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Saigon 1969


My life before, during and after Saigon - A love story

I was extremely excited and very scared when I heard the
wheels of the plane screeching, as soon as the rubber hit
the runway. And so was everyone else on the plane as we all
began to quickly look around at each other, unsure of what
was waiting for us outside of the plane. We were all just
kids, barely out of high school and now our feet would soon
be on soil half way around the world.

I remember looking at Randy, the kid along side of me who
I had gotten to know since we boarded the day before. His eyes looked like
my eyes felt, as we tried to offer each other a quick nod that
we had each other's backs. My watch may have said it
was a different time but my brain still told me that about
now, Dad would be walking with my little brothers to the
barn to do the morning milking.

And then everyone got very quiet, except for the engines
slowly winding down. We all just sat in our seats and waited
for the plane to come to a complete stop in Saigon.

I had never been more than fifty miles from my home before
I was drafted. In other words I couldn't even imagine
what another culture would be like. I mean, how different
could people be since we are all still people who have the
same feelings and the same wants in our lives. I stood up
when the door was finally opened and that is when the humidity
really hit me. It felt like I was standing in front of a blast
furnace and gasped along with everyone else for the first
few moments.

And it seemed to only get worse as I slowly crept forward
towards the exit door. I remembered as a little boy how we
all use to line up with my little brothers and sisters going
first while us older kids, waited our turn at the end of the
line, just for a piece of cake or some other special treat.
Ironically I was now glad I was at the back of the line since
I had no real idea what Saigon or Vietnam had waiting for

When I finally reached the door and got my first look at the
outside, it felt like I had landed on a different planet.
This was simply not Wisconsin and it wasn't Kansas
either. But I kept moving like everyone else did and slowly
made my way to the bottom of the stairs and then onto the back
of a truck that took us away. Again, Randy and I looked at
each other and nervously nodded as if to say, "We'll
be ok."

My first few nights away from home were mostly filled with
dreams of my family. I woke each morning feeling out of sorts
as if I needed to call home and tell them I was ok. Of course
I couldn't so instead I would sit on the edge of my bed,
pull out a picture of them and take a few moments to gather

Randy and I seemed to get use to Vietnam although no one can
really get use to it. But after a couple of weeks of doing
nothing for days on end and riding in the back of trucks from
one location to another location, it sort of became our
routine. I knew we were being taken farther and farther
out into the remote parts of the country where the war was
supposed to be happening. But all I ever really knew about
war was from watching John Wayne movies.

Vietnam seemed to me to be a hectic place without any rules
or order to life. But I suppose you could say life was teaching
me how different things can be even though we all live on
the same planet. That is until one afternoon when everything
changed and the war found me. We had been walking for a few
hours when the heavens opened up and a downpour of bullets
began to spray all of us.

It was the moment in my life when I instantly went from being
a boy to becoming a man. At first I was so shocked that someone
out there was really trying to kill me. It just made no sense
why anyone would want to kill me. They didn't know me
and I didn't know them so why were we shooting at each

I was on the ground as flat as I could be and it took me a few
moments to realize I was not shot, at least yet. My heart
rate had doubled and my thoughts were filled for just a second
when I thought about my mother and wondered how she would
handle getting my body back in a box. The fight lasted a good
thirty minutes and I survived and so did most of us but not
all. My training and instincts to survive both kicked in
and the fight was on and I was part of it.

I raised up and fired into the jungle and it's terrible
to say, but I wished I was hitting other people with my bullets.
It may not have been right to think that way but it was the
only way I knew of, that would make them stop shooting at

From then on, I never knew from one moment to the next what
my fate would be but somehow through all the encounters,
I continued to fight back and continued to still be breathing
when it was over. War is dirty , mean and changes a person
after you get a good taste of blood in our mouth.

And it didn't really take that long to forget what day
it was because Tuesday was no different than Sunday. There
were days we did nothing and there were days when bullets
flew for hours or until a jet would sweep in and rained hell
down on the men who were trying to kill all of us.

