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Sarah True story part II


Wish I could have included pics, but far as I know , that is
not possible.


We went back to the hotel and Sarah said to Patty, I need a
real breakfast and some coffee; Patty said, sounds like
we’re feeling better, and Sarah said, I ‘am just so relieved
that it wasn’t something much more serious, I was a nervous
wreck. They went into the hotel restaurant, it was 10:30AM
and they served breakfast until 11AM. The waitress came
by right away and Patty said we need some coffee right away,
the waitress said would you like some orange juice and Patty
said yes. Sarah asked is it possible to get a mimosa and the
waitress said, of course. Sarah said, I’ll have one of those,
I had a rough night and Patty said, what the heck, make it
two, but use decent champagne, I am not worried about the
additional charge. They ordered a hardy breakfast, scrambled
eggs, pancakes, hash browns, toast, and lots of coffee
and three mimosas. During the course of eating breakfast
Patty said, I think I have a solution to avoiding sex with
Rob for the next two weeks, and Sarah said, OK let’s hear
it. Patty said I’ll tell Rob I need to introduce him to a client
in NYC, we’ll need to leave first thing on Saturday morning.
She said tomorrow, you’ll drive me and you to your house;
I’ll tell Rob since we have such an early flight, he’ll need
to stay at my place, so he’ll need to give me a ride back to
my house. We’ll spend Saturday to Saturday in NYC, fly out
first thing on Saturday morning. We’ll tell Rob you need
to come back here in a week to sign closing papers on my behalf,
so you can go to your follow up with the doctor. After your
doctor’s appointment, you can stay overnight in San Diego
for Friday and Saturday nights and then fly to Seattle on
Sunday. You can check out some properties for me in Seattle,
Tacoma, Bellevue, Federal Way and Kirkland areas. You
can fly back to San Diego on Friday, stay overnight and then
drive home on Saturday afternoon, and there goes the two
weeks, what do you think? Sarah said, that‘s such a good
idea, I surprised I didn’t think of it! And they laughed.
Patty and Sarah got back to the hotel, and Sarah called Rob
and said, I have some good news and bad news, which do you
want to hear first? Rob said, give me the bad news first,
and Sarah said, I think I’ve come down with a bad cold or flu,
I feel like crap, and I need some serious rest; and Rob said
so what’s the good news? And Sarah said looks like you are
getting an all expenses paid first class vacation to New
York City, and then Sarah said, here talk to Patty. Patty
laid it all out about where they were staying, flying 1st
class, having the limo pick them up at 6AM, whom they would
meet, so on and so forth. Patty hung up with Rob and said,
that was almost too easy, and Sarah said, great thinking
Patty. Sarah said to Patty as good as a facial and massage
would feel right now, would you be upset if I took a pass and
just went back to the room and take a nap? Patty said, you
know what, I think I could go for an afternoon of lounging
myself; let’s reenergize and then let’s have a nice dinner
tonight; I promise I won’t set you up on any fantasy fulfilling
dates; Sarah said, you better not! And they both laughed.
At 5PM Patty walked into Sarah’s room and said, if you sleep
all afternoon, you’ll be up all night, she asked, how are
you feeling? Sarah pressed on her stomach and said my stomach
is still tender, my asshole is still sore and my nipples
are really sore and sensitive but other than that I am fine
and I really needed the rest. Sarah said, I am not sure I want
to eat a big dinner and Patty said we can just go down to the
bar and just do light appetizers if you’d rather do that,
and Sarah said, yeah that sounds better, and then we can
dress more casual. Sarah said, I’d like to take a quick shower
and Patty said, it’s a gorgeous afternoon, I’ll be on the
veranda sipping champagne; would you like anything? And
Sarah said, no, not right now. Sarah was ready in 45 minutes
and comes out of the bedroom pours herself a glass of champagne
and comes out and sits outside with Patty. Sarah said, that
warm shower felt great I am feeling much better. She said
except the shower hitting my nipples was not a good feeling;
I had to face my back to the shower. Patty asked is that why
you’re not wearing a bra? And Sarah asked, is it obvious,
you can’t see through my top can you? Sarah was wearing a
loose fitting light pink knit pullover top, and Patty responded
no you really can’t, I just noticed your erected nipples
and your breasts were jiggling a little more than usual,
so I assumed that was the case, that top by the way, looks
great on you, you should go braless more often, and Sarah
said thank you, you look very nice yourself. They had another
glass of champagne while enjoying the sunset, and Sarah
said, I really shouldn’t be drinking on the antibiotics,
but I haven’t taken a pain pill since this morning, I am trying
to see if I can get by without those. Patty said a few drinks
shouldn’t hurt you. She then said to Sarah, if I make a comment
will you promise not to get angry with me, and Sarah said
that depends. Patty said I just wanted to say that you made
me really hot yesterday fucking those two studs. After
I put you to bed I had to dildo myself in the bed because I couldn’t
sleep because I was so horny from watching the guys and seeing
you naked all full of cum, it was such a turn on. Patty said
, I am getting wet just talking and thinking about it now.
I hope your not angry I shared that with you and Sarah said,
I am good with that , I am glad I turn you on, I just wish it had
been on my terms. Sarah said can I ask you a question and Patty
said sure. Sarah said what are you going to do with the pictures?
And Patty said I haven’t really thought about that; just
a keepsake and something to look at when I want to get turned
on. Sarah said I’d really prefer if you would erase them,
I really don’t need them to end up in the wrong hands and Patty
said I am really not inclined to do that, but let me think
about it, OK, and Sarah OK knowing full well that Patty would
use the pictures as leverage against her in the future.
Patty said let’s go downstairs and get something to eat.
So we finished our drink and went downstairs. We sat at the end of the bar furthest from the entry door,
it was about half full, Tyler comes over to us and says, good
evening ladies, are you having your usual and Patty said
yes, open a bottle of champagne for us and also pour us some
bottled water so we stay hydrated. Sarah said, Tyler I will
have Champagne, but first I’d like you to make me a spicy
Bloody Mary, Kettle One Vodka and 3 olives. As they drank
their drinks, Patty said to Sarah, you really look 200%
better than you did this morning and that color pink looks
so good on you. I think it’s your light skin and your deep
blue eyes, she said plus you must be chilly because Tyler
noticed right away that your nipples are sticking out.
Sarah looked down and instinctively folder her arms and
said, well it is a little chilly, but I think it’s the knit
top, it sort of clings to my nipples, maybe this wasn’t the
best choice in tops. Patty said when you have great tits
why not show them off, in another few years that may not be
the case, unless we get you a boob job by then. Sarah said
that is the main reason I didn’t want to breast feed more
than the first two weeks with the boys, not to mention, Rob
being all over them as well, what a pain that was. At the end
we pumped out as much as we could and then it was that’s enough.
They ordered a few appetizers to share, Sarah was now drinking
Champagne, but they both agreed to make it a much lighter
night on the drinks, and an earlier night, even though they
planned on sleeping in before driving back home. As they
were sharing appetizers, Sarah said, Fuck! And Patty asked
what? Sarah said, those two assholes from last night just
walked in, and she said Patty I am so out of here. Patty said,
Sarah just calm down, I will handle this. Fortunately they
did not approach us, and sat at the opposite side of the bar.
