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Sally's Shopping Trip


Sally's shopping trip
Written by eastern_rose

I am a housewife living in a small village in middle England,
My husband loves me, I'm sure of that, and I love him,
unfortunately sometimes love just isn't enough.
John, my husband of fifteen years, has a good job, he is well
respected in his company and travels the world as a trouble-shooter,
that's great for him but leaves me with weeks of being
alone during the year. I have no children, the product of
an abortion I had when I was fifteen, faced with the stigma
of an unplanned, illegitimate child, I decided to have
the abortion. My father paid for it and all seemed to go well
until three weeks after the termination, I started to haemorrhage
and passed out on the school bus, I had a serious problem
in my womb and had to have an emergency hysterectomy. That
was the end of my child baring forever, no potential cure,
no prospects.

It was during one of my husband's trips abroad, a three-week
trip to Poland that my story really started, I was bored
as usual and decided to go on a shopping trip to London. I
had picked up a few things and had lunch in a bistro, I had
a half bottle of wine with my meal, something I never normally
do and I spent the next few hours in a little whirl, I walked
some distance with my head spinning when I saw some exotic
lingerie in a shop window. I had no idea where I was but thought
I could buy something to make John's homecoming a little
more special. I went into the shop and realised it was a very
different sort of shop to any that I had ever been into before.
I was fascinated by the cabinets full of plastic and rubber
devices, behind me on the shelving unit there were magazines
and films depicting sexual acts. Now I'm not a prude
but I would have avoided this sort of place like the plague,
but here I was, looking at the myriad of kinky sexual devices
and wondering what each would feel like!

I was lost in a world of my own wandering around the shop,
looking at this and touching that when I stumbled across
a door at the rear of the shop, I watched a man walk in the shop
and head directly for the door. I was intrigued and decided
to follow the man through the door, on the other side of the
door there was a long passageway with doors marked 'peep-booth'
with the sort of locks found in public toilets with the Engaged
/ Vacant flags on them. I entered a vacant booth and inside
there was a coin slot that took pound coins, I dropped a coin
in the slot and a partition opened in the wall revealing
a window into another room, there was a woman dancing erotically
in the inner room. I watched and when she faced my window
her eyes opened wide and she came right up to the window,
she rubbed her tits across the glass and pointed to a little
hatch in the wall below the glass, she controlled the cover
from inside the inner room. I put my hand through the hatch
and she rubbed her pussy against my hand, I could feel her
heat through her skimpy panties and plucked up courage
to insert a finger through the elastic leg hole. She was
dripping wet, my finger slid inside her cunt as if it was
a hot knife through butter, I finger fucked her for a few
seconds and then she moved away. I noticed the man opposite
me was holding a five pound note against the glass and the
girl was there in a flash, she tripped the hatch in his wall
and took the money then reversed against the wall and was
looking directly at me, licking her lips, I noticed the
man looked like he was fucking her through the hatch way.
The girl moved away after less than two minutes, I could
see the mans cock was still through the hole in the wall and
as I watched he erupted all over the floor, long jets of thick
sticky man-juice flowing out of his cock. The partition
closed with a sudden bang and I was left staring into the
dark wall for a couple of minutes, I finally decided to leave
the shop straight away. I was just approaching the door
back into the shop when a hidden panel in the wall next to
the door opened and the girl stepped out, she was wearing
a dressing gown, which she held closed with one hand, she
reached out and touched my face, stroking my cheek. I blushed
a little and we looked into each others eyes, she moved her
face closer to mine and we kissed, just a little kiss but
it was on the mouth. She told me her name was Kelly and asked
me if I wanted to go with her to her dressing room, she didn't
wait for my reply, she just turned and walked back through
the panel in the wall. I followed her, I don't know why
I just did. We walked through a corridor and along a passage
way to a grubby brown door at the end of the passageway, the
room beyond was tatty but clean, Kelly turned as soon as
I entered her dressing room, she kissed me hard and with
plenty of tong. I was a little shocked, especially with
myself, I have never kissed another woman in this way before,
I was enjoying it, then Kelly pushed her free hand between
my legs and forced them apart roughly. I just stood there
kissing her while she tore at my cloths to get access to my
pussy, she grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled me to
the bed, throwing me forcefully on the bed. I lay there and
let her fuck me, she used her fingers and a dildo, she tong
fucked my pussy and my ass hole. I was like a rag doll just
taking all she could give me, it wasn't unpleasant
I just had no idea what to do to respond to her, I reached out
and touched her breast and she slapped my face, she told
me I hadn't been given permission to touch her yet.
I decided I had best remove my self as soon as I could, I let
Kelly do as she wanted to me and even managed to climax even
though I was a little worried about my situation. Kelly
only climaxed once, it was immediately following my climax
and she relaxed a lot after that. We were lying side by side
panting together, Kelly apologised for the rough treatment
she had given me but accused me of making her so horny she
didn't know how to control herself. I smiled and said
I had to be going, Kelly looked at me and said I couldn't
go anywhere with my clothing torn as it was. I looked at my
cloths and agreed with her, she went into a cupboard and
brought out some of the exotic cloths she wore to dance in
the peep show. I looked at the cloths on offer and picked
the longest skirt she had, it barely covered my ass and all
her blouses were see through so there was no choice there.
I was not offered panties or bra and so I had to leave the shop
dressed like a prostitute.

