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~ Memories ~


“It’s pretty isn’t it, all these birds
and flowers around us.”

“That’s why I suggested we come here, Ross.”

They walked along the path at the Park, enjoying the serene
peacefulness of the place. It really was quite peaceful
there and not overly large to tire a person.

Because it was a weekday, there were no one else at the Park
apart from them. Blame it on the birds and bees around them
or the fresh air, but Sarah became really aware of Ross.
Every accidental brush against his arm made her tingle
in places too embarrassing to mention. But then again,
Sarah had always been aware of Ross.

It all began 3 years earlier. He was so shy when first introduced
to her that Sarah thought she’d never be able to ‘seduce’
him into a relationship. Boy, was she wrong!

* * * * *

It was raining that day and Sarah decided to wait at Ross’s
house for the heavy shower to subside. Since no one else
was home, they had the place all to themselves. The rain
kept on pouring, pounding against the roof and glass doors.
The wind was howling, raging up a storm.

At that moment, their hearts were raging an even greater
storm. They had been flirting seriously over the telephone
for months now and the sexual tension in that house was so
thick that it was getting to be difficult to breathe.

They sat down together, looking out at the rain and the next
thing she knew, he had his hands around her, pulling her
close. His mouth met hers in a tangle of a kiss, and his tongue
probed deep into her mouth. Sarah gave as passionately
as she received and soon his palms were on her breasts, trying
to push away the offending buttons. His kisses rained her
face, down her neck and he started planting love bites all
the way down to the crest of her breasts. Sarah’s
black lacy bra just melted magically in his hands and, with
her buttons fully undone, Ross moved his hands lower. His
mouth and tongue followed his roving hands and Sarah could
no longer keep still. Gently, Ross pushed her back against
the couch.

Sarah arched her back, pushing her breasts for more of his
touch. Her nipples now beaded against him, anxious for
his attention. Sarah felt her insides turning to liquid
and her limbs turn to jelly. She wrapped her arms around
Ross and pulled him closer, all the while his mouth and hands
never stopping.

“Ross……, please………

Pretty soon, Ross reached his target and pulled at the waistband.
Impatiently he tugged until her black lace panties were
ripped off her body. Grinning mischievously, he planted
a soft kiss just inside her bikini line where Sarah had a
tiny beauty mark. Reaching up, Ross threw her dress away
in a corner and began to plant tiny, sucking kisses; her
eyebrows, then her nose, her jaw, neck, her breasts.

“Ross, what are you doing to me….”

Sarah was in agony as he moved slowly downwards to continue
his taste of her. Again, he kissed her just in her bikini
line and finally he finishes by sucking her toes.

Before he could proceed any further, Sarah grabbed him
upwards to give him a deep, penetrating, soul-searing
kiss. The kiss went on and on and as they continued the verbal
assault on each other, Sarah started to pull at his shirt
and belt buckle. Quickly disposing Ross of his clothes,
Sarah pushed him back and planted her knees firmly astride

“Now, my turn.”

Kissing every spot on Ross’s face, Sarah moved lower
to his neck, his chest and lower still, sucking and biting
lightly all the way until she reached his briefs. Then,
she stopped.



“Uh.. are you…., ” he hesitates.

“Shhhh! Just feel.”

Sarah reached for her breasts, tweaking her nipples as
she moved her hips over his, feeling his penis getting harder
and standing straighter, probing her already-moist opening.
Pretending to ignore him, Sarah rubbed her breasts harder
and moved a little faster, rubbing her clit a little harder
against his flesh.

Completely turned-on now Sarah started to move faster,
moving her fingers over her nipples, fanning and teasing,
twisting until she let out a gasp of pure pleasure. Faster
Sarah rode Ross until finally, she let out a loud moan and
came all over him.

When she opened her eyes, Sarah saw Ross looking at her in
amazement. A little embarrassed at her unexpected show,
Sarah turned to look away but Ross turned her face to him
and pulled her down closer to his face for a kiss.

“Wanna do it together now, sweetheart?”
he asked.


Ross kissed Sarah harder, pushing his tongue deep into
her mouth. His hands moved lower to grab her ass cheeks in
each of his hands. He held her hips and moved her against
him while his kisses moved lower to her breasts and took
one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked.

“Oh Ross….” Sarah bit back a moan.

God, it felt good! She almost came again with him just sucking
at her breasts but she didn’t want to…. not

Ross’s hands were busy exploring her wet opening.
Slick with juice, Sarah felt him insert a finger inside
her, moving in and out, making her squirm even harder against
his hands.

“Ross, please… do it to me..”

Sarah felt his hard cock straining against her wet pussy,
glistening with pre-cum. Slowly, he rocked his hips, sliding
his cock slightly against her hot pussy. Fully turned-on
now, Sarah ground her hips lower, trying to make him slide
into her waiting heat while his fingers massaged her asshole
lightly. With his cock pushed against her pussy and his
fingers probing her ass, Sarah let out a long, loud moan
and came uncontrollably for him, gushing all over his thighs
and hands.

“God, Sarah, you’re so hot and wet.”

“Please Ross, inside me…!” Sarah
was ready to beg!

“Patience, Sarah.”

God! This man is maddening.

Ross lifted Sarah and carried her to his room and placed
her on his huge bed. Rapidly disposed of all other existing
material, Sarah leaned back eagerly while he just stood
to observe her for a while.

Tired of waiting, Sarah parted her thighs for him and started
trailing her fingers from her breasts all the way down to
her moist cunt. Separating her pussy lips, Sarah exposed
her deep cavern for him and inserted two fingers while her
other hand fiddled with her clit. Aroused again, Sarah
parted her thighs wider and closed her eyes. Really into
it now, Sarah pushed her fingers deeper into her hole. Her
breath was coming in short, puffy sighs now and she could
feel another orgasm approaching. Not wanting to come again
so soon, Sarah squinted her eyes slightly towards Ross
and saw him rubbing his cock against him with his eyes fixed
on her busy fingers. Sarah parted her thighs even wider
in invitation.

“You like?” Sarah breathed out to him.

“Very much, ” came his choked reply.

Her eyes still closed Sarah sensed, more than saw, his approach
and felt the mattress give a little nearer to the foot of
the bed. Suddenly, Sarah felt Ross’s breath at the
top of her thighs. Gently, he removed her fingers and replaced
them with his mouth. He french kissed her cunt, pushing
his tongue as far and deep into her dripping, steaming cunt
as he could go while his hands reached up for her nipples,
twisting and teasing them, keeping them in a permanently
aroused state.

“Oh yes, Ross… Deeper…. Faster Ross….Ooohhhh!!!!
Yes, that’s it Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!” Sarah
came again, screaming in pleasure while Ross continued
to lightly nibble on her dripping female flesh.

As he slowed his play on her, Sarah’s moaning only
got louder. The more turned on she got, the louder she became.

“Sarah, the neighbours will hear.” He sounded
quite worried.

