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Serving Angela


I met Angela in a small neighborhood bar, kind of a dive,
and my hangout for several years. She started showing up
there two or three nights a week, had a fun personality,
and soon was well known by all the regulars, including me.
She was not fat but a little heavier that I would normally
pursue. She wasn’t particularly good looking either,
though not ugly, but something about her made me think about
trying to get into her pants. I heard her mention one night,
when we had all been drinking a lot, that she was a “slut”.
That was a turn on for me since I figured she might be easy
to get if I decided to try.

At the time I had been divorced for a few years and had a reputation
for screwing any woman who would let me, but I was in a relationship
with someone else so I couldn’t make a move on Angela.
It wasn’t long till that relationship fell apart. I was
in love, but it turned out the other girl was just using me.
I was hurt, and angry, but was soon on the hunt for sex again.
The time seemed perfect to try for Angela and the next time
I saw her I did. My hunch was right and we had sex that night.
Damn! She was a good fuck!

Needless to say I wanted more of that and we started spending
more and more time together, had lots of sex, and became
pretty close. At first I just wanted a fuck buddy, and maybe
she did too, but after about a year we both wanted to get married
and we did.

I was faithful to her, and I believe she was faithful to me
too. She said she loved me, that she would never cheat and
I believed her. But after a couple of years of marriage I
was beginning to think about sex with other women and it
wasn’t long till I did. Two nights a week Angela worked
till 9PM, but I always got off work at 4PM. That gave me five
hours of free time on those nights and one night I met up with,
Kathy, an old girlfriend with whom I had an off and on relationship
a few years earlier. I always loved sex with her but for one
reason or another our relationship never grew much beyond
just that. And that was ok with me. I had a good wife in Angela
and didn’t want to mess that up, but Kathy was willing
to fuck any time and I had the best of both worlds.

Kathy was a petite Mexican girl with a pretty face and a perfect
body. Her tits were medium sized and had a very nice shape.
She had a beautiful, tight, round little ass that I loved
to fondle and lick, but she wouldn’t let me fuck her there.
And, even though I know she was fucking everybody in town,
she had the sweetest little pussy I’ve ever seen. Sometimes
she liked it when we were fucking, for me to pull out before
I would cum, move up on top of her, and cum in her mouth or on
her face. She claimed it “kept her young”.

Once when we were together before, she came home really
drunk one night and passed out in bed laying on her side with
her back to me. She had stripped off all her clothes except
her panties and I couldn’t resist her ass right there
for the taking. I started feeling her ass cheeks, and then
stroking the crack. When I could see no response from her
I went on to stick a finger up her ass, then two. I slowly worked
them in and out of her, still no reaction, and my dick was
getting so hard I couldn’t stand it. I pulled her panties
down a little more and slowly slid my dick into her ass and
started fucking her. Soon my rhythm became a little faster
but I was being careful not to bang her so hard that It might
jar her awake. Soon my dick erupted and I rammed it as deep
into her as I could, feeling squirt after squirt of hot cum
filling her bowels.

After I was done using her unconscious ass, I wiped off my
dick, pulled her panties back up and went to sleep. I thought
it was funny later on when I heard her tell someone that she
had never been fucked in the ass and would never allow that.
I just smiled and reminded myself of that night.

I like thinking about fucking Kathy, but back to the story!

I’m still not sure how Angela found out, maybe she knew
someone who knew Kathy or something. But when I got home,
about 8PM, after fucking Kathy one night Angela was already
there. She said she found out during the day and took the
night off so she could follow me. She saw me leaving the bar
with Kathy in my car, followed about a block behind, and
saw me playfully trying to take Kathy’s clothes off before
we even got inside her house. Angela said she sat there for
about thirty minutes and then went home to wait for me about
7PM. She had been sitting there, knowing what I was doing,
for an hour when I got there. I normally made sure I was home
by 8 so I could take a quick shower and gather myself before
Angela got home. But this time Angela was already there
and I was totally unprepared to face her. She was furious!

