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Sarah's first black experience


Sarah’s out of town experience

This was such a great story that I enlisted the help of Sarah
to provide her personal perspective on her emotions and
feelings. We refined and edited together so we hope you
enjoy her story. This is Part I of II. She has also allowed
me access to her pics to share.

Sarah black experience As we ride over to Patty’s, Sarah says to me, I am going to
tell you a story about something that happened to me about
two years ago. Other than Patty, and the two guys you are
the only other person that knows about this. I have and will
not ever tell what happened to Rob and what she made me do,
and I need you to swear you will never say or even ever insinuate
that you know anything about this either to Patty or slip
up and say something in front of Rob. She says I am telling
you this, so that you know how controlling Patty can be,
and how she has taken total control of my life, my marriage,
all because we fell in love with her money and the lifestyle
it provides us. I said OK, I swear. Sarah said Patty and I had to go down to San Diego, actually
La Jolla, to look at a Medical Group Building that I had found
for her. We drove down in the morning, we were going to meet
with the current building owners; it was actually an investment
group and their real estate agents, and a couple of attorneys
representing both sides. We were both dressed very professionally,
I wore my dark blue Ann Taylor suit; Patty wore a dark gray
suit she bought at Sax. We knew the negotiations would take
all of the afternoon and possibly into the evening, so Patty
booked a suite at a boutique hotel in La Jolla. It was beautiful
with a nice view of the ocean and we each had our own bedroom,
large sitting area, a leather couch with two sofa’s, a big
screen flat screen TV, and a fully stocked bar and a nice
big balcony. Anyway, negotiations went as well as could
be expected, we had a light dinner brought in and we wrapped
up by 7PM. I drove us back to the hotel. On the way back, Patty
says, let’s get back and freshen up and change, then let’s
go have some fun. She said Sarah, you did a great job today,
and I really appreciate your tough negotiation skills.
Anyway, we get back to the hotel and we both changed into
slacks and I put on a black lightweight long sleeve wrap
sweater and light gray slacks, Sarah said to me, it gets
chilly in San Diego once the sun goes down, and I said I know.
Before we go down to the restaurant Patty picks up the room
phone and calls the Spa and confirms our facial and massage
for 9:30AM and then calls room service and orders two continental
breakfasts, orange juice and extra coffee. She said she
didn’t want to have that on her mind, and I said good thinking.
We sat at the bar; there are a few couples, as well as 3 or 4
guys at the bar. The dining area is just beyond the bar and
appears to be full. It‘s a fairly large circular bar, a couple
of bartenders. Sarah asks to see the wine list and orders
a bottle of high-end champagne, Dom Perignon. Kyle, the
bartender, pours us each a glass and Patty says, keep it
on ice, please. We look at the bar menu and decide to get some
small appetizers to share. We continue talking and Patty
asks, so how much will you clear on this deal? And I said,
after expenses about $25, 000. I said I cut my commission
in half to close the deal. Patty said, I will make it up to
you in a bonus; she said, I‘ll give you an extra $15, 000.
Sarah said, I told her that wasn’t necessary, but she said
when we get back I will wire the money to your account, and
I said THANK YOU! Patty said she couldn’t wait for her massage
the next morning. Our appetizers came and Patty orders
another bottle of champagne, and I said we’re going to get
loaded and Patty said we’re celebrating the wonderful
job you did. Patty said we’ll go in the sauna in the morning
and steam the alcohol out. Just about then two black guys
walked into the bar area and sat at the opposite side of us.
What caught our attention wasn’t that they were black,
but that one of the guys was HUGE, he was at least 6 foot 8,
broad shouldered. The other man was about as tall as my husband
who is 6 foot 2, but he looked much smaller next to the other
guy. We weren’t the only ones that noticed them. They were
nicely dressed, and I said to Patty, they’re probably football
players, and she said probably. Anyway, Patty said to me,
I wonder if all his body parts are in proportion. And I laughed
and almost choked on my sip of champagne. And then I whispered
to Patty, I’ll bet his cock is HUGE! Patty said, do you think
you could handle his cock? Sarah said, I haven’t met a cock
I couldn’t handle yet, but his could be it. Patty asked do
you ever look at guys and wonder how big their cocks are or
if they would be a good fuck? And Sarah said yeah sometimes?
Sarah said a few of my toys are bigger than Rob and I can handle
them. Sarah said isn’t it funny how guys always want to try
and put the biggest dildos in you? Patty asked do you think
you’ve used any dildos bigger than that guy? And Sarah said
kiddingly probably not, but I’ll try anything once, and
we both laughed. Patty said have you ever been with a black
man? And Sarah said no. I said how about you? And she said
me neither, never was that interested in it. She said, have
you ever thought about doing a black guy? And Patty said,
absolutely, if I am attracted to them, I wouldn’t rule it
out, but I am not obsessed about it. Then Sarah said, I think
the other guy is very handsome, and much more my type, and
Patty said, I agree. Patty asked would you do him? And I said,
under the right circumstances, and if Rob approved, sure.
Patty said, how long do you think it would take them to cum?
Sarah said if they are typical guys, they will cum in two
minutes or less. Sarah said what I have found through swinging
is that guys cum pretty quickly the first time they fuck
you and then last much longer the second time. So typically
it’s a blowjob first and then lots of foreplay or the girls
will play together until the guys are ready again, or another
trick is for the guy to masturbate ahead of time. Patty asked,
have you let other guys fuck you in the ass and I emphatically
said no, that is one area that I have promised Rob will always
be his and his alone. Sarah said it’s not something we do
regularly, but occasionally Rob likes to do my ass. Patty
asked me if I enjoyed it and Sarah said it’s not my favorite,
but I know it’s special for Rob so I grin and bear it and sometimes
he does make me cum from just from fucking my ass. My asshole
always feels like it’s inside out when he does that to me;
I much prefer a small toy up my ass while he fucks me; that
really gets me going. Patty asks, so does he cum in your ass?
And Sarah replied, the rule is if he’s in my ass, he stays
