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Road Adventure


Before I got on 64W, heading home after a week in Virginia
Beach, I read Mistress's morning email about how exciting
it would be if I showed my legs to the truckers as they cruised
by, and to top it off, Her mentioning showing off my pussy!
Well, easier said than done, I thought.

I wasn't on the road longer than half an hour before
my views of the calm, cold waters of the Chesapeake Bay turned
to thoughts of Master and Mistress being together back
home. I envisioned I was watching Them, on my knees, my wrists
bound behind me, my pussy growing wet and aching for the
same fingers pleasing Mistress to the point of Her screaming
as she orgasmed, which we both have shared at His hand.

So once the road straightened, I pulled the hem of the dress
up just to the above my crotch; I knew the truckers wouldn't
be able to see anything anyway. Slowly, I ran my fingernails
up and down my thighs, close to my pussy without touching
any part of it. Immediately, and as always, the goose bumps
quickly appeared.

Looking around, I was disappointed there were no truckers
around yet, so I just kept imagining Master tormenting
Mistress as She lay tied to the bed and blindfolded, the
tip of the vibrator resting on Her clit as she struggled
to free Herself...

With that, I wanted to feel more, needed to feel more. I could
feel the moisture between my legs and butterflies fluttered
in my stomach from how daring I was being, how naughty, how

A few minutes later, I ventured to my clit but found it dry.
It wasn't that was wasn't turned on - I definitely
was - but I wasn't in the right position to explore my
cunt. Regardless, with one hand on the wheel, I pushed my
hand down further to my pussy, happy to find it wet. However,
the position just wasn't going to work being that I
couldn't gain full access to my goods. So, I put my left
foot on the dashboard by the door and tried to relax as much
as I could, continuing to gather moisture from my pussy.

With a sly grin, I dipped my finger in as far as I could, softly
moaning as it easily entered until it was wet enough and
I couldn't take it anymore. I slid my finger up to my
clit - my then swollen, aching nub. Circling my finger around
the base, I slowly added pressure until it felt just right.

Looking at the road ahead of me - safety being key, of course
- I noticed a truck coming up in the right lane. I shivered
with exhilaration at the thrill of having the driver peer
down on me and watching me through the opened sunroof. I
set the cruise control and continued to pleasure myself,
imagining Master and Mistress whispering encouraging
thoughts to me as my orgasm came closer and closer.

Seeing the cab of the truck directly alongside my car, a
soft whimper escaped my lips as I grazed my one 'joy
spot' on the right of my clit. Totally aware of where
he was, I used the end of my finger and flicked my clit, slowly
at first, until my cries of pleasure echoed back to me.

I tried to hold my orgasm back when the cab was right by my
window, wondering if anyone was looking down and enjoying
the view, possibly even holding his own cock in his hand.
When he didn't accelerate and remained where he was,
I knew I was being watched.

Putting my head on the head rest, eyes still on the road,
I cried out loud and came hard, not even holding back my orgasm

A moment later, as the orgasm faded, my breath fast and heavy,
I had to slow down as the car in front of me was going slower
than I was. The truck continued ahead of me, and I waited
a few minutes before I purposely sped up and passed the same

Still wondering if he actually had seen my Dirty Driving,
my answer was soon given when I saw the trucker flashing
his lights. Grinning wickedly, I stuck my hand out of the
sun roof and gave him a thumbs up!

Of course I thanked Mistress and Master - although, now
that I think about it, She hadn't given me permission.
Well, shit. Add another punishment.

Pushing that thought of fear aside, about ten minutes down
the road, no longer keeping the trucker in my rear view mirror,
I had to use the bathroom badly. Luckily there was a Flying
J's, an East coast gas station that also served truckers
by a clothes washer and drying and showers so they could
clean up.

Rushing inside the ladies room, I quickly peed and cleaned
myself up, but found my clit was still sensitive and I was
still fucking horny! I thought about getting myself off
again, but I still had traffic in Fredericksburg to deal
with and I wanted to get back on the road.

Back outside, I stood in the drinks section debating whether
to get the healthy choice of water or something sweet and
highly caloric. Grabbing a SunKist, I turned and ran into
a brick wall.

That brick wall turned out to be a 6'2" man with
chocolate brown hair, big, soulful blue eyes wearing a
smile that would wake the dead. His tight chest was the brick
wall, and fortunately I didn't break my nose as I collided
with it. He didn't smell bad, but by the condition of
his wrinkled shirt and dirty jeans he was in need of a good,
long shower. Besides, if he cleaned up a bit, I would definitely
proposition him for some fun in his...

"Whoah, there, " he said, his big, strong hands
holding my elbows so I wouldn't ricochet off the wall.
Only then did I notice a duffle bag on the floor beside him.

