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Rebecca Succumbs Badly as she watches "Them"



Rebecca was on the road again. After the fight with Jon this
afternoon all she wanted to do was get as far away from him
and his friends as she could. Why had he kept trying to get
her to do all those disgusting things. He had always been
trying to get her to let him put his cock in her mouth or trying
to talk her into going around the apartment naked. This
time he had gone to far. He got her both so high on grass and
so drunk on gin that she had almost passed out then he invited
some of his friends over.

The friends arrived and after a few more drinks and another
reefer, he had managed to get her Levis and panties off.
Then taking advantage of how high and how drunk she was,
he actually started to put his cock into her pussy. He had
intended to fuck her in front of the other couple. When she
felt the head of his cock slip between her pussy lips, the
shock sobered her up enough to resist.

It didn't matter that the other couple were both completely
naked and had just finished fucking each other while she
and Jon watched. She was a "Lady", and ladies
did not fuck or do other sexual acts in front of others.

She had always enjoyed watching other couples fucking
and putting on a sex show, but she didn't intend to be
part of a show for anyone. What kind of an animal did he think
she was. It was terrible, he had actually let them look at
her bare pussy and ass.

Rebecca had allowed Jon to put his gross looking cock into
her slit and fuck her no more than once a week, and only if
she was not having her period and he had been extra nice to
her. As far as Rebecca was concerned allowing Jon to put
his gross cock into her body and fuck her now and then more
paid for her room and board, he had no right to expect anything
else of her. Jon just couldn't understand she was granting
him a great honour by allowing him to put his thing in her
pussy and fuck her until he spilled that terrible slimy
stuff inside of her. For her to touch his cock or do anything
else was out of the question. Rebecca had absolutely no
interest in sex, she had never got hot in her life. If the
truth were known, she was a piss poor fuck. All she ever did
was lie there on her back with her legs spread while her partner
pumped away, she never once joined in the action.

Rebecca Sue Vogel was fifteen and a half. She had a well developed
figure and copper red hair. Her 37- twenty-five-36 figure
was carried very well by her five foot seven inches , 128
lbs frame. With her deep blue eyes and impishly pretty face,
she was a real beauty. She was dressed in a pair of high heeled
shoes, Levis over bikini panties, and a print shirt over
a heavy size 38 D bra. She had always worn a bra every since
her breasts started to develop. Her breasts were large
but they were firm enough to not need the support, but she
liked the comfort of having them covered and supported
so they wouldn't jiggle. Rebecca had a thing about
her breasts, she did not like to have them touched or even
looked at. She even wore a bra to sleep in and had not taken
it off even when she fucked. Even Jon, who had kept, and put
up with her for almost two years had never touched them,
even through her clothing. No one had ever seen her tits

Now she was on her own again, this time with only a few of her
pretty clothes packed into her shoulder bag. Maybe this
time she would find someone to take care of her that would
appreciate her and not ask her to do any of those perverted
things, she was a lady not an animal. Her new lover would
replace her missing clothing with a new wardrobe.

She didn't like to hitch-hike, especially after dark.
You never knew who might try to pick you up. But it was sure,
cheap transportation, and she had to get away from Jon and
his perverted friends. Rebecca was sure she could take
care of herself if some pervert or creep picked her up and
tried to do more than just give her a ride. People had to learn
sooner or later that she was one of the select few that were
here to be taken care of.

Rebecca had been standing on the shoulder of the highway
for only a few minutes when a small Chevy two door sedan stopped
and offered her a ride. She looked into the car to check out
the driver, he was young, good looking, and appeared to
be alone in the car. He smiled at her and asked where she was

Rebecca replied, "Any place as long as it was far away
from this town."

He answered, "Climb in, that's the way I'm

In a few minutes they were talking like old friends. After
they had exchanged names, his was Jack, Rebecca told him
how she left home two years ago and had been staying with
a ?
friend'. She told Jack about the last of many fights
she had just had with her ?
friend', but nothing of the details. She also told
Jack how she wanted to go some place to make a new start. Her
new friend said he thought that was possible and he would
try to help her get relocated. They talked for a while but
the steady hum of the tires against the roadway made Rebecca
drowsy, she finally settled back in the seat and half dozed.

Suddenly something flashed past her eyes and she felt a
strap across the front of her throat. There had been another
man laying down in the back seat and he had dropped his belt
over her head and was holding the ends from behind the seat
back. Her new ?
friend' Jack told her not to move or she would be strangled
with the belt. He slowed down then reached over and roughly
tore her shirt open, he tried to tear off her bra. Rebecca
realised what he was trying to do and started fighting,
she would allow no one to touch or see her breasts. The belt
around her throat immediately tightened, she couldn't
breath. Only half aware she felt the pull on her bra, but
the heavy bra did not give. After some time, she still could
hardly breath, she felt something cold and hard slip under
the front of her bra between her breasts. Suddenly her bra
strap loosened, Jack had cut her bra off. Jack then reached
across her body and and pushed the right cup of her bra aside
to roughly squeezed her ripe young breast and pinched her
nipple. He then did the same to her left. Her tits are real
and look good he informed his companion, I think she will
do just fine. Jack never did find out he was the first person
to ever see or touch Rebecca's breasts.

Her captors then dropped a rope over her head and pulling
it tight around her waist and arms and tied it behind the
seat. Her arms and body were bound to the seat. The one in
the back seat then reached over and felt her naked tits.
He pulled her torn shirt and bra open and pushed her shirt
bra straps off of her shoulders so he could pull both garments
down around her waist fully exposing her breasts to their

This was the first time her breasts had ever been uncovered
outside her bathroom, Rebecca started fighting and screaming.
Jack instructed his friend to gag her, they did not want
her causing any problems. After he had tied a gag in her mouth
he went back to playing with her ?
forbidden' breasts and nipples. From the back seat
he reached around and cupped a full firm breast in each hand,
she wanted a bra, he would provide one for her. He then began
pulling and squeezing her breasts, first pulling them
up as hard as he could and then mashing them together until
he could rub her nipples against each other. Rebecca fought
as well as she could with her arms bound. The pain of his treatment
brought tears to her eyes that ran down her cheeks and dripped
onto her naked breasts. Jack told him to have fun but not
to injure her, it would lower her price. The guy in the back
let up some, but he kept rubbing and squeezing her tits and
pulling on her nipples.