in my ass, no alternating back to the vagina because of the
cleanliness concern, but if he starts off in my pussy it’s
OK to finish in my ass. Patty then asked is Rob the biggest
cock you have ever had? And Sarah said yes, by a long shot,
and I want to keep it that way! So Patty said, so you wouldn’t
want to fuck a guy that had a bigger cock than Rob? And Sarah
said, while I’ve been with other guys, it’s always been
something special with us that he’s still the biggest cock
I’ve had. If we were in a swing situation and he approved
me doing a guy with a bigger cock, I might go for it. I am just
saying, I am not going out of my way looking for it; Rob’s
cock is plenty big enough for me; how do feel about that?
Patty replied, Rob is also the biggest cock I‘ve had, and
your right, he’s plenty big enough for me as well. She said
my husband was pretty virile in his time and a pretty good
fuck, but he wasn’t hung like Rob. Patty called Kyle over
to pour us more champagne. She said to the bartender, are
those two guys football players? And he said, I am not sure,
but the big guy should be if he isn’t. Patty asked if they
were regulars here, and he said I am not sure, I only started
working here a few weeks ago, but I have seen them here a few
times. He said do you want me to find out what they do? And
Patty said sure, and tell them their next drink is on us.
Kyle walks away, and I said to Patty, you shouldn’t be encouraging
those guys, they might get the wrong idea about what our
intentions are. She said, it’s only a drink, relax. Kyle
walks back to us and says, they said they’ll take you up on
your drink offer and thanks. He said, the big guy use to play
for the Chargers, but blew out his knee a few years ago and
now he is the offensive line coach at San Diego State, the
other guy is an assistant trainer. Patty asked what are
they drinking? And he said, double shots of Don Julio tequila.
Patty and I continue talking and I notice that she is making
eye contact with the guys and I said Patty, please do not
encourage these fellas. The bartender poured them the
drink Patty had bought them and they both got up and started
walking over to us, and I whispered to Patty, OMG, see what
you’ve done! They come up to us and said, we wanted to thank
you for the drinks and Patty points to me and says it was her
idea. They extend their hands, this big guy looks even bigger
now, huge hands and says I am Rod and the smaller guy says
I am James. We respond back with we’re Patty and Sarah, nice
to meet you. They said do you mind if we join you, and I start
to say, we were just leaving, only got to, we were, when Patty
blurts out, SURE, we’d love that. Fortunately, James sat
next to me, and Rod the freak giant sat next to Patty. We did
small talk as a group about what we each did, why we were in
town, so on and so on. Then what usually happens in these
divide and conquer type of situations, is that conversation
turns to a more one on one personal conversation. James
was nice enough, grew up in Los Angeles area, went to school
in San Diego, he’s 25 years old, blah, blah, blah, but actually,
he was quite charming, and better looking up close or maybe
it was the champagne; she laughed. We continue drinking,
believe we are on champagne bottle number 3, I look at my
watch, and it’s almost 10PM and I said, I need to excuse myself
and make a phone call. I tell Patty, I’ll be back in ten to
15 minutes, I need to call home. I head out to the hotel lobby;
tried to call home on my cell, but the reception was terrible.
I decided to go up to the room and use the hard line. When I
get up to the room, for whatever reason, I decide I hadn’t
consumed enough alcohol, so I opened a bottle of chardonnay,
poured a glass, sat on the couch and called Rob. Rob answered
on the second ring, and I said hi honey, I miss you, sorry
I called so late, so on and so forth. He asked about my day,
filled him in on that, told him about the extra bonus Patty
was going to pay me, Rob said we should throw that right into
the boy’s college fund, and I said great idea. Rob makes
a comment about my slurred speech, and I said, yeah I had
a little too much to drink, but we were celebrating. We talked
a little more, told him I loved him and hung up. My cell phone
rings and its Patty. She said where are you? And I said, I
had to come up and use a hard line, I am surprised you were
able to reach me. I said I just finished, I will be right down,
lets say goodnight to these guys and come back up. Patty
said you don’t have to come down; I’ll be up in a few minutes.
I said, great, because I am pretty much wasted! I staggered
into my bedroom and took off my slacks, top, bra and nylons
and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth in my panties
to get ready for bed. I am brushing my teeth with the water
running and my bedroom door closed. Patty opens the door
and says, come out when you finish. I finish brushing my
teeth and hear voices, but I am thinking Patty turned on
the TV. I come out of my bedroom, while walking down the short
hallway that separates the bedroom suites from the sitting
area, and I said to Patty, I am sure glad you came to your senses
and decided to call it a night. As I finished saying that,
I am in the living room, Patty is behind the bar, Rod is sitting
at the bar and James is standing. I am standing there in my
panties; I yell SHIT, cover my breasts and turn to run back
to my room. Patty and the guys are laughing and whistling
at me. Once out of sight I yell at Patty and say, why didn’t
you tell me you were bringing them up! I go in my bedroom and
slam the door and scream, FUCK! Patty comes in, she’s totally
shit faced and says, since you didn’t come down, we thought
we’d bring the party up here and besides, it’s much more
private. She said how was I supposed to know you had taken
your clothes off? She said what do you have to be ashamed
of, you’re beautiful and I am sure their cocks are rock hard
right about now. She said come back out, and I said, I am really
very drunk and want to call it a night. Patty said, I need
you to come out and have a drink with us, I insist! I said,
why did you have to bring them up, hadn’t we had enough for
the day? And she said I want to fulfill your fantasy. And
I said what fantasy is that? And she said to fuck a black guy.
I said, that’s not my fantasy, I just said, if it was the right
situation, I would consider it; I have no intention of fucking
anyone tonight! Patty said, I need you to come out and have
a drink with us, and I said fine, let me get dressed. Patty
said you look fine just like that, they’ve already seen
your beautiful tits, what’s the big deal. I said why don’t
you go out there and show them your tits? Patty said, OK now
I want you to put on your new black teddy with the garter that
you bought, and put on your nylons and heals as well. Sarah
said I bought that for myself and Rob and Patty said I know.
