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Written with contributions by Shirley in her own voice.

Right now, speaking of panties, I feel like licking your
pussy, with my head under your skirt, making you all wet.
If you're wearing pants I'll just have to tell
you to take them off, so I can get at you. I'll help you
even, if you have a problem getting them off fast enough.
Wherever we are, on the living room floor, or you on the kitchen
counter, which is probably just the right height for fucking.
Have you ever tried that, on yours or someone else's?
Or te bathroom counter? Anyway, I would carefully lick
every part of your pussy, your labia, your clit, inside
your vagina, all the little crevices you have there, on
and on and on. Just lapping up all of the honey you are secreting.
Maybe I'll let you have a taste of that when I kiss you,
softly on your mouth. I would say lips, but that would not
tell you which lips I would be kissing. Not that I would not
kiss your other (nether) lips, and suck on you there, and
suck your clit. I would also use my tongue to reach you everywhere.
Oh, I can picture us, you sitting on the edge of the bathroom
counter with me on a chair between your open thighs. Admiring
the view in between licking, sucking and kissing.

I feel your tongue circling my nipples. They are getting
hard as you suck on them. I can feel one of your hands moving
down my stomach and over my warm black patch. I begin to tingle
as I am eagerly waiting for the touch of your fingers. I feel
your hand rub my clit and take it between your fingers just
long enough to get my juices flowing. I feel your fingers
plunge inside of me. I let out a sigh and lay back as far as
I can on the bathroom sink. There is not alot of room and you
guide me down to the floor. As I lay down I feel you stick 1,
then 2 then 3 fingers inside of me. Thrusting them now faster
and faster. I move my hips down farther as to let you know
to plunge into me farther and farther. You know exactly
what to do. You can feel all of my wetness on your fingers.
As you remove your fingers you lick them and say how delicious
I taste. I tell you to "let me taste". I am so turned
on by you licking my hot juices I want to join you. As you stick
your fingers in my mouth, I begin licking your fingers,
one at first then 2. You can tell what I am wanting.

Yes, I know what you want, and it has a lot to do with what you
call your warm black patch. When I felt it just now, with
my fingers inside you, it felt more like a hot black patch.
Hot and wet and ready for action. Yes, I know you want it,
but you are going to have to wait a little. I want to get undressed
before I give you my rock hard cock, You want that to fill
your slutty pussy, your hot cunt, I can tell by the way you
are moving your hips up and down as I look at you while I take
my pants off. You are spreading your legs wider, as far as
you can in this narrow kitchen, but far enough for me to see
you, all wet and glistening pink, inviting me inside you.
I like to hear you begging like this, begging me to fuck you,
stick my big cock into your randy cunt, let you have it hard
this time, no warm up exercise, straight to the main course.
I see that you now pull up your legs until your knees touch
your tits. You are wide upen this way and even if you didn't
beg me for it, I would know that you are a slut, ready and eager
to be fucked, that your heat is rising, so that I can smell
you, the way you always do when you want to be fucked. Even
when you are dressed I can tell what you want by the way you
smell and by the way your panties feel when I reach under
your skirt, find them all wet with desire, pulled up tight
between your pussy lips. I don't have to look under
your skirt to know what that spectacle you are making of
yourself looks like. Indescribably slutty. But now you
are naked, like I am too finally. I tell you that first, before
I fuck you, I want you to turn me on by showing me how you play
with yourself, right there on the kitchen floor.

