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Renee's Fanatasy


My roommate, Rob, used to work for a small engineering company.
When I say small, I mean his boss was the engineer, he was
the draftsman and the only other employee was the receptionist.
Since the boss was usually out getting the work, that left
Rob in the office doing the work. Consequently, he spent
a lot of time with the receptionist.

When Rob started telling me about the new receptionist
they'd hired, Lisa, I thought things sounded good
for him ‒ she seemed to be quite a flirt. Little did I know
at the time that hiring Lisa would be beneficial to both
of us eventually. Rob would come home and give me the latest
each day after work ‒ Lisa did this, Lisa said that ‒ but one
day he had even more interesting news. Turns out Lisa is
good friends with Dawn, a cocktail waitress at one of our
favorite watering holes whom Rob had briefly pursued in
the not-too-distant past. I didn't know if this was
such a good thing because it looked like things were going
well for Rob with Lisa. The last thing he needed was Dawn
to distract him and take away his focus ‒ a bird in the hand
is worth two in the bush, as they say.

It ended up I was worrying for nothing. If fact, I think Rob
may even have had ideas of trying to hook me up with Dawn.
The four of us got together for drinks one evening and had
a really great time. Dawn and I didn't hook up, but then
neither did Rob and Lisa. Instead, we spent the evening
laughing and joking like we had been hanging out together
for years. We had so much fun that it didn't even bother
me that things weren't leaning toward the romantic.
That's not to say that I didn't find Dawn, or Lisa
for that matter, attractive. On the contrary, I wasted
plenty of time daydreaming about what I would love to do
to either or both of them.

As time went on, we got together every now and again and always
had a great time. Nobody was pushing for anything to go farther,
though Rob and I talked about how sweet it could be if it ever
happened. One Saturday in December, we finally crossed
that line and never looked back.

Lisa and Dawn had come up by us to go Christmas shopping.
It was a cold, gray day and after a few hours of going from
store to store, we headed back to our apartment to warm up.
We made a big batch of hot chocolate and were sitting around
listening to music not doing much of anything when Dawn
said, "I think this day is trying to put us into a funk.
Let's do something fun."

Rob jokingly suggested strip poker.

"We would so whip your butts, " Dawn challenged.


This wasn't unlikely ‒ neither Rob nor I was much of
a card shark, but they didn't know that. We did know
how to keep a poker face, though, and how to get their competitive
hackles up. We jawed back and forth about who'd be whipping
whose butts until no one dared back down. We broke out the
cards, set some ground rules and settled around the table.

It turned out we all pretty much sucked at poker and pretty
soon none of us was wearing much. Rob and I still had our jeans
and underwear on when Dawn lost her bra. Lisa was already
down to just her bikini panties at that point. It was so erotic
seeing them gradually shedding their clothes and I had
almost blown a load in my pants when I got my first look at
Lisa's naked boobs. They were probably 36C's
topped with big pink aureola and hard nipples. If the tabletop
had been glass they would have seen my rock hard rod straining
against the zipper of my Levi's. Of course if the tabletop
had been glass, I'd have been able to stare at them in
their bikini panties for the past ten minutes and there'd
probably be a wet spot on the front of my jeans.

Dawn slipped out of her bra, freeing her lovelies. I'd
guess 34C ‒ she was smaller than Lisa, but she was also a smaller
girl so they looked nice and big on her small frame.

"So what happens after we get one of you naked?"
Rob piped in.

"Rob, you'll be naked long before either of us."
Dawn responded confidently.

"Oh, so you're going to start playing now?"
Rob shot back.

"You're dead now, Mr. Naked. Pretty soon we'll
all be straining to see your tiny little penis."

Things were getting ugly now, so I threw down a challenge.

"Okay, if you're so confident, " I said,
"how about we make this interesting. If either of
you guys wins, Rob and I will both strip off our jeans but..."
and here was the interesting part "if one of you loses,
you both lose your panties or..."

I trailed off.

"Or what?" they both asked.

"Or you can keep your panties on and Rob and I will still
lose our jeans despite winning, but you two have to blow

"You got it, " Dawn answered without even consulting
Lisa, "because it won't matter. You guys are
going down."

