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Rewrite of Catholic School Girl


Catholic School Girl Tease Gets Hers!! Hard! By Biboytv 11/9/2008 11:39 pm

Biboytv wrote this story, and I enjoyed the original one.
His story got some bad reviews. If Biboytv doesn't
mine I adlib some of his story, and changed the story for
those that didn't like all the violence. I gave it more
of a story line too. I too don't like pain, but only pleasure.
I even wrote a part two, and if it is all right with Biboytv
I’ll add it too on a later date. If it is all right with Biboytv
and our readers let me know if you want the second chapter.
There is one character that is Biboytv, and you have met
him in the first chapter.

Now for all those great spellers I can’t spell. If the computer
can find it, or if I can’t pick the right word out you get what
you get. I’m dyslexic that is one reason I had never added
my own.


Mary was walking home from the school bus stop, and every
step she got closer her heart would beat faster. Then she
saw the house were her neighbor Joe lived. He lived next
door to her home. She liked him very much, but didn’t have
the nerve to approach him, and he never did either. She saw
the two boys sitting on the porch Joe and his best friend
Mark. They sat there everyday waiting for her to walk by.
Joe was really cute and two years older then her. At 14 years
old she was developing into a young women. A few days ago
her dad told her mom that he might have to get a guard dog to
protect his little girl. He said to mom I was sure budding
into a woman, and a pretty girl. Dad didn’t know I was in the
doorway when he said that, and I turn so red and excited too.
I backed out and went to my room. Dad thought I was turning
into a woman, and pretty too. Mom always said I was a beautiful
girl, but mom was just mom. When I went to my bedroom, I looked
at myself in the mirror. I tried to look at me as a boy did or
even dad. What did they see that I didn’t see when I looked
in the mirror? As I looked at myself, I thought of Joe and
the way I looked at him sometimes. Then using his eyes I looked
at me. As I stood in my short Catholic School Uniform looking
at myself, I could see my legs. My skirt came down to mid thigh,
and my white socks came up to my knees, but the flesh that
was showing look exciting a hint of things to come. My legs
were smooth and shapely. My waist was narrow and my chest
was larger for my size and age. I had an hourglass figure.
My twin’s chest protruded out into a nice round shape like
two oranges. My hair in pigtails hangs down below my chest
in thick braid. My brown hair was sparkling in the light,
and my blue eyes were like Aquamarine stones. My face is
oval, and with dimples when I smile. Yes, I think I’m pretty
I said to myself. If I were a boy, I sure would want me as a girlfriend.
I had started to giggle thinking some naughty thoughts
how I wanted Joe to want me. I wish he would start something.
I ran my hand over my body, and a shiver when through me. I
couldn’t help myself, but I pulled up the hem of my pleated
skirt exposing more of my leg. I lifted up my hem, until it
was above my waist. There I stood looking at my pink panties.
I could see the outline of my sex, and my crotch was forming
a “V” between my legs. I could see brown hair sticking through
my panties, and the hint of the division between my puffy
mound. My heart was pounding loudly as I looked at myself,
then I heard my name to come and eat. I hurriedly undress
to my regular clothes, as I bent over I could see my bottom
covered in my pink panties. I could see the reflection in
the door mirror from my dresser’s mirror. My pink panties
were pulled tight as my curved bottom flair out to two round
curves of flesh. I slip on short shorts and an old t-shirt,
and ran out to dinner. When I got to the dinning room, dad
eyes fell on me. For some reason I stop running and walked
slowly as dad was looking at me. I could feel his eyes on my
chest, and then between my legs. I looked down, and I could
see my bra, and my shorts were hugging me tightly displaying
what I had to offer. When I sat down to eat, I couldn’t think
of nothing else of what dad saw in me, and does Joe see the
same thing? The two boys went to public school, and they got out earlier
than she did. She was heading home after a day of school clutching
her book to her breast. She did that because her nipples
would get so hard sometimes, and she didn’t want them to
see her that way. She was dressed in her Catholic school
clothes a white blouse, short plaid skirt, and knee high
white stockings with black shoes. She also wore pink panties,
and her hair was in pigtails. She loves pink panties, and
had several types, sizes, and shades. A gust of wind blew
up the back of her skirt flipping it up showing the two boys
her panties. Mary could feel the rush of air moving up her
legs, and the cool breeze kissing her bottom. The two boys
jump up looking at her closely. She could feel her face turn
red as her bottom was getting exposed. She hurriedly pushes
down her skirt, but the front was lifted up too. They could
see between her legs now, and the panties coving her sex.