And then came my first trip for R and R to Saigon. What a screwed
up collection of mankind all jammed together on narrow
streets with cluttered shops and traffic going a million
miles an hour, in every direction. Randy and I along with
a few other guys ventured out to see what the night life was
really like in Saigon. And it didn't take us long to
find a bar with other American soldiers in it where we all
began to drink. The beer was terrible but after a couple,
that no longer mattered either.

I had not drank a whole lot before this time so I was taking
it easy. But I wanted to fit in, so I sipped it and kept laughing
when everyone else laughed at a joke. The best part so far
was feeling clean after a real shower, sitting on a chair
in a building that had floors because it was as close to being
back home as I had felt, since I arrived.

And then I looked up and there she was, this sweet, petite,
young Vietnamese woman looking at me from across the room.
She smiled at me so I smiled back as my heart began to race
as fast as it did the first time I heard bullets flying over
my head. If there is one thing the French had left behind
in this forsaken country were their beautiful female off

Chi, was definitely one of them. Her dark hair and slender
frame only made her face look that much more beautiful.
She smiled at me again so I smiled back as we looked at each
other from across the bar. And then an older man, who I learned
later was her father rushed up to her and yelled at Chi as
she quickly rushed off to pick up empty bottles and glasses
from the tables in his bar. But we kept exchanging glances
even if we didn't actually speak to one another that
first time.

Three beers into the night, I was dizzy and left with a bunch
of guys who took us to another bar where the women were much,
much friendlier. I had, had a girl friend back home, sort
of although I was always too busy working on the farm to actually
date her. But Mary Jo and I had shared a few private moments
when we snuck off and kissed each other at church picnics
or school outings.

And she even came to see me off when I left so I expected Mary
Jo would be waiting for me too when I returned home safe and
sound. Mary Jo and I had a lot in common having grown up on
farms, understood how life works and someday I figured
we would get married.

But as a young man with a belly full of beer, I was far away
from Mary Jo and I really liked these girls too. And they
liked all of us too because after just a few minutes I had
this pretty girl sitting right on my lap giggling at me.
She was petite and cute but it was her perfume that really
got to me in a hurry.

I wasn't really sure what I should do, so I slowly slipped
my hand around her back and softly grabbed her as she smiled
again and snuggled even closer to me. I remember thinking,
"This is insane, " but I held her anyway. I was
nervous and excited as she remained on my lap with my arm
around her back. She didn't really speak to me but she
smiled a lot so I figured I was doing something right.

Randy had a girl on his lap too and he seemed as happy as I was.
But then Randy was from a big city and knew a lot more than
I did about girls like this. So when he leaned over and told
me if I paid her, I could fuck her, I didn't believe him
at first. "Just ask her how much?" He said laughing
at me looking as shocked as I was.

And the girl knew some English because she giggled when
Randy talked to me. She then turned to a couple of the other
girls who were also sitting on my buddies laps and said,
"This one is mine." I was very nervous as I drank
my beer with her on my lap for a while longer before she stood
up, reached for my hand and led me upstairs into a room with
a bed in it.

It was a hell of a way to lose your virginity but that is exactly
what happened to me. She just stuck her hand out so I paid
her and before I knew it I was actually kissing this pretty
young stranger. And her lips were much warmer than Mary
Jo's lips had been. So we kissed and kissed and kissed
until I was so excited I couldn't control myself any

She then slowly removed her dress right in front of me and
my eyes watered even more.. She looked to be about my age
but I couldn't be sure and when I saw her bare breasts
I grew very nervous. When I didn't reach for them and
just stared at her chest, she giggled and said, "You
like?" before she pulled my hand and gently rested
it on her soft breast.

Her breasts were not large but they were the softest thing
I had ever touched. And the more I touched them, the more
she responded by kissing me even harder. My cock felt like
it was a balloon with too much air in it and it was going to
pop at any second. She just laid there and let me explore
her body with my fingers for a while. I had never seen a girl
naked before so it was by far the most exciting experience
of my young life.

I slowly spread her legs so I could touch the fine hair around
her pussy for a few moments too, before I started to climb
on top of her. I knew what I was doing and was going to do was
a sin but in this crazy place, with all this insanity around
me, it no longer mattered. If I was going to die, I might as
well enjoy myself before my life got cut short.

