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Rx as the Pharmacist Ordered


As Justin Reed ran up to the counter, he let out a sigh of relief
at the sight of the pharmacist. "Oh, man. Thought
you were gonna be closed."

The pharmacist looked up from paperwork she had behind
the counter and glanced at the clock. "You made it
just in time, Justin. It's eight fifty-nine. Was just
about to close."

Her head tilted at an angle as her blue eyes narrowed. "But
I'm never closed for you."

Justin Reed grinned, feeling a little flushed. He wondered
if the hint of innuendo in that remark had been the work of
his imagination. "Thanks, Heather. I don't
know why it bugs me so much that you know me by name."

Heather Fillmore smirked as she leaned on the counter.
The neck of her blouse dropped down lower to expose a hint
of cleavage. "What, you think just because you're
a buffed-out personal trainer, you shouldn't need
medication? Asthma does not discriminate."

Justin Reed just laughed. He worked as a personal trainer
at the Grand Avenue Fitness club, where he taught weightlifting,
aerobics, and karate three days a week. He prided himself
on his health. He hadn't had so much as a cold in five
years. That's why his asthma had always been a sore
spot, even if it hadn't held him back from doing what
he wanted to do.

Heather's soft lips curved into a frown. "But
didn't you refill your Halinex last week?"

"Uh, yeah, I actually have a different prescription
to fill tonight." He handed her the prescription
from his doctor.

She studied it for a moment, and he took the time to admire
her for across the counter. He had always found her really
sexy. She was smart, funny, and well educated. One time
he had worn one of his Blaxmith T-shirts to the pharmacy,
and that had triggered a long discussion about the group's
last CD.

Besides her mind, Justin admired her body as well. She had
long, blond hair that she kept in a tight ponytail and wore
glasses that did nothing to hide her ice-blue eyes. She
was a larger woman, which was more his type. Her leaning
forward gave him a perfect view of the curves of her breasts
before they vanished into shadow under her blouse. But
the way her blouse strained over her chest gave him an idea
of the plentiful flesh that lay underneath. Her long white
coat and the high counter hid the rest of her body from view,
but he could imagine by her width that she had generous hips
to match. He had often wished that he could get a better look
at her than across the counter. He thought about peeling
away those stern white clothes and revealing the woman

So why hadn't he asked her out? That was a question he
had often asked himself. For one thing, it seemed kind of
odd to go there. "Hi, I need a refill on my Halinex.
Yes, I've taken it before. Yes, I know I have to avoid
alcohol within one hour of taking it. By the way, want to
go out sometime?"

But Justin also had to admit that he was shy by nature. That
was one reason he had gotten into working out to boost his
self-esteem. It had helped with his confidence, but the
old fears remained. His buddies often mocked the fact that
many women seemed attracted to him, but he didn't have
the guts to ask them out. Even though Justin was muscular
and strong on the outside, on the inside he was still the
scrawny little geek the girls all laughed at. As a result,
Justin was alone a lot more than he'd like.

Heather was one of those women that intimidated him. Maybe
it was the glasses and the white coat or maybe it was the counter
or maybe it was her voluptuous body. Or maybe it was the fact
that she had the power to give him his medications, to control
his health in a way. But he had to admit that very power turned
him on as well.


Heather spent longer than she needed to read the prescription.
She was deep in thought. Several thoughts, in fact.

One thought that she hadn't been able to keep out all
day was that this was her last day at the pharmacy. She was
being fired for failing her last performance review, which
was totally bogus. The only reason she had gotten a bad review
in the first place is that she didn't get along with
her manager. Didn't matter. She already had a better
job at another pharmacy for more pay. It just bugged her
to be going out like this.

To take the edge off it, Heather had bought a bottle of wine
at lunch from the liquor department and been taking a few
sips between customers. She had a little buzz going, but
nothing that kept her from doing her job. She knew that was
against the rules, but that was kind of the point for Heather.
What were they gonna do? Fire her?

The other thought that kept bouncing around her mind was
Justin. That was one thing she would miss about this job
- seeing him every month. He was gorgeous - smoky brown eyes,
chocolate-brown skin, full lips, and a smooth shaved head.
He always came in still wearing his workout clothes, and
his small shorts showed off his powerful legs very well.
Then there were his bulging arms that tapered up to broad
shoulders that vanished under his T-shirts. She could
only imagine what his chest looked like, and imagine she
had. That monthly visit for his pills had been one of the
bright spots of her work here. She would miss that.

