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His instructions were precise and explicit. She was to
arrive promptly at 11:00 a.m. wearing a form fitting skirt,
crotch less panties, a push-up bra and a low cut sweater
to reveal her ample breasts. A garter belt and stockings
plus high heel shoes were also required.
Gina pondered Brad’s request with trepidation as she showered.
The bra, sweater and skirt were not a problem, neither was
the garter belt as she still owned a couple, though had not
needed to wear one for quite some time. The stockings would
have to be purchased, and she had a friend who would let her
borrow the shoes. The panties were a problem. She had a pair
ages ago when she and her husband were newlyweds, but that
was old history. There were no shops in the small town where
she lived that sold such raunchy items, and if they did,
she wouldn’t have the nerve to be caught buying them. She
would just go without.

All this preparation was doable. Getting out of the house
dressed like this was going to be tricky! She would wear
some jeans and a conservative top, and dress in a coffee
shop washroom on the way. What a tall order for a first encounter!
However he said she would be generously rewarded.

Gina showered and paid close attention to her newly shaven
pussy. They had discussed their particular fetishes in
numerous e-mails, cyber chats and phone sex encounters
so she knew he would appreciate this recent attention to
the area. She also made sure her anus was tidy, as Brad had
promised a special treat for that particular zone! Gina’s
knees were growing weak, just imagining what was to soon

His directions to the Riverside Cabins were equally detailed,
and she was to drive to the far end of the complex and park
directly behind cabin 14. The setting was tranquil and
peaceful. Gina hoped the next few hours would not be!

The cabin was in a secluded area, under majestic pines next
to the river and quite private, which was good as the last
thing she wanted was to be recognized or disturbed.
She parked the car where he asked and made her way to the front
door and knocked. As she waited she looked around and noticed
that there were no other cars near the cabin. Perhaps he
got held up at work or maybe he had a change of heart. Gina
found this highly unlikely because he showed no signs of
growing timid during their last phone conversation. She
turned the door handle and discovered that it was unlocked,
so she proceeded in.
It was well appointed for a rustic cottage. A large four-poster
bed constructed of pine logs with matching furniture,
a varnished wooden floor with throw rugs, a small kitchen
and bathroom. Quite a contrast from the cookie cutter motel
rooms she had her previous encounters in. There was faint
music playing from a portable CD player on the dresser.
She called his name, “Brad, are you here?” No answer! Hmmmm,
is this the right cabin? Then Gina saw the note on the desk.
It was right next to a chilled bottle of wine in a bucket filled
with ice, and two glasses.
The note read: Gina, I trust the surroundings and the accommodation
are to your liking. Pour yourself a glass of wine. There
is a blindfold on the bed. Tie it on to cover your eyes and
sit on the edge of the bed with you feet on the floor and your
legs apart. I will arrive shortly. Brad.
This request made Gina nervous and excited at the same time.
She felt her pulse quicken! A bead of perspiration formed
on her upper lip, and she detected wetness between her legs.
This idea of being dominated was working out well so far,
however it was getting a little scary.
They had met once in person, but only for coffee. For their
first erotic encounter, she would be told exactly what
to do and Brad would be in complete control.
Gina picked up the wine bottle. It was her favorite. She
thought he does pay attention to detail!
Sitting on the bed, she sipped her wine for an eternity it
seemed. She hadn’t eaten breakfast and the alcohol was
making her dizzy. Gina thought: Where is he? Why is he torturing
me like this? I’m scared, but incredibly horny and I want
his hands all over me! I want to feel his lips and tongue on
my neck, my breasts. I want him to bite my nipples and my clit!

She could barely hear the rhythmic beat of the song on the
CD player as she was in a trance. She could not just sit like
this so she lay back on to the bed. Her hand reached up her
top and pulled the top of her bra down to expose her breasts.
Her fingers squeezed one nipple hard enough to make her
gasp. Her other hand went between her parted legs, then
to her pussy. Gina’s juices were flowing down her thigh
dampening her skirt! Her fingers gently rubbed her wet
lips and the tip of her index finger probed her clit, and
she was beginning to moan as it grew and stiffened. Her wetness
increased and she began to heave her hips in a thrusting
Oh why am I lying here alone and blindfolded, masturbating?