Now she moved her hand to cover her front of her skirt, and
she could feel her fingers brush against her virgin pussy.
It felt good as her fingers brushed against it. She like
the way she felt between her legs, and at night she would
run her fingers between her wet folds. Then the back started
to get blown up and over her hips exposing her panties again.
It was a windy day, and her skirt was being blown all over.
The two boys were getting their eyes full of her in her panties.
She didn’t know what to do run home, or try to keep covering
her panties up. She could tell the boys were enjoying her
predicament because their pants were sticking out in front.
She would cover her bottom, and then her front would get
exposed. The two boys were getting an eye full today. She
had dropped her books trying to cover herself up. With one
hand on her bottom, and the other between her legs holding
her skirt down. She looked at the two boys watching her being
exposed. Her little panties were showing a lot of skin.
She gave up holding her skirt down, and let the boys look
if they wanted to. She knew it was wrong to let the boys see
her panties, but she wanted Joe to do something. She moved
her hand from her bottom, and her skirt flew up in the air.
She bent over to get her books, and the hem of her skirt was
beating against her back. She had bent over so the two boys
could see her bottom as she picked up her books. Well she
thinks the boys are going to see everything today. As her
hand gathers up her book, it just crossed her mind if the
boys could see where her other hand was? Her fingers were
curled around her pussy cupping it. Her skirt was pressed
against her like a second skin. She picks up her books. Finely
she ran home as the wind played with the back of her skirt.
She kept her hand between her legs to hold her skirt down
in front as she ran home. She made it home safe and sound, and ran into her bedroom.
She was breathing hard after the run to her house. She put
her books down on her desk, and she could see her nipples
were hard and sticking out as she looked in the mirror. This
wasn’t the first time her nipples were hard from her walk
home. She lifts up the front of her skirt and look at her panties.
They were wet between her legs, and this wasn’t the first
time for that either. When she ran her fingers between her
legs, she could feel the heat coming off her crotch. She
became a little light headed as her finger moved between
her legs touching her wet pussy. What was happen to her,
and why were the boys always sitting there looking at her
walking home? The biggest question why did she like them
to look at her when she walks by? She knew the boys like looking
at her panties. It was the forbidden fruit. What Eve did
in the Garden of Eden. She had to bite the apple, and she had
to show her panties. It made her feel so good and alive. This wasn’t the first time they say her panties too. The
first time was when she dropped her book, and bent over to
pick it up. Her skirt had road up her back exposing her hips.
She stood up so fast that she missed grabbing her book. Joe
was there in a flash picking up her book. He seems very pleased
to see her, and his pants seem to stick out too. He knelt on
the street to pick up her books as she stood on the curb. She
noticed that he looked up her skirt as a puff of wind blew
it up. He had moved his face closer to her crotch. Joe could
smell something, and he like the smell too. Then another
gust of wind came up flipping her skirt up and over his head.
Now he could see her panty-covered pussy, and smell her
sweet odor coming from her. Her pink panties were very pretty,
and her pussy was even more so. This was the very first time
he had ever been so close to Mary and a girl’s private place.
He could see the outline of her pussy, and even the hair sticking
out her leg bands. Mary jumped back, and her skirt slip off
Joe’s head. Her face was red as the sun. Here are your books
Mary, and he hands them to her. When their fingers touched,
it seemed they got a little electric shock between them.
Joe would wait for Mary to come by. He so very much wanted
to ask Mary if she would like to go to the movies or something.
He was so shy around her, and he didn’t know how to ask. Now
that he had seen her private area he couldn’t keep it out
of his mind. He had jacked off many time thinking about her
and her pink panties. He wasn’t like Mark his best friend.
Mark was little bolder than he was around girls it seemed.