Of course I tried to lie about it at first, which angered
her even more. Even as I spoke I could tell that my story was
really weak, and only an idiot would believe it. Finally
she said “ok, if you didn’t do anything wrong, pull
down your pants and let me smell your dick!” I said “No!”
and tried to act offended that she would suggest such a thing.
“You just have to trust me Angela.” Then she said “Do
it or I want a divorce.” Finally after a little more of
an argument I finally gave in. I figured I was busted no matter
what I said so I might as well get this over with. I stood in
front of her as she sat in a chair and pulled my pants down
to my knees. As the cool air hit my dick I could tell it was
still wet with cum and Kathy’s juices and Angela could
smell the distinct fragrance before she moved any closer.

“I’m sorry Angela! I don’t know why I did this but
I love you and I’m sorry! I swear to you this will never
happen again. Please forgive me!” Before I could continue
my pathetic groveling she cut me off saying “Shut the
fuck up, asshole! Don’t even waste my time with that bullshit!
Just stay away from me!” Then she got up, went into the
bedroom, slammed the door and left me there for about an
hour. Finally she came back into the living room, threw
a pillow and a blanket at me and said to go sleep in the basement.
“I want to watch TV for a while” she said, “and I don’t
want to see your sorry ass again tonight. Do you understand?”
“Yes” I said and went to the basement.

The next week or two things were pretty uncomfortable at
home. I still had to sleep in the basement, but Angela was
talking again, and even making dinner for the both of us.
But she didn’t want me sleeping with her. She warned me
though that I had better come straight home from work unless
I had a damn good reason to go anywhere else. “I have spies
out there and I’ll know if you even think about doing anything
wrong!” I assured her again that nothing like that would
ever happen again. And I meant it.

The following Saturday we were both off work and she left
for several hours saying she had some things to do. When
she got back home, later in the afternoon, she said we had
a party to go to at a friend’s house in the country. I didn’t
know the people but figured maybe things were starting
to get back to normal between us. She was still distant and
sometimes sarcastic and even degrading in her remarks.
But I figured she needed time to get over all this and just
let it go. Little did I know it, but she had already begun
“training” me to be submissive to her. And this “party”
was to be an awakening for me. After tonight she would control
everything, and I would no longer have any say so about anything.

She drove to the party, since she knew where it was. It was
well out in the country on a lonely stretch of road, and then
about a quarter mile up a private lane that curved through
the woods and ended at a house in a large clearing. There
was a street light in the yard that lit up a parking area,
and off to one side of the house, a grassy area with a campfire
and tiki torches illuminating the dozen or so guests that
were already there.

As we walked toward the group we were met by a man holding
a beer in each hand, followed closely by two other guys.
One beer was his and he handed the other one to Angela saying
“So, is this your husband?” “Yeah, that’s him.”
Angela replied. By this time the other two men were behind
me and each grabbed one arm and forced them together behind
my back. Startled by this sudden hostility I struggled
trying to break free of these jerks, but they were much stronger
and one kicked my feet out from under me and forced me face
down on the ground. I continued to struggle and kick as I
felt a knee pressing hard into my back and rope being tied
tightly around my wrists. Once my hands were securely bound
I was dragged to my feet with one of the men holding the rope
to prevent me from running. I looked at Angela and her friend
and was shocked to see her just watching with no emotion
on her face at all. Her friend, Jason was his name as I later
learned, smirked and said “You ready to have some fun
boy?” “Let me go!” I yelled back at him. Then he laughed
a short sarcastic kind of laugh and said “That’s up
to Angela, and I don’t think she’s in any mood to listen
to your shit tonight!” Then the four of them started walking,
leading me to the rest of the group.

