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Sandy's Discovery


Sandy's Discovery


She could feel her hands shaking as she tried to put her necklace
on. The gold band was cold against her neckline. She felt
a little shiver run through her and she wasn't sure
if it was due to the coldness of her necklace or the nervousness
she felt. They were crossing new waters tonight. Not sure
of how she would feel about the outcome, her reaction to
things she saw and heard were just outside of her minds grasp.
Soon all questions would be answered. Taking the cap off
of her perfume bottle she smelled the scent which for some
reason always made her think of sex. It was a musky scent
but it smelled divine and had a different scent when placed
on her body than it did in the bottle. She replaced the cap
and put the bottle back on the silver tray which sat atop
her antique dressing table. The dressing table had been
a gift from him a few years earlier on her birthday. She found
herself thinking about that day. She had been so moved by
his thoughtfulness and loving nature she had cried when
she looked at him. How lucky she felt to be loved that way.
It was a large reason why she was going through with the events
of the evening. Methodically placing all of the things
she had used back in the correct places had a strangely calming
effect on her shattered nerves.

She thought again about the events to come. Going to a club
without him was not something she would have considered
let alone gone through with, that is, until tonight. She
stood from her chair and put it back under the dressing table.
She felt the familiar notch missing from the back handle
of the chair. She found herself back a few months earlier
and heard him as if he was talking right now. "Sandy,
don't be naive! What woman's pussy would ever
make me not want to be with you? This is just about experiencing
new things that we have had fantasies about, nothing more.
Stop trying to over analyze it and when you can figure out
what your feelings are let me know. I'm tired of hearing
that you 'can't go there'."

Moving to the antique mahogany full lenth mirror she was
determined to put those things out of her mind. She wanted
to look the best she possibly could and had poured over her
closet finding just the right outfit for the evening to
come. Thinking about her outfit caused her to focus on her
naked body in the mirror. Blonde hair fixed perfectly against
a full body tan achieved the day before at the tanning bed.
Sparkling blue eyes framed by dark brown eyeliner and long
eye lashes. Allowing herself the guilty pleasure of admiring
herself, she continued to let her eyes travel down the length
of her body and smiled. Caring for her body had always been
a passion and at 40, she was still looking at the body she
had at 30.

She focused on her breasts admiring their still youthful
firmness. She was sure that gravity had somehow missed
the email on her breasts. Large rounded areoles surronded
her perky pick nipples. She had worn a very small thong bikini
which covered small strips of skin on her breasts for her
tanning session. She was pleased at how it had turned out.
The tan against the contrasting white of her natural skin
color was a beautiful sight, especially on her naked breasts.
Moving down the length of her body she admired her flat stomach
which had been blessed enough to avoid the usual stretch
marks that accompany pregnancy. She suddenly flashed
back 10 years earlier when she was told by the doctor they
were going to have a baby. She had been so thrilled and scared
at the same time. How would it change their lives? 10 years
later she knew they were stronger in their bond of love to
eachother than they had ever been.

Snapping back she found her hand laying softly on her stomach.
She sometimes did that when she thought of their beautiful
daughter. How quickly 10 years had flown by. The soft hair
of her pussy was glistening under the only light on, which
came from the lamp on her dressing table. She had been turned
on all day thinking about the night to come. Her hand moved
down to the slight rise of her hair and pubic bone leading
further down to the slightly parted lips of her pussy. She
felt the hot wetness of her own juices that indicated how
aroused she was. She contemplated the idea of opening the
side drawer and pulling out her lavendar colored vibrator.
Maybe if she had an orgasm before leaving she would release
some of the tension that had been building in her all week.


She moved from the mirror to sit on the side of her bed by her
bedside table. She felt the cool silkiness of the comforter
on the nakedness of her ass. Opening the drawer, she removed
the vibrator and shifted to lay on the bed. The softness
of her pillow seemed a great contrast to the hard thoughts
in her head. She slowly parted her pussy lips and placed
the vibrator on her overly swollen clit. Her mind went to
thoughts of hard cocks standing around her throbbing at
the thought of being able to fuck her tight pussy. She imagined
men lining up with their dicks in their hands, precum running
out of the head as they were paraded in front of her. She would
say 'yes' or 'no', and the ones she said
'yes' to would be the ones that got to fuck her that
night. Roger would be there, of course. He would be the gate
keeper. No cock got near her pussy without being checked
out by him first. Condoms would be given to the cock to put
on before they walked in. This ensured the condom was not
torn and that the cock was covered before it got near her
pussy. She began moving the vibrator on her clit with more
sense of purpose now. She knew this recurring fantasy was
her ultimate and even though it had been discussed, she
was not sure how they would ever be able to cross that divide.