Tyler approached them and they exchanged handshakes,
hand slaps, touching fists, that greeting ritual that
young men do when they greet each other. Rod and James acknowledged
us by waiving, Sarah told Patty, I getting the fuck out of
here, and did not acknowledge the men. Tyler walked over
to us and said Rod and James would like to buy you two a drink,
and Patty said, absolutely not, and don’t pour them one
either, they’ll be leaving. With that Patty said to Sarah,
you stay put; she grabs her purse and walks up to Rod and James,
at first they were smiling, and then they were not. It looked
like they were arguing, but they kept it in low tones as I
could not hear what they were saying. Sarah knees were shaking
so bad, she didn’t think she could walk out right then even
if she wanted to. The conversation lasted about 2 minutes
but it seemed much more. Patty, I could tell was going through
her purse and first handed Rod something and then James
something. The guys stood up said goodbye to Tyler, turned
and walked out. When they were out the door, Patty turned
and walked back to where Sarah was sitting. Patty said we
don’t have to worry about those two bothering us for the
rest of the evening. Sarah asked, how did you get them to
leave? Patty said, I threatened them, and then I bribed
them, it works every time. Patty continued, I told them
if they didn’t leave I’d call the Athletic Director and
the Chancellor of the School and tell them how inappropriate
their behavior was, and demand they get fired from their
positions; that got their attention. Then I made their
decision to leave with their manhood intact easier by giving
them $200.00. Told them they could go anywhere else in town,
but that this place was ours tonight. Sarah asked, and that
was it? And Patty started laughing and then whispered,
they wanted me to ask you to donate your bra and panties,
and I told them they had taken the only pair you brought,
and Sarah said really? And Patty, still laughing said,
I swear to god, and then Sarah started laughing as well,
and said that’s almost the truth! Tyler came over and said
I apologize, I didn’t realize you weren’t getting along
with those guys. Last night they came down and were acting
like you all had become fast friends. Patty said, those
guys are assholes, I invited them up for a few drinks, but
then they got the wrong idea, so we had to kick them out. I
hope they didn’t imply that it went any further than that.
Tyler appeared to blush and then said, well it’s really
none of my business; I just wanted to say I was sorry; would
you like any more appetizers? Patty said as a matter of fact
bring us some more warm bread and butter, another spinach
and artichoke dip, and two more lump crab appetizers. Tyler
walked away to place the order, and Patty said to Sarah,
reading the tea leafs it looks like the guys came down here
afterwards and did a little bragging to Tyler; I wonder
who else they told. Sarah said, Patty at this point, I really
don’t give a fuck, it’s over, so lets enjoy the rest of the
night by not talking about those two assholes. Patty said,
cheers, to no more assholes, we laughed, and clicked our
glasses. Patty said to Sarah, on our way out I need to stop
at the bank and get cash and stop at a Best Buy or Circuit City,
so I can buy another memory stick for my digital camera.
Sarah asked, why do you need another memory stick, the one
you have will hold about 1000 images. Sarah asked, how many
did you take of me and the guys? And Patty said 66, and I’ve
already saved them to my computer. Sarah said, so why don’t
you just erase those? I really can’t afford to have those
be seen by the wrong eyes. Patty asked, did you want to look
at them when we go back up? And Sarah said, not really. Sarah
said Patty; somehow I need to convince you to delete those
images from the memory stick AND your computer. What purpose
do they serve you? Make it my Christmas present. Patty said,
you said we weren’t going to talk about those guys and there
you go. Sarah said, knowing those pictures are around just
make me really nervous and upset, you should take my wishes
into account, that’s all I am saying. Later that evening
they went back to their suite, Patty said to Sarah, I am going
to take a nice warm shower, but I’d like you to wait up for
me. Sarah said sure, I’ll go get comfy, take off my make-up
in the meantime and then watch some TV. Patty went into her
bedroom and went into the shower. Sarah noticed that Patty
had left her purse on the bar counter so she waited until
she was sure Patty was in the shower and then opened her purse
and removed her digital camera. She powered on the camera
with the intent of deleting the images, but then noticed
that the camera was showing no memory stick, she opened
the camera, and whispered, fuck; Patty had taken out the
memory card to the camera. She quickly rummaged through
the purse, but could not find it. She put her purse back and
thought about going into her computer, but didn’t think
she’d have enough time, so she went into her bedroom to change
and get ready for bed. Normally Sarah would sleep in the
nude, but tonight she would wear panties and an oversize
cotton T-shirt she had taken from her husband. Sarah finished
getting ready and walked into the living room, instead
of watching TV, she decided to pour herself a glass of port
and sit on the patio and smell the ocean breeze. Five minutes
later Patty came out with an oversize white cotton rope.
Sarah had brought out the bottle of brandy and another glass
and said to Patty, join me for a glass of brandy, and Patty
said sure. As they sat on the patio, they could notice that
there were others sitting on their patios enjoying the
evening; mostly men and a few couples. Patty said to Sarah
if those people were sitting out there awhile, they probably
got an eyeful of me. Sarah said do you have your drapes open,
and Patty said yes, and the patio door slider open as well.
Patty said, I much prefer the natural cool air of the night
instead of the air conditioner. Sarah said, well that explains
why those two men had positioned their patio chairs to face
this way and why they continue to look at us. Sarah said,
well at least I am not the only one to put on a show around here,
and they both laughed. Sarah said to Patty, do you find it
more erotic to watch someone or to be watched? Patty said,
I certainly enjoyed watching you last night, but I also
like to be watched, especially when the other people believe
it’s by accident. Patty said this really was not intentional,
but had I known I had an audience, I probably would have lingered
around naked a little longer. Patty asked Sarah, do you
ever do that? Sarah said not normally, but before we had
the kids, Rob and I made a trip to Sausalito and stayed in
a suite at the Casa Madronna Inn. The window next to the bed
faced a courtyard, and then directly across were more suites.
If you looked in the bedroom window you could see the full
length mirror that covered the wall opposite the bed. So
as I lie on the bed with the lights fully on, you could see
my reflection in the mirror. Rob had me slowly undress in
front of the mirror and then I lied down on the bed and finger
fucked myself, used a dildo on myself, played with my breasts,
and then he came in, and we did oral, and then we had sex in
various positions. The windows at our level and above were
lined with people peering through their windows. We could
see some of them, but all the time acted as if we were oblivious
to them. Rob had set up a video camera on a tripod on the patio
deck zoomed in to the windows across from our bedroom window.
After we finished, we watched the video; we had put on a show
for women, men and couples. Later that night we went to the
private Jacuzzi. A hotel attendant comes to your room and
then escorts you to the Jacuzzi area. Since it’s rustic
and very dark and you climb steps, you need someone to show
you the way back and forth with a flashlight. The person
that picked us up was a young man, maybe 22 or 23 years old.