“To hell with them! Give me more..!!!!!”,
Sarah demanded. “Besides, it’s your turn
to cum.”

Sarah twisted around and changed positions with him. Straddling
his thighs, Sarah planted a long, sucking kiss on his mouth
and enjoyed ‘tonguing’ it with him for a while.
Sarah loved Ross’s kisses! This time though, he
was so turned on that he started to bite her lips, making
them slightly bruised. Not wanting to break apart, Sarah
gave as much as she got and soon she actually began to taste
blood mingled with their taste.

Pulling away, Sarah made her way down, planting sucking
bites on his nipples while her hands were busy giving him
a handjob. Sarah heard his muffled moan as she continued
to rub his length and the bead of pre-cum had doubled in size.
Sarah knew he was close to losing it, extremely close, but
she wanted him there so that he could last longer for later.

“Sarah, please. I can’t hold back.”

“Then don’t. Nobody’s asking you

Alternately nibbling and licking his nipples while rubbing
his thick, long cock proved to be too much for him at that
time. Ross shot his thick, sweet, creamy cum all over her
thighs and tummy, some even running between the cleft in
between her thighs.

Sarah moved down quickly and began to suck and lick the residue
of his cum off his cock, making her way to the crack of his
ass, licking and sucking his balls, enjoying every last
drop of it.

Her clean up job only seemed to make him harder and finally
he couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed her roughly.



Falling back, he grabbed her hips and placed them firmly
over his tumescent cock. Resisting him, Sarah hovered
just above him at her entrance. Facing him, Sarah bore her
eyes deep into his. Eye to eye, Sarah slowly lowered herself
onto his 8in. cock.

God, this is a tight fit, Sarah thought to herself.

Sinking lower, Sarah forced her body to relax, receiving
him until the unavoidable resistance met him. Sarah saw
Ross’s eyes widen and without waiting for him to
say or do anything, she held her breath and planted his cock
firmly inside her.

“Aah!!” Sarah couldn’t hold back
her surprise. The sting was quite severe but she was not
prepared for the total feeling of fullness a cock provided.
It was heaven on earth, Sarah thought!

Ross was having a hard time registering the truth while
Sarah was craving something now that was getting to be quite


“Why Sarah?” he asked.

“Do we have to go into this now? I need some help here,
you know?”

Holding back a laugh, he held to her hips and started moving
his hips slowly and gently against her. Sarah could feel
him move inside her and his cock actually felt as if it was

“Ross……” Sarah was quite nervous.

“Move with me, Sarah. We’ll go slow.”

Feeling the slight remnant of the sting, Sarah started
to move slowly, hesitantly. Feeling more pleasure than
pain now, she moved a little bit faster, harder. Concentrating
on the pleasure now, Sarah moved faster and harder until
she felt an orgasm approaching only this time, she felt
faint, as if she might just die from pleasure.

Sensing her urgency, Ross moved his fingers over her clit,
rubbing and teasing, while humping away faster into her

“Oh Ross, Ross, I’m cumming…..!”

“Yes, Sarah. Cum with me…. Make it happen
for us.”

“Oh Ross….. Ross! ROSS!! Ooohhhhh!!! Aaahhhh!!!!!
Yes, Yes! I’m cumming, Ross. Faster….Aaaghhh!!!!!!”

“Sarah……….” and she
felt his seed rush deep inside her just as she was squeezing
him tighter and deeper into her.

Sarah felt her whole body contract around him; her whole
universe centred on this huge, intense, soul-shattering
orgasm. Her whole body shook and quaked for a full five minutes
until finally, it was over.

The storm outside had turned to a low drizzle, just as they
came to their relaxed state. Forgetting her earlier intention
to go home, Sarah turned to face Ross as he wrapped his arms
around her, pulling her close. Exhausted, Sarah planted
a soft kiss on his mouth and dozed off.


“Sarah, are you awake yet? You’ve been out
for about an hour.”

“Sorry, Ross but that was wonderful and I was so exhausted!”

“Why Sarah? Why?”

Sarah knew what he meant. She never mentioned it, but till
that moment she had never been with any man. Whatever sexual
pleasure she got were all DIY ‒ thanks to her numerous
books on the subject.

“Why not, Ross? I love you. There has never been anyone
else I love as much. Besides, ” she added cheekily,
“I was getting tired of all my DIY sessions, anyway”.

“Cute!” Ross looked quite worried. “Did
it hurt very much?”

“Now that you mention it, yeah, it did.” Then
I asked innocently, “Can you kiss it and make it all
better again?”

“Vixen! Come here…”

He pulled me into his arms and this time he got on top of me.


“Sarah, you really should have told me. I could have
hurt you.”

“Well then, kiss it already.” She was getting
really impatient.

Ross kissed her deep in her mouth, their tongues mated together
hungrily like two thirsty nomads drinking for the first
time in days.

“Do your lips hurt very much?” he asked.

“No more than yours” Sarah replied.

They kissed some more until finally, gasping for breath,
they stopped. Ross pulled Sarah closed and hugged her tight,
fusing their bodies together with Sarah’s petite
form fitting perfectly against Ross. Sarah mused over
the fact that Ross was over 6ft, slightly more than a foot
taller than she was!

Ross made his way down, kissing her neck, making his way
down to her breasts. Taking one nipple in between his lips
and one between his fingers, he sucked and twisted them
at the same time, making her feel the moisture gather at
the cleft of her thighs again.

“Ross… yes! Do me more..” Sarah pleaded.

With her squirming body rubbing against him, Ross felt
her heated moisture rub against him. He snaked his other
hand down and started probing her wet pussy with his fingers.
Unabashedly, Sarah started undulating her hips against
his palm, forcing his fingers to move in and out of her. Two
fingers become three and soon Sarah craved for more. Faster
and harder she rode his fingers, while his thumb rubbed
her swollen clit.

“Uunnnhh! Yes! Yes!! Ohhh! Yes, Ross…. Harder!!!”
Sarah breathed out to him. “Harder Ross…

“Gladly”. Ross withdrew his fingers and
quickly replaced them with his hard, throbbing cock. Probing
at her entrance, he slowly inched a little at a time, letting
her body adjust. However, Sarah was so wet by then that his
cock just slid in easily, quickly filling her to the hilt.

Sarah sucked in a deep breath, astounded and drunk with
pleasure. She parted her thighs wider and felt him sink
in deeper.

“Oh yes…. Deeper…….”
Sarah could hardly get enough..

Grabbing her knees, Ross pulled her thighs apart and hooked
them over his shoulders. In this position, Sarah felt him
even deeper than before. With her pussy practically up
in the air in this position, her swollen clit was exposed
to his touch. Sensing her urgent need, he rubbed her clit
with his fingers and started moving his pelvis backwards
and forwards, rubbing his cock deeper and harder against
the walls of her vagina. Sarah could hardly stand it and
began squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles and felt
him getting even harder.

