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Secretary Takes Charge


Secretary Takes Charge
When the weather changes many things happen to life on theearth. As summer comes to an end and winter approaches animals
begin seeking warm and secure places to live for the winter
and began storing food. People began to prepare for colder
weather, buying warmer clothes, stocking up on items for
cold nights when they don?t want to be outside, planning
different types of activities. Farmers began preparing
to finish up the summer activities, preparing hay and other
feeds for livestock during the cold winter months ahead,
truck drivers began looking for tire chains to buy for their
big rigs, and the advertisements on television began centering
on four wheel drive types of vehicles. Clouds change from
the stratus type of long thin drawn out kinds of clouds to
the big fluffy cumulus or more specifically cumulus nimbus
clouds which sometimes tower almost 60, 000 feet into
the stratosphere and have enormously strong updrafts
in their centers. This is the time when lightning and thunder
predominate many late afternoons. Women who normally
wear virtually nothing began looking through their closets
for warmer types of clothing that will cover them better
than the short-shorts they and halter tops they have been
wearing all summer. Both men and women began eyeing their
closets for different types of shoes they know they will
have to start wearing soon. While all of these things happen everywhere in the world,
it is no more pronounced anywhere than in the mountains
of the northeastern part of the United States where the
leaves change to vivid oranges, reds, and yellows before
falling to the ground. <br>
Sharon Anderson had been living in Silverton, Vermont
for three years. She had moved here to enjoy a more relaxed
type of life style where things moved a little slower than
it had in Portland, Oregon where she had graduated from
Portland State College. Jobs were not plentiful and her
business major didn?t help much so finally she took a job
as a secretary for an insurance agent. Larry Carson had
been in insurance for five years and ran a nice operation
that generated a comfortable income for him. He was single
and had been married once for only a few years and there were
no children. Since then he had decided it would be much safer
if he just dated rather than marrying as he had lost most
of all he had worked for in the divorce. Sharon had applied
for work with him at just the right time for him. Over the
past three years they had become very good friends and had
gone on many dates, usually dinner and a movie. Sharon went
to the local church and had made several close friends there
and they had been urging her to get more serious with him.
While she wanted to she didn?t want to make her situation
uncomfortable. She liked Larry and enjoyed visiting with
him. Lately they had been talking about sex and the different
way women looked at it than men. At first she had sort of agreed
with him, not wanting to argue. Today he had really made
her mad. It was Friday and business was slow as it always
was on Fridays and they were visiting in his office. She
was sitting across from him, her legs crossed and her tight
skirt about half way to her hips revealing her beautiful
soft white thighs which he was staring openly at as they
talked. At first she felt she should pull her dress down
as she saw him staring at her legs but she decided not to.
He didn?t think she was interested in sex? <br>
?There is a good example of what I?m talking about? he said
to her looking out the window. A woman who worked in the next
office was passing by. She was wearing high heels and her
skirt stretched tightly revealing her full hips and legs
very well as she watched. ?Barbara likes to have men look
at her but she would be surprised if she knew the thoughts
men have about her?. ?What kind of thoughts?? Sharon asked looking out the window
as Barbara passed. ?See? Your question is exactly what I am talking about.
What kind of thoughts do you think? Men think of sex a lot
and enjoy seeing women in tight clothes, fantasizing about
what they would like to do to a woman whereas a woman is just
pleased that she can get men to look at her, not realizing
they are looking at her thinking of undressing her and having
sex with her?. Sharon was flustered as she always was when he talked about
sex but she didn?t agree with him at all. She had thoughts
about sex with him very often and very detailed but was afraid
to say anything. Many times she had looked at Larry?s hips
imagining what he would look like in only his underpants,
or even totally naked ?Don?t you think women look at men
and think of having sex with them also?? she said lamely.
Larry smiled at her. ?Let?s have a little test, shall we?
I have some rope here in my desk drawer. You can tie my hands
behind my back and then let?s see what happens. If I were
able to tie your hands behind your back I can tell you that
I would take full advantage of you. After you have tied me
up you can untie me and that will prove my point perfectly.
You should be able to agree with me completely then, all
right?? She stood up and came over to him as he turned his back to her
and she pulled his hands behind his back and began tying
them behind him. Quickly she realized she would have to
tie them tightly or he could easily get loose. ?Ouch! Sharon, do you have to tie me so tightly?? he asked.
?I want to be sure you can?t get loose once I?ve tied you up?
she replied and continued tying his hands. ?There! That
should hold you. Let?s see you try to get loose from that!?
She watched smiling as he struggled against the ropes futilely
for a few minutes. ?O.K. Sharon? he said, ?You can untie
me now. I can?t get loose?. ?Well, then you can?t stop me from pulling your pants down
then, can you?? Larry was surprised as she began unfastening his trousers
and unzipped them. ?Sharon, I said to untie me! You don?t
have to pretend to be interested in sex for my sake.? he said
almost in a panic as she pulled his trousers down to his ankles.
?Who?s pretending?? she said. ?Mmmmm, I like your underpants
Larry? she said feeling them all over, ?Nice and tight and
nylon!? Her fingernails were lightly scratching him right
over his penis, which now was very hard and bulging furiously
beneath his brief underpants as she felt it lightly. ?Now,
if you can?t be quiet I?ll have to gag you. It?s your choice
Larry. I?m going to pull your underpants down and do some
things to you to show you I am as interested in having sex
with you as you are with me and you won?t be able to do a single
thing to stop me. Your penis is just begging to be freed from
your tight underpants my boy?. Larry was struggling against the ropes but it was useless.
Sharon had tied him very securely. Now she unbuttoned his
shirt and removed his tie, pulling his shirt back and tucking
it with his hands behind him leaving him naked except for
his underpants. Slowly she reached the tight elastic waistband
of his underpants and slid her fingers under it and began
pulling down on them. They slid smoothly over his hips as
she pulled them down and suddenly his hard naked penis literally
popped right into view as she continued pulling downward
on his underpants. She stopped pulling down on them when
she had them about half way to his knees and stood back, looking
him over for a minute or two, smiling at him. Larry looked at her and was surprised that she was doing
this and especially that she seemed to enjoy seeing him
naked like he was. She was really looking him over. He realized
he had asked for this and was a little afraid of what she was
going to do to him. Sharon moved close to him again and began openly feeling
his hard naked penis, making him groan weakly with pleasure
as he felt her smooth fingers moving all over his penis.