I slipped on a condom as she waited on her back smiling up
at me the whole time. I wasn't exactly sure what to do
but nature showed me as my hard shaft found her vaginal opening,
it slowly opened up as I worked my shaft inside of her. And
she was no more than a hundred pounds or so but she took all
of my hard throbbing cock in her pussy without a problem.

I remember she had these wonderful eyes that sparkled while
we made love to one another. And her pussy was so wet, so warm
and so tight it was as if she was pulling the cum out of me quicker
than I wanted it to happen. But the pressure grew too intense
and she worked on me to the point I could no longer hold myself
back before my explosion began. It was so overwhelming
and powerful that my entire body began to spasm as my seeds
shot out. And trust me when I say, I filled the end of that
condom completely.

After that, Vietnam became about three things and only
three things. Bullets, women and sex. I am not going to say
if I killed anyone but I will say I fucked a lot of Vietnamese
women. Every chance I got, I was on top of one of them no longer
knowing if it was the last pussy I was going to enjoy or not.

Waking up the next morning after I lost my virginity, it
felt like a new man. A clean bed and a relieved cock with no
pressure left in it. I lounged around for a while, went into
the city with Randy in the afternoon and even looked in some
of the shops. It was mid afternoon when Randy caught up with
some other guys he knew and we parted ways for a while.

I didn't feel any fear since there were a ton of American
soldiers all over the place, mingling with the locals.
I even bought my mother this small delicate gold chain with
an unusual charm on it. Well they claimed it was gold but
I wasn't sure, when I walked back into the first bar
we had been at the night before, hoping to see the very cute
Vietnamese girl with the wonderful eyes, again.

I recognized her father behind the bar ordering his employees
to get everyone's drinks quickly but I did not see Chi. I know
we had only glanced a few times at one another but there was
something there or so it felt to me. One of the girl bartenders
asked me I wanted something to drink and I shook my head no
when all of a sudden Chi appeared right in front of me.

My first thought was that she was even prettier than I remembered
her to be. It truly as an angel, my angel standing there smiling
at me. I smiled at her as she looked up at me and smiled back.
And then I remember she reached for my hand and led me over
to a table where we sat down and just stared at one another.
I couldn't speak her language and Chi hardly spoke
mine. And this is going to sound really, really stupid but
it didn't matter if we talked to one another or not.

I told her how pretty she was and sweet she looked. Another
waitress came over to us and told me that her name was Chi
but she didn't speak much English. The waitress and
Chi talked a mile a minute back and forth before asked what
my name was. I told them my name was James and she translated
it to Chi as Chi smiled and nodded her head before she tried
to say "James" but didn't come out exactly

But hearing her voice was thrilling so from then on I became
Yames or something close to that. I checked my watch and
knew I had to meet back up with Randy so I told them I had to
leave for now but would be back as soon as I could. Chi smiled
at me as if she understood every word I said to her when the
truth was she didn't understand a single one.

I don't know why but I reached into my pocket, took out
the small chain with the charm on it, I had bought for my mother
and handed it to Chi. Her eyes began to tear up when I placed
it in her hand as she looked at it and began to tremble. "She
has to go or her father will punish her, " the other
waitress said as I stood up and looked down at my angel, one
more time.

I never saw Chi again but I saw a lot of Vietnam especially
the parts where the war kept finding me. And if I wasn't
shooting bullets at people, I was looking for a woman to
fuck every chance I got. The day my plane lifted off so I could
get back home, I had changed as much as anyone can change.
The sounds of bullets was stuck in my head so when I eventually
made it home, back on the farm, the silence drove me insane.

It was nothing like I remembered it to be but then I was nothing
like I use to be. Life was too quiet, no danger, no bullets
flying and no Mary Jo who had run off and married another
boy while I was gone. I wasn't mad at her because I had
done a lot worse while I was a Vietnam.