I love playing cards with Dawn because, while she talks
a good game, she sure as hell doesn't play one. Lucky
for Lisa, it was actually Dawn who lost that hand. Now came
decision time. Of course I had to put my two cents in.

"If you lose your panties, the game is over."
I explained. "But, if you blow us, you keep your panties,
play at least another round and maybe win the next challenge."

This sounded ideal to me because at the rate things were
going we'd be seeing them naked at some point soon anyway.
I figured why not get some action on the way there. Like two
gambling addicts just trying to stay in the game, they went
for it.

"But who does who?" Lisa asked.

"You alternate." I answered. I'd really
thought this through. "You start on Rob. Dawn starts
on me. After a couple of minutes you switch. And whoever
blows his load first, the other one gets both of you."
I couldn't believe they were actually going for it.

We moved over to the couch and Rob and I slid our jeans off.
We both had tent poles in our tighty-whities. Dawn and Lisa
knelt before us and slid our briefs down. I think they were
both shocked at Rob's size. I'd seen his cock before
and I knew that despite his slight build, he was hung. It
made Dawn's comment about his "tiny little penis"
especially funny.

We both sat down with the girls in front of us. Dawn didn't
waste any time. She grabbed the base of my cock in one hand
and sunk her mouth down on me. Oh my God was she good! We'd
be back playing cards again in no time because there was
no way I'd be able to hold out. I watched as my cock slid
in and out of her hot little mouth then glanced over at Lisa.
She had stretched her mouth around Rob's monster and
was working slowly up and down it as far as she could go. Dawn
was licking up the underside of my cock and around the head
and tonguing my balls before sinking it back into her mouth.
I felt the hint of my orgasm starting to build and was just
about to say something when Rob said "Switch!"

He must have been getting close, too. He would be in trouble
when Dawn got a hold of him. The girls released our cocks
and crawled to their new positions. Lisa immediately deep-throated
me, I guess since she actually could. Dawn took a second
before going to work on Rob with her tongue. I think she needed
to prepare before sticking that thing in her mouth. I returned
my attention to Lisa, running my fingers through her long
brown hair. She was gently fondling my balls while her mouth
pumped up and down my shaft.

I could feel her tongue sliding up the underside while her
wet, full lips caressed me from root to head. The heat of
her mouth intensified the pleasure. The break while they'd
switched positions had helped my staying power, but I knew
it wouldn't be for long. I really wanted to blow my load
in Dawn's mouth, so after just a few minutes I said "Switch!"

The girls switched positions again and I felt the warm comfort
of Dawn's mouth immediately. Rob couldn't have
had his cock in Lisa's mouth for more than thirty seconds
when I heard him grunt. I looked at Lisa trying unsuccessfully
to swallow all of Rob's load as it dripped down her chin.


When he finished, she cleaned herself up and moved over
next to Dawn. Dawn held my cock, gently pumping, while the
two of them took turns sucking and licking it. I closed my
eyes and leaned my head back, enjoying what I assumed at
the time was a one-time occurrence. I was already extremely
close when Lisa joined Dawn, so it didn't take much
longer with both of them working on me. When I was about three
sucks away from blowing my wad and Dawn took her turn, I put
both hands on her head and pushed my hips toward her, indicating
that I was ready to blow. I moaned as I shot my load into her
hot mouth. Dawn didn't miss a drop and continued to
suck me clean until I was totally limp.

We all took a few seconds to recover before Dawn goaded us
back to the table with her claims of imminent victory. Rob
and I left our jeans behind but pulled our briefs back up
‒ we were all now on equal ground. At the table, I told the
girls that Rob and I wanted the same deal they got ‒ if one
of us loses, we have the option of losing our last remaining
garment or going down on them and keeping it. I figured I'd
be a winner even if I lost ‒ I would take eating pussy as a prize
or a punishment.

The girls had already lost their option loss, so they'd
be losing their panties if they lost, but I had a feeling
once they agreed to give us a loss option that I'd be
having a terrible hand. Rob may have been playing to win
- whether to preserve his pride, to see them naked or to avoid
eating pussy ‒ but I was covertly taking a dive. When the
hand was over and I was indeed the big loser, I took the "going
down" option and Rob reluctantly agreed. I think
he figured we'd be going back to the table and he'd
be able to win the next hand.