He grunted helplessly as she squeezed it hard once or twice
and finally forced him onto the floor. Once she had him on
his back she stood up and let him watch her as she slowly undressed,
smiling down at him. ?This is going to be fun Larry? she said as she slid her panties
down and off of her full hips. <br>
Unknown to either of them was that Barbara could see in thewindow and had stopped when she saw movement there and was
now watching everything that was going on. The window was
just slightly open and Barbara could hear everything they
were saying and was growing more excited by the minute as
she watched and listened. The sky above was very threatening
with large billowy black clouds and thunder was already
rumbling in the area and getting louder. Wind had picked
up and was beginning to blow harder and the temperature
was already dropping. Barbara glanced nervously over
her shoulder at the sky. She wouldn?t be able to stay here
much longer once the rain started. <br>
?First you need a little humiliating my boy? Sharon told
him as she mounted his face. ?Please Sharon? he pleaded, ?Please don?t cunt fuck my
face! I?ll do anything you say if you won?t don that! That
is the most embarrassing thing a woman can do to a man. Please
Sharon!? ?Well Larry, you may find some other things even more embarrassing
before I?m through with you?.NOW START SUCKING!? and she
crushed her naked wet pussy right onto his face as he strove
to move his face away from her, unsuccessfully. Even from the window Barbara could hear his sucking as he
obeyed Sharon and Sharon began moaning and writhing in
ecstasy as pleasure soared through her as his tongue worked
her clitoris rapidly. She clamped her naked legs on either
side of his head and put her hands behind his head and really
crushed his face with her naked cunt, finally releasing
it to let him breathe a little and then repeating her movements
once more. Slowly she began turning around on him, screwing his face
with her hot wet pussy, as he sucked helplessly beneath
her. Now she was facing his hips and bending over had easy
access to his naked penis and balls. Squeezing his hard
penis in one hand she put her warm lips over the end of it and
began to suck on it as her other hand moved to his balls and
her fingers began scratching them all over and in between
his legs which she had forced wide apart after pulling his
trousers completely off of him. His underpants were stretching
very tightly on his upper thighs which seemed to please
her immensely as she looked at them and finally began feeling
the bulging skin around them. Soon she moaned loudly as
a very intense climax soared through her as she him
vigorously with her cunt on his face. Even when she finished
she continued fucking his face with her cunt and before
long yet another hard climax soared through her. She could
feel how wet his face was becoming from her cunt juices as
she climaxed several more times. Meantime she was chewing
on his cock and tongue fucking it rapidly as she worked his
balls over vigorously with both hands. She felt him writhing
wildly and tightened her naked thighs around either side
of his head as she continued working him over until finally
his body jerked wildly and it was all she could do to continue
riding his face as she felt his cock become even harder and
then felt his hot sperm began shooting out the end of it as
he ejaculated uncontrollably beneath her. At first she
was shocked at what was happening but quickly realized
she was actually making him ejaculate by her actions on
him. His sperm belonged to her now and she began to swallow
it as it filled her mouth and this action seemed to arouse
him even more. He writhed wildly for almost fifteen or twenty
seconds as a very excited orgasm soared through his body
as she finalized her actions of on him! She came to a
hard climax as he finished his ejaculation and sucked his
cock extra hard for a few minutes, getting even more drops
out of him as she finished him off. For several minutes she
kept working him over in the same manner and soon his cock
was very hard again and she knew he was getting excited once
more as he felt her fingers on his naked balls. Removing her mouth from his penis she said ?Maybe I should
tie your legs apart Larry. I want you to spread them wider
and if I tie them tightly apart you won?t really have much
to say about it. Oh good, there is more rope here in your desk?
she finished as she dismounted him. Standing over him,
she admired him as he lay tied and naked beneath her with
his face wet from her cunt juices as he looked at her naked
body helplessly, his eyes moving to her cunt almost without
his control. ?Now let me see? she said looking around, ?where can I tie
your legs apart to ?. Hmmmm? Suddenly she saw Barbara at
the window watching and she almost cried out but Barbara
motioned her to be quiet. Glancing down at Larry and back
at Barbara, Sharon smiled. Why not? This might be even better
than she thought. <br>
?You are going to have to earn the privilege of seeing menaked Larry? she said to him. ?In the meantime I am going
to blindfold you as I teach you a few lessons. Picking up
her panties she used them to blindfold him with them. Then
she motioned for Barbara to go around to the front door.
As she waited she pulled the blinds, not knowing who might
pass by. She knew Barbara very well and had become close
friends of hers over the years. They had discussed many
different things and she had told Barbara about Larry?s
ideas of women not being interested in sex. She had confessed
that she wished Larry would try something with her so he
could find out how interested she was in him. Barbara had
said she would enjoy seeing Larry naked also and they had
shared several fantasies about what they would do to him
if they ever worked up enough nerve to actually him.
Rain was beginning to come down as Barbara left her position
by the window and ran to the door of the offices. She was very
excited about what she had been watching and was really
anxious to see close up what Sharon was doing to Larry. Even
in this short space of time the rain had began to pelt against
the window in a hard drumming manner and it had become darker.
Lightening flashes were lighting up the sky and thunder
was almost continually rumbling overhead. Friday?s were
normally very quiet and since this was a long weekend nothing
was happening, especially as it was already after 4:00
p.m. Normally Barbara was off work at 4:00 and she had glanced
in her office as she had passed it to be sure everyone had
left. She entered Larry?s office very quietly, smiling
at Sharon as she closed the door softly. <br>
?I think you need to be more by me sitting on your face
Larry!? Sharon said motioning to Barbara to undress. ?That
seems to be very embarrassing to you and you need to be taught
your place with me. You better suck and lick good and hard
if you know what is good for you Soon Barbara was naked and
straddling Larry?s face and lowering her hot wet pussy
onto him. ?Please don?t Sharon!? Larry was begging, ?you?ve humiliated
me enough. Please don?t cunt fuck me again?please Sharon,
mmmmmmphhh!? and he was gagged as Barbara crushed her naked
cunt onto his face and he began sucking helplessly as he
had done before. As Larry struggled for breath it seemed
to him the moaning and grunting was different than it had
been earlier but he couldn?t see anything as Sharon?s panties
were blindfolding him. He thought her legs felt a little
different squeezing either side of his head also but didn?t
think too much about it. He felt very humiliated as he was
but he did enjoy feeling the naked inner thighs of
whom he thought were Sharon?s as they pressed against either
side of his face and he slurped and sucked noisily. As Barbara
came to a hard climax and cried out Larry knew something
was different but just then he felt Sharon?s fingers squeezing
the skin on his balls and twisting it back and forth which
both hurt and brought pleasure to him. When he felt her mouth
once more cover the end of his penis he knew there had to be
another woman him from the position she was sitting
on his face as she couldn?t possibly suck his penis from
that position. He was in no position to protest or even say
anything as his mouth was full of Barbara?s wet pussy and
she was going for another climax on him. Sharon began sticking
her tongue in and out of the end of his penis, fucking him.
