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Rhonda Undone - Any woman but one.


* This is part 4 of a series I wrote a few years ago. *

Friday night found me pulling into the house of one of my
colleagues at work - Jim. Jim was throwing a huge party celebrating
his 15th wedding anniversary. And like every party Jim
throws, he goes well overboard. But I wasn't complaining
cos I love parties. I'm a party animal. Or at least I
tell me self that. But this party was a more formal one. I
didn't like these so called "Black tie"
parties where everyone's dressed to kill in their
best. Women wearing their most sexiest outfits - short,
long but with slits up to their waist - dresses that barely
held in bosoms that were made to grab your eyes.

I hand my keys over to the valet and walk in the door buttoning
my jacket. I idly brush a few specs of lint from the black
velvet lapel as I take in the huge dinning hall. Jim's
house spoke of his ego. Huge. With a floor space of well over
20, 000 feet and two floors with a heated pool at the back
it was bigger than most I've seen. I guess being a Director
in a top defense contracting company DOES have it's
perks. I take a glass of white wine from the pretty waitress
and smile as she walks away. My eyes drop down to her ass as
she sways her hips seductively. I take a sip as I keep watching
her as she turns back and looks at me with a smirky smile.
I nod approvingly and raise my glass to her and wink. She
merely smiles and goes about her business.

"Damn! I think I need another drink" I tell myself.
I drain my glass and replace it with a shot of whiskey at the
open bar towards the back of the room.

10 minutes later I'm cracking jokes with my friends
and beginning to have a good time. Then my eyes move towards
the entrance and I almost gasp out loud.

Rhonda walks in on the arm of Tom. Smiling and walking just
like she always does with her chin held a little high and
her face radiating. She was in a long red dress with thin
straps. The dress had a long slit down the right side that
stopped barely an inch from where her thong SHOULD have
been. Each step she took showed a considerable amount of
her long shapely right leg and I almost though that the slit
would completely reveal her entire right thigh. But somehow
it wrapped around her leg once more when she stepped forward
again. Her breasts were perky and enticing as ever. Almost
bouncing with each step they left little to the imagination.
Her neckline was cut low, with the cut ending an inch below
the divide of her breasts. Snowy mounds of fair breasts
lay nestled and bunched on either side of that cut. My heart
simply skipped a beat each time she took a step.

I saw every other man stealing a look as she walked by and
every third man kept looking with their mouth open. A few
men seemed to be getting their ears chewed off with some
choice words from their wives. But somehow a few still managed
a second look as soon as their wives looked away.

Rhonda had this affect on men. She made men act like babies.
And what's worse was she knew she had this affect. And
thus wielded it like a power none could match. Worst of it
was that I was not immune to it! And my dick kept letting me
know how strong her power was by trying to break through
my pants like a caged animal.

A wave of jealousy ran through me when I saw her hanging on
Tom's arm as he began to mingle. Sure she was his wife
and yes they should be hand in hand. But I still found it hard
to swallow. But hell there was nothing I could do. And I was
more than happy with what I got...

I pretended not to see her cos I knew that if she did the air
of seduction and that smile she always gave me would make
me want to rip her clothes off and do her right there. I turned
my back to them and went back to my conversation.

A few minutes go by and my senses are ignited with a familiar
fragrance of CK Eternity so mild yet so very familiar that
I didn't have to turn around to know that she was barely
2 feet from me.

A thump on the lower right side of my back makes me spin around.

"Son of a bitch!" exclaimed Tom

My heart stops right there as I fear Tom had found about Rhonda
and myself. The smile on his face as I look at him sends my
heart running again.

"You didn't tell me you were gonna be here man!"
he grins giving my right arm a punch.

"And when were YOU gonna tell ME that YOU would be here?"
I say smiling. My eyes dart to Rhonda’s

"Hello Rhonda" I croak. I take a quick sip of
my drink to clear my throat. "So nice to see you"
I say with a firmer voice than before.

Too late. The smile that touched her face told me she knew
I was finding it hard to talk straight. But she didn't
let on.

"Fancy seeing you here Kevin. And alone too!"
she smiled. "I expected to see a blonde on your arm
clinging to every word you said".

Tom laughs out loud and throws another one of his friendly
punches at me. I block it with my right hand instinctively
and grab his wrist rather tightly. I let his hand go with
a smile and send one of my own jabs towards his chin, stopping
a hair away from it. He has no time to even lean back as I flash
my fingers and pat his left cheek with a grin.

"Good to see you buddy!" I say "I didn't
know you knew Jim. How'd you know him?" I ask pretending
I didn't hear Rhonda's sarcastic comment. She
was the jealous type but tried not to let it show. But I knew
she was fighting to keep it at bay. The way she frowned and
sniffed out load told me she wasn't done.

"Jim's an old buddy dude. We worked together
for a few years up north" said Tom. "Where's
your date man? Who are you gonna take back home?" he
smiled pretending to look around.

"Any of these beautiful ladies" I say sweeping
my hand to cover the whole room as I smile.

I hear Rhonda sniff even louder and see her scowl.

"You wish!" she says and walks away with a "I'm
gonna get us some drinks honey" to Tom.

Tom laughs out loud and says "Knowing you, I wouldn't
be surprised if you went home with anyone you want."

I can't help but laugh at the irony. There was just one
woman I'd die to go home with. But I knew too well that
she'd go home with Tom instead.

"I'm not that sure dude!" I say, smiling
to myself.

"Any woman but one" I kick myself as soon as those
words come out.