I stepped into the night air woefully unprotected in my
skimpy cloths, I needed to find a taxi as soon as possible
and decided to pop into a bar near to the sex shop and ring
for a mini cab, as I entered the bar the manager came out and
told me to leave. I looked at him with disbelieving eyes,
he told me he had made it clear to all the working girls that
we were not allowed to use his bar for picking up punters.
I asked him if he could translate some of what he was saying
into English, he looked at me and said, "This is the
first time I've seen you in here isn't it, are you
new around here". I told him I was in London for a shopping
trip and just needed to ring for a mini-cab to take me to the
railway station and someplace to wait in the warm until
the cab arrived. The manager told me I could use his phone
in the office, he led the way to the office and unlocked the
door and I walked in, he followed me and locked the door behind
him. He told me he had to keep the door locked because he had
the bar takings in the office safe and he was responsible
for it. I picked up the telephone receiver and went to dial
a number, I looked around for inspiration, usually the
phone boxes are full of telephone numbers for taxi firms.
The manager took the receiver from my hand and dialled a
number he spoke into the mouthpiece, "Bob here from
the 'Cocktail-a-gogo' bar I have a customer that
needs a taxi, ok!" He handed the receiver to me and
said tell them where you want to go, I told the man on the phone
where I wanted to go and he said he had nothing for thirty
minutes, I told him that would be ok and hung up. I said, "Thanks
Bob, they told me it would take about thirty minutes".
Bob offered me a drink, I needed something, so I accepted,
Bob left the room locking the door behind him and returned
two minutes later. He gave me a whisky and he had a dark rum,
I took a large gulp from the glass and sat on a sofa against
the wall Bob took a little sip from his rum and stood looking
at me. I realised he was looking directly at my hair covered
mound, the skirt had barely covered my modesty when I stood
but now that I was sitting back on the sofa my pussy was half
uncovered, a wide smile broke across Bob's face and
he said drink up girl and relax. I finished my drink and really
did relax, I felt so wonderful and warm all over, I gently
drifted off to sleep. I had become the latest victim of the
date drug that's been in all the Sunday papers