She enjoyed sticking her tongue in the end of his hard penis
and wiggling it around, making his entire penis wiggle
around just with the action of her tongue in it. She used
her fingers to pinch the skin on either side of his balls
very tightly and pull as hard apart as she could on the skin
in her pinching fingers and enjoyed seeing how tight and
hard this made his balls. This was very exciting to her also
and she finally put her mouth fully over his penis once more
and really started sucking and chewing on it, pulling it
with her teeth and moving her face from side to side. She
pinched the skin on his balls right at the base of them and
all over the part where his legs joined them. <br>
Larry felt devastated. It was both terribly exciting and
enjoyable as well as very humiliating and embarrassing
to have two women him and he felt very helpless with
his hands tied behind him as the two women violated him furiously.
His own excitement was growing rapidly especially from
the intense activity of Sharon?s mouth on his penis, fucking
and licking it as she sucked hard on him. The pinching all
over the inner parts of his naked thighs was also exciting
as well as painful which seemed to just add to his excitement
until finally he couldn?t control himself and he began
to ejaculate as a hard orgasm swept through him. He opened
his mouth more and more of Barbara?s wet cunt entered it
immediately as he could only moan helplessly as he ejaculated
into Sharon?s mouth. The pleasure became very intense
throughout his body as he felt his penis pulsing with each
shot of his juices into Sharon?s mouth and was surprised
to hear her swallowing rapidly as he ejaculated. The orgasm
left him even weaker if possible and he felt totally conquered.
The two women didn?t stop him when he finished, but
continued in the same activities for several minutes.
The loud claps of thunder added to the feeling of warmth
and comfort for them all, being inside as the storm raged
outside. This made the entire experience feel more intimate
than it may have without the outside effects. <br>
Finally Sharon finished sucking the few remaining drops
out of his penis and after kissing the end of it passionately
for a few minutes she stood up. Barbara was moaning and shivering
with pleasure on him as she came to her third climax while
cunt fucking his face. When she finished, she climbed off
of him and helped Sharon force him to his feet and watched
him as Sharon removed her panties from around his eyes and
smiled as his eyes got big as he realized it was her that had
just been him. <br>
?He doesn?t think women have sexual fantasies or are very
interested in sex?, Sharon told Barbara. He might change
his mind by the time this weekend is over. Turn around Larry.
We want to see your butt. I?ve always admired it when you
walked around the office and now I want a good look at it naked!?
The two women looked at his naked butt as he obeyed and then
both of them began to feel it all over along with his upper
thighs as he stood helplessly. Sharon was squeezing his
naked buttocks and beginning to pull them apart as they
both got to their knees behind him. ?Let?s make him lay on his stomach? Barbara suggested.
?I want to get my Polaroid camera while you get him down there?
and she quickly straightened her skirt and left the office
as Sharon forced Larry to his knees and made him kiss her
between her legs and then pushed him down onto his stomach
as Barbara returned. After several pictures Barbara put
the camera down and stood over him, positioning her high
heel right between his naked buttocks and smiled at Sharon
with sort of a question on her face. Sharon smiled back and
got on her knees and pulled his naked buttocks very wide
apart and watched as Barbara?s high heel lowered right
in between them and touched him on his exposed anus and put
the top of her shoe down on his upper buttocks. Larry cried out loudly as she slowly pushed the high heel
inside of him and by the time she had fully fucked him he was
sobbing uncontrollably and shuddering and jerking helplessly.
Both women were smiling broadly as they watched him and
Barbara began twisting her heel around back and forth inside
of him over and over. After five minutes had passed Barbara
slipped out of her shoe leaving the high heel embedded deeply
up inside of him and knelt over his hips while Sharon continued
to hold his buttocks wide apart. ?I think we can finish pantsing him and untie his hands now?
Sharon said. ?He isn?t in much position to offer resistance
now.? The women forced him to his feet and he stood with his head
hanging in submission as they untied his hands and finished
stripping his tight underpants down and off of him. Barbara
had removed her high heel from between his naked buttocks
after having taken almost 10 pictures of him from the time
he was laying down until he was standing up. ?Now we can easily tie you up again if you don?t obey us Larry?
Sharon told him as her hands felt his penis and balls openly.
See those candles Barbara? There on the credenza? Get that
biggest one and we?ll use it to fuck him with. Get on your
knees Larry and use your mouth to bring me to some climaxes?
she said and sat in his chair and spread her legs wide as he
obeyed. He was blushing as his face moved between her naked
thighs and to her wet pussy and he began licking and slurping
as she had commanded him to. He felt Barbara?s hands all
over his naked hips and buttocks and felt Sharon?s hands
move behind his head and force his face harder into her naked
cunt. WHACK! SLAP! WHACK! The sudden noise broke the stillness
of the room as Barbara began spanking his buttocks hard
and smiling as his hips jerked wildly with each slap she
gave them. Larry buried his face deeper into Sharon?s cunt
and sucked even harder hoping that perhaps in some way he
might please her enough that she would tell Barbara to stop
spanking him but after five very difficult minutes his
buttocks felt like they were on fire and Sharon was coming
to her fourth climax and squeezing either side of his head
with her naked thighs as she cried out loudly and moaned
as pleasure engulfed her entire body once more. He was enjoying
feeling her naked legs and hips with his hands as she
him. Sharon yanked the hair on the back of his head, forcing his
face from her cunt but held it just barely an inch from her.
?Now keep your face right there and don?t more!? she commanded
him. ?Go ahead and fuck him Barbara! If he moves at all you
can resume your spanking only after the candle is stuffed
totally inside of him!? Larry didn?t realize how long the candle was and try as he
might he couldn?t keep from moaning and grunting furiously
as it slowly and steadily slid deeper and deeper inside
of his body as Barbara fucked him firmly up his ass. Finally
he cried out and buried his face once more into Sharon?s
naked cunt, and began sobbing helplessly. Slowly the candle
continued to slide deeper into him. Finally it stopped
and he felt it pull out slightly but then felt it jam again
hard and deep into him as he cried into Sharon?s naked cunt.
As Barbara fucked him she reached her other hand in between
his legs and pulled his hard penis back in between his legs
and began rubbing it on the exposed part of the candle which
had a deep ribbing on it. She rubbed the very tender part
of the underside of the end of his penis back and forth on
the ribbing, smiling at the effect it was having as his hips
jerked wildly and thrashed back and forth but he couldn?t
stop her. Finally she stopped and reached for some rope
that she used to tie his penis and balls with. She put one
strand around both his balls and penis and pulled it tightly
and then brought it up right between his balls, separating
them and making them terribly shiny and red, almost white
from the pressure. Then she handed the end of the rope to
Sharon who began pulling hard upward on it as she sat comfortably
in his chair him. As Barbara began twisting the candle
back and forth inside of him, the deep ribbing of it really
violated him and he shook and trembled uncontrollably.
