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Sharing my wife


This will be a true account, as accurate as my recollection can make it be, of my wife’s first experience being shared with another man by me, and of that event’s effect on our relationship. She has read it, and her corrections have been incorporated in the final draft. There’s something here for both men and women, and you are invited to share our memory of a singular erotic adventure with us here.

About three years ago I revealed to my wife that I would very much enjoy seeing her having sex with another man. In the course of a long weekend afternoon, I told her about several episodes which had occurred in the course of my brief first marriage during which I’d watched my nineteen year old first wife as she had sex with other men, and I confessed that I often still fantasized about some of those events while masturbating.

My wife had no idea that I had such a desire, and she admitted being somewhat shocked to learn that I felt that way. She reassured me that she could accept my interest in this type of voyeurism, without fully understanding it, but she said that she could never do such a thing herself. She wouldn’t rule out fantasizing about it during sex, she told me, but she would never consider actually allowing it to really happen.

With the subject finally in the open, I began to introduce fantasies during our sexual activities describing various situations where she might find it pleasurable to copulate with other men. I would tell her that I’d enjoy watching it happen, but that I would also understand if it were too personal for her to share with me this way. Initially, she seemed to be merely tolerating the fantasies for my sake, but over time she reached a point where she seemed to be enjoying them, during our sexual activities at least. When the sex was over, however, it was clear that she still had no interest in actually allowing such a thing to happen.

We have a friend, a single man about my wife’s age, who we socialized with regularly at the time these changes in our fantasy life were taking place. I strongly suspected that he was a virgin. I’d never known him to date, but his interest seemed focussed on women, so I didn’t think he was gay, just extremely shy and socially awkward where women were concerned.

I began to personalize the fantasies by casting our friend in the role of my wife’s lover, instead of the purely imaginary characters or strangers I’d built the fantasies around until then. At first, it seemed to embarrass my wife a little, but I pointed out that he was a good friend, who she enjoyed socializing with, and that by focussing on someone who was real the fantasy would be more powerful. I also pointed out that he was someone I knew that she regarded as physically attractive, and that this didn’t bother me in the least. With that, she seemed to loosen up and began to enjoy the fantasies, with our friend regularly playing the role of her lover in them.

This went on for a period of months, and she seemed to be getting more comfortable with the idea of being with another man, or, more precisely, of being with our friend. She began to participate more in the fantasies, directing the course they’d take herself, rather than simply accepting the scenario I’d propose. One afternoon, I brought the subject up again, from the point of view of, “I know that you’ve said you could never do this, but if you ever change your mind, please let me know.” To my complete surprise, she wasn’t at all dogmatic about not being able to do such a thing this time. She brought up a dozen reasons why it might be difficult, or unwise, to do it, but she no longer seemed to be utterly opposed to the idea itself.

I began to focus more on very prosaic and plausible scenarios during our fantasies, where she and our friend would find themselves alone together, and their sexual activities occurred almost as an afterthought. She seemed to have a growing interest in at least the remote possibility of such a thing happening, and began (for the first time) to talk about it away from the context of our sexual activities together. She was now occasionally talking about having intercourse with our friend in a hypothetical way that focussed only on some of the details of the difficulties to be overcome before such a thing might happen. She wasn’t yet willing to commit, specifically, to being willing to actually do it, but she no longer considered it to be something she absolutely wouldn’t do either.

At this time we had access to a private swimming pool where we had the opportunity to occasionally go ‘skinny dipping’. Our friend knew about it, and I thought that he might be receptive to joining us there for a swim, so I invited him. After a number of planned rendezvous fell through, he finally joined us there one day.

It seemed to take forever to break the ice that afternoon. Both my wife and our friend sat around, fully dressed, apparently embarrassed at the prospect of being the first to take their clothes off. I went ahead and disrobed and got in the pool. After awhile, my wife came to the pool with her towel wrapped around her, leaving it on a chair as she quickly got into the pool. After another few minutes, our friend came into the pool area, and jumped in.

I think that we were both surprised at the appearance of his penis. Frankly, it was larger than I’d expected it to be. He often wears fairly tight jeans, and it seemed odd to me that I’d never noticed a bulge, given the size of the penis I was seeing as he walked toward the pool.