Then everyday it seemed he got to see her panties. She wasn’t
doing it on purpose, but it seemed Nature was helping. Mary
was hoping that Joe would do something, and the day she dropped
her books were the first they had been so close. Then her
skirt flipped over his head, and she could feel his breath
on her legs and pussy. It was so hot and so excited and it was
very wicked for a girl to do. He could have touched her and
she would let him. Then Mark started to show up too. So she
stops showing Joe her panties, and she missed the excitement.
At first she didn’t let the boys see up her skirt or let it
slip above her waist, but some reason it did. It was like
magic at Joe’s house. The wind always blew enough to expose
her panty bottom. She stopped holding the hem tight against
her legs, and started to let the boys get to see her panties.
She would stop and let the wind dance with the hem of her skirt.
It excited her showing off like that making her blood rush,
and her heart beat fast. Sometimes she could hear them talk,
they would say how pretty she was or how sexy her panties
were. One day the two boys had met her on the curb after two weeks
of showing her panties to them. The two boys wanted her to
go out in the woods behind their house to see their tree fort.
She wouldn’t go because nice girls didn’t do that sort of
thing going some place alone with boys. Boys that well wanted
things, but then one day she couldn’t help herself to say
yes. When they got there, she had to climb up the ladder first
as the boys looked up her skirt. They were burning holes
in her panties as they looked. She could feel their eyes
on her bottom. When they all got up in the tree house, they
had to sit cross-legged. The boys wanted to play games like
spin the bottle. It was fun playing the kissing game. Her
big sister had played that game many times with her friends
at her parties. The boys always like that game, but Mary
couldn’t play it with them she was too young. She would watch
them kiss one and another. Sometimes she sees a boy touch
one of the girls on her chest or between her legs. They would
giggle and laugh and everybody seem to have a good time.
Then she felt the boys touching her between her legs, and
on her chest. Oh did it feel good, but her daddy told her never
let a boy touch her there. She told the boys no, and they stopped.
Her skirt was bunched up around her waist, and she was exposed
showing her panties. The two boys pants were very tight,
and sticking out in the front. She wanted to touch them there
to see what it felt like. Little did Mary know what boys had
in their pants, and what it was for? They started to touch
her again, but she let them feel her longer before she stopped
them. She had to rush home because it was getting late, and
everybody had to be home to welcome dad home. The real reason
she couldn’t stop the boys from touching her or wanting
them too. She had a ruff night sleeping. She was dreaming that Joe
was touching her again, and Mark was watching them. She
didn’t know what she like more Joe touching her or Mark watching.
She decided she like both of the boys touching her and like
being watched too. She wakes up in the middle of the night
hot and sweaty. She turns on the light, and kicks off the
covers. She pulls up her baby doll nightie, and looks at
the door mirror. She could see her mound rise up between
her legs. She was so hot there, and had an itch. Just a little
touch she thought. She moves her hand down her body. Her
fingers brushes the nipple, and she can feel it rock hard.
Her fingers feel the smooth skin of her belly, and then to
elastic band of her panties. She moves her fingers under
the waistband, and she slips her hand in her panties. Her
fingers move through the hairs that cover her pussy, and
goes to the slit between her legs. Oh she is so wet, and it
feels so good. Little did she know there was someone outside
in the shadows looking at her playing with herself? The
person could see through her open window as she played with
herself. She was rubbing her pussy really good tonight.
Her hand was slipping back and forth as she fucked her pussy.
Then she came. She came hard as her body went stiff, and a
long silent aw escaped her lips. She went to sleep with her
hand still in her panties, and her other hand under her nightgown
holding her nipple. The next morning he sees her taking
off her baby doll nightgown. She looks at her reflection
in the mirror as she turns her naked body one-way to another.
She was standing there naked, and she like being naked.