“Ross, I’m cumming! Please…..”
She was craving for him.

Knowing Sarah could take no more of his play, Ross started
pulling out his cock slowly and burying it deep inside her.
Again and again. Out….. In…… Out…

“Faster Ross, faster… Harder!!!”
Sarah screamed.

Ross started pumping and grinding his cock into her harder
and deeper. Out and in. Quickly. His breath quickened and
her chest heaved in anticipation.

“Now, Ross!” Sarah screamed.

“Aaagghh!” Ross groans out as he pounds into
her and squirts his steaming load deep into her womb.

“Ooooohhhh!!!! YES!!!” Sarah gushed out,
drenching his bedspread.

Finally, their groans mingle together and after what felt
like hours, their bodies finally stopped shaking.

“Sarah, that was like nothing I’ve ever felt
before. Are you sure you never had anyone else before?”
he teased.

“Idiot!!”, Sarah grinned at him. “Uh,
but Ross, we have a problem, ” turning serious again.

“What, Sarah? he asked.

“You haven’t kissed me and made it all better
yet.” she said cheekily. “In fact, I think
you’ve made it worse. Now, you’ll have to
kiss me twice to make it all better.”

* * * * *

The weather that day they were at the park was nice. Not too
warm and not too hot. Humidity though, was another matter.
It made the air cling to their bodies. It made Sarah even
hornier than she already was.

The Tropical Park had quite a collection of species considering
its small size. Strolling further down the path, they saw
a lane quite hidden from view and decided to see if they could
spot any other smaller species of birds around. Little
did she know, Ross had other plans.

“Sarah, let’s sit for a while, ” Ross
suggested. “It’ll give us a chance to talk,

“Okay, sit. Now what shall we talk about?”
Sarah asked.

“Let’s start with how horny you make me feel”
he leered comically at her.

“Ross! This is a PUBLIC place.“ Sarah understood
that leer. “We could get arrested. Besides, the
birds will see us, ” Sarah teased.

“Come on Sarah, you can’t be shy, ”
he insisted “besides, I know you’re probably
all drenched by now anyway.”

Sarah start to protest, ”Hey…!”

“No use denying, Sarah, ” he said smugly,
“I know that smoky expression of yours anywhere.”

He was right. Hearing his words only made her leak more and
more into her already damp panties.

“Fine.” Sarah said primly, “but that
doesn’t mean I will.”

“Oh… you will alright, ” Ross smiled,
“I know you.”

“Smug bastard!” Sarah tried to hide how horny
she was.

“Now Sarah, watch that sweet mouth of yours, or I
may just have to teach you a lesson” Ross teased.

“Just try, and we’ll see who learns something.”
Sarah was playing with fire, but the excitement of a possible
rendezvous in the Park proved to be more appealing than
anything else. Even if they got arrested, Sarah figured
it would be worth it!

“Come here, you little vixen.” Pulling her
roughly to him, Ross planted a rough, deep, probing kiss
that left Sarah breathless. Closing his mouth over hers
again, he sucked on her tongue, making her whimper with
utmost pleasure. Forgetting that he was ‘teaching
her a lesson’, Sarah rubbed her restless body against
his, feeling his cock grow turgid against her tummy.

Feeling more aroused than ever, probably due to their surroundings,
Sarah loosened his belt buckle and reached for Ross’s
pants. Finally undoing the button and lowering his fly,
Sarah reached inside to pull down his briefs. There, his
cock stood at attention, waiting for her. Ooh! She loved
his cock. So hard; so thick.

Ross began to undo the buttons in front of her dress and reached
behind her to unhook her bra. Moving his hands forwards,
he clasped her breasts in each of his hands.

“So pretty. I love your breasts.” Ross kissed
each nipple.

“I love this, too” Sarah held his cock, rubbing
it up and down.

“Sarah, we have to be quick, ” Ross was beginning
to get worried. “You don’t want to get arrested,
do you?”

“Well, you started it, ” Sarah continued
her assault on his cock. Bending her head, Sarah licked
each of his nipples in turn. Her hands massaged the head
of his organ, which looked about ready to burst. Seeing
the amount of pre-cum gathering at the tip, Sarah knew he
was in really big trouble! Or rather, she was!!

“Aahh! Sarah, you have GOT to stop, ” he was
genuinely worried. He started to look around.

Noting his distraction, Sarah quickly removed her panties,
moved on to his lap and landed right on his cock, pushing
it deep into her pussy in one quick movement.

Stunned, Ross turned to face her. “You’re
crazy, Sarah.”

“Shut up, and just fuck me before someone sees us, ”
Sarah started humping his cock.

Leaning back against the park bench, he pulled her hips
lower and pushed his cock deeper into her hole. Aroused
as he was, he couldn’t hold back any longer. Not that
Sarah wanted him too, anyway.

Faster and harder, he fucked her. Humping and grinding
up against her pussy until Sarah nearly fainted from pleasure.

“Oh Ross! YES!! Please… Harder!…
Faster!”. Sarah was riding him like she had never
rode before, her feet on either side of him.

His fingers were rubbing her clit while his mouth was busy
licking and sucking her breasts and nipples.

Harder and harder Sarah rode him, grinding into him, fighting
him. Moving with him.

“GOD! YES!!!!!!!! Uunhhhhhhhhh!! Unhh!! Ahhhhhhhhh!”
Sarah couldn’t hold back her screams any longer.

Quickly Ross covered her mouth with his, swallowing in
all her moans and groans. Grinding harder, he exploded,
squirting his cum deep inside her.

Sarah’s cunt muscles were milking him, squeezing
every drop of his cum until he was squeezed dry, not a single
drop left. Shuddering in pure sexual delight, Sarah finally
stopped riding him, savouring the feeling of his cock being
squeezed deeper into her pussy.

Finally drained, they broke apart.

Returning to their normal state, they looked around. Thank
heavens no one came walking by. They looked at each other
and laughed.

~ * ~

Walking back to the car, Sarah asked “Where should
we go for our next date, Ross?”

“Well, I haven’t been to the museum yet, ”
he replied with a very naughty glint in his eye.

* * * * *
End part 1
* * * * *

“Do you have to go?” Sarah was annoyed with
Ross. “You just got back last week.”

“I know Sarah, ” Ross said patiently, “but
it can’t be helped.”

Sarah knew she was being unreasonable but she’d
missed him a lot the last month he went away. One week with
Ross was not enough for her; she wanted him all the time.

“I guess I know that, ” Sarah gave in finally,
“I’m just being extremely difficult about

“Come on Sarah, ” Ross started to stand,
“let’s get out of here.”

Sarah followed him out but was very curious as she had no
idea what he had in mind. Usually he lingered over lunch
and wouldn’t budge until she threatens to just leave
him behind!

“Ross, where are you taking me?”

“A surprise Sarah… No questions .”
was all she got from him.

They stopped in front of a small motel where he asked her
to wait. After a few minutes, he came out and got her.