Her mind went back to her fantasy. Roger would make sure
everything was ok and then open the bedroom door. On the
bed the cock would see her tied up and blindfolded. They
were instructed to talk dirty, nasty things while they
were fucking her. Roger would come in to the room to watch.
There was a random woman there to eat her pussy when she wanted
a woman, but her primary job was to suck his cock if he wanted
to have that done. In her fantasy, he usually did. On occasion
he would also bend her over and fuck her from behind while
he watched the hard cocks fuck his wifes pussy. He was tremendously
turned on when she was and it made him cum when she would cum
from the fuck she was getting. The vibrator was moving faster
and faster over her engorged pleasure point. She was close
to achieving her orgasm, but hated to leave her fantasy.
Tiny waves of pleasure coursed through her body which would
eventually lead to the explosion of pleasure she was actively
working for. Thinking about the hard cocks lined up to fuck
her hot, wet pussy and at the last minute pull out their cock,
strip off their condom, and cum all over her body made her
instensify her movement of the vibrator. She imagined
the nastiest ones would cum on her face which was the final
thought that pushed her over the edge of the cliff into ecstasy.
When she would orgasm she saw bright lights exploding in
front of her eyes like fireworks at fourth of July. Her body
always became warm and tingled from the release.

Slowly she returned to thoughts of the present and the night
to come. The orgasm worked to relieve a great deal of the
nervousness she had felt, although she was sure it would
build back as she got closer to departure time, she at least
had some time where she was more relaxed. She got up from
the comfort of her bed and took her vibrator to the bathroom
to clean. While she washed it she looked herself in the eyes
to see what other people would see there. She didn't
want Roger to see something that would disappoint him since
they had agreed to go forward. It wasn't as if she had
been forced in to it, it was her decision to have this night.
She recalled the look on his face when she walked in to the
bedroom one night and made the statement like it was no big
deal. He was so shocked that he couldn't even speak.
Remembering the hard fuck she got that night was a special

Roger was still not able to say anything. He looked intently
in her eyes and she could see his desire and almost feel how
much he wanted her. It was as if his eyes were hands and where
he looked on her body she felt as if she was being touched.
The intensity of that look made her quiver, anticipating
what he would do. Slowly he got on his knees and moved as if
he was gliding, towards her side of their king bed. She was
still standing and he took her hand gently leading her closer
to the bed. He stood directly in front of her, breathing
hard with anticipation, and began unbuttoning her blouse.
She didn't realize when she made the decision to just
go for it that it would make him this intensly turned on.
She understood for the first time how much this experience
would turn him on. He spent the evening pleasuring her with
his mouth and fucking her hard in her pussy. He catered the
entire evening towards her pleasure. She began feeling
better about her decision immediately.

She continued through the motions of getting ready. As
she slid the softness of the silk blouse over her naked breasts,
her nipples became hard as if they had turned to stone. Each
movement she made caused the silk blouse to move over her
aroused nipples which ultimately was resulting in her
returning wetness. She could smell the musky scent of her
own sex permeating through the air as she dressed in her
dressing area. Suddenly she felt a warm hand cupping her
naked ass and turned to stare in to the crystal blue eyes
of her husband. He was breathy and had a look of desire on
his face that reminded her of the night that she told him
they were going to live his fantasy.

"Sandy, you take my breath away. You look stunning
darling. I dropped Sarah off at Mom and Dad's and she
was already talking about all of the things they were going
to do together. What time do you think you will be ready to
go?" She smiled and said "I should be ready in
10 minutes. Are you ready?" He nodded and turned on
his heels leaving her to finish her preparations. She slid
her skirt on and zipped up the side. Grabbing her high heeled
strappy sandles she turned off the closet light and walked
back toward the bed. She sat down and placed each shoe carefully
on her foot buckling each buckle as she went. Feeling as
if she had left nothing out, she turned back to the full length
mirror to see how it all came together. She couldn't
believe she was looking at herself. She looked different
somehow. She almost saw herself as an innocence lost, more
worldly somehow....she was suddenly saddened by the loss.


She thought back to how they had gotten to this place and
how she could even smell the remnants of the wonderful dinner
they had eaten with their friends. "What do you mean
it isn't ok to role play and experiment?" Toby
said. Toby worked with Roger downtown at the headquarters
building. He and his wife Cheryl had been their friends
for a little over 10 years now. The four of them made sure
to have a weekend night together at least twice a month.
"Why do you need to fantasize about being with someone
else? Aren't I enough for you?" Cheryl answered.
She and Roger just looked at each other with a silent understanding
to stay out of the conversation and avoid adding fire to
the inevitable fight.

Later that night as they prepared for bed they rehashed
the conversation. After all, they had spent significant
time exploring and role playing their fantasies over the
past few months. They had found it to be an exciting addition
to their sex and were not of the same mindset as Cheryl. They
both felt that playing out their fantasies with each other
by role playing was the key to understanding their sexuality
and ensure that they had no desires to fulfill those fantasies
outside of the marriage. Little did she know at the time
that she would find herself getting ready to live Roger's
fantasy as a reality. Roger's fantasy was that they
would go to a club where he would put on a performance for
her. He wanted her to watch him in action and see him pick
up a woman, get her to go home with him, and she would then
watch him fuck her on a closed circuit video camera which
she could see from the study. They had spent a lot of time
discussing the details. She would arrive first, find a
secluded spot where she had a good vantage point of the club
floor and try her best to also ensure it would be very hard
for him to see her. Roger had an interesting past. One of
his prior fetishes was being watched without being able
to see that he was being watched. They spent a lot of time
and money purchasing wonderfully exciting toys for her
to use while he was fucking the woman he would pick up.

