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Realisation in all its glory


Realisation I suppose this could be construed as a partially true story
when a seemingly straight guy learns who he really is and
discovers a whole new world of erotic pleasures that he
had kept hidden in his psyche for several decades. It is another long story and for granddad 300412 I truly
apologise, but in my own defense I feel I need to paint as
near to full picture as possible. Ficticiousatlive couk
will get my attention for critique or more, Part Two needs
a little more work, while the concluding part three is still
being written Part two being the girl’s time together with Part three
as a Grande finale. So I hope you enjoy.

Part One

John had spent the majority of his life as a recognised ladies
man but reaching his fiftieth birthday and out with a group
of his friends and drinking much more than he intended or
could handle and needing some fresh air he found himself
outside at the back of a club in a dark alley. The safety bar
had slammed shut barring his return back to his friends.
The cold air affected the booze swollen bladder and John
needed desperately to take a piss. It was then that his zipper
jammed cursing he struggled to free it. A friendly voice spoke from the darkness behind a refuse
skip. “Need a hand?” “Fucking zippers jammed and I’m busting for a piss.” John
mumbled “Here let me help I am good with zips.” John staggered slightly as the guy’s hands gripped the
front of his trousers. “For fuck sake hurry up or I’ll piss my pants” John’s slightly
slurred voice held a hint of panic. “It really is jammed; hang on while I get your belt undone.”
His rescuer mumbled. The guy slipped the belt buckle open and gripped the sides
of John’s tight trousers and dragged the open waist banded
trousers down to his hips. John’s flaccid penis flipped
out into the cold night air. He felt a smooth hand grab it
and guide the jet of hot steaming piss towards the back of
the waste container. John sighed with relief as the pressure
on his bladder eased. As the stream became a dribble the smooth hand still retained
its hold on John’s prick and as if it was the most natural
thing in the world the hand began it sliding up and down the
limp shaft. As the foreskin rode over the knob it began to
instantly stiffen and John murmured in pleasure as it became
a solid lump of engorged muscle. Suddenly John felt warm
breath as the guy’s mouth covered his swollen penis. John’s
prick was now wet its natural juice and the saliva of the
unknown guy who was fellated him. Cupping John’s balls
in his hand the guys other hand reached between his legs
and began stroking his puckered anus. John could stand it no longer his body jerked as he pumped
his semen into the stranger’s hot mouth. “You feel better for that?" The man said wiping a dribble
of spunk off his chin. John felt an overwhelming wave of guilt and shame sweep
over him. “Sorry mate but I gotta go.” He slurred feeling more sober
than he had for the past couple of hours. “Sure I understand.” The man replied “but here take my number
you might want to talk later. I don’t fully understand what
happened myself.” He said pushing a small white business
card into John’s jacket pocket. “Yea right.” John said as he scurried along the darkened
passageway towards the bright street lights where the
multitude of night-time clubbers roamed.

“Where the fuck did you disappear to?” Nick called from
the middle of the clustered group of John’s other mates.
“Pulled a bird did you?” Charlie giggled. “But what the
heck we won’t tell your missus.” “Went for a breather and the fucking door slammed behind
me.” John muttered despite all the alcohol he had drunk
he was now stone cold sober. Glancing at his watch he said “I’m about done lads I think
I’ll call it a night.” Several of the others nodded their
acquiescence, while a couple of the younger mid thirties
lads said they were going to stay.

As John climbed the stairs his mind kept returning to the
man in the alley. He felt his prick beginning to harden at
the thought of the moment he shot his load into the stranger’s
mouth and the way the guy’s finger had caressed his anus;
that really had been something new. He quickly pushed those
long buried memories that every so often would struggle
to emerge from a long distant murky past back into the securely
locked archive of his mind; instead he forced his brain
to focus on the number of blow jobs he had experienced from
different women in his life, and realised that none came
anyway near to the fantastic explosion his balls had so
recently ejected. By the time he slipped under the sheets whilst trying not
to disturb Jenny his wife of twenty four years, his penis
was throbbing hard. Jenny mumbled half asleep. “Had a good night?” she asked
turning towards him and feeling his erect prick up against
her slightly rounded stomach. “Mmm.” She muttered her hand gripping his swollen sticky
knob. “In the mood for another birthday present I see.”
