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Searching for Something...


© Copyright 2004
August nights in Chicago are relatively pleasant considering
the geographic location of the Windy City. Depending on
where you’re at, you could be blessed by a warm, soothing
breeze coming off of Lake Michigan. The air feels like it
is dancing softly on your face, caressing every inch of
exposed skin. It becomes a magnet that draws thousands
of people to the shores of the lakefront. The walkways and
bike paths that cut through the city-long parks on the water
become similar to rush hour traffic on the Dan Ryan expressway.
But the city residents and visitors don’t seem to mind.
They are too caught in the massage the summer breeze is applying
to their body and soul.
Chicago’s lakefront is also lined with high-rise condos
and apartment buildings. They are built with extraordinary
views and accessibility to the lake, its beaches, and the
people that visit it. On the south side of Chicago, on 67th
and South Shore Drive, to be exact, Keisha lived in one of
those skyscraper apartments. She happens to be standing
out on her balcony facing the lake, watching the moon reflect
off the soft waves of the tide that have come in. She is gazing
from right outside of her bedroom, dressed in a sheer negligee
that calmly swayed in the wind like a flag. Keisha was blessed
with long, rich black hair that moved seductively in rhythm
with the gentle wind. With the assistance of her ten fingers
gently parting her locks, she resembled a model in front
of an air machine posing for the camera. At 5’7”, her long
legs were carved with a feminine, muscular tone that would
be the definition of sexy. The slender, yet curvaceous
frame was revealed through her attire, nipples erect from
the lukewarm kisses of the night air. Keisha was looking
fabulous tonight, and she knew it as she stood there admiring
the view in her half-heeled stilettos. Her ‘friend’, Marcus,
knew she was looking good too.
Marcus, a coworker of Keisha, is a 6 foot, 32 year old from
the East side of Detroit. He has lived in the Chi’ for about
2 years now. Marcus is an average looking guy with nothing
too special about him. He is not in the best of shape, not
that funny, and nor is he that handsome. But what he did have
that grabbed Keisha’s attention, is that he was polite,
always a gentleman, and isn’t shy about paying for everything.
After a couple weeks of lunch dates, Keisha decided that
she give the guy a chance. Plus, she hadn’t had a stiff one
in about 3 months. She was horny and just needed some dick,
and Marcus would suffice for tonight.
As Keisha enjoyed the night air, her guest for the evening
crept up behind her with two glasses in one hand, and a bottle
of Zinfandel in the other. She heard Marcus approaching,
but was startled slightly when he put both arms around her
from behind.
“Hey, girl! Whatcha doin’ out here?” Keisha, obviously
surprised by the sudden playfulness of this dude, tried
her best not to appear disturbed by his embrace.
“Just doing what I do. I like hanging out up here.”
“Well I’m here tonight baby. You don’t have to hang out
here by yourself.” Marcus released his hold on her and handed
a glass to her. “Here, have some bubbly.”
‘I thought bubbly was champagne. This is wine, dumbass.’
She didn’t say ‘dumbass’ but that was definitely what she
was thinking. Keisha took the glass from him. She would
rather be a little tipsy before doing anything with him.
Marcus was wearing some silk underwear he only wears on
‘special’ nights. Keisha thought they were cute, but corny.
Her partner tonight assumed his position again behind
Keisha, continually whispering sweet-nothings in her
“Damn, you are one sexy lady.”
“Thank you, Marcus.”
“That perfume of yours is turning me on. Can you feel that?”
“Yeah, I can feel that.” Marcus began to get aroused mentally
and physically now. His dick could not hide any longer.
It was poking Keisha in the butt as he managed to position
his tool in the slit that separated the butt cheeks. Keisha
began to rotate her hips in unison with him, beginning to
moisten up with anticipation. It has begun. After months
of bad dates and brothers that couldn’t ‘hang’, Keisha
was finally about to get some long, overdue dick.
The pussy was boiling over and her heartbeat began to feel
like someone was quickly beating a snare drum. Keisha turned
to look at her male friend. He had the look in his eyes as if
he was in total control. His mannerisms had her feeling
like she was in the presence of a real man….at last. She begins
to release herself to Marcus, ‘the man.’ He looked Keisha
directly in the eyes, commanding respect with his powerful
glare. She hastily put down her drink, and he followed suit.
With both hands free he gently grabbed both sides of Keisha’s
head and guided her lips to meet his, parted to unleash the
tongue that would seductively explore her mouth. She received
him without complaint. Passionately they would kiss for
a few minutes as Marcus smoothly freed her from the spaghetti
straps that lined her shoulders.
Keisha was impressed. Here she thought she had a corny
brother with no sense of style or charisma, but he had managed
to get her dripping wet and had her looking forward to getting
fucked by him.
On cue, Marcus had worked the lingerie down to reveal Keisha’s
breasts. They were flawless. Not too big. Not too small.
More than a mouthful, but a little less than a handful…perfect.
He worked those tits the way she likes. Keisha was thinking
to herself, ‘damn, he takes his time, he’s thorough, he’s
smooth, my pussy is throbbing…I can’t wait any more for
his dick!’ Keisha appreciated his patience and methodical
movements, but she wanted him to hurry up and put the flames
out on that erotic blaze in between her legs. She gently
guided his hand down to that wet spot on her panties. She
made things a little easier for the brother by pulling the
crotch of her panties to the side to expose a pretty pussy
shaved close like the face of a man with a 5 o’clock shadow.
She had that smooth pubic hair; the kind that doesn’t scratch
you as you are trying to find the hole. You could see the moisture
oozing from the slit, leaving a glistening residue in the
short hairs. Marcus accepted the invitation by tenderly
rubbing her soft vagina. Keisha moaned slightly as he touched
her. He concentrated on her clit until she almost came,
and then suddenly penetrated her with his middle finger,
thrusting in and out as she began to flinch from the pleasure
of his miniature penis. Her moans became louder and in rhythm
with every insertion. She was close to coming on his hand,
but he denied that from her. Keisha was about to go crazy
as Marcus withdrew his two fingers from the now dripping
pussy. He seductively looked at her in her eyes and slid
one finger covered with juice into his mouth. He licked
that digit like a lollipop, cleaning it like a cat licks
its paws. He offered the finger to Keisha. She accepted.
