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Roweena - 18


Roweena ‒ 18

This is a recount of an odd, but interesting relationship.
Twenty plus years ago I had a first floor apartment outside
a major U.S. city. My work had placed me there for two years
and it was a nice area. I lived in a medium sized complex and
the neighbors were a mix of ethnicity.

Then in my 30’s I had slowed down from the bar scene and only
went out occasionally. Most of the time I was happy just
sitting on my patio having a cold beer and talking to the
neighbors. One of my neighbors was a 25 year old black girl
with a 2 year old. We used to sit and talk while her little
one played in the grass.

Her name is Jillian and she had moved her from South Chicago
a few months before I moved in. She had a steady boyfriend
but he worked all the time so she would visit with me to break
the boredom. She was tall, about six feet and pretty well
built. I had fantasies about bedding her and she knew it,
but we never acted it out. She was tight with her beau and
I liked him. It was not a situation I wanted to ruin.

One afternoon Jillian stopped by with a six-pack and we
enjoyed a nice summer evening sipping beers and chatting.
Her daughter was and a relatives for the weekend and he beau
working. She told me it was going to be a long weekend. “Why,
being alone. You should enjoy that. No little one tearing
up the house let alone your nerves.” I said.

“Marty, it's not that. I like the peace and quiet, but
I am getting a roommate.” she shared. “My cousin Roweena
is coming to live here. She’s 18 and lives with my mom in Chicago.
Ro has had it tough.” She continued. For the next half hour
she told me Ro had been an abused kid, and had been taken in
by her mother.

“Ro is a great kid, just been stuck with the wrong crowds.
In my old neighborhood if you were a gang members girl, you
were a no body. It was a lose-lose situation. That is why
I got out at seventeen and moved.” She explained. “Ro is
in that place and needs out. That is why she is coming her
to live.” Jillian finished.

I asked a few questions and found out that Ro was really a
quiet and nice girl; just she had been used and abused by
some family and the gang bangers. She had had a child at 15
and had to give it up. The county put her on birth control
and she religiously was taking it. Then she explained Ro
dropped out of school because of the gangs in the tenth grade.
She was coming here to work on here GED and maybe get work.

“I will be picking her up in a few hours. Can we stop by and
I will introduce you to here? She is a great kid and I really
want her to get to know the neighbors and learn the gang scene
is not here.” She asked. “Sure, bring her by later. I am not
going anywhere. Just going to chill and drink a few beers
and listen to some tunes.” I answered.

At around seven PM Jillian said, “Time to go and get her at
the airport. I will see you later.” I said “Okay, drive safe.
Take my van if you want. It has more space then your MG.” She
smiled and said thanks. I tossed her the keys and she got
up to leave. “Hey, can you grab me some more beer on your way
back?” “Sure.” She answered and headed for the parking

Around nine I was in the kitchen grabbing a cold one when
I heard a call. “Hey white boy! Where is your skinny ass?”
Jillian called. I laughed and said grabbing a cool one.
Want one?” “Sure, bring two, Ro is here. Oh I got your beer
too.” Then she came into the kitchen with a 12 pack of Bud.
“Ro is on the patio, come meet her.”

We put the beer in the fridge and headed for the sliding door.
Ro was sitting there on a lawn chair looking at the trees
and huge lawn we had in our complex. “Marty, this is Roweena,
my cousin. Call her Ro, she hates Roweena.” Jillian said
as we went on the patio. Ro stood up and I smiled and greeted

Ro was 18 and on the slim side. She looked like Jillian a bit.
Ro had dark chocolate toned skin. Her body was lanky and
long. She was not as tall as Jillian, maybe 5’6”. She had
jeans on with a pull over that bulged a bit with breasts that
looked about 33 or 34 B in size. Her waist was not small, but
not thick either. Ro had a small bubble butt. She was cute,
but not a dream girl.

“Nice to meet you Marty.” Ro said shaking my hand. Her touch
was light and her smile meek. “Jillian says you are a good
friend.” She finished. We cracked open the beers and chatted.
I learned Ro was not a rough girl, but really a plain teen
that never grew up. She just had been in a bad place. Now she
hoped to turn that around.

We talked for about an hour and Ro asked to use my bathroom.
I told her sure and directed her where it was. Ro got up, “Do
you guys want more beers?” she said going inside. Jillian
and I said yes and she smiled and disappeared into my apartment.
“So, what do you think Marty?” Jillian asked.

