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Same world --- New Rules


A lot had changed since the last time I was a single man.

I had grown up in a generation that viewed sex, totally different
than the younger people of today. So when I found myself
single again in my mid fifties, I expected finding another
woman would work the same way it did, the first time when
I was a young man.

My marriage ended but it ended in a good way, as Betty and
I parted as friends. And adding to the many issues Betty
and I had the last few years we were married, was our sex life
or lack of one. I was certainly not the same man I was when
I was younger, but occasionally I still wanted and needed
the softness and warmth of a woman's body.

I never saw the end of our sex life coming since Betty had
always been such a vibrant, sexually active woman since
the day I first met her. Well, she certainly wasn't
sexually active when I first met her. Girls just didn't
act like that back then. But after a year of steady dating,
she surrendered her virginity to me and the rest was history.

And it only got better for both of us while we honeymooned
in Mexico, right on the ocean. It was a small sea side town
with a nice hotel, not expensive but still very nice and
a few bars my new wife and I frequented nightly. I guess when
we were younger, the honeymoon was a time for the couple
to get away and explore sex together.

It was the late sixties and Betty looked absolutely stunning
in her bikini's on the beach each day. And the outfits
she wore at night when we hung out in one of the little bars.
She had wavy long strawberry blonde hair and the sexiest
smile I had ever seen. And by the second night my new wife
was already openly snuggling with me in those same bars
in front of strangers.

But it was when Betty and I got back to our small room that
the real magic happened. She wasn't yet use to walking
around naked in front of me but she got use to it quite quickly.
And although her breasts were not big, they were still so
very cute to look at and of course wonderful to touch. It
was on the last night of our honeymoon that Betty had her
first real orgasm and that changed everything from then

So when Betty and I finally pulled the plug on our marriage,
it was both a relief as well as some sadness. We had a lot of
years and a lot of memories together as well as four kids.
I can truly say I thought we would be together forever but
as soon as Betty began to go through menopause, she changed,
our marriage changed and our sex life stopped in its tracks.

But I don't want this to sound like it was just the end
of our sex life that ended our marriage. It was a lot of things
that contributed to the demise of our marriage and sex was
just one of them. And it probably wasn't even the major
reason, now that I look back and think about it. We just grew
apart and wanted different things in our lives.

I still had ten more years to work or maybe fifteen now that
Betty and I were no longer pooling our assets. But there
were worst things in life so I accepted my situation and
began a new life as a single man. I got myself a small but cute
place and hired a decorator, Molly to fix it up on a budget.
Molly had come my way after a recommendation from one of
my coworkers who had used her a few years earlier when he
got divorced.

So I met with Molly over lunch one afternoon and half interviewed
her for the job as well as getting to know her as a person.
She asked me a lot of questions about what kinds of things
I liked in my home and what kinds of things I didn't like.
I guess you could say, by the end of our luncheon, she got
the job if only because of her bubbly personality.

Molly joked and said she was a quarter Irish but if she hadn't
told me I would have guessed she was one hundred percent
Irish. Reddish hair, a few cute freckles and a smile that
lit up the room. And no, I didn't flirt with Molly because
of all kinds of reason. The first was that she was married,
second she was only in her early forties and third, she was
now working for me and I never mixed business with pleasure.

But she was still fun to be around and over the next few weeks,
Molly took me shopping a few times to make some final decisions
on various important pieces for my new home. But shopping
with her also helped me experience what it felt like to spend
time with another woman, and I Liked it.

We agreed she would take care of the minor things and put
the whole place together for me. The night Molly met me at
my front door with my key , once the job was finished I walked
in and was blown away. It wasn't expensive by some standards
but it was simply perfect and felt like my home, right from
the start.

My kids all came to visit and were more than just a little
impressed. And I even invited Betty over too although that
was awkward but still necessary so we could stay as friends
and on some level share our lives for our families'
sake. Betty and I had kids and grandkids to share as well
as family holidays, birthdays, etc.

So suddenly I felt like my new life was ready to begin and
the only thing missing was maybe a girl friend or maybe just
a first date to start with. I had been thinking about women
more and more since I had settled into my new home and was
rather restless inside. It excited me to even think about
doing that again with a woman, if I got lucky enough to have
the chance.

