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Reunite Part 1


Katey and Daniel’s parents split up when they were both
very young. Unfortunately they chose to split up custody
of them, moving to different states. Neither heard from
one another for many years. It wasn’t until 7 years after
their divorce one winter that Katey’s mother recieved
a phone call with sad news about her father. She told Katey
he had an accident and was killed by a drunk driver. The pain
in her voice was apparent even though she’d not even talked
to him in years. Being a teenager Katey wasn’t sure how
to take the news, he had left when she was young and she still
resented it deep down. Then her mother told her there was
good news, her brother was not driving with him at the time
and that he would be coming to stay with us now. Even though
father’s death was still weighing on her mind Katey could
tell that her mother was happy that she would be able to see
her son again. Katey was esctatic because growing up they
were inseperable. Daniel was only 5 and she was 8 when they
were split apart, and all Katey had of him to remember were
a few pictures and fond memories of playing together. That
night Katey went to bed early, anxious to see her brother
again the next day. Daniel looked out of the window of the shuttle bus at the
dreary snow covered land-scape with disdain. He had just
lost his father and now he was being uprooted from his life
in Texas and moved a couple states away from all his friends.
He had never heard anything about South Dakota and didn’t
know what to expect, but so far it just looked like an endless
sprawl of snow covered forest and fields. He pulled his
eyes back down to his gameboy which was just running out
of battery life, “Great.. and no where to charge for miles.”
Heaving a defeated sigh he saved his game and put the handheld
in his bag. With plenty of time left to the ride he reclined
back and day dreamed about what his mother and sister were
going to be like, his father hadn’t kept any photos and
he could barely recall them from bits and peices of his first
memories. Even though he still grieved his dad a part of
him was excited to see his mom and sister again.

It was around 9 am when the shuttle arrived. The driver helped
Daniel with his bags and zipped back down the dirt road back
on the long journey to civilization. He was surprised by
the size of the house for two people, it was two-stories
and quite large with a seperate standing garrage and work
shed. The out-side was paneled in dark stained wood with
a large covered, wrap-around porch. The snow had been shoveled
from the stone walk-way thankfully as he drudged his suit
cases towards the house. Suddenly the front door busted
open and two brightly bundled up figures came rushing out
yelling his name excitedly. Before he could even utter
a syllable they had both flung their arms around him in a
warm, welcoming embrace. “We’re both so happy you’ve
made it!” Daniel’s mom said, patting him and taking
one of his bags. “T-thanks, I’m happy to see you, ”
awkwardly Daniel returned the hugs and tried his best to
smile at them both. He couldn’t help but notice his sister
was speechless so he tapped her arm “Whats wrong Katey?
Don’t recognize me?” Katey smiled and shook her head,
“No, sorry, I remember my brother being tiny.. You couldn’t
possibly be him!” She giggled and grabbed one of his lighter
bags “Cant believe you’re 5′ tall now, guess I wont
be able to give you piggyback rides anymore.” The three
of them continued to joke and laugh as they got Daniel’s
bags in and to his room. The awkwardness of not having seen
one another swept away by the deep bonds of love forged almost
a decade ago.

Later on after some more loving hugs inside and some small
talk about the trip Katey and Mom left Daniel to settle his
things into his new room. It took a couples hours for Daniel
to finish unpacking the last of his belongings, meticulously
stowing everything away neat and organized. He walked
to the center of the room and looked around to make sure it
looked fine, when suddenly the smell of food cooking wafted
into his room. Famished he decided to hurry down stairs
and into the kitchen where Katey was setting the table and
his Mom was cooking a beef stew over a very big stove. “Wow,
that smells delicious.. It’s been forever since I’ve
had a home cooked meal!” Daniel sat down eager for supper.
Katey sat down next to her brother and offered him a roll,
“Don’t worry, you’ll be having plenty now. No fast
food nearby and the closest market is 40 minutes away.”
Before Daniel could complain about not having his favorite
fast food their mother served the stew and he had to admitt
it looked very appetizing. His mom and Katey ate silently
while Daniel noisily slurped up a bowl of soup before getting
another serving, “Wow this soup is amazing, Mom..”
Daniel stood up and pushed in his chair, “Oh hey, where
is the internet modem at? I wanted to set up my laptop .. or
do you both use wifi?” His mother and Katey looked at him
quizzicaly before Katey finally spoke up, “We don’t
get internet out here, We don’t even have TV really except
for some basic broadcast channels.. Don’t worry, though,
I have a Wii!” Daniel looked at her in disbelief, clutching
his chest as if he’d been struck almost. “No .. no internet?..
But I cant skype my friends or facebook without internet!”
His mom stood up and began clearing things from the table
while she responded to him, “Sorry hun, we don’t get
it out here and there aren’t any libraries nearby.”
Daniel’s mind raced for a solution, “Well. . does the
school I’ll be going to have a computer lab, Katey?”
Katey shook her head, “No, Mom home-schools me.” Daniel’s
mother walked over to him and patted his shoulder comfortingly,
“I’m going to be giving you your studies from now on,
I don’t approve of the Public School System.” Daniel
heaved a sigh of disbelief but he didn’t want to sour their
first night re-united by pouting. Instead he asked to be
excused and went up to his room to mess around with his laptop,
trying to somehow find a wireless signal.

