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Romance Flourishes! Chapter 3


Chapter 3 ‒ Our Outdoor Adventure

We start cruising up Highway 21 early afternoon on the same
beautiful, sunny Friday that we’d spend earlier in your
dining room, enjoying breakfast and sex together. We pass
by Lucky Peak Dam and start heading up the hill towards Idaho
City. Soon, pine trees start appearing along the road and
hillsides. In no time, we’re surrounded by the beauty and
fresh scent of the forest. Our windows are down in our fully-loaded
rig and your silky hair is fluttering in the wind. I look
over at you as your eyes are busy gazing at the gorgeous scenery
that is passing by your window. I can’t help but wonder what
thoughts are going through your mind. They must be good,
because you look happy, with a very content smile that appears
as if it’s painted on your face.

We drive into the sleepy, old mining town that first marked
Idaho’s territorial map. “You wanna stop for a sarsaparilla
float? This ice cream shop makes the best in town!” I say,
laughing at myself again, knowing it’s the only ice cream
shop in town. “Sure, sounds good!” you reply, as I pull into
the corner store with an old fashioned, wooden construction.
We walk inside, the bell hanging above the door rings and
an attendant appears to take our order. After we get our
single, tall float in a milkshake glass, we place our two
straws inside and slurp from the contents at the same time,
gazing into each others eyes. You blush and withdraw from
your straw, pulling your hand over your face, as your beautiful
eyes peer over the top of your fingers at me. This makes me
laugh while I’m sucking in the delicious mixture. It goes
in the wrong pipe and I start coughing frantically. “See
[hack, hack] what you [hack] made me do?” We both laugh at
the silly display, and I pull a napkin from the table to wipe
off the dribble of shake that’s dripping down my chin. “Damn,
I got some on my shirt.” I curse, as I wipe the napkin over
my shirt, smearing the mark worse. “Ma'am, can we get
a bib over here?” you say in the direction of the counter
with a grin that makes it very clear to me that you’re taking
full advantage of the embarrassing situation that I find
myself in. “Ha ha” I monotonously rebut with a smile on my
face that makes it very clear to you that you certainly have
the upper hand here. You console me with, “Ah, don’t worry
tiger, we’re going out in the wilderness, you’re going
to get dirty. So don’t worry about a little stain.” “Yeah,
I guess I’ll have to chop some wood for us like a manly man,
and that can get a little dirty.” I reply, jesting about
my masculinity. Your cute little gloating smile never
leaves your face as we finish the remainder of the shake.
“Let’s get going, my little lumberjack”, you say with a
laugh as you poke your finger in fun at my stain.

We top off the tank at the gas station across the street and
hit the road, northbound towards the town of Lowman. The
mountains turn more rugged and the slopes become steeper
as we drive the windy stretch towards our destination.
Halfway between Idaho City and Lowman, we find our turnoff,
a gravel road that snakes to the west into heavy timber country.
For 22 miles, we will lead a dust cloud that drifts into the
forests behind us. Occasionally, we encounter an oncoming
vehicle and I exchange a friendly wave with the other driver.
We pass through a massive and beautiful meadow, laden with
yellow flowers, and a babbling brook that winds through
the wide, open space. You watch me as I maneuver the vehicle
and wonder what I’m thinking. It must be good because I’ve
got a constant smile on my face, as I look up every now and
then at the rear view mirror. We start a sharp climb up over
one last ridge and after crossing the peak we start our steep
descent into a valley that holds our destination…Deadwood
Reservoir, an artificial lake formed by an old dam that
was build at the start of the 20th century. We can see the
river that feeds it flow, first to our left, then to our right,
and to our left again, as we pass over a series of bridges
that are built to deal with its windy course. The air is noticeably
cooler now and you say, “I’m glad I packed a sweater.” Then
we start to see the first signs of sparkling water, shining
brightly through the trees as we peer at what will be our
home for the next two days and nights.