Suddenly she felt a presence in the room and felt herself
grow excited imagining that it might be a stranger coming
to fuck her. She had a dark fantasy that Roger didn't
really like talking about. It basically involved being
in a situation where she had no control and was being fucked
by a stranger. She was brought back from her fantasy by the
familiar deep sexy voice of Roger behind her and his warm
breath on the back of her neck close to her skin. "You
are wearing my favorite perfume tonight you smell wonderful.
I love what you chose to wear, you look perfect for the evenings
events." She looked back at him and she knew that he
could see the moistness in her eyes. It wasn't as if
she was not wanting to go through with it, she was actually
excited about what could happen. She could see the concern
that showed immediately in his eyes. He said, "Hey,
look at me...Are you ok?" "Yes, I am fine"
she said. "I am just nervous and reacting stranger
to the feeling than I thought I would. Please don't
think that this means I don't want to do this or that
I am hurting in any way. I really want to do this Roger, if
you remember it was my idea to do this tonight. I am just having
a hard time understanding how I might feel about watching
you with someone else" she said. They looked in to
each others eyes and he said, "I love you and only you
Sandy. If this thing is going to cause problems we can put
it away right now and we never have to look back. You have
the power to stop this at any time. I don't care more
about the fantasy than I do about your feelings."
She put her arms around his neck, pulled him close to her,
and began making love to his mouth with her own. They had
always been amazed by the pleasure they could give each
other from the moist, soft, tender kisses that they shared.

She felt so much better. Sometimes it just takes a little
reassurance to bring you back to reality and feel the right
way about a situation. Facts get lost sometimes in the quagmire
of feelings. Separating them becomes a necessity. She
knew Roger read where she was, gave her what she needed,
and brought her back to reality. Their love was truly pure
and not one that was experienced by many people. The kissing
began getting more intense as he lifted her skirt and tenderly
caressed her. She started moving against his hand increasing
the pressure and moaning as they kissed. Suddenly he lifted
her and carried her to the bathroom counter where he sat
her down. He unzipped his pants and she could see how hard
he had gotten. Suddenly he was entering her. She moaned
loudly and held her legs apart over her head. His cock was
the best she had ever had and she could cum so easily from
him being inside of her. Increasing in speed and seeming
to get deeper and deeper, she began to cum. He started moaning
himself and she could feel that he was about to go over the
edge. Suddenly she whispered in his ear, "So, am I
going to get to see you fuck someone tonight or what?"
That was all it took and he shot his load inside her moaning
loudly as he did.

Feeling more normal than she had all week, she looked in
his eyes and said, "I am ready to go, are you?"
His look suprised her a bit as he seemed to say without words
that he didn't know who this person was in front of him.
She could understand that, but her actions and feelings
were a product of the situation and the understanding of
what was to come. It was not unreasonable in her mind that
part of this experience was going to be learning how to handle
the changes in personality required to go willingly down
the path. He kissed her hard on the mouth and reminded her
that she was able to call this thing off at any time. She could
tell that he wanted to make sure that she knew that could
be as soon as he started talking to someone or as late as after
he had entered someone. She was suprised to feel excited
by him saying 'entering someone' and she told
him so. A smile creaped across his face and he gave her a playful
pinch on her nipple. He said, "My, my, you are a bad
little girl aren't you?" He removed his cock
from her pussy and made sure to get a nice wet finger before
he moved. He loved the smell of her pussy and would frequently
immerse his finger in her wetness so he could smell her when
and where he wanted to. She chuckled at this action occuring,
even though it was normal, right before they were leaving
so he could pick up a girl and bring her home to fuck. A mischevious
grin crossed her face and she said, "What are you going
to do, let her smell my pussy on your finger?" He began
to laugh and said, "probably not the best idea, huh?"


For her, the entire experience was to celebrate his excitement
and fulfill his desires. She loved him and their entire
lives together had been spent trying to make sure that they
brought each other as much pleasure as possible. His excitement
is what ultimately made this night possible for her. Each
conversation about the fantasy evening had resulted in
hours of incredibly pleasurable down and dirty fucking.
They had both become so horny over the weeks talking through
the details that it was amazing they could even put their
clothes on to walk out the door. Every minute they could
get a chance to touch each other they would, even doing so
in the car while driving to dinner. For the first time this
week, she had gotten him so worked up talking nasty about
tonight that she leaned over and gave him a blow job as he
was driving to make him cum.

They were ready to leave when he turned and asked if they
should review the details one last time. She agreed and
he layed everything out. "You'll get there first
and find the best spot for the night" he said. "Try
to get a place where it will be hard for me to see you. I think
that knowing you are watching but not being able to see will
really turn me on. Once you are there, send me a text page
on my cell phone and I should enter the bar about 10 minutes
later. I won't be looking for you because I don't
really want to see where you are, I just want to know you are
watching. I will pick out someone to talk to and try to work
my magic, if I can still find it." At this he laughed
and she smiled. He continued, "If I happen to get lucky
enough to find someone that turns me on and wants to do this,
I will give you the signal we agreed on. The signal is dialing
you from my cell phone, but I am not going to pull it out and
do it. That would be weird and hard to explain. Once that
happens, I will spend about 10 minutes talking logistics
with her and give you time to leave and get home. You will
turn on the equipment when you get home, go to the study,
and wait for us to arrive. Is that the way we agreed?"
She nodded, grabbed her purse and keys, and kissed him goodbye.
She purposely did not kiss him the way she normally would,
she wanted to distance herself some in preparation for
what was coming later.