After an hour or so of fruitless searching for nearby wireless
signals Daniel heard a soft knock on his door. “Come in!”,
Daniel yelled from his bed. He was laying on his stomach
fiddling with his laptop still. Trying to not get himself
killed on the game he was playing he only glanced up over
the screen at the doorway. His mom walked through the door
with a glass of milk and some cookies. “I figured you’d
want some dessert. They’re fresh out of the oven, too”
she smiled at Daniel and placed the plate on his bed and the
milk on his nightstand. Gently she sat down on the bed beside
him and patted his back, taking a moment to admire him after
not being able to see him for so long. He was tan from playing
outside with his friends back in Texas, and fairly athletic
built. He had his father’s blue-ish, green eyes and short
blond hair that always looked a little messy. “I’ve
really missed you Daniel, and even though circumstances
are not the best.. I am glad you are here with me now.” Daniel
managed a weak smile and nodded, looking away from his mother
at the floor. After all these years he wasn’t quite sure
how to treat his mother, it was like suddenly living with
a stranger for him. She could sense his distress and wished
she could take his mind off the painful loss he was suffering,
but she knew only time would heal that wound. “Don’t
worry, I am going to take very good care of you and so will
your sister. I love you, Daniel. Now get some rest because
tomorrow we’re going to make the drive out to town to do
some shopping.” With that his mom stood up and gave him
a kiss on the cheek before heading back down stairs to finish
cleaning up the kitchen. Daniel sat up and grabbed the plate
of cookies, enjoying them while turning his attention
back to his laptop to watch movies. Without internet he
was forced to restrain his normal boyish habits sense his
dad had always monitored the hard-drive he wasn’t allowed
to save any erotic material to the laptop. “Guess it’s
Iron Man 2 again..” Setting the laptop on the nightstand
he settled down onto his bed lying on his side with his arm
proping his head up and watched the flickering screen until
he drifted off to sleep. It was just turning 2 AM and Katey was sitting on her bed hours
long into a gaming session of Super Mario Galaxy. She was
going to invite her brother but he seemed to still be pre-occupied
with other things and wanted to be alone. She had already
done her grieving and was now determined to finish out the
stage she was on before going to bed. Once again a jump was
missed and Mario plummeted, she had now pushed herself
2 hours past her normal bed-time. Eyes burning for sleep
she sat down her controller and succumbed finally to the
fact that she would not be able to finish this level out tonight.
Katey lifted herself off the bed and stretched her legs
, wiggling her toes against the carpet. A few stretches
and her legs quickly regained all feeling from the prolonged
sit. She stood infront of her dresser and swept her long
brunette hair back over her shoulders, pulling it into
a pony-tail with a scrunchy. She slipped her arms and then
her pony-tail out of her shirt and tossed it at the close
hamper before unfastening her bra and tossing it as well.
For a breif moment she admired herself in the mirror. Katey
was very attractive for her age and had lovely doe brown
eyes complimented by thick, long lashes. She had a clear
complexion with only a few freckles on her cheeks. At only
15 she had a tight vuluptous body and her breasts had developed
rather rapidly giving her a full C cup. They swelled out
from her chest and were very perky, with cute pinkish nipples
that turned bright red and stiff from the lightest touch.
Her stomach was taut with some definition from riding her
bike actively during the less snowy seasons. Next she slipped
out of her jeans revealing a cute pair of green panties dotted
with orange and yellow flowers, her legs were long for her
5’4″ frame and very shapely. Pleased with her reflection
she smiled sleepily and yawned before turning towards
and heading out the door. She didn’t bother turning on
the hall-way light, instead just feeling her way along
the wall with her hands, not even bothering to fully open
her eyes.

