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Reunited with a past school teacher


One day out of blue one of my old teachers, who was kind of
a friend of the family, called me up on the phone and asked
me how I was doing. We talked for a little bit and she told
me that she saw my dad and he told her everything that had
happened recently. She asked how I was doing and if I needed
any help with anything. I told her that I was ok, but she pushed
me and said, I didn’t have to lie to her and she made me tell
her about my financial status and how I was living and holding

She was one of those teachers that every one fantasized
about and talked about and dreamed of fucking. She was young,
right out of college and had an amazing body coupled with
a beautiful face. Every one has had at least one teacher
in their life like her at one point or another. She as smoking
hot and had a heart of gold. She was very caring with her students
and used praise and fun instead of discipline and sternness.
She always seemed to be nicer to me than most of the other
students, mostly I guessed because she knew my family from
our business. Sometimes it almost seemed like she flirted
with me, but it was probably just my over active imagination
and my lusting for her that made it seem that way. But that
was past, on with the story.

Anyway, I ended up spilling my guts and telling her I wasn’t
doing really great because I never lived alone before and
didn’t have enough time to save money and prepare for living
by my self. She offered to help me out with groceries and
a few other things and ended up buying me quite a bit of things
over the next few months. She made me a whole thanksgiving
dinner all for myself and bought me a bunch of stuff for Christmas
and kept buying me groceries every month. When my birthday
rolled around, she called me up to wish me a happy birthday
and ask how everything was going and what I had planned.

I told her I wasn’t doing anything because my dad was busy
and stuff and she said I shouldn’t be alone on my birthday.
She offered to take me out for my birthday. I was probably
going to go out with a girl I was messing around with, but
she had been so nice to me and done so much for me, I figured
I would say yes to her instead. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful
or anything. So, I called my friend and told her sorry, but
some plans came up and I couldn’t hang out with her. My old
teacher called me back later that day and said she was going
to come pick me up and take me out to dinner and to a movie.
I said thanks and told her I really appreciate all she has
done for me lately.

She told me that it was her pleasure and she was just happy
that she could help. She said, she likes to help people that
really need it and it makes her feel good knowing she can
help someone who is less fortunate than her. We got off the
phone and I got ready as she was on her way to come and get me.
We talked a lot on the way to the restaurant and while we were
eating and I realized that she was lonely and not only did
this stuff for me, but for her too. She liked having someone
to talk to and do things for and liked having someone to spend
time with.

We finished eating and left to go to the movies. We saw a movie
that was kind of a chick-flick. If I remember right it was
called Blue Lagoon. It was where two young kids (brother
and sister) grew up on an island all alone and made their
way through puberty and adult hood, and had a sexual relationship
with each other as their curiosities grew about the differences
between the two of them. It was kind of sexual in parts and
got me a little bit horny. I put my hand on her leg during the
movie and she put her hand on mine. On the way back to my apartment,
we talked a little more and I started to cry a little bit because
of our conversations and me missing my parents and not being
completely ready and prepared for living by myself.

She felt bad for me and held my hand again as I put it on her
leg and we talked more with her feeling more and more sad
for me as we talked. We got to my apartment and I asked her
if she would come in and talk with me a little more and told
her I didn’t really feel like being alone right then. She
said sure and told me she would always be there for me whenever
I needed someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. We got
in my apartment and talked more and she held me and gave me
a big long hug as she told me things would get better and to
just keep my head up and try to be positive. I was getting
a little hornier as we talked and she held me and tried to
make me feel better.

I was not sexually deprived as I was still having great new
experiences with girls and learning a great new game that
has been a favorite thing of mine even now that I am older.
I started playing truth or dare with friends and that game
can get very sexual after a while!! It is my favorite game
in the whole world even still. Anyway, I wasn’t in need,
but I was horny and knew she was a little lonely also and I
figured she might need some sexual release also. She was
older than me, but younger than my mom, probably in her mid
to late 30’s. She was attractive and I didn’t know why she
was lonely, except maybe because she spent so much time
at school? I’m not sure exactly, but I thought there might
be a possibility between her being lonely and me over exaggerating
my feelings to her.