“She seems like a good kid.” I answered. Jillian smiled
an evil grin. “I saw you check her butt out as she went inside.
Just be careful.” she chided. I laughed and said yes and
that Ro was a bit cute. In my mind I was undressing her with

Ro came back out with three beers and handed them to us. We
sat and with light music playing talked till about midnight.
“Marty, I am beat. I have to do some thing in the morning.
Time for bed here.” Jillian said. I said sure, and it was
nice and I would see them tomorrow. I was not sleepy and was
planning on just chilling with a few more beers.

“Jillian, do I have to leave? I would like to stay here for
a while if arty doesn’t mind.” Ro spoke up. “You mind Marty?”
Jillian asked me. I said not at all. “I will send her next
door later if it is okay with you.” Jillian pecked me on the
cheek and smiled. She hugged Ro and wished a good night then

Ro and I sat talking and drinking a few more beers. She got
more relaxed and asked me all kinds of questions. Her attitude
was bright and refreshing. Then she hit me with a big one.
“Have you ever slept with a black girl?” she bluntly asked.
I was taken back a bit. “Yes, a few.” I answered. To that she
told me, “I have not. I mean been with a white man.”

This kind of confused me. We had touched on sex talk throughout
the night between the three of us. But this was getting a
bit more personal. “Ro, where are you taking this? You just
got here. Are you propositioning me?” I asked. “No, well
not really. I was just curious.” She answered. I think she
knew I had been looking her over and having a few fantasies.

We sat in silence for a few minutes and she asked, “I have
only been with brothers. The bangers only wanted that.
A bang. Are all men like that?” I hesitated and said, “No,
just some guys look at a woman as a piece of ass and not a woman.
I love sex, but not just for sex.” I answered.

“Jillian told me you were someone I could talk to about things
like this safely. I hope you don’t mind?” she replied. “Not
at all.” I responded. “Ask or talk about whatever you want.
You are safe here and don’t have to worry.” I added. Ro smiled
and relaxed. “Want another beer?” she chirped. “Sure,
I will grab them.” I said. “No. I will get them.” She injected
and headed inside.

Ro’s walk was confident and I had to admit I did want to fuck
her. I sensed Jillian had no problem as long as I was honest.
My dick was stiffening a bit as I imagined Ro naked. “Here
ya go!” Ro chimed as she brought two more beers out. Then
she moved next to me on the patio swing I was sitting on. I
could feel her warmth lightly next to me.

Her body had the aroma of a woman that had had a long day. Ro’s
smell was not offensive, just musky. We sat and chatted
for another hour. The topic pretty much stayed on sex and
she asked a ton of questions. “Do guys only like fucking?”
Why do they like getting blow jobs?” Then a real twist. “Are
white guys built different?”

I laughed and said, “What do you mean by that? Hell no, we
just have a different skin color.” I answered. “Black women
are no different than white ones. Just I noticed that the
difference was in build a bit.” I responded. “Women are
women, men are men. Sex is sex.” I finished.

“Do you like sex?” Ro asked. “Sure, who doesn’t? But I need
a trust factor in it. I have just fucked to fuck and it was
fine. But I want to know who I am ‘fucking’ if you follow.”
I bluntly answered. “I prefer to make love over fucking.”

Ro got serious. “If you could, would you make love to me?”
she said to me looking me straight in the eye. “Ro I just met
you and like you. Yes I would. But this is a bit fast isn’t
it?” I responded. “Not really, I want to be with you. I have
never been with a white guy and you seem to know a bit about
how to make love and not just fuck. All the guys I have been
with just stuck it in and humped! Haven’t you just ever had
the urge and not knew why?” She answered.

I thought for a minute. Damn I was 35, she was 18. Ro was cute
and I did like her scent. She had a nice body that appealed
to me. But I worried about how Jillian would take the idea
of me having sex with her cousin. “Jillian knows I was going
to say this. After I met you earlier I just wanted to be with
you and told her. Jillian said, it was my choice and she had
no problem. "Just be sure" she told me. Marty
I really want you to make love to me!” Ro firmly said.

That statement kind of settled my worries. “Tonight?”
I asked looking at her. “Yes!” Ro bluntly injected. Then
she grasped my thigh and kissed me on the cheek. My cock was
rock hard now. I was not sure who was doing my thinking, my
brain or my dick. I did want to see her naked. She is cute and
I do like her. “Well?” Ro asked staring at me.