Why isn’t he here, fucking me? She couldn’t stand it any
longer and inserted two fingers in her soaking vagina and
stroked her clit vigorously with her thumb. Gina let out
a scream as she climaxed and collapsed on the bed. She kept
manipulating her clit softly to stay close to another orgasm
and as she caught her breath, a voice spoke softly: “You’re
a noisy one, aren’t you?”
Gina quickly sat up and pulled off the blindfold to discover
Brad, sitting on a chair, facing her. His pants we open and
his right hand was stroking his erect penis and his left
hand held a wine glass! “Glad you could make it! Couldn’t
wait for me, could you? You are a naughty girl and you will
be punished for not obeying my orders!”
Obviously he was hiding in the room, watching her all the
time and was waiting for her to do something.
“Your performance was enjoyable, but now you will stand
and let me see what else you have that I may enjoy!” She stood
up and whispered, “Oh, I won’t disappoint you.”
“I will be the judge of that, in good time! Do not speak now.
Turn away from me and raise your skirt up over your hips!”
Gina stood and obeyed his following orders!
“You have been working out, your ass is so firm and round!”
he said while gently caressing her exposed butt cheeks.
“Yes, when I can, she replied.”
A hard and painful slap to her protruding tush followed
with a stern “I told you not to speak, just obey!” Gina’s
skin tingled where he laid his hand, and she worried that
he would leave tell tale signs, but did not dare caution
him for fear of another whack.
Brad stood up and turned her around to face him. “When you
disobey me, you will be punished, but do not worry about
any marks as I have been taught the fine art of discipline
by a friend who is seriously into “B&D.”
He then moved his hand to the back of her neck and pulled her
close so their lips could meet. He gave her a long passionate
kiss, all the while his tongue probing hers and she wondered
if she should reciprocate or wait for further instructions.
His mouth moved down her chin to her neck and around to the
side, then up to her ear where he bit her lobe hard enough
for a gasp.
They had previously discussed how far she was willing to
go with this fantasy and how much pain she wanted to experience,
but could she trust him? This was only the second time she
laid eyes on him. Their tongues met again and she played
with his a bit until his teeth bit down for another gasp.
“Don’t worry Babe, it will only hurt a bit! Do you remember
the secret word?” Gina nodded obediently.
They had agreed on RENDEZVOUS as her secret word to signal
to Brad that he was going beyond her threshold. She was confident
that he hadn’t gotten even close to the max yet but was still
nervous if he would honor their agreement.
Gina pondered: I did tell him what I didn’t like, but I did
not say what was taboo, and he did say I was to be punished!

Brad then guided her around to the end of the bed and turned
her around. “Bend over and grasp the footboard rail, and
spread your legs as wide as you can!” he directed. As she
followed his command she felt her heart race again. He knelt
behind her and parted her buttocks to examine her anus.
“Very nice! This will enjoy extra attention today!” he
Brad’s mouth found the inside of her thighs then he sucked
and licked it’s way to the skin between her pussy and ass
in a lapping motion until he reached the forbidden spot.
His tongue licked and probed the opening of her tight little
hole and she let out an audible moan. Gina had never had such
pressure from a tongue in that spot before. Then she let
out a slight whimper as the tip of his powerful tongue made
it’s way into her ass. What a strange but incredible sensation,
she thought, and with a thrusting motion he proceeded to
fuck her willing butt with this amazing tongue.
Gina’s knees were growing weak and she could barely stand.
She could feel her wetness running down her legs. Brad’s
fingers found her dripping pussy and then her enlarged
clit where he teased and played before inserting two fingers
into her wet cunt!
Gina was moaning louder now and produced little screams
as Brad continued to ram his tongue into her. My gawd this
guy is GOOD! she thought. What could that mouth do with my
happy button? I’m going to be sore tomorrow!
He could sense she was going to come at any second so quickly
he removed his tongue and put his hands on her hips and ordered,
“Hold that thought, I’ll be back in a minute. Get on the bed
and lay on your back with your legs over the side! Your clit
is next!”
