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Renovation Fun


The sun was just beginning to bring Angela to the edge of
awareness when there was a thump on the bed and a furry face
rubbed itself against her cheek. “Mor’n Susie.” Was about
all she could manage as her hand automatically sought the
head and ears attached to the cold wet nose trying to get
her attention. “So what is it you want this morning, food;
out; or just not to be up alone?” It was kind of nice to have
back this alarm clock with a personality. Although Susie
didn’t always work on the same schedule as Angela it was
close enough for most days, especially weekends.

‘Oh darn!’ Thought Angela, ‘it is Saturday and the electrician
and carpenter will be in this morning.’ 7:30 had seemed
a good idea yesterday when she was wide awake and wanted
the project going forward but now with the sun shining on
the bed and Susie curled up purring beside her it wasn’t
so attractive a time to get up and moving. A smile came to
her lips as she thought of the images that had gone through
her mind yesterday as workmen of all sorts had trucked through
her house plying their various trades. Hummm, yes what
was his name? Rob? Interesting name for a lock smith. There
were a couple times Angela had turned a corner to see him
either bent over, or squatted down as he worked to change
the locks on the doors. No crack creep on that one, she thought,
just a nice hard round butt. The kind of butt you want to put
your hands on his hips and pull him back into you, feeling
that nice hard butt against your body, breasts pressed
into his back, close enough so that the hard points of nipples
can’t be missed. Oh, my where did that come from? Angela
kidded herself as she squeezed her legs together. With
a mental sigh, and the resolve that went with it, Angela
rolled away from the cat and sat on the edge of the bed.

Up and halfway through her morning routine Angela found
herself facing her underwear drawer, a pair of white cottons
in her hand. The women looking back from the mirror THIS
morning didn’t look like a white cotton woman. It wasn’t
that you would say she was a model, or even sultry, it’s just
that she looked, well sexy. As the thought took hold in her
mind Angela looked at herself as some one else might. She
didn’t look twenty, but after all she was on the far side
of forty, She wasn’t model tall, but at 5’ 6” and 135 pounds
she did look good. Everything fit together right and on
a day like this when she was happy and thinking sexy thoughts
her body seemed to reflect that. Her breasts looked just
a little fuller, her tummy even a bit tighter and as she turned
sideways and let her eyes follow the curve of her hips and
bum, Yes, even that looked like it would attract a man’s
eyes for more than a lingering glance. Angela actually
laughed out loud as the thought crossed her mind that naked
as she was, she was likely to attract more than admiring
glances. Refolding the cotton panties, Angela pushed
in the top drawer and pulled open the one at the bottom of
the dresser. Before she had time to change her mind she had
chosen and pulled on a matching set of pale blue high-rise
panties that were totally see-through except for the gusset.
Even the bra was 100% transparent, the pale blue colour
contrasting against her skin, and the low scoop of the neckline
showing more cleavage than she had since the Christmas
party the year before. Over these she pulled her skinny
day jeans and a flannel work shirt. She felt more naughty
than sexy for the contrast of her under to outerwear. With
a smile on her face Angela went down to the kitchen looking
for coffee and more change in her life than just a new kitchen
would bring. You have to wonder if there is someone directing people
to be at-a-place at-a-time, because just like stepping
into the shower causes the phone to ring, the sputter of
the end of the coffee maker was followed by the doorbell.
At least the coffee would wait… She had only talked to him
on the phone when he called to confirm the time today but
there was no mistaking the man at the door. 5’ 9” of 40 something,
bright eyes, an engaging smile and VERY MALE. Maybe it was
the way his shoulders were up and back, the dark hair that
was long enough to fall heavily across his forehead but
not so long as to be unkempt. What ever it was Angela had an
image flash of his face very close to hers… the kind of close
where the very next movement is either a bumped nose or a
kiss. Kiss. Now there was a word that only a few days ago was
put together with “Off”. In fact that was the catalyst for
getting this work done. Having just told a long time “friend”
to kiss-off Angela was focusing on something she had wanted
to do with her home for some time but had just never got around
too. It was a good distraction and here she was daydreaming
about kissing this man she had never met before.