She is now ready.
“Fuck me, Marcus! Fuck me!” Keisha could no longer hold
back from demanding what she wanted.
“Just take the rest of that shit off while I….shall we say…get
my equipment.” Keisha became intrigued with that statement
and put a smirk of curiosity on her face.
“Ooh….your equipment, huh? Boy, you go get that equipment
for mama!” Keisha is really getting into Marcus right now.
She quickly removed the remaining clothing items from
her beautiful body as she walked back into the bedroom.
She laid across the bed, pushing her hair out of her eyes,
trying to find a comfortable position to hold her legs open.
While Marcus was in the master bathroom digging through
his overnight bag, Keisha was keeping the temperature
up by discovering the wet wilderness between her legs.
The moments before left her clit so sensitive she had to
fight hard to prevent from having an orgasm.
“Come on, Mr. Marcus! What kind of equipment you gotta……”
Keisha stopped her sentence when Marcus walked out of the
bathroom. He had his hands behind his back trying to conceal
“Is that your e-quip-ment behind your back?” Keisha spoke
in a sarcastic, sexy voice. She smiled in anticipation
of the unveiling of whatever her friend held behind his
“Yeah, you guessed right, baby. It’s my equipment.”
“You think I can use your tool for a little while? I have
a job to do.” Marcus put on his Boris Kodjoe, sexy-man look.
“That’s the plan, sweetheart.” At that moment, Marcus
slowly revealed his hidden equipment. It was a black, cylinder
object in the form of a penis, and it had some sort of belt
or strap connected to it. Keisha looked at him with bewilderment,
but she was still willing to go along with whatever he was
trying to do.
“What the….? What are you going to do with that….try to
fuck me with two dicks at the same time? Keisha made herself
giggle with that one. She was still a little perplexed as
she tried to figure out his intentions.
“No silly. I want you to strap this on and fuck me, baby!
Sit up so I can show you how to put it on. I got some lube so you
don’t tear my ass…….”
Keisha wasted no time in interrupting him. Her laughter
turned quickly to an angry silence. Her legs closed like
a drawbridge after the ship has passed by. She jumped to
her knees on the bed and began to boil.
“You want me to do what!?”
“I want you to……”
Once again, Marcus was unable to complete his thoughts.
“Motherfucker, I heard you the first time!”
“Baby, you sound upset.”
“My name is Keisha, not baby….and if you want to see upset,
keep thinking that I’m gonna strap that shit on and fuck
“Keisha, I didn’t expect you to get upset. I thought you
would enjoy giving it to me.”
“Marcus, I’m trying to be the bitch getting fucked tonight!
I’ll be damned if we switch places! What kind of gay shit
you on?!?” Keisha had to pause for a second to prevent from
losing control because of her anger. Still butt-naked,
she took a deep breath and began walking in a circle, talking
to herself. She stopped and looked at Marcus with a fury
in her eyes.
“If it helps, Keisha….I’m not gay or anything.”
“Marcus, you got gay tendencies and I don’t trust your
“C’mon, baby, let’s start….”
“Marcus! You got 30 seconds to get the hell out of my house,
or I’m gonna put you out!”
“Aw, Keisha, let’s talk about this.” Keisha ignored his
request and began the countdown.
“1….2….3….4…5….6…7….8…..9….10…..” As she counted,
Marcus continued to beg for some understanding. He tried
to embrace her but she pulled away from him and walked into
the second bedroom she used as an office. Marcus began to
follow, and then decided that he can talk to her as he collected
his belongings and put his clothes back on. Keisha kept
“…15….16….17…..18…..19…..20….” Marcus’ pleas were
being drowned out by items being pushed around and falling
to the floor. Keisha was looking for something in the other
room, and Marcus had a feeling what she was searching for.
He couldn’t get dressed fast, though.
“….26…..27…28….29….30!” On cue, Keisha walked through
the bedroom door, still naked, pointing a shiny .380 pistol
at Marcus.
“Get the fuck out of my house!” Marcus didn’t have a chance
to pull his pants up before the gun was staring at him. He
tried to run and fell on his face, dropping all of his shit.
He quickly bounced up and headed to and out the door. Keisha
followed him out of the door to make sure he left, then came
back inside, closed the door and rested her back against
the door.
“What kind of gay shit…..Mutha…..Damn, I can’t catch
a fucking break.”
Several days later, Keisha was standing in her office
with a coworker she has been working with on a special project.
The two are fairly good friends by default. They are the
two sisters in the office that no one fucks with. Both are
extremely confident, successful, beautiful, and take
no shit from anyone. Renee and Keisha are using their work
on the project to catch up on a few things. Renee has been
out of town on business the last few days but has noticed
some changes around the place.
“I haven’t seen your boy in here since I’ve been back. What’s
up with him?”
“Girl, who you talking about?” Keisha tried to put a puzzled
look on her face, but Renee knew she was frontin’.
“Bitch, don’t act like you don’t know who I’m talking about.”
“Okay, okay, damn. Woman. You talking about Marcus ass.
I know.”
“Whoa, I think I hit a soft spot. What he do? He aint call
you no more after you gave him some? I knew he was a dog. He
got a big dick? You sucked his….”
“Renee!” Keisha just wanted her to shut up.
“My bad, Keisha. Am I being nosey? Am I too loud? You sucked
his dick, didn’t you?”
“Yes. Yes. And hell naw, Renee!”
“What he do, girl? He tried to put it in your booty, didn’t
“Not exactly.” Keisha suspiciously lost eye contact
with her friend.
“Keisha…he didn’t do what I think he did, did he?”
“Girl, you let him cum in your mouth!?!” Keisha threw her
arms up in the air to prevent from choking her friend. “Keisha,
you supposed to wait at least ‘til the 3rd or 4th time you
fuck him. Oooh, I bet he think you a hoe.”
Keisha calmly sat down behind her desk and told Renee to
close the door.
“Sit down, Renee.”