She slid her hand up the shaft gripping his foreskin and
sliding it across the bulbous end. John moaned his right hand automatically cupping her pert
breast his thumb brushing the erect nipple. “I see you are up for it as well.” He grinned in the darkness
the thought of her hairy cunt pushing the earlier memory
away. Without losing her stoke she twisted her body down under
the duvet until her mouth slipped onto the end of his prick
the tip of her tongue pushing into the tiny juice filled
mouth of his knob. Lifting her right leg over his face, John
drunk in the heady musky aroma of her wet and obviously receptive
cunt. John buried his face into the mass of pubic hair he
loved so much. Jenny had always managed to keep it trimmed
until she realised that John preferred her hairy. Her furry
mound spread upwards across her lower stomach getting
sparser before ceasing just some three inches below her
naval, it also roamed lightly round her inner thighs and
there was softer even more downier hairs covering her arsehole.
John brushed his face into her ‘Mons Veneris savouring
the mixed aromas of her self lubricated cunt. Jenny’s long
labia lips that John loved were hanging down and he drew
them into his mouth suckling on them while his thick tongue
probed into the pink fleshy inner lips and beyond. A flash of memory of the man’s finger stroking his arsehole
gave John inspiration and he slid himself further down
the bed his tongue teased the back of her vagina slit and
then slowly easing its way sneakily over the bridge between
her cunt and the tiny pursed lips of her anus. He felt her body sag as the tip of his tongue pressed into
the bull’s eye of the puckered arsehole. She gasped and
clamped her mouth tighter over his prick. The more his tongue gyrated across her arsehole the harder
she sucked and rode her head frantically up and down on his
swollen member. John felt his balls begin to boil as his body generated the
sperm into action and sliding his head back onto her soaking
vagina the mass of pubic hair now soaked with her juice.
Jenny wriggled her bottom in annoyance at his leaving her
new arousal point. And to show John what she wanted she placed
her forefinger on his arsehole pressing it and the tip of
her finger to caress the tiny mouth. The message was received in an instant and John immediately
slid his tongue back onto Jenny’s anus, only this time pushing
his tongue hard against the hole He felt Jenny’s legs open
wider as he managed to get the tip of his thick probing tongue
into her back passage. Jenny screamed in pleasure as she
climaxed, her sweet cunt juice spurting over John’s chin.
Continuing to push her finger against his arsehole her
head rode vigorously over the tender knob. John felt his balls begin to release his pent up sperm and
his mind returned to the guy in the entry feeling a surge
of lust his spunk erupted deep down the throat of his wife,
who swallowed it greedily, something she had persistently
refused to do in the past. Exhausted they fell back gasping for breath, it was a few
minutes before Jenny spoke. “Where on earth did you learn that technique? That was something
I never knew existed.” She smiled suspiciously. “Porno one of the lads had watched. He told me it was something
he could never do, to actually shove his tongue up a woman’s
arsehole; somehow tonight it just seemed like a good idea,
and your finger made it work for me too.” Satisfied Jenny slipped into a blissful sleep with the
palm of her hand covering her contented cunt and the tip
of her finger resting on the pursed lips of her arsehole,
while John’s lay thinking about all the things that had
happened to him, especially the guy fellating him and how
sexual his anus had suddenly become, as well as learning
that Jenny’s arsehole was just as erotic for her. Confused and unsure of not only who he was, but in the darkness
the demons taunted him of what he was. He knew about bisexual men and women, but couldn’t recall
ever knowing any; maybe even some of his mates were bisexual
it wasn’t something his circle of friends discussed except
to ridicule those who were. Unable to find solace in sleep John’s mind continued to
draw on past experiences; looking for some sign from people
he had known, focusing on joint sexuality. It was then that
he remembered when he had first met his wife, and the way
she had been with her friend Gail He had dismissed it as a
girly thing kissing and holding hands; he had forgotten
all about it until now. He felt a thrill of excitement as
several pieces of an old box-less jigsaw from the recess
of his mind fell into place, not making a complete picture
but rather just a small corner of one, as fantasy slipped
into his version of reality, in an unconscious attempt
to ease the nagging tinge of guilt of enjoying having his
cock sucked to ejaculation by another man. In the silent darkness of the night his mind conjured up
vivid pictures of Jenny making love to Gail and the question
his mind asked ‘Had Jenny ever really made love to another
woman?’ He had sometimes seen her with a strange glint in
her eye over the years looking at other women or when watching
a tame lesbian encounter during a movie on TV. But now the
thought of his wife Jenny sucking on her friend Gail’s cunt
and playing with her tits made his cock begin to harden again.
