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I sent him an email. A special email asking to play our game
the next time we met. He replied that it would be a very special
meeting, that he would send me another email explaining
about it.
I reread the email several times, burning with curiosity
about what would be special? All kinds of idea raced thru
my head. We had discussed bondage and all that. I wondered
if that was what would be special? I wondered if he would
blindfold me this time, wondered what he had read and maybe
liked enough to try? Was very much anticipating the next
I walked on pins and needles for two days until I recieved
an email with the subject as "From Your Master".
Immediately, I felt my pulse quicken, felt my nipples and
clit tingling, thinking about My Master. I stared at the
subject line, my eyes tracing the letters as my pulse climbed
Quickly, with a slightly shaking hand, I clicked open the
email. My heart thumped when I read the greeting he had written
in dark red. "My Beautiful Sex Slave, " seemed
to jump out at me each time I glanced at it. I could feel my
face flushing, could feel the heat spreading all over my
body. I sat there staring at those dark bold words, squirming
in my seat, my thighs squeezed together, softly rocking,
remembering the first time we had played this game. Remember
how shaky and trembling the pleasure had left me and so desperately
wanting that again.
I shook my head, clearing my thoughts of such erotic memories.
Wanting to concentrate on My Masters instructions. As
always he told me how much he enjoyed time spent with me,
enjoyed the delights my body offered him. The first sentence
of the next paragraph had me paralyzed with excitement,
making myself reread it several times to make sure I wasnt
making a mistake in what he said!
Slowly one last time I mouthed the words that made my panties
get suddenly very wet. "I request that you present
yourself at 7am two days from now to be picked up for a very
special night in the city." A night alone with Scott,
----oh no, a night alone wiht My Master!!! Must remember
to be obedient for My Master, always. Such words made my
body tingle all over, made all those special spots he knew
so well ache to be touched and licked. Once again I was recalling
the first game we played, the desire I felt soooo intensely
all over.
Shaking my head once again, I began reading anew. My Master
said I would be receiving a package today at 3pm. I was not
allowed to open that package until 2 hours before I was to
present myself to him. My Master knew what torment not peeking
would give me, He knew I would be burning to know what was
in the package! My Master said that I was to be bathed, perfumed,
groomed and everything taken care of one hour before I was
to open the package. He said after that was done, I was allowed
to open the package. I was allowed to see what it was and follow
the further instructions inside the box.
Chills ran down my spine, hardening my nipples until they
were aching. Unconsciously, rubbing my hands over them
as my eyes stared at My Masters words. Lightly rocking back
and forth, legs squeezed together, anticipating being
with My Master again, anticipating obeying him and pleasing
I focused on the screen again. My pulse thumped even harder
as I read My Masters final instructions. For the next two
days, I wasnt allowed to masturbate or touch myself in anyway
that would bring me pleasure or release. I was to deny myself,
I was to present myself to My Master ready to burst with sexual
longing for his pleasure alone.
I busied myself with cleaning, sorting, anything to keep
my mind off the approaching hour of 3pm and the arrival of
the forbidden box. I was reading when I heard the knock fall
on the door. I jumped in surprise and immediately knew it
was 3pm. I stood and felt the wetness soaking my panties,
enjoying the feel of it as I walked to the door.
I opened the door to a guy in jeans and t-shirt, nothing hot
to look at, nothing as fine as My Master was to look upon!
He held a big dark red box with a white ribbon around it. The
white of the ribbon making the red look even darker. I quickly
looked into his face, wondering if he knew of the game, knew
what was in the box? He smiled, handing me a clip board and
pen. Hastily I scratched my name across it, my panties drenching
when I saw the return name of "Masters" on the
sheet. Wondering if I would be punished for not writing
"Slave" as the name? Insanely wondering if
he could smell my sex, because I could, I could smell that
sweet scent that I have after being with My Master. Taking
the box with trembling fingers, hurriedly closing the
door. I leaned against the door on unsteady legs, the box
seeming to burn my fingers where I touched it. Knowing it
was all imagination, knowing it was all desire to become
the Slave now, made the act of putting the box on the desk
in the bedroom all the much harder.