She exited the kitchen into the garage and opened her car
door. She slid in and closed it hearing the familiar vaccum
sound when the door shut. She pulled her seatbelt over and
secured it. Placing her hand on the gear shift, she looked
up to see Roger looking at her and he blew her a kiss goodbye.
She reciprocated and felt a little tug at her heart. She
struggled with feeling that this journey would end in one
of them being hurt so badly that they struggle to recover
what they had. She knew that neither of them would ever leave
for someone else, but that doesn't eliminate the possibility
of hurt feelings. The thought of this thing hurting her
and the knowledge that seeing it would be permanently imprinted
upon her brain really did a number on her confidence. Getting
to the club was the easy part. Having the confidence to get
out of her car and go forward was the challenge.

As she drove to the club she was thinking about their fuck
session in the bathroom. She loved when he wanted her so
badly that he would pick her up and carry her somewhere.
His unwillingness to wait for her to walk somewhere so they
could fuck, impressed upon her his overwhelming carnal
desire for her sex. Thinking about this mad her pussy moisten
again. She had been moist more than she hadn't and was
starting to wonder if this was becoming a way of life. The
swelling of her clitoris was further stimulated by the
movement of her legs as she drove. Finally, she turned in
to the parking lot and found a spot. Her clit was begging
her to touch it. Every movement of her legs resulted in a
spasam of desire that radiated from her pussy. She decided
to try and ignore the feeling, after all she needed to get
inside and masturbating in the parking lot of a night club
was not something she would do. She pulled her visor down
and lifted the case to see the mirror and trigger the light
to come one. She intended to check her make-up but was immediately
transfixed by the reflection staring back at her. Who was
this woman? The desire in her eyes was one she had never seen
in herself before.

The vision of the carnal look in her eyes coming back at her
caused her clit to demand relief. Closing the mirror to
reduce the light, her legs began to spread open as if on their
own free will. She could smell her sex and feel the juices
from her arousal sliding down the bottom of her pussy toward
the seat. To avoid having a wet spot on the back of her skirt,
she lifted slightly to pull the back of her skirt up around
her waist. There was no hope of making it to the club door
unless she handled herself before hand. She tilted the
steering wheel up to allow for more movement in her lower
body. She could see her wetness in the green light eminating
from the dashboard lights. Her hand reached down to work
herself to the ultimate release of orgasm. The first touch
of her clit took her breath away. She had never felt it this
engorged before. The frequency and amount of sexual activity
recently seemed to be causing physical changes in her body.
She began to slowly stroke the rise between the parted lips
of her oversexed pussy.

She imagined herself riding a hard cock and she began moving
rythmically on the leather of the seat feeling her juices
on the leather as she moved. She started moaning louder
and louder as the orgasm approached. Suddenly her body
bucked wildly and she was having an intense orgasam. She
imagined she would be doing a lot of this throughout the
evenings events and thought about her toys lined up at home.
He had been so careful to separate her from the event that
he had even bought her some new sex toys to try while she watched.
Suddenly it was two months earlier...

He was later than usual. She wondered where he was and what
he was doing. Sometimes she worried about something bad
happening to him like a car accident. She was the kind of
person who could get so worked up in her own mind that she
would have horrible thoughts about the ones she loved being
hurt in some horrible way. She remembered she was standing
barefoot in the kitchen. The cold of the tile on her feet
was making her shiver. She was going to head up stairs and
get some socks when she heard the garage door opening. A
tremendous relief surged through her body as she rushed
toward the kitchen door leading to the garage. She flung
the door wide open causing it to slam in to the wall making
a large banging noise. He opened his car door and looked
at his crazy wife as she ran toward him and jumped in his arms.


"I have something for you that I think you will like
to play with. Let's just call it the stand in dicks, "
he said. She looked at him perplexed over what he meant.
She had plenty of toys in her bedroom side drawer, so many
that she was running out of room to add anything new. He opened
the back of the Tahoe and she saw this really big machine
looking thing with metal rods sticking out of one end. He
asked, "Do you know what this is?" Unsure, she
looked at him and said, "no." A huge smile came
across his face. He had her!

"Come on, " he said. "Hold the door open
for me so I can get this heavy beast to the dungeon."
She slapped him playfully on the ass and ran before he could
get her. Holding the door open, he went through to their
private study off the master bedroom. They referred to
it as a study, but it really was their sex room or dungeon
as he liked to call it. Grunting a little, he sat it down on
the floor and uncovered it. It looked like a big metal box
and it had two metal rods of different sizes coming out one
end. It had a power cord and what looked like a remote control
that went with it. She must have had a funny look on her face
studying that thing because suddenly he started laughing
loudly. "You should see the look on your face, "
he said, laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his

"Quit making fun Roger!" she said. They had
always had this playfulness about their relationship.
It had helped them out so many different times in their marriage
when hard things were laid at their door. So many good memories
of laughter and love in that household and so many hours
of intense desire and pleasure in this room. "Ok...ok,
I'll tell you. This is called a fucking machine."
Her eyes grew wide as she listened to him. He was loving this
moment immensly. Teasing her was always his favorite way
to get her going. He knew the effect he could have on her by
stoking the anticipation and nervous feelings she already
had naturally.

