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Rob and Gina (fm:other)


Once upon a time I loved my wife and I thought she loved me.
I thought
we had a good marriage, but time changes all things and our

relationship was no exception.

I met Gina by accident - literally - when she ran into the
back of my
car while I was sitting at a stoplight. It wasn't her
fault; she was
rear ended and pushed into me. When we got out of our cars
to check
out the damage I paid more interest to her than I did the damage
to my
car. Visually speaking, she was my ideal woman. Tall at
long hair down to the middle of her back, she looked great
without any
makeup on and she had legs that seemed to go on forever. It
hurt that she was showing off those legs by wearing four-inch

While we were waiting for the cops to come and take the accident
we exchanged names, phone numbers and insurance information
and while
doing that I checked out her left hand and saw no rings. I
that I had nothing to lose in going for it so I did and to my
great joy
she said yes when I asked her to have dinner with me. By the
date we were making out like teenagers and by the tenth she
was giving
me hand jobs while I finger fucked her. I tried to take it
to the next
level and she shot me down.

"Not until Rob, not until."

"Not until what?"

"Until I decide."

Well fuck this shit I thought and I put an end to the finger
breast play and I kept my dick in my pants and when she reached
for it
I pushed her hand away.

"What's wrong?" she wanted to know.

"You want to wait, we will wait, but I'm not going
to spend anymore
nights going home all worked up."

I still kept asking her out and she still kept saying yes
and then one
night while sitting on the couch in her apartment I went
and did it - I
asked Gina to marry me.

"I'll give you an answer tomorrow, " she

"Why tomorrow?"

"Because I need to see if we are a good enough fit for
each other."

"How are you going to do that?"

"Come on" she said, "I'll show you"
and she took my hand and pulled me
up off the couch and led me into her bedroom. When she was
done with
me I was too wiped out to even sit up. She smiled at me and said:

"You'll do. Yes, I'll marry you."


When we said "I do" I was looking forward to a
sex life and a half and
for the first three years I had it. We started out our married
life as
a couple of sex fiends who could not leave each other alone,
somewhere along the way the fire, at least on Gina's
part, went out.
My fire stayed lit, my desires were still there, but for
all practical
purposes I was alone in our queen-size bed. It didn't
matter what I
did or what I tried I was the recipient of less and less sex
with each
passing month. More and more nights were spent in bed with
Gina lying
next to me, but with her back turned to me. Any attempt I made
intimacy was met with " Not tonight Rob, I don't
feel like it" or the
old standby, "Not tonight Rob, I have a headache."

Other than the sexual all other aspects of our relationship
seemed fine,
but a sexless marriage is no marriage at all unless both
partners are
on the same page and that was definitely not the case with
Gina and me.
Lack of sex was turning me bitter and I seriously began thinking
divorce, so serious that I brought it up one night at the
dinner table.
I wasn't at all subtle about it either.

"If you were making a list of what items you wanted
to keep in a divorce
what would be at the top of your list?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"Just looking ahead."

"Looking ahead at what?"

"A divorce."

"A divorce? Why are you thinking of a divorce? Why
in God's name are
you thinking of something like that?"

"It is the usual way of getting out of a marriage that
isn't working."

"That's nonsense! There isn't anything
wrong with our marriage."

"Maybe not from where you are sitting looking at it,
but the view from
where I am sitting is that we are about to crater."

"What is that you see that I'm not seeing?"

"An absence of sex."

"That again?"

"Yes Gina, that. It is a basic human need as far as I'm
concerned and
since I have no intention of becoming a monk or an eunuch
and I refuse
to cheat a divorce that will free me to go looking for the
sex I want
and need seems to be the only option."

"You would throw away everything we have over a stupid
little thing like

"It isn't a little thing to me Gina. Maybe if you
hadn't been such a
nympho when we first got married I wouldn't miss it
so much, but miss
it I do and I'm not going to go through the rest of my life
without. I
don't know what suddenly turned you off, but nothing
has turned me

"Well I'm sorry Rob, but I just don't have
any interest in sex anymore."

"Your choice Gina" I said as I got up and left
the table.

I had hoped that the talk at the kitchen table would serve
as a wake up
call to Gina, but nothing changed in the following weeks
as I made
attempts to get something started only to be rebuffed.
A month later I
made one more try and I asked her to see a doctor and find out
if there
was a medical reason for her sudden lost interest in sex.

"Good God Rob, is that all you think of anymore? You
are behaving like
a little kid. Grow up Rob, get a grip."