I knew it had worked in the past, so I tried to kind of seduce
her and slowly try to turn her on and get her excited if she
let me. As we talked more about everything that I had been
going through, I rubbed her thigh more and she didn’t seem
to mind or she didn’t seem to be paying attention. As she
held me and I rubbed her thigh more, I looked at her with puppy
dog eyes and leaned in and gave her a kiss as I also slowly
moved my hand up closer to her crotch. We kissed for a few
seconds and I now had my hand rubbing between her legs softly
and she pulled away and said we shouldn’t be doing this.

I kept my hand buried between her warm thighs as I backed
away from her mouth and said I’m sorry. I said, I have been
lonely lately and letting my feeling out like this just
kind of clouded my mind. I wasn’t really thinking, it just
kinda happened. She said, I understand, but I don’t think
it is a good idea to do that. She didn’t push my hand away from
her crotch and seemed like maybe she was testing just to
see how I would react and that she might have been thinking
about the same thing too. I said I know, but I couldn’t help
myself, I let my feelings get the better of me. She said it’s
ok, sometimes men don’t understand their feelings and
what they mean.

I said, why aren’t you seeing anyone? You’re pretty, you’re
still young, and you have a big heart? I don’t understand.
She said she had dated guys but they didn’t understand why
she spent so much time at school and why she always wanted
to help people when no one ever helped her at all. She told
them that is just the way she is and it makes her happy to help
people and do things for people without expecting anything
in return. She said she just kind of gave up for a while and
said when the right guy comes around she will know. Until
then, she is fine the way it is. I said that really sucks,
you deserve a nice guy. Any guy would be crazy not to want
to be with you.

She blushed and said thanks, that makes me feel good. I said
it’s the truth, you deserve to be happy. I moved my hand and
cupped her crotch as I said we both deserve to feel special
right now and then kissed her again. She kissed me back and
I started rubbing her crotch more and then reached over
with my other hand and started to caress her tits also. She
kissed me more passionately and started to slightly moan
as we kissed and I fondled her tits and crotch, softly but
persistently. She moaned more and then tried to pull away
to say it wasn’t a good idea, but leaned farther trying to
kiss her more and say please, I think we both want and need
this just as much as the other does.

She tried to say something again, but I kissed her more and
said just let it happen. I said let’s just see how it makes
us feel and go from there. She acted like she was trying to
stop, but she didn’t put up any fight at all, she kept kissing
me and softly moaning. I reached down from her tit and grabbed
her hand and put it on my crotch, letting her feel how big
and hard she had made my cock get. She started to slowly pull
away but I held her hand and whispered please, just feel
it for a second and see what you’re doing to me. She didn’t
put up a fight at all and she moaned with a noise that sounded
like “ I shouldn’t but what the hell”!

She felt my crotch and felt how big and hard my cock had gotten
and then started actually rubbing my cock as we kissed and
I rubbed her pussy over her pants and her tits and she started
moaning more and more. She said, wow, you’re defiantly
not a young boy any more as she rubbed my cock and seemed impressed
with my size. I took my hand from her tit and touched her cheek
and then put it on the back of her neck and pulled her to me
as I kissed her more deeply and started to try to slide my
hand under her pants and rub her bare skin. She moaned and
seemed to take right to my advances and not pull away anymore.

I unbuttoned her pants and zipped the zipper down and slid
my hand inside and started to touch her bare flesh and feel
the warmthness radiate up from her moist, neglected pussy.
I slowly worked my way down farther and farther as I explored
every inch of her pussy and slid my finger inside her warm,
wet, eager pussy. It felt so amazing and she immediately
started to moan and tear open my pants and do the same thing
to me. She pulled my cock free and started to stroke it as
I fingered her hot wet hole and kissed her as passionately
as I could. We both moaned more and more and got very excited
and horny as the intensity grew quickly.