I knew I had to leave the farm the day I drove my car a few miles
away and fired my pistol into a sandy hill, just to hear the
sound of bullets again. I packed my things in the used car
I had bought and left without saying good bye to anyone in
my family. I had no idea where my life was going to take me
but I knew it wasn't meant to be a farmer any more. The
only thing I knew for sure was that I felt better with a loaded
pistol under my pillow at night and close by during the day.
As long as I was prepared I could handled anything that came
my way.

The next seven years were my lost years as I traveled from
one city to the next and went from one whore to the next. I
knew they were not all whores but I convinced myself they
were just like the Vietnamese women I had fucked overseas.
It just made it easier for me to think that way, so I wouldn't
feel so bad.

And if I couldn't have screwed up my life anymore than
it was, I did. I quickly found out that a man who has no fear
can be quite valuable to certain people in the city. Back
in those days the pot business was just getting going especially
because all of the returning Vet's and college kids,
who were looking for pot.

So I got a job as a collector, enforcer or another way of putting
is, I became the guy you didn't want to fuck with. With
my reputation came money and I mean a lot of money along with
a lot of nice girls. I remember Marcy the best because she
loved pot a lot and love sex even more.

Marcy was this married twenty six year old beauty contestant
winner who had married an older lawyer who spoiled the crap
out of her. I use to joke and tell her we made the real "Odd
Couple" if there ever was an odd couple. Marcy was
always dressed to the nines, drove a fancy import and giggled
like a school girl especially when I would exchange pot
for sex with her.

My hair had gotten long and I didn't look like the innocent
kid who had been sent to Vietnam. But Marcy called me every
week to see if she could get more pot and she would end up meeting
at a cheap motel to make our deal.

Marcy had this really pretty face and long blonde hair that
always made her look like a movie star. "How much do
you want to spend?"I always asked her first. Marcy
would blush and ask me how badly did I want her on the bed.
We would then made our deal and undress next to one another.
I remember Marcy had the cutest perky looking tits and pink
nipples that were usually swollen as she removed her expensive
lacy bra. I loved watching her undress with her lacy bras
and panties hiding the goodies from me but only for a few
more seconds.

I always loved grabbing her and pulling her tight against
me as our first kiss exploded like a bonfire. Marcy enjoyed
being controlled because she had told me many times how
boring sex with her husband was. So we would climb onto the
bed, share a joint before her panties would come off and
the fun would really begin.

When Marcy was both high and horny, it was a fabulous combination
indeed. I use to spread her pussy lips with my fingers and
lick her juices as they flowed from her pussy until Marcy
would be literally going out of her mind. And normally she
would cum a couple of times. She was about a hundred and ten
pounds but strong enough to handle my fame and my long hard

Marcy was truly the best fuck I ever had and probably would
ever have so I enjoyed her to the fullest. We would get rolling
together as Marcy would gasp and scratch my back with her
nails while my dick worked its magic in her. But on the really
crazy times we were together Marcy would get mad at me while
I fucked her and would tell me what an asshole I was for using
her this way before reminding me she was a married woman.
It only made me fuck her harder until my balls would pop and
Marcy would get her pussy bathed with a full load of my hot,
sticky cum. If my life had been different, I think Marcy
and I could have been a couple.

And the one day I was told I had to go to Omaha to collect a sizable
sum of cash from an individual. I can't say I enjoyed
hurting people but I did enjoy scaring the crap of out of
them , if that is what it took to do my job. So I called Marcy
and invited her on a three day road trip with me. I figured
why not mix pleasure and business, if I could.

I could tell she really wanted to go with me but her husband
was getting suspicious of her extra activities. So Marcy
decided she needed to stay at home and play the faithful
wife for a while. "I'll call you when I get back, "
I told her. "Sounds really good. I'll be waiting
for your call, " Marcy said back to me before we hung

The drive was boring but necessary as I began to work on my
mind to get into what I referred to as my "Vietnam"
mode. When I arrived in Omaha, I drove around and found a
cheap motel, cash of course because I never let any tracks
when I was on a trip like this. Neither the cops or the local
networks who might have heard that I might be coming to town.

I was jacked up really good by the time I left the motel, to
grab a bit to eat before I was going to surprise the man who
was probably going to also dread my visit. One of the stupid
things I also did when I was into my "Vietnam"
mode, was eat at a Chinese restaurant because in some small
way, it brought me back to Saigon.