The hiding darkness of the night accentuated his imagination
and he tried to recall the man’s face in the passageway behind
the club, but the light had been almost non existent. Aborting
the attempt to put a face on his cock sucker he turned his
mind to fabricating a clear mental picture of himself in
a role reversal, with the guy’s penis in his mouth, and his
own finger slipping into the guy’s arsehole. Once more
John found that his prick was rock hard and seeping with
the last of the sperm that had remained in its pipe. In a moment
of spontaneity he caught the dribbles from the mouth of
his penis on his fingers and greedily sucked them into his
mouth. The salty acidic flavour tasted strangely exciting
and his hand gently stroked his erection adding even more
eroticism to the sore yet tingling sensation that ran upwards
and into settled in a warm glow in the pit of his stomach.
It was after eleven o clock before they woke on the Sunday
morning and Jenny turned her breasts towards him pressing
them complete with her erect nipples into his arm. “You awake.” She murmured snuggling closer. “Mmm.” He replied feeling the soreness of his abused prick
against the duvet. “Did we do what I thought we did last night, or was it a fantastic
dream fantasy?” She asked grinning like the proverbial
Cheshire cat. “It was certainly a dream fantasy that became a reality,
you gorgeous slut.” He laughed even louder as she pummeled
his chest with her tiny fists laughing along with him. “At least I discovered that you like your arsehole played
with, so don’t be calling me a slut.” She said with one eye
half closed and a quizzical look on her face. “Maybe we should
invest in some of your mates movies, perhaps there is more
we can learn.” She continued knowingly. “But what about two women together how would you feel about
watching something like that?” he asked looking her right
in the eyes. She never blinked, “Sounds fascinating, but what about
two blokes, would ‘you’ like to see exactly what they get
up to.” John couldn’t hold Jenny’s gaze, “Wouldn’t bother me,
I don’t think.” He muttered hoping he hadn’t sounded guilty
and yet feeling the same tingling in his groin. Embarrassed as his thoughts once more returned to the event
in the darkness behind the club. “Anyway its time we were
up, Carole and Clive are supposed to be coming for dinner.”
Carole was their twenty three year old daughter, and Clive
was her loser partner, who couldn’t hold a job for longer
than a few months. They shared a small flat over a chemist
shop that Carole with a little help from Jenny was helping
to pay for. Colin, Carole’s twin brother was serving with the Coldstream
Guards in Afghanistan and wasn’t due home for another three
months. Jenny swung her legs onto the floor bending forward to pull
on a clean pair of lace panties. John eyes focused on the
crack of her buttocks catching a glimpse of the few hairs
that surrounded her bum’s hole, as she raised her small
round cheeks from the bed he also caught a fleeting glimpse
of her hairy minge between her slim legs. Another erection
began to take hold of his penis. Jenny turned to face him
and John’s eyes focused on the thick hairs that protruded
from the sides of her knickers and the thinly spaced ones
above the line of her briefs. “Love these, don’t you?” she said pushing as many of them
into her knickers as she could. “You know I do, and you’ve nice tits as well.” He smiled his
eyes locked onto her small pert and still firm breasts,
scowling as she slipped them into the tiny matching lace
brassier. “You don’t need a bra.” He said wistfully. “Comfort and it at least it stops you ogling me all day.”
She had said the same thing every time he commented on the
unnecessary wearing of a brassier. “Are you getting up now?” She asked slipping a red tee shirt
over her head, and not waiting for an answer she stepped
into the pair of well worn jeans wriggling her bottom to
get them up to her tiny waist. “In a bit just want to collect what thoughts I have left.”
“Thoughts, that’ll be brains; well I think I probably swallowed
most of what little you had last night.” She squealed with
laughter at her own joke but seeing he was not as amused by
her reference she said. “Alright my love you just lie there
and see if you can generate some more brain cells and I’ll
bring you a coffee up.” “And a bacon and egg sandwich would be nice.” He mumbled
snuggling back beneath the duck-down duvet. As the bedroom door closed behind his wife John’s mind was
in turmoil, even in the cold light of day the experience
in the city centre a few hours ago was in the centre of his
mind. Even Jenny’s uncharacteristic blow job couldn’t
expel the lewd thoughts. He hadn’t always been faithful
to Jenny but they had been brief affairs or one night stands;
but this was different he had enjoyed having his prick sucked
by another man who had also made him come by touching with
his arsehole, John forced far distant memories back into
the darkest region of his mind refusing to accept what had
once been. In spite of himself John knew he wanted more,
he too wanted to know how it felt to feel another man’s cock
slipping in and out of his mouth and of experiencing it jetting
warm salty spunk into his mouth. He also thought of what
it would feel like to actually put his prick up a man’s arsehole,
and even if it would hurt to have a penis shoved into his own.
