I needed was to fuck her. And my sweet wife didn’t
object and in fact responded well with me inside of her during
our short, intense union.

But I exploded quickly as I laid gasping for air on top of
her while she held me close to her with her tender arms. With
our hearts both pounding next to each other’s I felt like
for the third time, we had lost the fight to behave as normal
couples behave. I was also no longer sure we had not started
something we would not be able to stop.

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Wow! That was hot, What a fantastic, sexy wife. Sounds like
you need to do it more often and loose the guilt. My girl and
I love our encounters and talk about them for days


Members can vote on this response!

Another excellent story! I really appreciate your sharing
of thoughts from both you and your wife. Thanks!


Members can vote on this response!

great and sexy story


Members can vote on this response!

Great article I could tell you spoke from your heart but
let me assure you that you are normal nothing is wrong with
you. I thought for years that something was wrong with me
also until I found out jusy how many men are like me in this
world. The only problem you have to solve is your feelings
because now she has tried it and liked it so come to grips
with it and let her enjoy it and you will begin to enjoy it
as well. The best way to understand love between one another
is to let her know you are pleased to see her satisfied even
if it's another man that does it for her and she will
a;lways love you and most of all always go home with the man
she loves. I haveshared my wife with countless men during
the past 25 years and we have never loved each other more
than the present.


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Wonderfully honest story. I felt your emotions and enjoyed
how you describe the activities. Hope it helps more couples
be honest with what they want to share. I believe you and
your wife are still happily married even after this encounter.
Great story!


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great great story.. I am sure you are great couple, no need at all to feel guilty
or anything ) Just enjoyyyy


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This was very erotic.... Bravo. You are one lucky guy.


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We love reading your stories, thank you for sharing so honestly
and raw!! I encourage my husband to read them, so he can see
it from another man's point of view and understand
how I feel at times watching him with other women. I love
your words...thanks again!!


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Wow what a wonderful story. It show just how much fun it can
be and it is really normal to feel that way. Please keep the
stories coming.


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my wife and I had one adventure like this - I long for more
since I loved watching her being fucked by another man,
but the guilt and worry on her part ensures that it will never
happen again - I still fantasize with the memories.


Members can vote on this response!

Turnabout fair play? Would she do the same for you?


Members can vote on this response!

It would be interesting to read your wife's take on
one of those encounters.


Members can vote on this response!

I just kept wondering when you were going to join in.


Members can vote on this response!

I have been the "Bull" on a few occasions and
always was curious about how the husband felt watching
his wife suck and fuck another man -- Thanks for the honest
, introspective , detailed feelings of what a cuck feels
before, during and after sharing his wife. My first tiem as the "third" I kinda felt sorry
for the husband but at the same time the excitement of him
watching was incredible. My second time, I had a post sex
conversation with the husband and he explained the rush
he got watching his wife fucking and sucking me and how it
actually strenghtened their relationship and how fantastic
their sex was reliving thier encounters. Well all have
desires that are out of the "norm" whatever
the hell that is -- BRAVO -- thanks


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Wow, your honesty was very interesting in that you were
on an adventure that you weren't sure how it would end.
If you let nature take it's course, you will probably
have a very happy marriage in that she seems to think of you
as her brick. My experience was to let MW do what she felt
was stimulating to our marriage, but totally satisfying
for her. All the men she picked were great in their skills
as lovers for the most part. Some were better than others
and some were just good friends that she knew she was allowing
their fantasies to come true. She loves to feel a man climax
and than tell her he has never experienced such a wonderful
vagina as hers. She has had her vagina tightened and it is
incredible. So give your wife room freedom to express her
sexual capacity and it will pay dividends in your marriage
relationship. Tell her she needs to be careful and stay
away from strangers who will sooner or later give her an
STD. She needs to find men who she can trust and become their
fuck buddy for safty's sake. Keep us up on your latest
adventures, your story was HOT.


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Great Real story your pain and pleasure has you very conflicted,
but your passion for your wife's pleasure wins out.
Let her enjoy herself and join in the freedom. This shouldnt
be a one sided issue.


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amazing, please continue


Members can vote on this response!

Great writting! A+


Members can vote on this response!

Thank you for a look into the feelings you were feeling during
the encounters. That aspect is very rarely addressed.
You bring some valid points and its good you and your wife
are able to discuss your feelings.


Members can vote on this response!

I agree with many of the other comments about how you struggle
in your mind about sharing your wife. But you do not consider
the obvious, which is, are you turning her into something
of a sex toy for you and others to use? You address your base
needs, but what about her point of view? Is she doing, because
she loves you and will do anything you want or does she feel
your charge at seeing herself used by other men? And why
did she pick Jake?


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I'm jealous as hell and horny


Members can vote on this response!

This is a very honest and true feelings of having shared
the wife with someone else. As much as many men fantasise
about watching some one else fuck their wives, most never
acted it out. These are the reasons and many more perhaps. Nice and interesting admissions by this gentleman.


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An interesting article and perspective!


Members can vote on this response!

Mind blowing, emotional journey, one I long to take


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56602]The other side of the swinging game..thanks