“Damn girl, usually I am the one that plays this game. This
is a switch. Are you sure about this? I am not saying no, but
I don’t want this to be a disaster in the making.” I was totally
taken off guard. “Okay, let me go tell Jillian I am staying
over if that is okay with you. Then I need a shower. Okay?”
Ro said. “Ah, I guess so.” I responded.

Ro smiled and pecked my on the cheek. “I need another beer
over this.” I said lost. “Okay, let me grab you one and then
I will be back in 15 minutes. Is that okay?” Ro asked. “Okay.”
I answered. Ro bounced to her feet and went to the kitchen.
Her gate as she got up and headed through the patio door was
like a kid that just saw the presents under the tree.

She returned with a fresh beer for me and smiled. “Okay,
back soon.” She chirped. I smiled and said okay. “I will
drink this and then hit the shower too.” I told her Jillian
had a spare key to the apartment so she could get back in when
she returned. Ro smiled and said okay. She then leaned over
and kissed me open mouthed. “I have never made love!” Ro

Ro then said, “Back in a few.” and trotted into the apartment.
I heard the door close as she left. I gulped on the beer and
was a bit stunned. All these years and trying to get sex and
now it is handed to me and actually wanted by the girl. My
cock was like a steel rod. Hell she was half my age. I had had
younger women before, but not this much younger.

I headed inside locking the patio door. Still a bit stunned
I headed for the shower. As I lathered up my cock was pointing
at the ceiling. That was a new one. As I aged it seemed to never
get this hard. I wanted to jack off but forced my self to avoid
that. Done with the shower I grabbed a towel and started
to dry. “Marty, I am back. Need a beer or something?” I heard
Ro’s voice call from beyond the door.

“Sure, be right out.” I called back. I dried myself and grabbed
my robe. Damn my dick was still sticking out. I had to adjust
my robe to keep it covered. I opened the door. “Where are
you Ro?” I called. “In the living room.” She replied. “Okay”
I answered.

As I entered the room, Ro stood up and presented me with a
cold beer. She had one too. Ro was wearing a really long pull
over that hung to her mid thighs. I could not make out her
figure, but she looked fresh. Her hair was still a bit wet.
“I wanted to shower with you, but needed to get a night shirt.
Besides, I felt that would be a bit forward.” Ro said.

“Ro, you told me 20 minutes ago you wanted me to sleep with
you. How can that be too direct of a want? I did need a mind
settling moment or two, so it probably was a good choice.”
I answered. She giggled a girlish laugh and I quickly sat
down next to her on the couch. My cock stuck up and popped
from my robe. I felt my face get red.

“Marty, it’s okay. I am wet too. I cannot wait.” She said
as she saw it. “It looks like others I have seen, just not
black or brown. I want to see it when you put it inside me!”
she commented. Damn, my dick jumped. I tried to hide it and
gave up. I cracked my beer open and we toasted the nite.

“Did you tell Jillian about this?” I asked. “Yep, she is
fine with it. Besides Beau is at her place and she wants to
get laid. I would be in the way. You know we only have a one
bedroom.” I laughed and joked. “Hey you would have got a
free show.” She looked at me and said, “That is not what I

We sat and talked for a while drinking our beers. I had not
touched her at all. Her thighs were so smooth looking. Dark
and rich. She had her legs partially spread, but no much.
I secretly wanted to taste her, then remembered that I would
soon. Ro put her near empty beer down and reached to me. She
kissed my full mouth. Our tongues entwined.

This was heaven on earth as I tasted her mouth. Her full lips
pressed to me and I felt her small hand grasp my cock. Ro sucked
my tongue as she slowly started stoking me. I finally gave
in and reached to her thigh. Ro opened her legs wider. I could
smell her sex.

We kept kissing and stayed close as Ro jacked me slowly.
I moved my hand up and felt her pussy heat. Finally I just
said the hell with it and cupped her pussy in my hand. It was
wet and full. Ro gasped into my mouth. I felt her clit against
my palm. It was larger than usual. She gasped as I lightly
pinched it.

“Oh shit.” She moaned as she broke our oral lock. “Oh shit”.
Ro shifted and slid down a bit. Her legs were wide and she
had one over my thigh. I pressed a finger to her opening.
My digit slid in and I heard her suck air. “Yes, finger me.”
She moaned.

I pressed another finger into her and felt her buck. Ro leaned
back and let go of my cock. “Shit” was all she said. I fingered
her slowly and her breath got ragged. “That is so good.”
She repeated. Her pussy was tight and soaked. I could feel
her moisture all over her crotch and thighs as I pushed my
fingers into her and rubbed her clit with my thumb.