Maybe that was it. Having never met this guy, being up against
him and wrapping her arms around his neck would be totally
new and strange, she couldn’t help but feel aroused at the
thought of turning on and being turned on by this stranger.
“I’m Sandy, from ACME Cabinets. I believe you were expecting
me.” Opps. Angela felt her face heat as she realized she
had said nothing, simply stood there in the open door, letting
her imagination run away with her. “Oh come in. I’m afraid
you caught me in the middle of a number of things. Coffee
is just finished” she tossed back over her shoulder as she
turned and headed for the kitchen. As Angela looked back
she had the feeling that she had seen Sandy’s eyes jump to
her face from the stranglehold they had had on her behind.
Smiling to herself, ‘Looks like he’s an ass man.’ She thought,
and then chuckling, ‘I wonder what he would think of my panties?’

Sandy was a conscientious worker. Forgoing coffee he started
right in on confirming the cabinets that were to be removed
and replaced with the more modern, and expensive, set Angela
had wanted for so long. One of the first tasks was to remove
the plumbing under the sink so as not to create even more
mess than was already planned. The twinges in her back and
the stacks of boxes and over flow of dishes, pots and pans
in the living room attested to the fact that yesterday had
been a busy day for Angela too. She had known the cabinets
would have to be emptied but the reality was somewhat more
effort than she expected. Putting them back in her new cabinets
would be a pleasure though. The water shut offs under the
sink weren’t good enough for Sandy, so down the basement
they went, Angela leading the way talking back over her
shoulder to Sandy. Was it the excitement of finally getting
this work started or was it something else that was making
her heart beat a little faster, her breathing a little more
rapid? What ever it was Angela hadn’t been this aware of
herself in some time. As they searched for the main shut
offs he seemed to get closer and closer to her. Angels could
almost imagine feeling his breath on the top of her head
and then on her neck as he leaned over her shoulder to see
the area being pointed out to him.

People instinctively know time. When an action takes place
quicker or slower than what they would expect, they are
very aware of it. Angela was sure Sandy was taking much longer
to straighten up from over her shoulder that was expected.
Both of them stood absolutely still, conversation had
trailed off, the house was quiet, the sound of breathing
the only sounds to be heard. “That’s it then.” Said Sandy
reaching for the lever high in the rafters and breaking
the spell. As his arm dropped back it brushed her hair and
although she couldn’t be sure, Angela had a feeling that
it wasn’t an accident. When going back up the stairs Sandy
made a show of letting her go first then waited at the bottom,
watching her climb back up to the kitchen, Angela felt a
twinge between the legs she knew he was watching. Rather
than be annoyed she felt pleased that she still enjoyed
the attention. Besides he hadn’t done a single thing to
make her feel uncomfortable. At least not the ‘I don’t trust
you’ kind of uncomfortable. The heart in your throat, ‘what
do I want?’ ‘what do you want?’ uncomfortable, now that
was a different matter.

It wasn’t long and Sandy was back from the truck with toolbox
in hand then under the sink disconnecting the pipes. Angela
sat at the table sipping her coffee and watching. She hadn’t
realized she was going to watch. In fact she had brought
out a book, but had yet to open it. Because his head and shoulders
were under the cupboard Angela knew she couldn’t be seen,
and took pleasure in watching the way he moved around as
he worked under the sink. “Could you pass me the pipe cutter,
please?” broke Angela out of her careful study of male lower
body anatomy. “Sure, where is it?” “Top left of the tray.”
The toolbox lay to the side of Sandy’s knee. Just out of reach
while he was bent back under the sink. Angela squatted down
and bent forward to search for the cutter. It wasn’t that
she didn’t know what she was looking for. It just took some
time to find it in amongst all the other tools also in the
top left of the toolbox tray. With the pipe cutter in hand
she looked to meet Sandy’s eyes as she passed the tool forward.

Only his eyes weren’t looking at her face they were dividing
their time between her crotch and her chest. Once again
Angela’s face went red as she realized the in the position
she was in her legs were spread wide and her shirt hung away
from her body. Ordinarily this would be no problem at all
as after all she had jeans on, and a bra. But the reason they
were her skinny day jeans was the way they hugged her body
and how soft they were. Jeans get soft when they get worn.
And these had been her favorite for years. Consequently
below the seam that runs between her legs was white with
wear, and about as thin as they get without being holed.
Not normally an issue except the position she was now in
showed much more detail of her anatomy than would ever be
seen standing or sitting. The seam pulled up tight along
the seam of her vulva the frayed jean material snug against
the lips to either side. Angela could understand his fascination
with looking between her legs but what was so interesting
on her chest? Oh yes, the flannel shirt. It was big on her
and Angela seldom buttoned the top two buttons. If fact,
this morning she had left three undone as she liked the way
the soft flannel rubbed back and forth across her nipples.
Now she had unwittingly just provided her carpenter with
the knowledge that she was wearing a very sheer and sexy
bra under a man’s work shirt.