He had watched her over the years, and her body has mature
with each passing day. She has been such a tease, and she
was getting worse. She was looking for someone to fuck her
even though she didn’t know it herself. Her mind goes back when she had heard her older sister and
mother talk. When her sister turned 16 years old mom had
a talk about sex. She told her boys had needs, and they don’t
change when they are men either. She said our dad had needs
all the time. To keep dad for getting her pregnant she will
tell her how to keep them satisfy. She could use this now
and when she gets married. She told her how to keep boys satisfy,
and off you so you won’t get pregnant was to jack them or suck
off the boy’s dick. If you had too let them take your bottom
if you want to fuck, and on the safe days you can let them have
your pussy, but wait for that when you get married. The old
joke is a woman who uses the “Rhythm Cycle” is a call mother.
Getting you bottom fuck isn’t so bad, but once you get use
to it. It is almost as good as getting your pussy fucked because
you can get great pleasure there too. Her sister didn’t
know if she could do that. At school some of the girls had
bad reputations, and were called names for putting out
or sucking some guy’s dick. Mom said you have to be careful
picking out good guys, and don’t be too quick in jumping
into bed with them. Boys like to talk. Mom also told her about
masturbation. Ruth told her she had been doing that. Good
mom said it helps from running out getting a dick up your
pussy. Ruth was red hearing mom talk like that, but she was
learning more than her girlfriend did. They didn’t know
anything about sex like she did well us too. Mom didn’t leave
anything out about making babies to keeping your man satisfied
too. Mary thought she could do those things. So she told
her daughter to hid in the closet tonight, and she would
learn first hand. I was too if I could help it. A few days later,
her sister told her very best friend about sex. Mary didn’t
get to see or knew what had happen in mom and dad’s bedroom,
but now she was going to find out. She tried to stay awake
and was peeking out her bedroom door looking at mom and dad’s
bedroom door. She had tried to get in, but like always it
was locked. If she did she would have seen her sister run
out naked. Ruth was in the closet when dad got to bed. The
door was open just enough for Ruth to see all the action on
the bed. Mom had position herself so her daughter could
see everything. The bathroom light was on to show what was
going on, but made a shadow across the open closet door.
Mom was naked, and she was waiting for husband. He slipped
off his clothes, and she told her girlfriend that his dick
was huge. It must have been 7 inches long and 2 inches around.
Dad moves up to mom taking his dick in her mouth. She was sitting
on the bed, and dad was standing in front of her. Her lips
moved up and down on her father’s hard dick. Mom took all
of it in her mouth as dad fuck her face. She told her girlfriend
is was so hot and wicked. My mom the cocksucker I would never
have believe that. She couldn’t help it, but to suck her
own fingers like mom was doing to dad. Then dad went stiff,
and she could tell he was cumming in mom’s mouth. She was
gross out, but mom seems to like drinking dad’s cum. Dad
told mom that it suck up my jism you mouth whore. My dad saying
that shocks her and excited her all the same time. Then mom turns over and got on her knees on the bed. Dad moves
on the bed behind his wife. She pulled her ass cheeks apart,
and dad started to kiss, no lick mom’s back door. His dick
got hard again, and mom’s crack was cover in saliva. He moved
his dick to her back door and shoves it in. Mom was moaning
in pleasure. That’s it fuck my ass you big ass fucker. She
told her girlfriend she took her wet fingers and moved them
to her bottom. It hurt going in and was burning some, but
it felt kind of good. Yea I’m stuffing it up dad said in your
hot fucking asshole. Dad’s hips were moving back and forth,
and mom kept pushing her bottom back at dad’s crotch. He
was fucking mom butt hard, and Ruth could hear the slapping
noise she said. Mom started to cum telling dad to shoot it
up her butt. Ruth told her girlfriend she had to move her
other hand between her legs. While she was playing with
herself, and had a bottom full of fingers, she started to
cum too. Dad had gripped mom hips and shove hard. Ruth said
it looked like two dogs fucking. I saw dad’s ass get tight
and he must had cum in mom’s bottom. Mom came again. We were
all cumming the same time. I was glad we were all cumming
because they would have heard me. Then they both fell on
the bed, and went to sleep. I waited for an hour before I tried
to leave. As I was walking out, I saw dad’s dick. It was her
first dick she had seen. She had petted some with her boyfriend,
but she hadn’t seen his dick yet. Ruth stopped to look at
it. It wasn’t hard now, and looked only a few inches long.