"Which one?" asks Tom with a straight face.

"The waitress over there" I toss my head in the
direction of the waitress that gave me my first drink

She sees us looking at her and simply shakes her head and
moves away.

"Shit man what the hell did you do to her?!" Tom
asks laughing.

"Nothing man. I just smiled at her" I say, thankful
for her reaction.

Tom swings a hand around my shoulders and pulls me towards
the bar. "Drinks flowing like mud around here man!"

Tom had a drinking problem. And everyone but Tom knew about
it. And try as I may to help him quit or at least limit his drinks,
he'd still find some way to drink a few more.

"I don't think that's a good idea man"
I say trying to steer him away from the bar.

"Nonsense! This is a party man! And I'm gonna
have a good time!"

By the time Rhonda gets back to us Tom's on his third
bacardi and I'm still sipping my first. She looks at
the two wine glasses in her hand and shakes her head. She
looks at me like it was MY fault Tom was draining his drinks
like water. I simply shrug and shake my head.

"You could at least water it down" she says looking
at Tom's full glass.

"Gotta be kidding me babe" he says and pulls
her close and kisses her full on her lips.

I shift my eyes away from them and pretend to be looking at
the crowd. But that little moan that escapes Rhonda's
lips thunder even above the music that was playing.

I take a deep breath to calm my nerves and take a big sip. Too
many times have I heard that moan and on every occasion I
had my cock buried deep in her. And somehow that moan pumps
blood back into my cock at this very moment.

"Damit! control yourself man!" I beret myself.

She pulls away and seems rather upset with him. Maybe it
was because he was drinking so much. Or maybe she didn't
like him grabbing her ass as he kissed her in front of everyone.
How I caught a glimpse of his hand on her ass, I don't
know. All I know is that my cock was becoming a pain and I had
to quell it before it broke in two!

She pushes Tom away and begins to give him an ear full. He
simply sits on the stool and smiles nodding his head. He
never listened. But at least he was pretending to.

The last straw was when the bartender handed him his 5th
drink and left the bottle next to his glass too.

She put her wine glass down and put a hand on her hip and pointed
at the bottle with the other hand. Tom merely laughed and
drained the glass with one gulp and poured himself another.

I had drifted away towards the center of the room by this
time. I wanted them to have a little privacy. Rhonda stormed
towards me and grabbed my drink and handed it to the waitress
and pulled me towards to dance floor.

"Dance with me Kevin." was all she said. She
didn't have to say anything. I was walking behind her
as soon as she took my hand.

I looked behind me towards the bar and Tom raises his glass
and smiles as he drains it. He goes back to his bottle as we
reach a corner of the dance floor and Rhonda turns around.

I place my right hand on the small of her back and take her
outstretched right hand with my left and we begin to slow
dance. I tilt my head down a little and immediately my senses
are set ablaze with her scent. Her hair smelt like it had
been washed in roses. It was all I could do not to bury my nose
in her hair. The perfume drifted into my nostrils like a
gentle touch of an angelic hand, taking hold of my soul and
binding it. The touch of her hand on mine brought back a flood
memories - most of them with her hands clawing closed around
mine as she screamed my name in ecstasy. The small of her
back seemed so soft although she held herself up strongly.
I close my eyes and let the aroma of Rhonda take my entire
being captive.

"I can't believe him Kevin!" she cries.
Placing her face on my shoulder. "He never listens
to me! Least he could do was limit his drinks to 2 a day"

Her words drag my back into reality and force my eyes open.

I let her sob on my shoulder as I lead her in a box pattern on
the dance floor. I try to keep her face away from the rest
of the couples. I didn't think she would have liked
others seeing her cry.

"I tried to stop him Rhonda. But he didn't listen
to me either" I say running my right hand up and down
her back, trying to soothe her sobs.

"I know. It's not your fault" she says sniffing
loud and forcing a smile.

A shooting pain engulfs my left ankle and my eyes almost
water but I bite it back and look down at her smiling face.

"That's for thinking you can go home with any
one of these SLUTS!" she says emphasizing the last
word, running her eyes around the room

"You didn't have to kick me for THAT!" I

She puts a slender finger on my lips and she says "Shh..."

I smile and wish I could take that finger into my mouth and
suck it right there.

"Control your self Kevin. Your cock's trying
to rip a hole in my dress!"

I thought she couldn't feel it. But dancing so close
there was no way she would not feel my cock straining against
my left trouser leg.

"With that slit in it, it doesn't need to rip it"
I say.

"Ohhhh you DID noticed Kev. I'm touched..."
she smiles.

I press myself against her a little more. Making sure she
felt my growing member. But that only makes her breasts
make their presence felt against my chest. And I look down
and see them bulging out the top of her dress. She looks down
at them as well and bites her lower lip.

"Do they feel good Kevin" she asks looking back
into my eyes. "Can you feel my tits?" she says
in an "undress me" voice.

"Wish I could feel them with my lips hun" I say
grinding my cock a little harder onto her.

I run my hand a little lower along her back and almost touch
her ass. My fingers try to find the thin strap of her thong.

"You won't find it hun" she say smiling.
"I'm not wearing any"

I almost gasp but recover smoothly.

"You know how I hate wearing any" she says.

I move my hand back onto the small of her back and shake my
head smiling as well. I can't believe she had the guts
to wear a dress with a slit this daring yet not wear a thong.

"Mmmm feels like you're ready to pop!"
she says pressing up against me herself. The sway of the
box step making her press her tummy against my cock even

"I'm ready to pop alright. Right inside your
mouth!" I whisper into her hears.

