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Sameer and another guy


After school I, Noori, was waiting for Sameer as he had told
me the day before that he will pick me up from the school because
he had made me to agree to his proposal very seductively.
Sameer had wanted me to have sex with him and his friends
together and for the couple of weeks he had talked me into
it and I had agreed and today on Thursday after school he
was to pick me up from school as my parents had gone to the
village to attend a funeral and will be back on Tuesday.
After few minutes I saw Sameer coming and then we walked
towards where he had parked his car few streets from the
school. Sameer said we go to the mall and do some shopping
and he drove up to the mall in Gurgaon. He bought few dresses
for me, two skirts one yellow and another green color with
a white color shirt and also a red top and he also bought gagra
choli dress (Indian dress). We went to the restaurant for lunch as it was already 1.30pm.
Sameer found a table at the corner and after we had sat Sameer
gave the order (which was for 3 persons) and while we were
waiting for the food to be served I told Sameer I was very
nervous. He smiled and took my hands in his and assured me
that even he will be present alongside me so I should not
worry. I was seating with my back to the entrance while Sameer
was facing it. Soon Sameer got up and went towards the door.
I turned my head and saw that Sameer was shaking hands with
another guy and talking with him brought him to the table
where I was sitting. Smiling Sameer said "Gulrez
meet my girl, Noori" and turning towards me said "Noori
he is Gulrez, my friend”. I smiled and said hello to Gulrez
and saw that he also was smiling and we shook hands. Sameer
said "Gulrez is from Muscat, Oman and has his businesses
in several countries". I saw that Gulrez was a very
tall guy 6'2" with broad shoulders having a trimmed
beard, muscular body. Seeing Gulrez I became more nervous
and when Sameer sat next to me I whispered in his ears "Sameer
I am getting more nervous and afraid he seems to be a big bulky
man" Sameer replied "Noori I also will be with
you in the room and I have explained to Gulrez that you are
a school student so he also will be gentle dear, don’t
worry Noori baby". Gulrez was sitting opposite me
and was smiling and looking at me lustfully. The food was
served and we all started eating. Gulrez was looking at
me all the time and smiling he asked me "which class
you are in baby?" I said "I am in class 9".
Gulrez turned towards Sameer and said "Sameer she
is cute lovely will she be able to.....? She seems to be very sure there will not be any problem Sameer?"
Sameer smiled and answered him "don't worry
there will be no problem at all as I told you she is my girl".
After having our lunch while Sameer ordered coffee for
Gulrez and tea for himself and me, I got up to go and wash my
hands. Gulrez saw eyeing me lustfully and saw that I was
hardly 5' at the time. I was in my school uniform blue
skirt and white shirt. When we finished Sameer paid the
bill and we left the restaurant. Sameer had his hand on my
back with Gulrez walking besides him and we went to the car
park he opened the door and I sat on the back seat while Gulrez
and Sameer sat in front. Sameer asked Gulrez where you would
like to go and he replied I would like my hotel room but first
let's go to the place where you had said you have arranged.
Sameer drove the car to his house. Sameer opened the door
and told us to enter when I felt a hand on my back and shivered
as I knew it was Gulrez. I turned my head towards him and saw
he was smiling so I too smiled and he hugged me. As Sameer
closed the door, Gulrez turned me towards him and kissing,
hugged me tightly. Gulrez pulled me up and kissing me carried
me to the sofa where he sat down with me in his laps. He was
kissing me and caressing my back and bum. Sameer sat beside
him and started opening my skirt button and pulled the zip
down. I had noticed how tall Gulrez was, although Sameer
also was a tall guy, but Gulrez was taller than Sameer. I
felt much smaller than them sitting in Gulrez laps. Sameer
had pulled the zip open of my skirt and now I could feel his
hands on my belly while Gulrez was sucking my lips and squeezing
my tits. I also responded to Gulrez sucking and he pinched
my nipples over my shirt aahhhhh I moaned. I had already
started feeling horny and felt my pussy responding to the
two guys caressing, sucking and squeezing my body. Sameer
sat down and pulled off my shoes and removed the socks, he
ran his hand over my legs and all I could think of was how good
the hands would feel on other parts of my teen body. He chose
that moment to look at me and I’m pretty sure that he read
my naughty thoughts; he smiled, winked and went back to
caressing and kissing my legs. Gulrez hands felt gentle
but strong as he caressed my tiny tits and continued kissing
and sucking me. Gulrez broke off his kiss and told me to stand
before him and when I stood between his knees my skirt was
pulled down. I felt shy and closed my eyes. Gulrez opened
the rest of my shirt buttons and pulled the shirt off. Now
I was only in my slip and panty. Gulrez saw that I was nervous
and told me to relax while he was staring at my body in slip
and panty. I was more than ready to do something to hide my
blush from these guys; I couldn't believe how quickly
I was getting horny for sex. I glanced and blushed again
and Gulrez chose that moment to look at me, he grinned and
asked what I was blushing for. I tried not to look at Gulrez
as he was pulling my slip over my head and I raised my hands
above and soon the slip was pulled off and thrown on the floor.