Brad made his way to the bathroom, as she forced her trembling
legs to the bedside.
Gina noticed something resembling a condom in Brad’s hand
only it was wider and shorter. Later he would show her the
“tongue guard” he purchased at his favorite sex shop. It
was a nifty device designed for safe oral sex.
He returned from the bathroom and stood in front of Gina
admiring the view. The garter belt created an attractive
frame around her pretty, hairless pussy. He leaned over
and gave her a passionate kiss. Their tongues probed each
other’s mouths and playfully teased each other.
Brad’s hands reached under her waist and undid the zipper
of her uplifted skirt. He then prompted her to raise her
hips so he could slide the garment slowly down her legs to
the floor.
Standing in full view, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and
slipped it off. Then with precision he undid his pants and
lowered his zipper. Slowly he slid the khakis down and stepped
out of them and stood before her in his silk boxers. Gina
could plainly see the outline of his equipment in the flimsy
shorts. Brad slid his hand inside and began to tease her
by stroking his cock without letting her see it.
After a minute or two he had grown to a point where his enlarged
penis was peeking out of the waistband of his underwear.
Gina desperately wanted to see, touch, lick, suck and feel
it inside her and began to stir as she felt herself grow moist
once again.
Brad knelt on the floor and his hands pushed her knees wide
apart to a point where she felt if he went any farther she
would rip her in half! He then grasped her ankles and lifted
her feet up on to the bed. Suddenly and furiously he dove,
head first between her legs. His outstretched tongue hit
the sweet spot and pierced her wet and throbbing pussy lips
and into her waiting cunt.
His tongue probed deep and he began thrusting deeper and
deeper. He continued this tongue fuck as Gina’s hips began
to heave and buck, then he slid the stiff appendage down
her slit to her tight little ass then playfully up each outer
lip, then to the prize, her throbbing, enlarged clit.
Alternately he flicked the clit with amazing power then
took its’ full expanse in his mouth and began to suck it off
as if it were a tiny prick. Lick, suck, lick, suck, down to
her ass, deep into her pussy, then up to her button.
Gawd, this guy has an amazing mouth! Gina thought. She had
never been eaten with such intensity before. She could
feel herself getting close to orgasm and almost begged
him not to stop, but did not dare to speak.
Brad was relentless and continued the attention to her
pussy and sucked her clit until she could stand it no more.
Gina let out a deafening scream as she came and continued
the screaming as his mouth continued to devour her. Hot
juices were pouring out of her and into his mouth and down
his chin to his chest. Her screams gradually subsided to
moans as he drank her cum and slowed his pace. He moved up
to her trembling mouth and began to give her deep soaking
wet kisses. She sucked his wet lips and tongue and tasted
her own juices as their mouths continued to play.
He lifted off of her, as she lay spent and motionless on the
bed. He dropped his shorts and went to the wine bottle and
refilled his glass. Gina watched with curiosity as Brad
lowered the glass to his groin and immersed his testicles
then his semi erect penis in the cool liquid. Then he climbed
back on to the bed and straddled her face. As he lowered his
dripping penis to her mouth he whispered. “Your Turn”!
Gina accepted his flavored member willingly and wrapped
her lips around his swollen head. As she tasted the wine
she felt his cock began to grow and probe her mouth deeper.
Brad withdrew his cock and moved his hips further up and
his balls brushed her lips. She began to lick the wine from
his scrotum and was amazed by his creativeness. Gina never
had sucked a cock dipped in wine. She remembered licking
off whipped cream, chocolate and of course flavored lube,
but never anything as classy as Mouton Cadet White!
Her favorite drink and favorite meat in her mouth simultaneously!
She was going to enjoy this meal!