“Tell me you didn’t let him shoot all over your face, girl!”
“No, Renee. I didn’t let him do anything like that.” Renee
wiped her forehead in relief.
“Whew, thank God. I thought my girl got turned out.”
“He tried to turn me out, but not the way you thinking.”
“Marcus a big freak, huh?”
“The biggest freak I ever met. Renee, he pulled a dildo
with a strap on it out of his bag, and asked me to strap it on
and fuck him in the ass.” Renee sat there in silence for a
few moments and just stared in her friend’s eyes trying
to collect her thought. She couldn’t believe what she just
heard. Her mouth nearly hit the floor and her eyes began
to protrude from her face. She put one hand on her chest in
what seemed to be a way to make sure she was still breathing.
“Oooooh, girl. NO HE DIDN’T!” She yelled to cause other
coworkers to take notice.
“Renee, don’t be screaming in here.” With that request
to quiet down a bit, Renee rose to her feet and began walking
around Keisha’s office, managing to scream softly.
“No he didn’t. Girl, what did you do?”
“I put his gay tendency-ass the hell out of my house. I wasn’t
about to do that mess.”
“Is he gay?”
“I don’t …..” Keisha stopped herself suddenly as she caught
Marcus walking by her office. She hinted to Renee to turn
around as Marcus shuffled by. His steps were much faster
than normal. Anyone could see that he was trying his best
not to look through her window. The two ladies stared obviously
at the fellow as he two-stepped past her office. They looked
directly into each others’ eyes and broke into a hysterical
laughter. Marcus heard them, turned around, and then hurried
off. Still laughing, Renee watched Marcus dip back into
his cube.
“Get your punk ass outta here!”
“You silly, girl.”
“Keisha, I see I need to put you on to some real men.”
“I’m afraid of what you mean by that, Renee. I think I’m
just gonna chill for a while with ‘Mr. Double-D Batteries’,
if you know what I mean.”
“Don’t pull Mr. B out the drawer yet. Why don’t you come
with me to this set on Saturday? There’s gonna be a lot of
fine brothers with money there.”
“The last time I went somewhere with you, there were a bunch
of Jermaine Dupri look-a-likes walking around.”
“Trust me on this one, Keisha.”
“Alright, Renee. What time we hookin’ up?”
As the week went by, Marcus managed to keep out of sight
and Renee still hasn’t learned to lower her tone when talking,
but that isn’t always a bad thing. Renee’s outspoken demeanor
has done more good than harm since the two lovely ladies
began hanging out with each other. Renee’s personality
is a mix of Hillary Clinton and Lil’ Kim, so she attracts
all types of people her way. The duo found themselves in
the limousine of Scottie Pippen a few years ago. Both were
drunk and their recollection of the evening is questionable
at best, but the two agree that Scottie’s nose isn’t the
only long thing hanging from his body. There was also a time
when Renee had talked her way into the Democratic National
Convention and had Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr.
give her a shout out in his speech. She is definitely a piece
of work.
The party, or set as they call it in Chicago, was located
in the Lakeview Lofts on 18th and Michigan. It is one of those
old buildings that have been renovated in a once run-down,
drug infested neighborhood. Now, the community is lit
up with popular food and drug store chains, a new park, an
elementary school, and a new police station. Plus, with
all the overpriced lofts and condos that have been erected,
there is little evidence that the area was ever a slum village.
Renee and Keisha entered the 5th floor unit and were knocked
off their feet by the layout of the loft. Hardwood floors,
windows that extended from the floor to the ceiling, split
level view, huge kitchen, track lights in the shape of clouds,
and vertical wood blinds. The unit is the top floor of the
building, so on one side there was sky-view window that
displayed the skyline of downtown Chicago, and on the other
side there were stairs leading to a door that opened to the
roof, which also had a portable bar and room for people to
gather. The crib was laid, and the ladies were extremely
“Damn, Renee. Make sure we meet the guy that lives here.”
“Keisha, if it turns out this is a woman’s pad; I might be
eatin’ some pussy later tonight.” The two chuckled as Renee
continued to poke fun at her possible lesbian exploits
just to have an opportunity to reap the benefits of the obvious
lucrative bank account of the resident of this fabulous
place. As they walked through the crowd, they sustained
their laughter and smiles which caught the eyes of many
of the men they passed. Those big grins, among other things,
caused a few brothers to take a second and third look. When
Renee and Keisha walked through the door, the guys weren’t
the only ones looking at the stars that just arrived. And
who wouldn’t be looking? Keisha was….well…Keisha. She
was stunning tonight in a white dress that contrasts her
complexion beautifully. The strapless dress hugged every
curve of her body with elegance and class. Her hair was flawless,
bouncing around freely with every step she took. Renee
was also looking glamorous tonight. She has a stunning
resemblance to Halle Berry with her short hair cut and perfect
smile. Her compact 5’4” frame is highlighted by an athletic
figure that sings intimidation and sexy in an Eryka Badu
sort of way. She sported a pair of white slacks that flared
out at the bottom, swaying off of her white sandals that
matched her silk blouse. The two friends could easily be
the best looking women in the place, and they knew it.
As the women scanned the room for possible playmates for
the night, they made their way to a bar on the other side of
the room. Renee acknowledged a few people she knew, as she
always does. After getting their drinks, the two decided
to split up and mingle for a while. As Renee walked away,
Keisha turned and chose to catch the view on the roof. Keisha
heard a loud voice and immediately knew who it was.
‘Hey, girl!! What you doin’ in here?!?’ It was followed
by laughter….Renee’s laughter. She knew her girl would
blend right in with no problem. Keisha, on the other hand,
decided to take a more subtle approach and enjoy some fresh
air and sights from the rooftop. It was a gorgeous view of
the Windy City as Keisha stood at the railing sipping on
her drink. The view and the soft breeze reminded her of her
apartment, which allowed her to slip into a mellow trance.
She was suddenly awakened from that trance by someone tapping
on her shoulder.