I find a small, slightly overgrown path for our vehicle
that’s quite bumpy. “It’s good that it’s still early summer,
the regular camping season hasn’t started yet.” I say as
I hop back in the car after moving a small log that had fallen
on the road during the winter. “We’re the first ones to travel
this road this year, so we can expect an isolated campsite
to ourselves.” I continue, as I take your hand in mine and
give you a wink. You pucker your lips and then smile in response
to my comment. At one point, you see a patch of dirty snow
near the road and say, “are you sure it’s not still winter
here?” I reply with, “Well, it’s certainly going to get
chilly at nights, but that’s why we have each other to keep
warm…gotta share that body heat, ya know.” Another wink
from me, another kissy lips from you, followed by two happy
grins. We finally reach our secluded camping site on the
south side of the lake, near the dam and I start unloading
the vehicle to get our temporary residence ready for our

After pitching the tent and chopping some wood (in a very
masculine way, I might add), I start spreading the kindling
over crinkled newspapers to get a fire started. Of course
the fire starts on the first try (hey, this is my story) and
soon we smell the wonderful aroma of the thin towers of smoke,
now rising off the flames. The first cracks of the fire sound
good, as an audible indication of warmth, as the sun starts
descending towards the western ridge. “It’s getting a
little late to get any fishing in tonight, as I haven’t quite
finished setting up camp yet. Besides, we wouldn’t want
to leave this newly started fire unattended.” I say with
a tiny hint of disappointment in my voice. “That’s ok, Captain
Ahab. I’m sure we’ll think of something else to do”, you
say as you approach me and start nibbling on my ear. “Yes,
I think you’re right.” I say as I lead you by the hand to the
sturdy picnic table. I sit on the thick plank of a seat and
say, “Here, sit yourself right here on my lap.” “Don’t mind
if I do” you reply, as you nestle your bottom right on my crotch,
with both legs off to one side of me. You wrap your arms around
my neck and I reach under them around your back. We loosely
grip each other, with arms relaxed and our focus on our lips
making first contact in the cool, evening air.

Our kissing starts tender, a slight touching of our lips
and we move them from side to side with very slowly movements
of our heads. We just graze them together, barely pressing
against each other. We each feel the warm breath of the other
on our faces. Our noses are softly pressed together as we
kiss with delicate affection. Then I pucker slightly to
feel more of your succulent lips. You instinctively respond
with the same flexing of your lips to intensify our facial
contact. Our kissing steadily grows more active until
we both open our mouths to let out tongues barely touch,
with the same softness and tenderness that our lips just
experienced. They move slowly, as if to a slow dance, staying
mostly tip to tip. Round and round they move, very faintly
making contact; our tongues flirt with each other in a romantic
waltz. Then you make the plunge and press your tongue deeper
into my mouth, initiating a full blast of passion between
us that sparks the instant you cross the threshold. We’re
strengthening our grips of each other now, pulling one
another in tight, in reaction to the fire that’s suddenly
passes through our veins.

You feel the bulge in my jeans pressing against your ass.
You switch positions, throwing one leg over the other side
of me so you can straddle my waist. I extend my legs out, stretching
my mid section out to give you ample opportunity to press
your bottom against the distinct swelling that’s formed
in my pants. You press your pussy down on me hard and you love
the way you can feel my bulge stimulate your clit through
two sets of jeans. “That’s one raging boner you’ve got tucked
away in there. Maybe we should set it loose, let it breathe
some of this nice cool air.” “Hey, no argument here.” I reply
in all honesty. You take charge and start tugging at my belt,
and in turn, my zipper. I stand briefly, allowing you to
pull my jeans and briefs down to my ankles in one, determined
motion. I sit back down, legs falling apart, hard-on pointing
to the sky. “Yes, you were right. He’s really enjoying this
fresh, cool air” I say, pointing to my cock. “He’s gonna
love this even more!” you lustfully declare while kneeling
down between my legs and taking my cock fully into your mouth.
“Whoahhh! That feels good. Holy shit, that feels incredible!”
I gasp, immediately as your sucking begins to make slurping
sounds around my penis.