Heather had thought about asking him out, but it seemed
kind of awkward. "Here's your medication, be
sure not to take it within an hour of drinking alcohol. By
the way, wanna go out sometime?" Okay, sure, she could
do that, but she was too chicken. The words died in her throat
just at the sight of his soft, brown eyes. What if he didn't
like women of her size? She had a fairly healthy self-esteem,
but the question did need to be considered, even if she did
catch him glancing down her blouse every now and then. And
what if they went out, and their relationship went sour?
She imagined him coming in again and again for his refills,
trying to pretend they were just patient and pharmacist
again. That seemed too painful for words.

But she was feeling differently tonight.

Heather glanced up at the other end of the store. Jenna,
the cashier working at the front counter that handled the
non-prescription items, had already closed up and was
out the door. Heather had agreed to close up the store tonight
for her so Jenna could go home to her sick daughter. There
were no other customers. Heather and Justin were the only
ones left in the store.

Maybe that solitude was what did it. Maybe it was the fact
that she was a little tipsy. Maybe it was the fact that she
was leaving this rotten pharmacy forever and she felt like
screwing them a little bit. Or maybe it was the thought that
she might never see Justin again. Maybe it was all of the
above, but Heather had an idea that she never, ever would
have acted on before, but tonight, she decided to go for


Justin felt a little apprehension as he watched Heather
study the prescription. It seemed to be taking longer than
usual. What could possibly be so complicated about it?

She glanced up at Justin, but seemed to be looking at something
behind him. "Sure, I can fill this for you. It'll
just take me a minute, okay?"

Before he could reply, Heather slipped out of view into
one of the rows of shelves behind her.

Justin glanced around the drugstore. The cashier at the
front was gone. Lights had gone out in some sections of the
store. He couldn't hear anything else except the light
music playing on the PA system, and a rustling behind the
prescription counter. He seemed to be the only one here,
except for Heather.

Heather came back into view carrying a small white tube.
Justin felt a mixture of disappointment and concern at
her coat. She had gone into the back with the coat unbuttoned
and hanging open. Now her white coat was tightly buttoned
all the way up to the neck. He couldn't even see her blouse
anymore. He wondered if he had done something to offend
her. Maybe she had noticed the way he looked down at her body
and taken issue with it.

But she had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye as she
said, "Okay, it's a prescription for Xesinex.
You having some muscle pain?"

"Yeah, " Justin said as he touched his left
leg. "In my thigh. Doctor said it's just inflammation."

"Well, this should do the trick." Heather stood
for a moment, looking down at his leg. She studied it for
a long time, sucking in her lower lip slightly and chewing
on it. When she looked up again, Heather held the tube in
one hand and tapped it against her palm with the other. "Have
you ever taken this medication before?"

"Uh, no."

Heather's smile turned into a smirk and she narrowed
her eyes. She stepped towards her cash register and rang
up the medication as she spoke. "Well, you just rub
this cream on the affected area twice daily. But like all
medications, Xesinex does have some side effects. It has
to be applied very carefully."

She tapped a button and looked up at Justin. Her eyes looked
deep into his as she said, "Allow me to demonstrate."

Justin felt a moment's shock as Heather raised the
barrier on the side of the counter and stepped out into the
open. It was the first time he had ever seen her below the
waist. She was shorter than he had expected, only coming
up to his chest. But she had a perfect pear shape with hips
far wider than her shoulders, and a thick waist under her
tightly bound coat. The small heels of her dress shoes clicked
on the tile floor, carried by narrow ankles that widened
up to long and shapely legs. He could clearly see the bottoms
of her plump thighs before they vanished under her lab coat.
He felt surprise that he couldn't see the hem of a skirt.
He definitely was not disappointed, only left with the
wish that he had seen her before. Idly, Justin wondered
what her butt looked like and hoped to get a peek at it when
she went back inside.

For some reason, the music over the PA system seeped into
his consciousness. It was a slow jazz song that Justin had
originally dismissed as the usual Muzak, but now seemed
incredibly moody. Perhaps it was just his imagination,
but Heather seemed to be moving in time to the music.