Sarah said OK I’ll go out in just my panties and Patty said
too late and then raised her voice and said do as I say or else
I’ll invite them in here. I walked to the closet and opened
the Nordstrom shopping bag. On our way down we had stopped
at Newport Beach fashion center and I had purchased a black
lace teddy/bustier and other lingerie including some
silk stockings that I liked. I had told Patty that I wanted
to surprise Rob when I got back home. Rob always likes when
I wear sexy teddies and other revealing clothes for him.
I put on my bustier garter belt and then put on the nylons
and heals as Patty watched. I pleaded with Patty begging
her not to make me do this. Patty grabs my hand and says, everything
will be alright honey, and we walk back into the sitting
area, Rod and James start clapping when we walk in and Patty
said, Sarah was afraid you didn’t like her breasts, so she’s
covered them up; sort of. Rod, said Sarah you are beautiful
and James said, no Sarah, you are stunningly beautiful.
Patty said to me, are you drinking wine or champagne? And
I said, not that I need it, but do you have anything stronger?
I laughed because it was obvious to me the last thing any
of us needed was more drinks, I was being sarcastic, but
no one got it. James, said to me, here try this, it’s very
smooth. Patty had apparently bought the remainder of the
tequila bottle they had been drinking. I took the glass
from his hand, took a sip, it tasted like cognac to me, and
then drank a good sip and said fine, I’ll have one of those.
Patty poured all a refresher and she said why don’t you and
the guys sit on the couch, I sat in the middle, with Rod and
James on each side of me. I am really pretty fucked up and
Patty said, Sarah I told Rod and James about your fantasy,
I said it’s not my fucking fantasy, she said I told Rod how
you wondered how big his cock was and that you found James
attractive. I said you’re turning around what I said, it
was just girl talk. Patty said, so you don’t find James attractive?
And then I said OK Patty, I said and meant all of that, now
can we change the subject? James puts his arm around my shoulders
and pushes down my teddy straps. Patty said Sarah, why don’t
you take your teddy and panties off, so Rod and James can
better appreciate your beauty? She said to the guys, I hope
you like hairless pussy because Sarah has hers waxed regularly..
I said; why doesn’t everyone just take off all their fucking
clothes and we’ll just have one big fuck fest! Sarah said;
with that, Rod and James begin to undress and I say it’s apparent
that no one here knows what sarcasm is. Patty said you should
know by now that men only hear what they want to hear. Rod
and James are naked, and I say to Patty, how about you? Why
don’t you just take care of Rod and James? Patty said this
is all about YOUR FANTASY! The guys sit down next to me, they
both have erections, Rod’s is unbelievably enormous,
and Patty said I need to get a picture of this. She tells me
to grab their cocks in each of my hands, I don’t at first,
but then the guys take my hands and guide it to their cock,
I can’t even got my whole hand around Rods’, James was more
the size of my husband, but even his looked and felt significantly
larger. Patty said guys place your hand on her breast, which
they gladly did. Patty said now everyone smile; I didn’t,
and Patty said, Sarah this can take as long as you’d like.
I lifted my head and smiled and Patty took the picture, reviews
it and says Perfect! I said Patty are we done? I’d like to
go to bed now. And Patty said, I’ve promised the guys that
they could fuck you and that you would be cooperative because
of our special personal and business relationship. Sarah
said, since you promised them a fuck, I guess it will have
to be you because I am not fucking anyone tonight. Patty
said, I wonder what Rob would think if I e-mailed a picture
of you three on the couch having such a good time? She went
to her computer, connected her camera and up popped our
picture on the computer. She went to e-mail, typed and out
loud said what she was typing, hi Rob, hope everything is
well. I’ve attached a picture of Sarah celebrating her
successful sale today, Hugs and Kisses, Patty. She said
I’ll save that to draft. She then said, I should also send
one to your boss, Frank Lewis, I am sure he’d like to know
the secret to your real estate sales success. She starts
typing, Dear Frank, I enclosed a picture of Sarah closing
two very large deals, she laughs and the guys do to. Best
regards, Patty. She saves that to draft, and goes back to
the draft for Rob. Patty said, if you don’t agree to fuck
these two gentlemen in ten seconds, I will press the send
button, to both of these e-mails. My fucking head is spinning,
I said Patty please don’t make me do this and she starts the
countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, she lifted her
hand as if to press the send button, and I yell out STOP! I
put my head down, I wanted t cry. James held me by the shoulders
and said, it will be OK, we’re respectful guys. Patty then
said, you have choices, you can all walk in the bedroom and
fulfill your fantasy, or you can say no, and I can press the
send button, your time is up. James whispers to me and says,
I think she’s serious about this; I wouldn’t call her bluff.
I stand up, start taking my nylons off and Rod says leave
them on they look sexy on you and James said yeah leave them
on for now, but the panties need to go. I turn and walk into
the bedroom, Patty and the guys trailing behind me, everyone
was quiet. I walk in the bedroom, get on the bed, take off
my panties, throw them on the floor, and say, let’s get this
over with. Then I said I hope you guys have condoms? And they
both say they do not. I said Patty, they don’t have any condoms!
And Patty says they look like nice clean cut guys to me. She
said guys come over here; she takes Rod’s cock and sticks
it in her mouth, gives it a few strokes, does the same to James,
and says, both of these guys are very clean, you have nothing
to worry about. Patty said both of you guys get in bed with
Sarah. I want to do that picture again now that Sarah has
decided to be more cooperative. Sarah you hold their cocks
in your hands and guys, each of you cradle one of her breasts
and smile for the camera. I held the erected cocks, but was
not smiling. Patty said, Sarah I NEED you to smile, I smiled
as best I could, and she took the picture and Rod said, Patty
send me a copy to my e-mail address, and I said, Patty, you
better not. Patty says before you start I’d like to take a picture of
Sarah alone documenting this momentous occasion. Patty
said I’d like you to lie on the bed and act like you’re just
waiting on the bed to get serviced. I want a very relaxed
look on your face and I need you to spread your legs. I knew
that I had no choice so just posed as she requested.