Ruth couldn’t help herself, but she reached out and took
his dick in her hand. It felt kind of weird all wet and sticky.
Ruth jacked it some, and it got hard. He felt good in my hand.
Then he heard her dad saying something, and she rush to the
door. She stood by the door watching dad’s hard dick filling
up with blood. The bathroom light was bathing her naked
body, and if dad looked up he would see her. Maybe she did
deep down. As she quietly slipped out the door, dad was rolling
mom over on her back. He was moving between her legs. Ruth
wanted to stay to watch mom getting her pussy fucked, and
if she was back in their closet she would had, but she was
exposed with the bathroom light on her. Then she realized
that her nightgown and her panties were still in the closet.
The next day mom had asked Ruth if I learn anything. She couldn’t
help it but said yea you are a fucking slut. Well I’m not the
only one in the family. I had found your nightgown and panties
in our closet. Your panties were soaked and so was the carpet.
I could smell you all over you must have been fucking your
pussy all the time I was getting fucked. Ruth turn red saying
she couldn’t help herself. It was to erotic not doing something.
Mom smiles and said we are all sluts at heart, and once you
find that certain dick. You can’t get it enough of it stuff
up you holes. I’m a slut for your dad because I love him and
we are married. You will be a slut for love until you find
the person you want to marry. Then there are girls who are
just sluts. They fuck for money or just like to fuck. It isn’t
for love. It is for the act of love. Anything else mom asked.
Yea it looks fun too Ruth said. Mom said it is and safe too.
Oh one last thing, next time when you play with dad you are
going to take care of him. He fucked me all night, and I think
my pussy is still dripping his cum. If I’m pregnant it will
be your baby. They both started to laugh. Like all good Catholic
Family we had a big one with 7 siblings about two years apart.
You can’t get pregnant with a load in your belly or bottom.
So when you start to fuck, and I know you will. Let them do
it there as she points to Ruth’s bottom. I don’t want a baby,
and neither will you. If you need more when you get home fuck
your own pussy with your fingers. I couldn’t believe mom
told Ruth those things, and was letting Ruth see them in
action. I was wondering when it would be my turn. Now I could
understand dad’s eyes wondering over my sister and my bodies.
Our 12 years old brother and even our 10 years old brother
had been taking peeks of us. He was checking us out. A very
wicked thought came through my mind. Does he want to fuck
us? I had heard mom and dad going at it many times because
my bedroom was next to theirs. Now Ruth was telling her best
friend all that happen. I started to push my fingers harder
in my pussy, and I felt the hot warm feeling wash over me as
I came. The next day when she walked by Joe’s house there were two
older boys. Little did she know these boys had seen her too?
They had seen her displaying herself for Joe and Mark. Not
once but many times. The two older boys grab her and took
her into the woods against her will. They want to fuck me
because I’ve been a little tease in front off them. I had
learn what a tease was, and I was one because I wanted Joe.
It was Joe’s two older brothers. But I’m a virgin and don’t
want to have sex with them, and I told them so. They told me
too bad, and I shouldn’t be showing off my panties or playing
with myself at night. Joe older brothers’ bedroom window
was across my bedroom window. I had curtains, but I didn’t
use them especially during Summer. I like the light and
the breeze coming in my room. They pulled me into the woods,
and we ended up at the tree fort. They grab my arms and force
me over a picnic table on my stomach and tie my hands and legs
to the corners of the table in all direction. I start to scream
and protest, so one of them gets in front of me. As I was screaming,
he opens his pants. I watched him unbuckle his belt, the
button, and pulled his zipper down. I had stopped screaming
because I had never seen a boy undress before, and I had my
eyes on him. I saw his white underwear, and he hooks his thumb
in his underwear pulling them down in front. I see hairs
and then a piece of meat, which must be his dick. It looked
like a hotdog, but wrinkle and limp. This must be a dick boys
have between their legs. I see two round things in a bag,
and that must be their nuts. It started to get hard. I watched
it filling up with blood getting longer and bigger. I couldn’t
keep my eyes off it. My mind flashed back what my mom told
Ruth. Suck me prick tease, as he shoves his semi limp cock into
my mouth, I start to bite down and he pulls out fast and then
slaps my face sharply. This hurts so much I start to cry.