As I was led into the middle of the group Jason said “I think
most of you know Angela, and this is her husband, Bobby.
He’s volunteered to entertain us tonight!” Everyone
laughed and one of the few women there approached Angela
and said “Are you sure you want to go through with this?”
Angela replied, saying “Yeah, I’ve been thinking
about this ever since we first talked about it. The little
bitch deserves it. Thanks for setting this up.” The other
girl said “Well I guarantee he’ll never be the same
after this!” Then they both laughed and turned to watch
what was happening to me.

The rest of the group had gathered around as one of the girls
came up, unbuckled by belt, unzipped my zipper, and pulled
my pants down half way to my knees. The rest of the group erupted
in laughter; some of them were calling out filthy jokes
and making fun of my small dick. Then I was again thrown face
down again and held there by two of the men while two more
removed my shoes and socks, and pulled my pants off, throwing
all of them into the fire. Then they pulled me back up onto
my knees and ripped my shirt off of me leaving only the tattered
remnants of it around by wrists.

I was now completely naked for all to see, on my knees in the
grass, about thirty feet from the fire and facing a picnic
table covered with a blanket. The jeering continued as
I noticed several of the men removing their clothes. All
of them had larger than average dicks that swung as they
walked closer to me. Then Angela walked over right in front
of me and said “You think you can cheat on me you pathetic
little bitch! Now you get to see what it’s like.” She
then stepped back and took off all of her clothes except
a really hot looking garter belt, stockings, and, her shoes.
Her ample tits bounced as she moved toward one of the naked
men and knelt in front of him.

She reached out and caressed his quickly stiffening cock
with one hand and cradled his hairy balls in the other. Then
she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him
like she had done for me so many times before. Then another
man walked closer to her on her other side and made his cock
available to her. With the first one in her mouth she reached
her other hand to the second man’s cock and began masturbating
him, soon moving her mouth to the second cock and masturbating
the first. I could not believe I was in this position, naked,
humiliated, watching my wife suck two other men’s cocks,
and there was nothing I could do about it. She looked at me,
face to face since we were both on our knees, with a cock in
both hands, and said “Pay attention bitch! You’re
going to need to know how to do this.” “What?” I said
in disbelief. “Stop this Angela! I’ve learned my lesson!”
She just smiled and went back to sucking these two strange
men’s cocks. “Please honey, stop this now!” I was
only ignored.

By now both of the men’s cocks were rock hard and Angela
stood up and went over to the table. She lay down across the
table with her legs spread and her feet resting on the bench,
and her pussy aimed directly at me only a few feet away. One
of the men went over and immediately stuck his dick into
her waiting, wet cunt. As he fucked her, two others came
to the other side of the table, and even though I couldn’t
see her face very well I could see she was sucking their cocks.
The scene reminded me of some ancient human sacrifice on
an altar, except in this case the subject was obviously
enjoying the event.

I suppose it was only a few minutes but it seemed like forever,
as the man kept fucking my wife’s pussy harder and harder,
I could hear her muffled groans as her mouth was stuffed
with cocks, when his body tensed and he grunted like an animal
as he began to fill my wife’s pussy with his steaming goo.
Her moans also turned more like grunts as she thrust her
pussy to meet his final thrusts and she wantonly accepted
his last drops into her body, the spectators cheering her
on and shouting degrading obscenities at me.

As this animal moved away from her Jason came into view and
walked directly to this horrible altar of sexual gluttony.
He turned first toward me, stroking his already hard cock’,
and asked “Enjoying the show, boy?” “Don’t worry,
you’ll get to play soon.” Then he turned to Angela and
mounted her much as the first one did, sliding his huge cock
into her cum slick pussy and drove it completely inside
her in one steady thrust. He kept it buried in her for a moment
as she gasped, and then withdrew, only to plunge it right
back in again. She began to gasp and moan with intense satisfaction
with each thrust. It was obvious that she was having an intense
orgasm with this violation of her body while everyone,
including her husband, looked on.