It was several seconds before his words even registered
in my brain, being that I was so mesmerized by his intense
glare. "Oh, my god! I am sooo sorry!! I was -"

His laugh was warm and inviting, and for some odd reason
I felt less of an idiot. "I might need only a few stitches,
so no harm done."

My eyes flew open. Maybe it was the car key I was holding that
accidentally stabbed him in my surprise. "Wha'?!"
I gasped, looking over his neck and chest for any seeping

"Sorry, I'm teasing you. Can I buy that for you?"
The more he spoke, the more I noticed how deep and sexy his
voice was.

I wasn't accustomed to men drying me drinks, not in
a bar or in a gas station. "Thanks, but no. I got it."

His smile suddenly turned into a very mischievous grin.
"That you do, I must say, " he purred.

Aside from being bought a drink, I also wasn't used
to being flirted with, especially in such a brazen manner.
"Well, I have to get on the road, " I started,
but he didn't move out of my way.

"That was quite a show you put on."

I frowned, wondering what the hell he was talking about
when it dawned on me: He must be the trucker that watched
me masturbate! My cheeks burned, and I wanted to jump into
the soda cooler, not from the heat but to hide from him.

"Oh, um, yeah, well, " I stuttered, not sure
what the fuck to say.

He smiled again, which set me back at ease just a bit. "Have
you eaten lunch?" he asked.

"No, I haven't. I was going to stop by Cracker
Barrel in Ashland." I don't know why I answered
him, but I just stood there instead of running off screaming
like a frightened little girl.

"Oh, what a shame. I've been driving all morning,
and I could use the company, after I shower first. I was raised
with manners, after all."

"That's a nice offer, but I don't think so."

Besides, Mistress would never allow it. I was Hers, and
she wouldn't even consider sharing me, other than
with Master.

"Tell you what, " he said. "I'm going
to go take a shower. When I'm done, I'll look for
you in Denny's. If I don't see you, I'll know
you went on your way. If you're there, we'll have
lunch. I look much better once I'm all cleaned up, I

You don't look so bad now. Well, would it hurt to ask
Mistress? All she could say was no. I've heard no more
than once. I was certain I would hear it again. I nodded but
still couldn't move.

"I'm Luke Keplar. What's your name?"
he asked.

"Jeanette Almy." Sure, it wasn't my real
last name, but I wasn't about to give it to him.

"Well, Jeanette, I really hope to see you again, "
he said, putting out his hand.

Switching my wallet to my other hand, I put my hand in his,
and it immediately got lost. It was warm, too, almost like
a wire that went straight to my pussy.

"We'll see, " I finally mumbled and walked

Paying for my soda, feeling more like a moron minute by minute
when I couldn't count out the right change, I went outside,
lit a cigarette with a very shaky hand and called Mistress
to ask for Her permission; Master was out of town and in a
business meeting, so I couldn't call Him. Unfortunately,
I got Her voice mail, but I still left a message for Her to
call me, that a man invited me to lunch and I needed Her permission.

Going back and forth in my mind whether I should go in the
restaurant and wait for Her call, and ultimately Luke,
I finished the cigarette determined not to let this once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to have lunch with a man - a man that actually
asked me, and a man that watched me masturbate.

I waited another ten minutes before I went back into the
restaurant and scooted into the booth, making sure the
hem of my skirt wouldn't expose my sex to him. I ordered
cheese sticks, a little upset I didn't think to ask
Luke what he would have wanted to drink. But then again,
at the time I was leaning toward running to my car and leaving,
racing out of the parking lot and leaving tire marks on the

Fifteen minutes later, I was just finishing my third stick
when Luke approached the table. "I'm glad you
decided to stay. May I sit?"

Almost choking, I managed to nod to tell him he could. He
was right, too. Now that he was showered, his hair still
damp, he did look much better. He was wearing a blue and gray
checkered shirt with blue jeans... tight jeans. He even
shaved his scraggly, two-day old beard, which made his
smile seem even bigger and warmer.

After the waitress left with his drink order, I told him,
"I'm waiting for..." I couldn't outright
tell him it was Mistress to get her approval, but what the
fuck difference did it make? It was lunch and only lunch.
I couldn't get pregnant or catch any STDs from having
lunch with a stranger.

"I'm waiting for my Mistress to call with her
permission to have lunch, so I might not be able to stay, "
I blurted out.

His right eyebrow rose curiously. "Mistress? You're
a lesbian?"

I smiled nervously. "No, no, but I am bi." Before
I could stop myself, I told him I was Mistress's sub
and that we are both subs to Master.

"Hmm. Interesting. I used to dabble in D/s back in
my younger days, as a Dom."

If I didn't have butterflies before he showed up, his
confession certainly made them flit in a fury then. Luckily
the waitress brought his drink, but I told her we'd
need a minute before we ordered, only so that it would give
me a few more minutes for Mistress to call.