Gulrez was looking at my tiny naked tits with his tongue
out. Sameer pulled my panty down to my ankles. I closed my
eyes when I felt the breeze on my thighs, I think I jumped
a little but Gulrez said he was just looking at my pussy mound
and he planted a kiss on my tight cunt. I felt the tingling
of arousal and moved my legs apart thinking that it would
relieve that sensation just a little. Still I was nervous
but was looking forward to this also Gulrez and Sameer asked
if I was okay and I nodded my head in yes but nervous and shaking,
shivers running down my spine. Gulrez and Sameer simultaneously
kissed me on my cheeks and I was on the high. Gulrez ran his
hands on my belly and caressing my cunt with Sameer's
hand squeezing my bums. As Sameer ran his hand up my inner
thigh I moved my legs further apart so he had do whatever
part he wanted. I felt Gulrez fingers lightly brush the
hair on my pussy, I could not help myself and I moaned and
moved my hips so his fingers would brush even closer while
I sucked on his tongue and he sucked me. Gulrez looked at
me and smiled asking if I wanted him as he ran his fingers
over me I spread my legs even further apart. There is something
exciting about being naked while Gulrez and Sameer still
have their clothes on. I don’t think I could get any more
excited without being touched but I was. Gulrez caressed
my face and pulled me toward him and then he kissed me again
gently at first, and as I wrapped my arms around his neck
and my legs around his waist he devoured me with his mouth.
His kisses were like heaven, a parade could have gone by
and I don’t think that I would have noticed. His hands
traveled up and down my back caressing and stroking, and
then he moved them to my shoulders before lightly stroking
them down my chest and around my tits. I arched back and he
trailed kisses from my lips, to my neck, down my shoulders,
and then licked around my hard nipples before sucking my
tits into his mouth and lightly biting my nipples. The sensations
that he was causing were going from my nipples to my clit.
At the same time Sameer also was kissing my bums, back, legs,
inner thighs and squeezing my bums. I could feel Gulrez
hard cock through his pants, rubbing against me and I pushed
against him. He moved from one breast to the other sucking
and biting, and Sameer started sucking on the tit which
Gulrez had left so now both the guys were sucking on my tiny
tits at the same time. I moaned and said "yes ...suck
my tits ...yes...aaaammmm....suck harder..."
and they did. I put my arms around Gulrez broad shoulders
trying to pull him closer to my chest, when I felt fingers
in my pussy and ass aahhmmmm. While they licked and sucked
at one breast each. I felt his fingers find my clit. The sensation
of sucking my nipple and playing with my clit were amazing,
I was breathing hard and moaning pushing my hips so I could
bring the hands further into my pussy. Gulrez moved from
my breasts and started kissing down my belly to my pussy.
I couldn't keep my hips still; I was trembling with
excitement and nervousness. Gulrez grabbed my hips with
his hands, as if to make me still, and kissed his way to my
pussy. He held me so firmly that I could hardly move. He stopped
kissing when he reached my pussy, he looked up and asked
if I was ready for more and I nodded my head yes, I wasn’t
capable of speech at that time. Sameer was sucking my tits
and finger fucking my ass. Gulrez held my gaze as he lowered
his head to my pussy, his tongue out and he licked his lips.