I begin to do as you ask, it is not hard to do. I am so hot and
I can feel the wetness in my pussy without even touching
it. I begin to move my hand down to my waiting pussy. The closer
my hand gets, I can feel myself wanting to be fucked. I want
to be fucked right now. I want it, I begin to masturbate by sticking just one finger
in. I feel the wetness, its not enough. I stick another finger
in. I feel the warm skin on the inside of my pussy it is wet
and almost hot to the touch. I insert a 3rd finger and begin
to thrust them in deeper and deeper. I spread my legs as far
apart as I can to get the deepest penetration I can. I begin
to massage my breasts, I feel my nipples are getting hard.
I cup my left breast in my hand as my right hand is moving in
and out of my pussy. I remove my fingers and begin to stroke
the outside of my slit, gently teasing myself, entering
my pussy with my finger just enough to get a reaction. I take
my clit between my fingers, it feels so good I begin rubbing
it. First slowly then faster. As I am massaging my clit I
move my fingers down just below my clit, I begin rubbing
this area slowly but it feels so good I begin to rub faster
and faster. I want to be fucked so badly right now, I thrust
4 fingers deep into my pussy and begin fucking myself harder
and harder. I have my hips raised alittle so that I can thrust
my fingers deep. I am pretending my fingers are your hard cock, and I begin
to say, oh yeah fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder. oh god fuck
me. don't stop. I am so into fucking myself that I need
to make myself cum. I begin to rapidly massage my clit as
I am saying oh yeah, right there. oh yeah, make me cum, make
me cum. I can feel the familiar tingle begin inside of me.
Oh yeah fuck me, fuck me, faster, make me cum, make me cum.
As I feel the orgasm run through my body I am satisfied but
I still want your cock. I look over at you. You were watching me fuck myself while
you were masturbating. I see your cock is hard and I want
it more than ever. You have purposely not cum, you are saving
that for me. Your cock is hard and beautfiully erect, I can
not resist putting my mouth over it. As I begin to suck your
cock, my tongue tasting every delicious drop of your man
juice. You taste so good I don't want to take your cock out of
my mouth but you ask "are you ready for that cock now?"
I said I am always ready for that cock of yours. As you lay me down on the cool floor I feel your cock enter
me. I am so wet that you slide in with no difficulty and begin
slowly moving inside me, in and out. I feel almost hungry
for your cock, I can't seem to get enough of it. I am trying
to position myself to have you go as deep inside of me as possible.
I want all of you inside of me. As you are continuing to thrust
your cock in me, I can feel myself getting closer and closer
to having another orgasm with each thrust. oh god fuck me
harder, harder. I can never get enough of you, no matter
how often we fuck, it feels like the first time again and
again. Oh god fuck me, faster, oh make me cum. Just as I feel
you thrusting your cock deep inside of me, I feel myself
give way to the pleasure inside of me. I begin to cum as I feel
you also begin to cum. For now we just lay in each others arms on the kitchen floor.

But, it is not enough. Lying next to you, with your arms around
me, I can feel all of you, pressing against me. Your soft
pussy against my soft prick, your soft tits against my chest,
your soft lips against mine and, when we stop kissing, your
soft words directly into my ear. You spell out what you are
going to do to me, what you want me to do to you, because you
are still not sated, you still want more and you know how
to get me to give it to you. You tell me how good it felt to suck
my cock just now, to swirl your tongue around the head, and
feel it move in and out like I was fucking you. How you would
love for me some day to do that seriously and spill my juice
into your mouth, make you taste it and swallow it. And how
then I can let you feel my tongue caressing you pussy, still
wet from what we did before, how good it always felt to have
me use my tongue to explore your most intimate parts, the
parts that make you a woman, the parts that you want to be
explored by my tongue, and mouth and fingers. To lick your
clit and probe your inside with my fingers, first one and
then more and more, moving inside you, feeling your walls
being caressed tenderly, like the treasure your pussy
is concealing from the world, the treasure you want me to
find and make my own. How you would love to feel me use my tongue
to lap up your also intimate secretions, secretions caused
by my manipulations of your body. How then I would gently
pinch your clitoris between my fingers, and roll it, and
pinch it and stroke it some more, until you finally felt
my mouth enclose it, while my hands moved up toward your
breasts, to pinch your nipples like they just pinched your
clit. Your gorgeous breasts, all swollen now with your
nipples standing up hard and oh so proud. I caress them,
softly at first but gradually firmer until the pinching
is almost painful, but you know I would never really hurt
you. Meanwhile, you whisper, my mouth is now enveloping
your pussy altogether, still sucking and licking and making
you crazy, wanting to act out what you know you are, what
we both know you are: a horny slut who needs another fucking.
A slut in heat, or is that a bitch in heat?