Your head is bobbing up and down over my shaft, as you take
me in your welcoming mouth with full strides. You fancy
having my meaty cock in your mouth, feeling its soft flesh
rub across your tongue with every upward and downward motion.
You also love the fact that I’m enjoying it so much. You look
up into my eyes to take pleasure in the out of this world reaction
I have in my face. I’m in Nirvana; a different plane, with
only one thing on my mind, how good this feels and how sexy
you look watching me with my dick engulfed by your mouth.
Then you take my dick in your hand and stroke it as you kneel
down further to lick my balls. They roll around under your
tongue, as it glides over their tender sack. Then you hungrily
take my dick back in your mouth. “Ohhhhhhh my goodness,
you’re quite the master at this!” You take a break from sucking
my cock just long enough to shock me with, “I’ve gotten in
plenty of practice waiting for you to come back from Iraq.
I wanted to be at my best when you got here!” “Ohhhhhh fuck,
that’s so awesome, honey! I’m so glad you did! It’s really
paid off!” I didn’t even finish my statement and your mouth
was already bouncing on my cock again. Hearing of your sexy
encounters and feeling your warm mouth descend on my dick
once more was just enough to push me over the edge. “Holy
shit, I’m going to cum for you! It’s cumming.” “Mmmmmmmmmm”
you reply with a mouth full of cock, picking up the pace of
your blow job. You gently rub my balls as they do their natural
duty and send forth spurt after spurt of hot cum into your
waiting mouth.

You swallow the creamy semen and say, “That’s much better
than the shake we had earlier!” You lick your lips as if you
had just feasted on a bountiful Thanksgiving meal, and
after swallowing every drop, you step up to kiss me. “I told
you I’d take your cum in my mouth!” you proudly exclaim.
“I sure didn’t have to wait very long! Damn, that was fabulous!!!”
You take me by the hand to the fire and say, “You get some sticks
ready to burn some hot dogs and I’ll get the bedding laid
in the tent because you’re not done yet, mister. You still
have to please me tonight.” “Yes, ma’am” I obediently say
as I break open the food box to dig for the hot dogs and condiments.
(That’s right, I said condiments. No condoms on this trip!)
I find two perfectly sized branches and carve the ends into
well-sharpened tips. As I’m finishing, I look up to the
sky and notice that the sun had just gone down. There was
a brilliant light still shining over the mountains to the
west and through the trees, I could see the first sign of
stars trying to make their twilight appearance to the east.
You emerge from the tent flaps wearing a sweater and hop
over to me, asking if I’m done with my stick yet. “You did
a pretty good job of that, actually.” I respond, and you
giggle that I recognized your humorous set-up and spiked
it. “It’s a beautiful night, but you were right, it's
getting pretty chilly now.” I reply, in as serious a voice
as I can muster, “It’s a good thing we’ve got this fire, 'cause
I don’t know what we’d do without it.” You teasingly give
me a little push in response to my dry sense of humor.

We sit together on a log near the fire and start dangling
our franks over the dancing flames. I wrap my arm around
you and you lean into my side and we just sit there watching
the gentle waves of the lake come in to meet the shore. The
sunset is now just a dim light peeking over the mountains,
as if clinging to the peaks to stay on our side of the world,
but then surrenders its grasp and the sky fades to black,
bringing out all the stars to gaze down upon us in this remote
corner of the world. You glance down at the fire and notice
our hot dogs are scorched black and catching fire. “Oh shit!”
you exclaim. “Don’t fret my little flower, we’ve got plenty
more”, I state, reaching down for the package of wieners.
Eventually, we each put down a pair of tasty dogs and brush
our teeth to cleanse the aftertaste of mustard and relish.

I roll the log over and replace it with an old blanket that
I spread over the bare ground. I place a few pillows up against
the log at the head of the blanket, so we can sit somewhat
upright, under a second blanket that would shelter us from
the brisk air. We snuggle up close to each other and gaze
at the fire and the now placid waters of the lake. We notice
that way off in the distance, on the far side of the lake,
there’s a radiant, orange light glowing from another campfire.
“Think they’ll hear us?” you curiously ask me. “Well, sound
does travel well over water so it’s possible, even at that
great distance. Do you care?” Your eyes sparkle by the firelight
as they gaze into mine. “No, I don’t” you reply. I continue
with, “Besides, who’s to say they’re not here for the same
reason we are? It could turn into a competition.” You giggle
at my comeback and ponder the thought. “That would be quite
a turn on, who can be the loudest.” you think to yourself.