In about an hour they pulled off the road into a deserted
rest stop. Jack got out, came around and opened the passenger
door. Rebecca was sure she was going to be by these
two, but she was wrong. The belt went back around her neck
and the rope around her arms and body was loosened. Jack
then cut through the sleeves of her shirt and the straps
of her bra. He removed both her shirt and bra then she was
tied to the seat again. This time the rope went under her
arms above her bare breasts. Her feet were tied together
and her left arm was pulled back between the seats and secured.
Rebecca's embarrassment at having her breasts uncovered
in front of these two men quickly turned to fear. Jack opened
the glove compartment and took out a small metal box and
opening it, spread its contents out on the open glove compartment
door. In the dim light shining from within the open glove
compartment Rebecca saw what appeared to be a dope user's
injection kit.

Jack expertly tied the elastic band around her upper right
arm and while his partner held her arm still. He skilfully
inserted a needle into the vein on side her elbow and gave
her a shot of some thing. He quickly replaced the items in
the kit and replaced it in the glove compartment. He helped
his partner tie her hands to her sides then got back behind
the wheel and drove away.

Rebecca waited for the drug to take effect, but she felt
no high or even a buzz, she just could not keep her eyes open.
The drone of the cars tires on the road added to the effect
and soon she was asleep. She roused to a half conscious condition
by daylight, she could not wake up or hold a thought for more
than a few seconds. She was vaguely aware of receiving another
injection and having a blanket tossed over her naked torso
before they stopped for gas and having it removed again
when they were under way. After travelling for most of that
day they finally stopped. She was in such poor condition
that she had to be helped from the car. When she got out, the
light breeze blowing against her crotch and ass was cold.
She realised her bladder had emptied, she had pissed her
pants. She didn't even care, she just wanted to lie
down some place and go back to sleep.

In her half conscious condition she was unable to resist
as her shoes, Levis, and panties were stripped off her.
As she stood there, completely naked in front of others
for the first time in her life, she heard someone say her
captors had done very well, she had nice tits and a good looking
ass. She should be worth a bundle if she was clean. She next
became aware of bright lights and the smell of antiseptic.
Her naked body was placed on a cold metal table and she half
felt someone poking and prodding at her. She felt the sting
of a needle as it penetrated her arm and lastly the feel of
cold metal pushed up into her pussy as her physical was completed
with a thorough pelvic examination.

The next thing she became aware of was someone telling the
two guys that had brought her here she was a good one. She
wasn't a virgin, she was healthy and she had no diseases.
They were told to keep up the good work and paid $two, 000.00
for her. They were told to get rid of her clothes on their
way out.

She next became aware of being in an small aeroplane, the
noise was making it hard to sleep. She was partially roused
and given some food and water, she managed to get most of
it eaten before she was out again. Rebecca had no idea how
long this part of her trip took or how many of the injections
she received. She did know they were flying and she didn't
have any clothes on. She had no idea for how long the trip
took or where they were taking her.

Slowly the sky stopped spinning again, she couldn't
remember how many times she had tried to get up, she opened
her eyes a little more. It was very bright, she was out doors
laying on the ground and it was hot. She next discovered
her arms were caught behind her back, she tried to roll over
and free them but she couldn't. Rebecca soon realised
her arms were bound behind her, wrist to elbow, she couldn't
use them to get to her feet. The next thing she became aware
of was her breasts were uncovered, she was naked. In time
she managed to wriggle around getting her legs under her
and climbed to her feet. She slowly took stock of herself,
she was completely naked, and with her arms bound behind
her back she couldn't cover her breasts. She was outdoors
in what appeared to be an open cage about twenty-five feet
to a side. Her cage was in a low canyon. She could only see
for about 500 feet before the rocky canyon walls blocked
her view, there was no other human being in sight.

She screamed, and was knocked to the ground by a heavy electrical
shock. She had not noticed her one article of dress, a heavy
leather collar which had shocked her when she screamed.
She thought she knew what it might be, a bark collar, her
father had used them to break dogs of barking and she had
tried it on herself once when she was very small. What was
she doing in a cage in the desert naked wearing only a Bark
She experimented and found that any sound she made would
activate the collar's electrical charge, knocking
her off her feet.

It was very hot, she knew she must be in the desert some place.
It was to hot and dry to be anything else. She looked around
for a supply of water, she would die without water in this
heat. The only water she found was slowly dripping from
a waist high cock shaped nipple sticking through the bars
in one corner of the cage. She looked around again, there
was no one around. She walked over to the corner and sat down
on her heels to get her face level with it and licked the drops
of water off of it. The small amount of water made her realise
just how thirsty she was, she slowly opened her mouth and
put her lips around the large rubber cock. She found that
she had to put most of it into her mouth and suck before she
could get any water out of it. By taking the cock faucet deep
in her mouth and sucking on it she was able slack her thirst.

Rebecca then set about exploring her cage. There was not
much to see, the floor was dirt, the roof was the sky. The
walls were ten feet high made of one inch diameter iron bars
set into the ground about six inches apart and fastened
together at the top by an iron bar. She noticed something
odd about the bars on one side of the cage. One three foot
section of them went straight up for the first foot from
the ground then bent outward about 45 degrees, went out
about a foot and a half, then went straight up again to the
top. There were additional bars covering the sides of this
bay window'. Her water supply was near one corner of
the cage and there was a small tree outside the opposite
corner that would supply a small amount of shade for part
of the day.

That evening she saw the first person since she had regained
consciousness. A large black man drove up in a jeep. Rebecca
turned her back on him so he could not see her naked breasts,
but he did not pay any attention to her. She forgot about
the collar and tried to ask him what was happening to her,
but with the first sound the collar knocked her to the ground.
He watched her for a few minutes then whistled in a distinctive
manner and put a pan with what looked like dog food in it into
her cage, got back into his jeep and drove away. She walked
over to the pan to see what was in it. The contents were unknown
to her, but it did smell good. Rebecca had not realised how
very hungry she was, she ate it and found it did not taste
that bad. The one thing that really got to her was she had
to get down on her knees and, with her arms bound, eat like
an animal. When she had finished her meal she went to her
water supply. This time as she knelt to drink from the flesh
coloured rubber prick she realised it was at the same distance
from the ground as a standing man's cock would be and
it jutted up at the same angle. Shortly after dark she curled
up in one corner of her cage and silently cried herself to

When Rebecca woke up the next morning, she found she had
slept very well, she was well rested. Maybe today she would
find out what this was all about. By mid morning jeeps with
three or four men in each of them started driving into her
canyon and up to her cage, as if to see the new acquisition.
All that day she was watched and examined by them, sometimes
only two or three and some times more than a dozen, she felt
like an animal in a zoo. The move around her cage so she could
not keep her back to them. She tried squatting with her knees
in front of her breasts protecting them, but her legs started
cramping and she had to get up. She had learned her lesson
yesterday, she did not try to speak, even in rebuttal to
some of the crude remarks they made about her naked body.