Now, in some of the stories that I’ve read in forums such as this one, the description of a gigantic organ would ensue at this point. The truth is not quite so dramatic. Our friend’s penis, completely soft, was about five inches long, but quite thick. The head was fairly small and pointed, but it was bigger around than a silver dollar where the shaft met the tip and it tapered to an even thicker dimension at its base. It was noticeably darker in color than the surrounding skin, and that seemed to emphasize it even more. Even soft, it had a pronounced tendency to an ‘upward’ curvature and it flopped limply from side to side as he walked quickly to the pool and jumped in. I could see out of the corner of my eye that my wife was staring at it the entire time he took to walk across the deck.

Nothing happened that day, but I saw my wife glancing very openly at our friend’s penis more than once. I’m not particularly well endowed. Erect, I’m about five and three quarters inches long and about as thick as the tube that toilet paper is wound on. My scrotum is probably on the smaller side of average, and our friend easily outclassed me in that department as well. She was clearly fascinated by what she saw, and she made no effort to conceal her interest and curiosity.

That night she told me that she’d been giving the things we’d talked and fantasized about some thought, and that she’d decided that she was willing to have sex with our friend, If I wanted her to, and that she didn’t mind if I watched them do it. I think that she probably thought that I’d already broached the subject with him. (which I hadn’t) I told her that he had no idea that we fantasized about him, but that I would find a good way to tell him as soon as I could.

I realize that most people with our intentions would have moved fairly quickly to invite our friend into their bed, but we didn’t. To understand this you really have to know us… As you’ve probably gathered from my writing style, I tend to be a very ‘detail oriented’ person. My wife tends to be shy and our friend is socially a little backward, where women are concerned anyway. To visualize me, think John Goodman, in slacks rather than jeans. My wife is a Demi Moore type, somewhat ‘gone to seed’, as she says, and our friend is a six foot, handsome and physically fit specimen. (he’s an accomplished amateur runner) Imagine Dilbert on steroids.

One ‘detail’ about us that I haven’t mentioned yet is that we are generally pretty casual about nudity, the embarrassment of my wife that first time at the pool notwithstanding. (her feeling of embarrassment that day had less to do with nudity than it had to do with sexuality) This detail will be important to the story, so I mention it here. Most people aren’t as casual about it as we are, and it may seem a little implausible that we would be nude or semi-nude around the house when our friend was present, but it’s the simple truth. Those of you who are nudists will understand this, and those of you who aren’t may not.

Once my wife decided to make her sexual favors available to our friend it fell to me to recruit him. She made it very clear that she just couldn’t get up the nerve to seduce him. She was concerned that he might reject her, which would have been embarrassing for everyone and would certainly have strained our friendship.

Given our respective personalities, I felt that it might be difficult for me to bring the subject up with our friend. (a feeling that turned out to be well-founded) We both worked for the same company at that time, so it was possible to talk with him informally during the day, but the workplace isn’t the best setting to spring something like that on someone, so I knew that it would have to happen sometime when we were socializing on a weekend.

I really agonized over the right way to bring the subject up. After the pool incident, I was getting some subtle signals in my conversations with our friend that his interest had been piqued. It seemed to me that we were having more conversations with sexual overtones, and I felt fairly confident that he wouldn’t reject the opportunity to have intercourse with my wife out of hand. I couldn’t bring myself to just blurt it out, however, and the project began to drag on a bit.

In the meantime, my wife would occasionally and ever so casually (usually while doing something like folding the laundry and not looking at me as she did so) ask, “Oh, by the way, have you talked with X about getting together yet?” I would have to report no progress, and I believe that she was beginning to wonder whether I’d developed ‘cold feet’. Finally we had a frank conversation about it, and I admitted that I was having trouble bringing the subject up. Knowing that I often prefer the written word to spoken ones, she then suggested that I write him a letter to introduce the subject.

I modified her idea somewhat, and turned the letter into something a little more like a combination questionnaire and proposal. We set a date when we’d all three be spending the day together and I told my wife that I’d give him the note on the way to a nearby larger city, where we each had shopping missions planned, so that he’d have some time to think about his answer during our day together.

I failed to get the note into his hands on the way there. I kept looking for an opening, and it just wasn’t there. My poor wife was squirming in her seat for the entire trip, waiting for me to give him the letter, and I choked. When we got to our destination, we each did our shopping, with my wife frequently shooting the dreaded ‘Look’ at me as we did so, and I knew that the time had come to stand and deliver, or wish that I had.