I pulled my hand from her pants and turned towards her and
kissed her deeper as I grabbed her shirt and lifted it over
her head. She did not put up a fight at all anymore and she
raised her arms up to let me slide it off. She had an amazing
set of tits, much more incredible than anyone would have
ever thought. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra
and slid it off also as I stared at her beautiful set of tits.
I said, I had no idea you had such a beautiful body! She smiled
and blushed at the same time and I leaned forward and started
to lick and kiss and suck on her nipples and breasts. She
immediately started to moan and hold my head in her hands
as I caressed and fondled her breasts.

She grabbed my shirt and started to pull it up and over my
head also as I backed away from her tits and kissed her on
the mouth again. She looked at my muscled body and told me
how nice of a body I had. She said I knew you were athletic,
but I didn’t know you had such a nice body. I smiled and kissed
her again as I reached down and started to wiggle her pants,
trying to slide them down and pull them off. She grabbed
my hands and tried to stop me and said, slow down! I still
don’t know if this right or not. She said lets just our time
and see how it goes.

I tugged down a little bit more and said come on, lets just
take off our clothes and get comfortable. I said if we decide
to stop, we can stop, but if we decide to keep going it will
be more comfortable and easier. I said, at least we can see
can see what each other looks like even if we don’t end up
doing anything more. And I smiled and winked at her as sexy
as I could. She growled and sighed at the same time and stood
up and said fine as she pulled me up also. I slid her pants
down as I kissed her and then slid her panties down also.
She stepped out them as she reached over and did the same
to me. We were both standing there naked and kissing and
touching each other’s bodies.

I backed up to get a good look at her young, tight, but mature
body. She was not shaved, which I was not used to, but she
was very nicely trimmed and neat. I stared up and down at
her shockingly gorgeous body, not expecting it to be as
amazing as it was. My cock instantly stiffened like a rock
as I gazed and drooled at her beautiful body. I looked up
at her and saw she was just as impressed and turned on with
my body as I was with hers. I said WOW, I had no idea you had
such an amazing body, you’re beautiful! She smiled, blushed
and said thanks and then said, you look pretty nice your
self! I didn’t expect you to have such a mature body.

I noticed she was staring at my hard cock as she said that
and I said thanks, you really like it? She shook her head
and said yes as she slowly lifted her eyes from my cock to
my eyes. She smiled very big and said you’ve turned into
a real man haven’t you? I said, I guess as I smiled and shrugged
my shoulders. She said come here as she reached out and pulled
me to her. My cock smooshing between our bodies, as we wrapped
our arms around each other and started kissing again. My
cock was throbbing and pulsing between our bodies as we
kissed and then began to sit back down. We sat back down and
started to fondle and touch each other again as we kissed
more deeply and roughly.

My cock was throbbing like crazy and her pussy was getting
wetter and wetter as we made out and played with each other.
She backed away from me and looked me in the eyes and smiled
very big as she said, you want a BJ don’t you? I smiled, but
didn’t say anything and she said, this was your plan all
along, wasn’t it? You thought you were going to play the
ohh poor me routine to get me naked and try to get me to give
you head, weren’t you? I said, no that wasn’t my intensions
at all in the beginning, but now that you brought it up! I
smiled at her and she smiled back and said yea? I said well,
if you really want to, I guess I could let you do it. She laughed
and said you could, could you? I nodded my head and said yea,
I guess I could let ya. She laughed again and said, thanks,
that’s really nice of you.

We both laughed a little and I said yea, I’m a nice guy. She
said, so is that a yes? Do you want me to give you head? I said,
yes, please. She said, I thought you would say that. She
kneeled up on the couch and scooted back a little bit and
then bent down and kissed the tip of my cock. She held my cock
in her hand and circled the head with her tongue a few times
and then kissed her way down the shaft to the base and licked
her way slowly back up to the tip. She kissed the tip again
and then opened her mouth and took the head right inside
her mouth and sucked on it as she slid her mouth up over the
tip and slowly off, kissing it as it exited her sucking mouth.

She did this same thing to the head of my cock about 3 or 4 more
times and then looked up at me and said, does that feel good?
I quickly nodded my head and said yes, that feels amazing!
She said, do you want me to do it more? I said yes, please!
She smiled and lowered her head again, taking the head of
my cock back into her warm, moist mouth. Only this time,
she dropped her mouth right down on my cock, letting almost
the whole thing inside and slowly sucking up to the tip,
kissing it as her lips slide off and then opening her mouth
and doing it over again and again. Each time she does it,
sucking all the way up and over the tip, kissing it as it exits
her lips and then opening her mouth and lowering it back
down again for the next suck.