The one thing she did not want to do in front of them was suck
that damn rubber cock, but by mid afternoon her thirst overcame
her embarrassment and she knelt down in front of the cock-faucet,
took it in her mouth and started sucking on it. As she quenched
her thirst none of her observers appeared to notice anything
unusual. Her audience was still there when her ?
Keeper' drove up with her meal. He gave the same whistle
and put her pan into her cage. It looked like the same stuff
she had last night. She would not embarrass herself more
by getting down on her knees and eating like an animal. Although
she was very hungry, she did not eat until the spectators
finally left. Rebecca realised she had been naked all day.
Her nude body, especially her bare breasts, had been being
examined by men most of the time and it didn't bother
her as much as she thought it would. What was this all about.

By the time Rebecca had been in the cage for a week, she was
filthy and she smelled like a dirty animal. There was no
way she could ask for more water to wash with, all she could
do was get a mouthful of water from the cock-faucet and spit
it onto the front of her, which only seemed to make things
worse. The following week she started her period, the blood
ran down her legs past her knees. Now they would surely let
her wash up, but all that occurred was the flies swarmed
around her bleeding pussy. In a about five days she stopped
flowing and the dried blood crusted and fell away.

She had become used to her black ?
Keeper' bringing her evening meal. Even though her
diet never varied she started to look forward to his arrival
because some time for days at a time he was the only person
she saw. When she had been there about four weeks the pattern
changed. When he arrived he did not put her pan of ?
dog food' into her cage as usual. Instead, he opened
his pants and pulled out the biggest blackest cock Becky
had ever seen. He put it through the bars and gave his familiar
whistle. She came up to him hoping to be fed as usual but she
couldn't keep her eyes off that big, long, black cock.
Even as limp as it was, it was the biggest cock she had ever
seen. He did not put her food pan into her cage, he just shook
his long soft prick at her.

He remained like that for a couple of minutes then put his
cock back into his pants, climbed back in his jeep and drove
away without leaving her any food. The next day he did the
same thing, Rebecca thought she knew what he wanted, he
wanted her to suck his cock. If she had not let Jon put his
cock in her mouth and he had been nice to her, she certain
would not take that big black cock into her mouth.

The third day the same thing happened, but on the fourth
evening when he put his cock through the bars and whistled,
Rebecca, who had never missed a meal she did not intend to
miss, was so weak from hunger that she would do anything.
She got down on her knees in front of him and reached for his
long limp cock with her tongue. She licked it for a wile before
she sucked his limp prick in her mouth and started sucking
and licking it. As she sucked on it, the cock started to grow
in her mouth. It soon filled her mouth until she almost gagged
on it. When his cock shot his thick, creamy sperm into her
mouth she tried to pull her head back and let ?
that slimy stuff' spill on the ground. Becky heard
the first word spoken to her since Rebecca had been pick
up so long ago.

"NO", was all he said as he grabbed her by the
hair and pushed her face back onto his spurting[color
black] cock.

Becky was forced to catch the cream shooting from his manhood
in her mouth and swallow all of it. When he had put his tool
away he fed her as usual.

After a few more missed meals the routine was established.
He would whistle for her, put her food pan into her cage,
open his pants and take his large cock out. She would his
take his big black cock into her mouth and suck it until he
ejaculated in her mouth, she would swallow all of his hot
semen before she ate her meal.

Becky was sleeping very well at night, and waking well refreshed
in the morning. Her arms did not hurt from being bound behind
her back all the time, the only time they had bothered her
at all were the days she had not got her dinner. She also found
she did not desire to talk any more, she had nothing to say
and she could not think of any one who would want to listen
to her.

A couple of months went by, Becky's training was progressing
well. She would now come to any one whistling for her and
suck any cock that was presented to her. This took some work,
the first time some one besides her black Keeper whistled
for her she did not go to them. Her Keeper did not show up with
her meal that evening. After a few missed meals she would
come to the bars and kneel down in front of any man who whistled
and bared his prick for her. By the time she had been here
for a few months Becky realised she was starting to like
the taste of human sperm, she was actually looking forward
to getting to suck a cock and swallow the hot cum. Semen was
to her now, what candy had been in her former life. A change
of diet, something different that she got a small amount
of. Human sperm, of course, was salty rather than sweet,
but in this heat she craved salt rather that sugar.

As Becky finished her fourth period since she had arrived,
she noticed it had lasted less than a day. She remembered
that she used to flow at least five days, but this was better
because she still had only the water from the cock-faucet
to drink and none to clean herself up with. The only time
she had got more water was when it rained. She had learned
to roll in the dust to get most of the built up dirt off.


A few days later when her Keeper arrived he walked around
to the side of the cage that had the funny bent bars and sat
down in a chair he had brought with him. He pulled the chair
up to the bars and took his cock out of his pants and stuck
it up through the bars. When she started to kneel down in
front of him he reached through the bars and turned her around,
then pulled her back toward him. She was very surprised,
this was the first time any one had touched her body since
she had been in this cage. She could not figure out what he
wanted. She tried to turn around and suck his cock, but he
turned her around again. After the third time he left without
leaving her dinner. She did not sleep well that night, and
the next day her arms hurt for the first time in a long time.
That evening the same thing happened, She silently wept,
she did not know what he wanted her to do and she was very hungry.
On the following evening after he turned her around he reached
between her legs and lightly ran his fingers over her cunt.
How could she have forgotten about fucking, now she knew
what to do.