This thought brought another erection and his stomach
churned with lewd expectation. It was the mixed aromas of coffee and bacon wafted under
his nose that brought reality once more to his life. “Come on mister sleepy, breakfast in bed and don’t think
this is going to be a regular occurrence.” She said collecting
up John’s scattered clothing before disappearing back
down the stairs, to where a pile of washing was waiting to
be done before work the following morning. Starving, John wolfed down the thick sandwich of four slices
of bacon and two eggs, and after swallowing the last of the
coffee, he let his legs drop to the floor. “John?” Jenny’s voice echoed up the stairs “Who is Robert
Millard?” ‘Robert Millard?’ John hadn’t got a clue, he thought of
all the blokes named Rob, or Bob that he knew, and none rang
a bell. “No idea love. Where did that name come from?” “Card in your jacket pocket.” She called back up the stairs.
The bottom dropped out of John’s stomach. He had forgotten
all about the card. His brain raced as he thought of what
to say. “Oh yes.” He called back down “A guy last night, we got to
talking in the club and when I told him I was a computer programmer
he said that if I was ever out of work he could probably put
something my way.” “But you don’t know anything about computer programming;
you just fix them when they don’t work.” “It’s a bit more than that.” He protested and adding lamely
“I know I can’t program them, but you never know; you just
can't have too many contacts.” “Do you want to keep the card then?” “Yes leave it on the kitchen table I’ll put in my wallet when
I come down.” He called tugging on the clean pair of slacks
and his Fred Perry sports shirt. Knowing if he dressed up
a bit Jenny wouldn’t expect to do anything in the garden.

Over the next two weeks John managed to acquire several
pornographic movies that involved women performing together
in all sorts of positions, as well as extraordinarily well
endowed muscular men who were in danger of giving John an
inferiority complex. Amongst the small pile of DVD’s there
was only one short film where the men also served each other
while the women encouraged them. John quickly detected that Jenny was far more interested
in the films that had women playing with each other and she
would sit with her hands jammed tightly between her clamped
thighs while John’s hand cupping her breast would feel
her heart pick up a little extra speed at the more erotic
scenes. Initially John thought that it might just be curiosity,
until he noticed that she had slipped her right hand down
under the waistband of her skirt and hidden beneath one
of the settee’s loose cushions he saw that she was masturbating
gently. He also saw that the more she watched women together
the more excited she became. One particular movie had a guy with a huge abnormal penis
who actually shoved it all the way into the actress’s rectum,
while his compatriot lay beneath her and screwed her cunt
with an equally large prick. The camera capturing every
movement in close graphic detail even the screwed up look
of combined pain and pleasure on her face, neither of them
wanted to believe that she was that good of an actress. John saw that Jenny had pushed her hand further beneath
her, and by the motion of her shoulder realised that she
was actually pushing her finger into her own arsehole.
He felt her shudder slightly but spasmodically as she reached
an orgasm. John had pretended he hadn’t noticed, and ignoring
the steamy action on the plasma he secretly watched her
continue to play with herself, drawing in the distinct
erotic aroma of her arousal through his nostrils. It was however the two men performing with each other that
nervously fascinated John, and he kept thinking about
the Robert Millard experience, and knew that he desperately
wanted to contact him. He even rang the number several times,
but cut it off as he realised he hadn’t a clue of what to say
if and when the guy answered. He had taken to masturbating to his thoughts in the privacy
of his sanctum of the garden shed, and like Jenny had he had
begun to ease his fingers into his own anus, feeling the
initial pain, he wondered just how these actors managed
to take such monster cocks up their arsehole without splitting
themselves in two. Gradually as he became more relaxed he found the pleasure
of his fingers probing deeper and deeper into his backside,
finding his prostrate he would massage it milking the sweet
beads of juice it produced from the tiny mouth of his cock,
which he eased onto his finger and lick greedily wishing
there was more. The more he manipulated his new found thrill
hole he began to want something thicker than a finger. Vaseline
and creams helped him insert smooth objects that went a
little way to salve his craving. He wished his prick was
longer so he could suck himself off and ejaculate into his
own mouth, but no matter how far he tried to lean forward
the nearest he could get was to lick the small mouth with
its juice of which there was never enough to satisfy him
and it hurt his spine. Instead he would masturbate into
his hand and lick the thick creamy warm and slightly salty
spunk off it before the tiny pangs of guilt took over. Jenny had over the past few years lost touch with her old
friend Gail and recalling their girlish games as she recalled
them realised that she needed to locate her again. The ‘Friends
Reunited site’ brought up nothing, and so she contacted
Gail’s mother who now a widow still lived at the same address.
