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Romance Flourishes! Chapter 4


Chapter 4 ‒ A Trip to the Coast

Weeks pass since our camping trip and not a day goes by that
we don’t see each other. We dread the hours that slowly pass
at work and think only about the time that we’d spent together
the night before, and the time we’ll spend together that
night. Our sex gets better, every time we’re together.
We explore every facet of sex dealing with the mind and body.
Sometimes it’s rough and rugged, sometimes it’s playful
with lots of teasing, other times it is soft and sensual,
but it is always intense and fully satisfying. We grow emotional
closer, building more than just our close friendship.

On a Tuesday, about a month after our camping trip, we meet
for our routine lunch at one of our usual, noon-time restaurants.
As we’re enjoying our meal, I interrupt the normal course
of our conversation about which is the better color, orange
or green, with, “Sorry, I just had a great idea! We should
take a trip to the coast!” “That sounds very romantic!”
you reply. “Yeah, we could swing Friday off again and fly
up to Seattle on Thursday night, rent a car up there and enjoy
a fancy, dressed-up dinner in the spinning restaurant
atop the Space Needle. Then we could walk the fisherman’s
wharf near Pike’s Place during the day on Friday. That evening,
as the sun is setting, we could drive up the coast and take
a moonlit ferry ride to beautiful, Victoria, Canada. We’ll
stay in a cozy bed ‘n’ breakfast and rent a sail boat the next
day to go whale watching in the cold waters off Vancouver!”
I say really fast and excited like, barely taking in any
breath. “Ooooh, it sounds like so much fun!” you reply excitedly,
mirroring my childish giddiness. “Yeah, it’ll be so great!
I’m calling my assistant right now to clear my schedule
for Friday, I’m pretty sure I don’t have any important meetings
or hearings that day.”

We finish our meal, give each other a kiss good-bye, and
I deliver a swift and firm pat on your ass as you get inside
your car. “Go get ‘em tiger!” I say and then return to my office
to make the necessary arrangements. I call you that afternoon
to confirm that you can get Friday off and am delighted to
hear that you worked it out. I book us for the flight, reserve
the rental car and lodging. I spend the rest of the afternoon
desperately trying to concentrate on my work.

“It’s all worked out, sweetie!” I say when we first see each
other that night after work. “Here’s our flight schedule.”
Your eyes beam with excitement as you realize that we’re
definitely leaving for the weekend on another romantic
get-away. “Awww. That’s so nice of you, honey! I can’t wait!
In fact I feel like celebrating right now!” you declare,
reaching into a kitchen cabinet for a pair of wine glasses.
“I’m already ahead of you.” I say, opening a brown paper
bag to reveal a bottle of fine, chilled wine that I’d just
picked up on the way home. “You are the sweetest, you know
that?” you say walking to me with the sparkling glassware.
“I do think you’re mistaken there, young lady. I know someone
even sweeter!” I reply taking the glasses from your hands
and placing a peck on your lips.

I fill our glasses and raise mine in a toast, “To what will
be another unforgettable weekend!” An eloquent ting falls
on our ears as you bring your glass up to meet mine. After
taking in a tasty sip, we kiss passionately, sharing the
flavor of wine in our mouths. ”Mmmmm. That was a good year”
you say in a dreamy voice, with your eyes half closed. After
finishing our wine, you say, “I’m going to get more comfortable,
I’ll be right back.” with a wink. “Sounds wonderful!” I
respond. Seductively waving your ass in that way that always
drives me crazy, you make your exit to the bedroom. You return
moments later wearing a long T-shirt that goes down to your
lower thighs, barely exposing the knees. You retake your
seat, facing me and immediately cross your smooth, well-toned
legs. “Wow, that WAS quick!” I exclaim, refilling your
wine glass. We talk about our plans for the weekend and after
finishing your last sip of wine, you say, “How will I ever
reward your wonderful, romantic streak?” You slowly peel
your shirt up to reveal the little, trimmed patch of hair
just above the top of your crossed thighs. “You just have,
my dear!” I say, gawking at your lovely, panty-less exhibition.