What he didn't realize was that, first, by winning
the next hand we'd be stripping them of their panties,
which we were just about to do anyway in order to go down on
them, and, second, I had no intention of making it back to
the table. I was planning to work them over with my tongue
then move right along to fucking.

At the couch, I knelt before Dawn and ran my hands up the back
of her legs to squeeze her ass before I slid her panties down.
Her pussy was incredibly well maintained ‒ her lips were
shaved bare and the hair above was closely cropped and groomed.
As Dawn sat on the couch, I glanced over at Lisa and saw that
her dark bush was a bit fuller. I could feel the blood beginning
to return to my organ as I leaned in and spread Dawn's
legs. I spread Dawn's pussy lips away from her clit
and went to work with my tongue. I slipped one, then two fingers
into her dripping pussy and worked them in and out while
licking and sucking her clit. She was rotating her hips
and holding my head while groaning. The more I licked, sucked
and pumped, the longer and louder her moans got and the faster
her hips were moving. I was figuring it wouldn't be
much longer when I heard Lisa say "Switch!"
‒ I had forgotten about that!

Dawn groaned disappointedly this time when I moved away
from her and over to Lisa. Rob took my place between Dawn's
legs and I took his between Lisa's. Her bush was indeed
fuller, but not overgrown. She kept it trimmed short, but
didn't shave as much as Dawn did. I attacked her pussy
much the same as I had Dawn's, licking and sucking her
clit while fingering her hole. This time she was doing the
groaning and Dawn's noises had tapered off. I guess
with a tool like his, Rob didn't have all that much practice
using his tongue.

Lisa was moving frantically while holding my face against
her pussy. I went from flicking her clit with the tip of my
tongue to lapping at it with my entire tongue, like it was
an ice cream cone, while fingering her faster and harder.
I noticed Dawn's moans picking up about the time Lisa
arched her back and let out a cry. As her juices washed over
my tongue and fingers, Lisa convulsed several times, her
body breaking out in a thin sheen of sweat. I let up on her
when she relaxed back onto the couch her eyes closed.

I straightened up, kneeling in front of her, and glanced
at Dawn. The way she was moving, it looked like she was very
close. Her eyes were closed, her hips were pumping and she
held Rob's head firmly in place. I looked back at Lisa,
who still had her eyes closed, and slipped my briefs down
to my knees, allowing my cock to spring free. I grabbed it
and rubbed the head up and down Lisa's slit before plunging
in. Lisa's eyes flew open, revealing a raging lust
in them, and she let out another cry. She reached around
to grab my ass, pulling me in as far as she could, and wrapped
her legs around me. I started long, slow strokes in and out
and leaned down to kiss her. Her hands moved up to the back
of my head and we made out.

I broke the kiss only because it was easier stroking when
I was upright. I reached out to fondle her big, beautiful
breasts and play with her nipples. I noticed that Dawn was
moving frantically now, eyes still closed, and groaning
louder now. I reached over and fondled one of Dawn's
breasts, concentrating on her hardened nipple. Suddenly,
she let out a cry, followed quickly by another, as her orgasm
tore through her. I released her nipple and returned my
attention to Lisa, increasing the pace of my stroking.

I was leaning both hands on the back of the couch and Lisa
had her arms and legs around me when Dawn opened her eyes,
sucking in her breath when she realized what we were doing,
and called out "Switch!"

Nobody complained.

I desperately wanted to fuck Dawn, she clearly was interested
in having me, Rob I'm sure was happy to fuck either of
them and I'd bet Lisa was thinking about Rob's
monster cock. I slipped out of Lisa's slippery channel
and moved over to Dawn. Rob was standing in front of Lisa,
so she gave him a quick tongue bath before he knelt and slipped
into her. As ready and worked up as she was, Rob slipped in
pretty easily despite his size, but Lisa still about sucked
all of the air out of the room as he filled her up.

I pressed the head of my cock against Dawn's opening,
teasing her briefly before slipping all the way in.