Daniel stirred from a light sleep, eyes bleary as he shuffled
off his bed to his feet. He reached over and shut his laptop,
getting it put away before going to his dresser and removing
his pajamas. Being the first time he has ever stayed in a
house with girls he didn’t want to walk around in his boxers.
It wasn’t due to poor body-image, he just didn’t want
his manhood accidently exposing itself to anyone. Despite
his age genetics had been very kind to Daniel, once puberty
hit his penis never stopped growing it seemed. Last he measured
during a fevered masturbation session it was 7 and a half
inches on his ruler. Often if he woke up in the morning it
would be standing straight up through the pee-flap of his
boxers, or peaking from the waistband or leg hole. Best
to avoid that kind of encounter, he thought as he pulled
his pajama pants on snuggly. Just as he was about to slip
back into bed the urge to pee struck him hard. He slipped
his pajama shirt on and quietly opened the door to the hall-way
and tip-toed towards the bathroom door. The door was cracked
and the light was on which in his house meant unoccupied,
so without a second thought he reached for the door-knob
and went to pull the door wide. Before he moved it an inch
his eyes darted to the mirror and caught the reflection
of his sister sitting on the toilet with her panties down
around her knees. She was asleep it seemed, sitting back
with her head drooping some and to his amazement topless.
To Daniel’s surprise he was oogling his sister’s chest
before he could even process what he had stepped in on. His
heart rate began to rise as he examined his sister’s body,
having never seen such perfect flawless curves except
for in pixilated photos of porn models on his laptop. Suddenly
she muttered something and tore a peice of toilet paper
from the roll. Daniel sucked in a breath quickly and stepped
back from the door, startled by her sudden movement. “Hello?..
Sorry, I’m pottying.. gimme a minute” Katey had heard
someone outside the bathroom door and hurridly cleaned
herself and pulled her panties into place. She moved to
the sink and turned the faucet on to wash her hands, cleaning
them and drying them before opening the door. She pulled
her right arm across her chest to cover her breasts and stepped
into the hall-way sheepishly. It took her a moment to speak
due to the awkwardness, “So sorry, I normally dont walk
around like this.. didn’t know anyone would be awake.”
Daniel shook his head and cleared his throat, keeping eye-contact
with his sister who was obviously a bit embarassed. “It’s
no problem, we’re family.” Daniel smiled at his sister
and stepped into the bathroom, in a hurry to get his back
to her so the tent in his pajamas wouldn’t be obvious.
As he went to the toilet to pee he was sort’ve ashamed that
his member was fully erect and throbbing with desire.

It was 10 am and Daniel had been awake since 8:30, unable
to get out of bed. The image of his sister’s nude body was
burned into his mind and he couldn’t seem to bring himself
to climax. Unable to make the erection go away he kept himself
locked away, feeling like if he saw Katey his situation
might get even worse. “Daniel? Are you awake sweety?
We’re ready to go shopping if you are. Why don’t you
come out and get showered and ready?” Daniel’s mom
knocked on the door a second time in an effort to stir him
before walking back down the hall. Sighing in frustration
Daniel pulled his blankets back and jumped out of bed, gathering
some fresh clothes he held them infront of his waist to hide
any sign of arousal. “A cold shower will really help me..”
Daniel made it to the bathroom and showered in cold water
for a good 20 minutes before he felt sane again, hurrying
to dry before he froze. He was ready finally and joined his
family down-stairs. They all loaded up and drove nearly
an hour before finally getting to a town called McCray.
Katey and Mom took Daniel out to eat some BBQ and they shared
some stories from the past years they had spent apart. Feeling
comfortable Daniel opened up some and told them both stories
about dad that made Mom and Katey laugh and cry. Afterwards
they went and bought him some warm clothing for the harsh
South Dakota winter and went grocery shopping which with
two women nearly exhausted Daniel’s patience. Finally
as 7 pm was coming around they had finished and were loading
the car up to head home. On the long ride Daniel let his sister
use his ipod and showed her some songs by linknpark that
he enjoyed, each sharing an earbud. Reflecting back on
the day Daniel felt like he was going to be very happy with
his mom and Sister. They both genuinely loved and cared
for him and he felt like he would grow to do the same.

Later that night, after everyone was home and settled,
Katey invited her brother to play some Wii with her. She
was convinced that Daniel could beat the levels she was
stuck on in Super Mario Galaxy. Daniel went into his room
and changed into his pajamas before heading down the hall
to his sister’s room. He knocked on the door first and
waited for her permission to enter, wanting to avoid any
more embarassing situations. She was already trying again
in vain at Mario when he entered, wearing panties and a t-shirt
that left some of her lower-back exposed. She was laying
on her stomach with her head at the foot of her bed staring
directly into her TV. For a moment he just fixated on her
plump butt, barely covered by grey fabric that was stretched
tight to contain her curves. Daniel gathered his composure
and stepped barefooted onto the bed, stepping over her
carefully to sit indian style next to Katey. “Hows it
coming? Looks like Mario isn’t enjoying this adventure.”
Daniel smirked at his sister and she nodded in agreement
begrudgingly. “We’ll see how well you do, huh?”
She shoved the controller over to him. Daniel prided himself
on his skill at video games and quickly began getting accustomed
to the controls. He was more used to P.C. games but after
a few humilating deaths he was making some head way. Finally
he got past the point his sister had struggled so hard on.
Excitedly Katey cheered for Daniel after he cleared the
stage, she sat up onto her knees and leaned into his shoulder,
hugging him. Daniel grinned over at her, “And thats how
you do it! Want me to keep going or would you rather try again?”
Katey was still leaning against her brother’s shoulder,
contemplating for a moment before shaking her head. “No,
you go ahead. I wanna get past this one so I can see the ending
and move on to the 2nd one.” Daniel nodded and continued,
but he noticed his sister still hadn’t budged. Normally
he wouldn’t mind but it was obvious she wasn’t wearing
a bra and her breasts were engulfing his right arm and shoulder.
With all his might he tried to focus on the game, but already
he could feel his skin growing a tinge hotter. Suddenly
Mario died to a blatant mistake, causing Katey to laugh
which sent vibrations through her breasts against him.
“Whats wrong? That was terrible! hahah.” Katey goaded
her little brother, wrapping her arms fully around his
shoulders now and laying her cheek on his neck. “It’s
okay, you’ll get it this time!” Daniel was almost shaking
now at this point trying to keep his mind contained, but
it was futile. He kept his eyes on the T.V. but he could feel
his monster of a dick filling with blood, making his head
swim. Even the fabric pulling against him sent was unbearable
as his member formed a bowed tent in his pajamas, threatening
to force the elastic band back from his waist and spring
out. Now his breathing was quickening and his palms broke
out in sweat. “Great! Now my sister is going to learn what
a creep I really am”, Daniel thought to himself. Desperately
he tried to change his train of thought or focus more on the