Heather held the cap of the tube deliberately between her
thumb and forefinger and slowly twisted off the cap. Her
eyes never left Justin's. "The important thing
about applying this cream is that you need to be very thorough."

"Okay, " Justin said, trying to keep calm as
she came closer. "I can do that."

A husky tone crept into her voice. "I'm sure you

As she came closer, he inhaled the flowery scent of her perfume.
She pulled off the cap and tossed it casually over one shoulder.
It bounced off the floor and rolled under a shelf of toothpaste.
Heather held out a forefinger and slowly squeezed a generous
amount onto her fingertip. Justin's breathing came
quicker as he realized the way she moved and the shape of
her body was turning him on. The effect only increased as
she began rubbing the cream over both her palms, very slowly.

Heather planted her feet wider and eased herself down,
down, into a squat. All the time, her eyes never left Justin's.
Her lips parted slightly. As she dropped, her legs parted
her lab coat, and he could see the pink curves of her inner
thighs. The sight of them hit him like a hammer to the groin;
she wasn't wearing a skirt. He could see nothing but
her bare legs as the coat widened to allow her to sink down.
Justin could feel his heart pounding in his chest like a
hammer. This felt like a dream.

As Heather settled back on her heels, she lowered her eyes
down to his thigh at her eye-level. The very tip of her tongue
poked out to moisten her lips, then she spoke in a voice so
soft that he had to strain to hear. "You need to apply
the cream with small circles over your skin."

Her hands came up to rest on either side of his thigh. Her
warm and slippery palms glided over his leg, leaving his
dark skin glistening in their wake. The cream had a scent
like peppermint that seemed to overwhelm his senses. Justin
had to admit the cream worked. The dull ache that had dominated
his thigh began to ease, then vanished altogether. But
the dreamy look on her face as she massaged his leg left no
doubt in his mind that this was more than a simple demonstration.

Still, Heather hadn't come right out, so Justin kept
up the charade. He smiled down at her as he said, "That
does feel better. I don't know if it's the cream
or your massage that's helping."

Her giggle sent shivers down his spine. "I'm
betting it's both."

Her hands moved further and further up his thigh. "You
have to be sure to get the entire area for the full effect."

Justin felt himself beginning to respond to her touch,
thickening under his gym shorts. He had worn boxers instead
of briefs, so knew there would be no hiding it. This would
be the turning point. He allowed it to happen.


Heather was so wet just feeling the hardness of Justin's
muscular thigh. Kneading his smooth brown skin under her
palms had her in a state of ecstasy that she never wanted
to leave. Kneeling here before this gorgeous man was already
a fantasy come true. He towered over her, casting a shadow
that submerged her in darkness. She felt a thrill knowing
that she was doing something which her manager would absolutely
frown on. There was no one in the store, but she hoped the
security cameras would be getting all this. She would give
a lot to see her boss' face if he saw it.

She had never felt so sexy in all her life. She was using every
turn of her head, every movement of her arms and legs to turn
Justin on, and it was working. She could see it in his eyes
and in the way he breathed. She had no doubt that he wanted
her. Heather had prepared her outfit in the back, hoping
this might work. She was glad she had decided to wear her
thong instead of the cotton granny panties she had considered.
She wished she had worn her stiletto heels to complete the
effect, but how could she know this day would end like this?
And if it hadn't, her feet would have been the size of
bowling balls at the end of the day.

It took her a moment before Heather became aware of the bulge
forming under the leg of his shorts in front of her. It made
her freeze for a moment.

My God, he was huge.

She watched it forming under the cloth, making its way down
his thigh and thickening as it went. It was already bigger
than any cock she had ever seen, and still growing.

Heather tore her gaze off of it to look up at Justin. He had
the same look of desire in his eyes that she knew must be in
her eyes. He had probably already seen through her game,
but she wanted to see if she could take things a step further.


Justin saw her pause to stare at his shorts and the swelling
underneath. This would be the turning point, the moment
when all subtlety or pretense would fall away. She would
know he wanted her, and he would know if she wanted him.

Her mouth dropped open. The very tip of her pink tongue pushed
out between her lips again. She slowly raised her eyes up
to meet his with a hungry gaze. He could see himself reflected
in her glasses.

"That's one of the side effects I warned you about, "
she whispered, then pricked up one corner of her mouth in
a smile. "Fortunately, I have a guaranteed cure."

