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Roommates girlfriend


In my senior year of college i lived in a townhome with other guy. He had a long-term girlfriend, but the relationship was very rocky. She was such a flirt. This is back when VCRs were fairly new and he had a stack of porn movies.

One day I found them and was jerking off watching when she walked in. Not being able to hide anything, she got full view of my cock and just smiled and walked out. Nothing was said and nothing happened for months. Then one night while he was at work she asked if I wanted a back massage. How could I refuse.

She worked my neck, back and legs so good then said turn over. Now I just had shorts on at the time. She started rubbing my arms and then moved down to my thighs. At that point I couldn't help but get aroused and got very hard. She would run her hand up my inner thigh, but never get that close to my cock. I couldn't help myself and put my hand underneath her shirt and started rubbing her back.

After a few minutes, I moved my hands to touch her breasts and nipples (tiny tits with big hard nipples), which she didn't resist. After playing with her for a moment, I felt her hands move up and begin caressing my cock. It felt so good. She slid my shorts down and began stroking me telling me she thought about me ever since she caught me that night. Then asked me how I would like to cum (from her sucking me or being jerked off). I loved her hands so took the jerked off option. She certainly knew what she was doing and it didn't take long for a huge stream of cum to flow out of me. It was the most erotic and sensual experience of my life and the most cum I've ever shot.

She was amazed at the sight and when she finished she said next time its my turn.

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so what happened next do tell


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That sounds like something we could get our hands


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nice one you really enjoyed