You unlock your legs and rest them comfortably apart, giving
me a full view of your savory pussy. “Oh, did I forget to put
something on?” you say in your most innocent voice, looking
down at your hot pussy. While grasping your shirt with one
hand to keep it above your waste, you let your other hand
wander to your pussy. With four eyes staring at your busy
hand, you use two fingers to spread your pussy lips apart,
exposing your inner folds of soft skin. “I see that this
is getting you excited” you say, noticing the rising bulge
in my pants. Your eyes return to your moistening pussy as
you take your middle finger and slide it between the two
that are tenderly pulling you apart, and into your pussy.
I’m speechless, as my eyes stare at your longest digit disappearing
into your depths. You mouth is partly open, as your breathing
deepens, and I can see your tongue right on the edge of your
mouth. Then another finger joins in the penetration until
your cunt is slippery with your natural lubricant. I am
astounded when you pull your fingers out of your pussy and
stick them in your mouth, licking and sucking, as if they
were a little cock. “Mmmmm. I love the taste of my pussy”
you say, staring at my eyes, appreciating of the frozen
reaction of awe on my face.

I am REALLY enjoying the show, but this development has
made it impossible for me to just watch anymore. I start
ripping my clothes off as fast as I can, watching you slide
your fingers back into your pussy. They make just a few more
strokes until I’m fully unclothed, boner pointing at a
slight angle to the ceiling. I waste no time in grabbing
you by the hips from your chair and lifting you in your seated
position against my belly. You instantly wrap your legs
around my waste and arms around my neck to pull yourself
in close, pressing your large breasts firmly against my
chest. I walk you in my arms to the nearest wall, next to the
dining table, and press you hard against the surface. I
control your gradual slide down the wall and onto my cock
until it presses all the way up inside you. My hands are under
your ass, keeping you raised off the floor as I buck my hips,
drilling my cock in and out of your oozing pussy. “Oh baby,
I love how strong you are! It’s such a fucking turn-on!”
you utter. You cum pretty quickly, flexing your thighs
hard, squeezing my hips between them like a vice-grip.
Your cum is long and hard, and as it begins to subside, I tell
you that I’m about to cum. “Let me down, baby. I want to suck
you off as you cum.” I comply, easing your legs to the floor,
and you quickly kneel down and gorge on my meaty pole. You
start to feel the increased swelling of my penis as I’m about
to erupt, so you open your mouth and stick your tongue out
under the tip of my cock, waiting for the delivery of warm
cum that you so like to taste.

Your eyes are focused on mine. Streams of white, viscous
cum shoot like a bullet onto your tongue, as well as the roof
of your mouth, and the back of your throat. You give my cock
another lick to clean the last remains dripping at its point,
and collect my bodily fluids on the center of your tongue.
You roll my load around over your tongue, swish it in your
mouth to enjoy the full flavor, and stick your concave tongue
out to give me one last look at it before you gulp it down.
“Down the hatch!” you say with a grin and take my cock in your
mouth one last time before I pull you up and say, “My dear,
that was fantastic! Thank you!” as I plant a kiss on your
mouth, sampling the combination of flavors that lingers
inside. “You keep this up and I’ll be inclined to schedule
some romantic retreat for every weekend!” I say with a sigh
of complete satisfaction. “That won’t be necessary, I
just love having you and that magnificent cock of yours
around anywhere, anytime.”

Thursday afternoon finally arrives, and we load a taxi
for the airport. The flight arrives in Seattle right at
sunset and we can see the brilliant oranges and yellows
burning on the clouds to the west outside our first-class
cabin window. Mt. Ranier has a radiant, purplish hue as
we pass over its splendor. In no time at all, we’ve got our
luggage and rental car keys. We make our way to the lot full
of rentals and settle in to a clean and comfortable sedan
with a fresh, new car smell. After twenty minutes of driving
through moderate traffic we arrive at our classy, downtown
hotel and make prepare ourselves for dinner. You dawn an
elegant, red dress, high heals and a pearl necklace. I put
on some dark slacks and a stylish sports jacket. The night
is ours.