Angela wasn’t the sort of person to punish someone else
for her own actions. If fact she didn’t even want to let on
she was aware of the little private show she had just put
on. So handing off the tool, she slowly stood back up and
stepped back to lean against the counter out of the direct
line of sight so Sandy couldn’t see how red her face became.
Nor could he see how erect her nipples became as she thought
of the extent of the show she had just put on. From her position
with the counter to support her Angela became aware that
Sandy was moving around much more than he had been before
asking for help. It didn’t take much deduction to figure
out that he was uncomfortable. And it was with no little
surprise that Angela noted the discomfort wasn’t from
the illicit peek but was the direct reaction to it. Sandy
was getting a hard-on.

Angela watched as the bulge in Sandy’s pants took on a life
of it’s own. At first it just appeared to get fuller, then
she could see that it was moving down his leg. ‘Oh my god!’
she thought. ‘I’m standing here watching a man, I hardly
know, get an erection from looking at my jeans and bra. What
would he do if I rubbed my crotch against his?’ Angela almost
chocked on her coffee as the image of getting down on the
floor, straddling his hips and rubbing herself against
the plainly visible penis worked it’s way through her mind.
It’s just as well she had stepped back; as her face was so
red it would be impossible to innocently explain it away.
But then at the moment Angela didn’t feel all that innocent
she felt horny, and in fact she was getting wet. Had you asked
her later, She likely couldn’t have said at what point she
decided to flirt with the carpenter. But with her pussy
tingling and butterflies in her stomach Angela went down
on one knee in front of the sink, placing her hand on the floor
inches away from the hard cock laying along the top of Sandy’s
leg, bending forward with the most innocent look she could
manufacture asked “Is there anything else I can get you?”
It was almost classic in the way Sandy swallowed air and
fighting to keep his eyes on her face, answered that he had
what he wanted…

Starting to get back up, Angela didn’t dare place her hand
where she really wanted too, so instead, let the back of
her fingers brush the side of his leg. She didn’t even try
to hide the fact that her eye watched his cock give a twitch
as her hand made contact with his leg. Then returning to
her chair sat with her legs straight and feet apart her crotch
aimed directly under the sink. Raising the book in front
of her face she pretended to read when what she really wanted
to do was place her hand between her legs and scratch the
incredible itch that had started there. Angela watched
over the top of the book as Sandy, eyes glued to her darkening
crotch, and thinking she was engrossed in her book, reached
down his leg and straightened the leg of his jeans letting
his cock rest in a more comfortable if somewhat more visible

As Angela watched, Sandy once more tackled the job he was
there to do, and gradually the hard length that was his cock,
softened and retreated back up his leg. Angela was fascinated
with the performance of this piece of male anatomy and made
plans for how she was going to get to see it perform it’s trick
again. At some point it was inevitable that Sandy would
be done under the sink, even with the continual distraction
of Angela’s frayed jean crotch only a handful of feet away.
It was interesting to watch though as the sounds under the
sink would stop and the bulge would swell some then recede
as the sounds resumed. If Sandy noticed that Angela never
turned a single page of her book, he certainly never let