Edna Gail’s mother told her that Gail had only spoken a week
ago about how she would love to meet up with Jenny and renew
their friendship. “Gail” She had told Jenny was “feeling a little low after
her husband Ron had left her for a nineteen year old girl
from the office where he worked.” Jenny had told John about her friend’s problem and that
“she needed to be there for her;” It wasn’t long before John began to suspect that perhaps
there was more to it than just being there, especially when
he had found all the lesbian movies hidden in the bedroom,
and knew that they had always watched them downstairs on
the large plasma screen in the lounge. The thought of them together excited him, especially knowing
what they were up to, and he visualised them having sex with
each other; and if they thought that it was acceptable,
then perhaps he should try to think along the same lines.
Alone one night after the girls had said they were going
to the movies, and John had downed several large brandies
he toyed with the telephone for several minutes watching
the clock and seeing that Jenny would probably be home before
long, suddenly with an almost frantic haste he punched
the number off the card. It rang just four times before his
courage failed him and he was just about to put the telephone
down when a voice spoke. “Robert Millard associates.” The clear unaccented voice
answered. “I... er Hello.” John struggled for words. “Yes can I help you?” the voice asked pleasantly. “Yes I am not sure whether or not I should have called.” John
struggled with what to say. “But I am the guy from the back
of the club a couple of weeks ago.” John felt panic rising
in his chest. “I really am so glad you decided to ring; it has been a somewhat
traumatic couple of weeks no doubt for you too. I don’t do
what I did as a regular occurrence… in fact… “The man paused.
“ Look do you think we could meet. There really is something
we should talk about, and to even offer an explanation,
but whatever you feel about it, I have to admit I am as confused
as you probably are, but and maybe feel as embarrassed,
but please I would like the opportunity to discuss what
happened.” Even from a distance John felt the others man's confusion
and wondered just what they would have to say to each other.
All he knew he needed to sort out his mind soon or he would
go crazy. “I think it would be a good idea although I have
to tell you I am more than a little nervous.” ”At least we will be on the same ground then.” Rob replied.
“Somewhere quiet and neutral would be best I think.” John
offered. “How about the same club?” Rob answered “at least we know
how to get there and it’s fairly quiet early on”. “Ok and the sooner the better I think.” John replied. “How about tonight at seven in the bar?” John’s stomach lurched he hadn’t quite meant that soon
and felt he needed more time to come to terms with the idea
of actually meeting up with the guy. Perhaps a little more quickly than he intended, but the
sound of Jenny’s key in the front door made the decision
for him and he whispered. “OK why not?” at least the answers
he was looking for would hopefully be resolved sooner than
later. Jenny and Gail strode into the room just as John flopped
back onto the settee.

John had no idea what the man he was meeting looked like,
it had been dark, and he had been drunk, all he remembered
was the smooth soft hands and the sight of his spunk on the
guys chin. It was just above freezing when John locked his car, he had
been lucky to find a parking space so quickly; an office
worker had been doing overtime had pulled out of her space
just as John turned the corner. With his heart racing and his mind full of trepidation he
strode purposely the fifty meters towards the bar. ‘What the fuck was he going to say, in fact what could he say,
anyway it had to be resolved and it was too late to back out
now, push comes to shove he could always just get up and walk
out. His mind still formatting numerous scenarios as he
pushed the glass doors of the bar open. Glancing at his watch
and saw it was just coming up to seven o clock. His eyes scanned
the dimly lit interior, two couples were at the bar and he
saw a group of young men crowded round the gaming machine.