I had such a terrible time passing the next two days. Such
a time concentrating on anything at all. My thoughts kept
going to the box on my desk, the long thin box with the bright
white ribbon that seemed to pulse with each beat of my heart.
Sleeping wasnt any easier either. Constantly waking from
erotic dreams, waking feeling my thighs wet, nipples aching
and knowing I was forbidden to touch them.
Finally the time came to begin readying myself for My Master.
Slowly naughtily enjoying the feel of the hot water on my
skin, feeling its hot spray on my nipples, knowing I wasnt
touching myself but also knowing I was disobeying. Knowing
My Master would ask and I would tell him about this disobedience.
Even drying the drops of water from my soft skin, the towel
seemed rough and felt good scratching against my sensitive
Once bathed, dried and perfumed, I stood before my desk.
My heart pounding as I slid my hands over the top of the box,
feeling the silkiness of the ribbon in contrast to the texture
of the box. My fingers pulling the ribbon off the box, softly
rubbing it across my nipples, wanting so much to feel that
delicious softness against my skin, staring in surprise
at the sparkling residue it left on my nipples. Knowing
I would leave it so My Master would ask, and I would tell him
about being naughty again.
I lifted the lid of the box, listening to the soft paper rustling
as the air hit it. I held the box to my face, breathing in the
delicate scent of jasmine. I laid the lid on the bed behind
me without looking. Focusing on the light pink tissue paper
inside the box, looking even more at the dark red envelope
on top of the tissue paper, the handwriting jumping out
at me. Picking up the envelope, tracing my fingers over
my name, wondering if My Master had written it himself?

I turned it over, a small square held the back shut. I quickly
slid my nail under it, tearing it loose. The ripping noise
making me jump in the silent room. My heart pounding in my
chest already. Lifting the flap on the envelope to reveal
a soft pink card enclosed. I took the card out, opening it,
once again seeing the handscript that was on the front of
the envelope. A list of instructions to follow as I dressed
for My Master.
I opened the tissue wrap, folding back to reveal a soft pink
cloth covered with various articles. I laid the open card
next to the box, taking the first item on the list. I opened
the tube, softly sniffing the fragrance. Squeezing a small
amount onto my palm, I began applying the silky lotion along
my arms, then more across my breasts. Softly sucking in
my breath at the coolness of the cream on my hot nipples,
knowing My Master had given this much thought, knowing
he was enjoying as much as I even though I was alone. More
cream all over my body, my hands softly massaging it into
my skin, my thoughts going to how My Masters hands would
feel doing that.
The next item on the list was a small black box. I lifted it,
turning it in my hands before opening the hinged lid. Lying
on the soft velvet were two small gold rings. I felt my sex
begin to tingle anew. I glanced at the list, reading the
instructions. I sat the box on the desk, taking one ring
out. I began stroking my right nipple, lightly squeezing
it, pinching it, twisting it a little to get it hard. Slipping
the ring over my nipple and then squeezing the ring shut,
squeezing until I felt the pressure of it around my nipple.
The ring squeezing my nipple, keeping it hard, the gold
of the band seeming to burn into my skin but arouse me so much
at the same time. Quickly, I was stroking and squeezing
my left nipple, repeating the process with the ring until
my nipples were standing out hard and swollen, throbbing
and making me whimper as I lightly rubbed them with my fingers.

I picked up the silky piece of black material, the softness
tickling my palm as I held it. I slid it around me, softly
snapping the clasp as I slid my arms into the straps. I adjusted
it, feeling the silky material rub my sensitive nipples.