You go into this outdoor area that is enclosed on all four
sides but open to the sky. Rob and I had had quite a few drinks
and had ordered a bottle of champagne. The room had its own
bathroom, wet bar, ice, towels, soap, shampoo, and lotions,
massage oils. There was a stereo system as well as a TV. I
wore a robe and as soon as we got in the room, I took mine off
and hung it on the rack and stepped inside the Jacuzzi. I
am not sure what if anything attendant saw because Rob and
he had headed to the back of the room where the bathroom was.
They came close to the Jacuzzi and the jets were on and the
water was swirling so I knew he couldn’t tell I was topless/naked.
Rob then asked the guy to show me how to use the Jacuzzi controls,
increase jet speeds, turn up the heat, and turn on the light
while he used the bathroom. So the first thing he did was
show me the light controls for the Jacuzzi; they were mood
lights and you could make them change colors. He brings
it back to a white light and then shuts off the jets. As I sit
there the water becomes still and now I know that he at least
can see my breasts, but I did nothing to cover them, I just
kept my head against the Jacuzzi leather edge with my arms
and legs spread. He just kept talking, all the while staring
at me and trying to keep his composure. As Rob starts to come
out of the bathroom, he turns the jets back on and shuts the
light off. Rob says, you got all that honey, and I said, it’s
not rocket science. The young man steps away from the jacuzzi
and continued pointing out all the other amenities in the
room to Rob and me. Finally he said he would be back to walk
us back down to our room in an hour and a half, and then he left.
I turned the jets off and put the white light back on and then
asked Rob, as he poured some champagne, look into the Jacuzzi
and tell me what you can see. I was positioned as I was for
the young man and Rob said, I can see your lovely tits and
a nice smooth pussy, am I suppose to see something different?
And Sarah said no, I was just curious. We drank the champagne
while in the Jacuzzi, and had more sex; it was wonderful.
We got out of the Jacuzzi with about 15 minutes to go so we
could shower. Rob got out first, we still had the stereo
music going. Unbeknownst to me, Rob had let the young man
come in, Rob shouts out to me, Sarah time to go. I was wrapping
the towel around my hair bent over at the waist and had walked
out of the bathroom, when Rob said, Sarah! I stood up from
the waist, saying hold on I coming, and just then notice
Rob and the young man staring at me, Rob started laughing
and the young man just stared, I walked over to the robe rack
and retrieved my robe and placed it on me with my back to the
guys. I said to Rob very funny and to the young man, I said,
that was your tip, and we walked back towards the cabin.
Rob said to the young man that must happen a lot where you
catch your guests in the nude. He said it’s happened quite
a few times, but mostly it’s the fat old ladies that want
you to see them. It’s rare that we get to see attractive ladies
like your wife in the buff, Sarah said, thank you, I think.
He said do you know that I actually have to write a report
for my management. He said the hotel manager or the assistant
manager will be contacting you asking you to sign a waiver,
that you have not suffered personal injury, and your room
will probably get comped. Rob said see Sarah, just a little
flashing and we can get a free room. Sarah said, it’s more
embarrassing to have to fill out a report, screw the free
room. Sarah told the young man everything would be fine
and that we promised not to mention anything to anyone.
When we got to the room, Rob asked him to step inside so he
could get his wallet. I followed Rob into the bedroom and
he took a $20 bill out of his wallet. Rob walked over to me
and said here you give it to him. He then reached down and
untied my robe and took the belt off, and said, now go give
him the tip. I tried to get the belt back, but he wouldn’t
give it back. I walked out of the bedroom holding the robe
closed as best I could. I walked up to him and said, thank
you for your assistance tonight and for your compliment.
He took the $20 and put it in his pocket without looking at
it. I could tell he was still a bit uneasy, so I once again
reassured him we would not put in a complaint. I touched
his face, with my right hand, released my grip on my robe
with my left hand, and said to him, how about a goodnight
hug? He said sure, so I hugged him, my uncovered breasts
pressed against his chest, and then I said, everything
is fine, I promise. I backed away from him, my robe still
fully open, and he said, I truly think you are beautiful.
I said, you are so sweet, give me another hug. We hugged again
and Sarah gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, backed away
again, and then slowly gathered the robe closed and said
goodnight and thanks again. He opened the door, said thanks,
have a good night, and left. Rob came out and asked me, so
did you get him to pitch a tent? I said, he pitched a tent alright,
he’s probably in the woods masturbating as we speak, and
we both laughed. Patty said to Sarah, I have an idea of something I want you
to do, and Sarah said, I hope it has nothing to do with sex
and those two men, and Patty said, it does not involve sex.
Sarah said OK so what’s your idea? Patty said, we will go
inside and you can take off what you are wearing and then
put on your robe. You will go into my bedroom, hang the robe
behind the bathroom door and then come out naked. Then I
want you to pick out my clothes for tomorrow and lay them
out, including bra, panties and shoes. Then walk around
each side of the bed and fluff the pillows, go and brush your
teeth and then walk up to the slider and close the curtains,
but leave the slider open. Sarah asked why don’t you just
do that? Patty said because I want to see how they react,
what they do. Sarah said, when you did it, it was by accident.
Now that they both see us here, they’ll know it is intentional.
Patty said maybe, maybe not. She said, lets have another
glass of port and then we’ll act like we’re retiring for
the night. I’ll turn out the lights in the living room and
then I’ll just watch them from the edge of the window. Sarah
said, Patty haven’t you humiliated me enough already?
Sarah asked have I done or said something to you that has
made you want to treat like shit, like I am a low life? Patty
said, I am sorry you feel that way, anyway, they are going
to think it’s me and not you, I just want to see their reaction,
do this for me Sarah. Sarah said OK, I’ll do it, but only if
you delete the pictures you took of me and the guys yesterday.
Patty said, actually Sarah, you’ll do it because I have
the pictures of you and the guys, it’s called leverage,
and Sarah said, it’s called fucking blackmail, no pun intended.
Sarah said, I’ll do it, but then I am going to bed, suddenly
I am not feeling so well. Sarah went in and did everything
Patty had told her to do. When Sarah was done, she came out
and asked; are you happy now? Patty said, those two guys
were definitely watching your every move, I thought they
were going to fall off the balcony. It was very exciting,
thank you Sarah. Sarah said, if it’s all right with you,
I am going to bed now. Patty said, I am debating whether to
tell you something, or not, and Sarah said, what is it Patty?
Patty said, promise me you won’t be upset with me, and Sarah
said, well I can’t make you that promise because I couldn’t
possibly be more upset with you than I am already. Patty
asked, when you sat out there and I was in the bedroom, did
you notice them taking pictures, and Sarah said no I did
not. Are you going to tell me they were taking pictures of
me? And Patty said, yes several, at least a dozen, maybe
more, you didn’t notice the flash? Sarah said, I lied Patty;
it is possible to become more fucking upset with you. Patty
laughingly said, Sarah, so how was I to know that they would
have a digital camera? Sarah said it’s not fucking funny
Patty, and walked into her bedroom and shut the door. The next morning we both slept in late, we had breakfast
brought to the room, I took a quick shower, noticed that
my breasts and ass had black and blue marks from where Rod
had squeezed me; you could actually see his finger marks.
We checked out of the hotel and Sarah got directions to the
bank and to Circuit City. We stopped at the bank first, Patty
said, give me a deposit slip from your checking account.