"Ohhh why isn't my pussy good enough for it anymore?
I remember you popping inside it more than once..."
she moans.

"Keep this up and I'll bury my cock in you right
here hun" I say looking into her eyes. I wasn't
kidding. She was driving me insane with her body.

"What will you do?" she asks "Bend me over
right here and take me from behind?"

"Yeah that sounds like a plan hun" I wink. "You
always liked it like that".

"I would have let you take me right here Kev... Would
have let you bury your cock in me right now if not for your
comment about taking any one of these sluts home tonight"
she says, giving me a stern look.

"I'm not your slut tonight Kev" she says
walking away.

"You never were my slut at all hun." I tell myself
as I follow her swaying ass. "You've the woman
I've been searching for all my life and I find you in
another man's arms" I tell myself as I walk behind

Rhonda walks back over to where Tom sits almost falling
off the barstool. I stop a few feet from the two of them and
give them their privacy, but keep my eye on them. I see the
bottle next to Tom almost empty and shake my head. I can't
believe he drank all of that in less that 20 minutes!

Rhonda begins to tell him something and I see him trying
to push her away. I'm sure she was giving him one of her
lectures about drinking like an idiot and making a fool
of himself. But Tom wasn't listening.

And then it happens.

Tom's right hand whips towards Rhonda's face
and the slap resonates throughout the room. Then Tom pushes
Rhonda away so hard that she loses her balance and fall onto
the ground on her ass. Her slender right leg exposed completely
and showing more than she bargained for. I immediately
move towards them and help Rhonda up gently.

"Are you alright?" I ask with a genuine worried
look on my face.

"Yes hun" she says standing with her arms folded
and palms running up and down her arms as if she was cold.

"He didn't mean it, Kevin. He didn't, truly".
The last part was for herself, as much as for me.

Meanwhile two guys walk up to Tom and tap his shoulder from
behind. Tom turns around slowly and barks "What the
FUCK do you want?"

"Take it easy buddy!" one of them say. "You
better go home man before someone puts YOU on your ass"

"Oh yeah?" Tom replies standing up. At least
he tried to but wobbled around before he was able to stop
himself from falling over drunk.

"Which of you three ass holes is gonna make me?"

Three? There were only two guys standing in front of him.
I knew he had taken a few too many.

"Fuck you man" say the other guy. "Try
pushing someone your own size!"

Tom leans forward and pushes him. But he barely managers
to before the other man's right fist connects with
his jaw. Tom's head snaps back and he collapses like
a sack of grain. He doesn't move and Rhonda screams
and runs over to him.

The first guy draws his right leg back to kick Tom in the face.
But my left fist finds his jaw just in time. He spins around
towards me but my right hand already lands a blow to his stomach
doubling him up and moving back. The other guy swings a punch
that would have taken my head off if I hadn't swayed
away and stepped back. I bend down and into him and land an
uppercut that jerks his head back. My left knee hits him
on the right side of his stomache and my left elbow meets
his falling face as I complete the combination move.

He falls down without a sound and raises his right hand yelling
"OK OKAY! man take it easy!"

"You don't hit a man when he's down dude"
I say, giving the crowd around me a warring eye. I didn't
want a chair flying at me or worse an idiot with a piece leveling
it at my head.

I move over to Tom and pull him up. I put him on my shoulder
and carry him out with Rhonda at my heels. The valet had already
brought Tom's car around and I put him into the back

"Can you drive?" I ask Rhonda and she nods. "I'll
follow you in mine" I say and call for my car to be brought

Rhonda pulls away as my head lights keep her tail lights
in view.

30 minutes later I pull up behind her on their drive way.
I hop out and grab Tom out the back seat and carry him into
the house. Tears run down Rhonda's face as she hurries
in front of me and shows me to their bedroom. Not that I needed
directions of course. I had dragged her up there one night
and made love to her on their bed. But I still didn't
mind her running up the stairs in front of me.

I put Tom on his bed and took his shoes off and pulled the comforter
over him. I backed away and went downstairs and sat on the
couch until Rhonda came down.

"Thanks Kevin" she said sitting next to me.
"You didn't have to..." she began but I
ended it with "It's nothing"

"I hope you don't get into trouble with those
two" she said, referring to the two guys I left on the

"Never stopped me before hun" I said. "Just
a bunch of idiots trying to be heroes for a lady in distress"

She smiles at me. I wish she didn't cause my heart skipped
a beat.

"And what do you call yourself?" she asks tilting
her head.

"Tired" I say getting up.

"He didn't mean to push me like that Kev. He's
a good man" she says.

I look down at her and say "Good men don't treat
a lady like than" I was surprised that Tom had done
that. I didn't think he was like that at all. But then
again he had been away a long time and maybe things had changed.
How long was he like this?

"He's not usually like this. He never hurt me
that bad" she says looking down at her lap.

"Never hurt you that bad?" I ask "So that
means he DOES hurt you sometimes?!" I ask sitting
back down.

She looks into my eyes and looks back down again.

"It's nothing Kev." she lies. "I
don't wanna talk about it ok? Not now at least."

I stand back up and move towards the door.

"So you DID go home with one of the sluts, didn't
you Kev?" she says without looking at me. I stop and
sigh and turn back. Walking up to her I kneel down and take
her hands into mine and make her look into my eyes.

"I went home with my soul mate. My angel. The better
half of my entire being. If I ever hear you call your self
a slut, I'll ... I'll "

"You'll what?" she smiles "You'll
never hurt me Kevin. You're not like that" she
says bending down and kissing me full on my lips.