Gina took Brad’s scrotum fully into her mouth and gently
sucked and licked. “Harder” he whispered but Gina was afraid
of hurting him and the punishment that would follow so she
applied slightly more suction. “Suck harder” he commanded,
and she complied with his wishes by closing tightly on the
sack and sucked hard. Brad let out a loud groan so Gina released
the pressure slightly, but Brad demanded “More…Oh…Yes…like
As she continued to suck, Brad’s balls became larger and
firmer and she quickened her pace. She was now sucking hard
then releasing and Brad’s moans became louder. Then in
an instant, Brad pulled his swollen sac from her mouth and
reached for the wine bottle on the end table. He began to
pour the liquid into her open, waiting mouth, and continued
to pour faster than she could swallow.
The wine overflowed down her chin and between her breasts.
Brad put down the bottle and in a sudden and violent motion
ripped her soaking wet blouse open, revealing the tops
of her heaving breasts and equally wet bra. Then he pulled
her straps down and tugged at her bra to unleash her gorgeous
tits. Brad retrieved the bottle and began to dribble wine
on her nipples. His tongue alternately teased and sucked
her stiffening nipples then playfully he bit each one to
make Gina gasp.
Brad rose up and then sat on the edge of the bed. “On your knees”
he ordered, and Gina complied by positioning herself by
kneeling in front of his parted legs. She knew what he wanted
but wasn’t sure if she should take the lead. He just sat there
looking at the picture in front of him and he liked the view.
Her hair was soaking and her wet bra was still on but pulled
down below her wine drenched boobs. Her nipples were protruding
like bullets and her garter belt and stockings adorned
her ample hips and luscious thighs.
Brad reached his hand behind Gina’s head and pulled her
mouth toward his awaiting cock. She parted her lips at took
his full expanse into her obedient mouth. He pushed his
cock slowly but continuously deeper until the head found
the opening to her throat. Gina worried that he might try
to force her to “deep throat” and she told him that she had
never been able to do that without gagging.
How could she shout the code word with a mouth full of Brad’s
erection? She thought! But as promised he did not go beyond
what they had agreed upon.
Brad began to thrust and Gina sucked and licked as he fucked
her mouth with increasing intensity. She knew he was getting
close to his climax as his scrotum was stiffening again
and his moans were louder and more frequent.
Will he make me swallow? she feared. He is in complete control,
holding me like this!
Brad threw back his head and bellowed loudly and intensely.
A stream of hot cum shot into her mouth as he withdrew his
throbbing member. Another shot found her lips and ran down
her chin. The remainder of Brad’s copious amount of hot
ejaculate was deposited on Gina’s pendulous breasts and
nipples, and some found its’ way to her tummy and legs. Brad
held his dripping cock in triumph for Gina to view and she
took the member into her mouth to suck what was left for her
as he massaged the cum all over her breasts.
He removed his cock from her moistened lips and gave her
a deep and passionate kiss. He then fell back onto the bed
in exhaustion, truly spent from her amazing performance.
Gina couldn’t find her glass so took the wine bottle and
had a gulp. The combination of wine and the salty taste of
Brad’s cum were interesting! She sat on the bed next to Brad
and handed him the wine. He opened his mouth and gestured
her to pour. She fed him the wine as he did to her earlier,
spilling it down his chin and neck. As their wet sticky bodies
embraced and kissed she pondered; what a glorious mess
they were both in……….., in more ways than one!
They laid on the bed, arms around each other, kissing, and
caressing. The hum of the air conditioner prevented Gina
from dozing off and the cool air wafting over her glistening
flesh awoke a sudden urge. “I have to use the bathroom” she
informed Brad. “Why” he asked. What a strange question
she pondered…why did he think? “I have to pee.” She replied.
“How badly” he asked. Again with the silly questions, she
thought. “I really, really have to go…now!” she said and
as she got up, Brad took her hand and said, “Come with me.”
Brad led Gina to the bathroom and opened the shower door
and turned on the water. He undid her bra and garter belt.
He bent down and slid the belt and stockings down to the floor.
After testing the water temperature, Brad stepped into
the stall and pulled Gina in with him. But I really have to
pee! She thought anxiously as the pressure in her bladder
had increased to the point where she felt she would explode!
The warm water was making the sensation worse.
Brad then turned Gina around and gently forced her, face
first against the wall. The pressure was unbearable and
she wanted desperately to relieve herself, but something
was holding her back. Could it be the fact that she had never
urinated, standing up in a shower with a lover before?