The elevator doors open to the greeters of the restaurant
and we discover there’s a 45 minute wait for our window table.
“No problem.” I say, “We can visit the gift shop and have
a drink in the lounge on the floor below.” You peruse the
Space Needle merchandise, handling every item that catches
your fancy. I pick a very large, over-sized T-shirt from
the shelf and say, “Here, I think you would look pretty good
in this!” You blush, remembering your unabashed display
of sexual prowess, just a couple nights before. You pick
out a bunch of items and we approach the register. “Here,
please include this ma’am.” I say, laying the T-shirt on
the counter, as we look into each others eyes with a secretive

We stroll to the lounge and order a couple of drinks. You
admire the scenery of a lit up downtown Seattle by night.
We talk for a little while about how big the world is and how
many places there are to see. Then I feel my pocket vibrate,
in receipt of their signal that our table is ready. We gulp
down our drinks and make our way back to the elevator, with
your bags of goodies from the gift shop. We’re shown to our
window table and a handsome waiter introduces himself
as Greg. He recites the wonderful, specialty items that
are on the menu for the evening, and asks if we’d like to start
off with something from the bar. We request a couple more
drinks and he says, “All right folks, I’ll get right on that
and be back to take your order in a few minutes.”

You gaze intently out the window as our booth slowly moves
along the glass window, rotating a full 360 degrees to provide
a complete view of the surrounding area. “It takes one hour
to make a full rotation, so don’t feel bad if you miss something
on this pass. We’ll be back in this position with this view
a couple more times tonight, I’m sure.” I say with an assuring
voice. “Now, what would my little cutie pie like to eat tonight?
I always eat the same thing when I'm here: the prime
rib and cracked crab legs, so I’m afraid I’m not of much help
with the selection.” I admit while you open the tall, embroidered
menu. “But I’m sure Greg is quite capable and would be more
than happy to help you pick something tasty”, I continue.
“I think I’m in the mood for something hearty. Meat sounds
really good right now. But I think I’m going to start of with
a scrumptious soup and crackers.” you reply, looking at
all the tempting dishes and smelling the aroma drift to
us from the kitchen. “I’ll order us some other appetizers
too. They make great, fresh calamari here too.”

You watch ships enter the harbor, their deck and bridge
lights reflecting off the black waters. Greg returns with
our drinks and helps you decide on the perfect meal. He disappears
again to deliver our orders to the kitchen and we talk about
how happy we are to have found each other. We hold hands over
the table and smile. I tell you how breathtaking you look
dressed up fancy in your red dress, and you turn your head
away with the cutest blush and a modest smile. I continue
showering you with compliments about your captivating
beauty and you pull your hands out of mine to cover your mouth
and cheeks in an unsuccessful effort to conceal the red
that is forming on your silky smooth skin. I lightly brush
my shin against yours under the table. You’re finally saved
from my relentless accolades by the basket of fried squid
and bowl of hot soup. “Mmmm. It looks and smells delicious”
you say with a great sense of relief, smiling that I cannot
pay tribute to you anymore, with a mouth full of food.

Eventually our scalding plates of fine cuisine are brought
against our table on a wheeled cart. Greg asks if we’d like
some fresh, ground pepper on our meats and salads and we
both offer him a nod, as he twists the tall, wooden grinder,
sprinkling heavy flakes of the spice on our meals. We enjoy
the succulent meals and are left full and satisfied. Our
empty plates are cleared away and we remain seated for another
half hour, taking in the towering view of the busy streets
below and the impressive skyline of the city. I pay the tab
for our evening of indulgence and we make our way back to
our lavish hotel room, where we enjoy a night of sweet and
sensual bliss. Our love-making is taken to new heights
in the luxurious accommodations of that 4-star suite.

Then our love-making takes a deliciously decadent twist.
“Did you find Greg attractive?” I ask, in the middle of our
already heavy breathing. “Yes, he did look very good.”
you moan back, in all honesty. “I'll bet you'd
like to fuck him too, huh?” “Oh yes! I would!” you immediately
reply, without hesitation, as if in a trans. “Oh you dirty
little slut, you'd like to fuck both of us at the same
time, wouldn't you?” “Mmmmmmm yeah, that would be
amazing! Your big dick in my pussy and his cock in my ass!”
I am pleasantly shocked by what I hear. I mean, we'd
shared fantasies with each other before, and I remember
your interest, or curiosity in this area from before. But
hearing it from your lips like this, about a real guy we just
met a little bit earlier, and uttered in this total state
of lust, was unlike anything I'd ever
was almost overwhelming. “Oh yeah, I thought you'd
go for that.” I grunt out, imagining the prospect. “Would
you like me to get fucked in the ass now?” I ask with my heart
racing to even higher levels of anticipation.