Seeing the little bows resting atop each nipple, I lightly
fingered the ribbon of the bow, pulling it and it gave way,
allowing my nipple to peek from the center of the cup. Arousal
flooded me as I gently parted the material to allow my nipple
to come out. Knowing My Master had chosen this, knowing
he would be undoing those tiny ribbons at some point. I was
almost panting with desire for My Master as I retied the
I picked up another small velvet box, wondering, as I looked
at the list. I opened it, sucking my breath in as I read the
instructions. I squeezed my thighs together at the sudden
flood of wetness I felt. I stepped back, my legs hitting
the bed as I sat down hard staring at the small gold ring nestled
in the box! Feeling my clit throb and pulse in anticipation.
I spread my legs, my hand slowly moving down to part my soft
lips. My fingers stroking my clit, pinching, repeating
the process with my nipples. Once again slipping a tiny
gold ring over the hard nub of flesh, squeezing it until
I felt it was tight, felt it making my clit ache anew. Resting
my fingers against my clit, feeling it so hard and swollen
and wanting My Masters tongue.
I stood on shaky legs, feeling my body so hot all over and
inside. Once more I reached into my treasure box, picking
up a matching piece of fluff to my bra. Shaking them out,
realizing it was a pair of panties! Knowing My Master like
me without panties. I wondered if this was a test? I softly
turned the panties around and around in my hand, then I saw
the slit. Saw and realized My Master was naughty indeed.
Realized that the entire crotch of the panties were tied
with three more tiny bows like my bra! I bent slightly forward,
feeling my lips close around my clit, feeling the ring against
my flesh, wanting so badly to open my legs and rub it until
I was cumming. But knowing the pleasure I would have by waiting.
I stepped into the delicate panties, pulling them over
my thighs until the bows were cupping my sex. Not being able
to resist stroking my hand softly over my crotch.
I lifted the last layer of pink tissue. My fingers caressing
the material before lifting it from its bed. I shook the
blouse out, turning it and holding it against my front as
I looked down at it. I hastily undid the buttons down the
front, slipping it on. Gathering the sides I began buttoning
it up. Thats when I realized how low the neckline was and
that the gathered sides made the Vneck pull open even more
to show off the creamy swells of my breasts. The soft black
material clung to my breasts, showing them, showing my
nipples standing at attention! I went weak in the knees
again, sitting on the bed as I look down at myself. Knowing
how erotic and sexually arousing this was to look at. Knowing
I would be in public! With numb fingers I lifted the soft
flowing skirt from the box. Standing I stepped into the
skirt, pulling it up over my hips, tucking the blouse into
the skirt, realizing how short it was when I smoothed it
down my thighs. It was only a few inches below my crotch!
Knowing I couldnt bend over without showing my panties!

I stood in my bedroom, seeing myself in my minds eye. Knowing
how sexy I looked! I couldnt wait for My Master to see me.

I sat waiting at my desk. Lightly rocking my chair, waiting
for the call from My Master. Resting my hands on the arms
of my chair, flexing my hands open and closed, deliciously
riding the arousal I was feeling. Enjoying the feel of the
clothes rubbing my sensitive flesh, enjoying the naughtiness
of disobeying without doing so on purpose. Knowing I would
tell My Master about it soon.
The ringing of the phone jolted me out of the chair, heart
thumping as I picked the handset up and clicked the talk
button, knowing I would be hearing the most delicious voice
on the other end. I put it to my ear, softly saying My Masters
name, knowing instantly the disobedience would be punished
later. He didnt rebuke me for my slip, he merely said to have
my door unlocked, be waiting with my head bowed, eyes closed
and my hands clasped behind me, and he would be there in 5
minutes. The phone went dead in my hand, almost dropping
it from the nervousness stealing over me. Recradling it,
I clicked open the lock on the door and turned to await My
Masters Arrival.