“Come along, Sarah.”

Sarah was getting excited as she suspected what Ross had
in mind. Eagerly, she followed him into the elevator and
got out at the 2nd floor. Taking out a key, he opened a door
and ushered her in. He followed, and locked the door firmly
behind him.

Seeing the questioning look in her eyes, Ross explained,
“My house is too crowded, and we can’t possibly
go to your place. I knew you’d be miserable about
my going away again.”

Ross was the greatest. He thought of everything.

“Oh Ross, thank you.” was all Sarah could

Ross pulled Sarah to him and kissed her the way she liked
to be kissed, and as only Ross knew how. She kissed him back
with all her heart, loving him more for his thoughtfulness.
Tongues mating, teeth grazing, he kissed away all her frustration
and anger at his impending trip.

“Suck my tongue, Ross.” Sarah breathed,
pushing her breasts against him. “Mmmmm.. you taste
so good.”

“Sarah, not yet.” Ross said as she start reaching
for his shirt. “I want today to be extra special.”

Ross pulled her with him to the bathroom. He held her at arm's
length and just stood there, staring at her. Finally he
reached out and started unbuttoning her blouse, then unzipped
her skirt. He pulled the blouse down together with the skirt,
leaving her standing in her sheer bra and panties. Bending,
he captured a nipple in his mouth and licked and sucked her
through the sheer material, dampening a spot. She whimpered
in delight but was soon disappointed as Ross drew away.


He reached behind her, unhooked her bra and drew it away
from her body to expose her creamy globes. Cupping and testing
the weight of her breasts in each hand, he murmured words
of appreciation. The tips of his thumb grazed her nipples,
making Sarah moan in pleasure.

Kneeling, he inhaled her scent deeply and licked her lightly
before pulling her panties down, exposing her already
moist pussy to him.

“You smell so good, Sarah. ” he buried his
nose in her bush, then let his tongue graze the tip of her
partially hidden clit.

Sarah shuddered violently against him, wanting more,
craving for much, much more.

Suddenly, he stood up and started removing his own clothes.
Stopping him, Sarah took over the task, deliberately going
as slowly as possible to excite him as much as he’d
excited her. Dropping tiny kisses all over Ross as she went
along, Sarah saw that she was having the desired effect
on him. He was straining impossibly in his briefs and she
quickly disposed of the offending material, treating
herself to a beautiful view of his hard erect cock. Seeing
the hungry look in her eyes, Ross quickly pulled Sarah up
and pulled her into the shower stall with him.

Adjusting the temperature, he turned on the shower in a
soft drizzly mode, making it feel sexy against the skin.
Holding her close, they got drenched together before Ross
pushed Sarah slightly away from him and turned down the
shower to a trickle. He lathered soap in his hands and started
spreading it all over her body, starting at the top of her
breasts. Moving his hands slowly and methodically, he
soaped every inch of her including in between her thighs
and underneath her arms, all the while rubbing slowly and
sensuously. Needless to say, Sarah was getting really
turned on by all this and was fidgeting around impatiently.

“Be still, Sarah” Ross suppressed a smile,
“or I’ll leave you to shower alone”.

God! This man can be really mean, Sarah thought to herself.
She immediately stopped fidgeting around but pushed her
body slightly against his hands in silent invitation.

Satisfied that he’d rubbed and soaped every part
of her, he turned on the shower again. His hands went wandering
again, this time ‘helping’ Sarah rinse off.


I’ll get you back, Sarah thought to herself. Turning
around, Sarah turned down the shower and started to lather
her own hands.

“Your turn, ” she said smugly to Ross.

Starting at his chest, she kissed her way down, her hands
following the trail of her mouth. Looking down, Sarah saw
that her revenge was sweet. He is as hard and straight as
an arrow for her! Unable to resist, Sarah closed her mouth
around his cock, already throbbing in urgent need. Swirling
her tongue around the head, and lips pursed firmly around
him, Sarah could feel him swelling up. She could taste his
pre-cum at the tip of his cock. Wanting to give back a taste
of his own medicine, Sarah pulled away slowly as if sliding
his cock out of her hot, wet pussy.

“Sarah!” came his frustrated cry.

Sarah placed her soapy hands around his tumescent love
tool and started to move her hands along his length. Ross’s
expression was priceless! Good, she thought. Sarah moved
her hands away, making her way down to his thighs and finally
rubbing her way to his ankles. Deciding that his torture
was enough, Sarah turned the shower back on full blast and
quickly rinsed away any residue of soap from their bodies.
At this point, Sarah was as impatient as Ross for some serious

He turned the shower down again and quickly moved to position
himself in front of her. Ross looked deeply into her eyes
while he moved his index finger into her moist slit. Parting
her pussy lips, he probed deeper inside her. His other hand
lifted one of Sarah’s ankles and hooked her knee
over his shoulder, leaving her totally exposed to him.
By then, Sarah was positively dripping down his fingers.

Giving her a satisfied grin, Ross placed his lips over her
exposed pussy, French kissing her cunt as deeply as he could.
Ross’s mischievous tongue probed deeper inside
her, swirling around her steamy hole while his finger held
her cunt lips apart, sliding up and down her slit, making
Sarah scream out in pleasure.

“YES!!! Oh YES!! Ross…. Deeper, Harder,
Pleaassse!!!! Aaaaaagh!!!!! Unnnhhhhh!!” Sarah
couldn’t care less who heard her. She rubbed against
him, rode his tongue, pushing her pussy against his face.
His nose nudged her clit making her scream and moan even

“I’m cumming, Ross! I’m CUMMINGGGGGG!!!
OOOohhhh!!!!” Her juices gushed out into his waiting
mouth, wetting his face.

Sarah bent down and kissed Ross hard on his mouth, licking
and tasting her own juices, turning her on even more. Glancing
down, Sarah could see that he was filled to the point of bursting.
Quickly Sarah pulled Ross up and knelt before him, taking
in his hard, pulsating cock into her mouth. “Mmmmmmm!”
She could barely stand it. Sarah loved sucking Ross’s
huge cock.

Sarah licked the head, then swirled her tongue around him.
Pursing her lips firmly around him, she moved her jaw in
a sucking motion, making him twitch in her mouth. Sarah
released his cock and started licking and softly nibbling
his balls.

“Aaahhhh!” Ross was unable to contain his
pleasure. Ross rarely makes noise. Sarah is usually the
noisy one!

Encouraged, Sarah nibbled his balls some more. Her hands
moved behind him and pulled him closer to her, taking his
cock in her mouth again, and this time sliding him in and
out, fucking him with her hot, wet mouth. Sarah felt him
twitch and tighten and knew he’d cum soon. Increasing
her rhythm, she fucked him harder and faster, in and out….
In and out… until finally, he exploded his load down
her throat. Greedily, Sarah sucked on his twitching cock
and swallowed as much as she could. After the tremors were
over and Sarah had finished sucking and licking Ross of
all his cum, she released him and turned on the shower full
blast again, this time to cool off.