I moved my hips closer to his face. It felt like an eternity
before he moved and when he finally sucked my clit into his
mouth I cum. Gulrez didn't stop, he just kept licking
and sucking, I could feel his tongue in my pussy and I tried
to squeeze around his tongue. I wanted more, I felt him push
one, and then two fingers into me, stroking and rubbing
while he sucked nonstop on my clit. I felt like I was coming
apart, while he sucked and stroked through several more
orgasms. I couldn’t stand it much longer, I wanted him
naked and inside me. I was so occupied with Gulrez that I
forgot that Sameer was also finger fucking and sucking
my body. Gulrez pulled himself up and quickly stripped
off his clothes. When I saw his big huge cock I started trembling
and was afraid. I turned towards Sameer and he sensed that
I was afraid so too Gulrez sensed it also. Gulrez was bigger
than Sameer. Sameer had a 8.5 " inch thick cock while
Gulrez was 9" inch and more thicker. Almost like a
small baby's hand. I bucked back staring at his cock
with both my hands on my mouth, unbelieving. O My God can
a cock be such huge. Meanwhile Sameer also removed his clothes
and was naked too. He came and hugged me kissing my lips and
whispered in my ears "Noori baby don't worry
it will be alright". I had no way to run even if I had
wanted to. Gulrez came forward and hugged me from behind
saying "baby I will be gentle with you baby".
I was still staring at his monster cock. When I had enough
of the looking Gulrez pulled him towards him and started
kissing me, stroking my back and ass. I loved the feel of
his muscles on my teen body. He told me to take his cock in
my hands and feel it and suck it. I placed my hand on his thick
cock. Oh my god I had to place both hands to cover the thickness.
I kneeled down to suck his cock. My lips wondered down to
his thick shaft………… God have mercy………….he
was thick and long. I licked from the base of his cock to the
head and then sucked him into my mouth. Sameer was playing
with my tits sitting on the floor. I love having a man at my
mercy as I suck his cock. Gulrez moved his hands from my shoulders
to my head moving me on his cock. I was lost in the pleasure
of sucking on his cock when I felt hands on my tits and didn’t
think anything of it until I felt Gulrez pushing my head
down on his cock again. I turned my head and there was Sameer
rubbing my breasts. I was in heaven. I was in heaven…….
I stood up and bent forward I was sucking on Gulrez cock,
with his hands guiding my movement and Sameer was standing
behind me caressing and fondling my breasts. I felt Sameer’s
warm breath on the back of my neck as he moved my hair out of
the way and started kissing the back of my neck. I can’t
stop the moan and shivers that start from his lips caressing
me. Sameer kissed down my spine while his hands on my breasts
and my moans sending vibrations through Gulrez cock. Gulrez
starts moaning and says “Baby you’re killing me, but
don’t stop”. Sameer spreads my legs wider and reaches
between my legs, running his fingers from my tits to my clit
causing me to moan and push my pussy into his hand. I can feel
the moisture sliding down the inside of my legs, my pussy
is on fire. Sameer starts stroking my clit with his right
hand and I can feel him running his left hand from the curve
of my ass, down the back of my thigh, and up the inside until
he inserts two fingers into my pussy and one finger in my
ass and starts pumping them in and out. Sameer quickly brings
me to a shattering orgasm causing me to again moan around
Gulrez’s throbbing cock. I can barely move at this point,
I let Gulrez pull his cock out of my mouth. He leans over me,
kisses me and tells me “I hope you aren't scared now
because we are just getting started”, all I can do is shake
my head yes and moan. I can hear Gulrez asking Sameer about
Vaseline and coconut oil for lubrication. Gulrez comes
to me again and hugs me and kisses me and lightly caresses
my tits with his fingertips; lightly pinches each nipple,
causing me to moan and squirm a bit while he tells me that
he can’t wait to get me in bed. I turn my head; he takes my
earlobe into his mouth and gently bites. Sameer comes and
tells Gulrez all is ready. Gulrez pulls me in his arms and
carries me to the bedroom. He carries me like a small baby.
Yes I am their sex doll now that is what they tell me. Yes I
am their sex doll I nod my head. Gulrez has me in his arms walking
towards the bedroom he pushes two fingers in my cunt, "baby
you are wet baby" he says. He takes his finger out of
my pussy sucks my juices on his fingers and inserts his fingers
back in my cunt and says that he will suck me until I collapse.