On the return trip, there was much less conversation. We were all worn out from fighting the crowds and traffic and there were long periods of silence. Finally, I took the folded note from my shirt pocket and said, “X, there’s something that we’ve both been wanting to talk with you about for quite awhile, but I haven’t been able to find a way to say it, so I wrote it down for you to read here.”

Our friend, who was in the back seat, had the oddest expression on his face as he leaned forward and took the note from me. I remember having a passing thought that he looked as though he was thinking that he was about to be ‘downsized’, and laid off as a friend of ours. He sat back in the seat and began to read the note, which ran a couple of pages. Hoping to discern how he might feel about our ‘indecent proposal’, I kept trying to catch glimpses of his facial expressions in the rear view mirror as my wife sat very still, with her hands in her lap, and stared straight ahead.

There wasn’t the slightest hint on his face of what must have been going on in his mind. It was a mask of careful attention, a perfect poker face. He read the note twice, folded it carefully and handed it back to me. He was obviously about to say something, so I kept my mouth shut to avoid spoiling the moment.

Finally he cleared his throat and said, “You’re right, I’m a virgin. I’ve always had some problems with confidence where women are concerned.” He then went on to recount some personal details to illustrate his point. Then he admitted that he’d fantasized about having sex with my wife quite a few times as he masturbated since the pool incident, and that, yes, he would be willing to give what we were suggesting a try, but that he’d like to take it slowly at first if we didn’t mind.

My wife must have been holding her breath, because I could hear her letting it out. I said that it would probably be best if I orchestrated the first encounter between them, so that neither would feel obligated to be responsible for making the ‘first move’, and that I would take it in steps, rather than plunging in. All then agreed, and we felt a tremendous sense of relief as well as anticipation.

That night he dropped by, as was his habit, to watch a movie with us. We were nude when he got there, and didn’t put anything on when he came in. He seemed a little tense, so I suggested that he just make himself comfortable, without feeling that he had to be completely nude, and he took off his shoes and socks, as well as his shirt, and got in bed with us where we watched the movie on the bedroom TV.

After the movie, I told him that it was time for him to get out of his clothes, and that I’d be orchestrating the events that would happen as we’d agreed to do earlier. He got up, somewhat stiffly, and took his pants and briefs off, folding them neatly and laying them next to his shirt and socks on the hope chest at the foot of the bed.

He wasn’t yet erect, but his penis was somewhat swollen, and it swayed from side to side, pointing downward (but with an upward curvature) at a 45 degree angle as he moved. He crawled back in bed with us, and I got up to set up a video camera to record the event. I noticed him reaching for a Kleenex to wipe the tip of his penis, and within just a few seconds of him handling his penis to wipe it, I saw it becoming erect very quickly, until it pointed upward and was wedged tightly against his stomach. I remember joking that I hadn’t had a erection happen that quickly since I was 17 years old and everyone laughed.

I told him that he was going to ejaculate that night, and that my wife was going to help him do it, but that he would still be a virgin when he left. I could see alternating expressions of relief and disappointment on his face. He’d said that he wanted to take things slowly, and that’s how he was going to get it.

I told my wife to take his penis in her hand, and (after a second of nervous hesitation) she turned over onto her stomach and positioned herself up on her left elbow between his legs, with her face very near his crotch. For just a moment, I thought she might be about to improvise, and take him in her mouth, but she didn’t.

She did examine it closely (she didn’t have her glasses on) as she began to stroke it, milking quite a bit of fluid from its tip, and using it to lubricate the end of his penis (which she was concentrating her efforts on) as she cupped and gently massaged his almost hairless scrotum with her left hand. At one point, she seemed to briefly lick or kiss the underside of his penis, but this was the extent of her exploration in that regard. (She doesn’t tend to be very ‘oral’, unfortunately)

He was lying on his back, with his head and shoulders propped up on my wife’s pillows, and I noticed that she had to gently pry his penis away from his stomach in order to fondle it. It was extremely rigid, and it seemed to have a strong tendency to ‘snap’ back into a position that pointed up tightly against his belly when she let it go to change her position slightly. For a moment, I was tempted to take a ruler and measure it, but that seemed a little too personal, and I didn’t.