I leaned down and Dawn and I shared our first kiss, our tongues
snaking into each other's mouths. Her legs were wrapped
around me and she threw her arms around my neck as we made
out. I was supporting myself with one arm while my free hand
played with her breasts and nipples. I suddenly became
aware of Lisa making a lot more noise. I glanced over without
slowing my pace and saw her thrashing about as Rob reamed
her. It sounded like she was having one wicked orgasm.

Having just fucked Lisa myself for a little while, I didn't
think I'd be able to hold out very long for Dawn. When
I got to a point where I thought I was getting too close, I
pulled out and had Dawn turn over. She knelt on the floor
and leaned on the couch as I entered her from behind. I sunk
myself all the way in and reached around so I could stimulate
her clit at the same time ‒ I wanted to make sure she got there,
too. I began my long, slow strokes again while gently rubbing
her clit and cupping one of her breasts.

I heard Rob begin to grunt and looked over to see his frenzied
fucking before he stopped abruptly and collapsed onto
Lisa. I picked up my pace, hoping Dawn was getting close.
She started getting noisier and pushing back against me
to meet my thrusts. I straightened up, releasing her breast
and leaving her clit, and grabbed her by the hips and fucked
her harder. As I felt that familiar feeling start to build
and was worried that I'd beat Dawn to it, she suddenly
cried out loudly and I felt her pussy convulsing around
my rigid member. I increased my pace even more so my hips
were smacking against her beautiful ass. Before she'd
finished riding out her wave, I sent shot after shot of cum
right up into her.

When I finally finished, I was totally spent. I collapsed
onto the floor and pulled Dawn down with me. We lay there
recovering while Lisa and Rob did likewise on the couch.

When we had all finally caught our collective breath, we
realized we were hungry. We called and ordered some pizza
and gave the delivery guy a nice tip by having Dawn and Lisa
answer the door naked (had it been a delivery woman, Rob
and I would have answered the door). We spent the rest of
that day naked, indulging in each other's bodies.
We didn't even go to bed that night ‒ we just spread out
blankets and pillows on the living room floor and spent
the night all together (and believe me, there wasn't
much sleeping!).

Sunday didn't end up being the day of rest it's
supposed to be, either.
She wiggled a little, positioning Brian where she wanted
him and hovered. Her hands worked fast with pushing down
his pants and untying his shoes. She pulled them off of Brian
and tossed the shoes one way and the pants went another.
She glanced up, her hips rocking a little on the offered
prick head, teasing herself as well as him. She caught Mark's
gaze and smiled seductively at him,

"Come here Mark." She spoke up breathlessly,
demanding all the same but it was too sexy to be deemed as
such. Mark stood up and walked over to stand beside her.


"Stand in front of me." Her tongue darted out
and lapped at her bottom lip, the idea of sucking Mark's
cock while riding Brian was exactly what she needed. She
slammed down on Brian hard and taking him entirely within
her boiling depths. Brian let out a loud gasping groan and
bucked under her. Mark stood over Brain's legs before
her, anticipation of what she was going to do to him eating
away at his strongly held sexual desires. Her hands reached
out, grasped his boxers in her hands and peeled them down
slowly. Inch by inch Mark's cock was revealed to her,
standing strong and proud she shivered again, he wasn't
as thick as Brian, but he was long with a fat mushroom head.


The thoughts alone made her become wetter. Brain's
hands took her hips as he tried to move under her. Taking
his cue, she lapped the head of Mark's prick and bounced
on Brian. Her features contorted instantly into a blissful
mask, her mouth feasting on the head of one while fucking
the other. I was shaking slightly from what I was seeing,
I had to stop stroking my cock before I lost it myself. I moved
and repositioned the camera to get a better angle, this
time staying with it to zoom in and out.

She groaned, her lips parted to engulf more of Mark's
fat head. Her cheeks danced as her tongue wiggled and wormed
around the tip, Mark's own reactions caught on camera
as well. His fingers threaded into her hair, tugging it
to the side to uncover her face, his hips moving his cock
in and out of her mouth.