I asked why, and she said, while I am here I am going to have
them wire transfer the bonus I promised you into your account,
and I said oh, pulled out my check book and handed her a deposit
slip. We finished with the bank and headed for Circuit City,
Patty said this will only take a minute, stay in the car I’ll
be right back. We were about a half hour from my house and Sarah said to Patty,
I am getting really nervous, I think I am having an anxiety
attack. Patty said you need to relax and breath as normal
as possible. Patty said lets talk about what’s worrying
you. Sarah said, I am not good at lying, and I feel like I have
betrayed Rob’s trust. He will start talking to me and know
that something is wrong. Patty said, I will be with you and
will make sure you two do not spend much time alone. Patty
said, let’s pull over and grab a cup of coffee at Starbuck’s
so you can relax a bit. Sarah said I am also worried that in
a moment of weakness, you will show those pictures to Rob;
that would really fuck up my life Patty. Patty said, I can
assure you that I have no intent of ever sharing those pictures
with anyone but the two of us. We sat outside and Patty said
to Sarah, you just have to stick to the story that you are
not feeling well, think you are coming down with a bad cold
or flu and it would be better if you didn’t get intimate.
Patty said you know I’ve been thinking about you wanting
to get pregnant again and wondering why would you want to
go through that again, you have two healthy children, your
body is back in great shape, your tits aren’t sagging, you
have a flat belly, a firm ass, and you have a great career
making lots of money. Last time you had such a bad pregnancy
you were in bed for a good part of three months; I’d think
long and hard before you decide to get pregnant again. Sarah
said hopefully that decision hasn’t been made for me already
Patty. Sarah said, maybe your right, it’s just that my parents
and in-laws have been dropping hints about wanting us to
give them a granddaughter. Patty said, just think about
what I just said, if your really set on having another child,
maybe you and Rob should go and adopt a baby girl so you can
guarantee it’s a girl. With that comment we both got up and
headed back to the car. Patty was driving my car, 20 minutes earlier Sarah had called
Rob and told him they were only minutes away, and that Patty
wanted to know if he was packed and ready to go. Rob said,
why don’t you drop Patty off at home and just tell her I’ll
drive myself over to her place later in the evening. Rob
said that he wanted to spend some time with me and that he
had blue balls and needed some sex really bad. Sarah said,
Rob, I am really feeling like crap, I have a slight fever,
a headache and an upset stomach, what I really need is some
rest. Sarah said the last thing you need is catching something
from me while you’re traveling. She said, besides Patty
wants to take you to an early dinner and I am sure she will
be more than willing to help you with your problem. Sarah
asked, so back to the question, are you packed and ready
to go, and he said yeah I am ready, but I’ve never seen you
so anxious to see me leave, is everything OK with us? Sarah
said absolutely honey, I promise to make it up to you in spades
when you come back home, so just make sure you save some blue
balls for me. Sarah said we‘ll be there in about five minutes.
Sarah said to Patty, well I guess it’s your lucky day. Rob
has blue balls and is in a real horny mood. Patty said well
maybe we’ll skip dinner and just fuck ourselves to exhaustion,
Patty laughed and Sarah smiled, deep down she wished she
could have been the one to take care of Rob’s blue balls.
Patty pulls into the driveway and Rob greets them. He walks
up to Sarah and says I missed you honey and goes to kiss Sarah
on the lips, but she turned her face, and said, just on the
cheek honey. He helped unload the car of Sarah’s luggage
and then he placed his own in the trunk. We all walked into
the house and once inside, Patty took Rob by the hand and
asked, so what do you feel like for dinner tonight? Sarah
kept walking into the bedroom with her overnight bag, kicked
off her shoes, and then came back out to the kitchen only
to find Patty and Rob embracing and kissing. Witnessing
this really pissed off Sarah, and she said, maybe it’s time
for you two to be on your way, I am going to bed. Sarah turned
and walked back to her bedroom and slammed the door shut.
Rob tried to come into the bedroom, but Sarah had locked
the door. Rob pleaded with her to open the door, but Sarah
said, Rob just go. Rob said I’ll call you later honey, but
Sarah did not respond. I could hear Patty saying something
to Rob, but I could not understand what it was. Finally,
Rob said we’re leaving now; I love you honey; I’ll lock the
door, and they left. Sarah shut off her cell phone and shut
the ringer off of the telephone so she wouldn’t be disturbed
while she tried and get some rest. To Sarah’s surprise she
napped until almost 8PM. She lay in bed for a few moments
trying to gather her thoughts. She thought, I better check
my office voicemail, e-mail, call the in-laws to check
on the kids. She pressed down on her lower stomach, and while
tender, it was feeling better. She had an urge to touch herself
lower, and then decided against it. Sarah was in an over
sized T-shirt, no bra, but had panties on. She jumped out
of bed, tussled her hair, turned on her cell phone, went
to her computer and turned that on. She closed the front
window shutters and then went to see if there were any voicemails.
She thought about what happened earlier in the day and thought
to herself that she shouldn’t be angry at Rob, Patty was
really the instigator. She checked the voicemails and
the first 3 were work related and told her to check her e-mails.
The fourth voicemail was from Patty. She was practically
shouting into the phone, all the while scolding her like
she was an eight year old child. She was saying how childish
I had acted, how I had disrespected her and Rob, and how terribly
guilty I had made Rob feel. She said, I need you to call Rob
and apologize for your actions; and reconfirm to him that
you are perfectly supportive of our relationship. Finally
she said, you have really fucked up our evening, and slammed
the phone down. Sarah thought to herself, fucked up your
evening, how about mine. The last voicemail was Patty again
at 7PM, and she simply said, Sarah if you do not call Rob back
by 8PM, I may have to use my leverage. Sarah looked at the
clock and noticed it was already 8:10PM and said, Shit.