I could see it clearly, however, and I would estimate its erect length at something longer than seven, probably near seven and a half inches, long. The ‘glans’ of his circumcised penis remained rather small, in proportion to his penis, even when his penis was completely erect, and had a somewhat more sharply conical shape than is commonly seen, with a pointed tip at its end not much larger than the opening of the urethra itself. It was very pink in color, in contrast with the shaft itself, which was slightly darker.

I got a tube of KY Jelly from the nightstand, and dropped a generous glob of it on her palm and watched as she turned her head toward him and began to masturbate him in earnest. She seemed to be completely oblivious to me, and was clearly enjoying herself as she did so. He didn’t last long at all and toward the end my wife could apparently tell that his ejaculation was imminent and laid his penis up close to his stomach, at which point she began to concentrate her efforts on its tip again. Within a few seconds he began to tremble and moan softly, then began clenching his buttocks repeatedly as he ejaculated three or four long, ropy strings of thick, bright white semen up onto his stomach, chest and neck as she continued to jack the head of his spurting penis as vigorously as she could. The volume of his ejaculation was impressive, and it reminded me of the large amount of sperm that I would often ejaculate when I was a teenager.

I went to the bathroom, to get him a wet washrag, and he cleaned himself off. The stiffness of his erection was gone, but his penis was still swollen to nearly its erect size, and he said that he could probably ejaculate again, and would like to if that was OK with us.

My wife fondled his penis and scrotum for awhile until his erection returned. (although it seemed to be slightly less stiff than it had been the first time) Once he was erect, he took about five minutes the second time, and when he ejaculated, my wife was holding his penis pointing straight up, away from his stomach this time, and several large droplets of his semen spurted up into her hair. Although the volume of his second ejaculation was less than the first he’d had earlier, it was still more than I usually produce, even after abstaining for several days.

After he left we had sex twice. The first time, we fucked with great intensity right after he left, and then once again more slowly about an hour later, right before we turned in for the night. And yes, she was very, very wet. We’d crossed a line in our marriage, but not quite all the way, and the feeling of being in a sort of sexual ‘limbo’ that we felt was enjoyable to both of us. I said something like, “Sooner or later, he’ll do that (ejaculate) up into your vagina,” and she laughed, with an odd expression on her face that made it clear to me that, yes, he probably would whether I wanted them to or not. She could tell that I could sense this, and said, in a very loving way, “Honey, I would have been happy to be with you only for the rest of my life, but I’m afraid that you’ve unleashed something in me. Do you understand?” I told her that I did and we went to sleep.

After my wife masturbated our friend that first time we began a period of roughly four months during which he would visit us on Friday evenings, just as he’d been doing for some time, to watch a movie that one of us had rented earlier that evening. (all three of us would alternate being the one to choose the movie so that each of us had a chance to pick some of their favorite titles) What made this period of time different, for all of us, was that after the movie my wife would make sure that our friend had experienced at least one ejaculation before he went home.

For most of those four months, my wife used only her hands to masturbate our friend. Sometimes she would lay down beside him, sometimes she would kneel beside him and sometimes she would sit on his thighs as she masturbated him. She learned his rhythms, what he liked and didn’t like, and became quite an expert at jacking him off. Sometimes she would jack him off with lubrication, and sometimes without. Sometimes she would try to finish him off quickly, and sometimes she would build him slowly to some really impressive, ball draining ejaculations. Sometimes he would ejaculate once, sometimes twice. Usually she would aim his ejaculation up onto his chest, but she allowed it to land on her breasts a few times and once, to their immense amusement, she aimed his penis to the side at the last second and his semen squirted in several long, viscous strings out onto the sheet on my side of the bed.

After several weeks had passed, he asked her if he could masturbate her in return. (he knew that I’d been making sure she had her orgasm after he went home) She was briefly a little hesitant when he asked her, but she told me later that she’d decided that I would have to get used to the sight of her having orgasms with him at some point, and she allowed him masturbate her with his hand.