"Mmm yeah… Suck it baby… suck it from me…" Mark's
voice was thick and deep, his words urging her on to tease
him further. She sank lower on his cock, her own pleasures
nearly distracting her from what she was doing. Brian's
hands trailed up and down her back, watching as goose bumps
rose here and there on her skin. Her walls were tight like
a glove, sucking at his cock desperately. He wasn't
sure how long he could go this slow and hoped Mark hurried
up soon. He wanted to bend her over and fuck her hard and deeper.
Hear her cry out her release, feel it on his cock. He hadn't
been with someone who came as hard as Renee had done, the
thought of what he would feel made his cock twitch. He had
to pause to keep from losing it right then and there.

Her movements picked up, her hungry mouth taking him deeper
and deeper into her throat. Suckling hard and slowly on
his cock, she pulled off and wiggling she went back down.
She was a good cocksucker, put many pros to shame so she had
been told. She intended to keep that title and show him how
good she was. Her hand worked with her mouth, encasing him
entirely in heat. From her hand into her mouth, up and down
she worked, her moans growing longer and deeper at the same
time. Mark's cock twitched in her mouth as he gasped
out for air. She was making him weak in the knees, her suction
and technique milking him rather quickly. This was too
much for him to hold out for so long. He didn't care who
was watching any longer, just the thought of fucking a buddy's
girl, how sexy and hot she was, it sent his balls boiling
and his cock expanding.

"OH GOD! I'm… I'm gonna…. FUCK! Cumm!"
His voice gurgled a little his face twisted as his groan
echoed in the room. He slammed in and out of her face, her
head twisting madly from side to side as she sucked his cock
dry. Spurt after spurt shot into her throat, swallowing
only a few she released his cock and jacked him off on her
tits. Brian kept moving slowly, his own balls tight and
wanting to explode, he hovered as best he could and waited.
She jerked off Mark, getting every last drop of semen from
his cock before she took him into her mouth again and licked
him clean. Releasing his cock from her hold, she began to
massage her breasts, rubbing Mark's cum into the fleshy
mounds. Mark collapsed into the chair and watched as he
tried to calm his breathing down.

She moaned again, reaching between her legs to lightly
caress Brian's balls and tickle his shaft. Her cunt
was wet and dripping all over the poor guy, his cock working
in and out slowly. She moaned, her fingers finding her clit
and rubbing in small circles.

"Get on your hands and knees!" Brian ordered,
pushing her off his cock. Complying she moved to the floor
in the position he wanted. This time they faced the camera,
her eyes meeting mine with a devilish glit. Her hair stuck
to her face here and there, her lacey top plastered with
cum stuck to her breasts as well. She wiggled her ass at Brian
invitingly and waited. He moved up behind her, his hand
taking his cock to once again rub up and down her slit. He
humped himself back and forth a few times grazing her clit
with the ridge before moving up to her pussy. Having a second
thought, he pulled back from her and crouched down, his
tongue running from clit to anus and back down, he thrust
his tongue in and out of her gaping wet hole a few times.

"GOD DAMMIT!" She panted out, growling and
rocking back and forth, "Fuck me!" she wasn't
in the mood to wait any longer, she was close to cumming and
needed it.

He took a hold of her hips, positioned and thrust, burying
himself to the hilt in one thrust. She cried out from shock
and pleasure, he pulled back slowly, almost out of her center,
before he slammed back into her again. The sound of his pelvis
hitting into her ass began to echo in a steady rhythm.

"Like that?!" He barked out

"Yes." She panted.

"Do you like it!" He demanded louder

"YES!" She cried out louder.

"You like my cock in your tight little cunt don't
you?" He growled out with a smirk.

"Mmm yes!" She responded.

"How badly do you want to cum Renee?" He asked
again. Mark's eyes were wide, never thinking for a
moment Brian would speak while fucking someone. He was
such a quiet man at other times. This really baffled him
but instead of laughing, he was actually getting aroused,
waiting for her answers as well.

"Badly! Oh God I want to cum!" she purred out
the word cum, agony over the lingering tease. She was so
close to it, she wanted to cum so badly she could taste it!


"Do you like Nathan watching us?" He questioned,
his cock thrusting steadily in and out, pausing on the in
to grind against her. His hand reached around and under
her, finding her button and fingering it quickly twice
before pausing.

"DO YOU?" He barked out.

"YES!" She whimpered again, her body shaking
and sweating profusely at this point, Her hips, ass and
thighs tightening as she rocked before him. Brian knew
he was pushing it, Renee was a quiet one, quieter than he
was, but he wanted to make sure she remembered this with
pleasure not boredom.