“Keisha? Keisha Gray, is that you?” The deep, manly voice
almost startled her as she turned around quickly and fumbled
her drink. Her new visitor alertly caught the glass before
it left her unsteady grasp, gently holding her hand with
both of his. Obviously, a little rattled with almost dropping
her drink on her new dress that she may take back to the Limited
tomorrow, she was relieved to discover that she had been
rescued by a pair of strong arms. She looked up slowly at
this person, from his leather sandals occupied by pedicure
feet, his linen pants and matching shirt, to his caramel-colored
skin sprinkled with a neatly trimmed beard and topped with
what black girls call ‘good hair’.
“I’m sorry. I almost got you with my ….” Something clicked
in her mind that created a sense of familiarity with this
handsome gentleman. Keisha looked at him as if she knows
him, and then realized that this young man is Vince. She
and Vince dated, sort of, while they were in college. She
didn’t understand how they were standing in front of each
other about 8 years after college in Florida, and with full
knowledge that he went back home to California and she took
a job in Chicago.
“Vince?! Vince Robinson?!? I can’t believe I run into
you here. Look at you.” The two hug and Keisha feels like
she is melting in his arms.
“What are you doing in Chicago, boy?”
“A friend put me on at his company a couple of years ago,
and the rest is history.” Vince’s eyes begin to explore
Keisha’s body. “You look….damn, you fine, Keisha.” Keisha
“Thank you, Vince. You aren’t half-steppin’ yourself.
Wow. You aren’t skinny anymore. Done got fine on me.”
“You told me I was fine in college.”
“Vince, you were broke and skinny with a high-top fade…..average
at best. Right now, though….you are one fine brother.”
“You made me think I was fine the way you pursued me back
“Boy, I was young and horny then.”
“Is that right? Well, what about now?”
“Now, I’m older and horny." The two laughed and just
stared in each other’s eyes. They didn’t even realize they
were still holding hands until Keisha began running her
thumb across his fingers. After a couple minutes they both
looked down at their hands and quickly pulled away from
each other with a chuckle of embarrassment.
“Um…you want another drink, Keisha?”
“Yeah, but, ah, you stay here. I’ll get us some drinks.
I’m gonna have a Long Island. Is that fine with you?”
“Cool. Coincidentally, that’s my favorite. Let’s get
this party started.”
“My thoughts exactly, Mr. Robinson.” Keisha commenced
to walk over to the makeshift bar on the roof as Vince stood
at the railing watching her every move. Her firm ass was
so evident in that dress, Vince damn near began salivating
at the thought of what it must be like to smack it as he penetrated
her from behind. His instant fantasy turned into a bump
in his pants. He was diggin’ this woman, and it showed in
more ways than one. As Keisha walked back toward her waiting
friend, she noticed the bulge between his legs and thought
to herself, ‘I think I need to get reacquainted with that.’
She handed Vince his drink and assumed a position that placed
her nose to nose with him.
“So, Vince, what time we getting’ this party started tonight?”
Vince was in the middle of taking a sip as she inquired and
almost choked. His erection beamed more apparent now as
he scrambled for the right words to respond with.
“Uh…well…funny you should ask. I was thinking the same
“I see we still have one thing in common, Vince.”
“Keisha, by the end of the night, we should have a few more
things in common as well.” The two continued to flirt profusely
at one another and sneak in a few quick feels. Keisha was
impressed by Vince’s new body, especially his arms. Vince
couldn’t stop looking at her breasts. Every now and then
Keisha would drop her hands and ‘mistakenly’ bump into
that lump in the front of his pants, causing it to grow even
larger and poke farther from his body. As she skillfully
assessed his manhood, her nipples began to reveal themselves
to the world. She blamed it on the breeze hitting her, but
Vince knew what was up.
The couple stayed on the roof and caught up on old times
and predicted new ones. The first, of which, will be a visit
to Keisha’s home later on tonight. Keisha was thinking
that she has finally hooked up with a ‘real’ brother, one
that will pleasure her the way she needs to be. From talking
to Vince, her pussy is tingling with that ‘oh-too-familiar
tingle’ that lets her know where the next fucking is coming
from. But she wasn’t dealing with an amateur. Vince was
on his game as well. He managed to get Keisha to look over
the railing at a car he pointed out. As she turned her back
to him, he steadily eased up behind her and let her feel his
erection so she would know exactly where his mind was, and
where hers needed to be. Keisha definitely felt his stiffness
and didn’t waste time acknowledging it.
“Boy, you gonna push me over the edge with that thing.”
“My bad, sweetheart.” Vince started to move back a couple
steps to give her room, but Keisha would have none of that.
She quickly reached behind her and grabbed Vince at the
thigh and pulled him closer.
“Don’t go anywhere.” Vince eased the mold of his dick back
in the crevice of Keisha’s behind. Her ass was soft and her
butt cheeks felt as though they were massaging his shaft
and steadily pulling him in deeper and deeper. Vince found
himself seductively grinding on Keisha’s ass now, lost
in whatever fantasy that is being played out in his mind.
And Keisha was not trying to spoil that fantasy as she responded
with her own erotic-induced movements. If they were on
that roof alone, the scene would have turned explicit.
But there were at least half a dozen or so people hanging
out up there with them. Most of them had a few drinks in them
and weren’t paying any attention to the freak show going
on, but there was one individual who was looking. The curious
gentleman made his way from the bar over to Vince and Keisha,
still grinding on each other like high school students
at a school dance.
“Vince! I see you couldn’t wait for your boy before you
got on all the women!” Speaking extremely loud, this person
is walking up to Keisha and Vince as if he knows them. His
name is Allen, a friend of Vince. A very good looking man
in his late 20’s, Allen is a physically fit DJ that has been
on the turntables for the last couple of hours. He and Vince
arrived at the party together, and now he finally has had
an opportunity for a break. He has a huge smile on his face
as he approaches his destination. Vince has now acknowledged
him, but Keisha continues to look the other way.
“Man, Vince, its some women in here tonight! Who’s this
lovely…?” His question didn’t get a chance to finish as
Keisha turned around with a look of familiarity and shock
on her face. Vince knows something feels awkward from the
rare occurrence of a speechless Allen. Plus, Keisha looks
as if she has just seen Jesus himself. Vince quickly put
2 and 2 together.