Brad forced his body against Gina, pressing his hips against
her buttocks, and reached his hand around and cupped her
left breast in his hand and tweaked her firm nipple. The
other hand found Gina’s pussy and a finger found it’s way
to her moistened clit.
Oh God, not now! she thought, I couldn’t!
“Just relax and let it go.” He whispered.
As Brad gently massaged her vaginal lips and clitoris,
Gina cleared her mind of any Victorian morals she possibly
was cultured in, took a deep breath, threw back her head
and released her abdominal muscles.
A mighty torrent of hot urine began to rush down Gina’s legs.
Suddenly, Brad dropped to his knees and started kissing
the back of her legs, her buttocks and vagina. He vigorously
sucked her pussy lips as the pee continued to flow. Gina
was amazed at what lengths Brad would go to for his pleasure.
He was definitely kinkier than she imagined, and although
the she felt embarrassed to a degree, it was outrageously
Gina finally was done urinating and an incredible feeling
of relief soon replaced any embarrassment or discomfort.
Brad stood up and reached for the soap. He began to lather
Gina all over, massaging her breasts and nipples, shoulders,
back and her bum. The hot water and the soap massage felt
good, however the soapy solution found it’s way to her pussy
and she let out a short gasp as her tender lips began to sting.
They both washed and rinsed each other and Brad shut the
water off. He grabbed several towels and led a dripping
wet Gina back to the bed.
He spread the towels, three thick on the bed, and lay down,
positioning his head on them. He then prompted Gina to get
on top. She climbed onto the bed and straddled his cock.
Brad reached under her hips and prompted her to move up so
her pussy was directly over his head. He pulled her down
until she was sitting on his face and his tongue quickly
probed her freshly washed vagina.
As Brad gently sucked and licked, Gina noticed him reach
to the bedside table to retrieve a cloth, drawstring bag.
With one hand he opened the bag and emptied the contents
onto the bed beside them.
To Gina’s amazement and delight a colorful array of sex
toys and other interesting devices appeared. Brad rummaged
around and found an interesting vibrator with a definite
bend at its’ end. She had seen these in adult stores and recognized
it as a “G-Spot Stimulator”. She and Brad had discussed
female ejaculation and realized that this was her queue
to fulfill one of Brad’s unique fetishes.
He turned on the device and as he slowly began to insert it
into Gina’s pussy, he guided her hand to the buzzing toy
and moaned, “cum on my face”!
Gina was experienced at squirting though she had never
been asked to perform on demand. She quickly found the soft
spongy spot with the tip of the vibrator and began to apply
a pressure and release motion. Brad, enjoying the close
up view grasped Gina’s buttocks firmly in his powerful
hands and pulled her hips down so his protruding tongue
could meet her pussy.
Brad flicked Gina’s clit with his talented tongue and alternately
sucked and pulled on her outer lips with his lips. Brad lifted
Gina up to allow her to work the stimulator more freely and
she began to deepen the strokes and increase the intensity.
Rhythmically Brad lowered Gina to allow him to lick and
suck her clitoris, then lift her to let her use the buzzing
tool to achieve her goal. Gina was beginning to feel the
familiar abdominal pressure that builds slowly before
ejaculation, and at the same time the stimulation her growing
clit was receiving made her incredibly wet. Could she have
two orgasms at the same time? She wondered. The two stimulations
were confusing her.
She didn’t know which one to focus on. She desperately wanted
to fulfill Brad’s fantasy and give him his requested “cum
shower”, however she could not ignore her incredible urge
to have a clitoral orgasm for herself.
This guy is really putting me to the test! She thought as
the pressure and sensations grew more rapidly.
Gina managed to keep her pussy on Brad’s face as she stroked
vigorously with the vibrator. She was beginning to moan
as the tension grew to the point when she knew she was close
to coming, but which way? She was crying out at this point
and Brad could sense something amazing was about to happen
as he could feel Gina’s body tremble, and hips begin to buck
Gina suddenly let out a piercing scream and quickly pulled
the toy out of her, followed by a gush of hot fluid. Gina’s
cum splashed all over Brad’s face, neck and shoulders,
filling his mouth and spilling out.