He began to fuck her hard, forcefully shoving her forward
across the floor until she braced tighter. He grunted and
groaned now and then, but he pistoned in and out of her cunt
until she was begging him to cum. She twisted and thrust
back, her pussy clenching and milking him each thrust.
Her juices were flowing freely, his balls were soaked in
it and yet he wanted more from her. Her fingers dug into the
carpet, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip and biting
down as the pleasure clawed up from down deep. He thrust
harder and faster, moving diligently. Sweat dripped from
his body, down his chest past his flat stomach and into his
light sprinkling of pubic hair. He worked and worked, his
balls tightened a little and he reached down to grip the
base of his cock to keep from cumming.

"Cum Renee!" He barked out.

"Cum all over me girl… let me feel your cunt spasms!"
He kept talking, he kept thrusting in and out. She could
barely move, her body movements becoming jerkish and tight.
Brian released his hold on his cock and took her hips into
his hands, lifting her up a little further he plummeted

"Ooooooooooooh yes! Fuck you are tight! Cum Renee!
Cum… Oh shit! Fuck, here it comes!" He tensed his balls
tightening as his cock expanded inside her, he thrust deep
one last time as her pussy exploded around him.

"OH GAWWWWWWD!" She wailed out, near crying
as she came around him. He lost total control as her muscles
clamped down on him, his cock was yanked out of her quickly,
his hand stroking his cock furiously as he shot load after
load of spunk over her back. Sailing high, it landed in her
hair, on her shoulder and down the center of her back, until
finally her ass. He rubbed his cum in with his cock head,
around her asshole and crack before he went down to his ass
hard on the carpet.

She went down as well, lying there in a heap on the floor,
she panted for air her body once more twitching with pleasure.
She could feel the cream from her pussy leaking out of her
sensitive pussy, the muscles inside working still, wanting
more cock inside just to cling to. She groaned, rolling
to her back as Nathan moved away from the video camera.

Our eyes met, a soft smile playing on my face as I knelt down
beside her and gave her a deep probing kiss. The night was
still young, we could explore a lot more if she was willing,
but first she needed to rest. Mark looked like he was ready
for some action as well, I would wait and see for now. Renee
rested for a short time, Mark sat stroking his cock and watching
her sweat glistening body move in the lamplight. Brian
laid back, a contented smile on his face. I sat on the couch
and waited, my own cock still straining in my pants.

Mark moved from the chair, coming down and lapping his tongue
up and down her wet slit. Instantly Renee was awake and moaning,
her hands caressing her own body as she arched under his

She wanted more of this, she was still aching but unsure
how much more she had in her. Mark answered that for her when
he latched onto her clit and began to suckle. She cried out,
loud and harshly from the contact on her swollen nub.

"Come." He held out his hand to her and waited,
her eyes met his as a seductive smile caressed her lips.
Taking his hand he tugged her upright moving backwards
at the same time to sit on the chair.

"Do you want this Renee?" He said as he stroked
his thick rod before her. Her hand tightened in his as she
nodded her head. She did want it, she wanted to feel him inside
her as she had done already with Brian.

He pulled her to him, his face burying between her breasts
a moment as he kissed her chest. Pulling her to straddle
his lap, she reached between their bodies and took his cock
into her hand.

"Tease yourself with it, let me watch you.."
He pleaded with her gently. She gasped a little, feeling
the head of his prick graze against her. So hot and soft,
yet stiff and ready for her. She groaned, arching her back
a little, rocking above him. His cock head brushed back
and forth sending delicious waves of pleasure up and down
her spine, her pussy clamped in on its self and began to drip
with creamy juices.

His hands came up and began to kneed at her breasts a little,
toying with her nipples as he tensed his cock and made his
head grow larger. She purred above him, wiggling and rocking
as her wetness dripped down to coat his prick.

"Oh yeah! Just like that baby…" His words slurring
from his lips, half muffled as he munched on one nipple at
a time. He sucked in a hissing breath as his head found a home
between her moist folds, he released her breasts and gripped
the arms of the chair, lifting up into her center.