So with my long hair and blue jean jacket, I walked into this
little out of the way Chinese restaurant to order dinner.
And as a side note, why do all of them have the same stupid
pictures on the walls that don't resemble the Far East
anyway? But I took a seat at an open table and figured the
food must be pretty good since the place was fairly full.

I had just placed my order when I a woman came out of her kitchen
and began to yell at one of her waitresses. I remember I looked
up wondering at first, what the hell was all the commotion
about. And my eyes looked at her and looked again not really
sure what I was seeing. I suddenly felt very nervous inside
as I watched this young woman still yelling.

Was it really my little Vietnamese angel standing in front
of me in Omaha Nebraska? She was certainly pretty enough
to be her since a few years had passed but I also noticed this
terrible scar on the right side of her face running from
her ear to the bottom of her mouth. Whatever had happened
to her could not have been good.

But then I noticed this gold chain she had on with an unusual
charm on it as my heart, felt it might stop at any moment.
Suddenly my heart and my brain were at odds as one said it
was Chi and other told me I was crazy for having such a stupid
thought in the first place.

And to this day I don't know why but I just stood up at
my table and looked at the woman without saying a word. My
hair was long, my eyes were cold and I probably scared everyone
in the place when they all looked at me at once. The place
suddenly got very quiet as the woman who was yelling, stop
yelling and looked at me too.

And the more she looked at me and I looked at her, we began
to connect the dots. Her hand then slowly raised up as she
reached for the necklace with the charm as she stared at
me with watery eyes. I remember my knees were weak but I also
remember pushing my chair back before I began to approach
her. With one hand holding her necklace and charm, she raised
the other one up to cover her scar.

So I smiled as I approached her as she began to tear up with
each step I took. And when I reached her, I didn't say
a word while I pulled her into my arms before we shared our
first kiss. Her lips had a very special warmth to them as
she pressed them against my lips as she continued to sob
in my arms. And I swear no one made a sound as Chi and I held
on to each other in the most unlikely of places for us to run
into each other again.

When I finally placed her back on the ground, Chi was glowing
as she reached up with his soft hands and held my cheeks.
"James, right?" she said. I told her it was good
that she had learned English because I still sucked at Vietnamese.
"Is it really you?" She asked again. I nodded
my head and reached for her necklace and told I remembered
the afternoon in Saigon when it gave it to her.

"How can this be happening?" Chi said. I told
her I didn't know, except that it was meant to happen
for a reason. "Can I kiss you again?" I asked
as Chi got a big grin on her face as she quickly nodded yes.
I picked up again off of the ground and held her in my arms
as our lips once again melted together.

And after our second kiss, her sister came out of the kitchen
and so did her father as Chi introduced me to them after telling
them our story. Her father did not speak very good English
but her sister did and began to say how wonderful this was
and how she couldn't believe this was happening. "I
sort of remember you, " her sister said smiling at
me and Chi holding hands.

On the spot, Chi removed her long white apron, handed to
her sister and held my hand as we left her family restaurant.
We went to the home she lived in with her father and sister
and that is where we began to talk.

It broke my heart to learn that Chi had been attacked by a
man in Saigon, and when she wouldn't stop fighting,
he cut her so no man would ever want her again. And by sheer
luck her family got on one of the last planes out of Saigon
and somehow they ended up in Omaha where they started their
restaurant. And the last shocking bit of news she said was
that she was only fourteen when I met her and gave her the
necklace. Chi was now twenty two.

Even with her scar, Chi was incredibly beautiful and I couldn't
stop looking at her. "And what about your life? Why
are you in Omaha?" Chi asked. That is where I struggled
for a few moments before I decided I had to tell her the truth.
For reasons I will never understand, destiny had brought
the two of us back together so there was no room for lies between

To say she looked shocked as I told her my story would have
been an understatement. Chi gasped as she covered her mouth
while I told her about my life and why I had come to Omaha from
Chicago. "And your telling me you came here to kill
somebody?" Chi said tearing up all over again. "No,
no, I just came here to collect some money they owe, "
I said as she took a deep breath and seemed to relax a little

I guess you could say by me telling her about my life, it woke
me up to the truth about how I had lived the past seven or eight
years. And it wasn't a pretty picture. "I'll
quit the job. I'll get my hair cut and do whatever you
want me to do" I said to Chi as she offered me a warm smile.