Katey watched Mario take another awkward turn and then
accidently dive off a beam to his death. She furrowed her
brow in confusion and squeezed her brother, “C’mon
now, get your head back in the game boy.” She liked teasing
him but most of all was elated to finally have someone to
play games with and talk to. Being alone in a house in the
middle of South Dakota came with no perks, and was incredibly
lonely. She also couldn’t believe how absolutely cute
her brother had become, looking handsome and very innocent
somehow at the same time. She inhaled his boyish scent and
smiled happily, contented to be spending time with Daniel.
She would make sure he was happy and got to feeling at home
here. After a few minutes Katey began to notice that his
body was becoming uncomfortably warm, causing her to move
her cheek off his shoulder. Daniel’s breathing was shallowed
and he seemed to be distant from the game at this point. Puzzled
she started to re-adjust herself next to him when she noticed
his lap. It looked like a sausage was straining to get out
of his pajama pants. Slowly Katey felt her cheeks flushing
red and she uttered a surprised “Ohh!”, her eyes fixated
directly on his lap. Stunned she could only stare at his
erection, amazed by the contrast of such a large thing on
her cute little brother’s small frame. Her eyes leveled
with his face finally but Daniel was too flustered to meet
her gaze, “I’m so sorry Katey, I’ve just never been
this close to a girl before.. and I don’t have internet.”
Katey looked confused again, arching a brow. “What do
you need the internet for?..” She sat back on her heels
and looked at her brother, genuinely curious. Caught now
by his own words Daniel fought to find a way to describe what
he was trying to say, “Well, .. on the internet.. there
are pictures of beautiful girls, like you, and .. they expose
themselves and do things with guys on camera. Then I watch
it on my laptop and .. j-jerk off.” Katey gave him a disturbed
look, but she understood somewhat having heard rumors
of guys being aroused constantly and doing crude things.
From time to time she fantasized about boys and spent time
frequently with a local boy that would try desperately
to get into her pants, so she could somewhat relate. “So
.. if you jerk off, your ..’thing’ doesn’t get big?”
Katey asked. Daniel nodded, “Yes, sometimes I have to
do it..a couple times a day to keep it down.. and it’s been
weeks since I’ve had an internet connection and privacy..
I’m getting so frustrated.” Katey frowned at the thought
of her brother being uncomfortable in his new home, she
was trying to think of any material that might be in the house
to alleviate his problem but in a house with two women there
wasn’t much but fashion magazines. While she was staring
off pondering Daniel was gazing directly down at her uncovered
thighs, able to make out the top of her mound outlined in
her panties. Katey’s eyes met his and she saw were they
were staring, causing her to chuckle. Despite the situation
she couldn’t help but find it alittle funny that he was
helpless to his urges. “I don’t know Daniel.. You want
to take a break from playing tonight and go take care of..
that?.” She motioned to the giant bulge, smiling sweetly.
It was all she could do to keep her eyes off of the obscene
tent in Daniel’s pants. It was hard for her to believe
but she was actually curious as to what exactly her little
brother was packing. It sent a tingle through her thinking
that he was this way due to her.