"Fuck me baby! Come on, show me what ya have!"
He urged her on, bucking his hips up and down, probing her
hole for depths.

She groaned, lifted up and sank down slowly on his shaft.
They both let out a long sigh of pleasure as she rested on
the base of his cock. His hands reached around and took hold
of her cheeks and lifted her up. He pulled nearly out before
pushing her back down hard as he thrust up. She grunted and
he groaned, her hand resting on his shoulder and gripping
there. The other dipped down between her legs and began
to finger her clit vigorously.

She shivered, I could see it from across the room as she began
to bounce. My eyes feasting on the show I knew was coming
with eager anticipation. Her breasts bounced with each
impact, but just slightly. They had yet to pick up speed.
I heard my own groan of pleasure as I reached and gripped
my cock once again. Slowly I began to jerk myself off, my
eyes alternating between her breasts and her facial expressions.
God! She got me so fucking hot at times, I felt my cum boiling
in my balls, I knew it was coming soon.

I stood up and moved to the side of the chair, watching her
pick up speed as Mark grunted like a rutting dog beneath
her. Thrusting harder and deeper up into Renee's cunt.
I watched not that, but her tits bouncing. The strap began
to fall on her left shoulder first, exposing the top of her
pale soft breast. My cock lurched in reaction, like a peeping
tom I stood there, whacking off to the sights and sounds.
Nothing could take my attention away from what was to come.


She reached out and took my fingers from my cock, her mouth
encasing the head as she deep throated me down. Her moans
vibrated my cock, tickling and teasing, the other strap
fell as well.

"Oh god!" Mark and I both said it at the same time,
but for different reasons. Her pussy was contracting around
his cock, milking him and I was watching her top sink slowly
further and further down. Reaching out I grasped one of
her tits inside her shirt and gave her nipple a tweak. She
jumped in response and groaned out in pleasure. She sank
further on my cock, sucking for all she was worth, so damned
hot I about lost my load right then and there.

Mark took her other breast and caressed it a little, releasing
the mound the shirt sank lower, her nipples barely keeping
the shirt on her body. I shoved my cock in and out with the
same movements as Mark was doing below her. She cried out,
tensing as her orgasm washed over her, I could hear her juices
bathing his cock as he began to fuck her furiously, hard
jarring movements that sent her tits flopping out.

I gasped, my eyes watching the wave like movements of her
tits as he plummeted her harder and harder.

"OH FUCK! IM CUMMING!" He cried out, thrusting
madly in and out, she let go of my cock and cried out, "Oh
FUCK! Oh yes! HARDER! FUCK ME! Oh Fuck! I'm Cummmming!"
She twitched again and lost it, my hand found her breast
and gave a squeeze, she leapt off of mark and pushed me hard
to the couch. Down instantly she went, pushing my cock between
her tits and fastening her lips on the head. Mark lay panting
in the chair as he cock finished erupting all over his stomach.


Brian moved up behind her, shoving his cock in hard and fast,
wanting to cum while he watched me titty fucking her senseless.
She squeezed her breasts hard, encasing my cock and suck
for all she was worth. It was just too much, I gripped the
sides of her beautiful tits and began to fuck earnestly
up and down. My body tensing tighter and tighter, she begged
me to cum.

The suckling and slurping sounds, on top of the sights I
had been watching, the sound she made as Brian fucked her,
the motions the entire damned night was just too much! I
felt it happening and let out a roar, "YES! NOW!"
All I could get out as my teeth clenched and my cock began
to spurt over and over. On her tits, her nipples where she
aimed me, her cheek and then her lips, she stroked me off
until nothing remained inside. Her mouth went quickly
to work with sucking me until I begged her "N-No more!"
It was so sensitive I could barely move.

Brian gripped her hips and slammed in three more times before
he pulled out and she rolled to her back, half over me and
half on the floor. Brian aimed his cock and spurt his load
all over her tits as well.

Watching from a dazed state, she began to purr as she rubbed
the dripping cum into and around her breasts and nipples.


I don't recall what time it was, or when Brian and mark
left us that next morning, but I do recall showering her
and putting her to bed. I curled into her body, my head nestled
on her pillowy breasts and dozed off with a sweet smile that
matched her own tired but well pleased grin.

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