Turning her around, Ross carried Sarah to the bed, taking
a towel to rub her dry. Slowly he rubbed in between her breasts,
her underarms, her tummy, all the while meticulously drying
her off, but only succeeding in making Sarah wetter in some
places. Sarah could feel her pussy steaming up again with
his touch and when Ross rubbed the towel against her dark
bush, Sarah bucked her hips, trying to make the towel brush
against her clit. Seeing how excited and turned on Sarah
was Ross stopped drying her and started drying himself.

Finished, he joined Sarah in bed and pulled her close for
another one of their breath-defying kisses.

Not bothering to be patient this time around, they grabbed
at each other, hands frantically searching, mouths repeatedly
sighing. Stretching out to lay himself atop her, Ross nudged
his knees against Sarah’s, opening up her pussy
to his impatiently throbbing cock. Rubbing his heated
length against her steaming moist pussy, Sarah nearly
came violently as his cock teased her swollen clit. Sarah
pushed her hips towards him, grinding and pushing impatiently.
Ross reached for her breasts and teased her nipple, one
after the other, making her whole body even more aware of
him. Sarah reached behind him and pulled him closer to her,
opening her thighs wider apart to force him deeper inside

Sensing her need, Ross drew away and quickly buried himself
deep inside her slick, moist, heat with one deep, penetrating

“Aaaahhh!!” Sarah cried out. She will never
get over how big he feels inside her.

Locking her ankles around him, Sarah rocked back and forth
against him, wanting him even deeper inside her.

“Oh Ross, Deeper. Harder….. Faster, Ross!
HARDER!! Pleeaassee!!!! OH ROSS!!!!!!!! “ Sarah
couldn't help but wonder if anyone could hear her.

Ross moved faster, pounding harder and faster into her
pussy, alternately grinding his hips deep into hers and
pulling away. He withdrew completely and thrust again.
Again. And again. Faster. Harder. Again. Harder. Faster.
Faster. Faster.

“Uuunnhhhhhhh!!!! Yess! Yess!! YESS!!!!!! I’m
CUMMINGGGGG!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!” Sarah bucked
and heaved against Ross, her ankles locking him tight against
her, just as he jerked and exploded hot and deep inside her,
burning her walls with his molten load at the exact time
she tightened and squeezed him.

“Yesss! Oh Sarraahhh!!” Ross was unable
to hold back his pleasure.

They held on to each other tightly while their bodies shook
and quaked in unison, jerking and tightening in lustful
pleasure until finally the tension subsided, leaving
their bodies tingling in the aftermath.

Finally they dozed in each others' arms, totally exhausted.

* * *

Finally she could see the island in the distance. Good,
we're almost there, she thought. It had been months
since the shower incident, and Sarah missed Ross like crazy.

Her sister agreed to come with her; Lyn needed time away
from a difficult relationship. Sarah was glad for her company
on the long trip, but her purpose was to meet Ross again.
He had been working out of state for months. They decided
to take advantage of the long holiday weekend by meeting
at the island near where he worked.

Lyn was initially quite reluctant to come along, as she
knew Sarah would be meeting Ross. After much persuasion,
thank God, she agreed.

"Hey Sarah, it's really beautiful here. Thanks
for inviting me along." Lyn said as they walked up
to the chalet.

“No problem, Lyn, besides, it’s nice to get
away, isn’t it?”

They walked to the chalet and checked in quickly, anxious
to check out the island. The island was quite small; they
could walk comfortably from one end to the other in 20 minutes.
The beachfront was impressive, with clear blue waters,
sparkling in the sunlight with the occasional dark patches
of shallow corals providing a breathtaking view from shore.


“Race you, Sarah!” Lyn was already halfway
to the water.

“Hey!” Sarah quickly raced to catch up with

The water felt cool against their skin in the midday sun.
Ahhh!!! Heaven!, Sarah thought to herself. They just floated
around, being disgustingly lazy.

“Sarah, what time is Ross arriving?”

“I’m not too sure, but he’s coming
immediately after work so he should be here by dusk.”

They spent the rest of the afternoon in the water. Sarah
could feel her nose peeling already and regretted not being
more careful. Well, small price to pay for a little fun!

“Let’s go in now, before we become perfect
impersonation of prunes!” Sarah called out.

“Party pooper!” Lyn was still enjoying being
sinfully lazy but realising her sister was right, she made
for their room as well.

~ * ~

Waiting by the jetty, Sarah glanced at her watch and saw
that it was 7 o’clock already. Where is he? She was
quite anxious to see Ross again. As minutes ticked by, she
got more anxious.

“Sarah! Hey, Sarah!!” She heard Ross’s
voice behind her.

“Ross!” Sarah ran into his waiting arms.
“I’ve missed you sooo much!”

They hugged for a while but were careful not to get too carried
away, especial. Walking towards the chalets, Sarah noticed
that he was walking towards the hotel next to hers. When
she turned to ask him, she noticed that he had lingered behind
and was with a group of other guys.

“What’s going on?” Sarah asked.

Ross pulled her aside and apologised “I’m
sorry Sarah, but my friends from work decided to come here
as well and we’re all booked in the other place. I
don’t want you anywhere near them, Sarah”
Ross warned her. “I know these guys, and I don’t
like the idea of you hanging out with them.” Ross
went on, “I’ll meet you later at your room.
Bye.” And he went off.

This was turning out to be a nightmare. Sarah had wanted
some time alone with Ross and now it was proving to be quite
difficult. Her sister was with her, and he had a whole boat-full
of guys with him whom he insists are dirt bags. While her
sister knew she wanted to be alone with Ross, his friends
might prove to be a different matter. This was definitely
NOT her idea of the perfect weekend.

Stomping into their room, Lyn looked up and saw Sarah’s

“What happened?” Lyn asked. “You
look mad enough to kill someone”.

“Yes, ” Sarah retorted, “I’d
like to kill Ross!” She was fuming.

Sarah explained the situation to her and although she laughed
at first, Lyn knew that Sarah was really mad. Putting on
their thinking caps, it was Lyn who finally came up with
a solution.

“Look, I met a few girls from next door, and they asked
me to join them tonight for dinner and a little chit chat
after. Maybe you can have the room to yourself for about
2 - 3 hours after dinner.”

“But Lyn, 2 hours is not enough for me!” Sarah
was already thinking about something else as well, “but,
I guess it’ll give us enough time to figure out something
else for later. Thanks, Lyn.”

“No problem. Besides, if worse comes to worst, I
could always crash next door.”

They couldn’t take another room as they went on one
of those two-for-one packages and therefore had to pay
a lot more if Sarah wanted another room. But, an idea was
forming in her mind, a very cheeky idea, and she decided
to try it out on Ross that night.

~ * ~


“Sarah…?” followed by a knock on the

“Coming” Sarah quickly ran to get the door.