Happily she squatted and backed up to the bars, she found
the odd bend in the bars allowed her to shove her ass right
up to the bars with her cunt spread wide. Becky's Keeper
slowly inserted his big black cock into her white cunt from
behind until her white ass was up against his black belly.
Beck, with a little practice, soon got the feel of it and
lifted her pussy on and off of his cock. In a short time she
felt his hot sperm pour into her pussy. As soon as his ejaculation
was over Beck slipped her cunt off of his cock and turned
around to suck the last drops of his delicious sperm from
it. After that before her meal, sometimes he would give
her his cock to suck and sometimes he would position himself
on the chair with his cock out and extending through the
bars. When he did this Beck would turn around and spread
her thighs as wide as she could. Watching between her wide
spread thighs, she would guide her cunt down until she could
sit her pussy down over his cock. She would slowly take it
up into her eager pussy then start to stroke his swollen
cock with the soft walls of her cunt. When he came she would
only stay on his cock until it stopped spurting[color
black] then she would quickly lift off of it and turn around
to suck his dripping prick into her mouth and suck the last
tasty drops of cream from it as his sperm ran out of her pussy
and down the inside of her legs.

The men who came by to see her still did not speak in front
of her, but they whistled for her like you would for a pet.
By this time Beck felt quite natural in her role. She had
got to like thew taste of sperm so much that she would get
down on her knees in front of them, open her mouth and run
her tongue in and out and around it begging for a cock to suck.

When she did this sometimes they would take out their prick
and let her suck it. She had become a very good cock-sucker.
Beck would slowly lick and kiss the cock, running her tongue
around and under the head of it, then slowly pulling the
head past her lips while her tongue probed the opening in
its tip. She would then push her head forward, driving the
cock into her mouth and part way down her throat. Then slowly
pulled her head back while sucking as hard as she could.
She would then switch to licking it again, licking the cock
clear down to the base then on down to the swinging balls.
Licking them and sucking them into her mouth. She always
knew when to put the cock back into her mouth so she could
catch all of the cum, She would hold it in her mouth savouring
its musty, salty taste before swallowing it.

Quite some time later, Beck had lost track of time since
her periods had stopped, her Keeper whistled for her while
standing on the side of her run with the odd bars. She turned
her back to him, bent over and sprea her legs. In this position
her cunt was open and displayed. She moved backwards against
the special section of bars watching him from between her
spread thighs. He took out his big black prick, moved up
behind her and let her slip her pussy over his cock. She had
improved her technique quite a lot since she first sat down
on his stiff cock. She slowly squeezed his cock with her
vaginal muscles, pulling it up into her body, then relaxed
her cunt and slid slowly up off of it, catching the head of
the cock with her muscles just before it slipped out of her.
She would then slip back down onto it until she was sitting
on the bars, as close to him as she could get with as much of
his prick inside her as possible. Beck would then rise up
off of it again, this time trying to hold it all inside her
with her muscular pussy. Again she would pull all of his
prick up into her hot, juicy cunt. Then she would not move
her body, just pull and squeeze his cock with her vaginal
muscles. He could not take much of that, he exploded inside
her, spurt after spurt[color
black] of hot sperm battered the inside of hewr pussy, her
cunt was filled with his hot cream. As soon as his ejaculation
stopped Bek slipped off his cock, and with his sperm running
out of her pussy and down the inside of her thighs, sucked
the last drops of it out of his throbbing cock. He spread
the word about her skills and she had quite a bit more company.

After giving her Keeper an extra good fuck one day, he reached
in and gave one of her large firm tits a squeeze. This was
the first affectionate gesture any one had given her for
as long as she could remember. She half remembered she did
not like her tits touched, but it felt so good to have someone
caress her. She turned and presented her tits to him and
he stroked and petted them, ending with a gentle pinch to
her right nipple. After that when ever she would suck or
fuck any of the men she presented her breasts for them to
pet. Some petted and rubbed her tits gently, others squeezed
then hard enough to leave bruises. She did not mind, it just
meant she had pleased them and they were rewarding her.
They all ended the ?
petting' by gently pulling on, or pinching one of her
nipples. Beck enjoyed it, even the pinch was so gentle it
did not hurt but it meant the petting was over.

Beck's life seemed to be settling into a routine, she
became an expert at sucking cocks and at rear fucks. Her
tits were petted a lot, she was happy. One day she had a new
experience enter her life. a couple of the men came out to
see her and they brought several women. One of the men walked
up to the bars and whistled for her as he took out his cock.
The women gathered close around him, up against the bars
so they could watch. Some thing in the back of her head said
you don't do this with women watching. For the first
time in months, she was embarrassed. But there was the stiff
cock in front of her and she so wanted to taste and drink his
delicious hot semen.

With five women watching her, she slipped her mouth down
over his ready cock and started sucking it.

One of the women asked, "Does Beck really swallowed
your load He answered, "She always does, she liked
the taste of it."

When he started his orgasm, he pulled his cock out of her
mouth and let her catch the spurts
of his hot sperm with her tongue. She eagerly lapped his
cum into her mouth and swallowed all of it then he let her
suck the last drops of his load from the head of his cock.

The other guy then moved to the special section of bars and
whistled for her. She didn't think she could this in
front of those women, but she did. She bent over, spread
her thighs exposing her pussy and backed up to the bars.
He took down his pants, freeing his cock, and sat in the special
chair, pushing his belly up against the bars with his ready
cock standing erect between them. Beck backed up to him
and looked between her thighs so she could place her pussy
around his shaft. Two of the ladies sat on the ground along
side of him. From their position they could watch as the
head of his prick entered her cunt. They had a close up view
of her pussy at work. She actually blushed from embarrassment,
but her training held and she lowered her cunt down onto
his erect shaft. She gave him a good fuck and when he had completed
his orgasm Bek slipped off his cock and washed it with her
tongue, getting the last drops of his cum out of him.

Beck turned her breasts to the men for her expected petting,
both of the men stroked and petted her tits and one of the
women reached through the bars and gave her right breast
a gentle massage ending it with the usual pinch on her nipple.
Beck did not understand why they had to pinch or pull on her
nipples every time they petted and rubbed her tits, but
they always did. One of the ladies said if she could be trained
to please women she might make a good house pet.

For the next few weeks it was not uncommon for ladies to be
present and watch as Beck satisfied the men. Several of
them would pet her breasts for a good performance, but it
seemed to her that they always pinched or pulled her nipples
longer than the men did.

One day when there were a lot of people around her cage she
heard the whistle for her to come from behind her, from the
side of the cage with the odd bars. When she turned to go to
him, she saw one of the women seated at the bars. She had her
dress pulled up and she didn't have any panties on,
her cunt was exposed. She was sitting, or rather laying
back with her legs pulled up and out, putting her juicy pussy
against the bars where a mans cock should have been.