The first time he attempted to masturbate her, his technique was terribly crude. In fact, it was completely ineffective. He began by using his middle finger, like a dildo, plunging it as rapidly as he could in and out of her vagina. She told him that, for her, the action was mostly on the outside, and showed him how to massage her clitoris, and the area in front of it, until she had her first orgasm with him. His technique became steadily better and soon they were masturbating each other quite skillfully. He then began to experiment with oral sex, and was able to bring her to multiple orgasms using his mouth even though she never once offered to suck his penis in return. (despite my desire and numerous requests, expressed at times when he wasn’t present, that she do so)

At this point they were ready for more, but we had been putting off their having sexual intercourse by mutual agreement to make it that much more ‘forbidden’ and powerful for all of us when it finally did happen. They had reached a point where they clearly wanted each other this way, but I kept them from taking the final step, knowing how much the tension was building for them. I realized that, if I stood in their way too long that they’d probably meet secretly, so I began to fight a retreating action, giving the nod of approval to a little more each time we’d get together.

At this point my wife abandoned the use of her hands to masturbate him. She would have him lie on his back, and then she would apply a glob of KY Jelly to the underside of his penis, as it lay erect against his belly. Then she would sit on his lap and begin thrusting with her hips, sliding her wet slit up and down the underside of his penis. I kept a close eye on what was happening, knowing that they were both tempted to let his penis slide up into her. Fortunately, his sheer size, the pronounced upward curvature of his penis, and the way he carried it held tight up against his stomach when erect made an accidental insertion fairly unlikely.

In the beginning, using her new technique, my wife would hunch him with her hips until he was just about to ejaculate, and then she’d stop abruptly, with roughly half of his penis exposed in front of her vaginal area. She would then watch him attentively as he ejaculated his sperm up onto his stomach and chest. Although she isn’t much of a ‘talker’ during sexual activity, I did happen to overhear her say to him in a low voice the second or third time they did this that she loved the sight of his semen, “Coming out of you so close (to her vagina).”

After she’d masturbated him this way a number of times I noticed that their discipline was beginning to break down. She was becoming increasingly careless with her hip thrusts, and I could tell that they both desperately wanted for his penis to ‘accidentally’ slip up into her vagina.

Inevitably, there came a night when they took a step to a point just barely short of actual intercourse. She was hunching her hips, and rubbing her slit against his penis as had become their custom, and coming very close to having an orgasm herself doing it. He held off as long as he could and, just as he was about to ejaculate, he put his hands on her hips, urging her to move her vagina’s opening up over the tip of his penis. He’d done this a couple of times before, but she’d always refused, shaking her head ‘no’, until this time.

This time, however, she quickly slid upward in his lap until the tip of his penis was directly beneath the opening of her vagina. He told me later that he could feel the tip of his penis slip into the outer opening of her vagina when she did this and that he’d lost control, ejaculating involuntarily as she gently rocked her hips in place.

Suddenly, I saw a shocked expression on her face, and she desperately tried to raise her crotch off of his lap in order to separate from him. His eyes were glazed, however, and he was well past any ability to control himself. He threw his head back and held her wide hips tightly against his lap with his arms, and I could tell that he was ejaculating as powerfully as he ever had with her.

As soon as the throes of his orgasm passed, he returned to his senses and instantly released his grip on her hips. Franticly, she scrambled off of his lap, sitting cross-legged beside him on the bed and pulling the lips of her vagina apart quickly as if searching for an injury. He had a stricken expression on his face, as though he felt he’d done something terrible, and she had a panicked expression on hers as she leaned back, with her body bent over sharply at her waist so that she could see the opening of her vagina as closely as possible.

At that moment, I saw his semen. A thick, white globule of it was visible in the opening of her vagina. It hung suspended there for a fleeting moment, and then it began to run out of her in several large white clots onto the sheet. She had moved to a position in his lap which allowed the tip of his penis to enter the outer opening of her vagina, and the KY Jelly had made such an effective seal between their bodies that his semen had been pumped into her as he ejaculated as surely as if he’d been deep inside her. She’d felt it spurting up into her vagina, she told me later, and had panicked.

I held her legs apart and told her to sit still, telling her that it was alright, that I wasn’t upset and that we’d all known this would happen at some point. I reassured our friend that what had happened was OK, and told him to look at his sperm, up inside a woman’s body for the first time, and he joined me as I watched it dripping slowly out of her body.

I told them that there was no longer any point in them putting off having intercourse, that he’d finally managed to get some of his semen into my wife’s vagina and that what had happened couldn’t ever be undone. I told him absolutely not to masturbate, even a single time during the coming week, because that next Friday he was going to have sex with my wife, and that she deserved his best performance, and as much of his semen as he could possibly manage to leave inside of her.