Standing as instructed, eyes closed, I jumped at every
noise. Only by the sheerest effort did I keep my eyes closed
and my head down as the door opened. I felt the cool air waft
in the door, circling around and up my legs, making my skin
shiver, making my nipples tighen even more. My nipples
throbbing inside the tiny rings, making me whimper. I felt
him near me, felt the air move as he walked around me. Inspecting
me, checking to make sure everything was perfect. I felt
his circle end with him standing in front of me. He touched
his finger to my chin, lifting my head. My Master told me
to open my eyes. Hearing his voice was, hearing his tone
sent shocks all along my skin, spiraling down to end at my
crotch. I took a deep breath, not realizing how it made my
breasts lift, pushing my nipples harder against the fabric
of the blouse. I opened my eyes and stumbled back a step in
shock as I saw someone before me I didnt know! Immediately,
I saw My Master standing behind me, then I realized it was
the guy who delivered the box to me! I also realized he was
dressed as a driver, cap and all.
My Master stepped around the driver, taking my hand, he
softly kissed the back of my hand, turning it over to kiss
the palm, his tongue flicking out to tease my skin. I shivered
and blushed because I knew the driver had seen him do that.
My Master chuckled at my flushed face. He turned towards
the door, the driver opening it, picking up my keys to lock
it behind us.
My Master guided me along the side walk to the step leading
to the parking in the back. Feeling the cool air caressing
my bare skin, feeling it under my skirt, then realizing
the driver was behind us. Realizing he would be behind us
on the steps, knowing he would see up my skirt. I glanced
at My Master and he smiled, his eyes flicking behind us to
the driver. I knew he knew my thoughts and knew he was enjoying
it. He said he would enjoy showing me off and I guess he really
meant it. He started up the steps with me following. I had
to resist the urge to tug my skirt down, knowing once I got
to the top he would know I had pulled it down on purpose. My
Master stopped just short of the top, I stopped short whick
cause the driver to bump into me. My Master turned to face
me, smiling as he saw the drivers hands on my waist steadying
himself on the steps. I knew my face was so red, because I
felt the driver pressing up against me, enjoying the feel
he got. I hurriedly stepped away to the top of the steps.
My Master offering me his hand, leading me to a dark red long
car. He opened the door, standing aside to let me slide in.
Trying gracefully to sit down without showing too much
of my backside to the driver. My Master joined me and closed
the door.
My Master pulled me next to him on the seat. I sat with my hands
in my lap, my head bowed because I wasnt sure what I was supposed
to do. He slid his hand under my hair, softly stroking the
nape of my neck, his fingers like electric on my skin, making
me shiver. He leaned close, softly whispering he wanted
me to lift my head and open my eyes for him. I did as instructed,
meeting the eyes of the driver in the mirror, shocked that
he could see us! As I stared at the lines flashing past on
the road, I felt My Master softly cup my breast, his fingers
stroking my hard nipple. My gasp of surprise jerked the
drivers eyes back to the mirror, watching My Master play
with my nipple as he was softly kissing my ear, biting my
neck. I squeezed my legs together as the desire shot thru
me anew, a secret thrill knowing My Master was showing me
off, allowing the driver to watch him touch me so erotically.
Dropping his hand to my crotch, My Master cupped my sex as
I saw the glass sliding up between us and the driver. Knowing
the driver saw him cup my sex like that.
I tried to turn my head to look at My Master, but the hand on
my neck kept me from turning. The restraint sent shocks
of pleasure thru me, making my breathing labored.
Biting my neck, his teeth scraping my skin, sucking and
licking my skin as he was biting, I whimpered out his name.
Jerking as if slapped, knowing I wasnt supposed to use that
name, I waited for his reaction. My Master lifted his head,
tsking me. The hand cupping my sex tightened, squeezing
my sex. He leaned back in the seat, opening a comparment
I hadnt seen. I was breathing hard, scared, nervous but
so aroused and excite all the same. My Master laid something
on the seat next to him. He turned to me, "You know you
have been disobedient, Slave. You know you must be punished."
Each word sent sparks of heat along my skin, making my pulse
I kept my eyes downcast, again not sure what to do. He lifted
my chin with his finger, telling me to keep it that way. I
felt his hand on my skirt again. Felt him lifting my skirt.