you are right I am a hot bitch, a hot slut. I can never get enough
of you. I am lying here with my pussy full of both of our cum.
I can feel it slowly running down my thighs. The warmth of
it reminds me of every thrust of your cock inside of me. I
feel your warm body laying beside me. I can hear you breathing
as you slowly catch your breath. You move closer to me and
turn on your side and you put one of your arms across my bare
breasts. One of your hands is touching the side of my breast, it feels
good, warm, comforting. I continue to lay there remembering the past few moments.
The ecstasy the passion, the tenderness. You sit up and
ask me if i would like a massage. I of course say "Yes,
what kind of massage?" You reply, hold on my horney
little slut, just a massage for now. You get the perfumed
body oil I have bought for special occasions. you begin
with my feet. you rub the oil over my toes and the soles of
my feet as you begin rubbing the oil on the tops of my feet.
your hands are so warm and you are rubbing so tenderly. As
you slowly move to my ankles your hands get alittle more
deeper with the massage. I can feel your fingers moving
down my calves as your massage the oil in my skin. it almost
feels like you are massaging my calf muscles to get an orgasm,
the way you were massaging my clit, just moments ago, or
is that my imagination. I can feel your hands reach my knees
and as if by habit my legs part as i feel your hand move up my
thigh. you do not go to my hot throbbing muscle you stay on
my thighs. massging each one, as your hands reach up behind
me and begin to massage my butt cheeks. I raise myself up
to give your hands room to move. I feel one finger slide down
between my butt cheeks. I feel myself begin to tingle. but
you tell me relax my dear, all good things come in time. allow
me to just feel the beautiful warm body I just had the greatest
pleasure fucking. I want to know how you feel inside and
out. I want to know each and every inch of your body. I feel
your hands move above my soft black patch and begin massaging
my belly. it feels good to have your hands touching me. Your
hands are so warm. You have strong manly hands and I love
how they feel on my skin. as your hands begin to move up toward
my breasts i can not help myself and my nipples get hard with
anticipation. as i feel your hands touch my breasts my nipples
get harder in your finger tips. I feel your hands rubbing each of my breasts slowly massaging
them in perfect time with each other. I know this is only
a massage but with you massaging my breasts it feels so good
I am getting so horney. I moan softly and you ask " does
that feel good? and I reply "oooh yeah, it feels great". I forget
myself and reach for your cock. To my great surprise, your
cock is rock hard. i take it in my hand and begin stroking
it. just then i feel your hands slide down my stomache and
before i can breath your fingers are thrust into my still
wet and warm pussy. Oh god that feels good, fuck me again.
fuck me again I want to feel your cock inside me again.

Withdrawing my fingers from your wet and oh so hot pussy
I get up, leaving you disapppointed on the kitchen floor.
I'm going to make you wait again, wait longer to get
fucked, so you'll be that much hotter. I pull you up
and put my fingers back inside you and take you upstairs
this way, into the bedroom. You always see to it that the
bed is ready for fucking, at any time I'm home, and it
is ready now. Though we fucked and fucked already today,
we have not used the bed yet. But now may be the time. I's
getting dark, so I turn on the bedside lights. I want you
to be very visible, whatever you are going to do, because
this time I am going to leave the drapes open and the shades
up. There is an apartment house across the street, 50 or
60 feet away. I have, in the past, noticed some of the neighbors
there leaving their windows uncovered while they were
engaging in some uncovered or half covered interesting
action. You did at some time join me in watching them from
our darkened bedroom and it was obvious you were very turned
on, judging by how wet you were when you asked me to take you,
take you then and there. And I did, of course, enjoying the
heat of your pussy around my hard cock. But this time, I decided,
it is our turn to provide the show. Although I haven't
told you, I know that will excite you, because we have talked
during our fucking about how sexy it would be, how arousing
for both of us, to be watched right then, to have people see
us fucking, see my cock entering your pussy, or see me eating
you out, or see you sucking my cock. You said you wished we
would leave the window open so they could hear us, could
tell when we were coming by your moans and my shouts. You
wished they would get so carried away by watching us in action
that they would not be able to stop themselves from getting
naked and imitating us. You felt it would be like conducting
a sex class for the people watching.

But now I laid you down on the bed and asked you if you were
still hot for my cock and what position you would like to
be fucked in . . .