"Want to see how it works, " he asked? She looked
at him with her eyes as large as saucers, "um....yes....please."
He smiled knowingly at her and began attaching the fake
cocks to the machine. She noticed the size and gasped. "Roger,
do you think I can take those, " she asked? He smiled
a little wider and nodded yes to her. She was breathing harder
than was normal and felt as if she was begining to hyper ventilate
a little. He had both attached and plugged in the machine.
He pointed out that the two cocks could move at different
speeds depending on what she wanted. He told her to undress.

She began removing her clothing as he commanded. She finally
stood looking at him completely exposed and alert. Her
eyes were wide as if she were a deer in the head lights of an
oncoming car. He told her to get down on the floor on her back
so he could make sure she was as he liked her. She did as she
was told and soon found herself moaning as Roger started
licking and sucking on her closely shaved pussy. She was
going out of her mind with the pleasure he was creating in
her body. Little tingles all over as he would build her up,
close to her overflow point, and then slow back down. She
was wanting him desperately and she gave him THE look. The
look that said, I want you to fuck me...I demand that you
fuck me....right NOW!

He told her to get on all fours and he would handle the rest.
She was shaking with anticipation at the thought of what
was to come. She had been fantasizing about a double penetration
for a long time. Now she was going to get it and it was safe
and with roger. She felt the one cock slide in to her pussy.
It felt good and she was suprised by that. Suddenly she felt
the other touch the rim of her asshole. Slowly, Roger guided
it in while stimulating her clit with his fingers. This
always helped her get it all the way in. "You have them
both in you my dear, " Roger said. He took the controls
and started the rythmic movement of the machine. It was
suprisingly quite. He sped up the cock in her pussy and she
started moaning with pleasure. He must have decided to
play with the machine because she felt his cock on her face.
He said, "I am going to lick your clit and you are going
to suck my cock." He got underneat her and slid back
to where the top of his head was up against the machine.

She couldn't believe where he was taking her! How did
he think of this! When did he come up with this plan? She didn't
want to think anymore. She attacked his cock, hungry for
the hardness of it in her mouth. She went to work. He always
said she gave the best blow jobs he had ever experienced
and she knew he had a sizable amount of experience with which
to make such a claim. She had a cock in her pussy, a cock in
her ass, a cock in her mouth, and a tongue on her clit. She
was in ecstasy. She was working his hard member with a purpose.
They both reached that breaking point at the same time.
He shot in her face underneath her and she came the hardest
she have ever cum in her life. He turned up the machine for
an instant and then off. The last little speed kick made
a second wave of pleasure wash over her body harder than
the first.

He got out from underneath her and looked at her with amazement.
"That is the hottest I have ever seen you. First of
all, you squirted for the first time, you were so loud when
you orgasmed I am sure someone will call the cops, and you
sucked me so hard that I came in seconds, " he said.
That was a day that they would never forget. What a wonderful
way to experience sexuality without having to go where
some had gone in sharing. Little did she know then that she
would be sitting here in the parking lot of this club tonight.
Unfortunately she was back in reality and realized that
she had better get inside before Roger showed up.

Entering the club she could feel the music in the vibrations
of the floor. It was smokey and dark, just the place they
had imagined. She could see all the people moving about.
It kind of made her think of herding cattle and she smiled
a little to herself. Looking around trying to find the best
spot, she saw a row of tables against the far wall that seperated
the two sides of the club. One table looked very promising.
The one that was touched by very little light would be a challenge
for him to see. She moved to that table and sat down. The waitress
came up and asked her if she would be joined by anyone. "No,
tonight I am alone. I wanted to have a drink and watch the
crowd" she answered. She could tell the waitress
thought she was a little strange, but she didn't care
that no one else could get where she was. Besides, the woman
smelled like she had taken a bath in Pine Sol. She decided
to have one of her usuals and a shot of tequilla to help her
calm down. "I'll have a Captain and Diet Coke.
I also want a shot of Patron Silver, but make sure it is extremely

Awaiting her order, she scanned the room to see who she thought
he might choose as his conquest for the evening. A million
thoughts and questions went through her mind as she stopped
at each woman and evaluated her. Could she imagine him fucking
this one? What would it be like to see her mouth on his cock?
Would she have a nice tight pussy like he preferred? Did
she look like the kind that would say yes to a random fuck?
At each woman's face she went through the same set of
questions. She didn't realize that she had a little
tear streaking down her face. It wasn't as if she worried
that she would lose Roger, she just worried that she would
lose herself.

She knew the fantasy so well it was as if it had become her
life mantra. She would watch him pick someone up with the
intention of taking her home to fuck. She knew that most
people wouldn't understand why this was something
they wanted to do. She knew there were very few, if any, women
who would understand it. Most women would react to it as
if it was something he must have forced her to do. She knew
differently. To enable success he was to give her a sign
if he had scored a pussy for the night. She was to leave and
get home before him. Waiting in the private study she would
watch the bedroom from the closed circuit videos they had
mounted near the bed. On the television in front of her she
would see every angle as he sucked, licked, and fucked the
strange woman until he was satiated. Being part of the bedroom
suit, she should be able to hear everything that went on.
They had carefully planned every detail so that she would
be able to see everything he was doing. She would not be a
participant, only an observer. He would know she was watching
and he would put on a great performance.