She was straightening the sheets, moving on her hands and knees across the bed as I said this to our friend, who was now standing beside the bed. When she turned her back toward me I turned and moved quickly between her legs, mounting her abruptly from behind. Without waiting for our friend to get dressed and leave the room (as had been our habit until then) I pushed my penis into her vagina and began to fuck her, without preliminaries or permission, as hard and fast as I could. She obviously wasn’t expecting it, and she struggled instinctively for a moment before submitting and laying the upper part of her body down against the bed as she pushed her crotch back against my hips to meet my thrusts.

As I heard him starting his car in the driveway I was already ejaculating my own sperm as deep as my penis would reach in her vagina. I could feel the slimy residue of my friend’s semen there, and I remember thinking that his penis would easily reach deeper into my wife’s vagina than I ever could, and that he would soon be doing exactly that on a regular basis. Although my wife had a tubal ligation several years ago, all I could think about at that moment was that sometimes women get pregnant even after such surgery, and I didn't want for his to be the only semen inside her when she went to sleep that night.

I stayed up fairly late that night, long after I’d finished fucking my wife and she’d gone to bed. I watched an old war movie on TV as she slept soundly on her side of the bed in a fetal position with her back to me. As the movie ended, and I was preparing to turn in, I lifted the edge of her sheet, to get a peek at her nude body, and I noticed that a thick stream of faintly translucent liquid had traced a course from the opening of her vagina down across her buttock and onto the sheet beneath her.

The sight of my wife lying there, nude and asleep, with two men’s mingled semen leaking out of her vagina, was overpoweringly erotic to me and I began to masturbate. I played the images of her franticly trying to get off of him, and of her brief struggle as I mounted her, over and over in my mind until I shot a small quantity of almost clear semen up onto my stomach. My urethra burned and testicles ached, the way they do when I’ve forced an ejaculation with too little semen in my body to make the plumbing work right. I wiped the pale fluid off my stomach with a Kleenex, turned out the light and rolled over, with an image of my wife fucking my friend playing in my mind until I drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later, probably around 3:00 am, my wife woke me by pushing her butt back against me, as she sometimes does. I felt her hand reaching behind her, as she groped in the darkness until she found my penis, which was erect. (I suppose that she must have brushed against me, discovering its condition before she woke me) She jacked it several times, and then used her hand to lift her buttock so that I could enter her easily.

My penis slipped effortlessly into her slick vagina and I began fucking her in a slow, steady rhythm as I reached around her and massaged her clitoris. She reached her orgasm fairly quickly, but I could tell that I would have quite a bit of difficulty doing the same. I sometimes reach a point after a great deal of sexual excitement where, even though I’m erect, it’s almost impossible for me to ejaculate, and I was at that point.

Knowing that she expected me to ejaculate, I began to move more rapidly and then flexed my penis several times as powerfully as I could, while at the same time making the sounds she’d expect to hear, and slipped out of her. She reached back and patted my side gently and rolled over to her side of the bed again, and we both went back to sleep.

All week long I could see the anticipation building for both my wife and our friend. They were like two teenaged lovers, who’d circled a day on the calendar and agreed to ‘Do It’ then. My own anticipation was no less. It was finally going to happen, my lovely wife was going to fuck another man, and I was going to watch them do it.

When that Friday finally came we all felt the relief that comes when a long sought goal is on the brink of realization. We had literally taken months to reach a point that others might have arrived at in mere days or even hours, but the anticipation fostered by our long delay made it an infinitely more powerful experience for all of us.

After we watched our movie, our friend stripped off his briefs and my wife fondled him briefly until he was fully erect. She was laying on the bed between us, and she turned onto her left side to face me. I turned onto my right side and took her into my arms and began to kiss her, as our friend approached her from behind and began to massage her back.

I whispered in her ear, asking her if she was ready for him, and she shook her head ‘yes’. I looked over her body, and saw that our friend was behind her, and that he was obviously eager to begin.

The time for preliminaries was over. With my left hand, I reached down and grasped her right buttock, with the tips of my fingers reaching up into her crotch as far as the opening of her vagina. I could feel that she was very wet there, and I spread my fingers to get a good grip on my wife’s wide, but well toned, ass cheek.