He says that’s what will happen if I do that again, so I better
just be good, and do what I’m told to get it over fast. As I
whimper and nod my head yes. He again sticks his cock in my
mouth and says “Suck It!” you little whore! Tears were running
down my eyes as I open my mouth wide as I could. I could feel
his thing slide into my mouth. I close my mouth around his
dick. I try to suck it, but I didn’t know how. I only heard
a few stories between my sister and her girlfriends. As
I’m doing this it starts to grow to a huge size and gags me.
His dick was getting bigger and longer. I tried to push it
out with my tongue. He’s not happy with that, and pulls his
dick out and whacks me on the nose with it. Suck me you little
prick teaser. Suck it good and drink down my cum. He pushes
his dick at my face and it hit me all over my cheek, chin, nose,
and lips. I open my mouth and it goes back in. I didn’t want
to stop sucking on it. It tasted good. He pushes harder and
I feel it go deeper in my mouth. I bite down in reflex, and
I could feel my teeth sink in. He screams out in pain as he
pulls out his dick. My teeth had raked across his hard dick
as he pulls out of my mouth. I know I had hurt him, and I could
feel some skin in my mouth. I felt really bad for biting his
wonderful dick. He pulls his leather belt out of his pant loops, wraps it
around his hand. I told you not to bite. He tells his brother
that’s been watching all along, to lift my skirt up and pull
my panties down. He lifts up my skirt, and both boys could
see my new pink panties. I hear, oh wow, from the boy. Joe
would have love seeing them. They don’t cover much, and
I can see everything. My face was red as Joe’s middle brother
was describing my panties to his older brother. These panties
were very small and almost see through. It was the smallest
panties I could fine. They were two sizes too small, and
it barely covers my pussy, and half my ass. I had gotten these
for Joe and Mark too. I was hoping Joe wanted me to see their
tree fort again. I wanted to let Joe see more of me, and maybe
Mark too, and if they wanted to touch me I was going to let
them. I even though to let them do more like mom told Ruth.
I feel him grab my panties, and pull them to my knees. Both
could see my bare bottom, and his brother could see between
my legs. The cool air rush up between my legs, and I could
feel my little pussy get cold. I was exposed so he can see
what he’s hitting. The boy begins to whip my Ass real hard,
I scream as he hits me harder, saying he’s not going to stop
until I’ve made him cum! I cry and beg but it does no good.
I open my mouth wide for him to stick his hard cock back in.
He pushes his hips forward, and his hard dick goes all the
way in, and I feel hair on my nose. I was surprised that it
went in easer this time. So I suck his hard cock in my mouth
and start sucking it hard up and down as fast as I can, but
it’s not easy with the burning pain of the whipping going
on at the same times. He only whips me three times, but it
felt like a dozen with my ass on fire. After about 5-minutes
he starts to tense up and moan at the same time. He grabs my
2-pigtails with his fists and starts to fuck my mouth as
fast as he can. He had them in his hands like reins of a horse
well a whore. I could feel his dick move in and out of my mouth.
He had pushed it down my throat as he thrusts down deep gagging
me. This doesn’t stop him, and he just fucks my face harder
it seems. His balls were slapping my chin as he fucked my
mouth. The longer he fucked me the better I was able to take
him down my throat. I can taste the pre cum on my tongue, and
it taste good. It makes me hungry for him to feed me. I want
to feel his cum shooting in my mouth. Finally he suddenly
stops in mid thrust with his cock deep down my throat, holding
my pigtails pulling hard down and fills my mouth with his
hot sticky cum. I have no choose but to swallow it because
he won’t let me breath until he’s done. After I’ve swallowed
it all, he pulls it out of my mouth. I can feel his cum slide
across my tongue, and I savor the salty flavor of his cream.
His dick hangs in front of my face. I see a bubble of cum forming
on the tip of his dick. I couldn’t help myself, but to stick
out my tongue and lick it up. He smiles at me calling me a cocksucker.