They had spent a lot of time talking throuh the details.
They didn't decide on setting rules with two exceptions;
only safe sex and no kissing. Kissing was just too personal.
Discussing what they both wanted to see that night had taken
them to hours of horny sex with each other role playing the
events as they fucked. "I want to see you kneel over
her head and fuck her in the mouth, " she said. As she
said it he intensified in his thrusts in her pussy. "I
want to eat her pussy and make her cum over and over while
I refuse to stop licking and sucking. I want to see how far
over the edge I can take her, " he said. "I want
you to pull out, take the condom off, and cum on her face while
she has her mouth open to receive your gift, " she
said. He couldn't stand it, he couldn't hold back,
that one statement made him cum even though he had not been
ready just before she said it.

She came back to reality when the waitress brought her drinks
to the table. She did her shot and tried to calm her nerves.
She knew it had been much longer than 15 minutes between
her time in the car and her time in the bar. She took her cell
phone out of her purse to see what time it was and if he had
tried to call her. Why wasn't he here? Where was he?
What was taking him so long? Did he change his mind? Did she
miss him coming in? Deciding he must have changed his mind
or worse that something had happened to him she decided
to leave. She looked up from her cell phone to flag down the
waitress when she caught him in the corner of her eye. He
was so handsome and always had been the man that she knew
she would be with forever. He was dressed in what she had
chosen for him. There were many things about his body that
she loved, but his chest and his ass where the two things
she thought about that turned her on the most. What she thought
about when she masturbated. She wanted to make sure that
he showed off those parts of him that she knew women would
be so turned on by. When she saw him her clitoris began throbing
madly again; just like it had been before in the car.

She watched him walk to the bar and order a drink. She didn't
have to be close to hear what he ordered, she already knew.
"Jack Daniels on the rocks please", she heard
him as clearly as if he was talking to her but he was across
the bar. As he took the first drink, she thought about how
many times he had kissed her with that taste in his mouth.
She could feel the cold, moist kiss and the taste of him mixed
with the liquor on her mouth as if he was kissing her right
that moment. He paid for his drink and scanned the bar. She
realized he hadn't made eye contact with her and realized
that he really did not see where she was. Success! His fantasy
was becoming a reality and she loved that she could do this
little thing to bring him pleasure. They had always had
the kind of realtionship where they both really got turned
on by the pleasure they could give the other. He moved through
the room like a man on a mission. For a minute it appeared
as if he was going to talk to the brunette in the red strapless
dress. It hugged every curve of her body, and she certainly
had curves. She was, in a word voluptous. Her breasts were
large and she had an hourglass figure that reminded her
of pictures she had seen of Marilyn Monroe. She knew how
much he was turned on by the curves and softness of a woman.
She was suprised when he walked past her without even looking
at her as he would have even when she was with him. Well, she
thought, I was wrong about that one.

She followed his movements with her eyes almost like she
was walking behind him through the bar. She felt as if she
was forgetting to blink because she stared so intently
her eyes seemed to strain from the sockets. She saw him stop
and talk to a petite red headed woman. For a minute she felt
intimidated, this woman was unbelievably stunning! Long
red hair looking like spun silk that had been brushed for
hours and left hanging to shine. It caught the lights of
the bar and it was like a prism in the sun reflecting different
colors. She was dressed to kill. Form fitting short black
skirt with a tight, low cut, white tight top which left little
to the imagination about her gorgeous figure. Her petite
frame made Sandy imagine that she had a tight little pussy
which was one of Roger's desires yet unfulfilled.
She remembered the story, hell, how could she forget it.
His desire and frustration as he told her would always make
it memorable. He had been with an asian woman whose pussy
was so small that as hard as the woman had tried, he could
never get his cock inside of her pussy. He described how
hard she had tried to put him inside of her with tremendous
detail. The woman obviously wanted him tremendously which
Sandy believed was the true intrest that he had. Feeling
wanted and desired sexually by a woman was something that
drove him.

She had already been turned on, but looking at the red head
was making it worse. It suprised her how much she was turned
on by a woman. She was imagining the woman nude and running
her hands over the red heads entire body. Maybe she wouldn't
be able to stay away from the two of them. Sometimes she really
wanted to be with a woman and they had been down that road
together before. This woman, however, was different.
The longing that Sandy usually felt from seeing a dick in
front of her was not even as intense as the longing she suddenly
had to have this woman. Unbelievable amounts of cum were
dripping from her pussy.

The red head was looking at Roger intently as he spoke. She
would smile, throw her head back and laugh, and look upon
his body with intense desire. Sandy knew that this had to
be the one that he would choose. Smiling, the red head put
her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her. For
a minute Sandy felt panic rising in her body and the tense
feeling that came from getting ready to spring from where
you were. The fucking red head was going to kiss Roger! Just
as Sandy sprung from her chair, Roger tilted his head and
the red head whispered in his ear. She must have said something
he liked because he pulled back quickly and looked at the
red head with what was tremendous desire in his eyes. What
had she said to him to elicit that kind of a response from
him? Sandy couldn't stand it any longer and she felt
the throbbing of her clit become so intense that it felt
as if it would jump off of her body. Her nipples were harder
than she had ever felt them. They seemed to want to poke a
hole through her top and strained to be out in public for
all to see, lick, and suck. Thinking about having strange
people's hands and mouths on her body just made the
desire worse. Roger said something to the red head that
must have gotten her going because Sandy could see her reach
down and grab Roger's crotch. She knew he was rock hard
and that the touch of the woman's hand on his hard cock
made it jump involuntarily.