“How could you?” Ross asked immediately
after Sarah opened the door.

“How could I, what??” she said, stupefied.

“Cum without me” he grinned at her cheekily.

“Idiot!” Sarah grinned back.

Sarah began explaining the situation to Ross quickly and
before she could finish, he grabbed her and rushed her towards
the bed and landed on top of her. Dismissing all ‘fun’,
he ripped her t-shirt and shorts off her body as if they were
shabby rags. Never before had Sarah seen Ross this way;
she was enjoying it, and was really turned on by his macho

As Sarah wasn’t wearing a bra, Ross began sucking
and licking her nipples while his hands were busy massaging
her creamy globes. Slowly her nipples hardened and pointed
out in blatant invitation for more attention. Closing
his mouth full over her breast, Ross sucked hard making
her whole body contract in pleasure. Ross really loved
Sarah’s tits as they were large and had really dark
reddish-brown aureoles. The harder he sucked, the more
Sarah squirmed sensually against him. After paying similar
homage to her other breast, he flicked his tongue quickly
over each nipple, exciting Sarah even more.

Growling, Ross reached for his own t-shirt but before he
could tear it off, Sarah stopped him.

“We can’t have you running around here naked,
can we?” Sarah quickly pulled it over his head, flinging
it to one corner of the room. Grabbing his zipper, she undid
his jeans quickly and groped around inside for his cock.
She could feel it growing hard and thick in her hand.

Deliberately, Sarah flicked her thumbnail at the tip of
Ross’s cock, making him grow harder in her hand.
A tiny drop of pre-cum had collected at the head. Using her
fingers, Sarah rubbed the liquid around the head, knowing
it would come in handy.

“Sarah, you’re making me crazy” Ross
breathed heavily in her hair.

He grabbed her thighs roughly and splayed them as wide apart
as they would go, occasionally rubbing his knuckles against
her very wet pussy.

“You want me don’t you?” Ross growled.

In reply, Sarah just turned to kiss him, biting him playfully
on the lips.

He rubbed his knuckles higher against her clit, while his
cock rubbed and teased the entrance to her open cunt. Slowly
Ross moved his hips to massage her pussy with his cock.

“Oh Ross! Please… just FUCK ME!!!”
Sarah screamed at him. Two months of passion was about to
be unleashed and she could only imagine the noise she was
going to make!

Ripping her skimpy panties apart, he drove his cock forcefully
into her waiting hole, making Sarah scream out in absolute

“Oh yes, Ross…… Fuck me!” Sarah

Sarah began pulling him closer to her, while her pussy muscles
worked his cock, sucking and milking him deeper and deeper
into her heated cavern. Squeeze… Contract…..
Squeeze… Contract…. In… Out….
In…. Out….

“God! Sarah, please…” Ross was gasping
for breath.

“Faster, Ross, HARDER…” Sarah screamed.
“Uh! Uuh! Uh!! Faster, Ross” Sarah was heaving
wildly against him, “uuh! Aaagghh!!! Harder…”
Sarah pushed her hips to meet his, wanting to drive his cock
deeper inside her.

Completely turned on by Sarah’s vocal display of
passion, Ross pounded harder and faster into her tiny hot
cunt until his cock was only a blur. He pulled her ankles
against his chest, making her knees come together, tightening
her pussy grip on his cock, making us both moan loudly.

“Aahhh! YES!!! Yes, Ross!!! Harder, Faster…”
Sarah was almost delirious with lust.

“AH! AH!! AH !!! I’m CUMMINGGGG!!!!!!! Ooohhhhh!!!”
Sarah finally screamed, her orgasm so intense, shaking
her whole body, sending hard ripples right to the centre
of her being. Her juices spilled on to the bed, wetting a
spot, while the obscene squelching sound of their fucking
echoed within the room.

“LEEAAAH!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!” Ross shot his
hot sperm deep inside her, warming her womb with every jerk
of his cock. Sarah could feel some of his precious liquid
dripped down her crack, mingling with her own juices. Expanding
her ass muscles, she let his juices flow into her crack making
her whole cunt and ass slick with creamy wetness. Ooh! It
felt so good.

Too spent to do anything else, Sarah just lay there for a
while, enjoying the feeling of Ross. Ross above her. Ross
inside her, still hard. Unbelievable!

“Ross..?” Sarah finally looked inquiringly
at him.

“What’d you expect?” he smiled at
her. “Two months without you, Sarah.” He
put his arms round
her as best he could and pulled her close. “I’ve
really missed you, Sarah.”

“I know… I feel the same way.” Sarah
smiled lovingly at him. “Which is why I was so frustrated

“Oh yes… you were saying….?”
Ross looked questioningly at her, reluctantly pulling
out from her warmth.

Sarah outlined her plan to him, and although he looked quite
excited by it, he was also quite apprehensive.

“Sarah, you know those friends of mine earlier today?”
She nodded. “Well, with them on the same island with
us, I don’t feel very comfortable.” Ross
looked genuinely uneasy.

“But why?” Sarah asked. “No one will

“I seriously doubt that, Sarah” he smiled
at her, “considering how loud you are.”

“So?” She grinned, “Stuff me with
your tongue! No one will hear!!”

“Depends on where I stuff it in. “ Ross was
laughing at her again.

“Fine. Let’s go for a walk then.” She
stuck her tongue out at Ross. “Give me a minute to
put my clothes together.”


~ * ~

It was a beautiful night. The moon was full and shining brightly
in the horizon while the sea reflected the light, making
the night almost magical, with the illusion of two brightly
glowing moons.

Walking along the shoreline slowly, feeling the water
lap at their feet playfully, they talked. They talked about
how much they missed each other, how much they missed the
sex especially, and how much they had wanted to spend time
alone on this trip. Her sister was an exception, as she knew
when to disappear!

They also talked about the future, their future. Marriage
had occasionally crept into their conversations before
and considering that they had never taken any precautions
in birth control, only the occasional condom during the
‘risky’ periods, it was a miracle that Sarah
wasn’t pregnant yet!

“Sarah, would you consider marrying me?”


“Oh no! Not this question again!” Sarah sighed,
“Of course, I’ll marry you. I’d marry
you right now if you asked.”

“But Sarah, are you really very sure?” Ross
looked serious. “I don’t want you to regret
this decision for the rest of your life.”

“Why should I?”

“Well, considering your family background, ”
Ross began, “I don’t think we’re what
people call the perfect match.”

She came from a well-to-do, well-known family living in
one of the most exclusive areas while he came from a typical,
working-class home. While her father had businesses around
the world, his father was a pensioner while his mother had
a little restaurant in the area where they lived.

“Ross, marrying you would be the best decision I’ll
make or have ever made in my life.” Sarah said tenderly.
“No matter what anyone says, you are the best thing
that has ever happened to me, and I don’t mean just
sexually.” She smiled. “You have watched
me grow all these years we’ve been together and besides,
I don’t think anyone I’ll ever meet can compare
to you in that department.”