She did that about 10 more times and then looked back up and
said, do you like that? Does it feel good? I said, ohh yes!
You have no idea how good that feels. She said good! She lowered
her head back down and sucked my cock so sensually and erotic
for the next 10 minutes or so, making me feel so relaxed and
bringing my cock to a sensation I never felt before. There
was nothing I wanted more than for her to continue doing
this until I blew the hugest nut in her mouth that I have ever
blown before. Unfortunately she stopped and looked up
at me and said, do you think you could return the favor to

I smiled, not wanting to let her know I was bummed that she
stopped, because it felt so incredibly arousing and sensual,
and I said sure, I’ll do anything you want me to do. She sat
up and brought her legs out in front of her and sat down and
leaned back against the arm of the couch as she spread her
legs and smiled at me, revealing her glistening pussy lips
to me for the first time. She said, you’ve done this before,
right? I said yes I have as I smiled at her and eagerly changed
positions and knelt down between her legs and started licking
and kissing her stomach, thighs, pubic bone and then working
my way to her sweet, juicy pussy! It was almost flavorless,
but a tiny bit sweet at the same time.

I kissed and licked her lips and clit softly and slowly as
she quietly started to moan and move her hips. I worked my
way down to the bottom of her pussy and parted her lips with
my tongue and slowly slid my tongue inside her warm, moist
hole, tasting any faint bit of sweetness I could find. I
slid my tongue in an out of her tight hole a few more times
and went back up to her clit, working it softly and gently
as I savored every second of her velvety smooth pussy. As
she moaned more and wiggled her hips more, I stopped and
started to say something. Before I could get it out, she
pushed my head back down, moaned, tightened her legs around
my head as she held it in her hands also, and said don’t stop!
That feels so good, keep going!

I felt happy and turned on that she liked it so much and I eagerly
continued to pleasure her pussy as best I could. Within
a few more minutes of eating her out, she started to have
a powerful orgasm and tightened her thighs around my head
as she moaned and her body pulsed with pleasure. She loosened
her thighs from around my head and smiled very big as she
thanked me and said she really needed that. I replied, it
was my pleasure and I enjoyed it also. I sat up and started
to work my way on top of her and kiss her as my huge, throbbing
cock slid between her legs and rubbed against her wet pussy.
As I kissed her, I started to grind my hard cock against her
pussy. After a minute or so, I raised my hips up in the air,
trying to aim my cock towards her pussy and push it in her,
but she pushed me away from her.

She sat up as she kept pushing me backwards, making me lay
back down on my back and she said, I don’t think that is a good
idea. I asked, why not? She said that was very personal and
she didn’t think we should go that far. I said we have already
gone this far, would it really make that much of a difference?
She said yes, kissing, and touching is one thing, but intercourse
is totally different. She said, I’ll finish giving you
a blowjob, but that is it. I said ok, and then said I’ll take
whatever I can get as I kind of laughed. She said, I figured
you would say yes, as she laughed also. She leaned back down
over me and finished what she had started earlier, stroking,
kissing, licking, and sucking my eager cock as it pulsed
and throbbed in her hands and mouth.

I didn’t want it to end, so I held back as long as humanly possible,
trying to keep her aroused and excited as I told her how good
it felt and I moaned out loud making sure she knew I liked
every second of it. I held back for about 15 minutes as she
worked my cock over like she had done it a thousand times
before. She gave the most sensual, erotic, stimulating
blowjob that I had ever received before. It wasn’t the most
intense, “I’m gonna make you cum in seconds” type of blowjob.
It was the, “I love your cock and how it tastes and feels”
type of blowjob. Taking her time and making me feel as good
as possible as she leaves no inch of skin left untouched.