As I lay on the bed with your naked body laying next to me.
You ask me what position I would like to fuck in next. I also
hear some faint whispers from the next building. I know
the couple is watching us. I can't resist. I tell you
that I want you to lay on your back with your cock standing
straight up in the air, hard and waiting and I will position
my pussy over it and slide down on it. I want this couple to
see every bit of this. I only wish they could feel your cock
sliding into my hot pussy. As I slide my pussy down on your
cock, the feeling is overwhelming to me, I throw me head
back as I take in the enormous feeling your cock is giving
me. I then begin to move up and down on your cock as I reach
behind me and start massaging your balls. This only makes
your cock harder and you start matching my thrusts with
your own thrusts inside of me. I can hear more whispers and
out of the corner of my eye I see the womans head go down, I
can only imagine what she is doing. I hear the man begin to
moan, I know what she is doing. Hearing this sexual adventure
only makes me more horney and I begin moving up and down even
harder on your cock. I can feel it pounding hard inside of
me. It seems that the more I hear them the more I begin to move
and the more they hear us, they more they do. You then turn me over on my back and throw my legs over your
shoulders and thrust your cock into me with such force it
almost took my breath away, but it felt so good. oh, god don't
stop, keep fucking me, harder harder. I open my eyes for
a moment and I see the man looking at me while the woman is
sucking his cock. The look on his face is pure pleasure.
He is getting off watching me being fucked at the same time
he is having his cock sucked. He starts to mouth some words to me. I look at him as to have
him say it again. He repeats it. This time I understand what
he is trying to say. he is saying "me next". oh
this is so wrong, but oh so right. Do I dare tell you what this
man is asking? What would your response be? Would you want
to fuck her? Would the 4 of us have a wild orgy or a big mistake?
I seen your cock through the window before she took it in
her mouth, it is large and inviting. I would love a chance
to have it in my mouth, to lick it, to suck the head, to have
it in my pussy. What do I do? Just then I hear you say "
would you like to fuck him"? I am alittle hesitant but I say yes. You get off of me, your
cock still hard and walk over to the window. You have your
cock in your hand and tell the man to ask the woman if she would
like this. She appears and he asks and she replies 'oh
yes, I want that cock", and then he replies "
good, because I want to try that pussy you have there".
We agree to meet in a few minutes..... will this be the adventure
of a lifetime or the beginning of something more?

It was about ten minutes later that the doorbell rang. Shirley
and I had meanwhile finished our fucking, whispering excitedly
about our expected visitors. Shirley had a tremendous
orgasm after I told her that I wanted to stay wet and hot until
the other guy (Harry, as we know now) came over to fuck her
with his large cock. She was bouncing up and down and bucking
against my thrusts, saying things like : ‘Fuck me, please,
fuck me, I need your cock before I give myself to him. Let
me have it, let me be the slut that I am.” Things like that. She often carries on, but tonight it was
more than usual, more intense. “Yes, let my pussy feel it,
fill me up while you rub my clit so good.” I told her that the
other guy was going to give her a real reaming out, like she
deserved, slut that she was. This put her over the edge,
but I managed to control myself and save it for later. Shirley
can come several times in a row, but I have to be a little more
careful. Anyway, we got up and put robes on over our naked
bodies (Shirley said she wanted to wear her panties to be
more comfortable the first time with them there). We went
downstairs to the living room and it was not long before
the doorbell announced their arrival. I told Shirley to
let our guests in, just to make sure she had no hesitations
to participate in whatever was to come. I knew she was eager,
but wanted her to feel that I was not forcing this on her for
my pleasure. I fully anticipated a lot of pleasure to follow,
particularly from me fucking the other woman and from seeing
or hearing Shirley get her pleasure from being fucked by
the other guy (Harry).