I felt nothing but shame that I was so helpless and weak to
watch this grotesque assault on the woman I loved. At the
same time I felt anger and disbelief that she would consent
to all of this. As the crowd continued to cheer Jason and
Angela the cat calls and humiliating remarks to me were
getting more insulting. “Hey pussy boy, what do you think
of having a real man fuck your wife?” “What a pathetic
little wimp!” “Hey, Jason! I think Bobby wants some
dick too!” And everyone laughed at my shame.

Soon Jason’s rhythm had reached a frantic pace as he pounded
Angela’s crotch with all his strength, his balls slapping
hard against her cum soaked ass cheeks with every thrust.
Angela cried out “Ooh Yeah! Fuck me! Aahh! Fuck me hard
baby!” Jason responded with groans of his own as he grabbed
her breasts, pushing and pulling hard on them like handles
as he let his cum explode inside her. His pace slowed as he
slid in and out of her a few more times, stopping momentarily
with his cock buried all the way to his balls. She quivered
and sighed as she finally came to rest, and he slowly ended
his assault and pulled his cock from her now sloppy cunt.

As he stood up and slowly turned toward me I could see that
his cock was completely coated with cum and large globs
began to drop into the grass as he walked closer. Angela
was getting up from the table, getting dressed again and
moving toward me too, not far behind Jason. The two guys,
whose apparent purpose for the night was to keep me restrained,
each grabbed one of my arms and held me tightly in place as
he stood directly in front of me, his wet, dripping cock
only inches in front of my face. With one hand he smeared
it on one cheek, dragged it across my forehead and down across
my other cheek. Then he wiped it hard across my tightly clenched
lips and said “Suck me clean bitch boy!” “I’m not
gay, asshole!” I screamed. “And I’m not putting
your nasty dick in my mouth!” “We’ll see about that
boy!” as he slapped me hard across the face.

As he drew back to hit me again Angela bent down between Jason
and me, put her hands on either side of my face and sensuously
licked me from my chin, across my mouth, and stopping at
my upper lip. She licked her lips, savoring the cum Jason’s
cock had deposited on my face and said “You will suck his
cock, you will clean every trace of cum off of it, and you
will do it well.” She paused and moved her face closer
to mine, then said in a quiet but wickedly stern voice “If
you don’t do it, I swear I’ll cut your balls off right
now!” As she stepped back Jason once again took his place
in front of me, grabbed a hand full of my hair, forced my head
back, and said “keep that in mind if you think about biting
me boy! Now, open up and get busy.”

The crowd started chanting “Bobb –y!, Bobb, -y!,
Bobb-y!” I knew I had no choice but to comply with the sick
demands being made of me and grudgingly opened my mouth
to take his now softening cock into my mouth. The taste and
the smell of it revolted me but I set my mind to get this over
with and began to suck as he pushed more of it into me. He still
had a tight grip on my hair and began forcing my head back
and forth, slowly fucking my face, until the only wetness
that remained on his dick was my saliva. He pulled it out
of my mouth and held it straight up, pushing closer to my
face and said “Now clean my balls bitch!” “This can’t
be happening!” I thought, as I complied with his sick
demands and began licking and slurping on his ball sack.
“Get under them too boy, I want to be clean when you’re

Soon Jason was done with me and I sunk away from him as he pulled
away. I could hear comments from the crowd like “Good
job Bobby!” and “Hey what’s it like to be a faggot
Bobby?” It seemed as though I was in a daze. Some kind of
twisted nightmare from which I desperately needed to awaken.
I tried to stand up but was quickly pushed back to my knees.
Angela spoke up again and said “That was very good, Bobby.
Now that you’ve had a little practice there are a few more
guys here who need your service.” I looked around and
remembered the others who had been standing around naked,
stroking their cocks, and watching the show Angela had
put on for them, and for me. There were at least two women
holding cameras aimed at me, one obviously taking videos
of my disgraceful pleas. “NO! I can’t do any more! Please
. . . No! Don’t make me do this! . . . I’ll do anything!
. . . Please, just stop this!” Angela only laughed.