so Patty goes into my purse, pulls out my red lipstick and
says Sarah I need you to freshen your lipstick, which I did
and then I hand the lipstick back to her and she opens it back
up and says I am going to write a message on your chest. I pleaded
with Patty to just let me continue, but she would not listen.

She said Sarah I need to document this special event and
she ordered me to sit still while she wrote her message using
my bright red lipstick; MY FIRST BLACK COCK.” Patty asked
the guys, what do you think, and James responds, PERFECT!

I can’t wait to fuck beautiful Sarah, lets get started.
Rod and James, start sucking my breasts, push me down on
the bed, and then Rod went and started licking my pussy.

Patty said she likes it when you play with her asshole.

Patty is taking more pictures and Rod sticks his thick long
fingers up my ass, it felt as big as a cock! James has brought
his cock to my mouth and tells me to suck his cock, which I
started doing, when Rod said, James, out of the way; it’s
fucking time! James said before you fuck her, let me taste
her pussy. Rod moves to my breasts and starts sucking my
nipples, I thought he was going to bite them off. James was
actually doing a nice job with licking and sucking my pussy,
he to sticks his finger in my asshole, but nowhere as rough
as Rod. After a few minutes of this, Rod said James, times
up. James moves away, and Rod kneels on the bed, pulls my
legs up, and he said, this might hurt a bit. I said I‘ve had
bigger cocks in me than yours;

and he said you must be fucking KING KONG (everyone laughed
but me), but that was a BIG mistake because with that, he
rams his log into me,

and then he starts pumping away.

Patty, said not too rough Rod, and then said; I can attest
that yours is the biggest cock she’s ever had. Her husband
is about the size of James, but actually I think James is
a little longer by about 2 inches and a little thicker, sorry
Sarah, I think Rob will be number 3 from now on. Patty was
right again, but I did not appreciate that she was even bringing
Rob’s cock into the situation since I knew she couldn’t
get enough of it, it really pissed me off, but what could
I do at this point. I was always totally satisfied with Rob’s
cock, actually very proud of it; he had always been the biggest
cock of our swing situations, all the other women were always
all over him in group swing type of situations.

Rod’s cock was actually fucking HUGE and he says, does it
feel small now, and I replied, is it in yet? He has my legs
over his shoulders and grabs my ass with his gigantic hands
and pushes his cock fully into me, I thought it was going
to come out clear outside the top of my head. He is being very
rough with me, squeezing my ass really hard. Patty continues
to take pictures and Rod said, it makes me feel good to know
that I am your first black guy and reaching places in your
pussy that no man has been to before; I was trying to come up with a witty reply, but then thought
to myself he did have a point! And a huge one at that!, lol

He asked, who’s the best fuck you’ve ever had? And I said
my husband. He asked what’s the best cock you’ve ever felt?
And I said my husband. He asked, who will you think about
the next time you have a cock in your pussy, and I said my husband.
I am flopping around like a rag doll in his arms, and instead
of him fucking and humping me while I lay flat on the bed;
he is literally lifting me up by my ass and slamming my pussy
onto his HUGE shaft. I remember my tits flopping and slapping
against each other. I think I am so fucking dizzy that I am
just about ready to throw up or pass out or both. I started
crying and then Patty shouts, that’s way too rough Rod,
don’t hurt her! I am thinking it’s a little too late for that.
Patty then said, Sarah, tell him what he wants to hear, and
I said OK, OK, just back the cock off a bit and I tried to pull
his huge cock out of me and squeezed his balls, which didn’t
make him happy, but he did back off in a hurry.

With that he lets my ass fall to the bed and leans forward
and now slowly slides his cock in and out of me, and said,
do you like black cock now? And I said yes, and he said yes
what and I said you really do feel great.

Rod asked, does my cock feel better than your husbands’,
and I said yes. He asked me to repeat it and I said your cock
feels better than my husband’s. He asked, am I a better fuck
than your husband? And I said yes.

He says repeat it and I said you are a better fuck than my husband.
Patty interrupts and says I wish I could record her, and
I said, shut up Patty! He asked who will you think of each
and every time you fuck and cum, and I said you Rod. He asked,
are you my bitch? And I said yes. He asked, are you my whore?
And I said yes. He said are you my white bitch whore? And I
said yes. He said repeat it, and I said I am your white bitch
whore, and he said say it again, and I repeated it and I think
to myself, respectful guys MY ASS, but yet he’s making me
squirt and I can feel myself dripping out of my drenched
pussy and of course Patty points it out, and clicks more

Patty said now that you two have made up let’s try something
different. Patty tells Rod to get off of me, so he pulls out.
And then squeezes my nipple and breasts, extremely hard.

She instructs Rod to get on the bed and lie on his back and
tells Sarah she will get on top and straddle him. Rod gets
on his back and Patty says OK Sarah now you mount him, you
will have more control.

Sarah said I need something to drink and Sarah hands me her
champagne glass which I proceed to finish. I get on top of
Rod, facing him, and sit on his cock, lift up and insert Rod’s
cock in me.

I start rocking back and forth and Patty said, isn’t that
better now Sarah, and I said yes, much better. Patty said
go to the top and then slowly slide all the way down to the
end of his shaft, she said slowly Sarah, slowly, so I pushed
myself all the way up so his cock head was just starting to
enter me, and then I slowly sat down on his shaft, Patty said
just a little more and I said I can’t go all the way down it
hurts too much.