She noticed that her cell had 3 missed calls. She first called
Rob’s cell, but could tell it was shut off because it bounced
directly to voicemail, she then tried Sarah’s and the same
thing happened. Next she called Patty’s home phone, got
her voicemail, and Sarah said, Patty, I overslept, please
call me at home, I am sorry for how I acted, please Patty,
call me. She called back Patty’s cell phone and left the
same message. She then called Rob’s cell again, saying
I love you honey, please call me back tonight, I was wrong
to act the way I did; it’s just that I wasn’t feeling well
and was really tired. Sarah then checked her cell phone
messages, the first one was Rob, saying how sorry he was
and that he loved her and to please call him back. The second
one was Rob again, saying Patty was really angry with me
and to call her back to patch things up. The third one was
my in-laws saying call when I got a chance. I tried Patty’s
cell again and said Patty, please do not do anything out
of anger, I am really really sorry for how I acted, I’ve done
everything you’ve ever asked, I am OK with you not deleting
the pictures, but please, I beg you, do not show them to Rob,
you will really fuck up our lives. You are not to blame for
what happened in La Jolla, it was actually my fantasy and
I really enjoyed pleasing you. Please Patty, call me when
you get this message. Sarah was a nervous wreck and even
though she shouldn’t have; she poured herself a glass of
wine. She called her mother in law, the boys were fine, and
in bed, Rob had called earlier. I told her I had a huge favor
to ask, and that was to keep the boys for another week, but
that I would come down the day after next and spend a few days
at their house so I could see the boys, give them a break,
and visit with them as well. Sarah went to the computer and
started checking her e-mails, she knew tomorrow would
be a hectic long day catching up on open items. It was past
9 PM and yet no word from either Rob or Patty, so she poured
herself another glass of wine and turned on the TV to watch
the news. About ten minutes later the phone rings and it’s
Rob, he says hi honey and Sarah said hi honey, I overslept
and had the phones turned off so I wouldn’t be disturbed,
I am sorry I didn’t call you back sooner, where are you? Rob
said I am in the men’s room of the restaurant, Patty didn’t
want me calling you back, she said to let you stew. He said
listen, I can’t talk long, but I will call you later if I get
a chance. Sarah said, honey I am sorry for how I acted, please
forgive me, I want you to have a good time and a successful
trip. I left Patty messages on her cell and house phone;
please make sure she checks them. I love you; I’ll be up until
at least midnight. About 30 minutes later Sarah’s house phone rings, the call
is from the mobile speaker phone in her vehicle. Patty says
hi Sarah, I received your messages and see that a little
rest has settled you down. She said Rob and I had a wonderful
dinner and we are now heading back home. She said I was telling
Rob what a wonderful time we were having in La Jolla, until
you started going down, she laughed, and said, I mean coming
down with something. Sarah said, yes it was a wonderful
experience Patty. Sarah said, while I have you both on the
phone, I want to apologize for my behavior this afternoon,
I don’t know what came over me, but it certainly was not my
intent to put a damper on your evening. She said Rob; I hope
Patty has helped you with your blue balls. Patty said, Rob
was so impatient, we pulled over two blocks from your house
so I could give him a blowjob, when we get home it’s my turn;
is that all right with you Sarah? Sarah said absolutely;
just don’t miss your flight in the morning. Sarah asked
Patty, are we OK? Patty said I accept your sincere apology;
everything is fine. Sarah said, Rob and I will be really
busy tomorrow, call me on my cell. Patty said Sarah, I will
set up your itinerary for the week after next, and send you
an e-mail in the next few days. Sarah, said OK thanks, have
a safe trip, and don’t wear him out Patty, save some for me,
they laughed and hung up. A few days passed, Sarah was extremely busy; Tuesday she
received Sarah’s e-mail. Sarah’s return appointment
with the doctor was for Friday at 2 PM so she would leave her
home in the morning and do the 2 ½ hour drive to La Jolla. Patty
had booked her at the same hotel and suite they had stayed
in for Friday and Saturday night, fly to Seattle on Sunday
afternoon and then get to work on Monday, travel back to
San Diego/La Jolla on Friday, stay at the Valencia again
for Friday night and then drive home Saturday early afternoon.
Patty had booked Sarah into the Hotel Vintage Park, and
reserved the Chateau Ste. Michelle Suite; it is the best
suite in the place. The follow up visit with the doctor went well, Sarah had
stopped spotting a few days earlier and overall felt much
better. The doctor told her to finish taking the antibiotics,
and then once again warned her of the dangers of trauma to
her uterus and other internal organs. She told Sarah that
if she had any problems or lingering effects after another
week to come back in, but otherwise she should be free to
resume reasonable sexual activity after another week.
Sarah felt relieved and decided to treat herself by going
shopping for herself. Sarah went to Nordstrom’s and bought
herself a white cotton day dress, a silk cocktail dress
and a red holiday dress. By the time she finished buying
accessories; bras, panties, stockings and shoes, her
bill was in excess of $1, 400. On her way back Sarah decided
to stop at a strip mall and get a cup of coffee. As she walked
to the coffee shop, she noticed a clothing store that advertised
a 50% sale. Sarah went and had her coffee and then walked
into the store; the name of the store was, “Naughty But Nice”.
She was immediately greeted by an attractive young lady
who asked Sarah if she could assist her. Sarah said I noticed
your sale sign and thought I’d stop in and take a look around.
She told Sarah that if she had any questions to just ask.
Sarah looked through a few of the clothes racks and then
came across a rack of tube mini dresses and tank dresses
that were very sexy. She started pulling out a few to try
on, when the young lady came up to Sarah and asked, can I help
you pick something out? Sarah said, well I don’t have anything
specific in mind, but lets pick some of the more sexier outfits;
lets do a cross selection of dress styles and colors, but
basically; I am going for the classy sluttish look; I am
trying to keep my husband focused on me. The young lady said,
that’s exactly why I opened this store; I figured there
were many women out there who needed to put a little spark
in their relationship; she said it’s very common. She said
I also get a lot of strippers and escort service ladies that
buy from me. Sarah tried on several and then settled for
a black purple micro mini with a crew neck that had long sleeves,
another royal blue micro mini with a plunging neckline,
a red halter cocktail dress, a neon yellow mini tank dress,
a long sleeved sheer short mini dress with long sleeves
and a scoop neck, and a light blue sheer mini dress that included
a matching thong panty. Sarah then selected a black, a red
and a white lace body suit, and both a white and a black chiffon
and satin shirt. The owner brought over a black mini leather
skirt and a red one and said these will go great with the chiffon
and satin shirts. Sarah said OK fine. Noticing how much
Sarah was purchasing, the owner said, I will throw in this
pink chemise mini dress and two sets of underwear of your
choice. She said our shelf bras are very popular with either
the thong or G-string panty. Sarah said, I’ll take the red
shelf bra and the black one and the matching G-Strings.
Sarah said, select some additional thongs that will match
the other dresses. Sarah asked, show me to your shoes, and
she settled on a 6 inch clear platform slide and a 6 inch clear
mule sandal. The owner hung up the dresses, placed them
in a dress bag, folded the rest and then helped Sarah carry
them all to her car. As Sarah got into her car, the owner said,
thank you, your husband is one lucky man. As Sarah drove
back to the hotel she thought to herself; Rob is sure enough
one lucky man. Sarah, decided to call Rob on his mobile phone, but right
away it bounced to his voicemail so she knew he had it turned
off. It was 9 Pm New York time so she thought they were probably
at dinner some place where they ask you to keep your cell
phones off. Sarah left him a message to call her back when
he got a chance. Sarah then decided to call the hotel to arrange
for a massage for first thing in the morning; she was able
to get a 10AM appointment and told them she wanted the total
spa treatment package. Sarah got to the hotel and turned
her car over to the valet. She went to the bar and requested
a sparkling water and a glass of wine. Her cell phone rang
and it was Rob. Sarah was glad to hear his voice, told him
she missed him and told him she had done some shopping for
some sexy outfits. Sarah asked him if they were back at the
hotel and he said yes and that Patty was taking a shower.
He said Patty had decided to extend the trip by an extra day,
so that she could visit with her sister. They would leave
early in the morning and have the car service drop them off
at her house in Long Island, stay through lunch and then
back to the hotel, relax and then fly back Sunday at 11AM
flight. He said he had several good meetings, thought he’d
get at least one of the contracts. He said Patty was running
him ragged. Sarah asked in or out of the bedroom? And he responded,
both. Sarah said, just make sure she doesn’t wear you out
for me; I have big plans for you next Saturday night. He said
don’t worry Sarah it hasn’t fallen off yet, and they laughed.