After she left, Luke leaned forward and whispered, "So,
I have to ask: Did you come when you masturbated?"

Again my cheeks flushed, and I wasn't going to answer
him. It was none of his business. So I stuffed another cheese
stick in my mouth to keep me from rambling again like I do
when I'm backed in a corner or extremely nervous.

Thankfully, my cell phone rang. It was Mistress. At this
point, though, I was ready to walk out the door and never
give meeting Luke a second thought. "Hello, Mistress, "
I answered.

I was beginning to slip out of the booth when Luke gently
grabbed my wrist and mouthed, Stay, please.

The loneliness in his eyes made me cave in and relax. "Mistress,
I called because I wanted to know if I... I was, um, playing
with myself and a trucker was watching, and I'm sitting
with him now. He invited me to lunch, and I want to ask if it
would be okay."

"Well, " she replied, her strong, sexy Australian
accent made the butterflies practically fly out of my throat.
"It wouldn't hurt, I suppose. Do you only want
to have lunch with him?"

Again I blushed and tried to avoid Luke's eyes, which
I could feel searing directly into me. Hesitantly, I replied,
"No, Ma'am. You know about the... you know."

"I see. You want to fuck him, my pet?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Oh, you are my dirty little girl, aren't you?"
She never gave me a chance to answer Her. "He is there
with you now?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Give him your phone, " she ordered.

Again, I had no choice in the matter. I handed Luke my phone
and took a long pull of the SunKist, thinking it would wake
me up from this obvious wet dream I was having. It didn't
work. It should have been Whisky.

"Hello... yes, Meg... My name is Luke Keplar. I work
for Miller Shipping... She was definitely hot, and she's
a very beautiful woman..."

There was a long pause, and I squirmed uncomfortably, hating
not knowing what Mistress was saying to Luke.

Giving me a wicked grin, he told her, "I would love
to. I'll take good care of her."

He didn't end the call but handed me the phone. "Yes,

"Pet, I give you permission to have lunch with him
and allow him to pay. As a thank you, you will fuck him in his

I wanted to protest, scream into the phone that She was crazy!
But that would surely be the death of me if I ever disrespected
Her in such a manner, so I bit my tongue. I had to be honest
with myself, my pussy was dripping wet. "Yes, Mistress, "
I croaked, avoiding my eyes with Luke again.

"Get My collar and wear it to remind yourself you are
still Mine. Do you understand?"

I swallowed hard. "Yes, Mistress. It's in my

"You will listen to all of his instructions. I will
call you shortly. You may not come until I command you to.
Do you understand?"

I hate when She holds back my orgasms. With Master, He'd
make me come over and over and over again, never allowing
me to stop to catch my breath. With Mistress, I was learning
She had to have complete control over everything that my
body did. I gave them to Her willingly and happily.

"Yes, Mistress. I understand."

"Good. Do you trust me, little one?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

With me, as it was for Master, trust was a very difficult
issue for me to deal with at first. Thankfully, They were
both patient and understanding, and it became natural
and easy to trust Them.

"Good. Enjoy yourself."

Before I could say anything else, She hung up. Still avoiding
Luke's stare, the waitress returned, and we quickly
gave her our lunch orders.

When she left, he said, "She has a very sexy accent,
doesn't she?" I nodded anxiously. "So,
she's given you permission to eat with me. She's
made my day."

I couldn't think of anything to say to that.

"Jeanette, look at me, " he said.

No one ever talked to me like that, much less order me around
but Mistress and Master. I had to build up my courage to look
at him.

Reaching across the table, he took my hand again and held
it. "I'm not going to hurt you. I want you just
as badly as you want me. I will be honest with you. I've
never picked up a woman and had sex with her in my cab. But
it has been a fantasy of mine since I started trucking."

I was embarrassed as hell, that was for sure. Again, I couldn't
think of a damned thing to say.

Once the food came and we started to eat, we talked quite
a bit, him more so. He was 36 and from New Jersey, though he
seemed to have lost his accent. He'd been trucking
since he was 21, found the traffic aggravating, but the
driving itself was a way for him to find the meaning of life.
He had yet to find it, though. He and his sub married when
they were just 19, but she'd cheated on him while they
were in college. They divorced by the time he was 25, and
he'd been trucking ever since.

Overall, as the discussion carried on, I was slowly beginning
to like him, and I couldn't bear to look away from the
intensity in his eyes.

"So, tell me, have you ever gotten in a car accident
while driving and masturbating?" he asked flirtatiously.

I had just taken the last swallow of the SunKist, and this
time I did choke on it. Hitting my collarbone, like that
would clear it, I squeaked, "I've done it once
before, but it was late at night and no other car was around
me to watch."

"Do you like to be watched, Jeanette?"

