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The pale man was naked and smooth, He knelt on the bed and stretched his back into an arch proffering his buttocks as high in the air as he could, pushing his shaven relaxed anus out. That hole opening and shutting like a wink.
The tanned man above grew excited and placing his fingers on his ribs began to flick his own nipple with his thumbnail. The deliriously warm feeling went straight to his loins and his ball sac twitched repeatedly, his enlarging penis grew thick and strong, blue veins standing out proud and full blooded around the girth. Full engorged glans coloured purple and thick, the soft tissue forming fat and solid.
The tanned man sank to his knees, placing his hands on each orbed buttock he pulled aside and kissed his partners hole, pushing saliva into the orifice with his tongue. He could taste his man, he loved that taste, rolling his tongue around the clean pink hole, the pale man gasping in ecstasy.
The tanned man rose and dribbled oil onto his penis, rubbing it around the length. It felt like a solid bone, throbbing, with a feeling as if to burst.
Those purpled glans met the wet glistening lips of the anus as if kissing gently. The pale man pushed back slurping in the swollen purple head and with a gasp of ecstatic pleasure pushed back more until he had taken the full eight inches whole. Back and forth he slid slowly along the tanned mans prized possession. Taking all the pleasure of that swollen phallus with his myriad of nerve endings.
The man above took charge and thrust back and forth more urgently now, gaining momentum with each stroke, and as with each of those strokes rose a moan of pleasure from the mouth of the other. Entangled in the air with this clapped the sound of a double slap, as with each thrust the tanned man’s upper thighs hit those white smooth buttocks, followed by his low slung balls slapping against the others perineum.
For a solid hour these two soldiers of lust banged away in their twofold ecstasy. Sweat pouring from the tanned man’s brow in rivulets down his face onto his chest, at times dribbling over his nipples and falling into a pool on the pale man’s lower back where his muscles had formed a hollow.
Fast and furiously the man above had quickened his pace even more, almost vehement-like, fighting his way into his partner’s body with this tunnelling full blooded bone, all the while that man below taking that whole fabulously throbbing phallus alike the most perfect whore.
A groan rose quietly from the stomach of the tanned man, gathering momentum it rose in his chest and as he faced the ceiling roared from his open mouth like the roar of a lion. His upper thighs burned, as did his belly, his scrotum had tightened like the skin of a drum and thick hot white gooey sperm shot rapidly up his urethra and out his meatus, flying in a frenzied flood up the pale man’s rectum cascading towards his colon. Pumping again and again, that silken goo flew out to the roaring ravishment of both men.
The tanned man collapsed upon the other and as he lay on the flattened body beneath, his urethra pulsed out the last of that love juice into the pale man. For some time they lay in that position. Two gladiators exhausted from their fervent struggle. Recuperating in the luxurious warmth of each other’s body.
The tanned man rose slowly and stood back, the pale man rising again to his knees and arching his buttocks up high, pushed out from within. The ring of his anus puffed up like the lips of Angelina Jolie and a river of glistening sperm flowed out the corner of her mouth, into the cupped hand of the man behind. With each push more semen flowed until two cupped hands were set full. The pale man turned and lay on his back and the other emptied the semen into his mouth, whereby he then kissed him open mouthed and entwining their tongues, folded the semen over and under, back and forth around their mouths. The tanned man’s loins were warming again. It was going to be a long night….

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me next, me next ! really enojed the story


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What a super hot story. The description of the whole affair had me cranked right up. Always loved being the bottom myself !!


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I could feel rythum of cock pistoning in &out