Beck started across the cage to her and then she stopped,
she did not know what to do. The whistle had always been a
signal to come and suck or fuck a cock, but there was no cock.
The woman whistled again, Beck's training pulled
her to the side of the cage and she assumed a kneeling position
in front of the woman's wide spread thighs and dripping
cunt. Beck was confused and did not know what to do, she finally
leaned forward and smelled the pussy there in front of her.
She liked the smell, she then timidly licked the open pussy
before her. It did not taste all that bad in fact it tasted
very good. Beck ran her tongue into that hot juicy pussy,
licking and sucking for all she was worth. She soon found
the clitoris and by the lady's reaction she knew it
felt good.

Bek buried her face between the woman's thighs, sucking
on her clitoris and running her tongue into her wet cunt
and sucking the pussy juice out of her, coming up only for
air. She soon brought the lady to an orgasm. The juices poured
out of the cunt in front of her and Bek tried to lick up and
swallow every bit of it. When she had finished the lady lowered
her legs, pulled down her dress, and reached for Bek's
tits. The lady's gentle but firm petting and massage
of Bek's tits started her breasts and belly feeling
warm, this was heaven, and even when she finished and pulled
on both her nipples, Bek did not mind, even that felt good.
She now had even more to do as ladies as well as men came out
to see her and have her pleasure them.

It seemed as soon as she got some thing new learned there
was some thing else to learn. One afternoon several weeks
after she had learned to suck pussys, she was slipping her
cunt down over one of the Masters cocks. She had just really
got well started with his cock up into her pussy when he took
hold of her hips, stopped her riding up and down on his shaft
and pulled his cock out of her. He then placed it against
her ass-hole, and pushed gently. He then raised her up and
pushed himself back to a normal position. As she started
down onto him again he guided her back so his cock was again
against her ass-hole, this time she got the idea. Bek tried
to force her tight ass-hole down over his cock.

His cock was well lubricated with her pussy juices and it
started to enter her rectum, this hurt but Bek knew it was
her new ?
trick' so she forced herself to relax her rectal muscles
and slowly painfully slid her colon down over his erect
cock. Once he was all the way up inside her it was not as bad,
it felt as if she were in the middle of a big shit. Once she
had settled down, she was able to move up and down on his rod
about the same way she did when she had a cock in her cunt.
She also discovered her sphincter muscles were strong
enough to really hurt him. She squeeze on his cock, but when
she did he slapped her very hard on the tit and she quickly
relaxed, she wouldn't do that again. When he finally
came in her ass, his sperm felt hot enough to burn her, she
had never felt such a sensation.

When he finished, he held her on his lap and rubbed and massaged
Bek's breasts for quite a while with his cock still
shoved up her ass-hole. He also played with her nipples,
pulling them and rolling them between his fingers. Bek
always enjoyed having her nipples petted. When he was finally
finished rewarding her, he took hold of her breasts and
lifted her rectum off of his cock using her tits for handles.
She was not required to ass fuck very often and the breast
petting was always extra nice afterwards.

By the time Bek had learned to come when called by name she
was ready to be tested. One morning she awoke to find her
arms free, for the first time since she had regained consciousness
she could see her hands, and she didn't remember what
they looked like or what they did. She was fascinated by
moving her arms and hands around. But later in the morning
when she squatted in the corner of the run to take a shit,
she held her arms behind her back the way they had been secured.
She always found her arms held in that position when ever
she was not using her hands.

By noon some of the Masters were coming by for her to service
them. When they whistled and call "Here Bek"
she came running as usual to suck or fuck them.

When moving around she carried her arms behind her by habit.
she also put them behind her when she was sucking cock or
sliding her pussy up and down on an erect prick. Before the
day was out she had also sucked a couple of cunts and slipped
her ass-hole and colon down over a hard cock. When she had
finished the ass-fuck, the guy held her in his lap as usual,
but this time he pulled her arms from behind her and lifted
them up wrapping her fingers around the bars over her head.
This position lifted and separated her breasts, making
the tit petting even more enjoyable. When he had finished
rubbing and squeezing her tits he pulled her ass- hole off
his cock by lifting her by her breasts as usual.

Bek made no attempt to get out of her run. She did learn to
make use of her hands and arms again. Other that to come when
she was called, the first command she learned was ?
Tits Up'. When given this command she would put both
of her hands behind her head and pull her elbow back as far
as she could and arch her back. In this position her large
firm young breasts were lifted and pushed out to their fullest.
After she had learned the ?
Tits Up' position, standing or kneeling, she received
all here breast petting in that position. She also learned
to play with a cock before she sucked it and to gently pull
and massage a man's testicles while she suck on his
cock. Bek also learned to guide a prick into her cunt or ass
rather than to just sit down on it as she had been doing. Next
she learned to reach between her legs while being fucked
to play with the hanging balls. Lastly she learned to gently
spread the pussy lips of the Ladies when she sucked their

Once Bek became used to having her hands back it did not take
her long to find out how good it felt to play with her own pussy.
This was something Rebecca had never done. It seemed to
please the people to watch her rubbing and playing with
her pussy. In a short time she learned the command ?
Masturbate'. When given this command she would sit
down, spread her legs wide and start rubbing and massaging
her pussy, running her fingers up inside of herself. This
felt so good that when she was commanded ?
Stop' she did not want to, but if she did not stop when
she was commanded too, or she tried to finger-fuck herself
without being given the command, her collar would give
her a strong shock. She learned masturbating was something
she could only do with permission.

The next time she was sitting on a Master's lap with
his cock up her ass, the Master told her ?
Masturbate'. While she was riding up and down on the
cock in her ass, she started finger-fucking herself. It
felt so good with her fingers slipping in and out of her pussy
while she slid up and down on the cock shoved up into her bowels.
It got feeling better and better, and just as she felt his
cock start pumping his hot seeds up her ass she started her
first orgasm. This was the most wonderful feeling she had
ever had, her entire body was tingling, her cunt was running
over with pussy juice, her tits were tightening and throbbing.
She was so involved with her own feelings that she was a little
slow in responding to the ?
Tits Up' command. He slapped her gently on the tit to
get her attention.

After she assumed the position he gave her a good breast
and nipple massage followed by the usual lifting her by
pulling up on her breasts. After this she did not mind taking
cocks into her ass so much because the only time she was allowed
to masturbate to a climax was when she had a stiff cock in
her ass.