So I began to keep my eyes open when I went out for dinner,
in search of a nice woman, close to my age who might also be
looking for someone like me. But I quickly discovered most
of those women were still married and the ones who were divorced,
were filled with bitterness and anger. I would certainly
enjoy a good hard fuck again, but not at any price.

Like I already said it had been a month or two since I settled
into my new place when my phone rang one night. Of course
I immediately thought it had to be bad news about Betty or
one of our kids. I mean the only people that ever called me
at home, especially at night, were my kids so I ran to the
phone in somewhat of a panic.

"Well hello stranger, " Molly said first with
her cheery upbeat voice. For a moment I was stuck between
being in a panic mode and relief when I heard her voice again.
Molly giggled and asked me how my new place was working out
before she invited me to a party her and her husband were
having the following Saturday night. "It will be
a casual get together with some close friends of ours and
I thought you might like to get out, " Molly said to

It was at Molly and Ken's summer cook out that I first
met them. First impressions were a nice very young married
couple, both out going and fun to speak with. And when I saw
young I mean early thirties. But they both seemed to enjoy
speaking with me so at least I didn't have to hang out
all alone. We had very little in common but that didn't
seem to matter to them and I guess to me either.

Cathy had a certain flair to her although she didn't
go overboard in any way. And at one point while Gary was inside
using the bathroom room that Cathy suggested I come to their
home on Saturday night for dinner. I kind of felt like she
was maybe flirting with me but then I knew it was just my imagination
and shrugged it off.

"Sure that sounds nice, " I said to Cathy just
as her husband walked back up to us and found out I had been
invited to their home for dinner. "That might be fun, "
He said looking at his wife but I still had no clue what else
was going on inside of their heads. They just seemed to me
to be nice young people who were being friendly to me.

Cathy wrote down their address and phone number and asked
me for my phone number so we could talk mid week and set a time
for dinner. I guess I left Molly's feeling upbeat even
if I hadn't met a woman at the party which I had secretly
hoped for. But then again maybe making friends with couples
first might lead me to a single, older woman that they might
know. At least it was a start to my social life again.

Cathy and I talked midweek and decided on seven sharp on
Saturday night for dinner at their home. So when I hung up,
I was actually excited to have some plans for the weekend,
even if those plans didn't include a date with another

I arrived on time, brought them a bottle of wine as a gift
and for the first hour or so, it was just a normal night between
new friends. Gary, Cathy and I had dinner at the table, and
talked about our life stories. We had just been talking
about vacations we had all taken and places we still wanted
to see when Gary made a shocking comment. . He had just asked
me if Betty and I had ever gone to Jamaica on vacation and
I had just told him no. "Cathy and I went two years ago.
And that is where she picked up a guy on the beach and we had
our first threesome, " Gary said as matter of fact.

Of course Cathy naturally began to blush and told her husband
he should not have told me that story. "Well it was
a lot of fun. I mean how many times did you cum that night?"
Gary said back to her. I just sat there feeling uncomfortable
as the two of them discussed this very private matter in
front of me. And in my head I was thinking these were two very
crazy young people for doing that let alone telling me about
it. Please remember, sex was a subject my generation just
never discussed.

Cathy finally got up and rushed into their kitchen to save
face or so I thought. And Gary continued to tell me all about
their threesome with this man from Kansas that his wife
picked up on the beach. "Did you and your wife ever
try that?" Gary asked me at one point. It was going
from being uncomfortable to being very uncomfortable.
I told Gary we never did anything like that and secretly
hoped he would now dropped the subject.

Cathy finally appeared again looking more normal like
with her face no longer a bright red as she sat back down at
the table. I can safely say Cathy was a nice looking woman,
not the sexy type but more of the cute young girl next door
with her short brown hair and big brown eyes. "You
have to excuse Gary. He likes to tell stories, " Cathy
said to me with a half smile on her face.

I merely nodded my head at Cathy as if I understood. But the
truth was I had no idea if Gary had just made up the story about
another man or if they had actually done that. The rest of
the night went more normal as the three of us chatted for
about an hour after dinner before I was ready to leave.

Gary told me good night and remained in their house while
Cathy walked me out to my car. I didn't really stop and
think about that situation as being odd although it had
never happened me to before. If anything, my male friend
would have walked my wife and I to the car or both of them would
have. But I wasn't really thinking about it as Cathy
and I walked down their back steps into the driveway where
my car was parked.