Brad forcefully pulled Gina’s cunt down to his waiting
mouth and clamped his lips around her throbbing clit. He
forcefully sucked her crimson button and Gina thought
her head would explode from the sensation overload. Brad
suddenly bit down firmly on her clit and Gina threw back
her head and let out another deafening scream as she came
again, and again, and again, as Brad continued to lick and
suck with wild abandon. Mercifully, Brad moved his amazing
tongue down so he could lick the juices from the inner folds
of her vagina, then to her inner thighs where he kissed and
playfully nibbled her porcelain white flesh.
Gina’s knees were too weak to hold her up any longer and she
flopped over onto the bed beside him. They both lay motionless,
panting, soaking wet in a glorious combination of body
Gina eventually caught her breath and seemed to doze off
as Brad made his way to the bathroom. He returned after a
few minutes and leaned over Gina’s back and applied numerous
kisses in a trail leading up to her neck, cheek and temple.
She stirred but did not attempt to move as her body was partially
catatonic from her intense multiple orgasms.
She could however feel her arms being pulled up and apart
over her head, and she roused as Brad located two Velcro
straps from the pile of equipment on the bed and attached
them around her wrists and the headboard posts. He then
straddled her and reached his arms under her waist and pulled
her upwards commanding, “on your knees”!
He pulled her back so her arms were extended fully and placed
a pillow under her head. He then found two larger Velcro
straps and secured them around each of Gina’s thighs and
calves to lock her in an incredibly inviting, buns up, kneeling
She felt highly aroused once more, however disturbingly
venerable at the same time. Brad then located the blindfold
that Gina had worn earlier and positioned it over her eyes.
He led another trail of soft kisses from her neck to her buttocks
and she heard him rummaging through the toys again.
It is said that when you lose one of your senses, the others
become heightened. Weather this statement is accurate
or not, Gina’s mind identified and drew a vivid picture
of what was happening next as she felt a cool, wet sensation
at the rim of her anus, followed by a rapid and forceful insertion
of a modest butt plug.
Gina knew it’s exact size and shape as the familiar sting
of the stretching muscles forced a sudden gasp and sent
a tingle up her spine. She had experienced larger items
that orifice, but was pleased that Brad started with that
particular size.
He was not finished with the props department and proceeded
to find two nipple clips, connected to a fine chain. He reached
under Gina’s torso and pulled her up to reveal her breasts.
Her nipples were stiff and protruding like bullets from
the combination of fear, excitement and wonder of what
was to transpire next.
Brad clamped the clips onto each nipple, producing two
more gasps followed by an aroused whimper, as he tugged
gently on the chain to be sure they were attached securely!
Brad spoke in a voice she had not heard before. “You have
been a willing and obedient servant and have pleasured
me well, however you have committed two transgressions
for which you must be punished!”
Geez, Brad is really getting into this role playing shit,
Gina pondered, but is has been fun, so far!
“Although your outfit was spectacular, it was not complete,
and for that you will receive three on each, ” Brad announced
as his firm hand applied a quick and hard smack to the area
of Gina’s right buttock where it meets the leg. Gina felt
a sharp sting on the surface of her skin that would not have
a chance to subside and Brad applied two more applications
of equal intensity! He then proceeded to lick the inflamed
flesh and blow on it producing a cooling sensation, providing
a brief reprieve from the pain.
Gina trembled as Brad’s right hand moved on to her left cheek;
tenuously awaiting it’s disciplinary treatment. As Brad’s
hand struck her left side, the tips of his fingers inadvertently
hit her inflamed pussy lips causing an additional sensation.
This feeling was altogether different to the slap of flesh-to-flesh
contact on her ass and thighs, and although it produced
a feeling of pain, Gina found it highly pleasurable! His
hand struck twice again and twice more his fingers danced
on her stinging lips! Gina moaned as the shock waves traveled
through her entire nervous system! She could stand some
more of that, she thought!
Brad spoke again in the play acting voice. “I instructed
you to wait, and you started without me. Normally, that
would deserve five on each, however, because I enjoyed
the show immensely, you will receive only two!