Ro’s hips were undulating to my efforts. I leaned over and
kissed her. She sucked my tongue hard in response as I pressed
my fingers into her. “I am cumming.” She grunted and Ro began
to thrash next to me. She grabbed my hand and pushed it hard
to her crotch. I curled my fingers deep inside her and her
body went stiff.

Her hips raised up from the couch and she bucked on my hand.
“Oh shit, oh shit!” she continued to moan. I felt her gush
juices and heard her guttural sounds as she came. Ro twitched
and grunted. Finally she fell back to the couch. She had
been bent upward arching her back hard as she came.

I watched her breathing slowly come back to near normal.
Ro finally opened her eyes and looked at me. “Wow!” was all
she said. “No man ever made me feel like that!” Ro kissed
me a quick one and dove to my waist. She grasped my cock and
the next thing I felt her warm mouth swallow me.

Her head bobbed as she suck me hard. I mean sucked. I felt
like I had a vacuum cleaner on my cock. In the dim light I heard
the sucking noises her mouth made as she devoured my prick.
I watched her face press into my crotch as she sucked me.
Our eyes met, but she closed her eyes at times as she blew

II could tell she liked this, but I did not want to cum in her
mouth. My balls were getting tight and she leaned back my
cock popping from her lips. “Marty, let’s go to bed. I want
that cum in my pussy, not my mouth. I want it there too, but
not now.” Ro said as she looked up at me. In my mind I agreed
and smiled.

We got up and headed down the hall. It was still dark but Ro
turned on every light in the bedroom. I felt like I was at
an airport or in a studio. “I want to see you fuck me, I mean
love me.” She giggled grasping my cock and pulling me to
the bed. Ro p0ushed me back on the bed and stood beside the

Ro stood next to the bed and smiled. Then in one motion pulled
her shirt off. She stood before me totally naked. Ro had
a tight body and her stomach rippled. It was flat even though
she had had a child. Looking at it you would never tell outside
of the small bikini scar she had from the C-Section.

Her breasts were firm and just right. The nipples were very
dark. Ro had a full bush on her pussy. Just the way I like.
I could see the insides of her thighs were damp from her earlier
cum. “Marty, I am gong to make love to you….now!” she gushed.

Ro jumped on the bed and stripped me of my robe. I was now totally
naked and so was she. She gazed at my body and commented,
“You are so pale.” With a laugh. I could see a mild sheen on
her body from her cum before. Ro was still breathing a bit

“I want to eat you.” I said to her. “No, later. Right now I
want you inside me.” She said as she grabbed my cock. Ro knelt
between my spread legs and looked into my face. She gently
stroked me cock. I was hard as steel and surprised. In my
mind I was dreaming of penetrating her pussy.

Ro was on her knees, legs spread jerking me. I could see her
pussy lips spread a bit and her clit sticking out. I wanted
to eat it. Ro leaned down and engulfed my cock with her mouth.
Then she spit on the head and moved up over my body. I could
see a flush in her complexion. It was one of a woman that wanted
to fuck.

Ro positioned herself over my dick. She held it aiming at
her pussy. He eyes were squinted as she slowly lowered her
hips. I felt the tip of my cock spreading her pussy lips.
I broke our gaze and looked down as I watched my cock enter
her body.

Ro grunted as she came down on my cock. She closed her eyes
and dropped. My cock drove deep into her. Ro moaned as I hit
bottom. I could feel her pussy clenching me and her cervix
bend. Shit I was in heaven. I had an 18 year old fucking me.
She pressed down and pinched my nipples.

Her dark skin against my light skin was marvelous. Ro then
put her hands on my shoulders and started pumping up and
down. The feeling was awesome. Her pussy was tight and sucking
me hard. As she leaned over me and fucked me while I watched
my cock enter and exit her body. A coating of white cream
began flowing over it as she pumped my cock.

Ro creamed a bunch as she fucked me. I could feel my thighs
getting wet. My cock was like steel as it drove into her.
Ro dug her short nails into my shoulder as she rode me. I saw
her face contort. “Oh shit, Oh shit!” she moaned as she slammed
down on my prick. Her pussy clenched rapidly as she came.


I laid back watching her body shake over me and twist. I could
feel the wetness of her pussy ooze on my crotch and balls.
I was not ready to come. Ro jerked and finally fell on my chest.
“Leave that inside me. I want to feel it spit!” Ro gasped
ad she cuddled to my neck. Her hips quivered as did her pussy
on my dick.