I don't know exactly what Bob did to me in the office
after I passed out but when I woke up I was naked in a room with
a locked door, the windows were locked and bared and all
I could see out of the window was the rooftops of a dingy part
of what I supposed to be London. I was sore between my legs
and my breasts were hurting like hell, and it was daylight,
I looked to see the time but my watch was gone. I tried to estimate
the time from the position of the sun, it must have been late
morning, the sun was almost directly overhead. I could
see neither cloths nor handbag in the room and it was cold,
there was nothing I could cover myself with at all in the
room, I banged the door and it opened almost immediately,
a large Afro-Caribbean man walked in and said, "I
see you're awake bitch. I thought you were dead after
the seeing to we gave you last night!" I asked him what
happened last night and he told me that I was the boy's
entertainment for the previous night, there were eight
of his friends and him, and Bob had fucked me before they
arrived at the bar. I asked where I was, he told me Birmingham.
I sat on the piss stained bed and winced in pain as my ass touched
the bare mattress. I felt a pain in my backside that I hadn't
noticed until now, I asked what exactly was I doing in Birmingham
and what exactly they had done to me the night before. My
captor 'kissed his teeth' the way Caribbean people
do and said, "You ask too many questions for a bitch
in your position, my friends did a little opening up of your
holes for you to make the next few days better for you".
I looked at him and said, "my holes?" He told
me his friends had taken it in turns to fuck my ass hole while
I was under the drug, they had all fucked my pussy too but
it was important that my ass hole was well opened if I was
to earn them any money. "Money! What are you talking
about?" I said, he told me he had to pay Bob a lot of money
for me, I was an investment for his gang and I would have to
earn twenty thousand pounds before I could be set free.
I sat unable to comprehend what the hell had happened to
me in the last twenty-four hours. I was told my captor's
name was Ray, he was a 'Yardi' from Jamaica and
I was in his brothel. I would receive my first customer tomorrow
night and I would earn him five pounds for each punter I serviced
and when I had twenty thousand in the account I would be taken
back to London and released. I could not even imagine what
I would be like after being fucked by four thousand strangers
or how long it would take to go through that many men. I could
imagine the men though, fat, sweaty ugly, foul smelling
men. I shuddered at the prospect and started to cry, Ray
slapped my face, hard, I could taste the blood welling into
my mouth, I looked at him with contempt, he punched my stomach
and sent me flying off the bed, I hit my head on the wall and
slumped to the floor. The room was spinning around and I
was feeling very sick, Ray left the room and I heard the door
lock behind him. I looked out of the window again and tried
to get a bearing on where I was, I could just make out the railway
line going into what I thought was the railway station.
I lay on the bed and went to sleep, weeping fitfully to my
self, I was awoken by a sharp dig in the ribs by a woman, older
than me but not much. She told me I had to eat now, Ray had decided
to get me working as soon as possible and a customer would
be here in an hour to see me. I was told not to try anything
or Ray would kill me, I wouldn't be the first he had killed
and I wouldn't be the last. I ate a simple meal of stale
bread with ham and cheese with coffee to wash it down, I was
starving and although I would have normally tossed such
rubbish out the window it was like smoked Salmon and Caviar
to me at the moment.

I was about to learn what a prostitute has to put up with from
the pathetic losers who have to pay for sex, I was collected
from my locked room by the old woman, she threw a thong, bra
and see through dressing gown at me and said, "Time
to dress for work girl!" I dressed in the cloths and
was led down stairs to a bedroom, I was again warned to behave
my self or face the consequences from Ray. I sat on the bed
and a man was brought in to me, he asked my name and I told him
it was Sally he told me his name was Steve. He was a salesman
in Birmingham for a sales convention and was looking for
a good time, he told me a man in his hotel recommended me,
he liked anal intercourse and he was told I was an expert.
He pushed me back on the bed and pulled my bra up to expose
my tits, he said, "I like a woman with pierced nipples!"
I looked down and there were holes in my nipples, no wonder
they were painful this morning, I must admit as soon as I
sat down and felt the pain in my ass I forgot about my boobs
completely. He bit down hard on my nipples but they didn't
hurt as much as I expected them to, he put one hand between
my thighs and forced them open. He pulled my thong to one
side and jabbed a finger into my pussy, I was a little dry
and his finger hurt like hell as he forced it deep into my
slit. I winced a little and he asked if it hurt, I nodded and
he smiled, he said, "I'm going to enjoy this!"
I closed my eyes and he flipped me face down on the bed and
pulled my thong off completely, he pushed his cock between
my ass cheeks and said, "Aren't you going to insist
on my wearing a condom or something, I thought Oh! My god
I could have aids or anything by now, I looked around the
room and saw a box of condoms on the dressing table, I handed
him one and he put it on. He pushed me back down on the bed and
he put his cock against my puckered ass hole, he just plunged
his cock deep in side my ass fully in one movement. I expected
pain but found I could take the hit without problem, he fucked
in and out with long fast strokes, he was mumbling that I
was the best ass fuck he ever had, over and over again, he
ejaculated in about three minutes, half filling his condom
in the process. I felt no pleasure at all in the pounding
he gave me, but it wasn't unpleasant either, if I had
been turned on I wouldn't have had time to climax in
the short three minutes that he lasted. Steve pulled out
of my ass and removed his condom and threw it in the corner
of the room, he slapped my ass and said he would last longer
the next time he visited me, he told me he would pass my name
around the convention and try to drum up some trade for me.