“Let me guess…yall know each other?” Allen and Keisha
looked at each other with perplexity. Neither really knew
what to say, to Vince or each other, until Allen stepped
“Keisha, how are you? You look good, girl.”
“Thanks, Allen. I’m doing just fine. I see you are still
looking good yourself.” Allen extended his hand to Keisha
and she reciprocated with a soft handshake. The two stared
deep into each other’s eyes for a short period of time, which
produced a silence that made the moment awkward for Vince,
but also put things in perspective.
“Allen, is this the ‘Keisha’ you told me about?” Allen,
still gazing into his former lover’s eyes, sighed and promptly
acknowledged that fact.
“Yeah, Vince. This is that ‘Keisha’.” By now, Vince has
realized that an uncomfortable situation has been created,
and the last thing he wanted to do was allow something like
this to jeopardize his friendship with Allen.
“Look, guys, I see that you two have some unfinished business
to….” Keisha quickly interrupted.
“No, we don’t, Vince. However, you and I definitely have
some things to wrap up.” Vince was obviously excited about
not being out of the picture, but the feeling was bittersweet
knowing that his friend has a past with her. Keisha wasn’t
“Allen, Vince and I are headed to my place in a little while.
Vince, do you mind if Allen hangs out as well? Hey, we’re
all friends, right. Let’s kick it.” Allen made an expression
on his face similar to Sherlock Holmes when he discovers
an important clue.
“Naw. I don’t mind at all. I was thinking the same thing,
but I didn’t want to just be inviting people to your house
and all.” Keisha chuckled.
“Cool. Well, let me tell my girlfriend that I’m leaving
then we can bounce.” Keisha went to find Renee as Allen and
Vince discussed what might happen tonight. This is something
new for Keisha, but she has a chance to fulfill a fantasy
of hers; plus given her track record of negativity in terms
of men, she wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to have
two brothers to choose from. When she saw Renee, Keisha
quickly broke down the situation at hand. Renee mentioned
how wet she was getting just listening to her friend, but
advised Keisha to show some restraint tonight.
“Girl, don’t fuck both them niggas, tonight.”
“Renee, you know your girl ain’t going out like that!”
“Whatever, hoe!” The ladies hugged and stressed safety
for the evening. Renee let Keisha know that she met the owners
of the house and would report all details in the morning.
The trio of Vince, Keisha and Allen headed back South to
Keisha’s apartment. The 15-minute ride entailed a constant
array of flirtation from all parties. Keisha kept reminding
herself to only sleep with on of them, preferably Vince.
But to her surprise, both men challenged her sexual prowess
beyond belief, urging her on to fulfill her longing desires.
But she played it cool though. She didn’t let on that she
was willing to have sex with both at the same time. However,
Vince and Allen had different plans, unspoken plans they
would never verbally admit. Plus, the two men are good friends,
and Allen has told Vince about Keisha and the things she
is capable of. Vince remembers the vivid stories by Allen
and his encounters with Keisha, so he had to taste what his
friend has spoken so highly of.
Upon arrival at Keisha’s place, she politely offered
her company some drinks, but she needed the drink more than
they did. After serving up a couple of Crown Royals on the
rocks, Keisha sat in a chair for one while Vince and Allen
parked on the couch. She was positioned directly in front
of them with a sinister gain on her face. The two men looked
at each other with gazes of confusion and anticipation,
wondering who will be chosen to fuck tonight. Keisha knew
these brothers were about to put their bid in to get the pussy.
She had a better idea.
“What yall thinking about over there? Naw, don’t say shit!
I know yall sitting over there thinking about how I’m gonna
fuck both of you tonight. Thinking about how I’m gonna suck
yall dicks?” Keisha stands up now with drink in hand and
begins walking past the now flabbergasted duo. “You know
what, I’m so tired of brothers thinking just because they
cute or because I used to fuck them, that I’m just suppose
to drop my panties like they hot! Yall might need to get the
hell out of my house!” The two men reluctantly rise to their
feet, now with a hint of fear on their faces. They are now
attempting to calm Keisha down and convince her to reconsider
and make the most of the night. She wasn’t trying to hear
“Oh. You know what? Since yall moving so slow….don’t move…stay
right there.” Keisha grabs her keys from the kitchen and
walks over to the front door and uses a key to lock the dead
“Since yall took too damn long to leave, now you don’t have
a mutha-fuckin’ choice!” After imprisoning her guests
in her 1200 square foot apartment, Keisha ran to her bedroom
and slammed the door shut. She was yelling all types of threats
and obscenities at her visitors from behind the closed
doors, and there was an increase of racket which resembled
the sound of frantic searching. Vince is now frightened.
“Allen, you didn’t tell me this bitch is crazy, man!” Allen
looked at Vince with a silly smirk on his face. “This ain’t
funny, Vince. Sounds like she looking for her pistol or
something! Didn’t you tell me she got a gun?!?” Keisha was
still making a lot of noise in the bedroom.
“When I get my shit, yall gonna wish you left sooner!”
“You see what I mean, Allen. She gonna kill us, and you sitting
there with a stupid grin on your face!”
“You right, Vince. I probably should be a little more concerned
for our safety right now, but you know what…she’s kinda
turning me on.”
“See, that’s your problem. Always thinking with your…..”
Vince was interrupted by a loud thump. The small ray of light
that squeezed between the floor and the door has disappeared.
The bedroom door began to open at a slow pace which revealed
a woman’s arm and darkness not far behind. Her hand had a
black object in it. She pointed it toward Vince and Allen,
which caused them to look for something big and solid to
hide behind. Just when the bitch in them was being exposed,
Will Downing began to seep out the Bose speakers strategically
located throughout the front room. Keisha began to slowly
walk out of the bedroom. She no longer sported the white
dress as she wore moments ago. Now she barely had anything
on except for her high heeled shoes, crotch-less panties
and one of those half bras that expose the nipples of the
breasts. Vince and Allen are in awe, but Allen appeared
to be more excited when his instincts proved correct, and
his dick began to reveal its size through his pants. Keisha
knew she succeeded in her shock treatment of the guys.