At this point, I'd totally lost my inhibitions, and
it didn't matter what he did or did not know about me.
"Yeah, I do. On a website I'd turn the camera on
and masturbate for them. I never had more than 50 in the room
at the same time, though. And then you'd have morons
that would tell me what to do. I'd think, 'Hey,
I was doing it for me, not you, you assholes.'"
I laughed.

"One man, and only one man, I watched him while he...
stroked his cock and I played with my... clit. Right after
he came he ordered me to come, and I did, hard. He was shocked
I'd actually come when he told me to. It was... exciting
as fucking hell."

He laughed. "I bet it was. Do you automatically come
when told to?"

I nodded. "After four years with Master, I come every
time He tells me."

"But I can't tell you when to come?"

I shook my head. "No. Only Mistress."

He leaned forward and whispered, "So, I can tease
your body and torment you any way I want, and you will not

Again, I shook my head. I knew it was impossible not to come,
depending on what his definition of 'torture'

He looked away briefly, just as the waitress came by to check
on us. We'd finished eating, so he asked for the check.
After she walked away with the money, Luke asked, "Jeanette,
are you ready to go?"

My mind went in a million directions. I shook my head and
said yes at the same time.

In response, he shook his head and said seriously, "No,
Jeanette. I want to hear you say you want me, that you want
to fuck me. We won't do this if you don't want to."

Now was the moment of truth. Yes, I wanted to fuck him, but
this was so against everything I believed in. I also had
to remember that I had to trust Mistress, and if she thought
Luke was safe, then I'd have to trust her... and Luke.

"I... I do want to fuck you, Luke."

He smiled, slipped out of the booth and reached out for my
hand. Taking it, I hated that my hand was shaking, but it
wasn't from nerves. I was so ready, horny and wet that
I was afraid I'd left a spot on the bench, not to mention
a wet spot in the back of my dress.

Putting his hand in the small of my back, he led me out of the
restaurant and into the noon-time sun. I prayed he had A/C
in his cab, then I prayed he had condoms. When I asked him,
he reassured me the A/C worked properly, and that he'd
bought condoms before he joined me in the restaurant. That
made me relax a lot.

Approaching his truck, he got up on the two steps leading
to the driver's door, unlocked and opened the door,
then stood beside me again. "Ladies first."

Knowing exactly what he was up to - waiting for the view of
my ass as I climbed inside - I gave him the show he wanted,
comforted in knowing Mistress allowed me to be with him.

As gracefully as I could, I took hold of the bars and pulled
myself up, at the same time looking where my next step would
be. The thing was, he never laid a hand on me, but I knew he
had to be looking up the dress. That alone made my pussy tingle,
and then the thought occurred to me that I was probably dripping
down my legs from being so fucking wet.

"Head between the seats to the cab." His voice
was right behind me, and my heart fluttered knowing that
we were actually doing this.

I jumped a little when the door closed behind him, but a light
in the cab came on so I could see where I was going. My mouth
dropped a little when I looked around the space, which was
no higher than six feet. Everything was gray, from the walls
to the blanket on the twin-sized mattress of the daybed
and the plentiful small cabinets over it, even a small sink
and fridge, but it still had style and it wasn't drab
at all. There was a TV in the corner adjacent to a small table.
"Make yourself comfortable, Jeanette, "
he said.

As I sat on the daybed, I told him, "Wow! It's much
nice than I ever pictured them."

"Thank you. I did the work myself, " he replied
as he sat down beside me.

"It's great, really. It almost feels like camping."

He smiled. "That's what I thought too."

Looking at him nervously, I wasn't sure exactly what
to do at this point. "Jeanette, "There's
no need to be nervous. I want you to relax and enjoy this."

I hadn't realized I was so easy to read.

"I will ask you one last time: Is this something you
really want?"

With the tone of his voice, he sent me instantly into submissive
mode, but I felt like I was being a traitor to Mistress. But
She had, after all, given Her okay, and this was something
I really, really wanted to do.

His laughter caught me off guard. "Good. I'm
glad to hear you want this as badly as I do."

I looked at him dumbfounded, not even realizing I'd
said the last part out loud.

"I do not want you to feel you are betraying your Master
and Mistress, so I do not expect you to address me with any
title. But I do, however, expect you to listen to me and follow
my instructions. Your Mistress wants this for you, as well.
Do you agree?"

"Yes, Sir. I do."

"Good. Not even a sir. You may call me Luke. What is
your safe word?"

"With Mistress and Master, it's asparagus.
But I'd rather use... um, spinach with you."

He smiled. "Fine. Put your Mistress's collar

I stumbled in my purse for the collar and put it on. As always,
my nipples erupted from anticipation of what we were about
to do, and the knowledge that I still belonged to Mistress.

"Remove your sandals and stand before me."

Gathering as much courage as I could, I kicked my shoes off
and stood in front of him, not really sure what to do with
my hands. Considering I was to give him the respect of a Dom,
I put my hands in the small of my back, spread my feet hip-width
apart and bowed my head.