Quickly the other men gathered around and formed a line
in front of me. I could see the women more intently taking
pictures and video of the display that I was being forced
to be the center of. I hated the fact that they were doing
this but they faded into the blur as I focused more on this
line of hard cocks preparing to continue my abuse. The first
man stepped in front of me and wasted no time in forcing his
throbbing member into my mouth. With my hair again being
used as a handle I opened my mouth and allowed his entry,
still fearing Angela’s warnings about what would happen
if I didn’t do it. I couldn’t believe she would be so
willing to cause such harm to me, but her tone made me believe
she was very serious. My transgressions had been enough
to bring out this wrath in her and I truly feared her sincerity.

As this man began fucking my mouth I could tell he was already
close to orgasm. His total disregard for me was apparent
as he forced his cock deep into my throat, ignoring my choking
and gagging, and soon spewing a torrent of semen into me.
He held his pubic hairs tightly against my nose and lips,
grunting each time, as one filthy eruption after another
poured down my throat. My eyes were watering and I felt like
I would vomit as he finally withdrew his assault, only to
be replaced by the next man in line.

Some of the others did essentially the same thing. Some
took it a little slower and made a point of depositing their
loads in my mouth where I had to get the full experience of
taste and texture. Some of it I tried to expel, letting it
run out onto my chin and drip down my neck and chest. Some
I couldn’t help but swallow. And the last two pulled out,
forcing my head back, and covered my face with their sticky

By this time I thought it might be over, but had sucked so
many filthy cocks to orgasm I was somehow broken and willing
to take more if that’s what this disgusting hoard had
in mind for me. Again I set my mind to try and do what I had to
do to get this nightmare over with. But there were no more
men stepping up to feed me their cocks.

I could see a fat man, near the table on which Angela had been
fucked, removing his shirt and pulling down his pants to
reveal a huge, semi erect dick beneath his prominent gut.
“Bring the little bitch over here” he summoned the
men who had maintained control of my movements the whole
time. They quickly pulled me to my feet and dragged my weakened
body to the end of the table and forced me to bend over it,
face down, with my feet still on the ground, and my ass exposed
and vulnerable. The cameras followed everything as the
fat man took a small bottle with a pointed spout on it, shoved
the tip into my ass and squirted some kind of lube into it.
As he removed the spout from my body, letting some of the
lube squirt into my crack, I could feel the slippery feeling
of it.

With my head pressed to the table, and my arms held tight,
I could see enough to tell he was stroking his cock to a massive
erection, and the taunting of the crowd reached a higher
level. As the comments took on an even more vile tone than
before, it was clear these people had nothing but contempt
for me, and none of them cared what happened to me, except
for the perverse entertainment my fate provided them.

I heard Angela speak up loudly and say “Fuck the hell out
of the son of a bitch Frank . . . Turn his sorry ass into a pussy!”
Frank took little time to follow Angela’s wishes and
I could feel the warmth of his cock pressing against my virgin
hole. It was so slippery it took very little pressure to
slowly make entry. The pain was incredible! Yes, I had fucked
women in the ass before, even Angela, but I figured they
had done it before and maybe they were used to it, if I gave
it any thought at all. I couldn’t believe the searing
pain I felt as this fat disgusting man slid his dick into
me. I was glad he was taking it slow but once inside me he slowly,
steadily, pushed deeper, probably about half his full
length, before sliding back just as slowly. Then just before
this monster came out of me he pushed it back in, deeper with
each thrust, until he had it completely buried inside me.
I screamed with pain and fear, and struggled with all my
strength to break free, but the grasp of the men holding
me was far too strong for me to overcome. Frank began pushing
the full length of his cock into me, over and over again,
each time gaining a more rapid pace.