I try to move in his arms but he tells me to stop. I am breathing
hot and panting at this point. I want to have my pussy fucked
hard. I pinch on his arms. I don’t think I will be able to
hold long with his two fingers in my cunt. I think it is taking
a lifetime to reach the bedroom. I try to move in his arms
and he tells me "NO" in a firm voice, I stop moving.
Sameer walking besides Gulrez also tells me to do as Gulrez
wants dear. In the bedroom Gulrez drops me on the bed. Gulrez
slowly pulls his fingers out of my drenched pussy and sucks
my juices off them. Sameer spreads my legs wide. My pussy
is glistening with my juices. I push my hips up and Gulrez
grabs my legs and puts them over his shoulders and pulls
me towards the edge of the bed to his mouth. Gulrez is looking
at me like a man starving and in the blink of an eye his face
is buried in between my legs, and he is sucking on my clit.
I quickly orgasm once again, and he continues. I’m ultra
sensitive and in that place between pleasure and pain and
still he is sucking me into his mouth and then stabbing me
with his tongue. I turn into a mad girl, pushing my hands
and shoulders around and try to push Gulrez further into
my cunt. He sucks my clit into his mouth, lightly biting
and then sucking while I moan and shake my head from side
to side. I’m almost there and then Gulrez breaks off.
Now I can feel the head of his cock between my legs rubbing
it back and forth a couple of times before he thrusts and
I scream aaahhhhh mummmmyyyyy his is huge Sameer kisses
my mouth to stop the scream. Gulrez squeezes my tiny tits
with his giant hands tears flowing from my eyes I am tossing
my head side to side and Sameer also moves his head side to
side with me his hand caressing my thighs. Gulrez stops
keeps squeezing my tits and when my screams subside Sameer
breaks the kiss tears still flowing from my eyes I turn my
head to see my pussy and I see that Gulrez monster cock had
just entered his crown in my tight pussy. Gulrez also moves
to suck my tits and when they feel that now I have got relief
with Sameer and Gulrez both sucking my tits then Gulrez
pushes his cock inside my pussy and I scream again aahhhhh
mummmmyyy and his cock is half in my pussy. Gulrez inserts
two fingers in my ass aahhhhhhhhhh mummmyyy. Gulrez pulls
his cock out and pushes inside with a force aaahhhhhh mummmyyyy
now I feel that the giant cock is fully planted in my pussy
Gulrez stops and keeps sucking my tits as his buried to the
hilt in my pussy. Gulrez turns around and Sameer comes behind
me and pushes his two fingers in my ass. Sameer rubs his cock
with oil and finger fucks the oil in my ass. Gulrez continues
sucking my tits and also pushes his finger as well in my ass.
Sameer rubs his oiled cock on my ass and pushes hard. I yell
again aaahhhhh Gulrez puts his hands on my mouth sucking
my tits Sameer continues to slam in my ass from behind, till
I feel his balls slapping up against me, moaning and grunting
Sameer yells “hold on I’m going to cum” and I can feel
another orgasm starting, the insides of my pussy milking
Gulrez cock. All three of us are panting and sweaty. I can
barely catch my breath, and sweat is dripping off Sameer
and onto me. Sameer cums big in my ass I can feel his semen
spurts. Sameer slides his cock slowly from my ass and reaches
down to playfully bite my ass cheek and asks if I’m ready
for Gulrez and I tell him “Yes I am”. When Sameer pull
his cock out of my ass Gulrez again turns and pins me with
my legs on his shoulders on the bed. Gulrez is crushing me
with his bulky body of 100+kg weight while I am only 40 kg.
Gulrez pushes his huge cock in my tight pussy and is grunting
and moaning at the same time I also am moaning and pushing
my hips to meet his rhythm. As Gulrez continued pumping
his cock I thought “if this is a dream please don’t wake
me up”. This was all of my fantasies rolled into one. Sameer
used to show me the sex movies and I and Sameer had fantasized
about it. About me be fucked by two cocks same time. Gulrez
grunted and increased his speed so I also had to match his
speed and knew that soon Gulrez will cum inside my pussy.