Patty said you only have about 4 inches to go. I tried but
couldn’t and then Rod said let me help and he thrust his hips
up and pulled me down on him simultaneously, Patty said
I knew you could do it Sarah, and takes the picture. I am in
pain and pull out a good portion of his cock. Even I couldn’t
believe that my pussy could swallow his entire manhood,
right down to his balls, my insides hurt like hell! Rod said
not many black large woman can handle me Sarah, you should
be very proud of yourself baby. Rod is squeezing my nipples
and I say, please not so hard Rod. With that, he squeezes
them even harder, and said, I don’t like to be told what I
can do to my white whore bitches, and then he slowly eased

Patty said, play with her asshole Rod, and he sticks his
finger up my ass and starts sliding it in and out as I go up
and down on his cock I said Rod you feel really wonderful,
but please don’t cum in me. I said let me know when you are
ready to cum and I will swallow your cum. He said you tell
me how much you love my cock. I said you feel fantastic, you
are the best fuck I’ve ever had. He said, have I ruined you
for your husband and other men, and Sarah said yes Rod. I
will never find a better or bigger prick than you. I was glad
he didn’t get my sarcasm! I have gotten over the initial
shock and start to relax and can feel myself getting gradually
more and more excited and wet and start picking up the pace
and my rocking back and forth. I am feeling somewhat guilty
that my body is responding with pleasure to his huge cock.
I am taking long slow strokes of his never ending cock, usually
a cock will fall out when in a bouncing frenzy of fucking,
but there was no end to this one. By this time, I am beginning
to moan and wiggle my ass in circular motions as I continue
to go up and down his shaft. I have to admit it did feel wonderful
in this position. He continues to finger fuck my asshole
with his right hand, pressing his finger against his cock,
and play with my breasts with his left hand. I asked Rod again
to please not cum in me, and now I am bouncing up and down,
up an down, I start to cum AGAIN and now Rod is picking me up
and down, I said oh shit, oh shit, please don’t cum in me,
please don’t cum in me and then he pushes me down on him, lifts
his hips, lifts me up and down, he’s groaning now and I realize
what’s happening, I am still cumming, and he wouldn’t release
me, and. then he said, too late baby! I fall forward on him,
exhausted and trembling, my ass in the air and Sarah taking
more pictures, he eased his cock out. When I gather my composure,
I roll off of Rod, roll on my back and loudly said, dam it Rod,
I would have sucked your cock and swallowed your cum,

and he said, I don’t get to fuck and cum inside beautiful
white women everyday, and besides you were in control.

Patty said, you’re almost done with Rod, just give his cock
a good sucking, and I said, Patty, I am really not feeling
too well

and she said, maybe

when you get around to feeling better his cock will be erect
again and then you can give him a blowjob or fuck him again,
I’d hurry up and suck his cock now!

I went down on his cock, licked it and Patty said, how much
can you stick in your mouth? Rod’s cock was flaccid now,
but still over a foot long in this state, I took in as much
as I could, 7 inches max, posed for Patty and she took the
picture, Rod was finger fucking my ass, since Patty had
me swivel my ass around so she could see my face. As soon as
she took the picture, I said Rod, this ride is over, go get
dressed. Patty said, Sarah spread your lips so I can take
a picture, I did as told and she says,

Sarah you should see how red your pussy is, and how much cum
is in your pussy.

My pussy is so sore, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach
, it was not good.

I said Patty, I am really not feeling well, can we call it
a night, can I give James a rain check; and she said sure;
if you want to fuck them both again tomorrow night. Then
she grabs James cock, and says, does this cock look like
it wants a rain check?

Sarah said, OK I want this over with, but first I need to go
to the bathroom, pee and clean up. Patty said fine, keep
the door open. She asks Rod to go get us more champagne and
a drink for yourself while we watch James in action. I said,
Patty I’ve had enough.

I went into the bathroom and pee’d and no one watched or came
in. I took a wash towel and cleaned my pussy as best I could
and noticed some blood, the warm water felt soothing to
my pussy. I hear Patty talking to James, but with the water
running, I really did not make out any of the conversation.
I come out of the bathroom and Patty said to me, Sarah, James
doesn’t want to have to follow Rods’ huge cock in a pussy
fuck, so I’ve changed plans and he’s going to fuck you in
your asshole, I know how much you enjoy that as well. I said
Patty seriously; I think I am going to throw up. So she said,
if you need to take a break to throw up, go ahead. I said, Patty
I want this fucking fantasy nightmare over with, and she
said then get on the bed, and let me take another picture.

She said James use this hand cream on your cock and place
a good amount in her asshole. I said let me do that, I squeeze
a big amount on my palm and then rub it on as thick as I can on
his cock. I then shoved the plastic lotion tube near my asshole,
and pretty much squeezed out the entire tube on my asshole
and then took my own fingers and lubricated myself. I said
lets get this over with and rolled onto my knees and pushed
my ass up. He brought me to the edge of the bed and stood on
the floor. I knew how he wanted to do me because Rob was about
his height and does me this way at home sometimes. I cooperate
with the positioning and he slides his cock in my pussy and
starts humping away, and I am thinking to myself this moron
doesn’t know an asshole from a pussy? I really didn’t care
at this point. I am giving him encouragement to fuck me hard
and fast. To be honest I was beyond caring and humiliation,
I just wanted it over. After about two minutes he withdrew
it and said, I just wanted to see what your pussy felt like,
I’ve never fucked a white lady as pretty as you before. Patty,
said looks like Rob is now the third largest cock you’ve
had in your pussy Sarah, and all on the same night.

James then proceeds to stick his finger up my asshole, he
plays with it for a minute or so, adds some more hand lotion
up my ass and then sticks his cock in my asshole. I thought
to myself, I want this over as quickly as possible, so I start
telling James how good he felt and to fuck me hard, I was rocking
my ass as well. Fucking Patty was still taking pictures
and says wait I need to scroll another message on Sarah.
She tells James to withdraw from my asshole and I am thinking
great, now what? Sarah gets out my lipstick and again writes
something on my ass. I didn’t know what she wrote, but could
only guess.