John’s heart slowed as he realised that Robert, he would
prefer to use Rob, obviously hadn’t arrived yet, or had
changed his mind. John was surprised as he realised he was
bitterly disappointed, after plucking up enough courage
he felt let down. Ordering a non alcoholic drink and turning round, his eyes
caught the solitary figure of a man probably in his late
forties sitting in the recess at the back of the room. Even
in the dim light John could see and feel the man’s gaze was
focusing intently on him, as if trying to remember what
he had looked like. Almost imperceptibly the guy nodded
slightly and with a flash of white even teeth John realised
that this was Robert Millard the man he had come to meet and
was already waiting for him. With leaden legs John walked across the carpeted bar room
floor, his mouth was dry and he took a sip from his fruit juice
drink. “Robert?” John asked tentatively. “Rob.” The man said standing up and extended his hand. He
was just short of six feet tall, with iron grey hair cut short,
even in the dim light his grey blue eyes held a hint of sadness.
His trim figure was clothed in a casual dark suede jacket
and well fitting jeans. His grip was firm and secure; John noticed immediately
the softness of his hands as he recalled from their first
meeting. “Hi, I’m John.” John replied smiling, the butterflies
settling as he returned the handshake. Rob returned his
smile without revealing any hint of embarrassment. Both men sat down opposite each other. Rob was first to speak. “First of all I feel I need to apologise
for the events of our first meeting. I took what you must
feel is an unfair advantage, you were pretty drunk.” John went to answer, but Rob held up his hand “No please let
me finish, I’ve been rehearsing this speech ever since
that night.” John nodded and smiled recalling his own dismembered
speeches he had gone over, again and again in his own mind.
“Yes I did take advantage, but I can honestly tell you, I
really had no other intention than to help a fellow man out
of a difficult situation, and I have been in a similar situation
myself few months ago and I had no one to assist me, Couldn’t
get a cab because I stunk and had to stagger several miles
in wet pants. I really can’t explain the why’s behind what
I did, but, ” Rob looked around to ensure that there was
no one in earshot, before leaning forward and continuing.
“But when I took hold of your cock and had to aim it, I just
knew I needed to make you come. I haven’t done anything like
this before, well not since I left boarding school. I mean
as young lads we experimented with each others bodies,
but at those types of schools it was expected. I do admit
in those far off days I enjoyed the experimentation and
the danger of exposure but it hadn’t crossed my mind until
that night when I felt you in my hand. You see my wife Rosemary
passed away in June of this year after she had been ill with
cancer for nearly two years, and to be honest with you I have
been pretty messed emotionally. Basically I feel that
I am a heterosexual, but I can’t seem to get that experience
we had out of my head.” John warm smile took the look of doubt from his eyes. “I know I have been having some dreadful days wondering
about my own feelings. I know for me it’s just a purely sexual
experience that seems to put a whole new aspect on life.
I am married with two grown kids and like you as youngsters
growing up the lads would toss each other off or watch each
other masturbate. Never anything serious.” John closed
his mind as memories tried to invade his conscious thoughts.
“To be perfectly frank with you and because of my own confusion
I have been on the internet and searched the male sites looking
for some clarification and found out what goes on. But I
don’t want to get involved in that scene, my life and privacy
are far too important, but like yourself it was too good
to want to let go. Shit now I feel embarrassed about it all.”
Rob’s hand covered John’s with a gentle squeeze. “John
believe me there is nothing you should be embarrassed about.
I too have done a great deal of research and I have learnt
that we are not odd or anything like it. We are more normal
than you can imagine. Just two guys who need to experience
every facet of the sexual experience.” John’s other hand
covered his new friends, relief flooded through him, although
he already knew that in the cold light of day his doubts and
fears would return, his biggest fear was of being found
out by his family and friends. It transpired that Rob lived some sixteen miles away on
the outskirts of Lichfield. He and a partner owned their
own business and Rob’s only son Rupert was now working in
Los Angeles. Rob was considering selling his large home
in Lichfield and moving to a flat nearer his office, but
at the moment he couldn’t get his mind into gear. As the bar began filling with the early evening rush it became
difficult to talk and with persuasion needed John agreed
to visit Rob at his home in Lichfield at the week end on the
pretence of repairing his office computer system, and
after exchanging mobile numbers and firm handshakes the
new found friends left the bar.

John arrived home much earlier than he expected, with his
mind concentrating on the rather apprehensive plans for
the forthcoming week-end. In a world of his own he failed to notice the small Ford Ka
of Gail’s parked under the trees at the end of his drive.