I pulled my thong back on, adjusted my bra and draped my dressing
gown back around my shoulders again. I made for the door
and as I was about to open the door the old woman entered with
another man, she told me the man's name was John, he
was a regular customer and a good friend of Ray's. I
just stood and looked at her, she pulled me to one side and
said the quicker you fill your account the quicker you get
out of here. John took me by the hand and took me to the bed,
he sat on the bed and told me to dance for him, he wanted me
to remove all my cloths while I danced for him and then I was
to masturbate myself while he watched. I started to sway
around a little and was humming a tune in my head, I rubbed
my hands all over my body and dropped the dressing gown to
the floor. I turned and bumped and ground my thighs, I couldn't
believe what I was doing, then I remembered Kelly from the
night in the peep show booth, I was copying her movements.
I was starting to get into it, removing my bra then my thong,
my eyes were closed as I plunged up and down fingering my
cunt with one hand and squeezing my tits with the other.
I brought the finger from my cunt to my mouth and tasted my
juice, I was surprising myself with the erotic way I was
performing. I opened my eyes and looked straight into John's
eyes, I wanted him, I couldn't believe it but I did.
I straddled his lap and rubbed my pussy against his crotch,
he was hard and big, I opened his fly and helped the one eyed
monster out into the open. John was no sad loser he was good
looking and had a baseball bat hidden in his trousers. I
was about to drop my pussy lips around his cock when he stood
up and pushed me off, he went to the dressing table and put
on a condom, he opened the top dresser draw and took out a
small box. The box contained what looked like small spiral
of silver wire in the shape of silver Christmas trees, he
placed the open end of the first tree into the hole in my nipple
and turned it around in the hole. My nipple started to travel
up the tree as he turned and when my nipple was about twice
as long as it was normally he did the same to my other nipple.
I felt only a little pain from my nipples, if anyone had told
me I would enjoy having sex for money while I was kidnapped
and held prisoner I would have called the 'nut house'
and booked them a room. John lay on his back on the bed and
asked me to climb on top of him and ride him, I did as I was asked,
and as I bounced up and down on his cock my tits bounced up
and down too. John gave the nipple trees a little twist every
few minutes, less than an eighth of a turn each time but soon
I was experiencing a climax which was very powerful, the
action on my tits and the stiff fucking I was receiving combining
to drive my climax to heights I had never reached before,
ever. When John erupted into his latex tube my nipples were
about an inch long, they were just starting to hurt again
but I liked the feeling very much. I wanted to keep John inside
my bodyall night but he lifted me off, he told me he had to
go and that I had more customers waiting in the lounge. I
asked him how he knew about the box with the nipple things
in, he told me the last girl in the room was Sue, he was a regular
customer of hers and she was into nipple pleasure, he had
noticed my nipples were pierced and hoped her things were
still there. I asked him what happened to Sue, John shrugged
his shoulders and said, "Must have been bored with
this place or found a house with a better share-out than
here, what makes any of you girls travel around?"
I was still thinking about that when John left the room,
I opened the wardrobe and found some other exotic cloths,
I tried on a bask, the sort that has no cups but push the breasts
up from underneath, and see through panties, I had just
turned in front of the mirror when the door opened and a woman
in a business suit walked in the room.