Sarah, asked him to call her tomorrow evening and they hung
up. Sarah ordered another glass of wine when another younger
lady came in and sat one bar stool away from Sarah. She seemed
to know the bartender as he called her by her name, Erin.
She ordered a vodka tonic. Sarah looked at her, smiled and
said hello; Erin returned the smile and asked, are you visiting
or are you a local? Sarah said, I am visiting, how about you?
Erin said, I am a local, I actually work in the spa as a masseuse,
and I am also certified to do body piercing. Erin asked if
Sarah was there on business or pleasure and Sarah said pleasure.
She asked Sarah what business she was in and Sarah told her
real estate. Sarah said to Erin, I have a massage scheduled
for tomorrow, should I ask for you? Erin said, I am actually
off the next few days, early tomorrow morning I am driving
up to Santa Barbara to visit a friend. She said if you prefer
a female, ask for Jenny, but if you don’t mind a male, ask
for Jay; that’s who I use for me. Sarah said sounds like I
should ask for Jay first. Erin introduced herself, as did
Sarah. Erin took out her cell phone and made a call. She asked,
have you made the schedule for tomorrow’s massages? She
then said, can you make sure that Sarah is assigned to Jay.
She said thanks, and hung up. Erin then said to Sarah, you’re
set with Jay, and Sarah said thank you. Sarah asked Erin
if she could buy her a drink and Erin said sure, and moved
to the chair next to Sarah. Sarah asked Erin, so you do piercings
here, and she said here, and at a few tattoo shops in town.
Sarah asked, so do you specialize in any particular type
of pierces? Erin said I have done it all, ears, nose, tongue,
lips, belly button, eyebrows, nipples, clits, you name
it. She said my only requirement is that the person must
practice good hygiene; otherwise I ask them to go elsewhere.
What I like about here is that the clientele is all upper
end, and it’s strictly woman. Sarah said I have thought
about getting my belly button pierced, but wasn’t quite
comfortable with going to tattoo parlors. Sarah then said
my husband has told me that he thinks pierced nipples are
sexy. Erin said that she has her belly button and nipples
pierced. She said to Sarah, if you want I will pierce your
belly button and your nipples all for the same price. Sarah
said, I guess I’ll have to make an appointment for next week,
and Erin said, it will take less than ten minutes, and that
she could do it right now. She told the bartender that we’d
be back in ten to fifteen minutes. She said grab your wine
and come with me. Sarah started hesitating and Erin grabbed
her by the hand and said don’t be a big chicken, it will not
hurt. Erin walked into the spa, introduced her to a few of
the ladies and announced she was going to pierce my belly
button and nipples and the receptionist said to me, Erin
is the best, you have nothing to worry about. They went into
a room that had a raised massage table, and Erin told Sarah
to take her top and bra. Off. Sarah said, I am OK with the belly
button, but that she wasn’t sure about the nipple piercing.
Erin then took off her top and removed her bra. Erin said
I didn’t where my nipple ring today, but she said I just want
to show you how easy this is. She took out her nipple rings
out of her purse, she cleaned them and touched her nipple
until it was erect and then inserted the ring on her right
breast nipple. She then said to Sarah, I want you to insert
the other in my left nipple, which Sarah did. Sarah asked
can you breast feed if you have your nipples pierced? and
she said absolutely, you just have to remove them. Erin
said you see how nice and straight the ring sits, and Sarah
said yes. She said I try and do the piercing as close to your
breast as possible, this way you get a longer nipple extension.
She explained in detail how the procedure worked, how she
sterilized everything and how it was important to keep
the piercing cleansed. We picked out two sets of nipple
rings and a diamond stud for the belly button. She made a
few marks on my areolas while I stood up, and then told me
to lie down. She said if you don’t like these, you can always
remove them. Sarah asked, will it hurt? And Erin said you
will feel a pinch for a few seconds, that’s it. She sterilized
her breast nipple using some purple anti infection liquid,
and then grabbed and tugged on her nipple with forceps,
she inserted the needle through the forceps and then inserted
the nipple ring and sterilized her nipple again, she did
the same with the other nipple and said Sarah, the worse
is over. She then moved to her belly button, sterilized,
pulled the skin, inserted the needle and then the stud,
and sterilized again. Erin, said, you can relax now, go
look in the mirror. Sarah got up and said, I’ve done some
spontaneous stuff in my life, but this might take the cake.
Erin said try not to touch them with hands that are not clean,
and make sure you clean the nipples with warm water and soap
at least once a day, more if you can. She said it can take from
2 to 6 months for your nipples to fully heal. It seems the
bigger the breast the longer the healing process. She said
if you can soak our nipples in sea salt it will sooth the soreness
and speed the healing process. Erin stood next to Sarah,
both were topless, and Erin asked, what do you think? Sarah
said, I think you have beautiful breasts, and she said,
I was asking about yours not mine, and they laughed. Sarah
said, I love it, you did a great job. There was a knock on the
door and it was the receptionist, she stuck her head in and
asked, can I see the finished product, and Sarah said sure.
She came in and said you looked so terrified when you first
walked I was wondering if you were going to go through with
it. She said Erin has convinced almost all the women here
and most of the men to have their nipples pierced, she really
does a wonderful job. She said, you really have nice breasts,
they’re natural right? Sarah said yes they are, but as soon
as they start to droop, I am getting a breast lift and they
all laughed. The receptionist without asking, lifted
her top, she wore no bra, and exposed her breasts to Sarah.
She had small breasts but they were nicely rounded, big
red nipples with a small areola. I said yours are nice too,
and she said I wish they were just a little larger, like Erin’s.
Erin said you may want to sleep with a bra on for the next week
or so, it should be more comfortable for you, and will protect
the nipples from an accident like the nipple ring snagging
on a blanket. We started putting our bras back on when in
walks in a tall blonde tanned muscular man, and Erin says
hi Jay, we have another convert, and she’s your 10AM massage
appointment tomorrow, and he said, cool. Erin said to Sarah;
let Jay take a peek. Jay walks over and says very nice and
the nipple piercing is not bad either, we laughed. Then
Jay looked at my breasts even more closely and says, nice
job Erin. Erin says to me, it’s a tradition that whenever
I do a nipple piercing the workers at the spa get to see the
finished product, but in order to view the client you have
to have at least one nipple pierced, which is what Jay has.
Jay lifts his tight white t-shirt and shows Sarah his left
nipple that has been pierced. Sarah asked jokingly, so
are we missing anyone? and Erin said, Jay go see if Joey,
Jenny and Kate are available to come take a look. Jay came
back about 15 seconds later with Joey and said Kate is on
her way, and Jenny just left; that will teach her to leave
early, and we laughed. Joey was about 26 years old, and was
also good looking and muscular, but only about 5‘ 7’. He
walked up to Sarah, extended his hand to introduce himself
and then said, those are really nice looking tits, Sarah
said thanks, and then he said to Erin, nice job, and your
knockers are nice too. With that comment, Erin turned away
and put her bra and top back on. It was an uncomfortable minute
or so before Kate walked in and said, I am sorry; I was just
finishing up a facial. She also extended her hand and introduced
herself, and said you won’t be sorry Sarah, your nipples
will be so sensitive and always erect, women and men always
notice, but I am into women. Joey said Kate why don’t you
show her your knockers, and she said because you guys are
perverts and besides I am not wearing my nipple rings today.