Pulling himself out from under the sink he turned and bending
over the counter started working inside the sink. His butt
swaying in time with the turning of the plumber’s key. Once
again Angela had that image of herself spooned against
that firm back and butt. Mentally giving her head a shake
she did steal the opportunity to pinch the inseam of her
jeans and pull the material away from her clitoris where
it had worked itself quite firmly, and noticeably, as she
sat there with her legs splayed and on display for her and
Sandy’s pleasure. As luck would have it Angela was just
completing this task as he turned back around to ask a question.
The look was quick but noticeable as they both ignored what
he had just seen. The request was to hold a stick, Sandy had
wedged under the edge of the sink, flush against the counter
to allow room for his fingers to get the grip required to
lift the whole unit out of the countertop. Stepping in close,
neither one moved back as Angela’s left breast came in full
contact with Sandy’s right arm. You could have heard the
sound of breathing if either one of them had taken a breath,
but for a full count of thirty neither one did. Finally Sandy
took the weight of the sink on his arms, and lifting and turning
to the left, alternately pressed the tit then left it feeling
degrees colder as he moved away. Angela found herself standing
at the counter, stick in hand and eyes closed as she replayed
the rush that had started in her breast and made it’s way
up her back and down her belly. ‘What am I doing?’ she asked
herself as she made her way to the bathroom, and sliding
her jeans and panties to her ankles sat on the toilet with
her knees spread and without the slightest urge to pee.

Angela ran her hand up and down her thigh, Alternately getting
closer and further from her pussy. She was in no hurry, she
wanted to enjoy this. For more than an hour she had been getting
hotter and hotter teasing Sandy, now it was time to bring
it to a head. She need some release. Even if it wasn’t the
release she knew she really wanted, a little finger work
on her labia and clitoris would bring her back down to where
she wouldn’t be in immediate danger of ripping his clothes
off and dropping herself down on that hard cock he was displaying
through his jeans.

On the infrequent times Angela chose to bring herself off,
she liked the soft strokes of her fingers, building the
sensations ever so slowly from her knees to her crotch.
When it was a lover’s hand she wanted more pressure. It’s
funny how the same stroke she used, tickled and distracted
when used by a lover. Angela’s other hand stole its way between
the buttons of her shirt and stroked the top of her breasts
above the cup of her bra. Alternately tracing the lacy edge
and rising to her collarbone. Only when she let her fingers
touch the lips of her labia did she push her fingers under
the bra and include a rub across the nipple. Stroking gentle
circles over her pussy and tugging a nipple between two
fingers brought Angela further and further up the side
of that mountain that was her pleasure. Her breathing became
laboured as though each step up that hill took an effort
of will. And indeed it was an effort of will for Angela to
bring herself up the mountain and yet do so quietly. Holding
her bottom lip between her teeth, eyes scrunched shut,
nothing existed outside the fluttering, heat that was
her groin. Abandoning the tender circles Angela’s fingers
sought the inside of her cunt, jamming two of them inside
the slick soft folds of her vagina she tore at her nipple
with her other hand. It was a race up the mountain now, the
image of Sandy laying on the bathroom floor, his cock, hard
full and erect, moving forward to straddle him and the feeling
of the head of that hard penis rubbing between her legs and
pushing onto her cunt. Stretching her open and touching
every nerve in the channel of her sex as she lowered her weight
down onto his hips until her pubic bone mashed against his
and she was able to rock her hips back and forth letting the
coarse mat of his pubic hair rub directly against her clit.
With the image in her head and grinding the edge of her hand
into her slit Angela came. Not the total breath taking mind
blanking orgasm she would have had with Sandy’s penis inside
her but a releasing jump and soaring flight off the side
of the mountain non the less.

As her abdomen twitched and her chest heaved for breath
Angela felt it was good enough to let her get on with her day.
Wiping the wetness from between her legs and pulling the
damp panties and jeans back up against her pussy, Angela
reached to wash her hands. Turning the tap she heard a gurgling
sound and with a moment of panic remembered they had turned
off the water.

Reaching for a towel Angela wiped her juices from her hand.
It was impossible though to wipe off the smell of her sex
from her hands and even with the window open the smell of
sex lingered in the room. Angela could only hope that it
would dissipate before the room needed to be used again.