“Oooohhhhh yes, I would like to give that try now. But I'm
afraid you might be too big for that. The other guys I've
tried that with before were smaller, and it was fun, but
you might hurt a little too much.” I take a pause in fucking
you, leaving my cock stuffed inside your pussy to ask if
you brought the lubricant that I'd frequently used
in the past to fuck you with your favorite dildo during some
of our previous foreplay sessions. “Yeah, it's in
my bag. I suppose we could give it a try.” you whisper in my
ear, following up with a gentle bite to the lobe. “Ok, I'll
get it for us. You just relax” I say as I withdraw from your
body and rise to retrieve your bag. You watch my firm ass
walk towards your bag as I ask “is it in a pocket here or something?”
“Yeah that one.” you say pointing to the first place my hand
lands. “What nice luck” I think to myself, getting very
excited about this new turn of events.

My hand navigates around your packed dildo, which is about
the size of my large cock, to find the KY Jelly. “Nearly full”
I think to myself. “That's good because we'll
be spewing this out in large quantities tonight” I continue
thinking with excitement. “Found it!” I exclaim, turning
to you, and I notice you're already turned on all fours,
with your beautiful ass pointed proudly, straight at me.
“Just promise to go slow, ok?” You say over your shoulder
with an evil grin. “I will, and I'll stop whenever you
want me too if this doesn't work out tonight, ok? Just
say so and we're done.” “Thanks, I'll remember
that, but I hope it works too.” you reply with a wink. I climb
back up on the bed, and massage your ass checks, kneeding
them in circles. I start to lick one, then the other, and
slowly my tongue drifts closer and closer to your donut
hole. I'd licked your ass before, fully exploring
your backside in a 69 position, which you always enjoyed,
but this was different. This time though, when my tongue
touched your asshole, it was different. It was special
and exhilarating! This time I knelt down and just licked
your ass hole, and it was the first contact my tongue made
between your legs. That alone was enough to send you over
the edge. “Oh fuck, that's amazing! That's so
fucking hot you licking my ass like that!”

In an effort to enhance your pleasure, I reach under with
one hand and stick a couple fingers in your pussy. “Oh no,
you're going to make me cum like that!!! Oh shit, I'm
going to cum!!!! That's too hot!” You lean down to one
shoulder, using that hand to reach down and fervently rub
your clit while you cum hard! You moan into your pillow as
your body clinches from the blasts of pleasure shooting
from your pussy to every reach of your body! Finally, you
collapse into the bed and your body goes limp. “Maybe another
time then?” I jokingly say, intentionally playing up the
tone of disappointment in my voice. “Oh, I'm so sorry.
I didn't want for that to happen, but it was so fucking
hot with you licking my ass like that, I couldn't go
on anymore. I will make it up to you and we will try this again
soon, I promise! I would like it to happen as much as you.”
“No, that's ok, I'm just kidding around. That
was a lot of fun for me, and just to see that reaction of yours
gave me all the satisfaction in the world!”

“You can't mean that?” you reply with surprise. “But
you didn't even cum at the same time, did you?” “No,
I didn't, but still, that was one of the most instant
reactions you're ever had to physical touch, and that
was hot as hell!” “Whewwww! No kidding!” you respond. “No
don't worry about me, that was still intense for me,
even though I didn't cum, I honestly feel fine with
everything.” “Bullshit! You're hard as hell right
now, and I'm going to finish you off!” You order, and
turn around to face me, still on my knees and facing you.
You crawl up to my cock and lick the underside up it, teasingly
flicking at it with your tongue, causing it to bounce up
and down to your touch. You giggle as it enjoys a pony ride
on your taste buds, until you finally take it firmly into
your mouth and start slurping on it's full length.
“Awwwww yes, that feels awesome!” I groan, watching my
manhood slide in and out of your loving mouth. I begin to
buck my hips into your mouth, adding to the friction, as
your slurping sounds become more and more noticeable.