She rose slowly until she stood on her feet, legs akimbo.
Heather was so close to him that he could smell a hint of mint
from her breath mingling with her perfume. And something
more. Heather brought her legs together, turned on her
heel and strode away from him.

My God, she was huge.

Justin was a butt man, and she had one of the best he had ever
seen. Her coat stretched across her wide hips and buttocks
as if it were glued on. Justin couldn't take his eyes
off the twin globes that rolled beneath it with a slight
jiggle as they fell. He had only a moment to enjoy the view
before she walked out of sight down an adjoining aisle.

He felt a moment's panic. Where was she going? Was she
leaving? Maybe he had misunderstood the situation, after
all. Maybe she was on her way to call the cops. He would feel
like a complete idiot if they arrested him in his gym clothes
with a hard-on and slapped him with a sexual harassment
suit, besides.

Over the wail of a saxophone coming from the speakers, Justin
heard Heather's shoes clicking on the tile floor as
she walked away, then heard the snap of the lock on the front
door. Her footsteps moved on to another part of the store,
then stopped. Justin could hear the rustling of cardboard
and plastic as she got something from the shelves. He could
only imagine what she was up to. He felt himself throb in

She returned into sight, setting one foot deliberately
and slowly in front of the other to put a swing to her hips
as she walked. Heather's eyes stayed on Justin's,
but his dropped downwards. Her fingers slowly moved down
the front of her coat, undoing the buttons one by one. As
the button would pop loose, she kept her hand over the front
to keep it from falling open. She kept the coat closed until
the very last button was undone. She stopped. She turned
her back slowly, keeping her head turned so she could watch
him as she finally let the coat fall down her back onto the

Justin groaned softly. As he had suspected, Heather wasn't
wearing a skirt under the lab coat. She also wasn't
wearing her blouse. She stood before him in only a pair of
matching red panties and bra. A tattoo of two roses met in
the small of her back and spread green branches outwards
to curve around her hips. Below the tattoo, her panties
had a thong that vanished between her cheeks, giving him
a perfect view of her large, round buttocks. He had thought
her butt was incredible before, but now it was positively

Heather's cheeks rolled as she shifted her stance
and turned herself around. Justin inhaled sharply as he
looked down at the cups of her bra straining to support her
enormous breasts. Below the bra, her stomach sloped down
softly to blend into the curves of her hips and thighs.

Her breasts rippled as she reached up and undid the tie on
her ponytail. Her hair spilled down around her face like
shimmering threads of gold. She tossed the tie aside and
reached behind her back. Her bra loosened and tumbled away,
revealing two tear-drops of soft flesh that sagged slightly
from their weight to rest on the shelf of her plump stomach.
Her nipples stood out pink and swollen, surrounded by dark

Heather paused a moment, allowing Justin time to drink
in the sight of her body, and he did, indeed. She was more
gorgeous than he had ever imagined. He grew even harder,
straining against the leg of his shorts. His whole body
ached to possess her. After longing for Heather for so long,
he felt like any moment, someone would snap their fingers
and he would be back in reality; her fully-clothed, and
him just standing there with a hard-on. He wondered how
he would explain that.

She broke the spell by kneeling down to her coat pooling
around her ankles. She went into the pocket and pulled out
a small black box that she tore open. From inside the box
came a smaller black bottle.

Heather flicked open the cap with one hand and squeezed
it into the palm of the other. It turned out to be clear oil.
"This massage oil just came on the market. It's
very special. Perfect for a man with your...condition."

She said the last word with an emphasis that told him he was
going to enjoy this.

Justin played along with the game. "Well, I certainly
hope so. This condition is very uncomfortable. I'd
appreciate any assistance you can give me." He ran
his hand down his thigh, adjacent to the swelling under
the cloth.

Heather giggled again as she rubbed her palms together
and stepped towards him. The oil's cinnamon fragrance
mingled with her perfume. She drew close, then slowly eased
herself down, watching him the whole time until she dropped
to her knees. Then she looked down at the hardness that lay
at eye level. "May I get a better look at the affected area?"
she asked.

"Of course." Justin reached down and peeled
his gym shorts down, exposing his gray boxers. He left his
shorts rolled down to his thighs, then pulled down his boxers,
slowly like she had done.