Both guys start saying oh yeah, I want to fuck that ass, but
James says I am not done yet. He positions me again and reinserts
his cock in me. Under different circumstances, I might have enjoyed James,
but I needed to get this over with. I start telling James how good he felt and that I wanted him
to fuck my ass hard.

I am saying faster James, harder James, James you feel so
good, I rocked as fast as I could, he pulled out of my asshole
and then he shoved his cock back into my pussy, James said
I want you to cum like you did with Rod. He starts pumping
my pussy, holding me by my hips, James asked, do you like
my cock better than your husbands’ and I said yes James,
who’s a better fuck, and I said, you are James, He said who’s
the best fuck you’ve ever had, and I said you are James. He’s pumping me deep, and hard, I could feel myself ready
to cum, thought about telling him not to cum in me, then decided
what’s the use. Patty tells him to cum in my ass and James
withdraws and again sticks his cock in my asshole.

I start wiggling my ass in little circles as he continues
to thrust his cock into me. I tell him I am going to cum and
he says, me too baby, me too. I said, I am cumming, he continued
driving his cock in me fast and then slowed down as he came,
and said oh baby you are one fine fuck!

He pulled out, Sarah insisted on one last picture of my stretched
asshole and pussy.

James is wiping his cock off with my panties. I get off the
bed, stumble to the floor, I get up and stagger to the bathroom
toilet and immediately start throwing up. Patty said,
that was quite a show you two put on dear. I hear Rod ask Patty
if he could go one more round with me and fuck me in the ass.
Patty said absolutely not you would split her in half. Rod said then let her give me a blowjob and Patty said you
guys have worn her out and then he grabbed Patty’s breasts
and said then how about you, and he tried to kiss her, but
she turned her face and said I am much too old for you guys
and I could see the fear in her eyes as Rod continued to fondle
her breasts and began attempting to undo her blouse. She
attempted to push him away and apparently knew it was a lost
cause and then shouted , OK OK as long as you promise to leave
after Sarah sucks your cocks, and he said promise. Patty
says let me go you’re scarring me, and then Rod lets her go
and turns to me. Patty said Sarah I sorry, I thought this
was over but now they need blowjobs. Sarah said Patty please
help me here, you are perfectly capable of giving them both
blowjobs, I’ve done enough! Sarah pleaded and said at least
do Rod, and I’ll do James. Patty said James isn’t ready yet,
you need to suck Rod’s cock and then James should be ready.
With that Rod said I am ready now and sticks his cock in front
of Sarah and says suck or I’ll fuck your asshole; I started

Rod is so large it hurts my mouth to stick his cock in, the
corners of my mouth are ripping, of course, Patty thinks
this is great.

Patty said Sarah has never tasted Black cum before, so this
will be a first for her again.

Patty said I have another Kodak moment thought and instructed
James to stand in front of Sarah and then instructed Sarah
to suck his balls and then she took a picture.

Sarah was sucking both their cocks at this point, but it
was apparent that they were going to take quite a while to
cum so Patty said it would help if you two would stroke your
own cocks while she’s sucking you. With that they began
masturbating as she alternated sucking cocks and

before long they both started cumming in Sarah’s mouth;

first Rod


and then James.

