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Every man is a voyeur.

We like to look. Voyeurism is cerebral and man is a creature
of raw
instincts. I could recount dozens of times when a flash
of a nipple, a
wet shirt, a wind blown skirt exposing panties made me hard,
off a fantasy, a desire for a sexual adventure of raw lust.

Other times it has been even more interesting, when time
provides a
whole scenario, when voyeurism goes beyond a wet shirt
or flash of

One such time happened when I walked through the woods on
a hike and saw
a couple interlocked by a river's edge; on another
occasion I saw my
neighbor coupling with the pool maintenance man.

In both occasions the scene lasted several minutes. I watched
the couple
naked, fucking on a bed of soft grass, the man's tool
sliding into a
willing brunette. The action lasted about two minutes
before they both
had moaning, grunting orgasms and I discreetly walked
away without
being seen.

I also watched my neighbor from my back yard as she took on
the pool guy
in the swimming pool, being very uninhibited. The following
week I did
her right in the same spot, doggie style on the concrete
pool steps,
holding her against me with one hand while spanking her
softly with the
other, as she moaned with desire and told me how much she
enjoyed being

It is exciting to watch, to fantasize as one looks at the
dark shadow,
the promise of enjoyment between a woman's milk white
thighs. It is
thrilling to see a couple fucking away, his hardness entering
sliding back and forth, pumping as the woman thrusts back,
enjoying. It is the most exciting of performance arts.

Since I am visually excitable, I like the internet voyeur

My preferring the soft core sites instead of the hard professionally
produced porn stems from enjoying seeing real people naked
rather than
the well coiffed air brushed models in exaggerated posing
for the
camera. The voyeur sites have genuine variety. Boyfriends
and husbands
send in pictures of girlfriends and wives and everyday
the sites have a
new stack of photo submissions. The quality of the offerings
from excellent light and texture to grainy Polaroid scans.

There are college girls, middle aged homemakers and a few
body shapes run all possible types from the anorexic to
the obese.
There are intensely erotic photos, exciting in the implied
thrilling in the voyeuristic act of being exposed to a private
act of
people unknown. Naked women well oiled, teasing with their
assuming poses that are invitations of raw lust, offering
their holes, for orgasmic pleasure. The looks in their
faces show the
excitement of being desired, of becoming the masturbation
fantasy of
untold strokers in every corner of the internet world.

There are other photos worth studying. Other clips show
puzzlement or embarrassment in the expression of the naked
undressing for the camera, obviously posing only to appease
the raw
desire of demanding husbands or forceful boyfriends.

So, the voyeur sites provide an interesting mix of the human
in a porno form, from the exciting to the bizarre and delusional.

I don't visit the sites every day or even every week,
but I do visit
them; I am a stock trader and I work at home with a computer
spending a
dozen hours a day with mouse and keyboard. I visit digital
pages of the
Wall Street journals and publications. I check on my stocks,
hunt for
investment opportunities and research my prospects before
making a
trade. I study trends and pick up stocks that I believe will
go up in
value quickly, ride them for a short while, selling before
they top and
making a profit in the transaction. Some stocks I see going
up fast and
I'll buy some, ride them long enough to make a few hundred
bucks and
sell before they flatten out. On a good deal I can make a few
dollars and I seldom lose any money, being well informed
about my prospective investments before making my moves.

My wife Graciela is a marketing executive for a perfume
distributor and
is on the road about two weeks out of the month, so I spend
a lot of
time alone at home.

Sometimes, when I'm taking a break from the market
speculations I drift
to the sports web pages or the voyeur sites. In the last four
years I
have visited six different sites regularly, looking at
hundreds of
girlfriends, housewives, teachers, students, baby sitters
and gothic
freaks. When my wife is away on trips I often masturbate,
thinking of
fucking the ladies in the photos.

About four months ago, in the afternoon, I veered away from
an article
on the fiber optics industry and digitally headed for a
voyeur site.

I browsed through several of the new submissions without
much interest.
I was considering going to the fridge for some cold chicken
salad when
I clicked on a submission titled "Hot Florida Babe."

I glanced over the text not paying much attention: "My
wife is hot and I
love watching her with another man or exposing herself..."

The first photograph showed a woman standing at the beach,
her back to
the camera, wearing only a green thong that exposed her
white ass
cheeks to the sun.