A couple more months went by and I don't know how much
longer it would
have gone on, but everything came apart at a cocktail party
at Gina's
boss's house. It was held to celebrate something that
I've forgotten,
but I was like a command performance for Gina - she had to
be there and
it was expected that she have her significant other with
her. I didn't
really want to go, but not because I thought it would be boring,
because I knew it would cause me to smolder and there would
be no way
to put the fire out.

I had attended two of Gina's company Christmas parties
and one company
picnic and at all three I saw more sexy women than the law
allow. It must have been in the company policy and procedures
that you couldn't work for Herb unless as a women you
were a fox or as
a man you were married to one. And you put that many beautiful
together in one place and they purposely try and outdo each
other as
far as drawing attention is concerned. I left all three
with a raging
hard on. I was lucky after the first one because Gina was
still making
love to me, but the next two came after she decided to become
and I suffered.

The party was just as I feared. There were gorgeous, sexy
women almost
wall to wall. Gina and I circulated and socialized for about
an hour
and then I got involved with a group discussing the upcoming

Bronco's/Browns game and Gina wandered away to find
a group talking
about something more to her liking. It was maybe twenty
minutes before
I left the group and went looking for Gina. Someone said
they saw her
heading for the restroom. I needed to go so I headed that
way. No one
was in the bathroom so I went in, took care of business and
when I came
out I thought I heard, "Oh come on Gina" from
the room across the hall.
I opened the door and there stood my wife in the arms of another
and they were kissing.

"I guess he can see to it that you get home, "
I said as Gina turned and
saw me just before I turned and walked away.

I went straight through the house and out the front door,
got in my car
and took off. On the way home I was making a mental list of
what I
needed to do to get the divorce going, but by the time I got
home I was
steaming and muttering to myself:

"Fuck a bunch of divorces. Why waste the fucking money."

I went down in the basement and grabbed some suitcases and
packing. I had almost all my clothes, guns and fishing gear
loaded in
the car when a cab pulled up in front and Gina got out. I headed

upstairs to get the last bag out of the bedroom and Gina came
into the
room just as I closed it and set it on the floor.

"What are you doing Rob?"

"What I should have done a year ago. Getting the fuck

"Just sit down Rob; calm down and let me explain. It
is just a big

"What's not to understand? I get no sex at home
because my wife says
she just isn't interested in sex anymore. Yeah, right.
Just not
interested in sex with me, just the assholes you work with.
No wonder
I never could get any; you were too fucking busy giving it
to everybody

"Honestly Rob, you are ac..." and when she said
"Honestly Rob" I lost
it. I grabbed her, threw her on the bed on her stomach and
then put a
knee in her back to hold her down while I ripped her panties
off her
and threw them on the floor. I unzipped myself, pulled her
up on her
knees and drove my cock into her as she yelled, "Damn
it Rob, let me

"I'll let you go when I'm good and ready you
worthless cunt! This is
something else I should have done long ago. To hell with
the begging,
whining and pleading and trying to get what you were giving
away to
others. I should have just taken it."

"Damn it Rob, stop right now. You don't und....OOOF, "
she yelled as I
gripped her hips and slammed my cock into her.

"Rob, please, ' she moaned, "You need

"All I need to do you unfaithful whore, is finish and
then walk away
from your sorry ass."

I held her hips firmly and pounded my cock into her cunt.

Unfortunately, since I hadn't been laid in forever
I wasn't going to
last long enough to punish the bitch the way I really wanted
to. She
was dry and I had to be causing her a lot of discomfort and
maybe even
some pain, but then that is what I wanted to do.

"Please Rob, please" she moaned and I ignored

"Unhappy with me Gina? Not to worry. When I finish
I'm out of here and
you will be free to drag all your fucking asshole lovers
home with you
all you want."

"No Rob, please, you don't understand. Please
let me exp...."

I slammed myself into hard and held myself tight against
her as my cock
sent my cum boiling into her. I pushed her away from me and
she fell
forward on the bed. I put my cock away picked up the last bag
headed for the door. I was almost to the front door when she
came out
of the bedroom:

"Wait Rob, don't leave, talk to me, please Rob,
please talk to me."

I kept walking and I was already in the car when she came out
on the
front porch. She was running toward me across the yard as
I backed
down the drive into to street and drove away.