“Didn’t mean to frighten you boys. I sensed the possibilities
of tonight and I didn’t want to risk it on you guys saying
something stupid, so I decided to make sure we didn’t screw
this up.” Keisha explained her actions while she alluringly
raked her uncovered breasts. Her destination was the leather
sofa where she sat invitingly with one foot on the floor
and the other resting on the center pillow, revealing a
well-groomed vagina glistening with her juices of anticipation.
Keisha slowly massaged her pussy with both hands, causing
a silence where nothing but wetness moving through her
fingers could be heard. Allen and Vince are speechless,
facing Keisha with big bulges in their trousers. Allen
is now rubbing his dick with a huge grin on his face.
“I knew you were up to something, Keisha.”
“Hey, you know me. And since you know me, Allen, then you
know what I want next.” Allen didn’t have to respond. He
quickly got out of his clothes and dropped to his knees in
front of Keisha and went to work. Pulling her to the edge
of the couch, Allen was now in a better position to dive head
first into Keisha’s pussy. Sweet memories of the smell
and taste took over his psyche, commanding him to rub his
nose in it, followed by the rest of his face. Moaning in delight,
he spread pussy juice all over his face, then proceeded
to open his mouth and taste it. It was better than her remembered
it, licking it from one end to the other, sucking the clit,
spreading it open and using his tongue like a dick as he thrust
it in and out at a feverish pace. Allen was eating that pussy
like it was strengthening him, supplying him with more
ecstasy than he could handle, seemingly transferring
that sexual energy to Keisha which enabled her to come uncontrollably
from his oral sex. The juices were flowing from her like
it was poured out a glass. It seemed that cum was dripping
everywhere; from her pussy, to her thighs, to Allen’s chin,
to the couch and down to the floor. Keisha had to beg Allen
to stop, but not before tears trickled from her eyes. She
got lost for a minute, but Allen kept licking, kissing,
and sucking that pussy, and using his tongue to fuck that
pussy. She came again, pushing Allen’s head from between
her legs. She couldn’t take it anymore.
“Oh shit, Allen! You gonna make me pass out!” Allen retreated
from his oral assault and sat back to stroke his dick as he
watched Keisha recoup from her multiple orgasms. “I see
you haven’t your touch, Allen.” He nodded in agreement
as he wiped pussy juice from his face. He was ready for more,
however. Keisha, with an opportunity to calm down, has
focused some attention to Vince, who is finally coming
out of his shock trance. His bulge is struggling to be released
from his linen pants. Keisha wanted to see it.
“Vince, why you the only one with clothes on?” He was still
at a loss for words after watching his boy make someone shed
tears from eating them out. He had never been in a situation
like this before and it took him a while to get over the stunning
events that have taken place. Vince moved with passiveness
but soon transformed to it to a shrewd swagger as he removed
his clothing to unleash ten inches of pure confidence.
Vince is a well-built guy, but not tall, plus his size 9 shoe
would never give the impression this man walked around
with a big tool. His dick was hard as a rock, pointing the
way straight to its next target: somebody’s daughter.
The sight of Vince’s rigid and thick manhood got Keisha
to flip to her knees on the couch so that she was facing the
area behind the couch, positioning her ass in Allen’s face.
She wanted to get a good look at Vince’s dick.
“I didn’t know you were working with all that, Vince.”
Vince looked at her and displayed a humble, but proud smile.
He knew Keisha would approve of his piece but he isn’t the
type to brag. As he made the slow walk to the back of the couch
where Keisha waited with open arms and mouth, he stroked
his dick as he watch her reach between her legs to rub herself.
Allen has a perfect view of the pussy from behind, still
rubbing his cock to prepare for rear entry. Vince slowly
walked toward Keisha with his dick leading the way. It was
erect like a diving board, headed straight for the top of
the sofa where a beautiful face awaited its arrival. He
methodically walked up to Keisha, utilizing the muscles
to create a bouncing effect with his massive dick. Her head
mimicked its movements, her mouth beginning to open and
her tongue becoming visible on her lips. As Vince’s dick
was jumping up and down, pre-cum was dripping to the floor.
Keisha watched in amazement as this big dick appeared to
have a mind of its own, oozing juices of desire she thirst
for. Without the use of her hands, Keisha held her mouth
open and Vince’s dick docked inside. She underestimated
his size and had to stretch her mouth open wider than expected
just to get the head in. Keisha and Vince moved simultaneously
as she received him orally. It didn’t take her long to get
accustomed to his thickness and take him to the back of her
throat. She gagged on his dick, damn near regurgitating
her last meal. But that didn’t keep her from stuffing her
face with more. She sucked his dick with a passionate fury,
getting it wet with saliva, allowing her to stroke his shaft
and suck at the same time.
She suddenly paused with his dick halfway in her mouth,
closing her eyes and moaning in delight as Allen stuffed
his face back in her pussy. He was eating her out ‘doggy-style’,
permitting his nose, mouth and chin to stimulate the soaking
cunt. Vince allowed her a moment to re-focus but when she
took too long, he gently pulled her head to coax her to continue
with the fabulous head job. She continued without dissent,
fighting the pleasure from Allen’s tongue, and the inner
sexual bliss from sucking Vince’s fat dick. She kept sucking
as Allen brought her to a third orgasm. Her legs quivered
as she came, allowing only enough control to stroke Vince’s
dick as her head dropped in ecstasy. Allen wasted no time
in jumping to his feet and ramming his dick inside the deep
wetness of Keisha. She bellowed as Allen slammed his cock
to the back of her pussy and she bucked back to gain some control.
Allen continued to pound her from behind, his balls crashing
against her clit to trigger yet another cum event. Keisha
began to scream again.
“I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!” Keisha was screaming
to the top of her lungs, fucking Allen back as he drove her
to another climax. The cum was pouring out of the pussy onto
his dick and dripping off his testicles. Allen was close
to coming from the tight, wet pussy he had penetrated. As
soon as Keisha came, Allen followed suit. His grind into
her picked up the pace and a consistent grunt flowed from
deep in his lungs. Allen was nearing ejaculation, and with
the friction and intensity caused by Keisha’s gyrations,
screams, and shaking, Allen could no longer hold it in.