Ok, this is out of control she thought to herself. She had
her hand down close to her pussy and felt the overwhelming
desire to touch herself. Her clit was throbbing so hard
she could not keep her hips still. She was rocking back and
forth in her chair like she was riding a cock to her own pleasure.
That was it! She had to have relief. She rose from her chair,
grabbed her purse, and headed quickly to the bathroom.
How could she be considering what she was considering.
She told herself she just had to pee. She worried about missing
the sign, but realized she had her purse with her and if he
did decide to leave she would know when he called. She convinced
herself that he wouldn't take her home this quickly,
he just started talking to her! Would she miss something?
Forget it! She realized that she couldn't wait any
longer and would try to hurry back to the table. Getting
to the bathroom, she went to the last stall in the row. Locking
the door, she had to stop from tearing her clothes off of
her body.

She had always been very vocal when she was about to cum,
and part of the thrill of this experience was the control
required to stay quiet juxtaposed to the reckless abandon
it took to furiously rub her pussy in the ladies bathroom
at a bar so she could have some relief. Her thoughts of this
dicotomy almost made her cum as soon as she put one finger
on her pussy. The wetness she felt in that one touch was more
that she could ever remember being. It was tremendous forsight
that she had left the underwear on the dressing room counter
rather than placing them on her body. The only downside
was the tremendous amount of cum dripping down her legs.
She began rubbing her clit with more purpose than before.
She wanted to cum, she needed to cum, and she was determined
to cum. The naughty thoughts that went through her mind
about what she was doing to herself pushed her over the edge
of the cliff of desire that she had built in herself. She
pulled herself back together and tried to clean herself
a little with the cheap toilet paper that was always found
in bars like this.

Moving from her stall and heading toward the sinks to wash
up, she saw the red head and stopped in her tracks. She found
herself with weird feelings of shame, shock, and desire
all mixed together. Looking her in the eye, the red head
gave her a knowing look as if she knew exactly what she was
thinking and more importantly what she had done. "Couldn't
wait I guess, " she asked? "Don't worry
I am the same way and here for the same reason. I just had a
tremendously hot man offer me a sexual experience tonight
that has me scared and aroused simultaneously. I haven't
answered yet, because I am so turned on and I don't want
to answer just to cum." With that, she slipped into
her own stall and locked the door. Almost immediately Sandy
could hear a soft moan from the other side of the door. She
knew that sound and felt drawn to the woman's door so
she could look through the slit and see how she looked. She
suprised herself with what she did next. Sandy knocked
softly on the woman's stall and asked if she could come
in, she heard the silver latch slide open and the door parted.
There she was with her leg up on the silver part of the toilet
where you flush. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist
as she fingered her clit with intensity. Sandy suddenly
realized the door was open and people could walk by and see
what was going on. Moving quickly, she walked in and locked
the bathroom stall. Looking over the woman's face
and body made her breath catch in her throat. She saw the
pleading and desire in the woman's eyes. It was if she
spoke to Sandy even though she hadn't. Her eyes said
please eat my pussy and I will pleasure you for life. Sandy
couldn't resist, she wanted this woman, she wanted
to taste her sex and make her reach climax. She hated that
Roger was not here to see this, but she couldn't think
of him right now.

Sitting down on the toilet she moved her legs to point to
the side where the red head was leaning against the stall
wall. She could smell the woman's sex and she was hungry
for it. Her pussy was small and shaved close. Sandy could
see all of her wetness shining as the light hit it. Slowly
the red head pulled her lips apart and showed Sandy her swollen
pleasure point. Sandy could no longer contain her desire
and pulled the woman's hands away. She lightly parted
the lips to expose her clit again. Leaning forward slightly
she lightly touched the tip of her tongue across the woman's
swollen member. Sandy felt her buck against her mouth and
that just got her going on the sweet pussy. She licked and
sucked the woman's pussy with true desire and want.
She could not control herself any longer and had to insert
her finger in to her hot hole to see if her pussy was as tight
as Sandy had imagined. The moment her finger entered the
red head began moving frantically up and down on the finger
as if she were riding a hard cock. Her pussy was tight, it
was also wet, hot, and completely out of control. Licking
the woman's clit more intently than before, she wanted
to she this beautiful creature cum. Suddenly she could
tell the woman was about to cum and Sandy flattened out her
tongue and furiously ran it up and down the hardened clit
as the woman began to cum. Sandy kept licking and hoped that
the red head would ride the wave of pleasure just as Roger
had taught her.