I drove to the closest motel and checked in for the night.
In the
morning I called work and told them I would be in late. Then
I hit the
bank as soon as it opened and took half of everything and
left the
other half for Gina. She could also have the house. The payments
low enough that she should be able to handle them on what
she made.
Next stop was the Post Office to rent a box and fill out a change
address card so my mail would be forwarded to it.

When I got to work Marge (the secretary/receptionist)
handed me a
handful of message slips and I saw that all of them were from
Gina so I
dropped them in the trash can. Business had been slow and
Harvey (my
boss) had been contemplating cutbacks. I wouldn't
be affected because
I was his very first hire, but I walked into his office and
told him
I'd take a voluntary layoff so one of the younger guys,
especially one
with kids wouldn't have to take the hit. He argued that
he couldn't
afford to lose me, but when I told him it was either the layoff
or I
would just resign he accepted it. I told him to hold my last
until I called him and told him where to send it.

If I were careful money wouldn't be a problem. When
my parents had died
in an auto accident I was their only living relative so I
got the
insurance money and after taking care of the funeral arrangements
I put
the balance in a money market account. This was pre Gina
so she had no
claim on it when the divorce rolled around. It wasn't
a ton, but I
could live off it for a couple of years if I was careful.

By noon I was on my way out of town and I didn't have a clue
as to where
I was going or where I would end up.


I had stopped in Denver for a bite to eat and was idly looking
the Rocky Mountain News as I waited for my food and I saw that
was plenty of work in my line and Denver was far enough away
Kansas City so I ended up staying. Four years went by and
I was never
served divorce papers and I never saw a lawyer so I didn't
know whether
Gina knew where I was or not, but then I didn't much care
either. I
hadn't seen a lawyer because my mind set was let Gina
or her lover pay
for it.

I had no family and no really close friends in Kansas City
so the only
one I had been in touch with was Harv. He told me Gina called
a dozen
times a week until she finally accepted the fact that I didn't
there anymore. Business had picked up and he kept after
me to come
back to work. I did give it some thought, but I liked Denver
and the
mountains and I had a pretty decent job so I kept putting
Harv off.

And the women, good lord yes, the women. It seemed like Denver
had more
single women than men and I capitalized on it. No steady
- I wasn't going to do that again - but I was never lonely.

The company I was working for sent me to Kansas City to attend
a seminar
on quality control methods. I stopped and shot the bull
with Harvey
and he made another pitch to get me to come back to work and
I gave him
the usual "I'll see." I stopped at a restaurant
for lunch and I was
sitting in a booth reading the menu when I saw Gina walk in.
I quickly
turned my head so she wouldn't see me, but I wasn't
quick enough and
thirty seconds later she slid onto the seat across from

"Hi Rob."

"Hello Gina."

"How have you been?"


"Not very talkative are you?"

"Don't have anything to say to you."

"That's too bad considering we have so much to
talk about. Going to be
here long?"


"Got enough time to stop by and meet your kids before
you leave?"

"Kids? What kids?"

"You left me pregnant when you split."

"I left you pregnant? Not fucking likely. We hadn't
had sex in almost
six months. The daddy is most likely Tom (the guy she was
kissing) or
one of your other boyfriends."

"You are forgetting what you did on the night you left
me. No Rob, they
are yours."

"Yeah, right."

"Easy enough to prove Rob. Come see them, take them
to a clinic and
have a DNA test done."

I didn't believe her, but what if? "If I have the
time I might stop by.
Give me your address."

"I haven't moved."

She sat there and looked at me in silence for several seconds
and then
said, "You don't feel anything for me at all,
do you?"

"I put you behind me four years ago Gina."

"Call before you come so I can make sure they are there.
Here's my cell
number" and she wrote it down on a napkin and handed
it to me. Then
she got up, went to another booth, sat down and ordered her

I didn't get much out of that afternoon's session,
not because of lack
of content, but because my mind was elsewhere. Could I have
gotten her
pregnant on that last night? She said kids, as in more than
one and I
hadn't asked. I didn't know if she was talking
twins, triplets, or
even more. All girls, all boys, or boys and girls? No, they
be mine. She was just trying to run a mind game on me. But still,

what if. It worked on me all afternoon and when the afternoon's

session was over I called Gina and made arrangements to
stop by that

I rang the bell and then waited and when she opened the door
she said:

"You didn't have to ring. This is still your house."

"I don't see it that way."

"Let's go into the kitchen. The kids are in the
backyard playing in
their sandbox. You can see them through the window."

"As opposed to meeting them?"