"Did I show you my new car?" Cathy asked me at
one point. I think I shook my head no, as she grabbed my hand
and walked me into the side door of their garage. She walked
into the dark garage first and I followed in thinking she
had gone to turn on the light so I could see her car. But as
soon as I got inside, Cathy reached out for me and pressed
her lips to mine.

It all happened so quickly and caught me off guard as I suddenly
felt her soft breasts pressing up against my shirt as she
meshed her lips against mine. But it woke something up in
me too and without thinking I reached out for her and pulled
her all the way into my arms. Cathy was a real, live warm woman
with a ton of passion she was sharing with me. For a few moments,
nothing else mattered.

"I wanted to do that all night, " Cathy said
after our kiss before she led me back outside of their garage.
I had grown up where the man was the aggressor but apparently
things didn't work that way any longer. I was the one
in shock while Cathy walked me to my car with a big smile on
her face. "Are you going to tell your husband?"
I asked her fearing this was going to lead to a ugly problem.

She turned, still smiling and said that Gary knew what she
was going to do and was waiting inside, all excited to hear
all about it. I was confused but thanked her again for the
nice home cooked meal and started to get inside of my car.
"Can I call you sometime"? I remember Cathy
asked me before I started the motor.

I merely nodded my head yes before I backed down their driveway
and headed for the nearest bar to try and clear my thoughts.
But it was impossible to make any sense out of it no matter
how hard I tried. On almost every level it was still crazy
yet as man, it made me want more than I should have wanted
from Cathy.

A full week passed and my life went back to normal or whatever
normal was for me at the time. I thought about our kiss a lot
even though I tried not to. And I began to jack off every single
night after our kiss as the desire and pressure was too much
for me to contain. Near the end of our marriage, Betty sometimes
complained about the size of my cock but then I thought it
was just something for her to complain about as she lost
her sex drive. I may have been in my mid fifties but I could
cum just as much as I did when I was younger.

One week turned into two weeks and Cathy didn't call
me which was probably a good thing. I may have waited each
night but always went to bed telling myself this would be
a bad thing all the way around, if I ever did see her again.
I was twenty years older than she was and she was also married,
although during our torrid kiss, those two things had not
mattered to either of us.

It was rather late, after eleven one Friday night when Cathy
finally called me again. "Hi, do you remember me?"
She asked giggling into the phone, like a nervous teenage
girl might do. I chuckled and told her of course I remembered
her. "Can I stop over?" Cathy asked me next.
"You mean you and Gary?" I asked her back.

"No, Gary is out with his buddies. Molly said how she
made your place cute and I want to see it, " Cathy said
next to me. I felt very nervous but I still quickly made sure
the place was picked up as I waited for Cathy to arrive. Cathy
was standing at my front door by eleven thirty that night,
with her now somewhat familiar big smile on her face.

It took us all of five minutes together before she was back
in my arms. The amount of heat and passion this young woman
had, was beyond amazing as we hugged and kissed like two
lovers would do. I finally had to gently push her away for
a moment to catch my breath before I asked her what her husband
was going to say if he got home and she was not there.

Cathy looked at me oddly for a moment before she said that
Gary would be able to figure out. She then added he would
know she was with me because that is all they had talked about
for the past couple of weeks. I was going to ask Cathy what
she meant but Cathy interrupted me and said her husband
didn't care if she kissed me.

I guess I was so weak, it was all I needed to hear before I pulled
her back into my arms as our lips touched again. It was the
most incredible yet torturous twenty minutes of my entire
life. Cathy had such passion and she was so hot to touch and
to hold, and to kiss that I became nearly impossible to hold
myself back much longer. I could see her breasts were really
heaving hard under her blouse yet I didn't dare touch
them. And trust me I wanted to in the worst way.

Cathy was gone by midnight as I sat there with a boner the
size of Montana. I realized it had just been too fucking
long since the last time I got laid and from then on, I was
more determined to find a woman. And I no longer cared if
she was young or old, as long as she loved to fuck as much as
I loved to fuck. In other words I had reached my male limits.

I was a mental wreck all day Saturday trying to settle myself
as much as I could. Even having jacked off after Cathy left
my house the night before was not going to do it for me any
longer. I think I was in my kitchen, washing my dish having
just had my dinner when my door bell rang again.