I reach forward, rubbing along the center of your back until
I can feel the crease of your ass. I let my finger linger over
your asshole and then I get the idea to reach for the tube
of lubricant, that's still at my side. I use one hand
to squeeze a glob of it onto a fingertip of the other. Setting
the still open tube back to my side, I reach down to dab the
goo on your bung. After a couple light, outer strokes, I
start to slide that finger inside and you begin to moan around
my cock. “Mmmmm, I like that.” you manage to say with a mouthful.
I continue sliding that finger in until it goes as deep as
it can, in that awkward, reverse position. You start to
push back and sway your ass from left to right to try and get
more of my finger inside you, but without much success because
of the difficult position that we're in. You can feel
you're getting very horny again, and you really want
to feel something big buried inside you, so you take your
mouth off my cock, and say, “Now I REALLY want you to ass-fuck

Without pause, you rise up and say, “Let me get you ready!”
You reach down for the KY and smear gobs of it all over your
hand, immediately gripping my dick to pump it with the jelly.
You're looking into my eyes with total lust and lean
forward to kiss me deeply, without dropping your stare,
as you wildly stroke the cock that's protruding between
us. You abruptly break from the kiss with a smacking sound,
to look down and admire the magnificence of my perfectly
rigid penis, and quite suddenly, you stop what you're
doing to flip around and press your ass against my lubed
cock, pressing it up against my belly, leaving a line of
goop that covers my belly button. “Awesome! Now let me get
you prepped, my dear” I say as I reach for the lube tube. I
generously smother my two longest fingers with the cool,
drippy substance, and immediately slide those two fingers
into your ass. You grunt a deep grunt with pleasure from
the forbidden penetration.

Now that you're greased up on the inside, I grab the
base of my cock and guide it to your eagerly waiting ass hole.
You breathe heavy with anticipation as my bulbous cock-head
makes its first contact on your backside. I begin to apply
the slightest pressure to make the first entry. Your mouth
gapes wide open on the pillow as you feel your ass start to
spread from the initial entering. Slight painfulness
starts to set in as entire head feels its way up inside you,
but it's a bit of pain that feels good with the thought
that I'm now somewhat up inside you. You loosen up even
more, relaxing your sphincter muscles to ease the passage
even more. You remember doing this before and love the rewards
it brings, but still wonder if you can handle the full size
of what's to come.

Ever so slowly and gradually I get a little deeper, not inch
by inch, but rather millimeter by millimeter, until after
a few seconds, I've got the first inch of shaft after
the head inside you. The pain starts to become more intense,
but it's not unbearable and is offset by the thrill
of the fact that I'm making it a little further in every
few seconds. After a couple of minutes of going slow, I observe
that my cock is almost half buried up your ass, and it is one
hell of a sight to behold! I decide to withdraw a little to
ensure the lube is doing its thing, and that we're doing
all right so far, and you groan very hard with the shift in
direction, thoroughly enjoying the blend of acute pleasure
with a little bit of pain. I come almost all the way out before
I start to slide forward again at a more normal, but still
slow pace. Within seconds, I'm back to where I was before
withdrawing and you welcome the returned state. However,
I do slow down again, as I press on into new territory. I get
about three quarters the way in when you call out after a
little yelp, “Hold on, that's all I can take now.” “Ok”
I say, and start to withdraw again. For the second time,
I recede til I'm nearly out and you say, “Now fuck me
that deep.”

With your words of encouragement, I push back in to the point
I was before, rather easily, and decide to build a rhythm,
gliding my highly lubricated cock in and out of your highly
lubricated ass. You moan in ecstasy, as I explore your seldom
entered orifice. It doesn't take long before I feel
the irresistible urge to explode all up inside you. “I'm
going to cum soon!” I warn. “Yes, cum inside my ass! That
would be so kinky!” That was all I needed to hear before unleashing
blast after blast of hot cum inside you. This sparks your
final orgasm of the night, and we we collapse with exhaustion
and heavy panting. “Do you feel all right?” I ask out of concern.
“I feel great! That was great! You are great!” You say, as
I take you into my arms for a good night's rest.