There was something familiar about her, but I did not fool
myself. I
have seen several photos over the years that reminded me
of people I
knew, but a full glance at the complete submission of photos
dispel my doubt.

The second photo showed the same woman face up on a bed, her
crossed over her face to retain anonymity, her legs spread
open showing
a thick, hairy bush.

I stared at the photo for a few seconds. After examining
the naked body,
my eyes scanned the room where the filming had taken place.
There was
something strange... the dresser....the brown wood blinds...
ornament on the wall... I looked back at the naked body on
the bed.

"Sulimi" I whispered, "my sister in!"

I was stunned. My wife's sister is a PTA mother in her
early forties
with three kids and a career as a travel agent, working out
of a one
room office at a strip mall near our home. She wears conservative

clothes, her chestnut hair is styled medium length and
she looks
younger than her forty two years, the kind of housewife
described as
pert or cute, but not necessarily sensual or alluring.
She has goblet
breasts, an adequate ass and as I had just found out, a thick,

She is married to Alfie, a self employed contractor who
makes a fair
living building concrete walkways and decks as well as
fences. He's also a straight looking person, nothing
in his demeanor
that would indicate an adventurous soul.

My wife and I have a very free sexual lifestyle and we have
at times in the swinging scene but Sulimi and her husband
are church
going, very straight people. Well, maybe not, I thought
as I scrolled
the other photographs.

There were eleven photos in all, none showing her face,
but there was no
doubt, no coincidence, it was my sister in law. The third
photo was
taken on their leather couch; her limbs spread open, one
of her legs
stretching out to rest on the wood coffee table in their
living room.
Her slit looked very inviting. I had a flash vision of being
on top of
her, sliding my cock into her slit, pumping her until we
both climaxed.

The fourth photo was taken in the kitchen, rubbing ice on
her hard
nipples, her face turned away from the camera. Her tits
were covered
with moisture and her wet nipples made me wonder what it
would feel
like to hold the little hard tip between my teeth, teasing

Five, six and seven were shower shots, soaping her ass,
pussy and tits.
I could picture myself in her shower, rubbing shampoo on
her hairy cunt
or fondling her well soaped ass cheeks. I was now picturing
myself in
there with her, soapy fingers grasping her mound, cock
rubbing against
her ass slit, entering her from behind, fucking her right
there in the
shower of her home.

Number eight was a close up of her slit, hairy and moist while
nine and
ten were yard shots. In both, Sulimi was standing naked
by the pool
shed, anonymity provided by her only garment, a black beach
throwing a covering shroud of darkness across her face.

The last photo showed her in doggie style position on her
bed, cunt and
asshole clearly exposed, inviting to be entered. It was
the most erotic
of the set, a lewd invitation to be taken and used willingly.

My dick was rock hard. I masturbated then, pumping my cock
with my right
hand as I looked at the slut photos of my sister in law. I thought
running my cock around her lips, my meat flush across her
face, my
hands grasping her hair, moving her head, rubbing her face
against my
cock and balls. I thought of entering her, sliding into
her wet holes,
feeling my cock surrounded by her mouth, penetrating her
cunt, spurting
a creamy load in the crack of her ass. I looked at every photo
detail, at the nipples, tan lines, wetness in the folds
between her
legs and imagined taking her, using her, fucking her every
hole and
hearing her moan, beg for cock, asking to be fucked, over
and over. It
did not take me long to come, sighing as I looked at the image
on my

After washing up, I wondered what to do? Had Alfie submitted
the photos
without Suli's approval? Did she know about this?
Should I tell my

As I pondered what to do, I downloaded the set of photos onto
a disk and
printed them in high quality paper. An hour later I walked
into Suli's
office carrying eleven photos inside a manila envelope.

She greeted me with a peck on the cheek.

Sulimi was dressed in a chocolate and cream business suit
with brown
pumps, a very elegant combination. She looked every part
the travel
agent executive but all I could think about were the hardness
of her
nipples, the white softness of her ass and the furry mound
between her

"What brings you to my neck of the woods?" she

I gave her the envelope. She seemed puzzled, sat down and
opened it,
pulling out the stack of prints.

Her face flushed beet red as she looked at the photos. She
something, looked at me, then looked down at the naked images
on her

"Please.... Don't tell my sister."

"I won't. I promise."