Yes, Cathy was back again and walked in without being invited.
"Are you trying to torture me or what?"I asked
her as she giggled as she passed by me. "No, of course
not. Gary and I are meeting some friends later and I had a
few minutes so I just stopped to show you my new outfit, "
Cathy said as she wandered into my living room. Cathy had
on a short skirt, heels and a rather sheer top that showered
the outline of her bra, as she turned and asked me if I liked
her new outfit.

Her face may have looked so young and innocent but I had already
felt the heat this woman had inside of her. "Well do
I look nice or not?" Cathy asked as she twirled in front
of me. I merely shook my head yes as my eyes stared at every
bump and curve on her body. "Ok sorry I have to run,
"She then said before she rushed up to me, kissed me
quickly on the mouth and was out my door seconds later.

I called Molly as soon as Cathy was gone and asked her if we
could meet for lunch because I needed some advice from her.
Of course Molly thought I was going to ask her about something
in my home, but what I really wanted to talk about, was her
friends Gary and Cathy. Molly and I set a luncheon up for
the following Monday at noon before I thanked her for her
time and apologized one more time for calling her on a Saturday

And what small bits of information I did learn from Molly
really helped me connect a few of the dots. Molly admitted
that Gary and Cathy were kind of new to their circle of friends
but that they had already made a big impression. "She
does tend to talk about her father a lot, " Molly said
to me. That struck me oddly so I asked Molly what Cathy said
about her father. Molly explained that all she knew was
that Cathy's father walked out on them when she was
little and she had some real issues with older men.

"Oh my God. Is she bothering you?" Molly asked
me once she realized this might have become a problem in
my world. Of course I was too embarrassed to admit to Molly
that Cathy and I had been making out a few times so far. In
fact I pretended I hardly knew Cathy and quickly changed
the subject. "Well that is a relief because she does
seem to flirt a lot with older men, right in front of her husband, "
Molly added before we parted ways.

Cathy remained a memory for the next few weeks although
I had this gut feeling she wasn't going to stay away
for very long. And I was right because one night just after
I had gone to bed, my phone rang and it was Cathy. And she sounded
upset and had been crying when she asked me if we could just
talk for a while because she was feeling very sad.

"Where is Gary tonight?" I remember asking
her. "I think he is out with one of his lady friends"
Cathy said softly to me. "Your husband has a girl friend?"
I asked shocked even if I probably shouldn't have been.
"Listen, Gary is not my husband. We just live together
and pretend to be married. And we can both date other people, "
Cathy said next. I just sat there stunned at how crazy a world
this had become since the last time I was single. Were there
any rules left at all?

"So what has you so upset?"I think I asked her.
Cathy sobbed for a few seconds and didn't answer my
question. Instead she took a deep breath and softly said
to me, " Can I come spend the night at your place?"
As much as I needed a woman, I knew this was not the way to finally
get one. So I told Cathy that wasn't a good idea but I
was still glad she had thought of me and had called. "Well
ok then. Thanks for talking, " Cathy said before
we hung up, abruptly.

Fifteen minutes later Cathy was at my front door wearing
her silly pajama's and a pair of matching slippers.
Fearing one of my neighbors would spot her, I pulled Cathy
inside and locked my front door. She still looked she had
been crying so I asked her why she was so sad. "I don't
know but I don't want to be alone tonight, " Cathy
said as we both sat down on my sofa.

I asked her if she wanted a drink but Cathy shook her head
no. But I needed one feeling about as tense as I had felt in
the past ten years. I went into my kitchen to pour myself
one and when I returned Cathy was gone. I remember rushing
to my front window to see if her car was gone but it was still
parked on the street right where she left it.

I took a sip and then went in search of Cathy, with my knees
knocking loud enough for my neighbors to hear them. And
it wasn't hard to find her. Cathy was already in my bed,
under the covers with her head resting on one of the pillows.
"Please just let me sleep here tonight, " She
said softly. My dick should have known better but it didn't,
as the blood rushed into it as fast as it could.

I remember I turned around and walked back out to my living
room to see if I had any sane thoughts left in my head. The
fact that I had this cute, innocent thirty one year old woman
in my bed, was so unexpected yet so exciting at the same time.
I couldn't remember the last time Betty and I shared
our bed and I mean really shared it as a couple.

I finished my drink, turned off the lights and walked down
the hall into my bedroom and saw Cathy still under the covers
waiting for me. I was literally shaking as I unbuttoned
my shirt and laid it on the chair Molly had put in the corner
for me. Cathy was on her side facing the wall so at least she
wasn't watching me undress next to the bed. I hesitated
for a moment before I undid my belt and removed my pants next.
My cock was so full of blood, I swear it was going to explode
at any second.