We sleep in late Friday morning, finally rising at eleven
o’clock, after our usual, cuddly morning play. We get up
to the sight of our dining attire from the night before,
strewn across the room, as we had clumsily made our way to
the bed, struggling to get our clothes off while we were
engaged in a frantically groping embrace. I open the drapes
wide. It’s a beautifully sunny day in a city that often sees
overcast weather. We put on some street clothes and check
out of our hotel so visit the fish market at Pike’s Place.
After experiencing the hustle and bustle of that tourist
attraction, we make our way down the hill to the piers that
offer an abundance of shopping and restaurants. We get
some hot, clam chowder for lunch and we visit the IMAX theatre
which is co-located with the Seattle Aquarium. We buy tickets
for a 4:00 showing of a 50-minute, 3D film about the wonders
of underwater sea-life, and we spend the next hour touring
the aquarium. Once the movie finishes, we stroll back to
our rental car and start the northwesterly journey up highway
104 to Port Angeles.

We arrive in the seaport town and purchase the fare to load
our vehicle on a 9:00pm ferry bound for Victoria, Canada,
leaving us with two and a half hours to see the town and get
some dinner. We find a cozy, outdoor patio in front of a restaurant
and enjoy watching the pedestrians, as the sun start to
set. We thank the waitress for a well-prepared meal and
start heading back to the waterfront at 8:15. Once aboard
ship, we take the elevator to the observation deck. We step
outside once again to the fresh, salty air and walk to the
rear of the ship to watch the ship’s propellers churn the
water as we push off from the dock. There is still a dim light
in the sky as we take each other into our arms. I rest my cheek
on your hair and we watch as the town becomes more and more
distant. Midway through our 90-minute sea voyage, it has
become dark and the moon is shining down on the wavy water.
A cool, gentle, ocean breeze is blowing through our hair
and we continue to hold each other with the same hug that
we seized upon departure. We soothingly sway in each others
grasp and kiss each other softly on the lips. We spend the
remainder of the cruise kissing each other as affectionately
as any couple has ever kissed.

At 10:30 we disembark from the ferry and drive to the bed
and breakfast on the near outskirts of Victoria, where
our reservations await. After checking in, we settle into
the small and quaint room that looks like it was well-built
a hundred years ago, and painstaking maintained to perfection.
You retire to the restroom to adorn yourself for another
night of passionate sex, and I stretch out on the bed in my
briefs, flipping through the TV channels to pass the time
as I eagerly await your reappearance. My cock is already
hard with anticipation, pressing its way out from underneath
the top lining of my skivvies. The bathroom door opens,
and you walk out in nothing but a pair of panties. “Well aren’t
we the matching couple?” I say, admiring your body and the
way your panties tantalizingly conceal the treasure within.
“I can see that you’re already primed for me” you reply,
fixing your eyes on the large hump below my rippled stomach.
You crawl up on the bed and lower your panty-clad pussy onto
my covered cock and grind down on the long ridge that runs
from between my legs up to my belly button. With each rearward
rub, your torso pulls my underwear down to expose an inch
of skin below the head of my cock, and in turn with each forward
motion, you push the white fabric back up to the base of my
cockhead. “Ooooh, I like the sight of that!” you praise,
looking down and resting your hands on my chest.

“I want to eat your pussy so bad right now!” I groan out, benefiting
from the pleasure of your seductive foreplay. “Ok, but
only if I get to suck on you too” you say, turning around to
reposition yourself so that you can spread your legs over
my impatient face. I lift my hips to allow you to peel my briefs
down around my thighs, and I eagerly peel your panties aside
to French kiss your fragrant pussy. I snake my tongue deep
inside you as your fluids drip down my chin. You lick my balls
and take my cock into your mouth, grunting with delight
as I flicker my tongue, swirling it around in circles inside
your cunt. You press your pelvis down on my face to try and
slide my tongue a little deeper in you, smothering my entire
face with your pussy and inner thighs. You feel the short
whiskers on my chin touch your clit and it sends shivers
of excitement up your spine. “MMMMMMMM, God yes!” you shriek,
as if talking to my cock.