Heather almost groaned at the sight as Justin unveiled
himself to her. It was so big, twice as long as any other she
had seen, and thicker as well. A vein pulsed on the underside
that trailed to a full red crown. His manhood pulsed up and
down to his heartbeat in the cool air. She could smell the
musk of his maleness and it made her even warmer between
her thighs.

She fought against the impulse to just leap into Justin's
arms, impale herself on him, and ride him to orgasm right
then and there. The suspense made it all the more delicious.
Good things came to those who waited. Besides, she had some
other things she wanted to do with him first.


Justin's legs trembled a little as Heather reached
up with hands shimmering with oil. The smell of cinnamon
increased as she grew closer. As her hot and wet fingers
encircled him, Justin felt his groin clench, and he had
to bite down on his lower lip to keep from cumming right then.
The sensation of her greased fingers stroking along his
length, so gently, so firmly, only made the urge harder
to resist.

"Relax, " she whispered. "I'm a

That made Justin laugh a little, breaking the tension.
He did relax then as pleasure swept over him in waves from
her movements. He leaned his back against the counter behind
him. The urge began to fade while a tingling sensation flowed
over his skin.

"This oil, " said Heather, "has very
special properties. One is a warming sensation that you
can probably already feel."

"Yeah, I do, " Justin managed to whisper. "Warming"
was an understatement. It felt like her hands grew hot over
his flesh, but it didn't get uncomfortably warm. In
fact, it felt incredible. He had to brace his hands on the
counter behind him as his knees weakened. His eyes slid
closed. He made a mental note to get some of this oil for himself
later on.

"Watch me, " he heard her whisper. "It's
very important for the treatment."

He obeyed, opening his eyes and looked down at her soft hands
gliding over his shaft. They pumped him just right - not
too hard, not too soft. Heather looked like a cherub kneeling
at his feet, looking up at him with soft blue eyes, blonde
hair flowing over her shoulders, ankles crossed under
her plump ass, breasts swaying with her every stroke.

Heather brought him to the edge of climax again when she
shifted her thumb to run it in circles over his tip. "The
side effects seem to be getting worse. I'm afraid we'll
need to use more drastic measures to reduce the swelling."

She sucked her moistened thumb and pulled it out of her mouth
with a pop. Then she reached up and dragged his shorts down
his legs to his ankles. Justin stepped out of them obediently,
in awe of her sexuality. She had him under a spell that he
never wanted to wake up from.

Heather stood and let her hands glide up his bare legs. The
hairs tickled as her fingers ran through them, causing
him to shiver. When she reached his hips, her hands ducked
inwards to sink into the curly hairs at the base of his stomach.
Then she moved upwards, tracing the grooves of his washboard
abs. Her still wet fingers left oily trails over his body.
She caught his T-shirt and dragged it up his chest. Justin
helped by reaching down and pulling it over his head.

He tossed the T-shirt aside, then let his hands fall around
her. He slid his hands down to the small of her back. He traced
his fingers over where he knew the rose tattoo would be,
then sank his fingers into her soft flesh to pull her close.
Her breasts squeezed up against his stomach and glided
on the oil she had left behind. The scent of perfume and cinnamon
grew stronger.

They kissed, and he tasted mint and cinnamon. How many times
had he watched her lips from across the counter and dreamed
of them on his? It was even better than he had imagined. She
welcomed his tongue into her mouth. Her hands slipped around
to his back. He let his hands drift lower and caress the full
length of her cheeks in lazy circles. She responded in kind
by tracing her nails over his hard buns. He kissed along
the arch of her neck down to her shoulder, and she moaned
and shivered in his arms. One of her legs came up to curl around
his leg and stroke the back of his thigh.

Justin continued the journey with his lips, making his
way down her shoulder and over her chest. His right hand
slipped upwards to cup her left breast. He lifted it, savoring
its weight in his palm, and the way the warm flesh spilled
over his fingers. He kissed and ran his tongue in circles
over its soft curves. Her breathing quickened as the circles
grew smaller and tighter until they closed in on her nipple.
The bud swelled and grew firmer, pushing itself towards
his tongue, inviting him. He accepted the invitation,
sucking it into his mouth.

"Oh God, " Heather moaned.

Her fingers came up to stroke his smooth scalp. They pushed
him closer, urging him on. He obliged, suckling her nipple
as his hands stroked the heaving flesh from below. Her back
arched further and further.