Scooting to the edge of the daybed, he leaned forward and
ran his hands from my calves to the back of my thighs, then
up and under my dress to my ass cheeks. The hem rested on his
forearms, so he kept raising his arms until the dress was
over my head. Pulling it off, he threw it to the floor and
looked over my body with a crooked grin. This time I kept
my arms beside me.

"No bra?" he asked as his hands explored my stomach
down to the outside of my thighs.

"No. Master doesn't like me to wear them."

"Good man. Your tits are exquisite."

He cupped my breasts in his huge hands but didn't pinch
my nipples. Having the contact felt good, and I wanted so
much more - patience isn't one of my strongest traits.
He finally ran his thumbs over them, making them perk up
more than they were before I even got in the cab.

"No undies?" he asked as his hands moved to my
hips and caressed my skin.

I shook my head. "Mistress won't allow me to wear

"Good woman. How wet are you?"

My words caught in the back of my throat.

"Let me find out for myself. Put your left foot on the
bed, over my thigh."

Hell! I knew if I did that I would surely leave a puddle at
my feet. But I did as he said, exposing my pussy and giving
him easy access. Excruciatingly slowly, he ran his left
hand up my thigh until his fingertips grazed against my

"Fuck. You are sopping wet."

Nodding like an idiot, I held my breath as he skimmed the
pad of his finger over my pussy until it silkily slid up to
my clit between the folds of my lips. Circling at the base,
my knees buckled under the intense sensation, and I could
feel my clit throb.

Moaning softly, I whispered, "Suck my nipple, please."

He looked up at me with a sly grin. "Bossy, aren't

He then attacked my nipple, and at the same time he inserted
his fingers inside me and hooked his fingers directly over
my g-spot. My body, like a magnet, was drawn to him, and I
put my hand on his shoulder. In response, he growled and
bit the hard nub with his teeth, pulling back a little until
there was a 'pop' from his lips.

"Hmmph. Fuck. Oh, fuck! Don'... don't!
You're going to make me... hmmphgh... come!"
I whined, holding my breath, as if that would hold back my

He kept his fingers still, tilted his head back and planted
the hottest, heaviest kiss on my lips, his tongue trailing
along my bottom lip. Our lips flittered together, his tongue
circling the tip of mine. Being so close to him now, I reached
down and grabbed his cock through his jeans, pressing up
and down a few times until he grunted.

Our lips parted, and his lips skirted over my jaw to my neck;
I eagerly angled my head to the right to give him better access.
I shivered, but I wasn't cold. His warm, moist lips
felt so good on my skin. He then kissed me between my breasts
to my stomach, and I sighed heavily.

At this point, I cursed out Mistress in my head for taking
her sweet time in calling me with permission to come. I wouldn't
last another minute!

"Lie on the bed, bitch, " he snarled.

Normally, I hate that word, but when I'm in the right
frame of mind, as I was then, it always makes my pussy tingle
with excitement.

As he stood up, I sat on the daybed - my arms behind me, which
accentuated my breasts, my knees parted - and watched him
as he swiftly unbuttoned his shirt. He had a nice chest,
just a little hair, and not overly tight muscles. Throwing
the shirt on the table, he quickly unbuttoned the jeans,
and in one hasty motion, pulled them down, along with his
tightie-whities. Stepping out of them and pushing them
aside, it took all I had to keep my mouth closed. He was a good
seven inches and very thick.

"Lie down, " he said.

I laid down on my back and put my right foot flat on the mattress
and spread my legs, leaving my left leg straight.

"I need that hot mouth of yours around my cock."

I grinned bashfully as he came closer. When he was within
reach, I took his cock in my hand and ran it up and down his
shaft a few times before I opened my mouth to take him. Gratefully,
he didn't ram his cock in my mouth but allowed me to take
him slowly and as deeply as I could.

He groaned then ran his fingers through my hair over my forehead
to the back of my head, where he intertwined his fingers
through my short, cropped hair. "That feels amazing,
Jeanette. Hmm, yes, that's it. Look at me."

With just my eyes, I peered up at him and trembled by his expression.
It was so full of lust that I took his head to the very back
of my throat. He groaned again and ran his flattened hand
over my crotch, his middle finger flicking my clit. I moaned
at how good it felt, but I knew I would come at any minute.
Working his cock over really well, I fucked his cock until
I tasted his pre-cum in my mouth.

Gratefully, my phone finally rang. "Don't stop.
Keep doing what you're doing."

He picked up the phone and read the name. "It's
your Mistress." Clicking a button, he answered,
"Hello, Meg." He paused. "She has her
lips wrapped around my cock at the moment... Oh, she definitely
feels good. She knows how to handle my dick very well...
No, she hasn't come... Alright."