The pain never went away, but became somewhat more bearable
as I began to relax and accept what was happening to me. He
began pounding harder and harder and I could now feel his
fat gut slapping above my buttocks and his balls slapping
against my crotch. His hands were holding my waist for more
leverage as he ravaged my hole with no regard for my comfort
or dignity whatsoever. It was obvious that none of the men
here had any concern for me at all, but somehow this man seemed
even more interested only in his own gratification, with
no thoughts about my wellbeing, or even caring if I lived
or died.

Angela spoke up and yelled at me “I want to hear you begging
for more Bobby.” She told me exactly what to say and warned
me that I better say it like I mean it. The men holding me loosened
their grip and moved back just a little and two women with
cameras moved closer, and Frank continued pounding my
ass with his cock. ” Say it bitch!” Angela shouted.
“Ohh! Fuck me harder Sir . . . I love to feel your big cock
up my ass!” I shouted. Angela screamed “Louder, Bitch!”
“Oooh! Please Sir, Fuck me hard! I want your cum inside
me! Fuck me hard with that big cock!” I couldn’t believe
these words were coming from my mouth. But I did my best to
say it to Angela’s satisfaction.

Soon Frank was at a climax, pounding his cock hard and deep
into my now gaping rectum, and I could feel the sensation
of his semen splattering my insides and adding to the slickness
in my hole. He grunted a few more times as his sweat dropped
onto my back and shoulders, and he held his cock fully inside
me, quivering slightly with the last ripples of his orgasm.
Then he slowly pulled his cock from me, slapped my ass hard,
and walked away. I lay there, weakened to the point where
I could no longer struggle, and didn’t even try to move
for a few moments. I could feel the soreness, and slickness,
in my ass, and I could feel Frank’s cum beginning to drip
onto my balls and flow onto the blanket beneath me.

Angela spoke again and told me to sit up. I didn’t want
to move at all, and felt that I barely could. With my hands
still tightly bound behind my back, I rolled slowly onto
my side and slid off the table landing on the bench in a sitting
position, dazed, and weak from the ordeal I had been through.
“You can rest now.” she said, “I have some things
to explain to you and then we’ll leave for the night.”
She continued, “First I want you to see some of the video
and photos that were taken tonight.” Two of the other
women stepped up, digital cameras in hand, and began showing
me some of what they felt were the better images. Angela
explained that not all of it would be useable for her purpose,
but enough had been taken that, after editing, it could
easily be made to look like I was willing and even eager to
participate in all this. I could see that she was right about
that, just the right moments, at just the right angle, some
of the things she made me say convincingly, and inadvertent
facial expressions all put together would be very damning
evidence that I was some kind of wanton, insatiable, gay

She told me that “Life as you knew it is over now, Bobby.
From now on you will do everything I say, and only what I say,
any time, any place, without question. We are going to produce
a finely edited DVD and slide show of your performance tonight,
and several people here will have copies of it. If you disobey
me I will send copies to your friends, your siblings, your
mother, your boss and co-workers, and post it all over the
internet for all to see. Do you understand?”

I was speechless, but replied with a disgruntled nod that
I understood what she had said. She then had me stand. Weak,
dazed after so much abuse my wobbly knees felt as I they would
barely support my weight. Once again I felt on display before
everyone gathered around, as if to see some kind of ceremonial
act to take place. Angela was handed an object which turned
out to be a very strict chastity device, a metal shackle
like piece that fit snuggly around the base of my cock and
balls, and a sort of cage that was placed, covering my dick,
onto the shackle, and locked securely with a small padlock.
She pulled hard on it and twisted it to make sure it wouldn’t
come off, and even with the slickness of lube and Frank’s
semen still on my balls, it was clear that it could not be
removed without ripping flesh, or worse.