I lifted her right buttock, pulling her cheeks apart, and that opened her vagina to him. When I did this, my wife arched her back slightly, and pushed her shapely ass back toward our friend. This invitation to mount her was sufficiently blunt, and no words were needed. Our friend reached down with his right hand and pulled his erect penis away from his stomach. Then, while holding it in position, he began to adjust his body’s position behind my wife.

I could tell by the short thrusting movements he was making with his hips that he was attempting to get his penis into her vagina, but that he was missing the mark. My wife reached back with her right hand and helped him guide it into her body. Then I saw him begin to push up into her in several long, smooth pumping movements, each of which went a little deeper until his thick penis was buried to its hilt in her wet vagina. Even though I knew he was inside her, I whispered to her, asking her if he was in. Her eyes were closed and she opened her mouth in an expression of deep pleasure as she nodded yes.

He wrapped his arms around her midsection tightly and began thrusting rapidly with his narrow hips as I pulled away from her, and got out of bed. His eyes were only half open, and he was staring fixedly at the back of her head. The pure instinct of a copulating animal had taken over, and his only goal was to ejaculate. There wasn’t any finesse, any attempt to pleasure her at all, just a driving need to fill her vagina with his sperm.

My wife had moved her right hand back toward our friend’s hips. Her hand was grasping his right buttock and she was pulling his pelvis toward her with each wet, slapping thrust. She also pushed her lower legs between his and hooked her feet together behind the calf of his right leg. She was pushing back against him to meet his thrusts, with her head arched back against his face now, as she made her jiggling housewife’s body and its sex as available to our friend as completely as she could.

I expected him to ejaculate quickly and was amazed, when it was over, to see that he had lasted almost ten minutes. They never said a word to each other, never changed position or varied their speed to any significant degree. They just fucked and fucked and fucked… Mindlessly, until finally he arched his back and buried himself in her, trembling and grunting, with his buttocks flexing convulsively again and again as he pumped his thick, spurting semen as deeply in her body as the oddly pointed tip of his penis could reach.

That was the first time they had each other. There would be other times with him, and, eventually, other men. To date, my wife has had 3 other men’s penises in her, in addition to our friend’s, in the days since then.

How has this affected us? Well, it’s helped my wife to be more confident, more sure of herself, both in and out of bed. She is more aggressive, sexually, and seems to have much stronger and more numerous orgasms during sexual activities.

She appreciates my willingness to allow her the freedom to occasionally seek pleasure on her own terms, and I can honestly tell you that I have absolutely no jealousy of her. Our marriage is as strong as it ever was, and our activities have not been destructive of our love, or our relationship with each other.

Other couple’s experiences may vary. Their expectations and responses may well differ from ours. I would recommend that anyone determined to experiment in this way should do so with due caution. And I don’t know whether we’ll always do this, or whether there’ll come a time when we won’t have the curiosity and desire to continue.

But I know this, that for me it has been exciting beyond words. I have a feeling of deep satisfaction and pleasure when I fuck my wife, knowing that she’s allowed her vagina to be used by other men, and knowing that she will almost certainly continue to allow it to be used by them.

I’m happy to provide her with the emotional stability and love that she craves, as well as the freedom to occasionally sample the unfamiliar sensation of other men’s penises moving and ejaculating inside her. She fucks other men, yes, but I’m the one she loves and has chosen to spend her life with. I’m quite content with that.

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great story...could not have had explained it any better.
I think many of us men feel the same way you do just have a difficult
time putting it in words for others to read and understand
what we feel and have felt while allowing our wife to enjoy
the company of another man or men.


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wow nicely told and very erotic, ,damm shame you are not
in Texas , , I would love to please her


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i hope my man always treats me the same way, .ets me be screwed by others and is always there for me also
i like my clothes to be taken off by others


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I love sloppy seconds. Great story. Need more like it. I try to get my wife to fuck other men, but she is hesitant


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great and beautiful story

it is another great happy always!YianianLee


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Wow, a great build up to a happy threesome. This was a very good read and very believable. I like the writer and many men crave for a good stud to service the wife. There is something incredibly sexy about watching your wife being desired by another randy male and this is always heightened by him having a larger cock. Thanks for the effort of going into such detail about the lead-up to the main event. I have had the pleasure of this experience and our sex sessions were the best. Thanks for a good read


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great story I had some of the same feeling that I would never do it and we started slow as well ..