"Here put this somewhere, " Cathy said in a
soft voice as she lifted one of her arms from beneath the
covers, with her pajama top in it. I just took it from her
and I guess you can say I gave up, at that point. There was
no denying what we were about to do together on my bed.

Cathy rolled on to her back and then pulled my head down to
hers as our lips touched again. And the sheet she had covering
her chest slipped down to and suddenly her breasts were
inches from me looking like ripe melons that needed my attention.
She sensed how nervous I really was and reached for one of
my hands and carefully rested it on one of her soft breasts.

"Tonight is our night, " She said before we
kissed again as my hands began to massage her ripe soft melons.
Cathy was much bigger than my wife and I got so consumed touching
her breasts, feeling them squeezing them and finally kissing
each of her nipples as Cathy's whimpers then began.

And at one point my hand slid down to touch her farther down
her body and I realized Cathy had also removed her pajama
bottoms and her panties too. "Don't worry. They
are on the floor which is where I want them to stay for the
rest of the night, " Cathy said before we really began
to kiss each other the same passion as an atomic bomb going

Cathy had the finest, soft, curly hair around her pussy
as my fingers began to explore her womanhood. I guess you
could say I just lost it rather quickly after that. The covers
were kicked off and Cathy was there for me and to satisfy
my needs while I hopefully satisfied her needs too. I sucked
both of her nipples until they fully blossomed before I
went to work on her pussy next.

I had forgotten how addictive the scent of a woman is until
her vagina aroma was filling my head. "Oh fuck, honey,
it feels so good, " Cathy said a couple of times while
my tongue worked on her pussy. I darted my tongue between
her outer lips and then slowly licked each of them which
drove her totally insane. But if I was going to cum hard and
I knew that was going to happen for sure, I wanted to make
sure Cathy came hard too. So once I began to focus on her love
button, it was pretty much over after that. She did her best
to try and twist away when it became too much for her to handle,
but I didn't let her get away even for a second.

I found it amusing to listen to her cumming as hard as she
did while she held the pillow over her face to muffle her
sounds. Cathy gasped, whimpered and moaned for a good twenty
seconds before all her body could do was jerk, twitch and
tremble from the aftermath of her orgasm. And once I saw
her pussy all swollen and ready, I just climbed on top of
her and pushed my hard shaft into her tight warm hole.

Immediately Cathy tossed the pillow onto the floor and
looked up at me with fire in her eyes once I began to fuck her.
She just stared at me as my thick hardness worked in and out
of her rather tight pussy as our bodies were now both on the
same mission. "Ok give me a second, " Cathy
said but I was too far gone to stop by then. So when I didn't
stop fucking her, she just reached up and held onto me while
my meat worked on her womb.

"Come on honey, make this a good one for you and for
me, " Cathy said once the pace had picked up even more.
The end of my hard cock was bumping up against something
deep inside of her when I slammed her all the way up with my
cock but Cathy took it in stride and begged me for me. The
pressure got so strong, my dick felt like the end of hose
when you squeeze it with the water still on.

My eruption started shortly after that as Cathy and I humped
and ground together to get every drop I had in me, into her.
I collapsed onto her breasts a few minutes later as I tried
to catch my breath and hoped my senses would return. And
at my age after an experience like that, I needed some time.

Cathy washed up in my bathroom while I rested on my bed before
she walked back into the room still completely naked but
with a glow about her too. "I knew from the first time
I met you at that party, we would be great together",
Cathy said as she climbed onto the bed and propped her head
up with a couple of pillows. I had left a few reddish marks
on her breasts so I apologized for that, as Cathy simply
giggled and said she loved every minute of it.

"So what happens now?"I asked her after I had
cleaned myself up too. "I really don't know.
But we have all night to figure it out, " Cathy said
as we began to snuggled in each other's arms and kiss
each other tenderly. Our naked bodies or more precisely
my naked body needed more time to recover as Cathy and I spent
the next half hour snuggling, kissing and occasionally

I guess she didn't stop amazing me for a second because
later on, Cathy took my cock into her mouth and got it hard
again within just a few minutes. So I then went to lick her
again but Cathy said she wanted to fuck me again, instead.
So I helped her climb on top of my body with my boner standing
up waiting for her tight, slippery tunnel.