I held her, touching her hair and sides. She cooed a bit in
my ear. Then I rolled her over. Ro was on her back and beneath
me. My cock was still hard and deep inside her. Ro locked
her legs shaking around my waist and I started to thrust
in and out of her body. She had come, now I wanted too. Ro had
said she wanted it and it was not a problem cumming inside

My hips were pressed hard against her. I could feel every
bit of her pussy holding me. I started a slow stoke into her
body. Ro grunted and her head rolled back. I looked between
us and say my cock split her pussy lips. As I pressed and drew
back her lips clenched and moved with me.

I took my hand and lightly pressed her belly. “I am going
to cum in there, okay?” I said. “Yes I want it” Ro grunted
pushing her hips to mine. I levered into her body and we both
trembled as I bottomed out. The room was filled with the
odor of sex.

My hips pistoned as her responded. Damn, I thought. I am
making love to an 18 year old woman and I love it. Ro stroked
my sides as I filled her. “Marty, I want you to cum deep in
me.” She whispered. As she kissed me, . my hips maintained
the rhythm into her. Damn she felt good. I knew I was going
to blow.

I was fucking Ro like a madman. I slowed my pace. My hips took
a slower and more pronounced movement to hers. I could feel
her pussy clench me. Ro was breathing hard. Under her breath
she moaned, “Fuck me, fuck me.” over and over. I did.

My cock told me that is was not long. I whispered in Ro’s ear.
“I am going to cum soon.” She grunted back, “Do it. I want
it in me.” And kept pushing her hips to mine. We rocked together
and my balls started to tighten. I really wanted to shoot.
I wanted to cum hard. I kept the pace.

I glanced between our bodies. I could see my cock penetrating
Ro’s body. Her stomach was rippling to my invasion. Ro had
a hand on her belly as I made love to her. Ro grunted and groaned
at my assault to her pussy. Her hips slammed mine.

“I feel you inside me, now shoot that stuff. I want it!” she
gasped. I picked up my pace and drove into her. Ro started
breathing real hard and bend her body. My head was pressed
into her neck and shoulder. I was close to blowing me nuts.
My hips pressed harder.

“I am cumming again, oh shit!” she cried beneath me. Ro’s
pussy clamped me cock and pulled. That did it. Ro bend up
and I down. My cock erupted a load like I knew it would. I felt
it hit her cervix and wash back around my shaft. I came like
a stallion. My hips flexed as it happened. Ro was bend up

“Oh shit. I see it spraying out of me!” Ro yowled. “I see it!”
I was lost in my nuts emptying in her pussy. My hips were out
of control as my balls emptied into her. My mind blanked
as I thrust harder into her. “Shit, oh fuck. Take me cum,
take it.” I moaned as I fired off the last remaining man juice
deep into her.

Ro twisted below me and bit me on the neck, “I feel it, I want
it. Fill me!” I did. My hips shook as I drained my balls into
her. Ro’s hips jerked to me. I had not come like this since
my teens. My head was foggy and my eyes blurred. Ro brushed
my hair and in a last part of the love She pushed hard back
at me. My cock slid deep and I felt my cum gush over my balls.

Still in her I felt my cock start to soften. Ro stroked my
hair and face. I was sweating and breathing hard. This was
a cum to die for. I sure hoped that was not to be. I wanted another
shot at this lady. She was a real lover. “I hope we stay friends.”
I grunted to Ro. “Oh yes, I have never felt like that before!”
she said.

“Marty, I have to tell you. As you came in me I looked in the
mirror at the end of the bed. I saw your cum squirt out of my
pussy as it shot in me. That was hot!” Ro said to me. “I could
see your dick in me and your balls tense as you came.”

“I wish I could have seen that. But it might of killed me.”
I said still inside her body. I pressed my half hard cock
into her as I said that. Ro tensed and I heard her moan, “Shit,
I am cumming again!” her pussy clenched my half hard dick
and she twisted below me. She raked my back with her short

“I guess you are spending the night?” I jokingly asked.
Ro looked at me and said, “You going to throw me out or what?”
laughing. I laughed back and pressed my hips to her. Ro’s
eyes closed and she hissed. “Oh fuck, stop that” she moaned
as her hips jumped again. Damn she felt so nice inside.

“Let’s split a beer and get some sleep.” Ro said. “Sure!”
I pulled back a bit. “When I pull out it will be wet. I came
a lot” I told her. I”I know, I felt it” She opened her eyes
and bent forward. I pulled back more. I moved back from her
beautiful brown body.