Brad repeatedly spanked Gina’s tush and when his fingertips
again reached her swollen, glowing labia she could not
hold back her desires!
“Spank my pussy, spank it hard, PLEASE!” she ordered!
Brad realized that discipline was a double-edged sword
and there was a fine line between pleasure and pain. Who
was in control here, he pondered?
Brad fulfilled Gina’s wishes and concentrated on her sweet
spot with light swats that became increasingly harder
as she vocalized her wishes. “Harder, yes, hard, spank
it hard!” she cried! Brad continued until her words changed
to yelps, then screams! Gina’s juices were flowing down
her thighs in a steady stream and Brad began to lick the sweet
nectar from her stinging flesh.
Suddenly he stopped and in an instant, removed the plug
from her anus. After a few moments, she felt pressure again
on her enlarged, inviting hole.
Brad had coated a string of anal beads with lube and began
to insert them, one by one into her ass until only a couple
dangled down her crack.
Then she heard the tell tale sound of a condom wrapper being
torn open and she realized her cunt was finally going to
be violated by Brad’s hard and patient cock!
A split second later, Brad lunged his hips forward, and
forcefully drove his swollen member into the depths of
Gina’s vagina. He felt a splash as her natural lubrication
was forced out and their organs made audible squishy sounds
as he lunged to and fro.
Gina was in heaven. This was her favorite position and the
highly stimulated nerve endings were beginning to send
her to a very quick orgasm.
Alternately, Brad tugged at the chain attached to the nipple
clips and slightly pulled on the beads, causing Gina to
whimper, moan and gasp! His index finger found her swollen
clit and he began to stroke it quickly sending her to a sudden
Gina screamed once again, and with perfect timing, Brad
pulled up forcefully on the beads, removing them one by
one sending pulsating charges up her spine.
Gina’s legs did not have any strength to remain in this prone
state, however the straps maintained her position as Brad
quickly removed his wet cock from her throbbing pussy and
inserted it violently into her awaiting ass.
Brad’s hips pounded her ass harder and faster and she felt
his stiff balls hit her clit, keeping her at a constant orgasmic
Suddenly, without warning, he let out a scream of his own
as he finally came.
Bathed in sweat, he rolled off Gina’s derriere and flopped
on the bed beside her, and lay satisfied and spent!
Gina collapsed as much as the restraints would allow and
continued to breathe heavily.
Her head spun as the overload of sensations and emotions
overwhelmed her. She had never experienced anything as
intense as this and was totally satisfied and impressed!
After a few minutes had passed, Brad got up and she heard
him in the bathroom, cleaning up. He soon returned and Gina
fully expected him to release the straps binding her uncomfortably
to the bed. Instead, she could hear him getting dressed
and asked, “are you going to untie me, Brad?”
Brad did not speak but quickly finished dressing and leaned
over and kissed Gina on the cheek and whispered, “you were
incredible, see you in a few weeks.”
In disbelief, Gina heard Brad open the door and exit the
cabin! “BRAD, come back and untie me, BRAD, BRAD…RENDEZVOUS?”
she yelled.
She did not hear the sound of a vehicle starting, then remembered
his car was not parked anywhere close. He’s kidding, she
thought. He wouldn’t do this to me, where is he?
Gina started to get worried. She thought at any moment he
would come back, laughing and teasing her about it, however
another ten minutes passed which seemed like eternity
to her!
Worry turned to fear. What if I’m discovered this way? How
will I explain this? Damn you Brad, you promised to be discreet!

Gina tugged and pulled at the Velcro straps but realized
it was no use. She knew how secure the restraints were from
past experience. A very strong man needed help getting
out of them.
Fear turned to panic as a knock came at the door followed
by a female voice! “Housekeeping” the woman called.
OH SHIT…what am I going to do? She thought?
“Could you come back later, I’m not ready?” Gina asked.
The woman replied, “Mister Bradley checked out and said
I could make up the room.”
That Bastard! She cursed to herself.
“I need more time, come back later!” she demanded!”