He pressed another button then set it on the table. "Jeanette,
can you hear Me?" Mistress asked.

"Hmm hmmph, " I replied, keeping Luke's
dick in my mouth.

"How close are you?"

Unfortunately, I had to slip his cock out of my mouth to answer
Her. "I'm very close, Mistress, " I told
Her breathlessly.

"That she is. She is dripping wet, " Luke said.

"Oh, you've seen nothing yet. I suggest you put
a towel underneath her ass, then will you eat her out for

He looked over my face then grinned. "I would love

He hesitated a moment then set the phone beside my hip so
Mistress could hear us, grabbed a towel from the cabinet
overhead, placed it under my hips then got on his knees facing
me. Grabbing my ankles, he turned me around and threw my
legs over his shoulders. Hungrily, he licked my cunt up
to my clit, flicking his tongue over it with a little pressure,
nibbling, suckling it.

"Oooh, ggggod!" I whimpered and threw my hands
against the wall.

"My little naughty slut, " Mistress started,
"Does it feel good what he's doing?"

"Hmmgph, fuck, yes, Mistress."

"I can tell. I want you to talk to me while Luke's
going down on you. Tell me how good his tongue feels as he
laps at your clit, " Mistress instructed.

"Yessss, Mistress, " I grunted as he put his
fingers inside my pussy. Groaning, barely able to speak,
I said, "He's got his... fingers inside me and...
hmmmph... they're right on my... ohh, ohhh, my g-spot."

"Good. Good, my pet. I've got my own finger on
my clit. I'm as wet as you are."

I smiled. "Oh, Mistress. I wish it were... mmmmph...
Oh, oh! Don't stop!" I suddenly screamed and
pressed against the wall harder, pushing me closer to him.

"Don't you dare come, Jeanette! I'm going
to count to five. Then, and only then will you come for me.

Her words barely registered in my ringing ears as I fought
with all of my might to hold back my orgasm. "Yyyess,
Missstressss, " I finally answered.

"Good girl."

It was a moment before she started counting, and Luke hadn't
let up one fucking bit as he teased and licked and sucked
my clit while his fingers tapped my g-spot, alternating
between finger-fucking me.

My whole body shivered and jerked in ecstasy, and I was on
the verge of coming, and coming hard.

"Two, " I heard Mistress say.

I groaned, barely able to hang on. "Hmm, Luke, Luke!"
I screamed. "Please, Mistress! I... Please! I need
to come now!"

"Hold it!" She demanded. "Three."

I tossed my head back and forth and let up on pushing my pussy
into him, but he only got a firm hold of my thighs and held
on tight.

"Fuck. FUCK!"

"Oh, Jeanette, I'm close too. Four."

Mumbling and moaning, barely able to catch my breath, I
put my hand on the back of Luke's head, my orgasm coming
closer and closer. My tits were electrified, as if I'd
stuck my finger in a socket.

"Are you ready, pet?" She asked.

Knowing full well she was being sadistic, I panted, "Yes,
yes, Mistress! Oh, Luke! Please! Please! Say five. Say

I think I heard her chuckle before I heard her say, "Five.
come for me, Jeanette! NOW!"

I felt Luke's fingers dig into my inner thighs and he
finger-fucked my pussy, hard. My orgasm shot through me,
and I screamed like I'd never screamed before, panting
heavily and hard as I came.

I also heard the phone crackle with Mistress's own
scream, as she always does when she comes.

I was mortified when I felt tons of cum squirt out, but I heard
Luke say, "Give it to me, Jeanette."

Listening to the both of them made me orgasm again, but it
wasn't as strong. "Oh, shit!"

"Jeanette, that was incredible to watch. Mistress
should be proud, " he told me.

Trying to catch my breath, I could only nod my head.

"Oh, I'm very proud of my Jeanette, " Mistress
said. "That was wonderful. I came with you."

"Hmm, good, Mistress. I'm glad."

"Thank you, Luke, " She said.

He let go of my legs and gently put them on the mattress, so
I laid on my side as he picked up the phone. "It was all
my pleasure, " Luke said.

"Luke, she is all yours now, " Mistress told
him. "Jeanette, I want you to call me before you leave
his cab."

"Yes Mistress, " I muttered. "Thank
You, Mistress."

"Oh, thank you. Well done. Have fun, you two."

"Oh, we will, " Luke replied and ended the call.
Looking at me, he said, "Scootch over."

Smiling, I was able to press myself against the wall, then
he laid down beside me, his arm under my head and his other
over my waist; he wrapped his leg over mine.

"I'm impressed, " he said as he brushed
my bangs.

Breathlessly, I mumbled, "I always come like that.
You were... great."

He chuckled. "Well, I'm not done with you yet,
but for now, just relax."