Then Heather pulled her breast from his mouth with a loud
pop. Her hands came down and pushed him away. Justin looked
up at her with surprise and shock. Was she going to stop now,
just when it seemed to be going in the right direction?

Heather held up an index finger. She had a devilish smile
on her face again. "Be right back."

She hurried away to duck behind the counter again. Watching
her body bounce, especially her breasts and butt, took
the edge off Justin's disappointment. As promised,
she didn't take long. Heather returned, pushing a
swivel chair ahead of her. She brought the chair to a halt
next to the counter and planted one hand on her hip.

"Please, sir, " she said with the twinkle back
in her eye. "I think you'll want to be sitting
down for the next part of the treatment."

"Absolutely." Justin settled into the chair.
He had a pretty good idea of where this was going. Things
just kept getting better and better.

Heather stepped back and positioned herself in front of
him with her ankles together. She had that seductive look
that caused an ache in Justin's loins as she slid her
hands down the smooth curves of her stomach, then to the
sides over her hips. Her thumbs hooked onto the waistband
of her thong. For a moment, she just stood there. Then Heather
turned herself around and bent over at the waist.

He could still see her breasts swinging gently on her sides,
but his attention was focused on her huge upturned cheeks
thrust into the air. Heather took a moment to swing her hips
from side to side, making her plump cheeks wiggle, then
tugged. As she pulled the thong down her thighs, it clung
for a moment at the base of her thighs, then sprang loose.

Bent over as she was, Justin had a perfect view. She was a
natural blonde, that was for sure. The soft curls nestled
between her slightly spread buttocks left no doubt about
that. Hidden among the golden patch, Justin could make
out lips swollen with arousal.

"Oh, yeah, " Justin groaned. He realized that
he had taken his oil-slick shaft in hand and was stroking
it to the magnificent show Heather gave him. It was almost
involuntary. He just couldn't enjoy such an erotic
scene without it.

Heather giggled as she peeked around her thigh to look pointedly
at Justin's crotch. "Oh dear, it looks like the
swelling is increasing. We'd better work fast."

Heather straightened and strutted over to where her lab
coat still lay. The fact that she was completely naked except
for her glasses was a major turn-on for him, accentuating
her nudity. She dropped into a crouch and dug a box of condoms,
extra large, from one of her pockets. For a moment, Justin
wondered how she had known his size, then remembered the
bulge she had admired. She opened the box and tore one off
the golden strip inside. Heather approached Justin while
tearing open the condom. She knelt and rolled it down his
swollen shaft to the base.

When the condom was in place, Heather stood and stepped
over his legs to position herself over his lap. She eased
herself down until his very tip pressed against her. She
bit her lip as she hunched down lower. Justin closed his
eyes briefly at the heavenly sensation as she enveloped

Heather's eyes squeezed shut and she grimaced as he
sank inside. "Oh God, you're so big."

Justin placed his hands on her hips to stop her. "Is
it too much? Sometimes--"

"No." Heather placed her hands over his and
gently pushed them down to her rear. "It's okay.
It feels so good. I just need to adjust to it."

She placed her hands on his shoulders and dropped lower
to take another inch of him inside of her. She let it remain
there, but rolled her hips in circles that pushed him in
and out of her. The grinding over his crown made him moan.
Her head rolled back, and her long blonde hair tickled his
knees. Heather closed her eyes and let out a soft grunt.
Justin's fears that he might be too big for her faded
as her face relaxed in ecstasy.

Normally, Justin liked being in control, but he was surprised
to find her dominance of the scene was turning him on.

She began to bounce on top of him and guided him in deeper
with every thrust. Soon, he was buried to the hilt in her
heat. Her full buttocks clapped against the tops of his
thighs with a smack as she rode him. Her arms slid around
his neck and pulled him in close. Justin buried his face
between her jiggling breasts. He kissed and sucked on the
swaying mounds wherever he could reach.

"Oh, yeah, " Heather moaned. "You feel
so good."

Justin felt a moment's panic at the realization that
he was having sex with her in the open of a pharmacy. He could
make out the large windows at the front of the store at the
end of one aisle. Anyone walking by them could see in. He
also wondered if they were as alone as Heather implied.
The thought of being discovered filled him with panic,
but also made his heart pound in excitement. The danger
heightened the intensity.