Part of his shaking and jerking came from intense pleasure
and awareness of what the two women were doing to him coupled
with the thoughts of the fact they wanted to do these things
to him without any suggestions from him and another part
came from the actual pain they were administering to him
as they and violated him. ?I wonder if he has ever been before? Barbara mused
as she continued to screw and fuck him deep in his ass and
felt his penis and balls with her other hand. ?From what he has told me about women and sex I doubt it? Sharon
replied pulling his face from her cunt and looking down
at him. His face was very wet from her cunt juices by now and
he really looked helpless and innocent in the position
he was in of kneeling naked in front of her after being just
freshly cunt fucked and still being fucked deeply inside
his naked body up in between his naked buttocks by Barbara.
Sharon reached down at tilted up his chin so he had to look
into her eyes and she smiled at him. ?Still think women don?t
fantasize about having sex with men?? she asked. ?No Sharon? he replied quietly. ?I am really surprised,
especially that two of you want to do these things to me.?
?Good? Sharon said, ?because we are going to do an awful
lot more to you from now on. When we get you to my apartment
you may be surprised at what I have there to use on you!? She
laughed as Larry?s mouth dropped open in surprise and she
yanked hard on the rope pulling his penis upwards tightly.
?Before you take him home? Barbara said, ?I?d like to get
some pictures of him in my office if you don?t mind?. ?Not at all? Sharon replied getting up and the two women
forced him to his feet. ?And you are welcome to come to my
apartment with us if you would like. Two of us can do more
than just one?. Barbara pulled his penis and balls back in front of him and
leaving them still tied very tightly she grabbed his naked
penis in one hand and squeezed it hard and began walking
to her office. Larry stumbled helplessly after her grunting
and moaning as she worked her finger around inside the end
of his naked penis, finger fucking him there, as he walked
behind her. Sharon walked closely behind him feeling his
naked buttocks and hips as he walked and especially in between
them. Nobody else seemed to be in the building and they
him to Barbara?s desk. There Barbara took many pictures
of him from different angles as he stood there naked. Some
of them she made him put his hands behind his back as if he
had been tied up. ?Get over the corner of my desk? Barbara commanded him.
Larry straddled a corner of her desk as she moved behind
him and Sharon took more pictures. Barbara made sure that
either side of her desk from the corner kept his naked legs
spread very wide apart and Sharon reached in between his
legs and pulled his penis back and shoved down on his hips,
forcing his stomach onto her desk and thereby trapping
his naked penis and balls tightly back and in between his
legs and making them totally available for the two women
to use and him. Sharon kissed him all over his hips and
buttocks, rubbing her face all around on him and then began
to pull his buttocks apart and kiss him in between them until
her lips were kissing him right on his naked anus. Pleasure
was soaring through Larry now as he felt her warm lips exploring
him in such intimate places and kissing him all over and
then he felt her tongue touch his anus and began licking
slowly around and finally inserting inside of him, tongue
fucking him right up his ass! He moaned and shivered with
pleasure and even as she tongue fucked him up his ass Sharon
laughed at his responses. Barbara took several more pictures
of this. Sharon tongue fucked him for almost ten minutes
and worked gently on his penis and balls with her fingers,
pinching, probing and twisting him all over them. Barbara
bent over him and as she forced him to rest on his elbows she
reached around him and began to feel his nipples, pinching
them and twisting them tightly between her fingers. She
pulled down hard on them as she twisted them and Larry cried
out in pain. Barbara laughed at him and did it harder. ?I
just thought of something!? she said, ?When you finish
tongue fucking him why don?t you tit fuck him in his ass also.
Maybe you can manage to tit fuck him in the end of his penis
at the same time!? Larry shuddered with pleasure as he felt Sharon?s tongue
continue working inside of him, violating him totally.
He could feel her warm lips pressing hard against the area
around his anus as she fucked him with her tongue. Finally
she stopped and he felt her forcing one of her naked tits
into his anus. There wasn?t as much feeling for him as she
tit fucked him but apparently it really felt good to her
as she worked her nipple around inside of him. Then holding
her nipple in him she worked her other nipple around on his
penis and worked it inside of it and around and around as
he cried and gasped helplessly. Barbara laughed as she took pictures. ?Your really tit
fucking him Sharon.? She said gleefully as she continue
taking pictures. ?Now let?s tit whip him!? Barbara finished undressing and began slapping his face
with her naked tits as Sharon started slapping her tits
against his penis and balls. Barbara moved her tits all
over his face and then to his own nipples where she pushed
hers against his, grinding them hard onto him. Sharon had
made sure all the shades had been pulled, and had noticed
how dark outside it was. Glancing at the clock she realized
they had been him for almost three hours. It was 7:30
and the sun had now gone down. ?Let?s kidnap him and take
him to my place? she said. ?O.K. but I want a picture or two more? Barbara said and forced
Larry onto his back over her desk with his feet still on the
floor and his penis pulled back and in front of him. The tight
ropes around the base of it kept it very hard, not allowing
any blood flow in or out of it and Barbara moved up to him,
guiding it between her legs as Sharon took pictures. Soon
Larry felt his naked penis sliding inside of her vagina
as she him and began humping him and bending over and
sucking on his nipples. As she him she forced his legs
apart and closed her own tightly together and as Sharon
took pictures she laughed at how helpless Larry looked
being fucked by a woman with his naked legs spread wide apart
in submission. Barbara thrust up and down on him hard, riding
him vigorously, until she came to a hard climax on him. Then
she made him get dressed and she did also. Once his clothes
were on she grabbed him and pushed him against a wall and
began pulling his trousers down as Sharon took many pictures.
He was instructed to pretend to be fighting but she easily
conquered him and soon had his underpants below his hips
and her own dress up and panties down as she pushed against
him. Sharon got good pictures of his penis sliding into
Barbara?s vagina as he was and again his legs forced
apart as she humped him against the wall. After almost ten
minutes of intense humping on him she came to another climax
and pushed her hips tightly against his until she had finished,
keeping his hard penis totally inside of her vagina. ?That looked fun? Sharon said as Barbara pulled her panties
back up. ?I?ll get my clothes on and we can go?. Larry blushed and hung his head as he slowly pulled up his
underpants and his trousers. ?May I take the ropes off of
my penis and balls Barbara?? he asked quietly. Barbara considered him a moment. ?All right Larry. I can
tie them up again when I want to at Sharon?s? and she watched
as he removed the ropes from his balls and penis and finished
pulling up his underpants and trousers as Sharon returned.