By the time Bek had all of the new commands well mastered,
she realised she was hearing the Masters talking but the
words did not make any sense to her. One afternoon after
she had pleasured some Masters and Mistresses by sucking
and fucking them her Keeper entered her cage and walked
up to her. She was afraid, this had never happened before,
what was he going to do to her. He had a six foot leather strap
in his hand, was he going to hit her with it?
As he approached her he ordered ?
Tits Up', and he calmed her by petting her breasts.
He then snapped the leash onto a ring on her collar and walked
away from her pulling on the leash as he did so. In a short
time Bek had learned not to pull on the leash, but to go with
it. She soon was obeying the command ?
Heel' by walking just behind and to the left of her Keeper.
He worked with her every day, he would come into her run,
call her to him, then put on her leash and walk her around.

She learned that the ?
Stop' command meant to discontinue doing whatever
it was she was doing, ?
Stand' was easy to. Next she learned to ?
Stay' this meant to not move at all. Kneel' was
fairly easy for her to do. Her trainer stopped her then said
Kneel' while pulling down on one of her nipples. She
sat on her heels with her knees spread on the ground and her
hands and arms behind her in the position they had been bound
in for so long. Up' was taught to Bek in the same way,
he gave the command and pull up on her nearest nipple. Squat'
was harder for her to learn, but by using her nipples as handles,
pulling her up or down, forward or backward and by pinching
the inside of her thighs she learned to sit with her feet
flat on the ground and her legs spread as far as she could
spread them with her arms in the ?
Tits Up' position.

Stand tall' was not that hard, she was given the command
Stop' then ?
Stand Tall'. At the command her trainer grabbed hold
of both her nipples and gently pulled up on them. To try to
relieve the pressure she arched her back and pushed her
tits as high as she could. It did not take her long to learn
to pull her shoulders back and stand with her legs together
and straight. The position was very much like the military
attention' except that she was trying to reach the
sky with her tits. Walk tall' was an easy one, all she
had to do was walk with her upper body held in the same position,
arms swinging but her large nipples reaching for the sky.
Come' was also easy, she had her nipples pulled as the
command was given and she quickly came up to her trainer
until she pressed one of her breasts against his body.

This command was usually given as ?
Bek, Come, Kneel', at which time Bek would come on a
run from where ever she was and kneel along side him with
one of her bare breasts pressed against his leg.

She also learned ?
Spread', this was standing with her hands behind her
head and her elbows pulled back as far as she could, her feet
set wide apart, her legs slightly bent, and her thighs spread
as wide as she could get them. This position exposed her
cunt as well as showing off her tits. Ass Up' was a little
more difficult, she had to stand like she did for ?
Spread' then bend forward at the waist as far as she
could and grasp her ankles with her hands. The last command
she learned was ?
Cunt Up'. Bek had to first lay on her back, which was
an unnatural position for her due to all the time she spent
with her arms bound behind her. Next pull her legs up to her
breasts, then take hold of her ankles and spread her legs
and feet as far as she could. In this position her pussy was
raised and both her inner and outer pussy lips were spread
wide open, giving easy access to her vagina for examination
or medical treatment.

Bek was now taken for walks outside her run. She was kept
on a leash but she enjoyed getting out. She was walked several
times a day and soon she found she was allowed to squat down
and take her daily shit while on these walks. Once she was
walked up to the top of the ridge that formed one arm of her
canyon, on the other side she saw another canyon with a run
in it. She could not see if there were anything in it but there
were several Masters and Mistresses around it.

Several times when she had been out for a walk with her Keeper
they had come up to other Masters and Mistresses. She was
generally ordered to ?
Squat, Stay'. Some times the other Masters and Mistresses
would inspect her, running their hands over her full breasts,
feeling her ass, running their hands over, and some time
into her pussy, opening her mouth and looking at her teeth,
checking her dark blue eyes, and so forth. Bek did not like
to be inspected but she did not move while they did it.


The only time she ever moved while being inspected was when
a very young Mistress reached between her wide spread thighs
and viciously pinched her clitoris. She jumped from surprise
and pain. Her Keeper quickly put her at ?
Kneel, Tits Up', removed the quirt he always had at
his belt. He whipped her jutting breasts with it. Every
time the thongs landed on her large tender breasts and nipples
they left an angry red welt. Her breasts felt as if they were
being caressed by a red hot iron. The thin leather thongs
of the quirt ripped across the tender unprotected flesh
of her breasts and nipples eight or ten times. This was the
first time she had been punished in any other way than shocks
from her collar or a slap on her breast.

He then commanded ?
Bek, Cunt Up'. As soon as Bek was in position on the ground
with her cunt spread wide he told the young Mistress to do
it again. This time the young Mistress carefully spread
Bek's outer pussy lips even wider with one hand and
took a firm hold of her large clitoris with the forefinger
and thumb of the other and gave it a very hard, long, viciously
twisting pinch. Bek's face turned white with pain
and tears flowed from her eyes, but she didn't move.
As soon as the Masters and Mistresses had left, her Keeper
commanded ?
Bek, Up, Come, Kneel', when she was kneeling beside
him he very gently rubbed and massaged her burning tits
and nipples, and the final nipple pinch was very gentle.

Soon Bek was taking walks with her leash off. Her black Keeper
usually took her out of her run on the leash then he would
remove it, letting her run around free for a while. All he
had to do was shout ?
Bek, Heel', and she would come at a run and take her position
behind and to his left. One day while they were out walking
and she was not on her leash, the Keeper commanded ?
Bek, Come, Ass Up', she immediately ran to him, spreading
her legs, and took hold of her ankles. Her Keeper then walked
up behind her, dropped his pants freeing his big black cock
and pushed it into her cunt from the rear as she stood bending
over. As soon as Bek became aware of what he was doing she
spread her thighs even further and flexed her vaginal muscles.

Bent over as she was, Bek could watch the bulbous head of
his huge black cock slip between the pink lips of her cunt
and into her pussy. She watched as his large black testicles
swung closer and closer to her belly as his ram penetrate
deeper and deeper into her pussy. She wiggled back against
him while starting to work her cunt muscles around his ram.
In a short time he was filling her cunt with his hot cream.
As his cock stopped pulsating he pulled it out of her dripping
pussy and turned her around so she could suck and lick the
last few drops of his cum from the head of it. When his discharge
ran out of her pussy and down her legs she wiped it off with
her fingers and transferred it to her mouth. This was the
first time she had ?
Fucked' outside her run. They took a nice long walk,
and the Keeper did not put her back on the leash.