Her pace quickened. Justin could feel her body tense. As
it reached a crescendo, Justin braced his hands on her buttocks
and bucked his hips to meet her thrusts. Her arms clenched
tight around his neck until he could barely breathe, but
he never let up the pace until her body spasmed and he felt
her orgasm ripple through her body. She wailed into his
ear. Justin was pushed over the brink and he clenched in
one final thrust before he crossed over with her.

Their orgasm seemed to last for hours, each of them feeding
the pleasure of other. Justin felt his cock twitch again
and again, each time sending waves of pleasure through
his body. Heather's body shuddered in his arms. Her
legs collapsed. Her full weight settled onto his legs and
he supported her, even pushing up to go in deeper and lift
her feet off the ground. Heather's teeth clenched
and her whole face contorted as the last waves swept through

Justin collapsed in his chair and laid his head back. Heather
rested her head on his chest and hummed deeply.

"Oh, baby, " Justin whispered. "That
was amazing."

Heather raised her head. Wisps of her hair clung to her forehead
and cheeks, partially obscuring her eyes in a way that Justin
found even sexier. She gave him a wicked smile. "You
ain't seen nothing yet."

Justin blinked, trying to comprehend her words. "What?"

Heather slowly eased herself up off of him. He slipped out
of her, limp, and the condom dangled off the tip, weighed
down with his cum. She reached under herself to tug the condom
off and tossed it into a nearby trash can. Then she settled
onto her feet and hurried away.

She bent down to pick up the bottle of oil again. The view
of her round buns made him twitch. "Remember I told
you this oil has some special properties? You're about
to see the second."

No way, thought Justin.

Heather poured the oil into her palms and warmed them again
by rubbing it sensuously. She knelt before his chair and
ran her palms over his shaft. Her finger wrapped around
his softening flesh and began to stroke it firmly. The oil
mixed with his hot semen to make it dripping wet and slick.
Her hands glided easily over his length.

"Baby, " Justin moaned, "I hate to disappoint
you, but you did your job too well. I can barely raise my head,
let alone any other part of my body."

"Shhh, " Heather whispered as she continued
to massage him. "Trust me. I have just the prescription
for you."

Justin gave up. Her hands did feel good on him. Even if he
couldn't get hard again, he could still enjoy it. He
settled back to savor the feel of her hands on him. The tingling
sensation returned as the oil absorbed into his skin. Along
with it came a new feeling - a stirring deep inside his balls.
He moaned as the pleasure increased, then felt the sensation
of hot, moist lips close around him.

He opened his eyes to look down at Heather's golden
hair flowing down onto his legs. She knelt in front of him
again and her head bobbed while he felt her mouth teasing
the length of his shaft. God, that felt so good. He had never
felt a blowjob like this before.

Heather raised her head and brushed back her hair so he could
see her face. Her red lips parted as her tongue came out to
lick them slowly. "Mmmm. Cinnamon-flavored cock,
my favorite."

Justin couldn't help but smile. This was, without
a doubt, the sexiest woman he had ever met.

She returned to sucking on him. He felt every inch of her
lips, cheeks, and tongue as they explored his length. Her
fingers slipped down to stroke his tightening balls.

With a shudder, Justin realized he was responding. His
body tightened as he swelled inside her mouth.

"There we go, " Heather murmured around his
thickening flesh. "Works every time."

Justin could only gasp in reply. It felt like he was growing
as never before. When it felt like he would burst, Heather
let him slide from her mouth. She replaced her lips with
another condom, then her heated depths, climbing back
onto his lap and facing away from him this time. He eased
into her much easier this time, and she moaned softly as
he sank deep into her body. He watched her glorious rear
glide up and down in front of him, the cheeks spreading and
clenching with each plunge. He placed one hand on each branch
of her rose tattoo and watched it widen and shrink on her

"Oh, baby, " Heather sighed. "That feels
so good."

"And it'll feel even better, " he whispered
as he began to push up against her.

Heather's breathing quickened. She braced her hands
on his knees and began to ride him faster. Her juices trickled
down to pool in the dark curls at the base of his condom. The
smack of her ass hitting his thighs threatened to drown
out the music above them. She let out a grunt with every thrust
that increased in pitch until it became a shriek. Her body
slammed down onto him and stayed there. Justin braced his
legs to support her as her body convulsed. He could feel
her spasm around him and she let out a long moan that seemed
to reverberate through her entire body. She trembled and
twitched in rhythm to the pulses within her.