As John let himself into the house he heard the television
on and it was obvious that Jenny was watching one of the porno
movies; and he quickly realised that she was very definitely
not on her own. He stood silently in the hallway, until he
recognised Gail’s voice, and his memory cells brought
back the small Ka parked under the trees. He was about to open the lounge door, when he heard his wife
aroused voice. “Oh Gail I’m coming, harder push it right
up as far as you can, please, please don’t stop.” John felt the instant hardness of his prick bulging inside
his trousers as he imagined what Gail was doing to his wife.
The door was closed shut but John kept his ear against the
painted panel and heard as Jenny climaxed with an exited
scream. “God that was great.” He heard her whisper “I never realised
my arsehole could be so fantastic.” “I need a drink after that” He heard Gail laugh. The sound of someone scrambling to what he assumed was to
her feet made John quickly make his way back along the hall
to the closed front door where he opened and closed it again
with a loud bang. “Hello love.” He called loudly. The noisy scramble made
him grin widely to himself. The television was suddenly
snapped off. He opened the lounge door just in time to see a large pink
vibrator disappear beneath the cushion. He noticed a pair
of black panties sticking out of Gail’s open handbag. “Your home early.” Jenny managed to gasp, the look of obvious
guilt spread across her flushed face. “Yeah but I got a job for Saturday out of it.” He lied easily.
“What were you two watching?” he added his face revealing
nothing. “Just the usual crap.” Jenny lied clumsily. "Gail
and I were just catching up on the gossip.” “Does anyone want a drink?” he asked pleasantly. “A coffee would be nice.” Gail spoke for the first time,
her eyes deliberately avoiding John’s, and her hands holding
her short skirt tightly across her slim bare legs. From the kitchen John could hear the DVD being ejected from
the player and the scuffle as both women got back into their
knickers and obviously hid the pink vibrator. ‘Army wives’ the American TV show was playing on the plasma
when he returned with three steaming mugs of coffee and
a plate of cheese topped crackers. He caught both women sneaking sly glances and the occasional
giggle as they all too obviously thought that they had managed
to keep their sexual lesbian act secret but it had been a
close call. “What’s this job you have got for Saturday?” Jenny asked
her interest in his week-end whereabouts unusual. “Lichfield. That guy whose card you found in my pocket.
I actually rung him and explained that I was interested
in becoming a computer programmer but at the moment I was
involved in both hardware repairs and software problems.
He told me I couldn’t have rung at a more opportune moment
he had been trying all day to get a hold of his usual IT support
guy, as his office systems had crashed and he had just learnt
that his regular guy was out of the country and it was imperative
that his system was back up and running by first thing Monday.
So I have agreed to meet up with him at his office at nine o
clock on Saturday. “How longs it likely to take.” She asked hopefully giving
her friend a sly glance. John eyes settled on his wife’s friend’s face as she leant
forward expectantly waiting for his answer, his inner
thoughts knowing why she too was so concerned. “The best part of the day, I reckon can’t do it too quick,
besides if I make it too easy I can’t charge as much, plus
Rob, he’s the guy, said he would treat me to a meal afterwards
if we can get it sorted. Why, is there something else we have
got planned.” “No, no, nothing at all, I just thought that if you are away
for the whole day then Gail and I might go to town and do some
shopping, and as you are going out for a free meal afterwards,
then we will probably get a curry from the Kashmiri” That night unable to sleep John lay; thinking about what
he had overheard in the lounge when Jenny and Gail were having
sex with each other. Picturing the scenario and at the same
time he imagined himself sucking his new friend’s penis,
and envisaging the taste of his spunk. Finally he drifted
into a dreamy sleep, his hand unconsciously stoking his
rock hard member. The two days wait until Saturday passed all too slowly for
John, even Jenny seemed on edge. John understood why, especially
when the telephone conversations were abruptly ended
whenever he appeared. It only confirmed his suspicions
that Jenny and Gail wanted him out of the way so they could
continue with their own female only love making. John fantasized what it would be like if he could be a fly
on the wall over the coming week-end. The thought continued
to taunt him on the long drive down the motorway to the company
warehouse in Reading. Gerry O’Hare the thirty nine year old depot manager was
still impatiently pacing, as John’s car slid to a halt.
The whole despatch side of the recently installed new system
had crashed completely the afternoon before, and Gerry
was desperate; orders needed to be shipped as soon as possible.