“I’ll give you a few more minutes, but I have to make up the
room. There are people waiting for the cabin.” The maid
“Christ, what am I going to do?” she asked herself out loud.
Gina thought, how embarrassing is this?
After a few minutes passed, Gina was more pissed off that
embarrassed and wondered what explanation Brad would
give her for doing this. That was if she ever saw him again!
Obviously he got what he wanted from her and probably didn’t
care if there was a second encounter.
Gina trembled as she heard a key in the lock and the maid again
announced, “Housekeeping.”
“I’m still not ready!” Gina pleaded, but she heard the door
open and was glad the blindfold was still on. There was no
way she wanted to see the maid staring at her in this state.
Gina heard footsteps approach the bed and she gasped as
she felt fingertips gently tracing a line from her buttocks,
up her back and to her neck.
Oh Gawd, what was she doing?
The intruder then moved Gina’s hair to one side and applied
a soft kiss to her neck Gina stayed motionless, paralyzed,
wondering what this stranger would do next!
Something was not right, Gina thought. Something about
this is very familiar! The touch, the scent!
“WHO ARE YOU?” Gina demanded.
In a second, Gina’s blindfold was pulled off to reveal a
grinning Brad lying next to her!
“YOU ASSHOLE!” she screamed, “I thought you were….”
“Had you scared shitless for a minute, didn’t I?” he replied
“You certainly did, you prick! What about the maid?” she
nervously inquired! “Now she knows about this!”
“Relax, she’s not the maid, she’s Mona.” Brad assured her
as he quickly released Gina from her confined position.

“Mona?” Gina asked.
“Yeah, an old friend. She actually runs the place, she’s
the manager.”
“But she knows about us now.”
“Don’t worry, she’s cool.” Brad replied. “Do you think
I could get this place for a few hours without some connections?
“Are you sure you can trust her?” Gina inquired.
“Don’t worry!” Brad assured her, “We go way back!”
“Really, is that so?” Gina replied.
“Anyway, I have to get to work. There’s a problem there I
have to sort out.”
“There’s a problem HERE you have to sort out!” replied Gina
“What problem?” Brad retorted, “Remember I said total
“Well you sure had that!” she replied. “You have totally
fucked with me, body spirit and mind!”
“Totally” he replied “But you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”
Gina did not answer, however a few seconds later he detected
a sheepish grin.
Brad said, “Anyway, next time it’s your turn, so you’ll
get me back!”
“Oh I will!” Gina assured him.
“I have to run. Take all the time you want, there’s no rush
to leave.”
Brad gave Gina a long deep kiss and left her to collect herself.

She was still weak from the whole experience, but mustered
enough energy to make her way to the shower.
Gina quickly washed and dressed in the jeans and top she
left her house in and gathered up the outfit that was so effective,
but completely messed up and was amazed at how a few articles
of clothing could have such an effect on a man.
I guess that’s why we wrap presents, she thought, playfully.
Gina took a quick look around the cabin and drank in the lingering
atmosphere one last time. She was too spent to get horny,
but felt dizzy from the sexual energy still present in the
As she made her way to the car and proceeded to drive out of
the complex, Gina pondered Brad’s words, “You’ll get me
Gina suddenly had a thought! Instead of taking the exit
road to the left, she continued on the road marked with a
sign that read, “OFFICE.”
Gina pulled into the parking lot and walked into the main
building and up to a desk where a woman greeted her about
the same age as herself. The woman wore a name badge, which
read, “MONA”.
“How can I help you?” asked the manager.
“It’s about a mutual friend!” Gina replied.
Oh, he’s BRADLEY to her, she thought.
“Looking for a little revenge, are we?” the woman inquired.
“Let’s just say, payback!” Gina answered and sat in a chair
beside the desk.
“Payback’s a bitch!” Mona said as she grinned mischievously.
“It sure is!” assured Gina.
“What did you have in mind?”

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very sweet . . .no inhibitions, in the fluid sense You created a certain stiffness in me - thanks



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Brilliant, subtle, erotic, great build up and fantastic
rythm. Allowing for the reader to imagine, predict, hope
for... CLASS!!!