I wanted so badly to look down but was afraid to. I felt him
drape something across my thighs, felt him tuck it under
my legs and pull the strap up and heard the snap as he secured
it around my thighs. I felt my pussy spasm, felt the wetnees
begin to flow as he pulled the first bow open, tugging the
crotch open. Allowing him to stroke my swollen hard clit,
making me jump at the touch. Again My Master chuckled at
my nervousness. Softly stroking my clit, feeling it pulse
against his finger, "Do you know what your punishment
will be, my Slave?" I gave a small shake of my head,
never turning my head to look at him, although I wanted to
very much. He leaned closer, his fingers now softly pinching
my clit, "Your punishment is to wear this vibrator,
but you arent allowed to cum, you must tell me when you are
near to cumming, so we can stop only to start again."
I shivered at his words, whispered softly into my ear, his
breath teasing my skin as much as his fingers wear teasing
my clit.
He pulled his fingers from my clit, bringing them to his
face, licking one finger before rubbing the other down
the side of my neck. His lips followed his finger, greedily
sucking and licking at my soft flesh. He lifted his head,
his hand cupping my chin, turning me to face him. He looked
into my eyes and then down to my mouth. Softly his tongue
darting out to tease my lips, making me open my mouth to stroke
his tongue with mine. Deepening the kiss, his tongue sliding
into my mouth to tease me. Kissing me, leaning me back in
the seat, his free hand once again cupping my sex. It was
then I felt the small hard object he was pressing against
my clit. I felt it click as My Master turned it on. Felt the
vibrations even before it hit my clit. Bucking my hips as
he pressed it tight, squirming in my seat as my clit felt
ready to explode. After several seconds that seemed like
hours, My Master released me, allowing the vibrator to
He leaned forward between my thighs, tucking the vibrator
into my panties and retying the bow over it. Turning it on
again, making me squirm, it was then I realized two things.
When I was walking it would bump up and hit my clit with every
other step and also it was very quiet vibrations, so no one
would hear. My Master looked into my eyes, smiling as he
saw the arousal there.
I sat there beside My Master, trying to spread my legs open
a little so it would pull the vibrator away from my clit,
giving me a break from the intense pleasure. I shifted and
squirmed on my seat for several seconds of silence before
he turned it off again. I relaxed back into the seat, feeling
my clit throbbing and knowing I couldnt stop from cumming
very much longer. Wondering what my punishment would be?

My Master sat back as well, his hand still on my neck, his
thumb and fingers lightly massaging my skin. This contact
with his flesh seemed to almost burn into my skin, the circular
movements of his fingers almost hypnotic. Softly relaxing
me until I was allowing my head to roll slightly. The sound
of the engine, the warm silence in the car and My Masters
hand on my neck, all so soft and relaxing. I didnt realize
when My Master had pulled me close to him, my head resting
on his shoulder. Didnt realize until I felt his hand inside
my blouse, startling me as I felt his fingers caressing
the tops of my breasts. I tried to lift my head, but he wouldnt
allow it. Looking down his body, I noticed the bulge at the
crotch of his jeans. I felt my sex spasm, knowing I wanted
that bulge so badly.
My Masters hand continued to tease and caress my trembling
flesh, his fingers teasing under the edge of the bra, stroking
down between my breasts, his nails scratching over the
clasp of the bra. He trailed his fingers across my breasts,
lightly stroking my swollen nipples. Whimpering, I couldnt
stop from arching my back, pushing my breasts out for more
contact. I rubbed my face against him, my lips nuzzling
at his neck. He lifted his head away from me, "No. No.
No, my sweet Slave."
Once more he turned the vibrator on, this time holding it
tight against my clit, making me squirm. After what seemed
like an eternity he released it, turning it off. Sliding
a finger down and under my panties to stroke over my slit.