He looks at his brother and says “You wants a turn now, while
I fuck her?” My ass is on fire, but I feel wonderful. I like
him making me do these things. Things I wouldn’t or do on
my own, and taking advantage of me. Making me suck his wonderful
dick. I feel fingers moving between my legs. I hear the boy
say she is sure wet. I bet she wants a dick in her pussy just
as much as she did in her mouth. His finger enters my virgin
pussy, and I feel pain as his finger pressing against my
hymen. I come too and pleaded with him not to fuck me. I know
from my mom that babies come from there after a boy put his
dick in you. I didn’t want a baby. I tell him I would do anything
if he didn’t put his dick in my pussy. I don’t want you to give
me a baby. I would let you fuck my face again. Anything he
said. Yes anything, but I think he realized he didn’t want
to get me pregnant. How about that virgin Ass from behind!
I gasp! And start to complain, but he slaps my ass again,
and says do I want that again? I shut-up and whimper as he
move up to my behind, and his brother comes in front of me.
The brother’s cock is already hard as he forces it in past
my lips. I lock my lips around his hard dick and suck on it.
He isn’t as big as Joe’s older brother, and I can get it in
my mouth easily. He taste better than the first dick. I suck
hard on it as he fucks my face. He is leaking pre cum, and he
will cum soon. I will get to taste that creamy hot cum again.
I feel his fingers move between my legs. He is fingering
my pussy, and then he rubs his wet fingers over the opening
of my bottom. It feels kind of good, but I’m scared too. I
told him anything to save my virginity. I jerk my body up
suddenly with the shock of pain of the other’s cock forced
up my tight virgin ass! For the first time in my life, I can’t
scream with the other cock down my throat, and they both
start pumping into me like crazy as I jerk back and forth.
I was in pain and pleasure as I felt his dick move in and out
of my bottom. I could feel it slide in my bottom all the way
up my ass. As he pulled his dick out, my ass muscle would grip
tightly at it trying to hold it in. His dick was sawing my
ass, and I loved it. It was moving in and out of my deflower
bottom, and I started to push back to drive it in more. I had
my mouth and ass full of cock and I started to like being full
of cock. After what seems like an hour, the one in my Ass starts
to moan real loud, and then he pumps even harder and deeper
in my once virgin ass. He suddenly stops pumping his dick
in my ass, and it started to twitch and jerk in my ass. He is
still deep in my ass I feel his cock spasm inside in my bottom
jettisons his cum deep down in my ass. His hot cum fill my
bottom, and I start to cum with him as his cum baths my insides.
My head is spinning from the pleasure I’m receiving being
fucked in the ass. His brother seems ready to cum too, and
I turn on the vacuum. I hold my lips tights around his fucking
dick as it filled my mouth and throat. The one in my mouth
had stops too, pulls hard on my pigtails, and he cums too
in my mouth. I feel it jerk in my mouth, and the hot cum fill
my throat. I drink his cum down wanting more. I’m crying
and whimpering like a little baby as they both pull their
cocks out of me dripping there cum on my face and ass. I’m
spent and feel like a used dishrag. My heart was beating,
and I could feel my chest thumping against the picnic table.
I waited what they would do to me next. They then start to smoke with me still tied-up. They were
looking at me like the sacrificial lamb, and they were going
to take their dagger (dicks) and stab me again. Who was going
to pierce my ass or mouth I could hardly wait. They look down
on my almost naked body. I’m whimpering because I want to
leave and want to stay. They were standing where I could
see their dicks. They were limp, and wasn’t ready to take
me again. They talk to each other about switching positions
and start fucking me again. At this I just go limp and wait
for the cocks to start penetrating me again, over and over,
which they do.

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Wow, I'm a litle slow, first time I've seem this!
and you know I don't understand the bad remarks, it
was a fantasy story, and cunning from a male CD, who tend
to want a little ruffness & force used, gee you should
read the real stories on the Bondage site, now that's
getting a little scary! for my tastes, I should of ended
my story saying they were role playing sex games for fun,
O-well. Your revision looks good, you should do that to
all my stuff, I never much look at them twice before posting.
Ta! Ta!


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i liked the rewrite! looking forward to the next chapter