?I locked the office. Are you ready?? ?Yes? Barbara said. ?It really sounds like it is raining
hard out there! Listen, I?ve quite a bit of shopping to do
even if the weather so terrible. Why don?t you give me your
address and I?ll meet you over there later or in the morning.
I assume you will probably keep him captive at least overnight?.
?Yes? Sharon replied, ?I may go to his place tomorrow but
it wouldn?t be until the afternoon.. Maybe we can expand
on your idea of pulling his pants down and him like
you did in your office at my place tomorrow.? As Barbara left, she and Larry then went into his office
and got dressed. ?That was really fun Larry? she said to him as they locked
the doors. ?I can hardly wait to get to my apartment. Now
as I said earlier, I?m going to kidnap you and take you to
my place and continue thoroughly and abusing you
sexually. Either you must agree to go with me obediently
or I will tie you up and give you a spanking you won?t soon
forget. It is your choice, but if you agree to obey me and
offer no resistance to my kidnapping you, get on your knees
and kiss me between my legs right now?! Larry looked at her and saw she was serious and quickly got
onto his knees and buried his face between her legs and began
kissing her as hard as he could, moving his lips all around
in her cunt as she stood looking down at him as she held up
her dress. ?This is the way I like to see you!? she said ?even if you have
your clothes on you are on your knees and I am cunt fucking
your face and there is nothing you can do about it but obey
me? and she laughed. After about ten minutes she stopped cunt fucking his face.
?All right, you can stand up now Larry? she said. ?Are you
going to go with me quietly or do I need to tie your hands behind
you again?? ?I?ll go quietly? he said quietly looking at the floor,
unable to meet her gaze. ?Please don?t tie me up again. I?ll
obey you?. ?Good? she said, ?then let?s get out of here?.
?You really surprised me?, Larry said to her. ?I reallydidn?t think women were interested in sex at all, much less
to the extent you showed me?. ?You have a lot more coming that you don?t know about yet!?
she said smiling at him as they ran for the car through the
rain. <br>
?Whew! It is really coming down!? he said as they shut thedoors of the car. He had been picking her up and taking her
home each day for several years and it was automatic that
it was his car they ran for. As he pulled out of the parking
lot she slid close beside him and unzipped his trousers.
?You?re not giving me any break, are you?? he said driving
towards her apartment. ?Why should I?? she responded as she worked his penis out
of his underpants and began finger fucking him in the end
of it as she felt the rest of it with her fingers and his balls
with her hand. She smiled as she saw the helpless expression
on his face and knew he was really enjoying what she was doing
to him. Finally she slid down and put her mouth over his penis
and began sucking on it and tongue fucking it and worked
his balls over with both of her hands as he moaned weakly
as he drove. As she sucked his penis she pushed her face further
down and rubbed her cheeks around on his balls, moving her
hands deeper between his legs until she reached right in
between his buttocks and shoved two fingers up into his
anus, fucking him. He was moaning weakly and grunting as
he parked in front of her apartment. It had taken them ten
minutes to get there and she had tongue fucked him and finger
fucked him the entire time. ?Well, that was fun!? she said withdrawing her hands from
him and sitting up. ?Yes? he replied, ?you really make me feel weak and helpless
doing those things to me.? ?I don?t think this rain is going to let up very soon. Let?s
hurry and get inside!? They ran for her apartment which fortunately was covered
by a roof over her front door and she unlocked her door and
they entered. ?I?ll be out in a minute? she said, ?why don?t you take off
your clothes so you?ll be ready when I come out?. This was
more of a command than a question and when she went into the
bathroom he began undressing. By the time she came back
he was totally naked and she looked him over smiling, especially
staring at his hard cock and licking her lips. She had changed
into a very brief negligee that only reached her waist and
was totally transparent. She was not wearing a brassiere
but had a very skimpy pair of bikini panties on which were
very tight also. She smiled as she saw him looking her over
thoroughly. ?Were you surprised that Barbara helped me you?? she
asked him. ?Yes, very? he replied, ?I still can hardly believe that
two beautiful women have me and want to continue
me a lot more. And the things you have done to me! You have
thought them all up yourself and you have forced my sperm
out of me while I really tried to stop it.? ?You really tried not to ejaculate in my mouth?? she asked.
?Yes, I thought it was at least a small measure of maintaining
my manhood or something I suppose but you took that from
me completely and then you swallowed everything you got
out of me. That was terribly embarrassing to me and feeling
your fingers on my balls probing and pinching and twisting
really got me excited fast again. You really know how to
make me weak and helpless. Even when you pinched me between
my legs it was exciting even if it hurt like it did when you
spanked me.? Sharon smiled. She really enjoyed hearing him talk like
this. ?Get on your knees and start sucking me again until
I come to a climax!? she commanded and he quickly fell to
his knees in front of her and buried his face once more in
her hot wet pussy as she stood dominatingly, looking down
at him and smiling. She could see his red face as he obeyed
her, and she knew this was terribly humiliating to him as
he had told her earlier. She didn?t care! In fact she really
loved humiliating him and showing him that she was in complete
charge of him. ?Mmmm, you are really getting me worked up!? she said to
him finally, ?let?s go into my bedroom? and she pulled him
by a hand and he followed enjoying watching her full buttocks
swinging sexily in front of him. She glanced back wondering
if he was looked at her buttocks and smiled when she saw she
was right. ?I?m going to lay on my back and you can kneel over me and suck
me between my legs. That should give me a great view of your
penis and balls while I cunt fuck your face?. Larry quickly obeyed her. He pulled her tight panties down
and off of her. Soon his face was buried in her warm wet pussy
and he was sucking and licking her rapidly. He felt her warm
lips cover his hard cock and felt her start sucking on him
again. Pleasure soared through him, making him feel very
weak, as her fingers probed his naked balls all over. He
put his arms around her beautiful legs and squeezed them
around his head as he sucked her cunt. Her hips were writhing
more and more as she got more excited from what he was doing
to her and finally she came to a hard climax, filling his
mouth with her cunt juices, and moaning helplessly as she
lay beneath him with his penis in her mouth. As she finished climaxing she began touching him all over
around his balls and in between his naked legs which were
now forced wide apart as he knelt over her as she had commanded
him. She could see her fingers touching him everywhere
in between his legs from her position and could see his naked
buttocks also. Slowly she moved the fingers of one hand
back and onto the inner parts of his buttocks and began to
separate them until she had them wide enough apart to actually
see his anus. Inserting her tongue firmly into the end of
his penis she watched fascinated as her fingers slowly
entered his anus and plunged deeply inside of him and heard
him grunting and moaning between her legs. She grabbed
his balls in one hand and began to twist them back and forth
and twist them tightly as she watched her fingers plunging
in and out of him rapidly. His hips were writhing wildly
above her by now and she tightened her legs around his head
and began pulling down on his head with her legs forcing
his face even harder into her wet excited pussy as she grew
more and more excited. She clamped her teeth firmly around
his naked penis inside her mouth as she began screwing him
in the end of it with her tongue as she tongue fucked him in
it also. Harder and faster she plunged her three fingers
in and out of him as she humped upwards with her hips on his
face over and over until finally she came to another very
hard climax and again felt pleasure soaring through her
as she listened to him swallowing helplessly between her
legs. As she relaxed she began to explore him inside his
anus and soon found his prostate gland. She was surprised
at the strong reaction she got out of him as she touched it
and began to stroke it with a finger and then all three fingers.