Stopping, Sandy looked up to see if she had pleased the woman.
The red head pulled Sandy up from the toilet, lifted her
skirt, and pressed her up against the same wall. The red
head wanted her pussy badly and she was all too happy to accomodate.
Sandy lifted her leg up just as the red head had and immediately
felt the woman parting her pussy lips. Feeling the red head
begin to lick and suck on her clit, she moaned. Sandy was
so turned on that she was suprised she didn't cum just
from eating that little tight pussy just moments before.
This woman, who moments ago Sandy was sure was going to be
the one going home with Roger, was eating her pussy with
tremendous passion. She felt a finger enter her pussy and
begin fucking her hot hole. She could feel the orgasam coming
but didn't want this wonderful sensation to end. Just
when she thought she could extend the pleasure and deny
the orgasam, the red head put a finger up her ass and started
double fucking her. Sandy felt the tremendous orgasam
come as she moved her body frantically against the fingers
and mouth of this beautiful woman.

The red head stopped and removed her fingers from her ass
and pussy. They looked at each other with mutual looks of
thanks. Silently they left the stall and went to the sinks.
Sandy looked in the mirror and saw that she had the red heads
cum on her face. She cleaned herself up and left the bathroom
without saying anything to the red head. She wasn't
sure how long she had been gone but she felt sure that she
had not missed Roger because Sandy had just been with his
conquest. Imagine telling him later that she had her first.
Sandy looked for him when she sat down, but didn't see
him. She wasn't to bothered by that because she saw
the woman returning to her seat and believed that would
prompt his return. She saw the red head talking to another
man and nodding her head yes. Suddenly Sandy realized that
the red head was providing her answer to the proposition
she had received, and it wasn't Roger.

Frantically she searched the floor for him but she could
not find him anywhere! She began to fear that he had already
found another woman and left with her. But, the sign! She
pulled her cell phone out and she had missed no calls. Suddenly
she felt as if Roger may have forgotten to send her the signal
or maybe he thought he had, but he hit the wrong button. She
turned in her chair to see the only part of the club she did
not have in her sights from her current position and she
saw him standing in front of her. He had been watching her!


Sandy felt bad because she thought she had ruined the night
for him and his fantasy. Suddenly he said "Did you
like my little present?" It was as if he were speaking
a foreign language because she didn't understand
what he was asking. Roger looked at her with a twinkle in
his eye and said, "you haven't answered, did
you like my little present?" Suddenly a wave of realization
came over her and she was very turned on. "Yes, very
much" she answered. "We ate eachother fiercly
and I have never been so aroused" she continued. He
looked her up and down and said "My real fantasy was
being in control enough to manipulate circumstances and
allow you to drive down new sexual paths on your own. That
fantasy is over, and the new one is about to begin. You are
my conquest for the night and you will do everything that
you are told. You can not hold back for any reason. When I
am ready, I will take you home and fuck you until I desire
it no more."

Sandy was immensly aroused by the power and presence in
Roger at that very moment. Powerful men had always been
the type she went for. She couldn't believe it but his
fantasy was really letting her embrace her sexual desires?
She was moved beyond words by the love that would make him
have fantasies that were about her letting go and finding
intense pleasure. She looked up at him and said, "I
turn myself over to you for whatever you desire."
Roger smiled as he looked over her shoulder at something.
Sandy saw movement out of the corner of her eye and turned
to see the red head. She had a handsome man with her. He was
tall with a sense of power as he walked toward her. His eyes
were the brightest color of green she had ever seen. He stared
at her with intensity and passion. His hair was short. He
led the red head to the chair opposite Sandy. After she sat,
he moved to Sandy's left and sat down as well. Roger
took the chair to Sandy's right. Roger began explaining
what was going on and a little of what was to come. Roger started,
"Sandy, this is Noel, although I guess you know her
better than most. Her gentleman friend is Blythe. I hope
that you learn to like them both as you will be spending the
night with them as well." Roger had a true fire in his
eyes like she had never seen before. This evening, the night
that he had planned so secretly, was coming to fruition
and he was amazingly passionate. He continued, "We
will be leaving here soon so we can start the real night."
Locking eyes with Sandy he said, "Neither you nor
Noel will have any power tonight for any decisions. You
will speak only when asked direct questions and you will
relinquish total control to me. Blythe and I will decide
when and if to pleasure either of you and you will both live
only to pleasure us." Looking at all three of them
Roger said, "Remember that there is only one word
that can be used to stop this night and it carries all power
with it. Say pencil and the game ends."

Sandy heard Noel moan as she began to cum. With that Sandy
reached orgasam as well without a single touch. The intensity
of the thoughts that coursed through her head, triggers
by the words that Roger spoke, were more intense than any
touch she could have had on her body. Sandy was more than
ready to do exactly what she was told, realizing she wanted
nothing more than to reliquish total control to his bidding.
His power was coursing through his every word, movement,
and look. His power was the true gift that he had added to
her life and her love. Roger grabbed her hand and placed
it on his cock. She realized it was harder than she had ever
felt in the all the years they had been together and she began
to move her hand back and forth over his tremendous buldge.
Sandy looked at him and said, "My wish is your command,
tell me when you are ready for me to please you." He
took her hand in his and stood up. Blythe and Noel stood as
well and followed his lead towards the club door. "Wait,
I forgot to pay my tab!" Sandy said. Roger looked deep
into her eyes, pinched her nipple and said, "don't
worry, I took care of it. I didn't want any delays when
I was ready to fuck." Turning again, they left the
bar headed toward a home where ultimate pleasure awaited
all four travellers.

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