"I have no idea what you will do Rob. You might take
one look at them
and run. I'd rather not have that happen to them during
a face to face

"Why would I run?"

"I don't know Rob, but you did run out on me and
I never would have
thought you would do that."

"You know full well why I did that Gina."

"No Rob, I don't. I know why you think you left,
but you were supposed
to know me better than that."

"Let's not get into that Gina, it is water over
the dam. I'm here to
get a look at the children that you claim are mine not rehash

She walked over to the window and pointed, "There
they are."

I looked out the window and saw a boy and a girl building something
of wet sand.

"Robin and Robert" Gina said.

The boy glanced up at the window and my whole life changed
in a fraction
of a second. No need for a DNA test; I was looking out the window
myself. I had seen photo's in my mother's photo
albums of me at the
ages of three, four and five and if you were to take a black
and white
picture of the boy and put it next to one of mine in the album
wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The little
girl was a
gorgeous little thing and it was clear even then that she
was going to
be a heart breaker when she grew up. They were fraternal
twins, not
identical and I stood staring at them for almost a minute
before Gina

"What's the matter Rob, cat got your tongue?"

"I'm just a little stunned is all. What do we do

"What do you mean?"

"Is there a man in your life, someone they call 'daddy'
or 'uncle'? If
so how do we handle the meeting?"

"No permanent man and none that were ever close enough
to be called

"No permanent huh?"

"There have been a couple since it finally dawned
on me that you were
never coming back."

I just shook my head and then said, "Okay, how do we
do it?"

"First I want to know what that little head shake meant."

"I never accused you of being stupid Gina. What do
you think it meant?"

"I don't know Rob, I really don't."

"I had to get on my knees and beg if I wanted to get laid
and even then
it usually didn't happen, but Tom and a couple of others
after I left
had no problem and you can't figure out why I'm
shaking my head?"

"Tom never had sex with me! Not once, not ever! As far
as the others
are concerned it was after - long after - you walked out on
me. Even
then it was your own damned fault!"

"My fault? How the hell do I get the blame for it?"

"You got me pregnant. It turns out the reason I lost
interest in sex
was something caused a shift in my hormones. My getting
caused my hormones to shift again. Once I had the babies
and it looked
like I'd never see you again I started dating. If you
had stayed
around long enough for me to talk to you there never would
have been
anyone else."

"What the hell could you have said that I would have
been interested in
hearing? "Hey Rob honey, I'm playing around
with the guys at work, but
don't worry honey, it is you I love?"

"I wasn't playing around with anyone Rob. Tom
had been hitting on me
for years and that night he'd had too much to drink and
he got stupid.
He grabbed me when I came out of the bathroom and pulled me
into the
room across the hall and started pawing me. If you had opened
door a half second sooner you would have seen me trying to
push him
away. If you had opened it a second later you would have seen
me slap
him hard."

"That's why it took you so long to get home that
I was already packed
and ready to leave? You were busy slapping him?"

"I walked through the house looking for you and when
I couldn't find you
I had to call a cab. The cab took a while to get there and by
the time
I got home you were ready to leave. There never was anyone
but you
Rob, but you never gave me a chance to explain."

"It wouldn't have mattered anyway Gina. I was
already asking people for
recommendations on divorce lawyers. If I had let you talk
and if I had
believed you the only thing that would have been different
is that you
wouldn't have had to go through the discomfort and
pain of childbirth.
I'd have still been gone."

"Why didn't you follow through on it?"

"On what?"

"The divorce. I never got papers."

"I didn't see a lawyer after I left because there
was no way I was going
to pay good money to set you free so you could fuck other guys.
let you and your lovers pay for it."

"I could have changed Rob. We didn't know about
the hormone problem

"So? The only reason you know that now is the pregnancy.
If I had
stayed and listened to you that night and if had believed
you there
wouldn't have been a pregnancy and you never would
have found out about
your hormone problem. If I would have stayed we still wouldn't
been having sex. And don't forget that I once asked
you to see a
doctor about your lost interest in sex and you laughed at
me and
belittled me for not having anything but sex on my mind,
remember that?
Let it go Gina. Now, what do we do here?"

"I guess we introduce my babies to their daddy and
after that it is up
to you."


Robin and Robert were too young to understand the significance
of our
meeting and how it was going to change our lives. Robin was
the only
one of the two who was just a little bit curious and all she
said was,
"Are you really my daddy?" and when I assured
her I was she said, "If
you are my daddy why don't you live here?"