I stood looking at the woman, I thought she must have been
something to do with the house, I expected her to tell me
this was all a joke, a sort of adult 'Candid Camera',
but she stood looking at me, nervously fiddling with her
jacket buttons. She opened her jacket and squeezed her
left breast, I could see she wasn't wearing a bra, her
nipples stood out like coat hooks, she was looking directly
at the silver nipple trees I still had in my nipples. The
feeling was now so nice that I forgot I had them in my nipples
still. I realised she was just another customer, I walked
over to her, she reached out her hands and touched my stretched
nipples, I felt an electric shock race through my body at
her touch. I started to open her blouse, I left her jacket
draped over her shoulders and opened her blouse, I pushed
her against the wall and squeezed her tits, pushing her
firmly against the wall. I French kissed her deeply, acting
out what Kelly had done to me the day before, I lifted her
skirt and ripped her panties off, she gasped in a deep breath,
my fingers felt her hairless mound and I used my knee to force
her legs open. I stabbed a finger into her slit, I felt a little
lump where her clit hid behind it's hood, hard and sharp,
metallic, I mused to my self she must have a pierced clit
there. I forced my finger deeply inside her body, I was being
as brutal as possible with her and she was loving it. I twisted
my fingers into her hair and dragged her head down slightly,
her wig came off in my hand, I threw it in the corner next to
Steve's used condom. I forced her head between my tits
and she licked my breasts eagerly. I pulled her over to the
bed and threw her down, she missed the bed and her head slammed
into the dressing table, there was a little blood and she
was unconscious. I was shaking, I thought I had killed her,
what would Ray do to me when he found out I had killed a customer.
I felt for her pulse and found a strong beat, I thought I was
still in deep shit here, she was bound to complain, bound
to. I thought quickly, I needed to be somewhere other than
here as soon as possible. I removed her skirt, jacket and
shoes and put them over my bask, I had to remove the nipple
trees as they stood out too much through the jacket, but
I put them in the jacket pockets for later. I picked up her
handbag and looked through it, I found a handkerchief I
was about to leave the room when I looked in the corner, I
reached the wig and placed it on my head. I covered my face
with the handkerchief and went through the door, there
was a man waiting outside the room, I covered my face more
and made sobbing noises. I asked which way I had to go to get
out, my shaky voice was not an act, I was shitting my self,
I knew the stakes were high, I was gambling with my life.
The man pointed to a door at the end of the passage way, I thanked
him and ran out, a woman at the front desk asked me if everything
was ok, I replied I had to leave, I said, "I should never
have come here in the first place". I was in the street,
I had no idea where I was or what the time was but I remembered
the direction of the railway lines and headed off that way.

I used the credit card of Mrs. C.E. Foster to get me a ticket
home, I felt bad for her, I was free and I expected she was
going to pay for that, probably nineteen thousand nine
hundred and ninety pounds to be precise. As the train pulled
in to my home railway station I had an idea, I looked through
Mrs. Fosters handbag and found her address from letters
in her bag, I called directory enquiries from the station
telephone and got her telephone number. I called her house
and a man answered, I asked him if he was Mr Foster, he told
me he was, I said, "Listen to me Mr. Foster. I only have
a short time 'till my train leaves the station. A pimp
in Birmingham called Ray has kidnapped your wife, you will
have to go to the police and get her out!" I told him
how to find the house in Birmingham and the guard blew his
whistle, I told Mr. Foster I had to go and hung-up the telephone.
I hailed a taxi and headed for home, I had to get my neighbour
out of bed to give me her spare key to my house. I walked in
the house just as the phone rang, I was going to ignore it,
expecting it to be Ray, calling to tell me he was going to
come for me. I relented and picked up the receiver I was about
to hurl abuse into the mouthpiece when I heard the comforting
voice of John my husband. He asked how I was and how the trip
to London had gone, I told him all was fine and I was tired
and needed to go to bed, I told him I would ring him in the morning
and tell him all my news.