I place my hand on her face and caress her as my tongue slips
into her mouth seeking out it's mate. It flicks out
to meet me and our tongues embrace as our lips lock tighter.
I raise myself a little and run my hands along her neck. She
spreads her legs and lets me kneel between them as she leans
back I follow her moving forward and kneel on the sofa, out
mouths still locked in a kiss. My hands moving over her breasts.
I take a hand full of them and squeeze hard and hear her moan.
I move my hands onto her shoulders and gently move them along
from her neck outwards, grabbing the straps of her dress
as I moved over them. She leans back and watches me as she
cups her breasts and caresses them. The straps fall down
over her shoulders and hang around her arms and I place my
hands on the front of her dress and tug down.

A glorious view presents it's self to me as her breasts
pop out and hang free. I grab them tight and squeeze them
together my thumbs and index fingers begin to pinch her
nipples. Tugging them as I play with them.

Her eyes close and her head turns towards the side and her
tongue runs around her open mouth. Soft moans fill my ear
as I kneel back down on the carpet between her legs and move
my mouth onto her right breast. I take it into my mouth and
suck on it then bite down on it with my teeth, tugging it gently.

"Ohhh Kevin...that's it..." she moans.
"Suck my tits hun... ooohhh"

I stick my tongue out and make little circles around her
right nipple. It drives her wild as she runs her hands through
my hair and grabs a hand full and clenches when I suck the
nipple into my mouth once more. My right hand begins to squeeze
her left breast while my mouth devours her right breast.
She tugs my head towards her trying to make me take more of
her breast into my mouth. I open my mouth wide and she moves
her right hand onto her right breast and squeezes it so that
it bulges out more. She already had big breasts but this
made them seem even bigger. I hungrily take in as much breast
as I could. She moans out even louder this time.

I move my right hand down and spread her left leg a little
wider and I place my right hand on her left inner thigh and
slowly caress my way up along it. Her thigh feels as soft
as silk and my hand glides easily along it until my fingertips
feel the heat of her pussy even before I touch it.

She wasn't lying when she said she wasn't wearing
any panties.

The slit gave me a lot of access to her pussy but not that any
dress would have stopped me. Specially with her legs spread
open like it was right now. She took her hands off my head
and her breast and placed them under and behind her knees.
She then pulled them towards her virtually spreading herself
more wider. Her pussy was pushing itself towards me and
my fingers began to run over it.

I felt her clit with my middle finger and began to make little
circles with my finger around it.

"Mmmm hhhhh oooooh " she moaned biting down
on her lower lip. she moved her legs wider and I didn't
think it was possible.

Her pussy was open like a flower but not yet in full bloom.
My fingers begin to trace her pussy from the top, along the
silky folds and down between the wet area between her pussy
and her ass hole. She was already soaking wet and I watched
as my fingers moved back up along her vagina only to stop
in the middle.

My middle finger moved into her pussy without warning and
I buried it deep inside her. She gasped, her eyes wide and
her mouth open and looked right into my eyes. I took out my
finger and replaced it with three this time as my index,
middle and ring fingers dug into her pussy. I bunched the
fingers up and began a slow pumping motion in and out. My
hand almost like a viper going in and coming out. I leaned
forward and stuck my tongue out and placed it on her clit.
She moaned so load that I looked up at the stairs almost certain
that Tom would be there.

"Oh god Kevin you're driving me crazy!"
she cries still holding her legs wide open.

My left hand grabs a hand full of her right breast as I look
up at her eye and begin to move my tongue up and down over her
clit. She begins to shake her head left to right, letting
go of her left leg and moving her left hand onto my head and
pulling my face onto her pussy.

My right hand was almost dripping wet but I don't stop
finger fucking her. I merely begin to turn up palm upwards
with I pull my hand out and turn my palm downwards when I push
it back into Rhonda's pussy. This alternating action
makes sure that my fingers graze all around her soaking
vagina both on the way out and in.

I lock my lips around her clit and suck. She tilts her head
back and whips her left hand onto her mouth and bites down
on her knuckles. My tongue begins to nudge her clit up and
down as my lips apply suction. She lets go of her right leg
and places is on her head, holding back the flock of black
hair that was falling onto her face.

She begins to thrust her hips in rhythm to my right hand pumping
in and out of her tight pussy. My tongue finally makes her
clit hard enough for my lips to lock on. I pull my head back
while my lips tug on her clit and she goes insane. She reached
over with her right hand and grabbed a throw pillow from
the sofa and hugged it across her breasts with both hands.
She looked down at my lips as I began to tug on her clit with
my teeth this time.

"Oh gaaaawd I'm gonna cum!" she cried,
her eyes almost popping out of her sockets.

I introduce my little finger along with the three that already
was fucking her pussy and together all four of my right hand
fingers begin to fuck her. I keep my thumb pointed up as my
hand pumps in and out of her now entirely soaked pussy. All
4 fingers get drenched with her juices and my mouth takes
her clit in and holds it while tugging on it.

"Oh my god hun you're gonna make me c.....ooooo
hhhhhh!!!!!" she cries. Her screams muffled as she
hides her face with the cushion and bites down on it as her
pussy unleashes onto my fingers. I feel hot juices flood
into her pussy and begin to drip out each time my hand comes
out. When the thrust my hand into her this time a good amount
of her juices split out and down along onto her ass hole.