Bek learned to respond to ?
Suck Cock', for a Master or ?
Suck Cunt', for a Mistress, and to respond propperly
to ?
Fuck Cunt' and ?
Fuck Ass'. When given the command, she would assume
the correct position any place she happened to be. To prevent
her from ever getting any sexual pleasure from fucking
she was only fucked from the rear. She was never fucked from
the front so her clitoris would not be stimulated. She either
bent over and held her ankles while they shoved the meat
into her cunt or ass-hole or, while they were sitting down
she sat in their lap with her back to them with their rod shoved
up into one of her body cavities. She would ?
Masturbate' on command and ?
Stop' on command. Some of the young Masters enjoyed
commanding ?
Bek, Masturbate', then waiting until it was obvious
she was on the verge of an orgasm before commanding her to
Stop'. The only time she was ever allowed to achieve
an orgasm was when she had a cock in her ass.

Other Masters and Mistresses started walking her and putting
her through her paces. She had been well trained, she quickly
obeyed each command as it was given. She was taken for walks
by both Masters and Mistresses. Before long she was off
her leash during these walks. One day she was being walked
by a young Mistress she had never seen before. Bek was off
her leash and running on ahead to see what she could see.
After they were quite a ways from her run the young Mistress
called out ?
Bek, Come, Kneel'. With Bek kneeling in front of her
the Mistress removed her boots and ridding pants. She then
removed her panties, spread her legs and rubbed and scratched
her cunt hair to free the tangles. She then took off her blouse
freeing her breasts, she was not wearing a bra. The Mistress
rubbed and pulled on her own nipples until they became erect.

This was the first time Bek had ever seen a Mistress with
all of her clothing off, they usually only took off whatever
clothing covered their crotch so Bek could suck their pussy.
The Mistress spread her pants over a low rock as padding
and sat down on them. She spread her thighs wide, leaned
back to further expose her cunt and, with Bek watching,
played with her own tits and cunt for a short time, then she
commanded ?
Bek, Come, Suck Cunt'.

Bek quickly went to her and got down on her knees between
the wide spread legs. She gently spread the thick pussy
lips before her. The exposed cherry red flesh was already
wet with cunt juice from the fingering the Mistress had
given herself and looked very tasty. Bek had learned that
she liked the taste of pussy juice almost as much as she liked
the taste of hot human sperm. She slowly lowered her head
between those wide spread thighs and began gently licking
the juice out of the spread cunt before her. Bek had got very
good at licking pussys and she demonstrated her skill.

Bek's skilled tongue entered the waiting cunt and
probed within it moist depth. She then found the erect clitoris
with her tongue and worked on it for a while. Bek licked and
sucked on the Mistress' clitoris as if it were a small
cock then she would plunge her agile tongue deep into her
cunt, licking the inside of her pussy and sucking the hot
juices out of it. Bek then placed her lips tightly around
the wet cunt and blew a blast of breath into the Mistress'
vulva, blowing up her vagina like a toy balloon. The pleasure
the sudden inflating of her pussy gave her caused her to
jump and Bek just as suddenly sucked all the air and juices
out of her. Again and again Bek blew up her vagina, then sucked
it empty again. The next time the Mistress took a piss she
would piss out the air that had been blown up into her bladder
from this.

Bek then went back to work on her clitoris, sucking and massaging
it with her tongue. In a short time the Mistress started
her orgasm. As she wiggled her ass and humped her cunt into
Bek's face, Bek was sucking and swallowing all the
sweet pussy juice that flowed from her.

As her climax died away and Bek licked the last of her juices
from her cunt, the Mistress commanded ?
Bek, Kneel, Tits Up'. She then proceeded to squat in
front of Bek and with her own naked breasts only inches away
from Bek's, she began to give Bek one of the best tit
pettings she ever had. As the Mistress rubbed and squeezed
Bek's breasts she also pulled and gently twisted her
nipples. With the taste of the Mistress' pussy juices
still in her mouth, the bare breasts bouncing in front of
her eyes, and the skilful pressures and pulling on her breasts
and nipples Bek started getting wet between her thighs
like she did when she was commanded ?
Fuck Cunt'. Her large breasts were also feeling very
full and tight, her nipples were fully erect and standing
out from their dark pink areolas.

The Mistress then commanded ?
Bek, Masturbate'. Bek began to finger-fuck herself
while her tits and nipples were being skilfully massaged
to bring her the maximum of pleasure. Bek had both of her
hands between her thighs, she had three fingers of one hand
pushed up into her pussy as far as she could push them while
she was rubbing, pulling, and massaging her clitoris with
the fingers of the other hand.

For the first time in her life, Bek was allowed to bring herself
to an orgasm without a cock up her ass. Just as her climax
was well starting the Mistress carefully took hold of both
of Bek's fully erect nipples, gripping the ends of
the nipples tightly, she pulled straight up on them as hard
as she could. Bek's nipples were stretched to twice
their normal length. The Mistress continued to hold and
pull on the ends of Bek's stretched nipples until blood
ran from them. She then released Bek. With both of her hands
busy between her thighs, Bek had arched her body trying
to stop the pain in her tits. When she was released she was
off balance and fell to the gorund.

Bek lay there on the ground experiencing the most powerful
climax she ever had and the most severe pain she had ever
experienced at the same time. Bek had never hurt this bad
before and her body had never felt this good as wave after
wave of pleasure went through her cunt and belly. When her
orgasm ended the Mistress released Bek to her own devices
while she dressed herself.

Bek examined her tortured nipples. They were bleeding,
the skin had split from being stretched. They were also
very sore and swollen. The Mistress took Bek for a long walk
before starting back to her run. The Mistress was talking
to her as they walked, "I'm sorry to have hurt
you Bek, but it had to be done, I hope this is the last time
anyone hurts you".

Bek did not understand what she said, but her voice sounded

After Bek's nipples healed from the stretching, they
remained swollen and erect. This was caused by the medication
she received in her food that affecting the damaged tissue
of her nipples that had been inflicted by the calculated
pull and stretch. Bek's nipples were now always erect,
and they were larger than they had been. Bek's nipples
were now about the size of the end joint of a Man's thumb
and a few shades darker in colour than the swollen areolas
they rose from. They were even more sensitive now and petting
of them was even more pleasant if done gently.