"Because I work in Denver sweetie."

"What's a Denver?" Robert wanted to know
and that got me off the hook on
the 'live here' question. Gina went back in the
house and left us
alone, but I could see her at the kitchen window watching
as I got in
the sandbox and started working with my children to build
a sandcastle.

About an hour later Gina came out to get the kids and she asked
me if I
would like to stay for dinner and before I could beg off and
claim a
prior engagement Robert piped up with:

"He has to, he's the daddy."

That locked me in and Gina told me to go wash the sand off me.
As I was
walking back into the kitchen Gina was on the phone and I

"I'm sorry John, but no."

"I know John, but things have changed."

"Goodbye John."

She disconnected and then punched in some numbers and when
the call was
answered she said:

"Sarah? Something has come up and I won't be needing
you tonight after

"Thank you dear, bye."

I sat down at the table and then asked, "Am I getting
in the way of

"I had a date tonight but I cancelled it."


"Because you are here."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Maybe nothing as far as you are concerned, but for
me it changes

"I don't see how."

"In simple terms Rob, I would be cheating."

"That doesn't make sense Gina. You have already
told me you have had
men in your life."

"That was different Rob. You were gone and after a
year it was clear to
me that you weren't coming back. You abandoned me and
that made it all
right for me to date. Now you are here and we are still married
so my
going out would not be right; it would be cheating on my husband
that is something I never did and that I won't do now."

"That still doesn't make sense. When I go back
to Denver the day after
tomorrow I'll be gone again and you will probably start
dating again.
Two days won't make any difference."

"It will to me. And I won't start dating again
when you leave because
in the back of my mind I will always think you will be coming
back even
if it is only to see the kids. I could do it when I thought I'd
see you again, but now I can't. Not until we get divorced."

"Why didn't you get a divorce using abandonment
as grounds?"

"money Rob, specifically, the lack of it. It takes
all I make to keep
things running here. I can't spare a dime for lawyer's
fees and court
costs. Since I had no intention of ever getting married
again I didn't
need to get single."

"I release you from your vows. It isn't cheating
if I say I don't care
and then tell you to go ahead and do it. Call your boyfriend
back and
go out on your date."

"I can't. I've all ready cancelled the babysitter."

"So I'll watch them. I don't have anything
else going on. When I left
here all I was going to do was go back to my hotel room, watch
some TV
and then go to bed."

She looked at me for several seconds and I couldn't
tell what she was
thinking, but she finally got up and went to the phone and
placed a


"Do you still want to take me to Sally's birthday

"He doesn't care. He even said he would watch
the kids."

"Give me an hour. Just honk and I'll be right out."

"Okay, see you then."

She hung up and turned to me. "I'll get them ready
for bed before I
leave. Their bedtime is eight and I always read them a story.
favorite is "The Cat in the Hat" and it is on the
bedside stand. I'll
be home by midnight since I do have to work tomorrow."

"What do you do with the little guys when you go to work?"

"We have a day care center in the building. It is one
of my fringe

She got Robbie (as I learned he liked to be called) and Robin
ready for
bed and when the horn honked out front she kissed them goodnight
told them she would see them in the morning and left on her
date. I
played with them until almost nine and then I put them to
bed and read
to them until they fell asleep. I sat there looking at the
two of them
and wondered what their lives and mine would have been like
had I never
returned to Denver.

I went out to the living room, watched CNN for a while and
then I turned
off the TV and got up and went over to the bookcase. I looked
the books I'd left behind when I took off and found one
I hadn't read.
I took it over to the couch and settled in to read and after
a while I
nodded off.

I awoke to a hot wet sensation in the area of my genitals and
as I came
fully awake and looked down I saw Gina. She was naked, she
had my cock
in her mouth and I was getting a blow job the likes of which
I hadn't
had in over seven years. As soon as she saw that I was awake
she moved
over me and sank down on my hard cock. She leaned forward
and braced
herself with her hands on my shoulders and then she started
riding me.
She stared down into my eyes as she alternated between moving
up and
down and rocking back and forth. That went on for several
minutes and
then she started slamming herself down hard on me and I felt
her body
convulse as she had an orgasm and seconds later I had my climax.

She got off me and moved down and took my cock back in her mouth
worked on it until it was erect and then she lay down on the
room floor and pulled me off the couch and on top of her. Her
hand pulled me toward her cunt while her left grabbed my
ass and pulled
me to her. The second time lasted longer than the first and
she came
twice before I climaxed and when it was over I asked her:

"Why did you do that?"