I hear more muffled screams as she continues to come around
my 4 fingers. I bury them deep and simply turn them left and
right like a key. She pushes her pussy onto my hand trying
to busy it deeper in her. She throws the pillow a side and
exhales audibly and looks down at me.

"Whew Kevin! she exclaims taking my face in her hands.
"The things you do to me!" she moans kissing
my full.

She licks the little beads of sweat and her own juices from
around my mouth and then licks her own lips.

"Mmmm love a man who loves to eat..." she says
as I stand up.

"I'm not done yet hun. That was just the appetizer"
I wasn't kidding. Rhonda had the most amazing pussy
I've ever eaten and I couldn't get enough of it.
And I was going to get my fill of it tonight even if it killed
me. I didn't care if her husband Tom was upstairs passed
out on their bed. I didn't care if he walked down and
put a bullet to my head. I was going to eat Rhonda out the way
I've always wanted!

I tug my jacket off and under my tie and throw it away. I hold
my hand out to Rhonda and she takes it. I pull her to her feet
and I lay down on the couch with my head at one end and my right
leg over the other side's arm. My left leg hang down
the front. Rhonda watches me with interest and I smile up
at her and stick my tongue out at her.

"Ride my tongue hun" I tell her, raising my hand
to take hers and gently pulling her towards me.

She moves closer and turns sideways. She raises her right
leg and lets the slit completely part. She then holds her
dress open and straddles my face as she sits on it facing
my legs. I watch as her dripping pussy hovers above my face
and wait patiently for her to lower it onto my longing tongue.
She kneels on the sofa and gently lowers herself onto my
tongue. I wiggle my tongue as soon as it touches her pink
folds of her pussy and I push my head up and shove my tongue
into her hot dripping pussy as she sits completely on my

The aroma of her pussy engulfs me. I love that captivating
smell, that amazing aphrodisiac that drives me insane
with lust. There's nothing like the sweet musky scent
of a woman's pussy to drive me wild. And Rhonda's
pussy was exceptional to say the least.

She shivers when my tongue goes in deep into her pussy as
she settles herself on my face. She leans forward on her
hands and for a while just lets my tongue fuck her. Then she
begins to grind her hips and impales her pussy down on my
tongue. I taste her hot juices as they trickle down my tongue
and hit my palette. I point my lips and suck hard making those
juices roll into my mouth even faster.

"MMm yeah just like that hun" she moans. "Eat
me Kevin. Its all yours"

She leans back and I can feel her caress her breasts. I can
feel her cup each one and massage them as I ate her pussy.
I move my hands up and feel for her breasts and move her hands
away from them and grab them myself. I squeeze them savagely
as my tongue explores her pussy hole. She leans back down
on her hands and raises her ass off my face a little and then
move back down again.

My nose was nestled snug against her pink rose bud ass hole
and the aroma was intoxicating. And it helped drive my lust
even more.

She began to undo my belt and then the button of my pants.
She undid my zipper and I raised my thighs to help her ease
my pants down. She ran her fingers over my now enlarged cock
straining under my boxers.

"Does he wanna come out to play?" she asks giggle
like a little girl. Can't imagine that this ravishing
woman sitting on my face with my tongue buried deep in her
pussy was a middle school teacher by day. And even harder
to believe that this goddess of lust stroking my cock over
my boxers was my friend's wife.

Right now nothing mattered. The only this that DID matter
was making love to her like there was no tomorrow. And if
Tom woke up, there WILL not no tomorrow for either of us!

She pushed my boxers down and my cock sprang up immediately.
And almost in no time I felt her familiar touch as she encircled
my cock with her right hand and began to stroke it lovingly.
My cock began to throb harder and jerk each time she ran her
fingers along the full 9 inches.

"Don't do that!" she laughed. "Hold
still!" she said.

Like I could even if I wanted to! Obviously she didn't
have to try to tame a 9 inch dick while a gorgeous lady ran
her slender hand over it.

I tried to mutter something to the sound of "Show it
who's boss babe" but all that she heard was a mumble
from between her ass cheeks. It's hard to talk with
a woman's pussy on your face and her ass pressed down
covering your entire face.

She laughed and raised her self slightly.

"Did you say something hun?" she kidded.

"I said sit that ass down on my face woman before I bite
your clit off!"

She laughed out loud and let her pussy down onto my hungry
mouth as she bend down and took my cock into hers.

I felt the hot breath of her mouth even before I felt her lips.
Those lips glided down half way and then began to move up.
She let her spit drool down my cock as she bobbed her head
up and down my cock. I felt her spit drip down onto my balls.
She began to run both hands up and down my cock with increasing
pressure each time. I felt like I was going to explode right
then and there! God this woman knew how to give a blow job
- That's for sure!

She moved her mouth back onto my cock and then time kept going
until I felt her lips on my balls. If I didn't know better
I would have been surprised. But this wasn't the first
time Rhonda had taken my entire 9 inch cock down her throat.
But this time I had my tongue shoved right into her tight
pussy. And the feeling was surreal!

I let her tits go and grab an ass cheek in each and spread them
wide. I pushed my face deeper into her pussy and got about
another inch further into her with my tongue.

She moaned around my cock and all but spat my cock out and
choked at the same time. She moaned so loud but it was hard
to hear much with her thighs covering my ears.

"Fuck Kevin your tongue feel so good in my pussy!"
she cried "Ohhhh keep finger fucking me baby!"
she moaned as she bent down to suck my cock once more. This
time she brought her right hand into the mix as she bobbed
her head up and down. Her hand moved along with it giving
me the feeling of two mouths running along my cock.