Daniel looked puzzled at his sister, he couldn’t help
but wonder why she was so well composed despite the fact
he was sitting on her bed sporting an enormous boner because
of her. He knew she thought he was attractive because he’d
caught her staring at him several times since he had arrived
the other day. He tried to do his best to ignore it but it was
hard sense he was also stealing long glances at her. She
was a bomb shell of a girl. Swallowing hard Daniel worked
up the courage to push his luck. “I do want to take a break
and take care of this.. but maybe you could help me? If you
just stripped and let me look at you it would be better than
anything on the internet!” He gave her his most puppy-eyed
face possible, trying to sound as sweet as possible. Katey’s
brows perked and she blushed a little bit, shocked but pleased
deep down that Daniel was so enthralled by her body. “Don’t
be silly, we’re siblings and .. that sort’ve thing
is unhealthy..” She bit her lip in a demure way, but it
was obvious she was having conflicting feelings on the
situation. Her brother was so cute and that look he was giving
Katey melted her heart. Daniel stood up on his knees and
shuffled towards Katey, coming to a stop directly infront
of her. Parting his knees some he leaned back using his left
arm to support him. With his right hand Daniel pulled the
front of his pajamas down until the waistband was around
his thighs. Pointing directly up at Katey now was the only
penis she’d seen upclose that was so large it looked like
a skinny babies arm. Veins covered the entire length of
the fleshy rod, the tip was swollen a puffy red and leaking
clear seminal fluid profusely. “Please, it.. it hurts
so bad, I need some kind of relief.” Katey’s mouth dropped
open at the sight, unprepared for such an angry looking
thing to belong to her brother. It dangled there so vulgarly
twitching and swaying enticingly. Instantly an unfamiliar
heat creeped into Katey’s skin and flared inbetween
her thighs, making her light headed for a moment. She didn’t
respond, her breathing coming in shallow bursts as she
stared at his flexing manhood. Without waiting for her
permission Daniel started to stroke his cock infront of
her, letting his precum help lubricate the slow pumps.
While she stared he continued to oogle her body, eyes roaming
her hips and thighs again. So baddly Daniel wanted to just
ravage his sister’s tight, perfect body from head to

Katey watched her brother stroke his hand up and down his
engorged shaft, mesmerized completely. She shifted her
thighs together and moistened her lips with her tongue,
collecting herself enough to look up into Daniel’s eyes.
They Were glassy and staring at her half-clothed body again.
“That does look unbearable.. let me help you some.”
Katey had never done anything this sudden and bold in her
life but she knew she couldn’t just let her brother suffer
in such a manner. Her hands clasped the hem of her shirt and
with a tug pulled it up over her breasts. They both bounced
free, two perfect round orbs that begged to be touched.
Her chest jutted out, putting her boobs into view for her
brother’s pleasure. After she tossed the shirt aside
she reached up and clasped her breasts in both hands, fondling
them a bit roughly and pinching her nipples slightly for
her own pleasure. This alone caused Daniel’s pace to
quicken as he watched her. Unintentionally he began to
bite down on his lower lip. For a few minutes Katey played
with her breasts until her nipples were painfully erect,
but it seemed Daniel was still in the same position. Determined
to help him Katey wasted no time, standing she spun away
from him and moved her butt as close to Daniel’s face as
she could without falling on him. Gingerly her fingers
slid below her panty-line and dragged them down slowly
revealing cute dimples and a perfectly heart-shaped ass.
Her skin was still lightly tanned even though it was winter
and goosebumps stood up on her perfect plump cheeks. Katey
looked back over her shoulder and watched her brother,
wagging her hips from side to side and bending her knees
slightly. “Oh god.. thats so beautiful” Daniel lustily
muttered over the sound of his hand pumping his dick. Precum
flowed ceaselessly from the tip of his shaft, making his
hand and member glisten at this point with fluid. Hunching
his hips forward some after a few minutes Daniel free’d
his hand and used it to pry apart his sister’s ass. She
yelped a little in surprise, “Hey! ..Don’t look there,
it’s dirty!” She wasn’t implying her hygiene, but
she just couldn’t imagine anyone enjoying staring into
her backside. Non the less Daniel continued to manipulate
her ass cheek in his palm, looking right into her peach colored
pussy and cute, puckered little asshole while he jerked
his prick. He tried his best to spread her back-side in such
a way that her pussy lips would part and reveal some of the
pinkest flesh he’d ever seen beyond her outer lips. “Oh
no.. it’s not dirty at all.. it’s amazing.” Back
and forth he moved his hand, making her cute slit close then
peel apart.