Chi thought for a moment but it felt like the longest moment
of my life. "Ok, you go see the man but don't you
dare hurt him. And I will pack my things and be ready when
you come back to get me, " Chi said. "You're
going to leave with me?"I asked her shocked but happy
beyond words.

"I lost you once so I'm not going to lose you, a
second time, " Chi said smiling as we shared another
long, wonderful, lingering kiss together. And just as
our lips parted again, Chi looked at me and added, "
And we need to get married right away." I promised
Chi that I would not touch her before we wed and told her to
be ready in an hour.

If my good luck was not enough, it only got better because
the man had somehow heard I was coming. He had gotten wind
that I was coming to Omaha to collect the money so he had it
ready and handed over most of it while promising to send
the rest in a week.

Chi was impressed by my Cadillac and made me stop by her family
restaurant so she could tell them all she was leaving and
that we were getting married. Chi and I drove for about four
hours before we decided to rest for the night. I had planned
on getting us two rooms but Chi said she trusted me and that
we could share one room as long as it had two beds in it. So
I got us a room at a Holiday Inn with two beds and then I carried
our bags into the room.

She used the bathroom to change into a night gown and I stripped
down in the room to my shorts and was fully covered by the
time she came out. "Can I kiss you good night?"
I asked. Chi smiled as she walked over to my bed and leaned
over to kiss me good night. I can't tell you how much
I loved kissing this woman. Chi had stolen my heart eight
years earlier when all I did was look at from across her father's

Chi lips were so warm and so full of love, I had never experienced
anything like that before. We went from kissing to her sitting
on the edge of my bed kissing some more before Chi was laying
down next to me. "You are going to marry me, aren't
you?" she said softly as my heart was racing like crazy.
I told her how much I loved her and how I wanted to spend the
rest of my life with her.

Chi then sat up before she reached down and slowly lifted
her gown over her head. She was so petite yet so sexy as her
small breasts laid like soft mounds on her chest, in front
of me. My hands slowly came up and gently touched both of
them as Chi began to tremble.

"I have never done this before, " she whispered.
Instantly I realized what sex and love are all about. And
when you combine to two of them, something very special
happens for both people. Chi and I took it very slowly as
we snuggled and kissed and held on to each other sharing
both our love and touching our bodies against one another's.
I knew Chi was not only a virgin but she was also not on the
pill so we could actually end up starting our family.

She was so warm to the touch and I loved her kisses but I suddenly
got cold feet and asked Chi if she was sure she wanted to do
this. Even though my cock was hard and throbbing, somehow
the morals and values I was raised with, returned. "Maybe
we should wait, " I recall telling her after a very
hot torrid kiss. Chi laid next to me with her small breasts
heaving on her chest as she looked at me and just smiled.

"I don't want to wait. I want to show you the love
I have for you, " She said softly before she leaned
over to me and kissed me again. She was maybe only a hundred
pounds of love as we kissed but it was almost more woman than
I could handle.

Chi and I both then knew we were finally going to show our
love to each other. She trembled a little as I reached for
her panties and slowly began to slide them over her hips.
Once fully naked I can safely say Chi looked about as delicate
as a fragile flower. Her hips had a slight curve to them and
her pubic bone stuck up under her pitch black pubic hair.

"I won't hurt you, " I told Chi after we
were both naked on the bed. I got the sense after she saw the
size of my swollen shaft, she was a little more concerned
than before. "I know you won't hurt me, "
Chi said to me as we kissed each other again. I then told her
to just relax so I could show her something before I began
to slide down the length of her body nibbling along the way.

And as my lips and mouth got closer to her pussy, Chi tensed
up a little more. But she let me spread her legs before my
tongue gently began to taste her honey and Chi began to whimper
from deep within her soul. She was such an incredible woman,
just touching and tasting her was something that took my
breath away.