I thrust my hips up pushing my cock deeper into her mouth
and she took it in every time without a word. Hard to talk
with a cock stuck in your mouth, but still she could have
complained with a moan. But all she did was increase her
intensity of the sucking and grip my cock tighter.

She raised her head until only my head was in her mouth and
she sucked up it like there's not tomorrow. I felt my
balls about to burst into her mouth and my cock began to twitch.

She knew too well what was going to come and she sent her left
hand to the base of my cock and gripped it tight. So tight
that it quelled my climax and somehow stopped me from coming.
Damn this woman was good!

"Not yet my love" she said. "Not yet"

She might have been able to stop my climax but I knew she couldn't
stop hers. With her lips still locked around the head of
my cock her pussy began to shudder and convulses in a wave
of pleasure she didn't expect. And all I heard was "MMmhhhh...!!!!"
before hot thick juices began to drip into my mouth and I
swear that at least once a little juices actually squirted
into my mouth.

Rhonda came so hard that the pushed her thighs together
around my head, gripped my cock with both hands and sucked
my cock head so tight that I felt like BOTH my heads would
explode with pressure!

After what seemed like an eternity, she collapsed on my
body and leaned forward panting.

"Oh my god babe you are amazing! God I love your tongue!"
she cried.

I simply smiled and gave her pussy one last lick before she
was got off my face.

Her knees seemed like they would give out any moment as she
stood up and I kicked off my pants and sat up. She sat down
heavily on the coffee table and placed her chin on her right
hand while she laid it on her left arm which was across her

"Did I ever tell you your amazing?" she said

"Don't think you did" I lied getting up
and taking my shirt off. I throw it away and pull her up and
push her dress down her waist and let it fall down her legs.

So there we were, naked and sweating like animals. And we
were about to make love like animals!

I took her hand and lead her around the sofa to the dinning
area of the house. I pulled a chair out and turned it around
and sat down on it with my legs open wide and my cock sticking
out. Rhonda wasted no time as she walked over and straddled
my lap and sat on my cock facing me. I held my cock until her
pussy lips opened to take my head in and then I took my hand
away and watched as my cock began to disappear into her hot
wet pussy. I looked back up into Rhonda's eyes and she
looked into mine while she let her pussy glide down my cock.
7 inches later she began to wince and her eye brows came together
in a painful expression. But then she raised her self off
an inch and pushed back down gently until all 9 inches lay
buried inside her pussy.

"God you're too big Kevin! I should cut off a few
inches! You're gonna kill me with that some day"
she moaned, placing her hands on my shoulder and settling
herself on my lap. With my cock buried in her she couldn't
really get any more comfortable. But she tried and seemed
to think that rolling her hips around my cock helped.

For a few heart racing minutes she just sat there on my cock,
letting her pussy get used to it. Then she began to rise up
and sit back down, each stroke exposing 4 inches of my cock
and then ramming it in once more. She began to moan as she
bounced up and down my cock, her ass slapping on my balls,
her slippery, sweaty thighs slapping on mine as she fucked
up and down my cock. I placed my hands on her ass and helped
her bounce up. She didn't need any help bouncing down
of course. She loved that part!

She laced her fingers around the back of my neck and looked
deep into my eyes as I let her fuck up and down my cock. Some
time she'd almost raise completely off but then she
ram back down the full length. Up and down she rode me. Hard
and fast. The chair began to creek and for a moment I thought
it would break any time now. But I didn't care. All I
cared how long I could keep my cock buried in Rhonda's
pussy before I creamed it with a flood of cum I knew was welled
up inside my balls, ready to explode.

Rhonda tilted her head up and looked up at the ceiling while
riding my cock. Her long black hair spilling behind her
back. Hey gorgeous tits bouncing up and down. I move my hands
onto her breasts and grab them and squeeze them hard. She
stops bouncing up and down and begins to grid her hips on
my cock. I can feel her pussy lips push down against my pelvis.
Hey eyes were half closed but she still managed to look at
me and smile as I smiled at her.

15 minutes go by and she still was riding my cock. And I felt
that she was getting tired by bobbing up and down. I lifted
her off my cock and she immediately went down on her knees
and took my cock into her mouth. She slurped as she began
to lick her own juices off my cock and even used her fingers
to scrape off a few drops and lick it off it.

"Finger licking good?" I ask smiling down at

"Mmmmm like you don't know it yourself hun"
she replies before my cock disappears into her mouth. She
keeps my cock buried in her mouth a few seconds and then I
feel her lips lock as she withdraws her head up, scooping
all the juices she can manage into her mouth.

I stand up as soon as she takes her mouth away and she immediately
turns around and moves to the spot at the table where I took
the chair from. She bends over and places her tits on the
table and looks over her left shoulder at me. Reaching back
between her thighs she begins to play with her pussy.

I walk over to her stroking my cock. I place my left hand on
her ass and gently push my cock until it touches her pussy.
She takes a hold of my cock and guides it into her pussy and
take her hand away as I push in my entire 9 inches at once.

"Ohhh myyyy gaaaawwwddddddd!!! " she screams
placing her face on the table and grabbing her tits with
her hands. I position my self and grab a hold of her ass and
begin to pump into her pussy. I use long deep slow strokes
until I feel her juices flowing again. Then I increase my
strokes and their force until I end up pounding her pussy
so hard the table starts to move a little each time.

She looks back over her shoulder while playing with her
breasts and watches me as I pound her pussy. I fuck her like
an animal my cock almost coming out and then burying itself
right to the hilt. In and out. Hard and fast. My knees slightly
bent giving me enough thrust to almost raise her off her
feet each time.