Daniel was growing more bold and frustrated as time progressed,
unable to reach climax despite having his beautiful sister’s
amazing body on complete display for his pleasure. He sat
back again and took his hand off his cock, using both to support
him as he leaned back and pushed his meaty pole forward teasingly.
“Ohhh.. IT’s just no use. I’m only getting harder
and harder and it’s becoming more painful. I don’t
know what else to do! I guess I’ll just try to tough it out..Ahhn.”
He lowered his head and gave her a pitiful look, his dick
vulgarly pointed up at her and still oozing juice. Katey
blinked in confusion, “Are you sure?.. is it because
I am not sexy enough?” Daniel looked back up at her with
shock, “No, no.. it’s not that at all! It’s just that
I’ve masturbated over the years so much it’s really
hard to cum using my hand. It’s been affecting me for sometime
now.” Katey turn around to face him again and sunk down
to her knees between his legs. Katey’s eyes met his and
she took a moment to work up courage to speak. “I could
try.. and do it for you, if you want Daniel.” Daniel rolled
his eyes at his Sister for effect, acting like she was being
insensitive to his plight. “If my hand cant do the job,
how could you hope to with no experience..” Daniel trailed
off as he spoke, shifting onto the balls of his feet and standing
now on the bed. “It would be better if you used your mouth,
and I could use my hand on the lower part.” Katey now had
a mushroom shaped penis tip hanging inches from her face,
the smell of his manhood making it’s way into her nostrils.
She barely heard his words as she sniffed her brother’s
dick, all the co-mingling scents were new and fascinating
to her as much as the new feelings she was having. In response
to Daniel’s request she hesitantly opened her mouth
as of by some bizarre instinct and waited obediently for
Daniel. It didn’t take long for Daniel to pick up on the
invitation. He cluthed his member around the base with
his left hand and placed his right on top of Katey’s head.
His fingers slipped into her silky hair and gently gripped
Katey’s silky, brown locks. Daniel was gentle as he guided
her head down and towards his cockhead which was throbbing
in anticipation. With a small shove of his hips he planted
the swollen tip between her vevlety soft lips, the sensation
eliciting a groan from Daniel that surprised himself.
Katey opened her lips willingly and let them stretch around
Daniel’s girth. She let her neck relax so that her brother
could use her mouth as he wished. Daniel shivered with excitement,
guiding her head closer to him and lifting his hips at the
same time. He fed her almost half of his shaft, the head pushing
nearly past the back of Katey’s throat. She gagged slightly
and coughed around his dick. The feeling made his hairless
ballsack flex and he felt precum rush up his rod, “C’mon
Katey.. suck like you’re trying to get syrup off a popsicle..”
He smiled down at Katey, unable to believe he was slowly
fucking his sister’s gorgeous face. The contrast of
her sweet lips that were gliding up and down around his veiny
penis made for an arousing view. Katey’s tongue flicked
over his pee-hole every-time his dick retreated from her
mouth, eagerly lapping up any precum that collected there.
Then it would swirl around and around her brother’s meat,
giving special attention to the ridges around the tip.
Never in her life had she imagined a dick tasting so erotic,
by now her head was swimming feverishly and all of her thoughts
had evaporated except for pleasuring Daniel. She was completely
oblivious to the noisy, wet sounds that were filling her
room and echoing down the hall.

Katey was tireless, not even taking a single break. after
10 minutes Daniel’s dick was beginning to look like a
shiney, gooey mess. It didn’t seem like she was the least
bit bored either, making sure to keep up to the rythme of
her brother pumping his hips. She didn’t seem to mind
at all that copious strings of saliva were hanging from
her chin and the corners of her mouth. The room was filled
with quiet groans from David and long, loud slurps. Reluctantly
Daniel gripped his sister’s hair and pulled all the way
back until his dick sprung free of Katey’s mouth with
a “POP”. Puzzled she held her mouth open with tongue
extended out for a moment, breathing steadily in wait before
realizing something was off “Daniel? Is it not working?
I’m trying my best..” Daniel let out an exagerated
sigh and shook his head slowly, “I don’t know whats
wrong.. You’re doing a good job though. How do you like
my dick?” Daniel wagged it at her teasingly, slinging
a bit of spittle onto his sister’s bed spread. Katey looked
away from Daniel, embarassed for a moment, then slowly
she turned back toward him and smiled sheepishly, “Your..Your
dick is really delicious. I cant believe I’m saying this
to my brother.. ” She looked away again blushing. How
could she possibly be looking up at her brother telling
him that his cock is delicious Katey thought, had she lost
her mind already? After a moment Katey looked back towards
Daniel’s cock, she reached forward and cupped his cute,
hairless balls noticing them for the first time. Her hand
gently kneaded them and she urged him towards her, “C’mon,
you can pump faster if you want.. I’m sorry it’s not
working.” Much to Daniel’s shock she was sincerely
wanting to help him now, his manipulation had worked completely
and now he planned to take a small amount of advantage of
his sweet sister. “I do know a trick, but you have to be
able to hold your breath and not mind alittle discomfort
in your jaw.” Katey’s eyes widened, she knew right
away sort’ve what he was implying but she had no idea how
she would be able to fit any more of that thing into her mouth.
Already the tip had prodded the back of her mouth alittle
roughly causing some discomfort. Daniel locked eyes with
Katey and gave her a pleading look, he notioned her to look
at his dick again which at this point after all the attention
was rock hard. Katey paused and then sighed, dipping her
head down to catch a droplet of precum from Daniel’s dick.
” Mmmn.. yum. As long as you don’t break my neck with
that thing, and if I pinch you STOP.” Katey waited for
Daniel’s directions, her pussy dripping wet at this
point. She ignored it for the time being. She had never been
this turned on and for some reason it fueled her arousal
by pleasing her brother.