He shot cum in a furious fashion all over Keisha’s back and
ass. Cum covered her backside like she just stepped out
of the shower. The warmth from his seeds drove Keisha to
rub it into her skin like lotion, licking the residue from
her fingers. After he came, Keisha went back to work with
Vince’s tool.
She couldn’t believe how free and uninhibited she was feeling
at that moment. Keisha was lost in the ecstasy of having
a dick in her pussy and another in her mouth. Just the thought
of the situation, and her secret fantasies coming to life,
put her in a euphoric state of mind similar to the effects
of an aphrodisiac. Keisha felt as if she had introduced
herself to the image she views in the mirror everyday…and
she liked her. Fuck that; she loved her. She knew she would
never be the same after tonight, but she didn’t care. She
began to question why she neglected herself this feeling
of independence and sovereignty. She was in total control.
The dick that her mouth is pleasing is no longer just a dick…it
is a sexual challenge she has to face in order to conquer
the remaining level of fear of her new self.
As Keisha continued to delve to the point of no return into
the depths of her sexual fancies, Allen quickly became
the third wheel by exhausting himself from his colossal
orgasm. The only woman present didn’t lose a beat from enjoying
the taste of Vince’s big dick in her mouth. All that was heard
was slurping and sucking noises, and an occasional moan
of pleasure from the recipient. Vince was nearly brought
to his knees from the mouth action he received, prompting
him to encourage Allen to rest elsewhere so he can take advantage
of the sofa’s comfort.
“I guess…ahh…I’ll leave you guys and …um…go lay down in
the bedroom.” The only response he got was Keisha’s mouth
making a popping noise as Vince’s dick forced its way out
so he could walk around the couch and get off his feet. Vince
almost knocked Allen over the ottoman as he made his way
back to the hospitality of Keisha’s mouth. Allen got the
hint and departed to the bedroom. Vince commenced to take
a leisurely position on the couch. Keisha appeared to have
a scavenger’s hunger for Vince’s 10 inches, not taking
an extended break from her oral task. With Vince leaning
on the arm rest of the couch, with one foot on the couch, the
other on the floor, Keisha settled between his legs and
perched her mouth around his dick once again. His toes curled
up and he began a mild shake, but he regained his composure
and put his hand on top of her head, gently pushing down and
she responded by taking him deeper into her mouth, sucking
at a more feverish pace, stroking his dick to the point where
Vince had to stop her to prevent from coming.
When Vince ceased the blowjob, he got his dick suck queen
to rise up and have a seat on the arm rest his head was laying
on. So when she sat down, she took a seat on his face. She was
looking toward his feet, allowing Vince to relish in a mouthful
of wet pussy. With his spreading of her ass cheeks open,
Vince sucked on Keisha’s pussy and fucked her with his tongue
until she came, leaving a trail of pussy juice to create
paths down his chiseled chin. She had never cum so many times
in one night and it left her entire body feeling limp. It
did not, however, prevent her from finishing the job at
hand. As she came in her lover’s mouth a second time, she
could no longer hold herself up and was forced to lie on top
of Vince’s body, provoking her to conveniently take that
cock into her mouth again. The feeling of his fat dick didn’t
last long, however.
Vince received some of the best head in his life. He watched
his best friend eat Keisha out until she reached multiple
orgasms. He just saw Keisha get fucked by his boy until he
came, and he just tasted her cum while using his tongue as
a spoon dipping into a hot bowl of pussy soup. It was time
for him to get into what he planned on getting into from the
moment he saw her on the rooftop. It was time for him to fuck.
Vince was no longer licking pussy, but Keisha found herself
marveling at his size, gently stroking his length, softly
whipping her face with his dick.
“Sit on that dick, Keisha.” She obeyed his command, turning
around so she could face her sexual conqueror. Vince maneuvered
into a more comfortable position, giving Keisha sufficient
space to handle her business. And handle her business she
did. Keisha straddled him like a jockey because of his thick,
solid frame, keeping her feet on the couch and hands on his
shoulders. This position allowed her to leisurely descend
on his dick, engulfing all 10 inches deep inside her. Steadily,
she eased her pussy around Vince’s pole. Even though Keisha
was wetter than she has ever been, it still felt as though
her pussy was being filled beyond capacity. She had finally
met her match. She finally encountered a dick she knew she
had to work to accommodate. At initial entry, she felt as
through he was cutting through her, creating a piercing
sensation that quickly began to pleasure her. The very
thought of her pussy being stuffed by a dick excited her,
sitting motionless on his dick until the familiar shaking
occurred, bringing yet another orgasm. She wrapped both
arms around Vince’s neck, pulling herself close to him,
turned on by his body pressed against hers. Keisha passionately
moaned with a soft, warm breath in his ear, her lips trembling
from uncontrollable spasms of sexual desire. Vince permitted
her to get it together, holding her with the same amount
of passion. He smoothly guided Keisha to begin her journey
up and down his dick. She started off gingerly, making sure
she felt every inch of Vince on every descent. Keisha managed
to ride his dick under her own power, letting all but the
tip of his cock come out of the pussy before she sat back on
For the last few hours, Keisha has been eaten out by two men;
she has had a dick in her mouth and in her pussy at the same
time, and has been fucked by two men who are close friends.
She now finds herself riding a man she hasn’t seen in almost
ten years, close to yet another orgasm. Her pace has slowed
as she is trying to hold back that helpless feeling again.
But that didn’t ease Vince’s tempo. He seized the moment
to plant his feet, lift Keisha ever so slightly and began
to drill her with his gyrating hips, starting slowly then
revving up speed, fucking her in a position where she couldn’t
fight off those orgasmic intentions anymore. She let out
several high pitched screams at the top of her lungs, symbolizing
an explosive orgasm that made her pussy unleash a waterfall
of cum. Keisha lost track of the number of times she came.