In fact, Sarah had been a virgin when she met Ross and it wasn’t
until a year later did they have sex together so Sarah knew
that they were genuinely in love. Now, after almost 3 years
together, they were without a doubt, still very much in
love. For them, sex wasn’t just sex, it was an act
of love, a fulfilment they both enjoyed that brought them
closer together; the truest and deepest act of making love.

Ross was silent for a while. Sarah decided to let the matter
rest. It will pop up again when the time comes, it always

“Let’s sit for a while, Ross” pulling
him among the bushes. “I want to look at the moon for
a while”. Sarah purposely chose the densest of bushes
as she didn’t want any interruptions.

Positioning herself in between Ross’s thighs,
Sarah placed her hands on his knees and leaned back against
his chest. His arms closed around her, creating a cocoon
of warmth for her against the chill of the night air.

It was almost midnight now. Feeling her body shiver, Ross
tightened his arms around Sarah, pulling her closer, generously
sharing his heat with her. There was a breeze and the bushes
around them rustled slightly. Looking around, Sarah noticed
that there weren’t any lights at all along the beach.
They were guided only by moonlight. No wonder they were
advised to bring along flashlights when walking after

“Beautiful, isn’t it, Ross?” Sarah

“Hmmmm, ” was all the reply she got.

Sitting quietly together, the breeze rustled the bushes
again. “I think it’s going to rain tonight.”

“But there aren’t any clouds, Sarah.”

Just then, a gust of wind brought on some clouds, partially
covering the full moon. They were engulfed darkness. The
clouds remained, the wind stilled. Taking advantage of
the situation, Sarah turned her head to Ross’s and
pulled his head down for a delicious tongue tango.

“Sarah….” Ross was about to protest.

“Sshhh! Just enjoy, ” Sarah was about seduce
him out in the open, but she couldn’t help herself.
The night air and salty breeze just made her hungry for him.

Sucking and biting, their hands soon began joining in the
play, groping and pulling. Sarah had changed into a wrap-around
sarong with a loose short t-shirt baring her midriff, with
no underwear, which Ross was about to find out.

While Sarah had rather limited access to Ross’s
body due to the chosen position, Ross was having lots of
fun squeezing and teasing. Sneaking his hands underneath
her t-shirt, he grabbed each breast in his hands and firmly
massaged her heavy globes, occasionally tweaking her
achy, itchy nipples. Pulling his mouth away from hers,
he moved his head at to back of hers and nibbled a path down
her shoulder. Ross was glad she had decided to pin her long,
dark, curly hair into a twist.

Making his way back up again, Ross nibbled on her earlobes,
making her squirm and wiggle around in his arms. Sarah was
getting really turned on with all this nibbling! Gently,
Ross blew into her ear and then stuck his tongue playfully
in and around, fucking her ear. God! He was making her crazy!

Sarah started to move her hands higher up his thighs, reaching
to fondle his growing cock. Pretty soon, he was straining
in his jeans, bulging against her ass. Sarah rubbed the
insides of his thighs but couldn't do much more than
that due to physical restraints. She rubbed her ass against
him, making him massage her breasts harder, in time with
her own movements against him. Sarah murmured contentedly.

Ross’s hands were moving lower to Sarah’s
abdomen now and his mouth urged hers in a kiss again. Tongue
and teeth fighting for attention with mouths wide open,
they were like two cannibals devouring a feast for the first
time in days.

His hands reached the slit of her sarong and pulled the material
apart, revealing her wet, glistening pussy for all to see.
Ross gasped in surprised pleasure when he encountered
the unrestricted wetness. “God, Sarah! You’re
so ready for me.”

Parting her pussy lips, Ross rubbed his fingers in and around
the exposed flesh. A breeze picked up unexpectedly, brushing
against her exposed pussy making her squirm and moan in
delightful pleasure. Now Sarah knew why Ross pulled her
for that kiss!

Sarah started to turn her body towards his impatiently
but Ross shook his head no. “Not yet, Sarah”.

Without warning, he inserted his middle finger into her
waiting heat.

“Aah!” Sarah managed to groan out, before
he quickly turned towards her for another kiss. His finger
fucking her exposed cunt and his tongue fucking her mouth,
Sarah felt as if she were dying from pure pleasure . Ross
even timed his rhythm perfectly. Unable to hold still,
Sarah began to push herself against his finger, driving
Ross deeper inside her. Sensing her urgency, he proceeded
to add one more finger. “Ummpph!” came her
muffled wanton cry.

Opening her legs wider apart, his fingers slid deeper into
her hole, making Sarah almost cum around his fucking fingers.
Pulling away to breathe for a while, he stopped the rhythm
of his fingers. Feeling two fingers deep inside her, Sarah
stilled for a while, savouring the moment, content for
the time being. Kissing again, he continued inserting
and pulling out his fingers, alternating two and three
fingers each time. Unable to hold back any longer, Sarah
rode his fingers faster and harder until, breathing choppily,
she came all over his fingers, dripping to the crack of her
ass, into the sand.

Breathing normally again, she turned to Ross, “Ross,
that was great” Sarah managed to whisper heavily
in his ear. Sarah was worried that someone might hear them,
but seeing it was dark, they would just appear as shadows
anyway. At least her plan had worked!

Putting her arms around Ross’s neck, Sarah positioned
herself over his hips. Lowering her hands, Sarah started
undoing the zipper of his jeans and reached in to release
his straining cock. The head was glistening with pre-cum
and she used it to lubricate the head while alternately
rubbing his hard steel against her wet pussy.

Closing her eyes in rapture, Sarah moved her body up and
down slowly against him, feeling his heated length massaging
her cunt. Putting her arms around Ross’s neck again,
she raised and lowered herself, using her knees for support
and opened her eyes to look directly at him. Sarah began
bouncing and rocking herself harder and faster against
Ross’s cock until she felt him tense and twitch in
anticipation. Sensing Sarah’s urgency, Ross quickly
planted his mouth over hers in a deep mouth-gripping kiss.

Her own orgasm approaching violently, Sarah open her legs
wider at Ross’s side to receive his hard-shooting
load. Spurt after spurt, Sarah began frantically squeezing
and milking his cock until Ross finished blowing the last
of his load. Her wanton screams were muffled, thanks to
Ross’s quick thinking. Otherwise, the whole island
would have come to the beach to see what was happening!

Quickly repositioning herself, Sarah lowered her head
and began sucking Ross’s dripping semi-erect cock,
moving her jaw quickly, flicking her tongue over and over
the tip of his cock. Slurping away, Sarah didn’t
realise Ross was busying himself until she felt his fingers
at her clit, rubbing and tweaking her swollen nub.

Moving his hands around, Ross palmed and squeezed her ass
cheeks affectionately before rubbing her juices all round
her pussy to the crack of her ass. Parting her thighs further
apart, he inserted his finger in her asshole.