After this Bek was taken for walks by anyone that wanted
to. She no longer was kept on a leash and she got almost all
of the sperm and pussy juice to drink that she wanted. She
received a lot of breast and nipple petting as reward for
her performances, but now the feelings she received from
the gentle nipple pull or pinch that always ended the petting
was even more intense.

One morning after a month or so of this freedom, her Keeper
called her to him and snapped on her leash. He lead her to
a large van and, with Bek at ?
Heel', climbed into it. Bek did not know what this was,
she some how knew it would not hurt her but she was still uneasy.
Her Keeper sat on a bench that ran the length of the van and
Bek sat on the floor against his leg. As the van started up
Bek rubbed a breast against his leg, she was frightened.
He absent mindedly rubbed and massaged one of her tits to
calm her, pulling and twisting her sensitive nipples between
his fingers. After about a half hour drive the van stopped,
the back end was opened and they got out. Bek was even more
frightened, there were buildings everywhere she looked.
She was lead into one of them. It was a good thing she was on
a leash or she might have bolted.

She was lead down a long hall and into a odd, tile filled room.
The Keeper fastened her leash to an overhead bracket gave
her tits a reassuring squeeze and left her, she never saw
him again. A Masters and a Mistresses in rubber suits entered
the room. She was commanded to ?
Spread and Stay' and when she had assumed the proper
position, they turned on a stream of water and wet her down
all over. Her training held, Bek did not move. The Master
and Mistress then put soap all over her and with soft brushes
started scrubbing her down. This was the first bath or shower
Bek had in almost eighteen months. They scrubbed her several
times to get the accumulated dirt and filth off of her. Her
long copper red hair was washed several times until it shined.
She was dried off and led to another room where she was put
up on a cold metal table and her finger nails and toe nails
were trimmed. Next the tangled hair on her head, in her arm
pits, on her lower belly, and between her legs was combed
and brushed.

As the grooms worked on her they discussed her physical
attributes. Her natural facial beauty was commented on
as were her large firm breasts, slim waist and wide full
hips, her dark red cunt hair called attention to the fullness
of the lips between her legs, and her tight ass had just the
right swell to it. They decided she was an excellent ?

When they had completed their grooming of her, she was taken
to a FEM run. She was lead through the gate into a smaller,
but cleaner, run than she had out in the desert. The end she
was in was inside the building but the other end, accessible
to her through a small swinging door, was open to the sky.
There was even a clean blanket for her to sleep on in a corner
near where she was standing.

After Bek was taught how to get from one end of the run to the
other by going through the swinging door, her leash was
unfastened and hung up outside the run and the gate was closed.
She found a cock-faucet near the end of the building to quench
her thirst, she thought this was a very nice place. At the
usual time her meal was brought to her, it consisted of the
same ?
FEM Food' she had always got. Bek still did not, and
never would, use her hands to eat. She knelt over with her
hands behind her back and licked and ate the chunky food
from her bowl. A short time after she had eaten she curled
up on her new blanket and was asleep in minutes.

For the next couple of months Bek's existence in the
new run was quite different. She was worked several times
a day, each time by a different Master or Mistress. They
all carried quirts and the least infraction or hesitation
on her part brought swift punishment, it was always the
same. Bek, Kneel, Tits Up', and as soon as she had assumed
the position the leather thongs of the quirt were biting
into her tender breasts and nipples.

Bek was not being used as much sexually as she was used to.
She missed the amount of sperm and pussy juice she had been
getting out in the desert. She still got to suck at least
one or two cocks and at least one pussy a day but for her this
was practically none at all. She got to ?
Fuck Cunt' and ?
Fuck Ass' every few days and she was allowed to ?
Masturbate' until she had an orgasm whenever she had
a cock in her ass. She was bathed nearly every day and she
soon grew to like it. Near the end of this period of her training,
her collar was changed for a new one. The new collar had no
electronics in it. She had forgotten how to talk, or make
any other sound and she was accustomed to being disciplined
by having her tits whipped.

The morning after she got the new collar, Bek entered her
next phase of training. She had balked at a command, instead
of having her tits whipped right then she was lead to an outside
area she hadn't seen before. It was an open area with
a dozen of what looked like poles set into the ground about
four feet apart. At the time the area was empty. The Mistress
lead her up to one of the poles. The top foot of it was shaped
like a cock that was two inches in diameter. It was mounted
to the small metal shaft with a coil spring. The top of the
pole was even with her nipples.

When she was in front of the pole, the Mistress took hold
of it and pushed it down, the small metal shaft slid into
the larger base. Holding the top of the shaft below her crotch,
she moved Bek forward until the shaft was directly below
her pussy. Bek was then ordered ?
Spread', she obediently spread her legs and opened
her thighs. The Mistress then let the shaft up until it was
pressed against the opening to Bek's pussy. She spread
Bek's outer and inner lips and released the shaft.
The rounded end of the Post entered her body. Bek was then
allowed to move. No matter what she did the Post continued
to force its way up into her vaginal canal. The large rubber
cock had a continuous five pound upward force over it's
entire travel.

With the Post up inside her pussy, Bek was unable to move
from the spot. The spring the cock shaped section was mounted
on had enough flex to allow her very slight movement without
injuring herself. As soon as she settled down with the Post
inside of her, Bek was ordered ?
Tits Up'. With her hands behind her head and her elbows
pulled back as far as she could pull them, the Mistress placed
a bar behind her arms and strapped her wrists and elbows
to it. Bek couldn't lower her arms now if she tried.
A blindfold was then placed over her eyes. The first blow
to her breasts from the quirt took her completely by surprise.
She was used to seeing the blows coming and bracing herself
for them. Bek jumped from the pain and the Post caused pain
to the inside of her pussy as she moved.

There was no rhythm to this whipping, each time the lash
struck her tits, it caught her by surprise. The Mistress
watched her and only struck when she was relaxed. This was
the longest and hardest whipping Bek's tits had ever
received. Tears were dripping off her face and the salty
tears stung as they got into the welts on her full breasts.
The whipping didn't stop until her whipped nipples
burned from her tears.

After the punishment had ended, the arm bar and blindfold
were removed. Bek's wrists were fastened behind her
back so she couldn't touch her breasts and she was left
alone. Bek spent a couple of hours with that huge hard rubber
cock inside her cunt. The entire time it tried to force its
way deeper into her body.

The Mistress finally returned and released her hands.
She pulled the Post down out of Bek's cunt and Bek followed
her from the area. Bek was only whipped on the

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