I also was on the verge of Cumming and I was moaning loudly
now aaaahhmmmm yeessss ggullrreezzz ffuucckkk meemeeme
haaarrdddd IIIIII aammmm ccuummmmmiinnggg and I came
big soon Gulrez started shooting his spurts in my pussy
I felt like a hose pipe has opened in my pussy. Gulrez collapsed
on my teen body. I sighed and Gulrez asks if I’m okay. I
told him I was fine. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled
him even tighter towards me. He kissed my breasts and then
gave me a soft kiss on the lips. He carried me to the bathroom
and said “Get into the tub and soak for awhile and I’ll
come back and help you out in a few minutes”. The water
was perfect, hot but not scalding; I settled into the tub,
leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I must have dozed
off because the next thing I knew hands were sliding over
my arms and shoulders. I opened my eyes and saw Gulrez soaping
his hands; he ran them up and down my arms, across my shoulders,
and down my breasts. It was a soapy massage, and felt wonderful.
My body was relaxed and the aches and pains were gone. Gulrez’s
hands continued down my chest to my abdomen, barely skimming
across my clit as he soaped my legs from thigh to toes. When
he got to my toes he massaged my feet and worked his way back
up my legs, I spread my legs as far apart as I could so that
he could have access to my throbbing clit. Gulrez looked
into my eyes as his fingers circled my clit, massaging it
lightly as he slid his other hand around me and started to
massage my back. I melted into his arm and laid my head on
his shoulder. I moaned as he rubbed all the kinks out of my
back. When Gulrez asked if I felt better all I could do was
moan and when he asked if that meant yes I just nodded my head.
I was about to fall asleep in the tub when Sameer came to the
door and said that snacks and tea coffee was ready. Gulrez
helped me to my feet, rinsed the soap off of me and then wrapped
me up in a large towel. I finished drying off and Gulrez held
up a men’s dress shirt (Sameer's) for me to wear.
I buttoned the shirt and rolled the sleeves up and followed
Gulrez into the room, after soaking in the tub I was refreshed
again as good as new. Sameer pulled out the chair at the head
of the table and motioned for me to sit. I sat down with both
the men on either side of me and we started talking about
jobs, travel, and I told Gulrez that how I wanted to have
a apartment of my own. Gulrez asked Sameer about acquiring
a 2BHK / 3BHK apartment. Then Gulrez asked me if I had any
plans for the next several days until my parents are back
and when I said I just have to attend school so Gulrez asked
if I would like to stay with them at the hotel where he has
put up.. As I hesitated for a moment, Sameer said that she
wouldn't do mind and would be more than happy to stay
as everything will be taken care of by Gulrez and Sameer.
Considering what I had already done with these men I figured
that and said yes. As we got back to our conversation Sameer
ran his hand from my thigh to my knee and pulled my leg up into
his lap. For a few moments his hand just rested on my knee
before he started running his fingers up and down on the
inside of my leg, I shivered at the almost tickling sensation,
Sameer smiles and Gulrez asked if I was cold. I told Gulrez
that I was shivering because of what Sameer was doing. Gulrez
raised his eyebrows and asked what Sameer was doing, after
I told him, Gulrez reached down and pulled my other leg into
his lap and started running his fingers up and down my leg.
It was difficult to keep my mind on taking my tea with these
two men stroking my legs, but I tried. I had never thought
that my legs were erogenous zones but I was wrong. I could
feel my nipples harden and my pussy start to get wet and I
started to squirm. Sameer moved my leg off his, got up and
came over to stand behind me. “I want your shirt unbuttoned”,
said Sameer as he unbuttoned the shirt Gulrez said “No,
take off the shirt”. Sameer slid the shirt off me and let
it drop, and then ran his hands down the front to my tits and
tweaked my nipples making them harder. Gulrez said “That
is so much better” and Sameer agreed. I was smiling. Sameer
moved my leg back up into his lap, and once again started
stroking the inside of my leg. The tingling sensation was
moving up my legs to my pussy and I could feel the moisture
pool, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how wet I would
be if they were actually touching my pussy. We finished
tea and moved to the living room. Sameer put his arm around
me and ushered me into the living room. I had forgotten I
was naked. I sat down on the couch and Sameer sat next to me
on my right and Gulrez sat on the left side next to me and both
pulled my legs into their lap so my legs were spread apart.