He was writhing wildly on her, trying to get loose, but she
had him firmly in her control and he felt terribly helpless
in his present position. Soon he couldn?t stand it any longer
as the pleasure grew so intense with her fingers inside
of him and his helpless murmurs and grunts could be heard
coming from between her naked legs as he came to a hard orgasm
and began ejaculating into her mouth once more. This time
she was better prepared for it and loved feeling his hot
liquid filling his mouth. She moved it all around in her
mouth before swallowing it and gently put her tongue on
the underside of his penis which seemed to stimulate him
even more to give her all of his sperm. Again she continued
to milk his penis with her mouth and tongue to be sure she
had every drop she could force out of him and still worked
his prostate over with her fingers until she was satisfied
she had completely drained him. She had been so excited
to conquer him again that she had hardly been aware of her
own climax until she heard him swallowing still after she
had finished emptying him. That had been wonderful for
her <br>
?Now that you are satisfied sexually I am going to have some
fun with you Larry? Sharon told him getting up. Larry watched
her move to her dresser and open a drawer. His eyes got big
as he saw her take out a dildo and what looked like a many tailed
whip and some other things he couldn?t see. ?First let?s get you into proper position? she said moving
over to him. ?I?ll pull this leg up over you and tie it to this
side the headboard like this?.and then I?ll do the same
with your other leg. What a view! You are really spread wide
and with no clothes on I can see everything I want to. I want
your penis nice and hard now so I?ll just pinch you right
here and here at the same time!? Larry gasped and grunted hard as he felt her pinching him
directly between his legs beside his balls and pushing
inward on him there as she pinched. It hurt and also made
him feel terribly weak at the same time. How could this be
exciting after he had just ejaculated? He was really getting
hard once more and couldn?t do anything about it. She was
in control and was forcing his penis to become very hard
and rigid with her actions. ?Now, that?s the way I like to see it!? She said finally and
he felt rope being tied around the base of his penis and balls
and then pulled very tightly. He grunted uncontrollably
as he felt a strand of rope come up between his balls, separating
them, and then wrap around the base of his penis very tightly
and once more around his balls. Sharon then pulled the rope
around the bottom of his buttocks and hips and around his
lower stomach, just above his penis and back down in between
his legs again. Then she slapped his penis making it bounce
back and forth and smiled as she toyed with it in this manner
for several minutes, enjoying giving his penis a good spanking.
Then she put a clothes pin right on the end of his penis!
?Please!? he cried out immediately, ?Please don?t Sharon.
OHHH! OUCH! Oh that hurts terribly. Please take the clothes
pin off of my penis!? and he began moaning and soon began
to sob as he felt the intensity of the clothes pin on the end
of his naked penis. Sharon stood over him, smiling down at him as he writhed
and begged her to remove it. After letting him struggle
like this for several minutes she got a pair of her panties
and shoved them in his mouth, gagging him and tied his hands
behind his back again. Then, as he continued to writhe and
twist helplessly beneath her, she got her camera and took
several pictures of him. ?Something?s missing in this picture Larry? she said,
?what could it be?? Let me think? Oh I know! You need to be
fucked up your ass also, how silly of me to forget to fuck
you!? Larry tried to beg her not to fuck him but her panties gagged
him very effectively and his naked body jerked wildly as
he felt her lubricating his anus and then he stiffened helplessly
as he felt her began to shove a dildo up inside of his anus.
He felt the ribs of it as each one entered him and he jerked
uncontrollably as each rib entered him until she had it
completely inside of him. ?It?s only six inches long Larry. I don?t know why you?re
making such a fuss over it. You are going to learn to accept
it much easier than this before I am through with you. Maybe
I?ll have to get a bigger one and a longer one, what do you
think?? and she laughed as she watched him struggling and
thrashing beneath her as he struggled helplessly against
the tight ropes she had tied him up with. ?Since you seem so upset with what I am doing to you, I am now
going to punish you!? and she picked up the whip she had brought
over. It had over nine individual thongs with tiny hard
balls on the end of each of them. Slowly she began whipping
his penis and balls with it and watched him stretch as tightly
as he could against the ropes she had tied him with. This
was exciting to her and she began spanking him between his
wide spread naked legs also as well as his penis and balls
and began pumping the dildo in and out of his ass at the same
time with her other hand. She was surprised at how good it
felt to her to and violate him and punish him like she
was doing. Watching and feeling his reactions to her was
extremely exciting to her and she whipped his cock and balls
even harder. Finally she couldn?t stand it any longer and
stopped whipping him but left the dildo deep inside his
ass and moved her hips to his, forcing his hard penis deep
into her vagina. The ropes around his penis really stimulated
her and she began riding his cock rapidly and looking down
at him. Seeing tears rolling down his cheeks and her panties
still in his mouth and seeing his hands tied behind his back
all added to her own excitement and she began humping him
hard as she closed her own naked legs together tightly.
Pleasure was soaring through her as her excitement mounted
and she pounded her hips onto his forcefully over and over.
The ropes were so tight on his penis that no blood could get
in or out and kept it very rigid. Soon she cried out as a violent
forceful climax tore through her body. This was her hardest
climax ever and she couldn?t believe the wonderful pleasurable
feelings soaring through her as she climaxed. She was breathing
hard and crying out for what seemed like a minute or more
taking in great mouthfuls of air with each intake of breath
as her excitement peaked. Finally with an extra hard squeeze
of her legs together she relaxed and lay on him recovering.