Opening the door Angela was startled to find Sandy just
outside the door. “Sorry to make you jump. I’m afraid that
coffee went right through me.” Casting her eyes down Angela
mumbled something as she brushed by him, her face bright
red with the thoughts of what she had just done with his image
in her mind. ‘What had he heard? What would he think?’ God,
she didn’t even know what she thought, let alone could she
figure out what Sandy might think. She turned and went into
her room, dropping onto her bed just as she herd the sound
of the door click shut. Letting her hands lay flat against
her forehead Angela thought how thin the walls were that
she could even hear the sound of Sandy pulling down his zipper.
‘Oh my god, what did he hear of me?’ The sound of piss hitting
the water distracted her from her potential embarrassment.
The sound of such a private act and the smell of her fingers
so close to her face once again had her squeezing her legs
together. As the sounds from the bathroom stopped Angela
strained to hear the sound of the zipper again. Instead
what she heard was a soft slapping sound, Confused at first
it didn’t take but a few seconds to figure out what the sound
actually was. Sandy was doing the very same thing she had
done! As she lay there listening to this man masturbate
in her bathroom Angela’s hands stole back down her body.
Cupping her breast and pushing her own zipper back down.
Her fingers made their way deep inside the soaked crotch
of her panties and slid along her cum slick pussy. How long
they masturbated together, she had no idea but eventually,
with just the thin wall between them, she herd Sandy grunt
with finality and with the flush of the last of the water
in the toilet tank Angela had time to role over on her belly
before the bathroom door opened and she watched as Sandy
went past her door and back down stairs.

Still reeling from the feelings generated by what had just
taken place she stepped out of jeans and panties, tossing
the panties in the corner of the bathroom she took careful
note of how she had left them. Pulling the jeans back on Angela
carefully settled the thick seem between the lips of her
pussy so the now wet material lay directly along her clitoris.
Even walking caused her to tingle all the way from her mound
to her asshole. Walking back down stairs she held her breath
and would have closed her eyes except she wanted to see if
Sandy would watch her and where he would watch. Would he
know she had just listened to him masturbate? That her panties
were now waiting for him in her bathroom?

No debutante ever walked down a set of stairs with more awareness
of how she looked and the feelings that that coursed through
her body than Angela did after deliberately leaving her
panties in the bathroom for Sandy to find. Angela was no
virgin teenaged girl standing in front a mirror and exploring
the soft bumps and folds of a developing body. She knew what
horny felt like and she was horny with a capital ‘suck hard
on my nipple and press your cock against my hip’ horny. The
question in her mind was, what was she going to do about it?
Her effort at masturbation, far from quelling the heat
between her legs, served instead to fan the flames. Sure
she got the release she was looking for, but it only reminded
her of how hot she could get and how great it was to abandon
herself to the feelings. ‘Oh god, not abandon, not that.’
The last time she had let go when she was this horny she had
totally embarrassed herself when she had become too aggressive
for her partner’s ego. The big strong he-man had practically
cowered when Angela had pushed him back over the arm of the
couch and leapt on top of him. Cripes she hadn’t even ripped
his shirt, it was only a single button, popped off because
he was taking too long and she was sure that a gentle tug was
all it needed so she could get to that bare male chest. Not
abandon, no. Something else then. Completely in her control
but good, hot, and fully satisfying. She would make the
rules! It slowly came to Angela that she was fully expecting
to initiate a sexual event between herself and Sandy. She
wasn’t going to let him fuck her, she wasn’t that kind of
girl. But they were both going to have some hot and heavy
very sexual fun. Angela had no doubts that Sandy would go along with playtime.
But she was equally sure that she would have to make the first
move. He was after all in an industry where reputation is
everything and living in a society where even the accusation
of taking advantage of someone sexually a death sentence
to trust. Sandy would error on the side of caution in interpreting
any signals that Angela would welcome his attention. Subtleness
in this case just wasn’t likely going to work. Of course
she couldn’t just grab hold of his cock either. That would
be far too forward and risk scaring him off. Angela cast
her thoughts back over what had taken place in her house
so far that morning. It was a shock to realize that only an
hour had past since she had answered the door. So much had
taken place in that hour, a sly smile crossed Angela’s face
as she considered there was a whole day ahead. Well up to
this point they had been doing a great job of teasing each
other to distraction. No reason not to just continue in
the current vane, then seize the opportunity as it were,
when it presented itself.

Sandy had his ladder against the face of the old cabinets,
working at dismantling the upper cupboards. His back to
the kitchen door Angela’s entry was lost on him. It did however
allow her a few moments to study his body, shoulders taught
with the weight of the unit he was supporting as he undid
the last fastener holding it to the wall. Narrow waist peeking
out of the gap between t-shirt and jeans. Well rounded butt
without a wallet patch to spoil the look. Thick legs that
looked powerful enough to hold him and someone with her
legs wrapped around his waist upright without strain.
On that note the full weight of the upper cabinet dropped
into Sandy’s arms and the foot of the ladder lurched back.
Instinctively Angela stepped forward, braced her sneaker
against the footplate of the ladder and grabbed jean material
in both hands. As Sandy voiced his thanks he was bending
forward to set the cabinet on the countertop. Simple physics
would have predicted what would take place next. At least
as far as bodies in motion and the angles they would assume
goes anyway. After all a person balanced on a ladder bends
forward at the waist. A person behind that person remains
in position to hold the bottom of the ladder from slipping.