“Really?.. Really!? OH thanks sis, you’re awesome.
I wont hurt you at all, I’ve seen this on videos!” Daniel
was giddy at this point, he was finally going to be able to
re-enact one of his favorite porn scenes. He loved pornos
where the guy would get deepthroated and then climax explosively.
They always seemed the most satisfied. He didn’t mention
to his sister that the girl in that video vomitted a couple
time and had watery eyes through the whole ordeal. Daniel was confident he could do it without
being as rough and so he guided her into position. “Down
on your hands and knees sis.. Thats good! Arch your back
and lift your chin. Like that, good. Are you comfortable?”
Katey nodded, though she knew her arms would get tired like
this after awhile. She spread her legs alittle more so she
could be low enough and Daniel stepped back infront of her.
Katey’s face was now about level with his balls and thighs,
she wet her lips with her tongue in anticipation and she
looked up at Daniel with a supportive grin. “I’m ready
now, brother” Katey said as Daniel slipped his hand around
her face to cup the back of her head snuggly. With his other
hand he grabbed the base of his dick and held it in place infront
Katey’s lips, they were at the bottom of the bed so Daniel
lifted a leg up and rested his foot on the foot-board to give
him some downward leverage. “Open your mouth and stick
your tongue out, and please dont bite down or pull away ..
even if you gag, okay?” Katey nodded and opened her mouth
obediently, her tongue sticking out. Daniel took a moment
to appreciate how sexy Katey was in that position. With
no more delay he pressed his dickhead over her tongue and
down into her waiting mouth. Once he had the tip lined up
with her throat he released his shaft from his hand and rested
it ontop of Katey’s head. Daniel held her firmly, keeping
his sister’s head inplace, his toes flexing against
the bed as he readied himself. Katey’s lips clung loosely
around his dick and she reached up to clasp his cute, soft
butt against her palms. She kneaded his butt encouragingly,
widening her mouth as much as possible. “Here goes nothin!..
nngg..Ooh!” Daniel forced his hips downward in one fluid
motion, hoping his dick would just dissapear easily down
Katey’s waiting throat. Unfortunately there was enough
resistance that her head shifted and his dick veered hard
into her cheek, Daniel’s hands held her head tighter
forcing her still. This time he gripped her chin with white-finger
tips, keeping her head from being able to turn at all. A muffled
whine escaped her lips but she didn’t punch him, so Daniel
took this as approval. Putting his weight into the next
attempt his dickhead met the same resistance, but Daniel
wriggled his sister’s chin until he found the sweet spot.
“AAAGgghhhnnn…FUCK!!!” Daniel cried out as he
buried his swollen prick to the balls in Katey’s throat,
the force nearly made him loose balance and topple over
his sister. Katey did as she was told and didn’t move,
though her eyes were nearly bulging from her head and tears
were beading in the corners of her eyes. Gaining his balance
Daniel pulled back alittle so that her nose wasn’t mashed
into his pelvic bone but then his hips spasmed and he found
himself grinding his pubic area into her nose while he took
in the sensation of her tight throat wrapped around him.
“God thats sooo g-ggooood..” he pulled back from her
mouth, long strands of throat slime clinging to his shaft.
Katey gasped in air around him, looking up with blood-shot
eyes at Daniel she attempted to scold him. “Not quite
so hard, that nearly choked me out maybe we cou–GLURKk!
Ggggrglle GURK GURK GURK!” her words were cut off by a
long dick being force-fed down her throat. Daniel was too
into it at this point to let her protest, his only fixation
now was fucking his sister’s face in deep, long strokes.
The tightness of her throat was driving him crazy, jolts
of pleasure shot through his spine each time buried his
dick to the hilt in Katey’s mouth. Daniel was babbling
consoling words to his sister now, stroking her hair tenderly
despite the fact he was being relentless. Katey could feel
his long shaft slide like a snake down her throat, opening
it up roughly again and again. His prick flexed wildly,
becoming increasingly swollen and rigid. Katey was driving
her brother to a point of ecstacy he had only fantasized
about until now.