I don't know if Chi, climaxed but she became very wet
and jerked a lot, while my tongue danced on her womanhood.
By the time I was finished Chi was sucking for air as if she
couldn't catch her breath. I then asked her if she was
ready and watched her body shake as her head nodded, yes.

I carefully got on top of her and positioned my rob at the
opening of her slippery tunnel. "Give me a second, "
Chi said once before she reached up and slowly pulled me
down as my cock began to slide into her womb. "Oh my, "
Chi said a couple of times the deep I probed. I can safe say
that was the most breathtaking experience of my life.

Filling Chi's pussy with my hard throbbing shaft took
some time but it was so intense for both of us, neither of
us could speak. She was small and tight but somehow Chi opened
up and accepted my shaft inside of her as I slowly pushed
deeper and deeper until my balls rested gently against
her ass. Chi and I had finally become one. I'm a good
seven inches but Chi managed to take off my manhood inside
of her before we began to move together on the bed.

I had never been as gentle with a woman before as I was with
Chi, the first time we made love. She was so tight yet so slippery
it worked for both of us as we moved together in harmony.
It was truly a celebration of our hearts as we stopped to
kiss each other often or other times we stopped just to stare
into each other's eyes.

My balls had begun to boil for some time as I picked up the
pace and Chi responded perfectly. Neither of us could handle
it any longer as I began to slam her harder and harder until
I finally began to cum inside of her pussy. By then Chi was
gasping with each of my spasms. In less than an hour later,
Chi and I were making love for the second time. I couldn't
get enough of her and she couldn't get enough of me.

We did get married a few weeks later after we went back to
Omaha so her family could take part in the ceremony. And
I did get my hair cut and although I didn't look like
the innocent kid I was when she first saw me in Saigon, at
least I looked respectable.

The next forty years of our lives were by no means perfect
although our love remained and even grew stronger over
time. Ironically I became a policeman in the small suburban
town Chi had found us a house in. And after her father passed
away her sister came to live with us and together Chi and
her sister opened a very popular Chinese restaurant together.

But each night since the first night we made love, Chi and
I always end our days in bed, holding each other as tightly
as we can and telling each other how much we love each other.
For many years when we were younger that good night kiss
usually led to more than just the kiss. But even though we
are older now and don't' make love like we use to,
Chi and I both still need that hug and good night kiss before
we can fall asleep.

We never became rich as far as money was concerned but we
did put our two kids through college. And to this day we,
share the greatest love story we could have ever imagined
considering how we first met. Saigon as well as the whole
of Vietnam, could have destroyed me if it were not for Chi
who ended up saving me.

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WOW!!! what a story. could be best seller or movie.


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Very well written. I enjoyed it greatly.


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Wonderful story. Ever thought of writing a book? It could
be a really good seller.


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This is one of the best amateur stories I have ever read,
a few innocent mistakes, but very well written.


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As usual a great story. Even the part about the humidity.
The boys from Wisconsin and Minnesota called it the "Wall".
That heat and humidity you ran intoas you left an air conditioned
airplane. I remember it well and someone throwing something
at me when I commented that it was a nice cool day. I had grown
up working in the cotton fields of the Mid-South and it really
was not hat hot for me but I amsure a killer for the northern
boys. I also remember the small bars in Vietnam, and much
of what you describe even the addiction to adrenaline that
caused the world to change when I returned to the world.
And a life somewhat like you describe of risk taking and
fighting just to get that kick when the adrenaline came.
Funny I actually became an "Expeditor" also.
That was what we called "Expediting financial transactions".

Yes it was a great story. Either you were there OR someone
certainly made it real for you. But great writting as usual.
Keep writting... Someday I actually will write abook about
the same experiances " Either write the things worth
doing, or do the things worth writting."


Palidin6999 56 M
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Great, exciting and tender story of life, lust and Love.


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You brought back many memories of Nam! The women where something
that are hard to forget. I met a few while there in 65 mo 5 days
! From 24 Dec 69 tell 29 Apr 75.