To maintain balance, the buttocks of person on the ladder
angles back as the shoulders are lowered, keeping the center
of gravity over the balance point of the ladder. The end
result, pun intended, is the face of the person standing
on the floor and the ass of the person on the ladder are going
to come in close proximity. How close depends fully on the
person standing on the floor, and her willing or unwillingness
to move away from danger. Making a split second decision
Angela decides, there is no real danger now and if it will
help things along she can stand the temporary indignity
of having her face against Sandy’s jean covered ass. As
they come in contact Angela blows her warm breath straight
between the cheeks of Sandy’s ass. He might as well have
taken hold of a 120 volt bare wire. Dropping the cabinet
the last fraction of an inch, he bolts upright and spinning
round on the ladder, face as red as a Christmas tablecloth,
tries to stammer out an apology. His stammering stops short
as he realizes that in turning around on the ladder he has
transformed an embarrassing situation into a potential
disaster. Instead of pushing his butt into his employer’s
face, his crotch is just inches away from her nose, the bulge
of his cock directly at eye level. Not a sound is heard. Neither
is even breathing. Sandy searches Angela’s face for her
reaction. Angela’s eyes are locked on Sandy’s jean front.
As he becomes aware of her area of concentration two things
happen. Sandy’s cock starts to swell and his brain, understanding
that the thing in his pants is reacting to Angela’s study
starts to panic. Only when Angela lifts her eyes to Sandy’s
and smiles does his sense of panic even start to recede.
His penis however doesn’t recede at all. It simply continues
to fill with the blood that at that very moment is also colouring
his face.

“Oh my, that’s nice.” Whispers Angela, as her eyes return
to their study of the reaction of Sandy’s cock to her interest
in it. Neither of them moves. Well except for that one part.
Seeking to break the tension, Angela leans forward, nips
the jean covered cock with her teeth, then leaning back
and arching an eyebrow, looks Sandy square in the face.

Sandy lets out the classic audible “gasp” arches his own
eyebrows and sorts through the information available:
#1 Angela has allowed her bra sorta covered breasts to be
seen; #2 The way she had been sitting while reading the paper,
however attractive, was exceedingly unladylike and so,
out of character for this women; #3 He had heard noises coming
from her bedroom that sounded suspiciously like masturbation;
#4 She had just bit his cock!

The penny drops for Sandy as he realizes that he isn’t the
only one in the room who is horny. Further, Angela’s direct
attack on his bulge might just mean she would be interested
in more than verbal foreplay. The risk was in not misinterpreting
the signals and taking things further or faster than Angela
was prepared for. Although all indications at this point
were that if he behaved himself at all, the limits wouldn’t
be quickly reached. Now all he had to do was figure out how
to respond to the lower frontal attack. Plan “A” For the
moment, ignore the attack. Put operation “tease” into
effect and turn up the heat gradually. Sandy was sure by
this point that if Angela wanted more, faster she would
either say something or do something to hasten events.
There would be time later for discussion of rules and limits
as the behaviour of either of them approached boundaries
as yet undefined.

“Thanks for catching the ladder. I should have known better
and opened it sideways. But you know how it is when you do
something on impulse and it starts a chain of events. You
look back, shake you head and tell yourself, ‘I knew that
would happen’ but you did it anyway.” Sandy looked Angela
straight in the eyes and continued, “Sometimes you break
something, but most times things come out OK.” Then as though
he was daring her Sandy walked straight down the ladder,
brushing his body down hers as she kept her foot on the bottom
of the ladder but moved slightly aside to let him pass……

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Now, why can't I be sandy on the job??? No body EVER does
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So Far So Good lol Lets hear the rest of the Story lmao trucker


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3!!!! Very well done, the suspense is KILLING ME!!


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so much fun -what a great ride lol