It was hard to relax when he started to run his hand up and
down my body. While my body was still a little numb from the
orgasm, it was slowly waking up again from his touch. I might
have come, but I was definitely ready for more. But I took
his advice and allowed him to touch me for several minutes.

When I couldn't take it anymore, and I was breathing
relatively normally, I sat up and asked where the condoms
were. He pointed to the table, and as I looked there were
three by his shirt he'd laid on there earlier. I reached
over for it, and my breast just happened to be right at the
level of his mouth.

He lifted his head up and took my entire nipple, aerola and
all and sucked hard. I gasped, but managed to grab the package
and open it. "Okay, I need that back, " I teased.

Groaning, he let go, so I took out the condom and slipped
it over his long, hard, throbbing cock. Then I threw my body
on top of his, placed my legs on either side of his hips and
slowly sat down on his still-hard cock. I groaned his name
as he filled me completely.

"Ohmygggod, Luke. Your cock feels so fucking good, "
I managed to whisper.

He sighed heavily and grinned wickedly at me, which matched
my own grin. "And your cunt is so hot and tight."

I nodded and began to rock my hips back and forth, but his
cock stayed inside me the whole time. I did it more for the
fact his pubic hair rubbed against my clit, and it helped
get my juices flowing again. Tightening my PC muscles,
I pressed my breasts against his chest and kissed him, still
moving my hips back and forth.

"Don' let go of my cock."

Shaking my head, I sat up, put my left hand on the cabinet
beside my head and put my hand on his chest to steady myself.
Then I rode him for several minutes, the orgasm ever so slowly
building up inside of me. My heart was racing, my breathing
raspy and heavy.

"Oh, baby, fuck. Keep that up and I'll... come
before you, " he groaned.

Being on top, I was in control - of how fast I fucked him, how
deep I took him. Smiling down on him, I gave him the sluttiest
grin I could imagine. "I want to make you come. But
not yet. I love feeling your cock inside me."

He furrowed his eyebrows, tension lines grew on his forehead.
"Shut up and fuck me."

With that, I fucked him with abandon, lifting my hips up
until just the tip of his cock was inside me then sat back
down on him, my moaning growing louder and louder. He reached
up and took hold of my breasts, pinching and twisting my

"Hmm, yes, " I murmured. "Don' stop."

My torso was burning, yearning for a climax, one that I needed
while I was masturbating only a few hours earlier. As I came
down on him, he thrust his hips up, forcing his cock even
deeper inside me. I screamed his name and threw my chest
against his, so he wrapped his arms around my waist.

For several minutes, our hips crashed together in a fevered
passion, both grunting and breathing heavily into each
other's ears. Our lips kissed and licked and lapped
at each other's neck, both lost in what we were feeling.

With a throaty growl, he beseeched, "I'm almost...

"Hmm, so am I. Fuck me, Luke. Fuck me!" I screamed.

He thrust his cock inside me over and over, and I met each
one; I took all of him, every inch of his cock throbbed against
my pussy walls.

"Yes, oh, yes! I'm... I'm almost... ohhh,

Suddenly, he grunted into my ear, clearly in the throes
of his orgasm. I could feel his legs kick out from under me
as his body tensed the same time. His face tightened into
his orgasm face, or so I assumed, and his jaw dropped.

"Yes, Luke, come. I'm right behind you."

Feeling his dick expand as he climaxed, mine quickly followed.
With him grunting repeatedly and me moaning loudly, we
rode out our orgasms together, our chests flush against
the others.

"Oh, crap, " I murmured as I collapsed all of
my weight on him and buried my face in the nape of his neck,
putting my hand on his shoulder. "Luke, oh, that was..."

"Fucking fantastic?" he chimed in.

I chuckled. "Better. Much better orgasm than my car.

Now it was his turn to laugh. "I would hope so. And you're

Then my words struck me rough. "I didn't... I
don't know why I thanked you. That sounded -"

"Fine with me." Taking my face in his hands,
he kissed my nose. "I should thank you. I haven't
been with a woman in... eight months."

I kicked my head back and looked at him. "It must be
lonely on the road."

He shrugged his shoulders. "It is. But I do love the
road. Now, I've got to get this condom off me."

"Oh, yeah. Sure. Right. Sorry, " I stuttered
and lifted my hips then rolled against the wall again, putting
my head in my hand.

I watched as he stood, removed the condom on his semi-erection
and threw it in the trash. He stepped to me, and at first I
thought he wanted me to give him another blow job, but when
I heard the cabinet above me open and he pulled down a washcloth,
I calmed down.

He went to the sink, and I could not help but look at his tight,
abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous ass. If I didn't have
to get back on the road, knowing for sure I would get stuck
in traffic in Fredericksburg, I would have fucked him all

I had just put my legs on the floor to dress when he turned
back around and shook his head. "Oh, no. Lie back down."