Someone taught her very good or she just really loved to
kiss, lick and suck on a nice hard cock because she took her
time and enjoyed every second of it just as much as I did.
So, from the erotic way she took care of my cock and me watching
her (my ex teacher) doing what she was doing so well, I started
to feel my balls tighten and my cum rise as I said oh my god
it feels so good, I’m gonna cum. Ohhhh you’re so good, I can’t
take it much longer. She started to suck stronger and more
rapidly, as she left her sensual side behind and started
getting excited and aroused. I moaned more and more, saying
I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!

I didn’t know what she was going to do or how she would react
when I was gonna cum, but I was pure ecstasy and I couldn’t
control myself. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust
my cock up into her mouth as I moaned and shouted that I was
cumming. I started to pump, huge, powerful loads of cum
down her throat as I held her head tight and thrust my cock
up and down in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed quickly
and eagerly as I dumped loads of cum in her mouth and moaned
out loud. I tightened my ass firmly as I shoved my cock farther
into her mouth and expelled the rest of my cum down her throat.

She swallowed every drop of cum and licked my cock clean
as she looked up at me and said, there, don’t you feel better
now? I said ohh my god yes! That was amazing! She slid up my
body and laid on top of me and kissed me as we relaxed and enjoyed
each other’s body heat. We talked a little bit and the warm
feeling of her naked body on mine, started to cause my cock
to swell and harden again. She wiggled her body on my cock
as she said oh, what’s this? I smiled and said he must really
like you! She smiled back and said he does, does he? I replied,
of course, you’re beautiful! How couldn’t he? She blushed
and said, awe thanks, that’s so sweet.

She kissed me again and I reached down and grabbed her right
hip, lifting her up a little bit as I grabbed my cock with
my other hand and rubbed it over her pussy. I said are you
sure we can’t do more? She quietly moaned as I rubbed the
head of my cock over her pussy and she said we really shouldn’t.
I said I know we shouldn’t, but couldn’t we just do it anyway?
She paused and closed her eyes as she moaned a little bit
more and said are you absolutely sure you want to? I said
with no hesitation at all, yes I am very sure! Don’t you want
to do it just a little bit? She said I want to do it very bad,
but that doesn’t mean we should.

I let loose of her hip and slid my hand up on her ass and pushed
down on it, making my cock push against the opening of her
pussy as I said come on, no one’s stopping us. Lets just see
how feels for a second and go from there. She sighed and moaned
a little at the same time, but before she could say no, I lifted
my hips up and pushed down on her ass, making my long, thick
cock part her pussy lips and enter her. She moaned and said
god that feels so good. She paused for a second and then she
just shoved her hips back and down on my cock, making my cock
burry its self all the way inside her and she said moaned
and said ok, just for a minute.

She started to slide up and down on my cock as she moaned very
seductively and said ohh that feels soo good! She let out
long soft moans as she moved back and forth on my hard cock,
squeezing her pussy muscles tightly as she went forward
and loosening them as she went back down. I smiled and said,
just for a second aye? She said shut up, I know you like it
too. I said you have no idea. You feel soo good right now.
She lifted her body off of mine and sat up and put her hands
on my chiseled chest as she started to move her hips around
in circles on my hard cock and moan a little bit louder as
she closed her eyes and let her head lean back.

I said, my god, you’re soo good! She started to push her body
down hard on my cock, making it bury as deep in her pussy as
possible and push against her insides as her clit rubbed
against my pubic bone. She grinded her pussy against my
body hard, as she rocked her hips back and forth on my cock.
Not lifting up and down, just rocking back and forth. I never
met anyone who knew how to use her hips like that in my life.
She just mover her hips back and forth and around in circles,
on my big, hard cock as she moaned louder and louder.

The pressure of her pussy and body grinding against my cock
was unbelievable and got even better as she tightened her
pussy muscles with remarkable control on my cock. Her pussy
was squeezing my cock like I had never felt before. Tightening
and loosening at the exact right moments as she wiggled
her body around on my huge throbbing cock. I couldn’t take
much more of this. Even though it felt amazing, my instincts
took over and I started to thrust my hips up and down, shoving
my big cock in and out of her tight pussy. She threw her head
back and moaned louder as I shoved my cock hard and deep in
her pussy and she tightened and loosened her pussy around
it at the same time.