With that, Sarah put her bra back on and said, if any of you
are getting off soon, why don’t you join Erin and me for some
drinks and appetizers. The receptionist said she couldn’t,
as did Jay. Joey said, for free booze and food, I am in; and
Kate said, I can join you in about twenty minutes. Jay said
nice meeting you, I’ll see you tomorrow morning and the
receptionist said nice meeting you. Sarah wrote out a check
to Erin and then they walked back to the bar and told Tyler
to reserve two places for Joey and Kate. Sarah again ordered
a white wine, Erin stuck to her vodka tonic; Sarah told Tyler
to put everything on her tab and to get her the bar menu. Tyler
said, I thought you ladies bailed out on me, you said you’d
be gone 10 to15 minutes and it was over an hour. Erin said
nonchalantly, Sarah here had me pierce her nipples and
belly button, but we had to go over a lot of things first,
and then the spa staff got to see the finished product. Tyler
said to Sarah, are you going to show me the finished product?
And Sarah asked Tyler, has Erin pierced your nipples? And
he said no way, I am afraid of needles, so Sarah said, then
you’re not in the club; but I’ll show you my belly button.
Sarah lifted her top and showed him her belly button; and
then noticed that all the people sitting at the bar were
looking at her, so she pulled her top back down and sat down.
A short time later Joey walked in and then Kate about ten
minutes later. Sarah said to Kate, good timing the appetizers
should be here any minute, what would you like to drink?
Kate said I’ll drink what you’re drinking, so Sarah told
Kyle, get us a bottle of the chardonnay. The appetizers
came and they all sat around and discussed many topics,
including that Kate was totally lez, had been that way for
over ten years, Erin confided that she was definitely Bi,
as did Sarah. Joey said I am no homophob, but I think women
together is way hot, and men together is totally disgusting.
He asked; would you ladies mind if I just watched you all
together in action? And Kate said, in your dreams Joey;
that will never happen. She said, you should let us do your
cute girlfriend and then she can tell you all about it, assuming
she’d ever want to have anything to do with you after we were
finished with her; and all the ladies laughed. Joey said,
she’s not into girls; she has the Italian stallion. Erin
said, just ask her Joey, all three of us, see if she turns
down the offer, tell her to come on down right now. Joey looked
at his watch and said, shit, I am was suppose to meet her in
ten minutes, it’ll take me twenty minutes to get there,
and then said, I gotta go. She shook Sarah’s hand and said
thanks for the drinks and food, said goodbye to Erin and
Kate, and as he walked away Kate said don’t forget about
our offer, without turning, he brought his right hand behind
his back and gave her the finger, and the girls all laughed.
We continued chatting and Sarah asked Kate if she was the
only person doing facials and she said that there were 3
other ladies besides her and that they also all did waxing.
Sarah asked, do you do brazilian waxing, and she said, of
course. Sarah said, maybe I should make an appointment
with you for tomorrow. She said I am having a massage at 10AM.
Kate said just come down 30 minutes earlier and I’ll take
care of you, and Sarah said thanks Erin soon said, I should
get going soon, Sarah said have one more drink with just
the gals. Erin ordered her usual and Sarah ordered another
bottle of wine. Sarah asked Kate and Erin, how long they
knew each other and Kate said almost three years. Sarah
then asked, so do you two get together? And Erin asked, do
you mean socially or sexually? And Sarah said, well both.
Kate said, as much as I wouldn’t mind getting together sexually
with lovely Erin, I’ve been in a steady relationship the
whole time I’ve known Erin, so it has been strictly social.
Kate continued and said, plus we work together, but absent
of that, I’d be all over her, and they all laughed. Sarah
asked Erin, so how do you feel about that? Erin said, I am
very attracted to Kate, but her partner Sam is absolutely
gorgeous and she is so sweet, so I totally respect their
relationship and commitment to each other. Plus with all
the private rooms at the spa, we’d probably lock ourselves
in one and never get anything done, and they laughed. Kate
asked Sarah, so are you sexually attracted to Erin? Sarah,
looked at Erin, and said absolutely, and to be honest with
you as well. Sarah asked, so now you both need to tell me if
you are attracted to me, and be honest girls. Kate went first
and said, in a lot of ways you resemble Sam, but she’s a little
shorter and her breasts, while very nice, are not as big
as yours, so yes, I am attracted to you. Erin said, Sarah
I was attracted to you the minute I laid my eyes on you, and
if I didn’t need to get ready for my early morning trip, I
would have let you convince me to come up to your room, and
she laughed. Erin said here’s my business card, I’ve written
my mobile number on the back. If you have any questions or
problems with either of the piercings, please do not hesitate
to call me. She said to Kate, sorry I can’t make your party
tomorrow, please let Sam know I’ll be back next year. She
said to Kate, you should invite Sarah; I think she’d have
a good time, and Kate said, you read my mind. Sarah asked,
so what’s the occasion for the party? And Kate said, every
year Sam and I host a party for all our gay friends and their
partners. About 65% of the attendees are lesbians, another
15% are bi women, and the remainder is a combination of a
few gay males and then some are straight co-workers from
here and at the hospital where Sam works as a Physical Therapist.
We’ve done this for the past four years, and every year it’s
gotten larger. This year we are expecting almost 200 people,
then Kate said, if you have nothing planned for tomorrow,
I’d like to invite you. Kate said we use to just have the party
at our house, but now it’s gotten so large that we actually
rent out a small hotel, only about 30 rooms, but they have
a kitchen and a decent size bar area with a dance floor. She
said we have a female DJ spin CD’s, we cater in the food, have
an open bar, and also have two areas with dealers where people
can play blackjack. There is also a heated pool and spa that
we can use. The nice thing about having it outside of the
house is there is plenty of parking, guests can stay if they’ve
had too much to drink or just to hang out until early morning
and there is more freedom with being loud and our house doesn’t
get trashed. Sarah asked is there a theme for the party?