Aroused even further, Sarah took his cock deeper into her
mouth, rubbing her nose along his upper thighs, inhaling
Ross’s musky male scent; sweat and cum. Sarah was
making herself crazy! Gently, she reached for his balls
began massaging and squeezing lightly. Playing and tugging,
he moaned in pleasure.

“Yes, Sarah… Do me more…” was
all he said.

As her mouth grew tired, Sarah placed her hands on Ross’s
cock and started stroking his hot length. Up and down, Sarah
slowly massaged his cock while her lips were busy planting
light teasing kisses on his chest and licking his nipples.


Ross’s fingers were now alternately dipping into
her asshole and hot cunt, making Sarah rock backwards against
his fingers, wanting more. She moved back and forth, forcing
his fingers deeper inside her. His other hand had moved
to her clit and was now stimulating her swollen nub.

“Ross!” Sarah gasped against his chest.

Sarah bent lower, displaying her ass in the air, making
her opening wider for him. Back and forth she rocked against
him. Her hands were squeezing his thighs in rhythm with
his touch while her mouth continued the assault on his steely

“Ooh! Oooh!! Ooooh!!” Sarah wanted even
more. “Ross, I can’t take much more”
she managed to rasp.

Removing his fingers, Ross pulled Sarah to a sitting position
on his lap, his cock probing her hole impatiently. The zipper
of his jeans grazed her inner thighs, making Sarah grind
her hips against him urgently.

Standing on her knees, Sarah positioned herself directly
above his hard throbbing cock and lowered her cunt, parting
her legs wider as she went along. Finally, Ross’s
cock was at the entrance to her steaming, dripping cunt
with her legs wide open at his sides. Changing her position
to a squat, Sarah grabbed him tight and planted another
tongue-sucking kiss on his mouth before lowering herself
some more, taking him deeper inside her as their mouths

“MMmmphh!!” was all that came out of her.

Parting her thighs wider still, Sarah took him in even deeper.
“Ggrrrrrr” was Ross’s growl of pleasure.
Sarah sank her teeth into Ross’s lips in pleasure
making Ross almost scream out in protest but to release
her mouth now would only mean terrible embarrassment to
the both of them!

Finally, with Ross’s cock buried to the hilt, Sarah
could feel his balls just at her ass. Wiggling slightly,
she rubbed herself against him while the walls of her cunt
were deliciously tickled. Ross’s cock was now throbbing
hard and deep inside her while her engorged clit was pressing
against him making the sensitive nub tingle with extreme
pleasure. Not wanting to wait any more, Sarah began pumping
his cock slowly, milking his length while making sure that
her clit was rubbing against Ross. Buried as deep as he was
inside her, Sarah needn’t move very hard. She only
rotated her hips in slow circles feeling him expand and
twitch in anticipation within her. God! He felt so good
inside her!

Up and down.. Round and round….. Their mouths were
locked tight for fear of Sarah’s impending loud
display of passion. Faster and faster Sarah rocked and
ground against Ross, craving for even deeper and harder
penetration. Sarah couldn’t get enough of Ross’s
cock! Roughly, Sarah tore her mouth away from his.

“Ross, I need you, NOW!!!” She was shivered
in wanton need.

Ross was also on the verge of exploding and required no other
invitation. In one deft move, they switched positions.
Ross was now at the top, and in control. He grabbed her ankles
and pushed them wide apart, almost in a split and began pounding
hard and fast into her steaming, throbbing cunt.

“ROSSS!!” she yelled. Sarah didn’t
care anymore if the whole world came and watched. She needed

Without a word, he planted a firm kiss on her mouth; savage
and brutal was his attack on her lips, just as savage as their
desire for each other was at that time. They bit and sucked
while her hands were pulling his ass closer against her,
making his cock go deeper and higher into her cunt.

“Mphh! MmmpH!! MmMMMPHH!!!!!” the muffled
scream escaped their locked mouth.

Sarah came, HARD. Her whole body shook violently, while
her cunt muscles contracted and relaxed around Ross’s
cock, squeezing and milking the dear life out of him. Locking
ankles around Ross, Sarah bucked wildly up against him,
pulling him closer still to absorb her intense tremors.
Ross could stand no more and shot what felt like molten lava,
deep inside the walls of Sarah’s cunt, adding fuel
to her own flames of passion. Short, hard thrusts punctuated
each spurt of his fiery load. Load after load, they seemed
never ending.

After what felt like hours, Sarah finally stopped quivering
and Ross pulled out his now-flaccid cock from her drenched
pussy. Mustering enough energy, they stood up, quickly
pulling their clothes together and continued their walk.



“I’ve never had such mind-blowing sex before.”

“Neither have I”. Ross had taught Sarah a
lot. He was totally unselfish and always gave and gave.

“Well, tonight we’ve taught each other a
thing or two.” he smiled.

Sarah smiled back and thought of nothing but their future

“Realise something, Ross?”


“I got my wish..!!” Sarah grinned at him.

And so she did. Sarah had told Ross earlier that she wanted
to do it by the beach under the full moon. She knew the moon
would be full that night as she had already calculated the
dates. Ross was reluctant as he was worried someone might
hear or find them. That was what their earlier misunderstanding
was about.

Hand in hand, Ross walked Sarah back to her chalet.

“Will your sis be around?”

“Nope, ” Sarah replied, “she’s
sleeping over at the next room with some girls she met earlier.”

“Good. I want us to continue our talk.”

~ * ~

“So, what do you say, Sarah?” Ross looked
at her tenderly, “will you marry me?”

Too dumbfounded from his earlier proposal, Sarah just
screamed and hugged him tight, pulling him down for a kiss.

“Oh yes! Ross, yes!” She was excitedly prancing
around by then.

Sarah called her parents then and told them. Although her
parents had protested at first, they finally gave their
blessings when they realised that Sarah was very happy
with Ross.

That night, they celebrated their love and coming marriage
so tenderly that after it was all over, Sarah actually had
tears in her eyes. Looking at Ross, she only whispered,
“I love you. Thank you.”
* * * * *

“Come one, let’s go”

“Where to, Ross?”

“Want to go for a picnic?” he asked.

“Sure, what’d you bring?” His hands
were empty.

“Nothing actually, but do you really want to eat?”
Ross grinned.

“I guess not” Sarah smiled in return.

Ross had only just returned from another one of his long
trips and this time, he was away for almost three months.
Sarah had missed him so much, that her DIY sessions were
starting to wear out her toys’ batteries! There
was one time when Ross called her late at night just to talk.
Somehow that ‘talk’ became a phone sex marathon
for 3 hours! She could barely wake up to go to work the next


“Where do you want to sit?”

“Those rocks will be fine” Sarah replied.
They were partially hidden, and knowing Ross, it was a wise

Along the way, they had stopped to get some drinks and some
fruit. They were not too enthusiastic for anything heavier
as they were really more interested in catching up anyway.

“So, how have you been, Sarah?” Ross started
removing the s

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