Her pussy control was amazing and made me want to blow my
wad deep inside her just from the thought of her remarkable
technique. I had never felt a pussy like this ever before
or should I say a woman who knew how to use her pussy like this.
I knew then and there that she had fucked many times before.
I couldn’t believe any guy wouldn’t stay with her no matter
what she did, just to be able to experience this over and
over and over again. I thought I had died and gone to heaven
as she worked her pussy and body on my cock like a seasoned

Luckily I had just came a little while ago and could last
longer now. If I hadn’t just came, I would have cum after
just a few seconds of feeling her incredible fucking techniques
and remarkable pussy control. She moaned and rode my huge
cock like never before for another 10 minutes or so, and
then I wrapped my arms around her waist and turned us over
and started plowing her pussy deep, hard and fast! She moaned
louder, saying ohh yes, that feels soo good! She said fuck
me harder as she grabbed my ass and pulled it into her, making
me bury my long hard cock deep inside her tight pussy with
every thrust.

She was soo sexy and felt soo good as we fucked and I couldn’t
believe how long I was lasting. My body must have been in
shock and wanted it to last as long as possible or something
because the harder and faster I pounded her tight wet pussy,
the longer I seemed to be able to go! We kissed and breathed
heavy as we fucked like porn stars and then after a few more
minutes, she pushed me up, away from her body and said do
me from behind. I pulled my huge throbbing cock from her
tight wet hole and she said, I love it from behind. I love
when a man does me how he wants to do me.

She quickly flipped over onto her knees as I stared at her
tight little ass. She said, take me now! Do me like you really
want to do me! I didn’t have to be asked twice or should I say
begged twice! I shoved my big cock in her wet hole, deep and
hard and started pounding her quickly and roughly. She
arched her back and moaned as I pounded her pussy fast and
hard. I shoved my cock in and out of her pussy like a machine,
not skipping a single beat. I don’t know what came over me
and I never did this before, but I reached out and grabbed
her hair and pulled a little as I thrust my cock in and out
of her rapidly.

She must have liked it because she moaned right away and
said yea, fuck me harder. I started fucking her like a mad
rabbit as I stared down at my huge cock ramming in and out
of her tight little pussy, stretching it out as far as it
could stretch. My cock ramming hard into her insides, and
her taking it like she loved every second of it. As I fucked
her and stared at my cock spearing in and out of her small
body, my eyes started to move to her slightly brown ass hole.
I was very clean and extremely tight looking, but had just
a small hint of color to it. Not flesh colored, but not really
brown either, just a perfect looking specimen, waiting
to be played with.

I lubed up my thumb and slid it in her ass and she moaned right
away and said ohhh, that feels good. She said how did you
know? I said know what? She said how did you know I like that?
I said I didn’t, I just looked at it and wanted to see what
it felt like. She said well, you just got lucky then because
you did the right thing! I love when I a guy fingers my ass
while he fucks me. It makes me cum hard. I said really? You
like it? She said I love it. I said do like to be fucked in the
ass too? She said, not s much, it kind of hurts, but I have
done it. Why? I said I was just curious if you would let me
do it. She said I don’t know. You’re kind of big for that.

I sighed and said ok I just figured I would ask. She said do
you really, really want to? I said yes, but we don’t have
to, I know you don’t really want to do it. She said go ahead,
but just be careful and take your time. I smiled very big
even though she couldn’t see me and I fingered her ass more
as I fucked her pussy, waiting for her ass to stretch and
loosen up a little. Once I could tell her ass was loosened
up, I slowly pulled my cock from her now red and gaping pussy
and lubed it up and also lubed up her ass. I rubbed the tip
of my cock over her tiny little ass hole, as I watched the
head swell bigger and bigger with anticipation.