“So what all happened while you were in Iraq? I know you told
me some during our chats, but I don’t know any details. Tell
me a story about your scariest experience there.” “Well…”
I start off with and continue to tell you in vivid detail
about the most frightening ordeal during my year in Iraq.
You cuddle up close, as my story adds to the cozy, fireside
ambience, resembling the feeling of the old ghost tales
are retold at camp, generation after generation. “…and
I never want to have to go through something like that again.”
are my final words, drawing the story to a close. “Wow, I
didn’t think it was that bad. I knew it was dangerous, but
I didn’t know how close you came to dying like that.” You
look deeply into my eyes, with an almost grievous stare.
“I’m so glad you’re back safely with me now. I don’t know
what I’d be doing now if I never had the chance to meet you.”
You slant your face up close to mine and almost imperceptibly
press your open lips ever so softly on my cheek. “I know I
wouldn’t be nearly this happy” is ever so slightly audible
to my ear that is no more than two inches from your voice.
I’m overcome with happiness, as I barely hear the words
uttered from your mouth. I reach over and embrace you with
both arms in a tight, grizzly bear hug, holding your cheek
to mine. We sway slowly left and right, as we feel a strong
sense of bonding pull us emotionally tighter with our physical

We make love that night by the fireside. The physical connection
is a tangible reflection of the intangible emotions that
flowed between our souls. We visit paradise as your vision
of the clear stars above us makes you wonder if you haven’t
already passed through Heaven’s gates. It renders both
of us feeling more emotionally fulfilled and physically
exhausted than we’d ever felt in our lives. Afterwards,
we lay in our favorite cuddle position and you rub my chest,
thinking to yourself, “Oh god, I think he’s the one I’ve
waited so long for.” We drift into a blissful state of drowsiness
as the fire starts to die down, permitting darkness and
frigid air to creep in around us. “Maybe we should move into
the tent” I whisper, drawing you out of your near sleep.
“Um, ok” you reply, rubbing your eyes. We undressed and
crawled back into our previous position under the shelter
of the tent. Our sleep came fast, but not before a final thought
gripped my mind, “Am I falling in love?” This thought comes
as a surprise to me, since it’s only been about 30 hours since
we first met, face-to-face.

We wake from a deep slumber. Light is shining on the wall
of our tent above our heads. “It’s time to go fishing!” I
exclaim with the exhilaration a little boy, crawling out
from under our blanket. “Come on, get ready. Them trout
aren’t going to jump into our frying pan by themselves.”
You groan with displeasure at my morning zeal and say, “This
early? Let’s lay down for a while longer.” “It’s already
9:00, you wanna lounge here ‘til noon?” I reply. You counter
with, “Just 15 more minutes, I still need to wake up.” I contemplate
this for a second, then straddle you with one knee to each
side of your waste, saying “I know what will wake you up.”
I start smothering you with kisses and you turn your head
from side to side avoiding my playful advances, saying
“Oh, that’s so annoying!” as you laugh and throw a pillow
in my face to stop the onslaught of my lips. You finally yield
with “Ok, ok. I’m up” and we start dressing to greet the day
that’s waiting for us outside.