I was pleased to see that Shirley did not hesitate at all,
but went straight to the front door to let the other couple
in. They came in, both of them dressed in raincoats, probably
because they had to pass in public from their place to ours.
Having already seen each other in very intimate circumstances
made the initial meeting a lot less awkward. Especially
after they removed their coats and turned to us stark naked.
She did not even wear panties. Shirley and I introduced
ourselves and learned that their names were Helen and Harry.
We made ourselves comfortable in the living room with some
bourbon, Shirley and Harry on one sofa and Helen on the other
with me. Shirley actually started things off by saying: “That thing
was a lot bigger the last time I saw it Harry. Why don’t you
let me get you back up to speed, so to say.” Harry could not
help showing off how well-built he was by flexing his biceps
as he said: “Go ahead, please, ” as he grabbed Shirley’s
tit. She grabbed Harry’s cock with her full hand and began
moving up and down. Helen wasn’t far behind and took my flagging
cock in her fist so as to revive it. She seemed to be very expert
at that and before long I felt myself getting harder and
longer again. I turned to Helen and kissed her longingly
and passionately. After all that had gone on before, it
seems we were all ready to proceed without a lot of foreplay.
I whispered to Helen “Did you come before you got here?”
She said “I did, but Harry still has his load.” “Same here, ” I said, while pawing her nice tits, almost
as nice as Shirley’s (so firm, so round, so fully packed,
as the old Lucky Strike ads said). I sucked her nipples for
a while, until she told me she needed my tongue elsewhere
(in my tender zone, she called it). I got off the couch and
looked at Shirley, who was bent over sucking Harry’s cock,
which had swollen to respectable dimensions. Harry’s
fingers were rooting around in her panties that she still
wore. I bent over also and positioned myself between Helen’s
spread thighs, to get closer to her tender zone. For a while
I could not see anything but that, nor did I want to. I was
enjoying the sight of her pussy, being held open for me in
invitation and welcome by Helen’s fingers, showing a lot
of pink, accompanied by her sex aroma hitting my nostrils.
“Come suck me lover, ” I heard her say, “I really need it.”
That was an order I could not refuse. I got closer to her cunt
and began to taste her juices, flowing freely now. The way
she opened herself up I could use my tongue to delve into
her moist groove and lick her. First along her inner lips,
and then her outer lips, back and forth time and again, occasionally
dipping my tongue into her promising pink hole. Helen pulled
my head by my hair and by my ears, making sure I was positioned
just right to take advantage of her clit. It was large and
swollen and hard and I had no trouble finding it with my tongue
and giving it some rapid laps before encircling it with
the tip, clockwise first and then back around the other
way. She liked that, very much it seemed, I could here her
loud moans as I kept licking her clit like that, back and
forth and around, softly and gently, until she pushed my
face with her hands on my head and made me move harder and
faster. Her moans became louder and she herself began to
move, making it difficult for me to keep in touch with her
tender zone.

As my tongue explored her very warm and wet tender zone,
I could sense Helen was really into this. I could feel her
hips moving in perfect motion of my tongue and mouth. Her
moans were making my cock hard. I wanted to fuck her right
now. I wanted to spread her legs wide and shove my hard cock
inside that waiting hot cunt but something kept me from
doing this. I could hear you and Harry on the other side of
the room. You were on your back with your legs spread and
Harry was fucking you, hard and fast. I could hear you moaning
and see your hips moving up higher, higher and grinding
to each thrust of his cock. I could hear you telling him "oh
yeah, make me cum". I could tell you were really getting
into Harry. I didn't know if I liked this or not. I enjoyed
watching you fucking him and I so loved hearing your moans
and cries out of pure pleasure but something in me was wanting
you to stop. I had to stop watching after all I had this delicious
pussy in my face and my cock was hard. I whispered into Helen's
ear " suck my cock", she eagerly obliged me.
I couldn't believe how she took almost my whole cock
in her mouth. This made me continue licking her juices all
the more. I couldn't seem to go deep enough in her pussy,
I wanted to feel every bit of the inside of her pussy, i wanted
to taste every drop of her juice. This new pussy was more
than I had hoped for, but I could still hear Shirley. Why
is this bothering me? I have this beautiful woman sucking
my cock, I have her pussy in my face and I am going to have the
fuck of my life, why am I suddenly feeling this strange feeling?
I could feel Helen's mouth on my cock, her tongue going
up and down the shaft, taking my balls each in her mouth.
Tenderly taking them in her mouth then taking my cock deep
into the back of her throat. I begin to moan and I know I want
to fuck her now, I turn her around and take my hands and spread
her legs apart. She is eager to have my cock inside of her.
She says "oh yes fuck me, fuck me now". I want
to feel that hard cock inside of me. As I plunge my cock into
her, i can hear you moaning. I thrust harder and harder,
I want Helen's moans to drown out yours. I want you to
hear her moaning because of my cock. Will it bother you?
As Helen wraps her legs high around me, I continue to thrust
my cock in her, I can feel myself begin to cum. I am glad to
cum and glad this is over.