I slowly pushed the tip against her tiny hole and she reached
down and started to play with her pussy. I pushed more and
more, gently and slowly, but with consistent pressure.
As she worked over her clit with her fingers, I felt her body
relax and loosen and my cock start to slide in. I took my time
and was very gentle as the head of my cock parted her tight
hole and entered inside her warm, tight ass. I was eager
to feel my cock buried all the way inside her ass and feel
the tightness of her small hole on my cock as it slid in and
out, but I knew it would pay off to take my time and be easy
on her. I worked more and more of my big, long, hard, pulsing,
eager cock inside her incredibly tight and warm, tiny little
ass hole, until the whole thing was buried deep inside her
ass and throbbing with excitement.

I started to slowly pull it out and push it back in her beautiful
tight ass as she fingered her pussy and clit. Within seconds
she started moaning louder and telling me she was cumming.
She said see? I don’t know what it is about my ass, but I always
cum harder and faster when it is played with. As she came,
I started to slide my cock in and out of her ass faster and
faster. She said tell me when you are going to cum. I thought
she wanted me to pull out when I was going to cum, so I said
ok, what do you want me to do then? She said, I want to know
when you are going to cum so I can be ready for it and feel it
inside me.

I said oh ok. I started to fuck her ass harder and faster,
but not enough to be rough and hurt her, just enough to enjoy
it and make my cum rise. After a few minutes, she started
to do that same thing with her ass hole that she did with pussy
earlier. She tightened and loosened her ass hole around
my cock as I fucked her, doing it at precisely the right time
to make the sensation feel the best that it could feel. I
don’t know how or where she learned this, but I was so happy
that did. Once she started to use her muscles and tighten
her ass hole on my cock, I could immediately feel my cum rise
from my balls, through the shaft, and to the tip of my cock.
It was pushing at the tip of my cock, trying to explode its
way out and drench her insides, but I squeezed and tightened,
trying to hold it back as long as I could.

My attempt to hold back as long as I could, was no match for
the muscles tightening her ass hole around my cock and trying
to milk my cum out. I moaned loud and shouted, I’m gonna cum,
I’m gonna cum. She pushed her ass back against me hard and
fast, making my cock bury deep inside her. I moaned again
and said I’m cumming as I shoved my cock farther inside her
and held it there as I unloaded huge gushes of warm cum in
her ass. As soon as she felt my warm cum filling her ass, she
started to moan again and have another orgasm of her own.
As she started to jerk and shudder from her orgasm, her ass
tightened extremely tight around my cock and milked it,
making it blast each load with more force.

As my cum pushed its way through my shaft and past the tight
entrance of her ass, it exploded out the tip of my cock, blasting
deep inside her body. Once I finished shooting my loads
inside her ass, I gave a couple deep, hard thrusts into her,
shoving her down on the couch. As she collapsed on the couch,
I also collapsed on top of her and we both laid there for a
while as my cock softened and shortened inside her. Our
breathing slowed down and we regained our composure as
we chatted a little bit about what had just happened. She
said she should probably get going soon as it was getting
very late and I lifted my body off of hers as my flaccid cock
slipped out of her ass and my cum dripped out from inside

She made a comment as she felt my cum dripping down her pussy
and onto my couch and I immediately looked down to see what
was going on. It was very hot to see my cum spilling down her
glistening pussy lips as I stared and she started to get
up. I ran to grab a washcloth so we could clean up a little
and then we got dressed and talked a little more as she got
ready to leave. She thanked me for not giving up on her and
trying to go farther because she said she needed that bad.
She said she has been needing something like that for quite
a while now and was shocked at how good it was and how much
she wanted it more and more as it progressed.

We ended up doing it again and again over the next year or
two. We did it about once a month or so, normally when she
would bring me food and stuff, trying to help me out or just
using that as an excuse to come over and get off. Regardless,
it was a win-win situation for both of us. We both helped
each other out in different ways. She got to feel good for
helping me and feel good from the sexual release and I felt
good because I had food and stuff that I couldn’t really
afford at the time and also got some great sexual release.
Eventually it started turning more into a sexual thing,
than her coming over to give me things that I couldn’t afford.

I had gotten a great job, managing a small store and our encounters
started going from once a month, to once every couple months,
to once or twice a year, and then eventually it was maybe
once a year or so when we would catch each other out and about
somewhere and stop to say hi and ask how things were going.

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