"I mean...really, please don't say anything."

"I won't."

"Thank you..... I'm so embarrassed."

"Suli, do you want to talk about this?"

"No...I mean...Just give me a couple of days."


I respected her wish. Two weeks went by before Suli called,
inviting me
to meet her for lunch at a sandwich shop near her office.

During those two weeks I masturbated to her photos a half
dozen times,
looking at them constantly, magnifying them to maximum
size until I
could have close up looks at every inch of her, including
her thick,
dark bush. I wasn't going to try a move on my sister in
law but the
photographs could not be wasted.

I looked at the image of her wet, juicy slit and pumped my
cock up and
down. I looked at her white ass, so inviting and dreamed
of jamming my
cock inside it, feeling her contract her ass cheeks under
me as I
fucked Suli's ass. Was she a good fuck? Was she into
this scene for
real, or was she another wife being prodded by her husband
to go naked
in front of the camera just to please him?

I came in my hand a half dozen times as I gazed upon her nakedness,
open pussy, her ass and hard nipples that seemed so inviting,
so ready
to be taken in a fit of lust.

We met at a fancy coffee shop, one of those chic places that
have their
own bakery and horseshoe shaped booths. Suli was dressed
in a full
denim dress and wore bright red lipstick.

"I owe you an explanation, " she said, "I
just needed some time to

"You owe me nothing, " I answered, "Forget

"No, " she said. "It's just that
a couple of years ago, Alfie and I
realized that our sex life was bland. I went to my sister

"Good choice, " I said with a smile.

"Yes, " she agreed, "I know you guys are
sexually very free and Gracie
suggested we spice up our life by trying new things, like
doing it in

I nodded my head as I thought about all the public places
my wife and I
have enjoyed. We screwed at least a dozen times at the beach
another dozen at public parks and highway rest areas; four
or five
times at public lots as well as alleyways, balconies and
a business
office after hours.

"Good advice."

"So we tried it and liked it. I mean, we really liked
it a lot. Gracie
also said we should try looking at videos, making our own
things like that.... And we tried that also and liked it."


"About a month ago, Alfie took some photos and decided
to send them in
to the voyeur site. My sister had told me about the sites
and we
looked at them often, but I stupidly did not think that you
would be
visiting the site... anyway, the photos we sent in you couldn't
see my
face and we didn't think anyone would think it was me."

"It was the house, " I answered, "If you
had been photographed in a hotel
room, I would not have noticed, but your house brought it
all on. Hey,
your leather couch, your bedroom, your kitchen..."

"When you showed up at my office with those photos,
I was very
embarrassed. I'm not a prude, not any longer, but I
was embarrassed. I
even have an exhibitionist streak that I only discovered
a few months
ago, but there's a big difference between flashing
a nipple at a
stranger and having your brother in law see ten photos of
you totally

"Eleven, " I corrected her "There were
eleven photos."

She smiled and blushed slightly.

"Did you like them?"

"Loved them all."

"I went home after you came by my office and talked
to Alfie. Needless
to say, he was shocked."

"What did you expect?" I asked, "That
site is visited by sixty or
seventy thousand people a day."

"Yes, " she said as she drank her diet soda,
"but that made it exciting,
to think about the thousands that would look at me naked,
desire me,
play with themselves as they fantasized about me, wanting
to use me."

"My, how you have changed..."

"I have to dress straight for the family and work, "
she said, "but I
bought a hot slut outfit and a thong bikini, yes, the one
in the photos
and I have done a little flashing here and there. When Alfie
and I went
to Palm Beach for a weekend I wore this slut outfit that has
a see
through blouse and every man in the hotel stared at me, even
an old man
and his eyes kept wandering to my tits as we rode the elevator

together. We were alone and for a moment I thought he was
going to
reach out and grab my breast. Hell, for a moment I wanted
him to,
because I felt so different, so exposed, so wet."

My cock was twitching inside my jeans. Where was this going?
My wife and
I had tried swinging, but shagging her sister might be stepping
the line. It would not be incest, not being blood relatives,

"Did you play with yourself with my photos?"
Suli said, interrupting my

"Well.... Yes, of course."

"How many times?" she asked smiling, teasing.

"Eh.... Six or seven times."

She laughed.

"That's very flattering."

"My turn to blush and be embarrassed."