Sameer put his arm around me and pulled me up against his
chest. As I looked up Sameer was watching me, I turned slightly
and kissed him softly on the lips. The kiss quickly became
heated and Sameer devoured my mouth, his hands seemed to
be everywhere at once. I pulled at his open shirt and he pulled
it off, I ran my hands over his chiseled chest. I reached
down and I could see the head of his cock pushing past the
band of his briefs and licked my lips as I pulled his briefs
down and freed his cock. As I leaned down to my right to take
his cock into my mouth, I could see it throbbing. Now, I have
to admit that there is nothing I would rather do than suck
on a big, beautiful cock, and having a man beg for more. I
ran my tongue from the base to the tip, gently nipping as
I went. I would tell from the way Sameer was breathing that
he appreciated my oral talents. I sucked the head of his
cock into my mouth and ran my tongue around the head of his
cock, and slowly swallowed his entire length until my nose
hit his balls. Once I had his entire cock in my mouth I moaned,
the vibrations causing him to push his hips up and push his
cock further into my mouth. I sucked and licked and worshipped
his cock until he pulled me off and said “No more, I’ll
come in your mouth later; right now I want your pussy”.
All this time Gulrez was finger fucking me with his two fingers
in my pussy and one in my ass. Sameer pulled me over onto his
lap and ran his hands from my tits down my chest, and between
my legs. I pulled my legs apart and he sunk two fingers deep
into my pussy. “Noori baby you’re wet” he said. I
thrust my hips up pushing his fingers deeper into me, wanting
more, and every time I did he pulled his fingers out a little
more. Sameer whispered into my ear, “The first time I
fucked you in the ass it was hard and fast, this time is going
to be very slow”. I could feel my pussy juices run down
the crack of my ass and onto Sameer, he pulled his fingers
out of me and teased my clit. I could feel his cock throbbing
under my ass, and squirmed trying to rub my pussy with his
cock. Sameer turned me so my back was to his chest, his cock
between my legs, and he massaged my tits and pinched my nipples.
I tried pushing forward on his cock, I wanted his cock inside
me, but Sameer kept trying to get me to be still. I turned
my head, looked and him and said “Sameer I want your cock
in me now”. Sameer told me to lean forward and lift my bottom
up, I could feel him rubbing his cock back and forth through
my pussy lips until I felt the head slide up between the lips
and sink slowly into me aammmmmmmm. Gulrez was watching
with his hands on his cock. Sameer grabbed my hips and slowly
pulled me down onto his cock. I could feel the walls of my
pussy quivering as he slid further into me. All I wanted
to do was ride his cock hard and fast and he wasn't allowing
me to do so. Sameer moved my legs to the outside of his and
then spread his legs apart which in turn spread me further
open. Sameer let me slide up and down a few times until his
cock was fully seated in me and then he pulled my back against
his chest again. I could feel my pussy stretch with this
movement and feel the air moving across my clit. My pussy
was full and any movement caused the walls of my pussy to
quiver. Sameer ran his hands up over me from hips to shoulders,
brushing across my nipples and then my clit. I wanted Sameer
to be pumping his cock into me, I tried to move and he would
just hold me tighter. He wrapped his arms around me until
he had a breast in each hand and he began plucking at my nipples.
“Let’s see if you can cum without moving”. Sameer
moved my legs further apart with his, stretching my legs
as far apart as they would go. Sameer held me so tight that
I couldn't move, I kept trying to move shifting my hips
trying to force him into fucking me hard and he just held
me tighter. I finally stopped squirming and decided that
just staying still was feeling good. I closed my eyes and
leaned my head back onto his shoulder; he kissed my cheeks,
nibbled on my earlobes and continued to caress my tits.
Sameer once again wrapped his arms tight around me and I
could feel my legs being pushed further apart. I opened
my eyes and Gulrez was between our legs, he ran his finger
across my clit making it throb. I still couldn’t move,
Sameer held my chest close to his and Gulrez had my legs pulled
so far apart that I couldn’t move them either. I watched
Gulrez lower his head to my clit, he ran his tongue across
his lips, I was trembling with anticipation………………………
I watched Gulrez lower his head to my clit, he ran his tongue
across his lips, and I was trembling. I had never in my wildest
dreams thought that this could ever happen with me I started
shaking all over as he took my clit into his mouth, sucking
and then flicking it with his tongue. I couldn’t move,
and I couldn’t breathe as the tremors racked through
my body. The more Gulrez sucked on my clit the more the inner
walls of my pussy clutches at Sameer’s cock. Sameer was
squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples, causing more
sensations of pleasure to course through my body. I didn’t
know whether I was coming or going, and nothing else mattered
as I started to shatter apart as a shower of little orgasms
spread through me. I could hear Sameer tell Gulrez to stop
before I passed out and trust me I was close. Sameer said
he didn’t want to cum yet and they needed to slow down.