Patty said , Sarah I need you to swallow and I need one more
picture and then we’re done. I even had cum inside my ears! Patty then said, OK the party
is over. Patty said James you can keep the nylons as a souvenir.
Rod said how about me? And Patty said, you can take her panties
since you won the the cumfest.. Hesaid, they will look great
hanging on the rearview mirror of my car. I am still hugging
the toilet, Rod and James are dressed now; stand at the bathroom
door and say goodnight Sarah, sorry you’re not feeling
well, maybe it was something you ate, they laugh including
Patty. James said, Sarah you are one fine fuck, the best
I’ve had in a long time. Rod said you suck a mean cock Sarah
and your pussy was so nice and tight for me. Your husband
will never feel the same. Rod said thanks for the souvenir,
dangles the panties and Patty said, time to go; I need to
take care of Sarah. Patty comes back after the guys have left and brings me a
bottle of water and says, you need to hydrate yourself.
I said Patty, why did you feel you needed to humiliate me
like that? She said I really thought you would enjoy it more,
actually be eager to participate. Sarah said, then why
did you force me to fuck them, especially that fucking asshole
Rod? She said, because I promised them they could. I was
concerned that if I changed my mind, they’d just force themselves
on both of us, and I didn’t want to risk that. Sarah said I
would have taken my chances, I think you were fucking wrong.
Patty said, so you’re telling me that you didn’t enjoy any
of that? Sarah said, I came here on a business trip; at no
point did it cross my mind that I wanted to get fucked by two
black guys. I am perfectly capable of choosing when and
whom I have sex with, I do not need your assistance in these
matters. Patty said, Sarah did you or did you not cum? And
wasn’t it pleasurable for you because it sure looked like
it to me. Sarah said you are missing the fucking point, yes
I came, although my intent was to get them to cum before I
did and just get it over with, I was amazed that they had such
stamina. Patty said, that’s partially my fault, and Sarah
said, what do you mean? Patty said, I had them both masturbate
in the bathroom downstairs before we came up. I didn’t want
it to just be a quickie, but now I realize that was a mistake.
Sarah said you’re fucking unbelievable Patty, I hope I
can return the favor someday. Sarah said, I think Rod might
have messed me up a bit, my stomach hurts, I am getting cramps,
and I noticed some blood when I was cleaning myself. Patty
said, maybe your starting to get your period, and Sarah
said, my period is not due for another two weeks, I am very
consistent that way. Sarah said I like it rough sometimes
but he took it to totally new heights. Sarah continued by
saying, he squeezed my tits so hard it was like a manual mammogram
times 10. Right now my nipples are so sore, that fucker pinched
them so hard. I should have bit the tip of his cock off! Patty
said, lets get you in the whirlpool tub and get you a nice
warm bath; I think that will help. Patty said while you do
that I’ll call down and have someone go to the drug store
and get you something to ease the pain, some panty liners,
some aloe vera to put on your nipples, some antibacterial
ointment and, laughingly Patty says, I might as well have
them pick up some replacement hand lotion for me. Patty
had housekeeping come up and change the linens of Sarah’s
bed while she soaked in the tub. Sarah lay in the warm bath
for over 30 minutes, dosing on and off, when Patty walked
in and asked are you feeling better? Sarah responded yes,
but I have a splitting headache and my stomach still hurts
and I am cramping.. She said do you need help getting out
of the tub, and Sarah said I can handle it. Sarah said when
you are done drying yourself off come and lay on the bed,
I want to check you out. Sarah dried herself off and then
went and sat on the edge of the bed, Patty gave her 3 extra
strength Advil PM’s and a glass of water. Patty handed Sarah
some aloe vera lotion and instructed Sarah to rub some on
her nipples, which she did. Patty said that should help
them feel better by the morning. If you wake up in the middle
of the night, rub some more on them. She said to Sarah lie
on your back and spread your legs so I can see what’s going
on down there. Patty said your labia is still extremely
swollen and your vagina is very red and you do look like you
might still have a little blood in your vagina. She asked
Sarah if it would be OK to spread her labia and look a inside
her vagina, and Sarah said, just be gentle. Patty spread
her vagina and looked as best she could, but it was just too
painful for Sarah. Patty said you vaginal lining is bright
red and it does look like you might have a tear based on some
bleeding that continued. She said Rod must have cum quite
a load in you because it looks like you are still oozing his
cum, and Sarah said that ‘s great, just what I need is to get
pregnant by a black guy; that would be so easy to explain
away to Rob, and I am sure he’ll be so understanding. Patty
said let’s not worry about that right now; how is your stomach
and where does it hurt? Sarah said her lower stomach and
intestines hurt like someone just punched her in the stomach
really hard. She asked are you OK with me putting in a hemorrhoid
suppository in your asshole and Sarah said yes, but gently.
Patty said, I bought some panty liners for you, they are
on the vanity. Patty said keep drinking water and placed
the Advil on the night stand and said, you’ll feel better
after a good night’s rest. Morning came and Patty walked
into Sarah’s bedroom and gently woke her, she said breakfast
and coffee are here, how are you feeling? Sarah said my headache
is finally subsided, but my lower stomach bothered me all
night, my asshole is swollen. and I am still spotting. Patty
said, do you think you should go see a doctor and Sarah said,
I think I should, but I am afraid of what I’ll find out. She
said Scripps is just down the street, let’s get dressed
and go down there. On the drive to the medical clinic, Sarah
said, I am really nervous and embarrassed to have to talk
to a doctor about this. Sarah said what should I tell them
happened and Patty said; just tell the doctor that you had
sex with a guy who was extraordinarily large, just say one
guy, and that you like rough sex, but it was a little rougher
than you thought it was going to be. Tell the doctor you felt
fine at first but then during the night you began to get these
symptoms; and if he or she asks if you are married, tell them
you are recently divorced after 10 years of a sexless marriage,
they’ll probably think you’re just super horny divorcee,
and Patty laughed. We get to the clinic, fill out the paperwork,
they ask for insurance and Patty said, we are paying cash
for this visit. Sarah said if possible, I would like to have
a female doctor see me. She said have a seat and we will call
you momentarily. While we were there waiting, Sarah said
to Patty, I can’t go home in this type of shape, I wouldn’t
know what to tell Rob is wrong with me. Patty said, we’ll
stay another day and then see how you feel. Just tell Rob,
last minute complications came up on our deal and you have
to stay to save the deal, he’ll understand, and Sarah said,
good idea, I’ll call him after we get out of here. Just about
then a nurse calls out Sarah’s name and asks for her to come
in. The nurse takes Sarah’s blood pressure and her weight,
tells Sarah her blood pressure is elevated, and then asks
Sarah about her symptoms. The nurse tells Sarah to take
off her clothes and put on the hospital gown and the doctor
would be in to see her shortly. As Sarah is undressing, a
female doctor walks in the room, Sarah is in her bra and panties,
and the Doctor introduces herself and tells Sarah to sit
on the examining bed. While the doctor is donning rubber
gloves, she says to Sarah, so you have cramps and you are
spotting, are you pregnant? And Sarah says no. She said
to Sarah, have you had these symptoms before? And Sarah
said no. She then asks Sarah if she had any idea what could
have brought this on, and Sarah said yes. The doctor looked
at Sarah and quizzically said, and? Sarah, looking down
at the floor said, I had some rough sex last night and it got
rougher than usual. Sarah continued and said, he was unusually
large and we got overly aggressive. The doctor said well
lets take a look and asks Sarah to remove her panties and
bra and put on the gown if she felt it was necessary. Sarah
removes them and then lies down on the bed and didn’t bother
with the gown. The doctor said your moons pubis looks extremely
puffy, she said it probably wouldn’t be as obvious if you
had pubic hair. She put a gel on her fingers and stuck them
up my vagina and Sarah nearly flew off of the examining table.
The doctor apologized for the coldness of the gel and Sarah
said, it’s that plus it’s painful. The Doctor said unfortunately
this is the only way I can tell what’s going on in there. The
Doctor felt around some, instructed her to bring her knees
to her chest, visually inspected her anal opening and asked
her if she had had anal sex as well and Sarah said yes. She
had Sarah place her feet in the stirrups and then used the
vaginal clamps to spread her vagina so she could look inside.
The doctor said the average length of a vagina is 3 to 5 inches,
and you are on the upper end of this. She said it’s apparent
to me that you have breached the vagina by a significant
amount over this length. She said the concern with having
a large penis, dildo or other instrument inserted in your
vagina is it could cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID),
she touched the base of Sarah’s uterus and Sarah nearly
jumped off the examining bed. The doctor said, it’s obvious
you’ve had trauma to your uterus, and even your bladder.
She asked Sarah, so was the anal sex rough as well? And Sarah
said yes. The doctor changed her rubber gloves, lubed,
and inserted her finger up Sarah’s asshole. She said do
you feel tenderness along the wall of your anus, and Sarah
said Oh my god yes, that’s an understatement. The doctor
said, I am going to put you on antibiotics for ten days and
give you a prescription that will take the edge off the cramps.
She said take all the antibiotics even if you begin to feel
better. I need you to abstain from vaginal or anal intercourse
for a minimum of two weeks, a month would be better, and you
need to tell your husband to back off on the rough sex, he
can do permanent damage to you. She said if you give me the
name and phone number of your regular doctor, I will send
my file, but you should have a follow up check up in a week.
Sarah said if you don’t mind I‘d rather just come back to
you, and she said fine, make the appointment with the receptionist,
and I am dead serious about no sex for a minimum of two weeks,
nothing should be inserted into your vagina or your anus
during this period, do you understand? And Sarah said yes.
The doctor then asked, did you come here with your husband?
Sarah realized that she had forgotten to remove her wedding
ring and just no. She then said when you come back for your
check up, bring him with you, I’d like to have a chat with
him. Sarah took her prescriptions and said thank you Doctor,
this is a big relief for me. As they drove to the pharmacy
to fill the prescriptions, Sarah yelled SHIT, which startled
Patty and Patty asked what’s wrong, and Sarah said, I should
have asked the Doctor for a morning after pill. Patty asked,
I thought you were on birth control? And Sarah responded
I’ve been off birth control for over three months now, Rob
and I wanted to try for a girl. Patty asked, how come you or
Rob never mentioned that to me? And Sarah said we wanted
it to be a surprise and we wanted to wait until I was actually
a few months pregnant, until I was certain I would not miscarry.
That’s why I didn’t want the guys to cum in me, I wasn’t too
worried about the disease part, but you never know. Patty
said well you know how difficult and how long it took for
you to get pregnant with the twins. You probably have nothing
to worry about. Sarah said I hope your right, we’ll know
if I miss my period in a few weeks. Patty asked, did the Doctor
ask you if you were married and Sarah said no, she didn’t
ask flat out; but I forgot to remove my ring, so she just assumed
it was rough sex with my husband. Patty said it would be tough
to explain if you were married why you wanted a morning after
pill. She said yeah, but I would have thought of something.
They stopped at Walgreen’s and filled the prescriptions,
Sarah gave Patty more details of how it went with the Doctor
and that it went better than she had expected, but that she
had to come back in a week, Patty said, I’ll come with you.
Sarah also told Patty what the doctor had said about no sex
for two weeks to four weeks, and Sarah said, I don’t know
how I am going to be able to do that; Rob’s already said he’s
expecting sex when I get home, since he knows I should be
ovulating over the next few days, my fear and there’s a good
chance that I have been already ovulating for the last couple
of days, which is not good with all the sperm Rod shot up me;
is that Rod has already gotten me pregnant. Patty said lets
not get crazy with that thought. She said well you’re on
antibiotics so you can tell him you started getting cramps
and you went to the doctor here and you found out you have
a urinary infection and the Doctor said no sex for two weeks
to four weeks. Sarah asked so how do I keep him out of my ass,
and Patty said, good point, we’ll have to come up with an
excuse for both holes, and we laughed.