Hearing soft growls of arousal from him as his finger smeared
the wetness over my soft bare lips. He pulled his fingers
from my panties. I could see the juices glistening on his
finger, watched as his finger neared my face. I darted my
tongue out, but he pulled back, shaking his head. I stopped
and once more his finger moved toward my face. Gently, he
rubbed the juices across my lips, glossing my lips with
my own juices before sucking them from his finger. He cupped
my chin and turned me to face him before licking the juices
from my lips, his tongue pressing into my mouth, allowing
me to taste them also. I lifted my hands to touch him, but
he sensed this and caught my hands. Holding them at the wrist
he pushed them down, placing them at my sides, my hands resting
on my thighs, my fingers curled inward toward my sex.
My Master ended the kiss. Keeping his face close enough
that I could feel his breath on my lips. "Open your
eyes, my beautiful Slave." The sound of his voice,
so deep and rich tickled along my skin, making new wetness
leak from between my soft lips. I opened my eyes to see him
staring into mine. Slowly his eyes slid to my kiss swollen
mouth, my lips slightly parted, waiting for another kiss.
He looked into my eyes again, "You keep disobeying
me, Slave, even little disobediences will be punished!"
I shivered as my mind raced with punishments. I knew we had
discussed his dislike of punishment, so I wondered what
had changed his mind?
His fingers pinching my left nipple brought my focus back
to him. My nipple aching and swollen inside the tight little
ring, being pinched sent shocks of delicious pain and pleasure
thru me. "Turn the vibrator on and hold it tight against
your clit until I tell you to stop. That is your punishment
for now!"
I glanced down and knew I wouldnt be able to hold it very long
because I was so ready to cum, but also knowing I would try
as hard as I could. I slide my hands up my thighs, pushing
my skirt up as I went. I turned the vibrator on, feeling it
sending sensations thru me even before it kissed my clit,
holding it tight, gently squirming agianst it, trying
so hard to hold back. As I rode the vibrator, My Master was
lightly pinching my nipples, pinching and holding a brief
second and releasing. My head rolled back on his arm and
he looked into my eyes, enjoying the pleasure enduced lethargy
stealing over me. He slowly stroked his fingers over my
nipples, moving down to stroke over my sex. Stopping once
to press the vibrator even tighter until I whimpered, barely
stopping myself from saying his true name. He slid his hand
lower, once more teasing my swollen juice coated sex with
his finger. He pulled his finger out once more, this time
rubbing the juices between my breasts. "That way,
we can smell that sweet delicious pussy all evening, my
Sweet." His words tore thru me, rattling me, making
me whimper, my lips trembling as I was so close and he knew
it. His fingers closed over mine, pulling the vibrator
from my clit so he could press his fingers against it. His
fingers were cool compared to my heated flesh, I could feel
my clit pulsing against him, could feel the spasms beginning
deep inside. Clenching my hands, fighting it, holding
it off. I heard My Master chuckle as he saw the struggle within
After a few seconds, he lifted his fingers. The air rushing
over my aching clit almost triggering the spasms again.
He licked the juices from his fingers, my eyes following
his tongue with each stroke. Oh, I knew I wouldnt be able
to stop them soon. I knew soon I would cum and once more be
disobedient. But I didnt care, I knew My Master wouldnt
hurt me. I knew it would really be pleasure he was giving
me instead because he didnt like punishment.
The glass began sliding down and I tried to shift to let my
skirt fall, but My Master stopped me. The driver stared
into my eyes seconds before I closed them, feeling the hotness
flush over my skin. Knowing he could see my open blouse,
see my skirt pulled up and see My Master had been touching
me! My Master took his time, closing the tiny button of my
blouse before the driver told him we were almost there.
Feeling his fingers stroking my thighs, I opened my eyes
to find the driver once more staring, watching My Master
touch me. I quickly looked away, not being able to bear his
watching eyes. My Master softly patted my sex, allowing
my skirt to fall into place.