"Don't be. Would you like the real thing?"

"I would but I don't think your sister would approve."

"Wrong, " she said, "I talked to her already.
I told her how you were a
perfect gentleman and very discreet and I told her how I
had a talk
with Alfie and we decided to extend and invitation to you
if she
approved. And she did, saying it would be a very nice experience
Alfie and I."

I was stunned.

"Is Alfie okay with this?"

"More than okay. He's not like you. He has never
been in wild situations
or swinging, so he's excited beyond belief that he's
going to see me
with another man and participate in a threesome. That's
all he thinks
about right now."

"How about you? Are you okay with this also?"

"Yes, " she answered, "I am. I'm
in my forties and I have never been with
another man but Alfie. Over the last couple of years I have
often how it would feel to be with another man. All the naughty

thoughts I never had, I have now. Alfie and I have both kind
developed this whole thing together both coming out of
our repression
at the same time and it feels good to be a little wicked. We
have never
been involved with a third party but the videos we have seen
made it
very appealing and of course, we have fantasized about

"Fantasy and reality are very different."

"Of course, I know it's fun to play whore but not
good to be a real
whore and it's fun to play but there's no joy
in a real .
Because we know the difference between fantasy and reality,
we have not
done anything. It has taken us many months of fantasies
and talking
about it before we come to really decide in the last two weeks.
We also
feel safe about doing this with you instead of with a stranger.
This is
really the only way we can do this, with someone we trust
and we know
will be discreet. Are you interested?"

"Totally, if you are clear on this and my wife approves,
I'm ready and
willing to do you every way possible."

" about tonight?"

"Sounds good."

"My children are used to me traveling, " she
said, "so I can stay the
night out at your place. Gracie is on a trip, so we could have
tonight. Alfie can join us but he will have to leave after
a while to
go home and take care of the kids. They have a football game
but should
be home by midnight."

"Come on over about seven o'clock, " I
said, "That will give us four or
five hours."

"We will."

"Now I want you to go to the ladies room and remove your
panties and
unbutton the lower four buttons of that denim skirt. You
will then walk
to the parking lot. I see your SUV from here and it's
perfect for what
I want. You will sit in your vehicle leaving the door open,
turn around
on the seat so you face the restaurant and open your legs.
I will call
you on the phone from here and we will chat. Whoever looks
at you will
think that you are so busy talking on the phone that you are
not aware
that you are exposing yourself. Got it?"

She blushed and nodded, then stood up and walked away, headed
for the
ladies room.

I was testing her. A fantasy is one thing but acting on a fantasy
is not
so easy.

Suli had changed more than I ever believed possible. She
did exactly as
she was told. By the time she was opening car door, I called
her on the

She followed instructions. Her skirt was high on her thighs;
her legs
opened wide showcasing the hairy patch.

"I can see your bare thighs and the shadow of your cunt
from where I'm
sitting, " I told her, "are you excited?"

"Yes.... Very excited."

"There's a man sitting by the window who just
noticed you, " I said, "Can
you feel his eyes on your pussy?"


The man had indeed noticed her. He had stopped eating and
was staring at
Sulimi exposing herself as she pretended to carry out a
normal phone
conversation. He was turned on, intensely concentrating
on the view.

"He's probably fantasizing about you, thinking
how it would feel to
stick his cock in your hairy pussy. Would you like him to
fuck you?"

"I would like you to fuck me. You can see my pussy also.
Is it turning
you on?"

"Sure. You want to fuck right now?"

"If you want."

"I want, but it can wait until tonight. Anticipation
can be fun, adding
to the thrill. Now, before you drive off, drop your keys
or a pen and
get out of the SUV and bend over letting your skirt ride up.
Give the
man a thrill."


Suli did as she was told, flashing bare thigh to the man by
the window
before driving off. I called her once more.

"Suli, I want you to stop by the park three blocks south
of here. Wait
in the parking lot."

"You going to... do something, I hope."

"I'll do something but I'm not going to fuck
you yet. It's all about

She was waiting for me in her SUV. I parked my car next to hers
joined her, sitting on the passenger's side of her

"Turn around and face me, " I said, "and
open your legs."

There it was, not a photograph but for real, her hairy pussy
within easy
reach. I could smell her scent; it permeated the vehicle.
It was the
aroma of an excited female, of sexual heat waiting for orgasmic


"Play with yourself."