“We’re going to untie you now.” Angela said. “But
remember what I said about total obedience. If you try to
run, or do anything to me, or anything else I see as wrong,
you’ll be the most famous faggot in America! You got that,
Bitch?” “Yes” I said, and the two men who had contained
me most of the night began untying the ropes that bound my
hands. When they finished I stood still as they placed a
heavy leather collar around my neck, attached a leash,
and handed the end to Jason. The crowd cheered as I blushed
with total embarrassment, still naked, in chastity, and
collared like a pet. I could feel the drying semen that nearly
covered my face causing my skin to feel tight as I opened
my mouth or changed expressions. I tried to wipe it away
with my hand but much of it remained smeared across my skin.
Everything that happened there that night began to replay
in my mind and these strangers had witnessed it all. Jason
spoke loudly to the crowd, saying “Ladies and gentlemen
we have a new slave among us!” And as the crowd applauded,
jeered, and mocked me, Jason ceremoniously handed Angela
the leash and said “Your slave, Mistress Angela!”
Angela took the leash, smiled, and gave it a good tug as a
demonstration of her dominance over me. “It’s time
to go for now Bobby” she said, and as she bid farewell to
the group we turned and started walking toward the car.

Jason, and the woman who apparently arranged all this for
Angela, walked along with us, all three talking among themselves,
but not to me. It was obvious that my thoughts or opinions
would never matter to them, and they certainly felt no obligation
to include me in any discussion. I was simply property.
Jason said to Angela “We got a good start tonight but it
has a lot to learn. Think about the things we talked about
before, and whenever you’re ready we’ll continue
its training.” Angela replied “We have a few things
to do around the house and then I’ll give you a call in a
couple of days. Maybe some of you would like to come over,
have a few drinks, and I’m sure Bobby will happy to entertain
us!” They all laughed and the other woman said “I’m
sure he will! I have a few ideas, just some things you might
not have thought of yet. If you like I’ll come over tomorrow
and we can talk more about that.” “That would be great!”
Angela said. “Around eight sound ok?” “Perfect!
I’ll see you then.” The other woman said, and we all
stopped walking. Jason and Angela said their good byes
and indulged in a long, lustful kiss with Jason clearly
feeling up Angela’s breasts and then running one hand
down her body and right up her skirt. She obviously welcomed
his advances and enjoyed the display for my benefit as well.
She wanted it to bother me, and it did. But I was in no position
to protest anything and just stood silently waiting for
her to finish.

Finally Jason and the other woman turned to walk back to
the rest of the group and Angela and I walked to the car. She
led me to the driver’s side and she told me to open the door
for her and let the leash fall behind me. As she got in I closed
the door behind her and walked around to my side. As I opened
the door she said “Get that towel out of the back seat and
sit on that. I don’t want your pussy ass getting cum stains
on my seat.” I folded the towel neatly in half, laid it
on the seat, and sat down. As I closed the door she began driving
down the lane to the main road back home and I asked “Angela,
can I get some clothes or something? I’m totally naked
here! Someone might notice.” “No” she calmly said,
and just left it at that. I just sat silently for the rest
of the ride home with my hands modestly crossed over my exposed
genitals. Angela just turned up the radio and ignored me
as she drove the rest of the way home, much as she would a bag
of groceries placed on the seat beside her.

I finally had some time to think about all that had happened.
And after all that had been said I began to wonder what tomorrow
would bring. Life, as I knew it, was already beginning to
seem like a distant memory and I knew I would never have that
back. Then fear began to grip me as I thought to myself “How
can this be happening to me? “ And I began trying to come
to grips with the one overpowering realization . . . “I
just finished sucking half a dozen nasty cocks and getting
fucked in the ass! And it sounds like there will be many more
. . . She’s going to make me be a bisexual . . . sex slave!”

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a very good start of a conversion


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I bet he never cheats on her again.


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You know being bi-sexual isn't a bad thing

I have been bi-sexual bottom for a very long time and love
sucking on guys hard cock and swallow there man juicess


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You know being bi-sexual isn't a bad thing

I have been bi-sexual bottom for a very long time and love
sucking on guys hard cock and swallow there man juicess

I wondering where I can find a few gay or bi-sexual men ...


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Yum very very good .


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Please that story sounds like a good time