Gulrez sucked my clit into his mouth one more time before
gently kissing it and then stood up in front of us. Gulrez's
cock was very thick, hard and begged to be sucked. He reached
his hands out for me and I put my hands into his, he slowly
pulled me forward until I was sitting straight up which
caused Sameer’s cock to be imbedded even further into
me. I could hear Sameer moan behind me as I reached out for
the feast in front of me. I reached for Gulrez’s cock with
one hand, and saw the first drop of precum. I touched the
tip of my tongue and licked the drop from his cock head, his
cock twitching as I licked from the tip and around the head
before sucking just the head into my mouth. As I slowly sucked
Gulrez’s cock I was moving my hips back and forward on
Sameer’s cock in his lap. I could feel Sameer put his hands
on my hips helping me to move and I moaned my pleasure around
Gulrez's cock. I tried to move faster and I heard Sameer
tell Gulrez to help me up, as Gulrez pulled me to my feet my
pussy protested the loss of cock and I wanted it back deep
inside me. Gulrez kissed me and then sat down and said, “Now
finish what you started”. As I went to kneel in front of
him, Sameer grabbed me around the waist and told me to bend
over. I bent over and sucked Gulrez's cock back into
my mouth, sucking and stroking with my tongue as I fondled
his balls. I could feel Sameer standing behind me, his cock
between my cheeks, he was running his cock back and forth
over my pussy lips. I kept tilting my hips encouraging him
to slide his cock into my pussy, and after a few minutes of
teasing he did. Sameer tantalized with a few slow strokes
before I let go of Gulrez cock to tell him to fuck me harder
and faster. As Sameer complied, Gulrez leaned forward
and began sucking my tits. Sameer was grasping my hips and
he was pounding into me, his balls slapping against my ass
while Gulrez was sucking on my tits. Gulrez took one hand
from my chest and slid it between my legs, his fingers brushing
my clit. With that touch and the cock slamming into me I could
feel the orgasm rush through me like a tsunami. I could feel
Sameer explode inside me as I orgasmed and Gulrez kept sucking
my tits and rubbing my clit as my legs became weak. If Sameer
hadn’t been holding onto my hips I would have collapsed.
They laid me down on the couch. Sameer sat down by my head,
raised my shoulders up and slid underneath me and I rested
my head in his lap as he stroked my hair from my face with one
hand and lightly ran the tips of his fingers over my chest
with the other. Gulrez knelt between my outstretched legs,
positioning his monster cock at my pussy. He slid so slowly
into me that I could barely tell that he was moving. Gulrez
was sliding in and out of me at a snail’s pace, I could feel
my pussy clench around him each time he thrust into me. I
started thrusting my hips at Gulrez encouraging him to
go faster as little waves of sensation built inside me.
I was gripping Gulrez arms with my hands, begging him to
go faster as the waves of small orgasms built once again,
but he continued that torturous slow pace. I tightened
my inner muscles around his cock and saw beads of sweat form
on his forehead as he fought to control the pace. I kept tightening
around him until he shouted and finally began to thrust
into me harder and faster, giving me what I wanted, what
I needed. As the pleasure rose to a crescendo, I must have
passed out for a few seconds because the next thing I remember
Gulrez was leaning over me asking if I’m okay and Sameer
was at my side. As I reached for each man and kissed them,
pulling their heads to my chest I thought to myself “I
might not be able to walk when this stay was over, but it would
be well worth it”.

And Gulrez even gifted me the apartment which he had asked
Sameer to look for a 2BHK. Later Sameer told me he also got
the deal finalized with Gulrez because of me as I had pleased
Gulrez tremendously. Now whenever Gulrez visits India I am always with him.

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