Both hands reached between her legs, fingers fondling
the clit,
fingernails raking the thick bush. Her face was flushed
and her
breathing uneven.

"Are you enjoying this?"

"Ohh... yes, a lot."

"You like exposing yourself to me?"

"Yes, " she answered as she looked at the hardness
covered by my jeans.

"Do you want me to take my cock out?" I asked.

She nodded, her uneven breathing increasing, her hands
moving between
her thighs, fingering herself.

"I could fuck you right now."

"I want you to."

"I can wait till tonight."

Her eyes were glassy. Sexually, she was in another dimension.
considered taking my cock out, jamming it into her right
then, in the
parking lot, but decided to wait.

"I'll see you tonight, " I said, leaving
her moaning, playing with

I went home, shaved and showered, dabbed on some cologne
and picked out
a red robe. No use in wearing underwear. I rolled three thick
and chilled white wine. Even though I was sexually very
liberal, I was
still in awe of what was to take place, for I would have never
that I would ever fuck my sister in law.

They arrived shortly before eight, walking up the walkway
as they had
done a thousand times before. Alfie was dressed in jeans
and sports
shirt and Suli wore a white tube top and a matching peasant
skirt that
was somewhat transparent. I thought of fucking her and
my cock stirred
in the folds of my robe.

Instead of the customary peck in the cheek for a greeting,
I kissed Suli
lustfully, my tongue entering her mouth. She hesitated
for a second,
relaxed and responded with enthusiasm. I broke the kiss.

"See, it's all about anticipation. Welcome
to my home."

"A robe, " she said, "How Hugh
you have a pipe to go with
the robe?"

"Actually, I have a few primo joints and a nice white

Alfie and Suli were not smokers but since this was a special
they decided to toke up. We sat on the living room couch,
-Sulimi in
the middle- passing around a joint and enjoying a flute
of wine while
jazz played on the radio.

"Nervous?" I asked.

"A little."

"It will be fine. So tell me about your exhibitionist
streak, " I said as
I passed them a lit joint.

"It started with a beach outing, " she answered,
"Alfie dared me to wear
the thong bikini and I did. We were in Naples, far from Miami
and I
figured no one would know us. It made me very excited to see
staring at my middle aged body, desiring me. It's exciting
to feel

"What was the wildest thing... the old man in the elevator?"

"That was pretty freaky. No, the wildest -other than
today- was in the
boat, when I took off my top and Alfie was playing with my
tits and a
couple in a kayak rowed past our anchored boat. They had
a clear view
of Alfie fondling me. I felt very exposed and it was very
sexy, a new
feeling I had never felt before. That was exciting and so
was today."

"You enjoyed it today?"

"Hell, yes. I felt exposed and the man by the window
staring between my
legs made me wet. Plus, talking on the phone to you at the
same time
made it so naughty. I was ready right then and there and even
more at
the park."

"Would you have wanted me to fuck you right there in
your SUV in the
parking lot?"

"It was a thought."

"Yes, but like I said, anticipation is good. Tonight
will be special."

Alfie was not talking much, being very aroused by our sexual
Suli and I talked and played teasing games. As we conversed,
I allowed
my robe to open slightly so she could see my thigh and perhaps,
a flash
of my cock. The weed and wine worked fast. Suli became giggly.
I wet
the fingertips of one hand in the wine and placed my arm around
her, my
arm moving down, my hand disappearing into the tube top,
my fingertips
fondling her hard nipples. Suli gasped, giggled and looked
at her
husband who was mesmerized by seeing me feeling up his wife.

"You are desired, " I said, "How about
you, Alfie? Does this turn you

"Tremendously, " he answered in a nervous
tone, "I'm really excited."

"Suli, " I said "Let's continue
our kissing."

We kissed. The first kiss was long, dueling tongues rolling
with each
other, breathing becoming uneven.

"Go ahead and get naked, Alfie, " I said, "so
you can enjoy this. We
will all be naked soon."

Alfie stripped down quickly, his cock rigid and hard. He
was obviously
very excited.

Sulimi giggled softly, reached over, her hand disappearing
into the
folds of my robe. Alfie gasped in excitement as her arm began
to move,
as she caressed my cock, still covered by the robe.