As my cock popped from her pussy, a huge gush came out of her
opening. My white cum and her juices flowed out and down
over her dark ass cheeks. Ro leaned up and saw it. “Did I do
that to you? I have never seen that much.” She said inquisitively.
“Yep” was all I said as I watched my sperm and her juices leak
out of her body.

“Maybe I need to clean that up.” I said. “No this is a night
I want to feel it in me and run from me. Get us a beer and let’s
sleep. Tomorrow I want more there. Can you do that?” Ro chided.
“Try me!” I joked back. I knew I could. Shit! This ebony goddess
had just given me the best love making I think I had in me.

I got up and stared at her. Ro had her legs wide open. My cum
was slowly spilling out of her pussy. She reached down and
cupped her crotch. “I want to keep this for a while!” she
giggled. I smiled and told her there is more where that came
from and she could have it if she wanted. Ro smiled and said.
“Any time.”

I went to the kitchen a grabbed a beer. My cock was getting
hard again as I remembered making love to Ro. I laughed a
bit to myself; as I watched my hard dick wave back and forth
as I walked. Shit I had not been this hard for so long since
I was a teen.

“Here we go dear!” I said as I reentered the bedroom. Ro laughed
a bit. “What the beer or your cock?” she said laughing. “I
will take both” and she cracked up. I sat down and offered
her the beer. Ro took a big sip and passed it back. “Thanx,
let’s do this and get to sleep.”

I agreed but told her I still wanted to eat here. I swear she
blushed. “Really?” she said meekly. “Yes” I answered.
“I will wake you with a tongue lashing!” I laughed back.
“Promise?” Ro countered. “Yep!” I said. We enjoyed the
beer and talked small talk.

The morning was coming on us and it was late. “Ro, time for
sleep.” I whispered as I lay next to her warm body. Ro smiled
at me and kissed me. “I like you cum in me. It is not like before.
I want more and soon. Don’t worry, I will not get pregnant.
Cum in me in the morning. Please!” she said. “Okay, but let
me eat your sweet pussy. Okay?” I answered.

“Okay, if you want. That is something I only did long ago
with a girlfriend. Are you sure you want too?” I cupped one
of her breasts and kissed her. “Yes, I want to.” I said. “If
you are worried about our cum you shower in the morning.”
I added. “Yeah. I would feel better about that.” She responded.


I hugged her and she moved to me. “I want to suck you too. Is
that okay?” I laughed and said. “Ro you can do most anything
you want. I just want to taste you.” She hugged me. “Cum in
my mouth tomorrow. I have never liked it but I think I may
now with you.. I hugged her and said, “Your call!.”and laid

We held each other for a bit. I was tired. This body was drained
from the cum I just had with Ro. my dick was hard, but I really
thought we better wait. As we lay there Ro grasped me cock
and began to stroke me. “Feel good?” she asked. I said yes,
but let’s save it. Ro giggled and said okay.

Ro then said “Sleep time? I said yes, it was a long day and
I wanted to make the weekend a good one. Starting with her..
She laughed and said okay. We lay back and pulled the covers
over us. I felt her stir a bit.

Ro hugged me as we began to doze. I was in heaven. “I hope you
don’t mind, but I want this.” Ro said frankly. She rolled
on top of me and grasped my cock. I jumped and got harder.
I was fucked out. Then she positioned herself and laying
on me slowly pressing her pussy onto me cock. Ro settled
a top me and her hips met mine.

I was back inside this sweet lady. My cock pulsed. Ro clasped
me face and said, “I want sleep with you in me.” I groaned
and said okay. Then out of the blue I came again. I grabbed
her ass and shot a load into her. Ro just looked at me as said,
“Cum baby, just cum.. Give it to me.” I did bucking my hips.

My hips slowed and my nuts were drained. I felt the cum seep
out and fall on my balls. Ro pressed to me and said, “Sleep,
we have tomorrow. I want you to eat me then.” I smiled. This
girl above me had just made me cum twice in so short of a time.
I put my arms around her and relaxed.

As I drifted off I felt Ro bury her head in the side of my neck.
She had kissed me lightly first. “We have morning.” She
finished as she relaxed with my cock still in her body. I
felt a twitch and then sleep. Damn, this was a night! I feel
to sleep imagining Ro’s thighs on my cheeks as I ate her in
the morning. Now that was a breakfast!

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one of the best stories I have ever read.