She clenches her fists and bangs them on the table top and
moans out "Jeeeesus...chriiiisstt! "

"You're ggggoing to split mmmme uhmmm in ttttwoo....!"
she cries while thrusting her hips back onto me, meeting
my strokes half way.

I begin to increase my speed even faster. My cock barely
has time to touch air before it's rammed back into her
pussy so hard she cries out every time now. I look down and
see pink ass hole glistening with sweat and remnants of
her own juices that had trickled down onto it when I was eating
her on the sofa. I begin to play with it with my right index

"Mmmmm kev I want you in my ass hun!" she pleads.
"mmmm ooohhh buried your cock in my ass baby...Please!!"

My breathing quickens with those words. I dip my index finger
into her ass and hit resistance. She ass was not yet ready
for it. I take my finger out and lean forward and shove it
into her mouth. She sucks it in and gets it wet. I take it out
and place it back into her ass hole and this time am able to
push it entirely in. I wiggle it in her ass as she squirms
in delight. I take it out and push my right thumb in. I needed
to get her ass used to something bigger than my index finger.
My cock as not going to be able to penetrate that tight hole
unless I get it ready first.

I pull my cock out of her and bend down. Before she has time
to turn around and see what's happening I part her ass
cheeks and push my tongue into her ass hole. She shudders
and her knees almost give. Had she not been bend over the
table she would have fallen down.

I'm an ass man. There, I said it. And I'm proud of
it. I get such a thrill fucking a lady up her ass. I don't
know which turns me on most. The velvet feel of her ass hole
holding onto to my cock as I ram in and out or the act of surrendering
her ass to me in the first place. Perhaps it's both.
But either way fucking a lady in the ass is something I love
to do.

Rhonda lay virtually on the table face down with her ass
spread wide and my tongue pushing into her ass. She reached
back and grabbed her ass cheeks open for me leaving my hands
free. Stroking my cock with my right hand I send my left hand
down between Rhonda's thighs and shove two fingers
into her pussy. That shocks her to the point that the begins
to almost cry out in ecstasy. I take the two fingers out and
place them on her ass hole and push them in they go in 1/2 an
inch and stop. I take them out and immediately shove my tongue
back into her hole. I point my tongue and push as hard as it
can push. I taste her ass for the first time so deeply and
it drives me wild. I take my right hand away from my cock and
use both hands to help Rhonda spread her ass wider and force
her ass hole open a little more. My tongue goes in may 1/2
in total before her ass muscles tighten.

I straighten back up and place my rock hard cock on her ass
and push forward. It forces it's way between and into
her ass hole and my head disappears. But that's all
that does go is before her ass tightens around my cock like
a vice! I try to ease out but her ass holds on tighter.

"Easy up hun" I say soothingly. "Not like
we haven't done it before"

"Easy for you to say Kev! Last time I couldn't
even sit for a week and you don't know how much it hurt!"
she exclaimed. "You're too big for my pussy hun,
you think my ass can handle it?"

"Try to relax hun. I'll go easy this time"
I say. Last time I took her on her hands and knees on her bed.
She didn't have time to complain as I rammed my cock
in deep and hard before she knew what hit her. And I pumped
her ass so hard that night that her screams of pleasure were
all I remember.

"But last tight you fucked my ass and left with a few
words" she pretended to be sad.

"It won't happen again love" I tell her
caressing her ass. I bend over her and give her a kiss. She
licks her lips and smiles.

"Mmmm didn't know my ass tasted that good"
she says still licking her lips.

I merely smile and wonder what I can do to ease her pain as
I take her ass. I bend down and let a drop of spit spill onto
her ass hole. She smiles mischievously and watches on as
I chase my spit down with my finger and try to work it into
her ass. But this time it does not work as well as the last
and after just three thrusts in and out, my finger becomes
dry again.

I look over at the kitchen and hurry off towards it. "Don't
go anywhere hun" I yell as I run into the kitchen. Rhonda
turns her head and watches with her hands still holding
her ass wide open as I run back in with the butter dish. She
shakes her head and smile as I lay the dish beside her on the
table and begin scooping up some butter with two fingers.
Straight out of the fridge it feels cool and hard. But I place
a good size of a chucks of butter on her ass hole and watch
with amusement as she shivers.

"Least you could have done was wait till it got warmer!"
she shouts. But the smile on her face doesn't go away.
I begin to rub the now soft butter around her ass hole and
shove two fingers in. They slip into her hole easily and
I begin to pump her ass hole with my butter covered fingers.
She moans in rhythm to my fingers slipping in and out of her
ass. I take my fingers out and dig out some more butter from
the dish and this time shove it all into her ass along with
both fingers.

"Eeewww! It feels weird!" she cries but her
face says she loves it. "God it feels amazingly kinky

I take my fingers out of her ass and take a dig into the butter
dish with four fingers and scoop up the remaining butter
into my palm. I then rub it generously on my cock and stroke
it. The feel of half melted butter makes my half erect cock
string back to full glory. Once my entire cock is completely
covered in butter I rub my fingers on Rhonda's ass and
let the remnants drip just above her ass hole. They trickled
down and into her open ass hole while I cock my cock ready
for her.

Once my cock was fully erect once more I placed it onto her
ass hole and pushed. Rhonda pushed back and my head went
in with ease. And she didn't stop there. She kept pushing
her hips back and I shoved my entire 9 inches into her ass.