We step out to the brisk, mountain air and watch as blue jays
scatter from our picnic table. A chipmunk darts across
our campsite as we make our way to the table for some breakfast.
“I hope you liked yesterday’s scrambled eggs, ‘cause that’s
what’s on this menu for this morning too, with some fresh
bacon.” I say. “Sounds yummy” you reply. We finish our breakfast
and I clean the frying pan. I drag the small aluminum fishing
boat that we had strapped to the top of the SUV to the waterfront
and we push off with our poles, fishing tackle and a small
cooler of sandwiches and soda. We enjoy a relaxing day on
the water. As evening approaches, we pull ashore. “I can’t
believe you caught more fish than me!” I grumble as you skip
out of the boat. “And don’t forget that I also caught the
biggest fish too, dear!” you cheerfully add. “Oh nice of
you to remind me” as I shake my head in disbelief. “Awwww,
don’t feel bad. Now you get to clean ‘em!” you say over your
shoulder as you walk towards the tent for your sweater,
swaying your hips as you go. “I love that ass!” I think to
myself as you walk in a deliberately sexy way. “And then
you get to eat them!” you say with a tone of consolation,
just before disappearing behind the tent flaps. I had to
admit, you caught some really nice fish! You reeled in one,
fat 18-inch Kokanee Salmon, and two Rainbow Trout measuring
in at 15 and 16 inches. I caught a fat Rainbow measuring 17
inches and a Brown Trout at 14.

After tying down the boat and cleaning the fish, I start
a fire. I begin to coat the fish in peppered flour and realize
that you’d been in the tent for quite a while. I decide to
investigate, unsure if I was going to find you napping,
changing clothes, or something else. Knowing your highly
sexed and playful nature, I figure that whatever you’re
doing probably falls in the “something else” category
and get excited about the possibilities. I open the passageway
to find you covered with a blanket, eyes wide open and beaming
in my direction. “I was wondering how long it would take
you to get here” you say, pulling the blanket off to expose
you in an incredibly sexy lingerie outfit! My mouth drops
and saliva instantly forms within my mouth at the sight.
“Wow, I had no idea you’d be doing something like this for
me. I figured you were napping.” I say with playful naivety,
as I pull my jaw off the floor. “No you didn’t…I may have just
met you in person a couple of nights ago, but I still know
you better than that!” you reply. I’m already undoing the
buttons on my shirt as I respond with, “I’m busted.” You
had been laying on your back with one leg teasingly cocked
up and resting on the other, but now you roll over to your
side to show me a profile of your ass. “You like what you see?”
you ask me very seductively. “I’ve always hated rhetorical
questions” I answer back with a sly grin on my face. You roll
over to your stomach to give me a full view of your remarkable
ass. “Oh my, that’s breathtaking!” I manage to say as I’m
simultaneously kicking my shoes off and undoing my pants.

Flipping around to face me again, you slowly spread your
legs apart, showing off the lacy, white, semi-transparent
fabric that is barely covering your pussy. You quickly
pull your legs together again, teasing me and laughing
at the disappointed reaction that immediately forms on
my face. “I’m gonna get you for that!” I exclaim as I remove
my last article of clothing. I leap down on top of you, placing
a knee on each side or your legs, tickling the sides of your
belly, causing you to laugh uncontrollably. “Stop that.
Oh stop, please!” you shriek amid the involuntary laughter.
After a few seconds, I stop and lay my right hand over your
right breast and place my other hand behind your head, quickly
leaning forward to firmly plant an open kiss on your mouth.
Instantly you stop laughing, accept my wet mouth by spreading
your jaw wide open and darting your tongue out to join mine.
We both emit abrupt and frequent moans as the sudden change
from play to lust takes hold of us. About a minute later,
you stop just long enough to say, “Mmmm, now that’s much
better!” while licking clean our mixed saliva that had
formed at the corner of your mouth.

“Now let’s see about spreading those legs again for me like
a good girl, hmm?” I say as I take my hand off your breast to
push your left leg out from under my lifted, right knee.
“Halfway there” I report and continue to do the same thing
with the other leg until I’m nicely situated between your
open legs. I behold the wonder of nature below me, taking
in the site for a brief moment, appreciating the view as
one would savor a fine wine. I take a single finger, the middle
finger of my right hand, and slither it over the panties
and down the very center of your pussy, from the elastic
band at the top, to the center of your ass hole. My finger
travels back up the same path as you squeeze both of your
nipples between your fingers. Then I peel your expensive
fabric aside and slide that single, middle finger straight
into your gaping, wet pussy. I drill it in with ease, as far
as it will go, until my knuckles are pressing firmly into
your pelvis. “Mmmmmm” you moan as I say, “God this is so fucking
sexy!”, watching your pussy lips pull outward as I withdraw
my finger and press inward when I slide it back in.