That had been wonderful! Still she enjoyed feeling his
penis inside her vagina and she tightened her vaginal muscles
around it repeatedly for several minutes adding to her
comfortable feeling of having it inside of her. Finally
she dismounted him and sat beside him lightly feeling his
penis and balls with her fingers as her breath came back
to her. ?Now that was really nice? she said to him. ?That was worth
kidnapping you and tying you up and you. Now I don?t
want to lose my job so I want you to promise me you will not
only continue my job for me but give me a big raise. Of course,
if you don?t do this I can always see what happens with the
clothes pin and whip on your penis and balls again I suppose.
Well, let?s see what you think? and she removed her panties
from his mouth. He moaned for a minute before he could speak. ?Sharon? he
began slowly ?I promise you still have your job and I promise
I will give you a big raise. How much should it be?? She smiled down at him, pinching the end of his penis between
two of her fingers and twisting it back and forth. ?Oh, I
don?t know. Let?s see, I am being paid $1, 600.00 a month
now, so why don?t we say you?ll raise it to $$3, 000.00 a
month?? Larry knew he was making well over $10, 000.00 a month profit
and could easily afford this and quickly said ?Yes Sharon,
I agree. I?ll pay you $3, 000.00 a month starting right
now?. ?Very good? she said and finger fucked him in the end of his
penis for a minute or two as she thought things over. ?You
won?t be needing a car anymore so you can sign your car over
to me also? she said. He looked up at her unbelieving! He drove a sports coupe
that had cost him over $60, 000.00 and was still paying
for it. ?What?s the matter Larry?? she asked, ?Do you have
a problem with that?? and she picked up the clothes pin.
?No! NO!? he quickly replied, ?No Sharon, I agree. I will
give you my car?. She laughed at him! ?You are completely in my power and control
now? she said. ?I?ll sell my car and keep that money for myself
also. And since you are my captive you can give up your apartment
and move in with me. I?ll give you a lesson tonight on how
you will be spending each of your nights here from now on?.
?That?s not fair!? he said. ?Oh! You don?t think it?s fair? Do you think this is fair??
and she plunged the dildo in and out of his ass repeatedly
very deeply for several minutes, making him writhe and
cry helplessly as she fucked him. ?Or this?? she continued and began whipping his penis and
balls once more until he was crying uncontrollably as she
violated him severely. Finally she stopped and he moaned weakly. ?I?m sorry Sharon.
It is fair. I will obey you. Anything you want! You have conquered
me and I deserve whatever you decide to do to me from now on?.
?Good boy!? she smiled down at him. ?Now I will untie you.
No, just keep laying on your back, I?m going to you again.
Mmm, that feels good having your penis sliding in and out
of me again?get your legs back apart. I?m the one who gets
to close her legs together during intercourse, do you understand??
?Yes Sharon? he said quickly spreading his legs as she tightened
her legs together, trapping his penis deep within her,
?I understand. I?m sorry. I won?t let it happen again!?
Sharon laughed at him as she him, again feeling the
pleasure mounting as his penis moved in and out of her, the
ropes again adding tremendously to her pleasure. ?Ohhh
Larry? she moaned ?I feel I could fuck you all night like
this!? Larry could only lay helplessly as she took her pleasure
through him and him harder and harder until she cried
out loudly and jerked wildly on him as another violent climax
shook her body fiercely! When she finally finished she
just laid on him breathing hard, feeling totally spent.
After several minutes she finally climbed off of him.
?Mmmmm, that was wonderful? she said and casually mounted
his face. ?No you can clean me off good!? Larry moaned helplessly as he was forced to suck and lick
her naked cunt for almost 30 minutes before she climbed
off of him. During the 30 minutes she had come to several
more climaxes and he had been forced to swallow all of her
cunt juices each time. ?Do you realize it?s already 10:30? Time flies when you?re
having fun! Let?s get these ropes off of you now and you can
take a shower, but first I want to watch you shave yourself
all around your penis and balls. I?ll shave your buttocks
and in between your legs so it is nice and smooth for me to
touch and kiss whenever I want to. Helpless and dejected, Larry followed Sharon into her
bathroom and blushed as he shaved his balls and around his
penis as she watched him. Then he bent over the sink and she
knelt behind him and thoroughly shaved all his buttocks
and almost to his knees both on the front and back of his legs
paying especial attention in between them and in between
his buttocks. ?Now after you shave your face you can take a shower. While
you?re shaving I?ll take a shower and if you finish while
I?m still in there, you can get in with me and I?ll wash you
thoroughly.? <br>
Larry finished shaving and opened the shower door and walked
in, glancing at her naked body, glisteningly wet in the
shower. She pulled him to her and kissed him on his lips as
she pressed her naked body to his as the hot water beat on
her back. She wasn?t surprised that his penis was no longer
hard after what she had done to him but knew she could make
it hard whenever she wanted to from now on. There were several
things she had learned that made him hard and also very weak
and helpless at the same time. Her hands felt his penis and balls and she washed them very
thoroughly and turned him around and using the fingers
of one hand spread his buttocks wide open and washed him
in between them and plunged three fingers up into his ass!
Larry grunted helplessly as he felt her fucking him but
had to take it. He was surprised at how his attitude had changed
about her and women in general in such a short time. Women
were definitely interested in sex but on their terms which
he had learned were very severe and terribly thorough.
?Now you can suck on my anus for a minute and use your tongue
to fuck me in my ass!? she told him. He knelt behind her obediently
and kissed her buttocks all over, moving his lips in between
them and then using his fingers he spread her naked buttocks
apart and put his lips right on her anus. He pressed them
gently against her there and then began to kiss her harder
as his lips began opening and he began licking her anus and
then shoved his tongue into it and continued licking as
she had commanded him. He could feel the soap suds cascading
over him as she washed herself while she his face with
her ass. Finally she was finished and left him alone in the
shower to clean himself alone although when he finished
she helped dry him with a towel, taking advantage of feeling
his naked body all over as she did so. ?Now go get on the table in the kitchen on your knees and spread
your legs apart. I?ll be there in a minute!? Larry walked into her kitchen and climbed onto the table
as she had told him to and then spread his legs apart and waited.
His knees were hurting him after ten minutes but he knew
he had to remain like that and finally she came into the kitchen
and looked him over. She sat in a chair directly in front
of him, her face directly even with his penis and balls and
she began to kiss him around his penis and suck on his balls.