Her hand felt cool against my burning meat and I corresponded,
my hand
reaching under her skirt, touching hair and a wet slit.
She wore no
undergarment as my fingers moved softly, teasing the wet
lips of her
mound. Suli moaned and her hips buckled against my hand
and I pushed
explored her wet slit, sliding two fingers in as her husband
mesmerized. Suli responded by opening her legs wider,
offering her wet
cunt to my invading hand.

I removed my robe and Suli's top, leaving her still
wearing her peasant
skirt. Alfie sat next to us, touching himself as he watched
as we
French kissed some more, as she stroked me and humped one
of my hands,
while my other hand fondled her bare tits.

"Like it?" I asked.

"Oh, yes.... I'm so ready."

"Not yet, " I said, "we have time. Enjoy
my hand and come at will as I
sample your tits."

I teased her nipples with my tongue, bit her tips softly,
my teeth
grasping the nipple and she moaned.

"Oh, " she moaned, "this is so hot. I'm
ready to come."

"So come."

She did. Alfie could not see my hand inside her because she
was still
wearing the skirt, but he could see my arm moving, could
sense me
grasping his wife's pussy, fingering her as she moaned
and thrashed,
coming quickly, pressing my face against her tits.

I looked at Alfie. He was pumping his cock slowly, hypnotized
by the
sight of his half naked wife collapsed on the sofa. His fantasy
happening and he had no regrets.

I undressed Suli, removing the skirt and pulling her to
the floor, where
she kneeled between my legs. The wine and weed had erased
inhibitions or nervousness. She was into the moment, enjoying
the raw
lust, the naughty situation, fascinated by my cock and
her husband's
thrilled demeanor.

"I usually spit, " she said, looking me straight
in the eyes as she
smiled, "but this being a special occasion, I will

My meat entered her open mouth, her tongue licking the shaft,
her teeth
softly raking the head. She was looking up at me with a bad
girl look
in her eyes.

"Alfie, " I said, "your wife is a terrific
cock sucker. I must remind my
wife to return the favor."

Alfie grunted and continued stroking himself.

Suli's head was bobbing up and down on my meat. Her fingernails
softly raking my balls and I was hard as a concrete slab.

"Yeah, Suli, " I said, "Suck my cock so
sweet. Lick that shaft,
baby....lick it good. Yes.... You are a great cock sucker.
Later on
tonight, I'll video you sucking my dick."

She liked the idea, her tempo increasing. Alfie could not
hold back any
longer, shooting his wad on his hand.

Her mouth was wet and willing, dick sliding on her tongue.
One of her
hands went between her legs, fingering herself while she
sucked my
cock. I moved my hips, thrusting my cock up, fucking Suli's
enjoying the wild moment as I prepared to unload my cream
on my sister
in law's mouth while her husband watched approvingly.

"You give good head, " I told her, "I love
to fuck your mouth."

The wine, the weed and the anticipation had taken her to
a high level of
excitement. She was sucking dick with incredible gusto.
Her tongue went
up and down my shaft, twirled circles around my knob. Her
teeth gripped
my cock head, teasing, nibbling.

I bucked my hips, my meat going deeper into her mouth, her
face pressed
against my belly. My sister in law gave head like an experienced
holding my balls in her hands while she deep throated my

We came together, both grunting, she swallowing, catching
every drop
that dripped out of my meat then cleaning me by licking my
cream coated

"Wow, " Alfie gasped, "That was incredible."

"I haven't even been fucked yet, " Suli
said "and I'm so weak from
coming, I don't know if I can walk at all."

We washed and moved to the bedroom where I had a video camera
and we
started on a second bottle of wine and the third joint. We
were in no
hurry for Alfie could be with us for three more hours and
Suli was mine
for the night. Besides, I wanted to pace myself.

After a half bottle and a full joint, we were at it again.
Suli and I
made out as Alfie played cameraman. I went down on Suli,
my tongue
teasing, licking, and probing into her slit, tasting her
nectar. I
licked her clit, flicking my tongue, jamming it into her
slit hole,
tasting her.

After a minute she moaned and after two she was begging to
be fucked.

"Oh.... This is so hot.... Please, fuck me. Come on...fuck
me... Alfie,
tell him to fuck me now.... His tongue is driving me crazy."