While finger fucking you, I reach with my free hand for the
spare sleeping bag that’s still rolled in a bundle and I
ask you to raise your ass up for me. I slide the thick, plush
cushion under your ass to raise your pussy up to dick level.
Then I grab my cock and bring it up against my busy finger
and against your pussy lips. In a perfect transition, I
draw my finger out, immediately replacing it with my throbbing
cock. I press my manhood inside without missing a beat and
you groan at the grand difference in size between my body
parts. “Ohhh, I love your cock inside me! It feels so good!”
as I move my hips in long, steady strokes. You slide a hand
from your breast down your belly and to your pussy, placing
a finger on each side of my cock to feel it glide moistly in
and out of you. I take your wrist in my hand and caress it softly
in hopes of keeping the hand in place, because I love the
sight of you reveling in the feel our connection with your

Within minutes, you feel the familiar tingling of an orgasm
approach from within your pussy. “That’s is baby, just
like that! I’m cumming soon. Just like that!” you repeat.
You bring your other hand down to rub your clit under two
extended fingers in rapid, circular movements. The tingling
turns into clenching and you buck your hips way up in the
air and increase your clit friction to a frantic pace. ”Yes!
Yes! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes! Fuck!” you scream. You’re entire
body is tightened for over a minute, before you take a deep
breath and let your body melt onto the ground. I slow my pace
of fucking to match your new, relaxed condition. “You are
amazing, you know that?” you say, still trying to catch
your breath. “I’ve had some practice earlier in my life
too, remember?” I reply, caressing your left thigh while
my dick continues its steady tempo of pumping you. “I want
you to hit it from behind again!” you say. “Who am I to argue?”
I reply. I pull out nice and slow to watch the exterior folds
of your pussy collapse on themselves as my dick makes its
temporary exit from you sweltering cunt.

You quickly remove the cushion that served us so well with
an ungrateful toss to the side. You get on all fours and wiggle
your ass invitingly before me. “Now fuck me hard, like you
did yesterday with your trickery at the dining room table!”
I waste no time in pressing the fat head of my pulsating cock
to your pussy. You rest your weight on your cheek for a moment
to reach back with both hands to pull your ass cheeks apart.
Pressing hard, I bury myself inside you and fuck you in a
frenzy of poundings that strike my hips hard against your
ass. “Fuck me good! Yeah, harder, fuck me harder!” you command.
I start pounding you so hard that your knees are sliding
slightly forward over your sleeping bag with each stroke.
I tighten my grip around your hips to hold you more firmly
in place. “Fuck…yeah! That’s…it! You’re…fucking me…so…goddamn...hard
now!” you struggle to say as our wild movements inhibit
your speech. “Yeah, you like that you fucking slut, don’t
you?” I bellow out. “OH…YEAH! I DO…SO MUCH!” you yell back.
This sends me to the brink. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!!”
I cry out. “I’m gonna gobble you up!” you say as you quickly
whip around to take my dick in your mouth. You manage this
just in time to catch my first wad of cum as fires into your
mouth. Your succulent mouth milks every shooting jet of
semen from my organ.

“Mmmmmmm” you moan with my dick in your mouth. “Tasty?”
I ask, measuring your comfort level with swallowing my
cum. “Mmmm, very! Your whole dick tastes delicious, especially
with my cum smeared all over it!” I’m in total awe over your
sexual prowess. “You know that YOU are amazing, don’t you?”
I tell you, remembering your earlier compliment for me.
“You’ve created a monster” you say, and slowly lick up the
bottom of my shaft, as you gaze into my eyes.

We alternate, repeatedly, between talking and fucking
until the sun comes up. We catch a few hours of sleep and get
up to start making preparations for the trip home. We finally
begin our journey back, sad that our adventure has come
to a close, but excited about what the future holds for us.

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