Kate said, not really, but we encourage the attendees to
dress as sexually seductive as they would like, so pretty
much anything goes. Kate said, don’t worry if you don’t
have anything special to wear, there will be plenty of people
just dressed casual, or I could always loan you something,
plus by the end of the night, there will be lots of naked people
anyway. Sarah said, I actually might have a few things I
could wear, but I’d like your opinion on appropriateness,
but yes, I’d love to attend. Sarah asked so what will you
be wearing, and Kate said, Sam and I always where matching
outfits, this year we will both wear white lace bodysuits
and high heels. Kate said the party starts at 8PM and pretty
much goes until 4 in the morning. She said you are welcome
to take one of the rooms if you want to stay overnight. Sarah
said, I won’t be staying overnight, I have to catch a flight
to Seattle on Sunday. Sarah noticed Kate looking at her
watch and Sarah said, I know I’ve probably kept you out longer
than you intended, but I am having such a good time, please
hang out a little longer. It was a little past 9:30PM and
Kate said OK, I am having a good time as well. She said, Sam
won’t be home until a little after midnight, she pulled
a double shift so she could take off Saturday and Sunday,
so I want to spend some time with her tonight, if you know
what I mean, and Sarah said, of course. Sarah said I wish
I had some sea salt to soak my nipples in like Erin recommended
and Kate said I can take care of that. She went up to Tyler
and asked him to pour some salt into a clean disposable cup,
which he did. Sarah said I am not exactly sure how to go about
soaking them and Kate said I’ll show you. Sarah then said
lets go up to my suite so I can show you a few things I am thinking
of wearing, I’d like your opinion. They went into the suite
and Sarah showed her around and then opened up a bottle of
Champagne and poured two glasses, and Sarah said, Kate
you have to have a glass of this. Sarah handed her a glass
and said cheers and they clicked glasses. Sarah said lets
go in the bedroom so I can try on some outfits and you can tell
me which one I should wear. She led Kate into the bedroom
and told her to sit on the sofa chair in the bedroom; Kate
placed her legs on the ottoman, and said OK let the show begin.
Sarah said, I need to pee first so she went into the bathroom
and did so. When she came out she had taken off her jeans and
panties, but still had her top and bra on, which she took
off as she faced Kate. Kate did not say anything but was intently
watching Sarah as she walked naked to the closet. She first
put on the black leather mini skirt and the white chiffon
and satin shirt and then slipped on a pair of shoes. Sarah
asked, what do you think? and Kate said, you look fantastic,
but you probably should wear a bra, so your nipples don’t
get irritated moving around. Sarah said lets see how this
dress works, so she changed into her neon yellow tank dress,
and Kate said, OMG, that is soo freaking sexy! Sarah asked,
should I wear a thong or go without? Kate said put it on, which
Sarah did, and Kate said I think it’s even sexier with the
thong because you can definitely tell you have it on, she
said, you’ll definitely get offers on that outfit. Sarah
asked, what do you mean? Kate said well we sort of have a sexy
fashion show auction. If someone wants to bid on your outfit,
it goes to the highest bidder. You can buy it back by bidding
on it but only after it being worn by another person. Another
rule is that an outfit can only change hands three times.
You can bid on other guest’s outfits as well. What happens
is most of the women end up going home wearing something
entirely different than what they wore at the party, it’s
actually fun and funny. Sarah said, do you have to participate,
and Kate said no you don’t, but just from what little I know
about you, I think you would enjoy it. It’s a cash exchange,
so make sure you bring enough cash, otherwise you may have
to do a lap dance, and Sarah asked, are you serious? And Kate
said, I am dead serious. You can charge $20 for a lap dance
and that lets you accumulate more cash so you can bid on more
outfits. You can only bid up to the amount of cash you hold.
Kate said it’s by invitation only and Sam and I pick out the
ladies, not all that we pick out participate, most times
for some personal reasons, like having their period, but
sometimes they just are too attached to an outfit and don’t
want to risk losing it in a bid; we still let them watch and
they also can purchase lap dances, but we make them throw
in $20 dollars into the pot which helps us with the expenses.
Kate said we’ll go over the rules again when all the ladies
are together. Kate said let me show you how to take care of those nipples.
She said I am not sure that you are aware of just how big of
a commitment you’ve made here, it could take them a year
to fully heal, but usually its somewhere between 2 to 8 months.
Sarah said, shit I should have thought about this a little
more, and Kate said, in the end you’ll be glad you did this,
but for the next 6 six months or so this will be a big pain in
the ass, and your husband shouldn’t be playing or sucking
your nipples for at least 2 months, probably longer. Sarah
said, I think I really fucked up this time, and Kate said,
just give it some time. Kate said as Erin I am sure told you
the key is hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. She said wash the
nipples in warm soapy water, it’s best to do it in the shower,
but don’t let the shower water go directly on the breast,
redirect it with your hands. You will get a scab and that’s
normal. Kate said in the beginning you’ll want to take some
Advil extra strength and sleep with a clean cotton bra every
night. She said don’t dry your nipples with the same towel
you dry off with, blot them dry with tissues or cotton swaps
and do not put anything, and I mean anything, on your nipples
like lotions or sunscreen. She said if you are going topless
and you don’t want them sun burned; who does; place cloth
gauze over them. Kate cleaned her hands thoroughly and
asked me to do the same, she said just keep in mind that this
is an open wound here. She placed some warm water and sea
salt in a disposal cup, filled it up almost 3/4 full and said
bend over, which I did, and then she took my breast and fit
it what she could in the cup, told me to hold onto it and did
the same with the other. Kate them said, OK straighten up
and hold onto the cups just in case, which she did. Amazingly
the cups sealed around Sarah’s breasts and only a very little
came out. She said leave those on for at least 10 minutes
each day for a week and never use the same cup. Kate helped
me drink my champagne while I held onto the cups on my breasts.
Ten minutes passed and Kate said OK you can take them off,
so I stepped into the shower and tugged them off. Kate said
run the shower so that the water is warm but not hot and she
began undressing. Kate said there is no easy way to show
you how to do this unless I get in there with you. Sarah said,
I really appreciate your help Kate. Kate was about 5 foot
five, 32 years old, shoulder length auburn hair. She was
wearing a white eyelet cotton shirtdress that she had unbuttoned
up to her mid thigh and at the top down three buttons from
the top, just about where the cleavage starts to show. She
wore lace matching white panties and a demi bra. Her breasts
were a full C cup, her nipples stood out and pointed up, her
areola was about 2 inches in diameter and they were light
brown in color. She was not completely shaven; she had a
strip about 1 1/2 inches wide and 3 to 4 inches long, but it
was closely cropped. Kate said promise me that you will
not tell anyone at the spa including Erin or mention anything
to Sam tomorrow, she is the very jealous type, and Sarah
said I promise. Sarah said give me a sip of champagne before
you jump in the shower. Kate handed Sarah a full glass and
she drank half of it and told Kate to finish the rest, which
she did. Kate walked into the large shower, Sarah was staring
at her, but she couldn’t help it. Kate said Sarah place you
back to the shower which she did. Again Kate washed her hands
and then gave the soap to Sarah for her to do the same. Kate
took the soap back and said you lather up yours hands real
good and then gently rub the soap onto the nipple, which
she was doing to Sarah’s as she spoke. She said make sure
you gently get off any scab crust that will form on the nipple
bar. She said twirl the bar and then slide it to each side
of the nipple to make sure you get soap into the nipple and
then you keep rinsing to make sure all the soap is out of the
nipple and off the bar. Kate said now you try it, so Sarah
lathered her hands and started rubbing Kate’s nipples
and Kate pushed her hands away and said, I meant yours not
mine, and they laughed. Sarah re-lathered her hands and
then gently and slowly did as Kate instructed her to do.
Kate said I think you have it Sarah. Sarah placed her hands
on Kate’s shoulders and said tha

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