"Ohhhh dammm that feels so good Kev!" she moans.
"Keep it there! Don't move!" she pleads.

I stand there in Rhonda and Tom's dinning room, my dick
buried fully inside Rhonda's ass and I wait until her
ass gets used to my cock. After what seems like an hour to
me, which was only 1 minutes or so, she began to move back
and forth. I took hold of her ass and began to give it to her
in her ass. Long deep strokes in and out of her ass made my
head spin. The feeling of her ass hole trying to grip my cock
as it slid in and out was amazing. Almost like a slippery
velvet glove trying to grab my cock. Even with the butter
Rhonda's ass hole was tight. If not for the butter I
would have ripped that hole open for sure.

"Ohhh give it to me baby" she shouts to me over
her shoulder. "Fuck my tight ass!"

Need I say more? I grab her waist with both hands and begin
pounding her ass hard as fast. In and out, my cock does not
slow down it's assault on her ass. I almost let me head
slip out but then she moves her as back and forces it back
in again. My balls ram against her pussy and the butter begins
to drip down my balls and onto the carpet below. I don't
care. All I want was to cum in her tight ass tonight!

I fuck her ass faster and harder with each passing minute.
"You love that hun? Huh? You love my cock in your ass?"
I ask.

"Oh my god yes Kev! Don't stop! Fuck my ass harder!
HARDER!" she pleads letting go of her ass cheeks and
pounding on the table top.

I fuck her harder, just like she asks for. My entire 9 inches
move in and out of her ass hole more easily now. I fuck that
ass like my life deepened on it. And god did her ass feel good!

"I'm gonna come in your ass babe!" I yell
"You ready for it?" I ask.

"Nooo not yet baby!" she cries. "Please
keep fucking me ass Kev I'm so close!"

I was sure I was going to explode in her ass but her pleading
voice seemed to grab my balls shut. I slow down a little begin
to play with her pussy. My fingers on her pussy drives her
nuts! She whips her head up and her hair flies onto her back.
I grab her hair and pull hard as I fuck her ass. In and out I
pump increasing my strokes once again.

"Mmm Mmm Mmmmm!!" she moans with each stroke
I give her.

Wanting a more easier position to ram my cock into her I withdraw
from her ass and she moans "Ohhh....what?"

I pull her back off the table and make her kneel on the ground
on her hands and knees. I then bend from my knees and place
my cock on her ass and push in. Fucking her doggy style, my
legs on her two sides I begin to fuck her ass once more. Squatting
like that I begin an easier more powerful stroke in and out
her ass. Her head turns to her left and she moans louder.
This position lets me bury my entire length into her with
ease and she feels it better too. I grab her hair and pull
her hair back as I move my hips back and forth.

I feel her ass begin to tighten and she screams out "ooooohhhhh
my gaaawd I'm commiiiingg!!"

My balls begin to explode and I bury my cock deep in her ass
and almost push her forward with my weight as my cock explodes
a hot stream of thick cum deep in her ass. I with draw and inch
and ram my cock back in while shooting some more. I grab her
waist and push my cock in deeper and keep coming in waves
that I did not know was possible. I feel my own cum ooze out
of her ass and begin to drip down her pussy.

"Oooohhh baby do you like my come deep inside you?!"
I scream back at her and she yell "Ohh Kev baby come
in my ass for me baby! Cream my ass!"

10 strokes later the last of my cum drains out my cock and
I yank it out. She immediately turns around and takes it
into her mouth. I look at her lovingly as she takes my entire
cock into her mouth and sucks it clean in one slow stroke.
I manage to squirt one last cum shot just as her lips came
onto my head and she giggle as she swallowed it too. Butter,
her ass juice and my cum were all down her throat and she loved

"My god that was amazing!" she moans flopping
down on her side and then rolling onto her back. "My
ass is so sore right now I don't think it will EVER recover!"

"God YOU are amazing Rhonda" I say flopping
back down next to her. "I can't believe how good
you feel!"

"And I can't believe how good you TASTE"
she smiles lean over and kisses me full on my mouth.

I kiss her back passionately and we end up kissing for almost
5 more minutes. Our tongues probing each others mouth hungrily.

3 am I look back at her as she leans on her front door watching
me walk to my car. She smiles and waves and even that little
gesture sends my heart pounding. I stop and walk back up
the drive way and she watches me as I walk up to her and take
her in my arms and kiss her once more. Her full lips part to
let my tongue in as my hands caress her ass over the white
robe she now had on.

Once I break the kiss and lean back and she catches her breath
she whispers "Kev! What are you doing! The neighbors...

"...can kiss my ass hun" I finish "I love
you Rhonda and I can't help that. I wish I could tell
the whole world I love you but I can't! I can't dammit
cos you belong to HIM!"

I don't need to say who "HIM" was.

"I wait all my life for a woman like you and you had to
come into mine when you belong to another" I say letting
her go and moving back.

"I may belong to him Kev but I belong WITH you... My
whole body, my heart and my soul belongs to you" She
leans over and kisses me gently.

"This is complicated. But ..." I place my fingers
on her lips.

"Let's leave it at that for now darling"
I say, my voice almost a whisper. "It's too early
in the morning to rack my brain. But we'll talk more
soon ok?" I smile.

She smiles back and nods and I kiss her hand before I walk
back out and into my car.

"You hurt her again Tom and I'm taking her away
from you! " I tell myself as I pull away. "You
can't hurt any woman but one!" I grip the wheel
as I race home, the wheels in my head turning faster than
the 4 on the road...

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