He sat back, his arm still behind my neck, his hand draped
down my shoulder, his fingers stroking my skin. He lifted
my hand from my lap, placing it on his lap, more precisely
on the bulge in his lap. He closed his hand over mine, making
my hand cup his sex. Slowly he began grinding his hips up
and down, rubbing his swollen sex against my hand as he squeezed
my hand around it. I found my own hips grinding up and down
like he was doing, each movement making the vibrator nudge
my clit. I felt his sex, swelling beneath my hand and knew
he was close to climax as well.
The driver coughed lightly. Drawing my eyes from my hand
to his eyes. I could see the arousal in his eyes, one part
of that making my body tingle all over, knowing he liked
what he saw, knowing My Master was showing me off to him,
but another part shaking with fright because I wasnt sure
how far My Master would let this go. I know he had said previously
to our game playing that he didnt like to share. But had that
changed with the onset of our games? Surely not, surely
he wanted me all for his own pleasure, right? At least I was
hoping so, hoping it would only be My Master touching me,
making love to me.
I felt the car slow as I was thinking all this. Realized we
had driven for quite some time and were now in the city. The
driver guided the car to the curb and stopped before a tall
building. I could see people coming and going out the doors
but couldnt tell what it was. The driver opened the door,
holding out his hand and My Master nodded that I was to take
it. I did and he helped me out of the car, all the while his
eyes enjoying the view down my blouse. I gasped out in shocked
surprise when I felt My Master bite my butt before I completely
exited the car! The driver chuckled and I knew then they
must know each other or something. My Master got out and
stood behind me, pressing up against me, letting me feel
the bulge against my butt. I shivered in the cool air, making
my nipples tighten and ache.
I saw then that it was a hotel we were standing before. Could
see a doorman, could see him looking at us. He stepped forward
offering me his hand to step up with. Automatically I took
his hand, feeling his eyes tracing all over me. Knowing
he was enjoying the view as much as the driver did. My Master
stepped up and took my arm, leading me toward the door.
We entered and I expected to go to the desk, etc, but then
realized My Master already had that taken care of. We entered
the elevator, turning and the driver was there carrying
a small travel bag. We rode the elevator in silence, opening
out to a set of double doors across from the elevator. The
driver stepped out, producing a key and opening the doors
for us.
My Master led me into a room, done is soft light colors. The
huge bed dominating the room. A canopy bed with drapes of
material wrapped around the posts, big soft fluffy pillows
piled at the head. I stood staring, my heart beating so fast.
So many images flitting thru my head. Images of pics I had
seen of Master/slaves, etc. Each image sending shocking
tingles along my skin. Each image arousing me more than
the last.
I stood in silence, my eyes seemingly glued to the bed, in
particular to the canopy posts. Wild thoughts of the soft
material draped there binding my arms to the posts, holding
my legs wide. All kinds of wicked naughty images flashing
thru my mind.
I caught movement to my left, glancing that way, I saw the
driver moving thru the room. Carrying the travel bag and
setting it on the chest at the foot of the bed. My Master coughed
lightly, the driver looked toward him. My master gave a
small shake of his head. The driver nodded, lifted the bag
and sat it on the floor by the chest.
My Master was at my side, dazed I didnt realize he had walked
to stand beside me until he spoke my name. I jerked, looking
at him because he had used my given name. I looked into his
eyes wondering. He took my hands, turning me to face him.
"If you are unsure at any point, I want to say the word
Bananas. That will be the only word to make it stop. Do you
understand?" I opened my mouth but no words came out.
I closed my mouth, my tongue darting out to moisten my lips
as I swallowed hard. I glanced at the driver and then back
to My Master. I nodded my head, "Yes, My Master, I understand."
He simply nodded his head. Taking my hand he led me into the
room, led me to stand in front of the chest.

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NOOOOO, Don't leave me hanging like that! Great Story!!!!


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Great story, hope you finish this story at some point.


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Brillant Story, keep it coming.