"Because I've missed you and I needed to do that.
I needed to show you
that one of the things keeping you gone has changed. I know
you Rob; I
know your habits. I gambled that you hadn't changed
all that much.
The only reason I went with John tonight was to give you the
chance to
fall asleep on the couch like you always did. That would
give me the
chance to do what I just did. You belong here Rob. I saw the
look on
your face when you saw Robin and Robbie for the first time.
I saw how
you behaved when you crawled into their sandbox with them
while wearing
your six hundred dollar suit. This is your home Rob. Okay,
so we did
have some problems, but nothing we can't work through.
I just proved
to you that the major one does not exist any more. I will do
I have to do to get you back here where you belong."

"I'm pretty well settled into my life Gina, why
should I throw away what
I have now just to come back here to an uncertain situation?"

"Uncertain situation?"

"My position on a sex life hasn't changed Gina.
I firmly believe that
sex is necessary for good mental and physical heath."

"I've just shown you that sex is no longer a problem."

"And what if your hormonal balance shifts again and
you lose interest in
sex again?"

"We know what it is now Rob, and if it ever happens again
it can be
treated with medication. Believe me, I know. I've
done a lot of
reading on the subject. No Rob, trust me on this, sex will
never be a
problem for us again."

"I don't know Gina; I trusted you once and look
what it got me."

"I swear to you Rob, there never was anyone else while
you were still

"I'm not talking about that Gina. I'm talking
about the promise you
made me the day after I asked you to marry me. You remember
that Gina?
You said you would give me an answer the next day after you
found out
if we would be a good fit for each other. That night was an
a test to see if I was sexually up to your standards. If I had

performed badly that night you would have said "no"
to my proposal the
next morning and you know it!

"You reduced me to a quivering wreck that night and
the next morning you
said, "You'll do. Yes I'll marry you."
That night and your acceptance
promised me a sex life second to none - a promise that you
broke- for
whatever reason - three years into our marriage. Sex was
so important
to you that you had to give me a test drive before you would
marry me,
but three years later you couldn't have cared less
about how I felt
about the same subject. There was complete indifference
on your part
to what I was going through. From you all I got was, "It
is that all
you think about?" and "Grow up Rob" and
"Get a grip Rob." Your entire
attitude during that period was, "Go away Rob, if
you are going to
whine do it some place else, just leave me alone.

"Catching you with Tom wasn't the reason I left,
it was just the straw
that broke the camel's back. I'm happy with the
life I have now Gina
and I see absolutely no reason to change it."

"That may be Rob, but like it or not that life has just
changed. I saw
you with Robin and Robbie. I saw the instant connect between
the three
of you. You belong here with them Rob and you know it. You
can go
ahead and go on back to Denver, but you and I both know that
you will
be back here every weekend from now on. You'll be here
on your
holidays and during your vacations and you will come running
if I call
and tell you something is wrong with either one of them.
Make it easy
on everyone Rob, come home."


Well, I did, but I didn't. I called Harvey and locked
down my old job
and then I went back to Denver, gave notice and closed out
my life
there. I returned to Kansas City, but I didn't go home
to Gina. I
wasn't anywhere close to being ready to do that.

She was right of course, Robin and Robbie were little magnets
and every
spare minute I had was spent with them. I was spending some
time with
Gina - I guess you could say we were dating - and trying to
see if
putting the marriage back together was feasible. The major
between our dating now and our dating before I asked her
to marry me is
that now I score on each date. Gina is doing her best to fuck
my eyes
out thinking that is the way to get me back.

But just as a marriage with no sex is no marriage at all, a
built only on sex isn't going to hold together either
and I don't know
that Gina and I have more than that going for us. I can't
forget the
way she was toward me when we were going through our sexless
period and
to be completely honest about it somewhere in the back of
my mind there
is a small kernel of doubt that she was being truthful about
what was
going on between Tom and her.

Those are two big barriers that I have to get by before Gina
and I can
put anything back together and I'm not sure I can do
it. I'm not sure
at all.

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really enjoyed


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Good for U, ,, ,, For Your sake dont let the "little
head" overcome and control the "big head"....
Old addage, ,, , burn me once shame on you, burn me twice
shame on me..... Let time work things out, and enjoy the
children, they are the most important part of your life
now, they are your legacy, ,, ,,


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I think you better give her another chance