"Luke, look, I've got to get -"

He smiled. "Shh. I will not let you leave my humble
cab without cleaning you up. Can I at least do that?"

I couldn't believe how incredibly sweet he was. "Sure."
I smiled then laid back down.

He wet the washcloth, waited a moment for the water to get
hot, then got on his knees in front of me. Gently, yet with
affection, he ran the cloth over my inner thighs. "Is
it too hot?"

"No. It's fine. Thank you, Luke."

"Oh, honey, " he said, continuing to clean
my thighs. "Again, it is all my pleasure."

After he cleaned me, he sat down beside me and took my hand.
"Jeanette, you have no idea how glad I am I met you today.
You are an incredible person. Meg is very lucky to have you
as her sub."

My cheeks did not blush that time. "And you've
been kind... and sweet."

I no longer had any shame or embarrassment sitting naked
beside this complete stranger... but then again, he was
no longer a stranger.

Reaching for my dress on the floor, he handed it to me. I slipped
it on over my head as he got on his own shirt. Then he handed
me the phone. "Call your Mistress."

Nodding, I looked up Her number and dialed. "Mistress,
Luke and I are... I'll be leaving in a few minutes."

She told me to put Her on speaker. After I did, She said, "Did
you have a good time, Jeanette?"

Looking up at Luke, I gave him a smile. "I sure did.
Thank you, Mistress."

"Luke, did my sub treat you well?"

"She absolutely did, " he replied as he put
on his jeans. "I wish I had all afternoon with her."

I was thrilled he wanted more time with me. I sure would have
enjoyed a few more hours with him.

"She has a few hours' drive to come back to me.
Thank you for allowing her to have her fantasy."

"Oh, she gave me mine, " he replied and winked
at me.

"Email me when you get home, Jeanette."

"Yes Mistress."

"Luke, I'll see you in October at George Mason's
Homecoming game?"

"Oh, you definitely will, " he replied as he
looked over my face.

Mistress knew him! She'd set me up! I'd totally
forgotten she'd called me right after I'd gotten
on 64. Standing up with my hands on my hips, about to blast
the fuck out of him - and Mistress, Luke said, "Oh,
Meg. You'd best explain yourself, now, " he
said urgently.

"Jeanette, calm down, little one. I remembered your
fantasy, and since we won't be able to get together
for a few weeks, with me to be out of town and all, I thought
I'd... surprise you."

I had no idea what to think. I sat back down heavily on the
daybed and gripped the edge. "You two... know each

"Yes, " Mistress answered. Luke sat down beside
me as She continued. "We went to college together,
graduated the same year. But we were never together."
"Are you angry, Jeanette?" Luke asked, his
voice tense.

I looked at him dumbfounded, confused, hurt. Then I looked
over his face. It was soft, gentle, caring. Yes, Mistress
set this up, and Luke did not hurt me. What She had to do to
set this up. I couldn't be angry with him because he
had fulfilled my wild fantasy. And I couldn't be angry
with Mistress because I now had 100 percent trust that She
would never, ever put me in harm's way.

"Well, shit, " I mumbled. "I have to say
I'm flabbergasted. But... no, Luke, Mistress. I'm
not angry."

"Oh, sub of little faith, " Mistress snickered.
"Luke? Make sure my pet gets off in one piece. We have
a lot to catch up on in a few months."

Luke finally smiled. "That we do, Meg. That we do."

As he promised Mistress, Luke walked me back to my car. I
threw my purse on the passenger seat and turned to say goodbye.
But it was his turn to surprise me.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a huge hug.
Pulling away, he kept his arms around me. "You will
make this trucking route much, much easier. All I'll
be seeing is your smile and hear you laugh."

Once again, I blushed. "I have to admit, I'm glad
Mistress chose you. I hope you had a good time."

He nodded and kissed my forehead. "Oh, Jeanette,
this wasn't about me. It was about you. I hope you had
a good time."

"I did. I did, three times." I chuckled at my
stupid comment.

"I love your sense of humor. Drive carefully."

"You, too."

Placing his hands on my neck, he kissed me gently, and believe
it or not, I was getting hot all over again. Groaning, I pulled
away. "Luke, if we keep this up -"

He smiled so warmly it touched me. "I know. I know.
We'd never leave this parking lot."

I laughed again and gave him another kiss. "Take care
of yourself."

"I will."

Getting in my car, giving him one final peek at my crotch
as I let the hem slip up, he closed the door behind me. Shaking
his head, he said, "You are such a tease."

I nodded then started the car. "Master and Mistress
tell me that all the time."

"Bye, sweetie."

"Bye, Luke."

Driving away, I watched him in the rear view mirror until
I hit the exit ramp and got back on 64. Oh, what a long drive
home it would be.

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Wow, that was hot as hell! Great job!


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awesome story i just loved it


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This is a great story. I could envision myself in the cab
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