When it ended, she softened and leaned forward, pushing
her rear back up against his stomach. Justin ran his hands
up and down her sweat-slick back.

Heather slipped off of him and stood up. She giggled and
beckoned as she ran behind the counter again. Justin followed
her on trembling legs.

He had never been behind the counter of the pharmacy before.
He was amazed at the number of bottles and tubes on the shelves
around him. Lots of wiring snaked under the counter and
the cash register. Heather leaned over the counter with
her round cheeks thrust up in the air.

"I've always wanted to do it back here, "
she said with her wicked smile again.

Justin peeked down one of the aisles. "Are you sure
it's okay? I mean, no one's gonna catch us, are

"No." Heather shrugged, causing her pillowy
breasts to bounce against the countertop. "Even
if they did, I don't care."

Justin still felt nervous, but the excitement only grew
more intense. If she wouldn't worry about it, neither
would he.

He moved up behind her. Heather swung her hips invitingly.
He guided himself between her cheeks and slid home. She
gasped as he entered her. Her hands gripped the counter
as he began to pump into her body. Even through the condom,
he could feel her moist heat engulfing him. The sight of
her plump globes bouncing up against his stomach made him
groan with desire. Justin began to thrust harder.

Heateher moaned in rhythm as she slipped in and out of her.
"Yes, baby. Pound it harder."

Justin obeyed, driving into her wetness as deep and hard
as he could. Sweat prickled on his forehead and neck as his
muscles tightened. Her legs went weak and Justin arched
his hips to support her as he continued to slam into her from
behind. She ended up bouncing on his lap with a smack as their
flesh met.

"God, yes, " she groaned. "If you only
knew how many times I dreamed about this. Watched you and
wanted you to just take me right here on the counter."

"Me, too, " was all Justin could manage. Pushing
her body gave his leg and stomach muscles a workout, but
he loved every moment of it.

Her head lolled forward to rest on the counter. Her long
golden hair tumbled about her face. Justin gently brushed
it aside to expose it again. Justin loved watching a woman
enjoy herself. Her tight eyelids and curled lips elevated
his excitement enormously.

As he pounded into her, Justin felt his balls rising again.
His pleasure rushed towards its peak. He couldn't
believe he had any more in him, but it seemed to be there.
Justin pounded into her as hard as he could while Heather
wailed, "That's it, baby. Shoot it up me."

He jerked and spasmed as he came even harder than before.
The condom grew slick as he filled it with his hot cum. Heather
shuddered through another orgasm of her own. She moaned
and grabbed hold of her cash register's keyboard as
if trying to hang on. Her other hand swept a bottle off the
counter. It crashed to the floor, spilling pills at his

Justin finally collapsed on top of Heather, gasping for
breath. He glided on a layer of their mingling sweat. Justin
kissed the back of her neck as she moaned softly. It took
him a while before he could sit up.

"Wow, " he sighed. "That did help my thigh.
It doesn't hurt at all anymore."

Heather giggled and turned her head to smile up at him. "Sex
is good for everything."

Justin pulled out of her, slipped the wet condom off and
tossed it into a nearby trash can. Then he rolled her over
so he could kiss her on the lips. His body settled down on
her soft stomach like a pillow. "So admit it, that
wasn't all about my Xesinex, was it?"

Heather laughed and shook her head. "Okay, you caught
me. I just thought you were really cute and it's my last
day and we had the store to ourselves and I'm a little
drunk, so I thought we could have some fun. And I didn't
think you would mind."

"I sure didn't." Justin paused a moment,
reviewing her words in his mind. "Wait a minute. Today's
your last day?"

Heather put her arms around his neck and pouted. "Yeah.
I got another job at a pharmacy across town."

"Oh. So we won't see each other again?"

Heather reached behind her awkwardly to grab a notepad
and a pen next to the register. She scribbled an address
and phone number on it, tore it off, and slipped the paper
into his hand. "Here's the address of the new
pharmacy I'll be working at. And my phone number. Anytime
you need a refill, just let me know."

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I'm on my way to my own pharmacy now, maybe this story
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Excellent story. I'll always remember to ask for a
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Way too descriptive. It could have been condenced and still
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Yes, it was a bit too wordy, but good


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Guys stories have words and to tell something correctly
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Good story could have been written a little better though