The morning news brought a happy little smile to my face
and a little sadness too, there was a story of drugs and prostitution,
kidnapping and murder, Sue the girl in my room before me
was found murdered in the cellar of the house, she had been
pregnant when she was killed. The news told how Detective
chief inspector Foster of the Metropolitan police had
received an anonymous call the night before which led to
the West Midlands police raid on a 'Yardi' brothel
and drugs den, several women were rescued who had been kidnapped
and forced into prostitution. The 'Yardies'
were armed and fought a running battle with the police through
the streets of Birmingham, the result was seven members
of the gang killed including the leader Raymond Le-Grand
from Jamaica. I liked the result, I gave my nipple trees
another full turn, I had them in my nipples all night, I had
to sleep on my back but I felt so good it was worth it. I went
back to the railway station and waited for a train to arrive
from the same route as I had used the night before. I rang
Mr Foster's house and a woman answered, I asked her
if she was Mrs. C.E. Foster, she replied she was. I told her
I was the woman from the night before, she asked what I wanted
and I told her that I wanted to return her possessions to
her. We arranged to meet in London the next day so I could
give her back her things and thank her and also apologise
to her for leaving her there in the brothel in my place.

Mrs. Foster and I met in the café of a department store in
the East-end of London, I was wearing the bask from the brothel
and the see through panties with a short leather skirt and
almost see through blouse. I had a tailored jacket to complete
the outfit, I had Mrs Fosters things in an old sport bag.
I didn't recognise her as she approached me, it was
the plaster on her forehead that drew my attention to her.
I asked if she was Mrs Foster and she nodded her head and said
Clare, she flinched in pain, I said, "Is it the head?"
She just nodded again, she asked me, in a whisper, what the
hell had happened the day before in the brothel, I explained
that I was just playing my part when she flipped off the bed
and bumped her head on the dressing table. I told her I just
ran fearing they would kill me for causing the accident
to her, I also explained how I came to be there in the first
place. She asked me how her husband had found out about her
being there, I explained that I had telephoned him to prevent
her from having to take my place in the brothel. Mrs Foster
laughed out loud, "They know I'm the wife of a
police chief inspector" she told me, "I would
have been perfectly alright there". I told her I had
no idea who she was and acted in her best interests, she reached
over and squeezed my hand, "Thanks", That was
all she needed to say. I gave her all her things back including
the money for the train fare I had borrowed from her credit
card. She told me there was no need to worry about the money
but I insisted in her having it. We drank coffee and talked
about this and that, I was playing with my cup, loudly avoiding
a subject I desperately wanted to broach. Clare said, "There's
something you're not telling me Sally?" I said,
"Well you paid for my services yesterday and I think
I should pay you back, either in cash or kind, Clare's
eyes opened wide, "In kind!" She said, I nodded.
"Your place or mine" she said.