“I gotta fuck you now! I want to feel you sit down on my dick!”
I cry out, taking one last good lick of your crevice before
you drag your pussy down my chest and abdomen until it is
positioned directly over my raging hard-on. While facing
away from me, you rest your weight on your knees positioned
on each side of my thighs. I hold my thick cock up straight,
guiding it squarely into your saliva soaked pussy, as you
lower yourself onto me. “Oh my God!” I groan deeply the same
time you let out a guttural “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah!” You
lean forward, placing your hands on my shins, giving me
a better view as I watch my cock ravage your pussy with your
avid bouncing. I am sweating as I force my hips up to reciprocate
the hard fucking you’re giving me. We keep this hard pace
going for twenty minutes until you screech out in a high
pitch, “Oh God, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum hard!”
You bring your hands back to rest them on each side of my torso,
and kick your legs out in front of you, parallel with mine,
so that you're actually sitting on my cock. I am buried
so deeply in you that you pussy lips are resting snuggly
on the top of my scrotum. You wiggle your ass over my lower
belly as the waves of rapture overtake you like a seizure.
“Uugghhhhhh” rises from the back of your throat as you shift
your weight strongly around my cock that remains steadily
buried in your pussy as deeply as it can possibly go. “Oh
my God!” you sigh out, relaxing your body on top of mine as
the jolts of electricity start to diminish. “That was heavenly!”
you continue, in one continuous sigh of relief.

You lay your back down on top of my chest so that your head
is next to mine. You rotate your head sideways to face me,
as I raise mine up so that we can join mouths and dart our tongues
into each others oral cavities. “That was so damn good!”
you mutter, swallowing my spit that has coated the inside
of your mouth. You rest atop me for a good, five or ten minutes,
catching your breath, while I nibble on your earlobe and
kiss your upper neck. “Yes, that was good. But we’re not
done yet.” I whisper into your ear. “Oh no?” you ask, with
delight and curiosity. “Nope, not even close” I rebut,
rolling you over on you side. Once out from underneath you,
I roll you over to your back and start to assume the missionary
position. But I suddenly modify it by raising your legs
up in the air and pressing them back towards your breasts.
You are very nearly in a full buck position with your knees
a mere few inches away from your ears. Your pussy is looking
straight up into my stomach in this fully-exposed position.
I press my cock into its gaping gap that is burning again
with desire. We watch the wonderful sight that we both love
so much, my stout cock sliding in and out of your sopping
wet pussy.

I reach magnificent depths and touch new parts of your slippery
love canal with my dick, in this unrestrained position.
I draw your legs in closer to me, so they’re pointing straight
up and I bring them together, temporarily obscuring your
view of the penetration. You rest your head back, sinking
it deep into your pillow, thoroughly enjoying the feel
of my cock do what it does best. “Mmmmmmmm, yeah! That feels
sooooooo good!” you moan. I enjoy watching my chubby cock
plunge into your pussy and come back out wet with your pussy
juice, just to plunge back in again. “Fuck me with that hard
cock! I love it deep inside my pussy! She loves you fucking
her like this!” you continue with your dirty talk. “Mmmmmm,
I love fucking you too baby! Your pussy is so nice and wet
for me. You’ve got such a tight cunt, it feels great wrapped
around my cock” I respond with the same depravity. “Cum
in me, baby. I want to feel your cum splash all over inside
me!” These words are all I need to send hurling into a powerful
orgasm that explodes within seconds. “Oh yeah, I’m cumming
in you now baby! Do you feel it?” I say, causing you to start
cumming almost instantly in harmony with me. Your pussy
lovingly squeezes every drop of semen that boils up from
my testicles as we grunt and mesh our cock and cunt hard into
each other during a very powerful pair of orgasms. I collapse
to the side of you, and we fall asleep very shortly after
that, as we lay in that moment.

We sleep in ‘til 10:00 and we get dressed to catch a delicious,
homemade breakfast downstairs. We have waffles with blueberry
syrup and whipped cream, scrambled eggs, smoky sausage
and bacon. We wash

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