?I love having you shaved like this. You are nice and smooth
Larry!? she told him sucking and probing with her tongue
all around his penis and in between his naked legs. Her hands
began feeling his smooth buttocks also and she really enjoyed
how smooth they felt to her touch also and explored them
thoroughly. She moved her hands down over his thighs, feeling
them both in front and back and pinched him right where his
buttocks joined his legs, making him grunt and cry out with
each pinch. Then she moved her fingers to either side of
his balls and began pushing them upwards and pinching the
skin there hard and smiling as she heard him grunt and cry
out. After hardly a minute of this she saw his penis began
to grow hard again as she knew it would and after several
more minutes it was straining upwards, very hard and rigid
once more. ?Guess you?re going to be again? she told him and started
sucking on it noisily. He was in no position to try to stop
her as he knelt precariously on her table while she
him and he grunted harder when he felt her fingers move in
between his naked buttocks and then he felt them sliding
into his anus and up inside his body fucking him! His knees
were really sore thirty minutes later when she finally
stopped and let him get off the table and pulling him by his
penis she led him back into her bedroom and over to her bed.
She lay down on her back. ?Now kneel over me and put your face
between my legs?that?s the way. That is the position you
will be forced to spend the night in Larry!? she told him
closing her legs around his head and crossing her legs,
forcing his face extremely hard into her naked cunt as she
relaxed and enjoyed looking at his penis and balls just
above her face, totally available to her for whatever she
wanted to use them for throughout the night. Pinching the
soft skin on the underside of the head of his penis and pulling
it upward she took his balls into her mouth and after thoroughly
licking and sucking on them for ten minutes and probing
them with her tongue she drifted off to sleep with his balls
still in her mouth. Larry surprised himself by dozing off throughout the night
even in the humiliating position he was forced into and
he became alert the next morning as he felt her sucking on
his balls and probing them with her tongue. She was feeling
him on the insides of his naked buttocks with her fingers
very lightly and pinching the tender skin around his anus.
He heard her laugh even with his balls in her mouth as he jerked
and moaned into her cunt as she pinched him right on his anus!
Slowly she inserted three fingers into his anus and pushed
them deep inside of him, finger fucking him and then began
working his prostate over with them. She was pleased to
hear him moaning and writhing helplessly over her and she
put a finger right between his legs and balls on either side
of his balls and pushed upward as she pinched the tender
skin there. Immediately she felt his penis become harder
and she moved her mouth from his balls to his penis and began
sucking on it. He was really writhing and moaning wildly
as she pushed upwards harder between his legs and worked
his prostate rapidly as she fucked him until after about
five minutes he jerked wildly and she felt his penis pulse
in her mouth and then felt his warm juice shoot out the end
of it into her mouth. Swallowing rapidly she continued
fucking him up his ass and probing upwards hard between
his legs, even after he finished his ejaculation. This
still made him writhe and jerk helplessly which pleased
her and seemed to keep his penis very hard. After about ten
minutes of this she withdrew her fingers from him and pulled
her mouth off of his penis. She knew she had come to over ten
climaxes in the past fifteen minutes as she had him!
?All right Larry? she said, ?you can get up now. You can make
the bed while I take a shower. Then you can vacuum the apartment
until I get out?. As Larry cleaned her apartment still totally naked, he
wondered what would happen next. He remembered Barbara
saying she was coming over sometime today. She would certainly
him very hard he knew and as he thought about it he was
well aware that there was absolutely nothing he could to
stop her. He felt totally ravished and conquered. Just
yesterday he had been positive that there was no woman anywhere
that really was interested in sex. He hadn?t believed women
really were interested in doing things to men and wondered
if Sharon had other men in the past. He had known her
since she had come to Silverton three years ago and thought
he knew her pretty well. Had she really thought about sex
with him before? Why hadn?t she tried to show some interest
in sex with him or tried to talk to him about it before? Why
did she have the dildo in her bedroom dresser? Was it possible
that she and Barbara had already decided to capture him
and him? Was it just coincidence that when he had told
her to tie him up, she suddenly decided to pants him and
him? ?What are you thinking about?? Sharon said walking into
the living room, now dressed in a short robe. Her question cut into his thoughts suddenly and he turned
to face her, holding the handle of the vacuum cleaner in
one hand. ?Put the vacuum cleaner away and come and sit down here with
me? she said and he obeyed as she watched him, smiling.
Once he was sitting beside her she rested a hand on his penis
and balls and began squeezing and working them in a small
circle. ?Now, what were you thinking about while I was taking
a shower?? She put her other arm around him and kissed him softly on
his lips and murmured, ?Or do I have to bend you over my kitchen
table and fuck you deep and hard before you?ll talk?? and
she laughed. ?I?ll tell you what I was thinking about but I bet you still
bend me over and fuck me!? he said and she laughed again.
?So?..?? she said. ?Well, I was wondering if you had thought about sex with
me before yesterday and if maybe you and Barbara had already
planned to gang me and when I let you tie my hands behind
my back it made you decide that was the moment to me or
if once you had me tied up you just started doing things to
me as you wanted to?. ?And what do you think?? she asked him quietly pinching
the head of his naked penis between two of her fingers gently.
?I don?t know? he said. ?I am amazed at what you did to me and
then how willing Barbara was to me also. We have dated
quite a bit and you never indicated any interest in sex that
I could tell. You knew I liked to look at Barbara since she
always wears high heels and tight skirts and you know I am
interested in sex since I have talked to you about it many
times. I think it just sort of happened and you got more and
more excited as you and ravished me more and more and
Barbara just happened to see what was going on and came in
and joined in, but I wonder if there is more to it than that.?
Sharon kissed him on his lips gently again. She was surprised
at how accurate his thinking really way but she decided
not to admit it. ?Well, Barbara and I have talked about you
before and we have discussed a few fantasies involving
sex with you. She has a young woman working for her that is
very religious and she knows she is a virgin. She and I have
discussed what might happen if you ever caught this person
and used her sexually. Do you know Cindy?? Larry was surprised. ?Yes, I do? he replied, ?I?ve visited
with her many times in the past year since she has worked
there. She and Vickie usually go to lunch together. I know
she never talks about sex? he said smiling. ?I?ve tried
kidding with her about it at times and she just becomes very
quiet.? ?Well, you may be surprised, but in any event she is still
a virgin and you will have to take them from her one of these
days. Barbara is adamant about that! Vickie and the other
women in the office may be allowed to you but not until
you have taken Cindy?s virginity from her first and I am
sure Barbara will insist you do this on Monday morning now
that she had you and knows she will be you as
often as she likes from now on.? ?So you have actually talked about capturing and
me?? Sharon smiled at him and squeezed his penis gently. ?Yes
Larry. In fact Barbara and I had already planned on capturing
you this afternoon and thoroughly you the rest of
today and tomorrow. We had the plans very well outlined
before you told me to tie your hands behind your back and
that just sort of set me off I guess. Does it surprise you
that two women have been planning to force you to have

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I love it. It's in my favorites. When will there be more?