We travelled to Clare's house in silence, my heart
was beating wildly, I was hot, so hot, I wanted to jump her
bones there and then in the taxi, but I restrained myself.
We entered her home, I asked her when she was expecting her
husband home, she told me not for a couple of days, when he
had a police shooting to investigate he would usually work
long hours and sleep in the section house to save travelling
time, especially when he was as far away as Birmingham.
I asked her how come a London bobby was looking into a crime
in Birmingham, she told me it's usual for an investigating
officer from outside the police area to be heading the initial
investigation. She said, "It's the only way
he can keep my name out of the report. I couldn't even
go to the hospital to check my head out because that would
have ended up on a report in Birmingham that could be traced
back to the shooting". We had a glass of wine and sat
on the large comfortable sofa in her lounge, she kissed
me and told me I had to be gentle with her because of her head.
She usually liked to be treated roughly and I was doing fine
the other day until her lights went out, she liked my technique.
I returned her kiss so gently I could hardly feel the touch.
I moved my mouth over hers and licked her lips softly until
her mouth opened slightly, I pressed my tong into her mouth
and slowly explored her mouth. She responded by stabbing
quickly in my mouth with her own tong, we had a little tong
battle for a few minutes, then I asked her to undress. She
stood and started to undress as if going to bed, I held up
my hand to stop her, "Sexily" I said, "dance
a little, tease me". She did as I asked, she was good,
I removed my jacket, never letting my eyes leave her body,
then my shirt, my breasts were bare and my nipples were standing
out. Clare danced over to me she had only her M&S plane
white nickers on, she bent her head to my nipple and licked
gently over the tip of one then the other. I lifted my body
to meet her mouth, pushing my nipple into her mouth, she
sucked hard on my nipple and her tong was playing around
the pierced holes in each side of each nipple. I had never
felt such pleasure in my tits as this, my nipples were twice
as big as usual because of the nipple tree. I opened the zipper
in the side of my skirt, Clare pulled it free of my legs, she
looked deeply between my thighs, through the see through
panties and deep into my bush. I was truly in heaven, Clare
pulled at the tie sides of my brothel issue panties and removed
them. I captured her head gently between my hands and pushed
it between my legs, opening them as wide as possible. Clare's
tong slipped through my jungle undergrowth deep into the
valley of my desire, flicking over my clit, rapidly, then
her teeth captured my clit and she nipped it gently but firmly.
I nearly jumped out of my shin as the pleasure raced to my
brain and back to my nipple, she eased a finger into my love
tunnel, gently probing deeper and deeper into my womanhood.
I climaxed with a flood of love juice jetting out of my pussy,
which Clare managed to catch in her mouth and she drank noisily.
She saved a little in her mouth and moved up my body and kissed
me deeply on the lips transferring a little of my juice into
my mouth. I laid Clare on the floor carefully holding her
head to prevent her hitting it against anything, I lifted
her legs as high as I could and removed her M&S sensible
nickers and threw them across the floor. I placed my head
between her thighs and drank deeply of her maidenhood pool,
my tong dipping as deeply as it could, then I lapped at her
clit hard and with as much friction as possible. I drove
her to a deep climax, she didn't demonstrate her excitement
with the flood I did earlier but her juice did dribble a little
into my mouth, it was far sweeter than my musky flood. As
her breathing started to subside she looked lovingly in
my eyes and a thought ran through my mind, I lifted her legs
a little higher and dipped my tong into her ass hole, I rimmed
her brown eye lovingly and my tong managed to get a little
way inside her chocolate tunnel. Clare was rolling about
laughing and screeching, telling me to stop and then not
to, she loved it. I knelt up on my haunches and looked all
over her body, she wasn't young, a little older than
me but her body was immaculate, tight and well defined,
just short of a body builders physique. I moved along her
body until my pussy mound was level with hers, I parted her
thighs with my thigh. I lay on top of Clare and used my thigh
to rub her pussy and her thigh to rub my pussy. We were fucking
like a man and woman would fuck, she was surprised at the
results of the friction of my thigh on her pussy, she started
to climax and in this position I was able to work her tits,
sucking and biting at her nipples, she was in orbit. I loved
to see her throwing her body about, thrashing about in the
grip of a passionate climax. I started to climax again and
just as I was calming down Clare reached behind me and drove
a finger into my ass hole, I was tipped into another deep
climax, so much so that pissed a little over her thigh and
pussy. We lay in each others arms, panting and sweaty, we
had a bath together and as we soaped each others bodies I
brought her to another climax by finger fucking her with
soapy fingers.

Clare dropped me off at the local railway station at nine
o'clock, I gave her my telephone number and address
and we promised to meet again soon. I arrived home just as
the telephone rang, it was John, we talked for an hour about
this and that, I avoided the sex, drugs and rock & roll,
made up a story of suburban drudgery to keep him happy. I
told him I had a surprise for his home coming party, he said,
"You must have missed me, it's the first time
you've mentioned a home coming party for me before".
We laughed together and I hung up the phone. Could I manage
to hold out until John came home, would I have to visit Clare
again or would I revisit the 'Cocktail-a-gogo'
bar in London, my pussy was dripping again already just
thinking about the prospects of more illicit sex to come.

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