End of Part One

I had many pics but could not figure out how to post within
the story.

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I bet this would really be a hot read but with very little
paragraphs showing, it was much too difficult to tke in.
I enjoyed the sections I managed to get through.


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Unfortunately the paragraphs were the pics, did not know
they would not upload. sorry, part 2 will be better.


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This does not sound like much of an enjoyable experiance.
Therefore it really wasn't that great a story. It sounds
like you have chosen a really fucked up bith as a "friend"
to hang around with you might be better off to tell your husband
what happened and cut your loses with this fucking bitch
forever. With people like this in your life something much
worse could happen to you. And yourself don't you feel
she is a real piece of work that she wasn't going to fuck
these men. You should have insisted that she take both James
and then Rod's huge cock in her old asshole. After all
her pussy and ass have probably seen alot of wear and tear!!!!!!!!!!!


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big blacks cocks!ummm..... love them


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I would have liked to post some pics but could not or do not
know how to do that on this site. If anyone knows how to post
the pics, let me know, thanks.


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Why? Write story of very hard and bad time! Your friend is
very real bitch. I feel sorry for you!!!!!!


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I like fuc..., so if she is pretty I don´t care


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I'm sorry but that woman is certianly not your friend
... cut your loses and get the hell away from her before something
worse happens.


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Patti was an accesory to . No two ways about it. She needs
to take responsability for her actions.


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No Patti was not an accessory to , she is actually
guilty of as she procured it and as well as Blackmail.

And who is the third person in the story that was there????

And after all that was done, NO one would be hanging around
her at all, and you would have asked for the "Morning
After Pill" straight ioff first thing you saw the


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Get away from her she is not your friend she is a very rude
selfish bitch who got her pleasure from watching you get
and you should tell your husband what she did what
did she plan on doing having sex with him while you could


sussi1028 57 F
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quote rm_ticintic:
big blacks cocks!ummm..... love them
Not only black ones, but very thick ones are great after
a few smaller ones

My first Black experience was at age 16 one on one it was
great, but not exceptional, so I never got to experience
two or more black ones for years. I was already in my 30this,
when I had the opportunity to have a few Too bad the pics
did not make it Always have some blings which are made
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390926 ]… a few, when they are done, when her pussy is tender and
I want it to be my turn, to lick and finger
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her to heaven again. No question I adore dicks and I always need
… [bling
390685]… as great results is what I desire, is what I need [bling
150513] being happy when the night is over and yes, I do [bling

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My Favorite Way To Play Part I and also Part II I loved this one a lotWonders Do Happen Almost too much 4 me A few Orgasms too many


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Very nice ! Thanks for sharing