It was like the perfect symphony playing one of the classics
the way Cathy and my body came together in such wonderful
harmony. Once she had my entire hard cock stuffed up inside
of her pussy for the second time, Cathy just began to rock
gently at first with a big smile on her face. "I think
we are great together, " She said once with that big
smile growing even bigger by the second. I told her we sure
were great together. Cathy and I enjoyed our second fuck
in a more controlled way until the end of course.

Cathy got up really early and slipped out of my house with
her pajamas and slippers on, just the way she had arrived.
So when I opened my eyes to the morning sun, she was already
gone but had left me a sweet note on my pile of clothes on the
chair. "You were great. I will call you soon, and it
was signed Love Cathy."

I remember laying on my bed replaying everything we did
together the night before and it looked like a porn movie
than a love story. But then Cathy and I were never going to
be a love story for sure so I once again learned how things
worked differently in the world, my second time around
as a single man.

At least I felt calm for the first time in a really long time
as I went about the rest of my day with a bit more zip in my step.
And I had a smile a mile wide to boot. My attitude was suddenly
different and even the people at work made comments to me
that something about me had changed. A week or so passed
and Cathy didn't call although I waited by my phone
each night hoping she would. In fact it was eleven days since
Cathy and I started our affair or whatever you want to call
it, when I heard from her again.

It was rather late when Cathy called but then I expected
the woman never did anything during normal hours. I was
excited to hear from her but all she did was ramble on about
this or that as I waited to hear her ask me if she could come
over again. But Cathy just talked and talked and then continued
to talk for a full twenty minutes before she asked me if I
wanted her company.

"Is Gary out tonight?" I asked her. Cathy giggled
and said he was, before she asked me if I was up for a visitor.
I told her that sounded like a really good idea before she
hung up and knocked at my front door fifteen minutes later.
We barely made it to my bed as her clothes came off along the
way. Cathy climaxed twice that night and when we finally
did fuck, she was really into it even more than the first

And that is pretty much how I got back into the singles game
for the second time in my life. Incredible sex with a very
unlikely, very young woman who came over to fuck me, once
every week or so. I truly realized the rules had indeed changed.

So when I finally did meet Maureen, a traditional woman
close to my own age, I felt like everything went back to the
way I thought it would be. And that was my dilemma because
the sex Cathy and I were having, was not like any sex I had
ever experienced before and I didn't want to give that
up. But I liked the closeness and the friendship I was developing
with Maureen. Even though we had not yet moved past kissing
more than once or twice at the end of one of our dates.

I began this story by admitted my marriage ended for lots
of reasons and sex was one of them but it wasn't the only
reason. So now I had one girl friend who loved to fuck and
another girl friend who loved to talk and get to know me,
as a person. Sex will always be important to me but it will
never be the main part of any real relationship. It took
Maureen and me about seven months before we finally ended
up sharing a bed together. She turned out to be traditional
not only in life but also in bed but I was comfortable with
her approach.

Cathy eventually drifted away in search of other older
men but will always be grateful to that young woman for opening
my eyes to the world I now live in. And in my new world is Maureen,
the woman, I not only admire and respect, but she is also
my lover who shares her heart and not just her body with me
every time we make love.

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Very could story, however when you first mentioned Cathy is was out of nowhere. MIght have said how you were introduced or something to that affect.


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well written story with lots of descriptions and great sex between partners


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He did....they met at a party his decorator threw..


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Your story started out that you were going to do Molly, and then all of a sudden changed and never got back to doing Molly. Too bad. Should have tried Molly and then went to Cathy. The end was anti-climatic. Sorry, but Maureen might end up being the new Betty. I know it is fiction but do a follow up when a year later Maureen also goes through the Betty thing. Older people who are "Traditional" about sex and not really hot to begin a relationship these days will only go down hill. Older women in a new relationship ARE just as hot as young women. Think of it this way she is putting her hot on now, what happens when the passion cools. Once a week will become once a month until a couple of years later it is once a year. So write us a story about two or three years later when all that "friendly" grows cold. But hey, your prostate might take a flyer and you will not NEED more than once a month or year. But a new Cathy story or back to bright Molly might be a good story... You have a good line going..."now let's hear the rest of the story". : -)


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Very good and well enjoyed! I could use a Cathy myself. Or a Molly. Or Rita... Thank you for sharing