Harry has finished fucking me and it was simply tremendous.
The way he satisfied me with that big cock - wow. I am still
lying on my back with Harry positioned over me, his cock
inside me, not getting softer, though I am sure he came just
before I did. I look over to the other side and see you and
Helen, still entangled, and hope you had as wonderful a
time with her as I had with Harry. I know we will talk about
this later, when we are alone and in bed, and exchange our
experiences. I also know this was a good idea of yours to
start fucking in plain view of Harry and Helen. Now Harry
leans over and whispers: "That was fantastic. We
should do it again!" I agree and say: "Whenever
Helen and you are ready, just let us know. I'm sure we'll
be able to fix a time to get together. Maybe at your house?"
Harry whispers: "I was talking about just you and
me alone. Would it not be better without them?" As
hot as I felt, having just been fucked and his cock still
inside me, I did not think that would be such a hot idea. Maybe
Harry and I could have a good time together, but I don't
think I could handle you with Helen alone somewhere, fucking
and whatever. I want you to have it all, but I am also possessive
and the idea of you being with another woman does not thrill
me. So I tell Harry: "I'm sure we would have a wonderful
fuck by ourselves, maybe even greater than this one, but
I don't think he would approve of us seeing each other
alone. And I do not want to sneak around behind his back."
"Well, " Harry said, "if that's
the way you feel about it . . ." "Let me talk it
over with him tonight when we are in bed, maybe while he's
fucking me again, and I'm sure he will want to. If he
says ok, then maybe I'll go for it." I did not tell
him that I was hoping it would not be ok with him. his first
time was wonderful fun and maybe it brought us closer together,
but that second step was a big one. Perhaps, sometime, I
would want to go along with having you and Harry together,
without Helen, but even then I would probably have to face
the possibility of you and Harry wanting to fuck Helen without
me there. Anyway, this was the moment that you showed up, next to us
on the floor, telling Harry: "Hey guy, this wife of
yours is tremendous, and I know mine is, but let us not neglect
them too long, no matter how much fun they are having. Let's
change back now for a while." Harry seemed surprised
but said: "Sure, buddy" and extricated himself
from me to go over to Helen. You came lying next to me and said:
"How was it? I heard you so I think you were alright
with it." I said "More than alright, but I'm
glad you came back to me. Here, let me suck you clean."
And you: "I'm sure your pussy could stand some
cleaning top." And while I cleaned your cock of your
and Hlen's juices in my mouth, you sort of welded your
mouth against my pussy. I could feel your tongue reaching
inside me, licking and sucking up my honey mixed with Harry's
load. I began to feel very content with the way this whole
thing had developed. First you and I fucking giving the
neighbors a show, then having them come over to fuck us,
and we them, and now having you in my mouth restoring you
to your pre-Helen condition, while you took care of deep-cleansing
me. I felt pretty sure that you would not want to go on separate
adventures with them and that made me feel very safe with
you. Maybe in the future we would trust each other so much
more that it actually would be welcome, but not right now.

It had been a long hectic week. You left a message on my phone
to meet you at a nearby bar for a quick drink before we headed
home. You had just about as rough a week as I had and you needed
to wind down before going home. As soon as left work I headed
for Hannigan's Pub. There was the usual bar crowd but
we found a quiet table. We ordered a drink and just sat quietly
talking about our day. I could tell that you was tired so
I suggested we head home. You didn't even try and argue
and we were on our way home in a matter of moments. Once we
were home I started dinner and you took a shower. It would
take dinner awhile to cook so I went upstairs to our bedroom
and started to take off my clothes. I was tired and I thought
a quick shower would wake me up. I waited for you to finish
your shower. I saw you walk out of the bathroom with a towel
wrapped around your waist. You looked so sexy all wet and
smelling of soap. I turned the water on and stepped into
the shower. I began washing my hair and felt your hand on
my arm. You asked if i wanted company. I eagerly said "yes".
I was tired but not too tired for you. You stepped into the
shower and we began kissing. I could feel your mouth pressing
against mine, your tongue in my mouth. For a second I had
a vision of you kissing Helen but I quickly removed it from
my mind. You were with me now and that is all that mattered.
As our tongues played and roamed around each others mouth,
I reached down and could feel your hard cock. It was ready
for me and I wanted it. I could feel your hands on my breasts
as you pressed your body close to mine I could feel your hard
cock against my leg. I wanted you so badly, I said "
I want you to make love to me', right now. I want to know
you are mine, and mine alone." You swept me up in your
arms and took me to the bed. We were dripping wet but you didn't
care. You began kissing my breasts and slowly moving down
my to my belly. As you reached my pussy I spread my legs and
could feel myself begin to tingle and get wet even before
I felt your lips and your tongue. Then I felt your tongue
move across my clit and downward and slowly enter my pussy.
I began to moan as I spread my legs wider. I could feel you
slowly fucking me with your tongue. My hips began girating
and moving with the movement of your tongue. I was so turned
on by your tongue, i wanted show you the same pleasure. I
repositioned myself and began sucking your hard cock.
I love how your cock feels in my mouth. Almost like it belongs
there. I could feel you continuing to eat me and lick my pussy
and play with my clit with your tongue as I was sucking your
cock. We were giving each other such pleasure it was like
we were the only two people on earth at that moment. As I was
sucking on your cock I could feel your tongue entering my
pussy and I began to suck your delicious cock to the same
rhythem as your tongue, it was almost like a dance. We were
so good together. We knew exactly what the other liked and
disliked and knew how to please each other. I could taste
you now and you tasted so good, I began to lick down the shaft
and down to your balls. When I got to your balls, I could hear
you begin to moan and your cock started to move almost on
its own. I took it in my mouth again. If you were going to cum
I wanted it. But you had other ideas. You had my pussy so hot
and wet you said to me "I want to stick my cock that that
pussy, I want to feel how hot it is against my cock".
As I felt you enter me, I felt you slide into me as if your cock
knew right were to go. I could feel every one of your thrusts
and moved my hips with every movement. You knew exactly
what I liked and how hard or how fast to go to make me cum, but
I was so horny at that moment and I could feel myself close
to orgasm, I wanted you so much as this moment, i just kept
saying "fuck me harder; fuck me harder' oh God
make me cum". I could feel this rush of spasm start
and then I felt your body begin to shake. I could feel myself
orgasm at the same moment you began to cum. I could feel all
of your warm liquid inside of me as you just took me in your
arms and held me. As we lay there, you turned to me and said
" never ever think that anyone could ever replace
you", I said to you "no one could ever replace
you". When I remember Harry & Helen I am glad we had the experience,
but you are the one I will always want.