I turned her around doggie style and gave her what she asked,
my cock
sliding into her wet pussy, my hands holding her waist,
jamming her
back against me, fulfilling the penetration as deep as

"Ahhhh....yes...oh, shit, yes...fuck me, yes....yes
like that....Oh. you
are driving me crazy....oh...yes. Fuck me hard. I like
this...I liked
being fucked. Look, Alfie, look how he's fucking me....
I love it. I
love it...ooh....yes, that's great. Oh, you fuck
me so good.... I love
to be to be fucked by you."

Suli was very vocal.

"I love it just... like that.. this is great... Look
at me getting
fucked... ooh... I'm almost there... Oh, that feels
good... yeah, fuck
me deep with that thick, fat cock... oh... you are going
to make me
come soon." We fell into a comfortable rhythm, pumping
and humping back
and forth, cock meat ramming deeply into her. Suli would
moan as I
banged her, look back over her shoulder at me, look at her
lick her lips for the camera and push back hard, allowing
the cock meat
to penetrate deeply.

The straight lady had turned into a wanton, stoned slut.

I told Alfie to place the camera on the dresser, pointing
in our
direction and to join us. Within seconds he was kneeling
on the bed,
sliding his dick into her mouth while I fucked her from behind.

"Looks like Suli is having fun, " I said to Alfie.

Alfie grunted and came in her mouth. His orgasm triggered
one in her and
I was not far behind. Alfie grunted, Suli made gurgling
sounds as she
swallowed his load and I said something loud, but I was so
that I do not remember what I shouted.

Alfie left soon after, to go home and take care of the kids.
Suli and I
cuddled together naked and slept deeply for five hours,
waking up
before the crack of dawn.

I wanted her ass, but she was unwilling. I made out with her,
her, turned her around and rubbed my cock on the crack of
her ass as I
nibbled her neck. She asked to be fucked but I insisted on
taking her
ass. Her excitement and the sex talk made her relent.

I promised to go easy. My hands opened up the moon globes
of her ass. I
entered her slowly my meat lubricated to slide easier,
going in, my
cock surrounded by her flesh.

Suli was hesitant for a few seconds, moaning softly, groaning,
to my hardness, then allowing her inhibitions to fade,
clenching her
ass cheeks, holding me tight inside her, allowing and encouraging
anal ravaging, pushing back, accepting, clenching, feeling
my breath,
girth and muscles enveloping her in a cocoon of flesh as
I used her and
enjoyed her with animal hunger. I gripped her hips from
behind, guiding
her, pulling her back against me, my cock deep between her
ass cheeks.

After her initial hesitation she enjoyed it, opening herself
allowing better access, pushing back against my skewering
cock. Her ass
was pressed against my belly as she moaned in acceptance
and clenched
her ass cheeks around my meat.

"You like this, Suli? Tell me about it. Talk to me."

"Yes, you know I like it. I had my doubts but I like it....
Do it."

"Do what?"

"Fuck my ass..."

"Like this?" I asked as I thrust deep inside

"Oh, you are so thick... yes, that's it... that's
yes, that's it... . I
love your cock... Oh... Oh... I'm almost... there...
oh, yes, fuck my
ass just like that... I am close... yes... fuck me deep...
Oh... Oh...
yes, fuck me, you bad boy... fuck my ass... take my ass...
Ooohhh, my

It did not take long for either one of us. We triggered each
other off,
my spurting cock filling her insides with my cream as I howled,
the blinding jolt of sheer power run through my body as I
while she twitched and moaned under me, her ass cheeks clenching
her own orgasmic jolt.

We slept some more after that, my cock resting against her
ass cheeks as
we cuddled together in our beginning physical intimacy.

That was our first night about four months ago. There have
been other
nights since then.

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Definitely a hot story. I don't know which person I'd
rather be. It was written in such a manner that it is hard
to tell if it was trueth or fiction.

Actually reminds me of my ex sister in law about 25 years
ago. She was a larger women but really hot. Looking back,
she had the hots for me and I was too naive to realize it. I'll
never forget walking into her kitchen with her on her knees
washing the floor. She had great tits that were partially
revealed and was sweating a little. She was flushed in the
face as she looked up at me. I'll never forget the look
in her eyes at that moment. Pure lust and desire for my cock.
I just didn't have a clue.


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Too bad should have taken the advantage. but heinsite is
20/20. thank for the comments