She couldn’t believe how Vince made her feel. Confusing
emotions began to overtake her as various thoughts raced
across her mind. ‘Oh shit! I’m coming again…I can’t stop
shaking...My pussy is soaking wet….This man is making
me feel so good….I can’t stop staring him in the eye…I want
to kiss him….No! No! I’m coming again…I think I’m in love
with this man!’
At that moment, Keisha resurrected from her sexual bliss
and dismounted her noble steed and literally ran from him.
She ended up curled up on the floor on her hands and knees
crawling out onto the balcony. Vince tried not to laugh;
instead he smiled at her reaction to his sex. He marveled
at the wetness left by her on his dick and began stroking
himself before he went after her.
“Where you going, girl? Don’t run from me.” Vince proceeds
to walk onto the balcony where he found Keisha in the fetal
position on the floor of the patio. The warm breeze danced
off their naked bodies in a rhythmic two-step as Keisha
lay still, save for the intermittent quivering caused
by the sensitivity between her legs. Vince admired the
view of the Lakefront but his dick kept its rigid composure.
He was still rubbing her juices into his skin when he looked
down at her with concern in his eyes and voice.
“You okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Keisha dramatically
looked up at him and became transfixed on his still-hard
member. She shook her head.
“No, not at all. Well, maybe a little, but it’s that good
pain. My body is just…just….I’ve never felt this way before….I….”
Vince interrupted her by placing his index finger to her
mouth. She couldn’t help but give it soft kisses.
“Shhhhh. Come here. You look like you need a hug.” Reluctantly,
Keisha rose to her feet and tip-toed over to Vince’s waiting
open arms. They embraced each other passionately as Vince’s
body doubled as a plush pillow for her. She sunk into his
chest, mesmerized by the feeling of comfort she was receiving.
Vince wrapped his biceps around her body, swallowing her
up in his grasp. His touch was perfect. She can’t remember
the last time she was held like this. She looked into his
eyes to search for just a hint of sincerity to justify her
emotional state in the presence of this man. Vince caught
the eyes of Keisha and gazed into them deeply as the space
between their faces grew smaller, and the two engaged in
a French kiss in the Lake Michigan air. The couple continued
to kiss as he moved his hands to cup Keisha’s ass, and down
to her thighs just below her butt. He then bent his knees,
attained a firm grip, and lifted her up, securing his hold
with his forearms, and guided his dick inside her pussy.
Vince used his strength to lift Keisha up and down on his
dick, at time suspending her in mid-air and driving deep
into her pussy. Keisha is helpless to resist against the
controlling position he now has her in. All she can do is
hold on and enjoy the fucking she is receiving. Vince is
standing up, pounding that pussy until she came again.
Keisha just let go after she came, allowing her body to take
over and her mind to relax. Now Vince is near orgasm. He begins
to thrust faster and faster, lets out a huge bellow indicating
his time to come. Vince quickly let Keisha get to her feet.
She stood there marveled at this beautiful man who just
fucked the shit out of her. Keisha felt like she needed to
reward him for his deeds; she wanted pay some type of respect
for his gallant efforts. It didn’t take her long to realize
what she needed to do. Without hesitation, she dropped
to her knees, grabbed Vince’s dick and stroked it as he came
on her face and chest, prompting her to suck his dick as cum
shot down her throat. She wanted him to feel as she did. She
wanted him to experience pure ecstasy so she continued
to stroke and suck his dick as he released gobs of cum in and
around her mouth. Vince was brought to his knees as his legs
buckled from the sensation of Keisha’s lips on the head
of his penis. He ended up on the patio furniture with Keisha
kneeling between his legs, slowly rubbing his dick as she
admired it with a captivating stare.
The sun is breaking the plane of the still waters of the lake
now. Vince has dozed off, but is awaken frequently by Keisha’s
exotic probing of his body. She finally allowed her new
lover to sleep, and proceeded to get Allen out of her bed,
and send his ass home. Keisha changed the sheets, retrieved
Vince from the balcony and the two got some much needed rest.
Later on that day, Keisha and Vince finally arose from their
deep slumber. After a shower together, Vince treated her
to brunch at the Ramada Inn in Hyde Park. Keisha appreciated
the gesture, especially after her hard work from the night
before. Vince was not only fine, but turned out to be a perfect
gentleman. Despite the obvious feelings she had for him
now, Keisha is still apprehensive of a possible relationship
with him because of her concern on how he would view her after
sleeping with him and his good friend. Vince, too, was leery
of establishing something for the same reasons, but continued
to have visions of the time they spent together on the rooftop;
enjoying each other’s company, conducting stimulating
conversation, and being attracted to one another since
college didn’t hinder things either. They decided to let
time take its course and not force things in any directions.

After returning home from a nice meal, Keisha had to tell
someone about her experiences of the previous night. She
gave Renee a call. Renee was just getting up herself, groggily
answering the phone.
“Hey girl! Whatcha doin’?” Keisha’s voice was like a bucket
of water splashing in Renee’s face.
“Girl, when I saw how fine them brothers were, I said, ‘oooh,
that bitch gonna fuck both them niggas!’ I know I would have.”
The two laughed then Renee interjected.
“So you had a dick in your ass and your pussy, girl?”
“Hell naw, Renee! What kind a girl do you think I am?”
“Um….a freak!!” Once again, Renee brought big smiles and
laughter to the table, and Keisha continued to defend her
sexual inhibitions.
“Renee, how ‘bout I meet you at the Coffee House around 7
and I’ll give you all the details?”
“All the details of your porn queen fantasies come true?
I’ll be there.”
“Girl, shut up! So did you meet the owner of that loft? Is
he white?”
“He? You mean she. And she ain’t white. As a matter of fact,
I don’t know what she is, but Keisha; the bitch is BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL!”
“Oh yeah? I guess you ate some of that B.U.T.Full pussy too,
huh?” Keisha amused herself and laughed; however, Renee
was ominously silent.
“Renee, you didn’t!?”
“What time we meeting at the Coffee House, Keisha?”

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you did a excellent job, had a sistah get wet herself, cant
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Thanks for taking to time to read it, 24Karate. I'm
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