I felt like making plans to go away with you somewhere, to
have you all to myself, get my fill of you and no one but you,
so I started talking about Hawaii and the condo I have on
the Big Island and soon we were planning. We decided to leave
and go for that weekend, as neither one of us could stay away
for very long on the spur of the moment. My hnd was resting
on your black patch and my finger was inside your pussy and
I wriggled it around when I asked you what all we were going
to do there all the time. "What do you think, silly,
we are going to fuck, morning, noon and night. And you better
make it good because I intend to remember every moment of
it and I want to have nothing but good memories. You are going
to fuck me and I am going to fuck you back. Long and leisurely
and then wild and furious until we get back to long and leisurely
again. Does your condo have a balcony?" "Yes, "
I said, "a lanai, nice and shady and no neighbors to
watch us." "Wonderful, " you said, "we
can fuck there too, without company. That can wait until
we're back here to show Helen and Harry what we learned
over there." "I though you were through with
them, " I asked. "Only for the time being. I
like the way Harry fucks me, very much, but I was jealous
of you and Helen. But after I have had you all to myself, I'll
feel up to being adventurous again, with more confidence
in the two of us still belonging together."

That Friday we took a late flight direct to Kona. I felt like
we could splurge so we were in first class, just two seats
in each row so we did not have to share. The champagne was
delicious and so was the dinner that followed. Afterwards
the lights were dimmed so they could show the movie. Did
we want to watch the movie? No, we got our blankets and raised
the armrests between us so we could cuddle up. We kissed
fervently, in anticipation of our mostly horizontal adventures
in Hawaii. Of course, it was inevitable that my hand would
work it self up onto your thigh, under the blanket. Your
skin felt nice and smooth, warm to, when I reached high enough,
past your stocking tops.This was familiar territory that
I had explored many times, but never in a plane, stealthily under
a blanket in the dark. I had no idea what was on the movie screen
and I doubt that you were paying attention as I felt you move
your thighs apart. "Thanks, " I whispered,
"I need that." "I think I need it more than
you do, you are making me so hot, " you said. Moving
up higher I came to your panties, or rather the narrow gusset
running between your legs and felt it was wet already, still
stretched tight over your pussy. My fingers played over
your crotch, feeling the outline of your pussy through
the wet material. "Oh, feel me there, let me feel your
fingers right there, " you maoned. And I was only
too happy to comply, moving up and down and rubbing your
clitoris, clearly standing up eagerly, almost prodding
your panties. You pulled your panty crotch aside and whispered
"Let me feel your fingers here, like this."

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