Katey clenched her fists into the sheets and tried to blink
away the tears, it didn’t necessarily hurt but it wasn’t
pleasant having an 8 inch dick freely scooping out her throat.
Daniel was showing no sign of letting up, forcing her to
suck in breaths sporadicly between longer thrusts. Wet
slaps joined the other sounds as her brother’s balls
bounced freely off her chin. Spit was bubbling out of Katey’s
nose and each gag produced a fresh cascade of slimey spit
from her throat. By now it had splattered her bare chest
and made a complete mess of Daniel’s dick and balls, even
his pajama bottoms were beginning to soak up spit. She could
have pinched his butt or pushed him off but he seemed to genuinely
need this release and she wanted so much to make him happy
even if it meant a sore jaw in the morning. He pulled his dick
out of her mouth suddenly and released the rough hold on
her head. Instead he cupped her face sweetly in his hands
and looked into her eyes. Katey could swear there was something
strange glinting behind his gaze. “Open your mouth wider,
and suck harder.. I wanna cum right now, ” Daniel whispered
the words nearly, waiting for Katey’s reaction. She
seemed unphased so he took that as a sign he could climax
in her mouth. To test the theory further he formed a ball
of spit and let it drop down towards Katey’s mouth, missing
it landed on her cheek between her nose and eye. Before she
could protest the second attempt landed squarely in her
mouth. Katey swallowed her brother’s spit, ignoring
the wad of it that was running off her cheek. Daniel grinned
happily and as soon as she re-opened her mouth he moved to
fill her mouth with cock again. This time he was even rougher
in his endeavor, not even using his hips he pulled Katey’s
head up and down on his prick by her hair like a toy. Katey
fought back the urge to gag but couldn’t help that every
third thrust would cause her to gurgle loudly on her brother’s
dick. After what seemed like 5 solid minutes Daniel finally
hunched his hips and moaned softly. Katey could feel his
cock pulsating even more wildly against her lips despite
them being swollen and turning numb at this point. Daniel
pulled her hair and brought Katey’s head up until just
tip was poking into her mouth. Katey didn’t know what
to expect, just happy to be able to breath again. She suckled
at the head of his dick until suddenly a burst of burning
hot goo painted the inside of her mouth. Her first instinct
was to swallow it even thought it was salty and slightly
unpleasant but it was quickly replaced by another even
more volumious spurt of gamey seed. She didn’t want to
upset her brother or make him think she didn’t love him
enough to let him finish so she swallowed dilligently,
noticing that the spurts were becoming thicker and harder
to swallow instead of weaker.

Daniel was shaking nearly as his sister milked his cock,
his eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a low guttural
groan. Normally he came so much it would take a hand towel
to mop up the mess afterwards, and having been a week his
balls were emptiying a seemingly endless load. All he knew
was this was heaven, that moment, with cum being literally
sucked out of him by his gorgeous sister. “Almost…
all of it.. ffuuckknngghh..” Daniel shuddered as his
prick gave it’s final flex and sent one last weak spurt
onto Katey’s tongue. She suckled until she was sure he
was drained and leaned back after a few seconds to savor
the salty cum on her tongue. While Daniel caught his breath
he clasped his shaft behind the balls and gave it a squeeze,
coaxing out a stinky wad of spunk that must of been in his
balls for quite awhile. Smiling mischeviously Daniel
used his dick head like a brush and spread the cum over his
sister’s lips, her tongue darted out to clean the gooey
treat off his pisshole. “That was amazing.. hows my cum
taste? .. Here, have a bit more..” Daniel stroked himself
and coaxed another strong smelling wad up his shaft that
had been coagulating in his balls for the past week. This
time he wiped it directly onto her waiting tongue. Katey
rolled it around on her tongue and licked the remnants off
her lips for Daniel’s pleasure before swallowing daintily.
She had to admitt that the last bit was a bit bitter, but not
enough to make her gag. “It wasn’t bad.. I feel like
I drank a tall glass of warm milk now, though..” Katey’s
face was still somewhat red and saliva was still drying
on her body. She slowly slinked off the bed and moved to her
dresser, looking for something to wipe her face clean.
Daniel laid back on her bed, a warmth radiating through
him now. He stretched out entirely and closed his eyes,
his dick finally relieved and losing it’s size steadily.
“Katey.. You’re the best sister in the world. I cant
believe we’ve been living apart this whole time.”
Katey turned around and smiled at Daniel, she was happy
to help him with his problem. Even though her throat was
a bit sore already she knew Daniel had to be completely satisfied.
Her own loins still itched and burned though she didn’t
really want to admitt, all she knew was her head was swimming
with desire suddenly for things that should disgust her.
Daniel sat up and fixed his pajamas, eager to move on to his
games but not wanting to make his sister feel used. “Did
you still want me to help you with mario.. or you mind if I
go play on my laptop?”, he said. Katey shrugged and nodded
“Sure, if you want. I’ll beat it I’m sure.” Needing
no further encouraging Daniel sprung up from his sister’s
bed and left her room. First he made a stop to the bathroom
to clean the saliva off his groin and his thighs. After that
he was settled into his desk chair playing minecraft like
nothing had just transpired.

Katey shook her head to herself and took the controller
back up. Still flustered she tried to refocus her attention
to her game, though she was unable to. She kept tasting her
brother’s semen on her tongue even though she had been
sipping on a glass of tea constantly since he’d left.
Never in a thousand years did she imagine she’d see he
brother again, much less pleasure him with her mouth ever.
Something about his cuteness and that throbbing monster
between his legs had made her putty. She knew if Daniel marched
back into her room and demanded she suck him again that she’d
be powerless to resist. Now instead of focusing on the game
her mind was racing on outfits to wear and what kind of things
her brother would ask her to do. After awhile she turned
off her system and slipped under the covers of her bed, her
fingers finding their way down into the front of her panties.
Her pussy lips were puffy and swollen from arousal, her
mound topped with a curly tuft of pubic hair. Slowly Katey
gathered the moistness on her index finger and slipped
the tip inside her pink hole, probing herself with abandon
to the thought of her brother. After a few minutes of pawing
herself she drifted into blissful sleep.

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