Within an hour John had restored the system and Gerry had
nothing but admiration for his saviour. “Anytime I can
do you a favour.” He said “you have only to ask.” All the way down the motorway John had been pondering on
just how to set up a system in his house where he would be able
to monitor Jenny and Gail while he was away in Lichfield.
Not that he was jealous rather the opposite, he would have
loved to be included even as a spectator. The fleeting moment of guilt at the thought of spying on
his wife passed without a moment of regret, he rationalised
his plan by admitting that he just wanted to see if they were
as versatile as the actress’s in the movies. “Well if you really are serious I actually could use your
help, but can we talk in your office?” John explained that he had ‘A friend who suspected his wife
of having an affair with his business partner and wanted
to set up several hidden cameras in his house while he was
away on business over the week-end.’ John explained that
he had been reading up on the new mini camera’s that remotely
connected to a recorder set within a hundred meters. “That’ll be the new Sony G507’s; really good set of kit.”
Gerry said “And yes I can gladly help out a fellow sufferer.”
John had heard on the grapevine that Gerry’s wife had taken
him for practically everything, when she ran off with a
twenty two year old student from Halifax. “Got just the thing in the store room behind you; a box of
samples returned last month from the European Exporters
Fair and its complete with recordable mini DVD’s. And as
no one signed for them, and as far as I know, no one is even
aware that they were returned, so they are yours, but you
never got them from me.” Gerry smiled glad to learn that
some other poor bastard was going through what he had already

Friday lunchtime John pleaded a migraine attack and needed
to return home to collect his medication and to rest in a
darkened room for a couple of hours. Reluctant to loose
their best technician for the busiest part of the week his
manager agreed but pleaded with John that ‘if any emergencies
came in would he mind staying over to cover them.’ John said it he could cover the extra hours if necessary
and at midday John’s estate car crunched to a halt on his
driveway. Jenny worked later on a Friday so he knew he was
safe for the hours he needed to set everything up. Hidden from view inside an empty cardboard box in the loft
John set up the compact receiver come recorder with its
twenty mini DVD stacks fully loaded, each one capable of
recording eight consecutive hours The movement and sound
activators were automatic so all that was needed was to
power up the system before he left in the morning. The shirt button size cameras were complete with self adhesive
backing tabs and were capable of producing crystal clear
images with the minimum of light. John placed and tested
multiple cameras in both the both bathrooms, the bedroom
and the lounge and for good measure and just in case they
decided to use the guest bedroom placed the last two of the
mini cams in strategic positions. John was back at work before two, which meant that if no emergencies
came in he would still be home before Jenny.

The following morning John was up at six and showered, and
used his newly acquired anal douche several times, even
though he had no idea how far Rob and he would venture, he
wanted to be perfectly clean inside and out. The anal douche had been titillating in itself, and it had
left him tingling with anticipation of a wild crazy thought
of being fucked deep inside his body by his new friend. Ensuring the power was turned on to the recorder John quietly
let himself out of the house and immediately he left the
security of his home he felt a mountain of guilt threatening
to overwhelm his resolve. Blanking his mind to the thoughts
about what others would think of him he drove the sixteen
miles with an increasing mixture of anticipation and trepidation
fluctuating like ebb waves through his mind. His satellite navigator took him directly to the narrow
lane that ran for a hundred yards ending at the large detached
modern house set behind a screen of tall neatly trimmed
Leylandii trees that had purposely been planted ten years
previously in a successful attempt to keep casual prying
eyes from the substantial house. As his car came to a halt alongside the porched front door,
John saw that Rob was waiting. He was wearing loose fitting
beige slacks and a blue tee shirt with his company logo on
the front. A wide smile creased his comfortable but not
unhandsome face. The two men shook hands before Rob ushered
his guest into a six feet wide hallway with oak flooring
and a wooden half circular staircase leading to the upper
floors. “Nice home.” John said with admiration to the d├ęcor. Thinking
it looked like a film set. “No thanks to me.” Rob replied wistfully. “Rosemary was
an interior designer and she was good at her job.” “So I can see.” John replied wondering what it would have
cost to have employed someone to achieve such a balance
of colours and furniture. Rob took John on a tour of the house, and every room felt balanced
and in perfect harmony with its owner. John assumed correctly that the portrait in the dining
room was of Rob’s wife Rosemary, The fair-haired slim woman
had a narrow yet pretty face and pert tiny slightly turned
up nose, the striking feature was however the startling
green emerald eyes that seemed to follow you around the
room. “It can be a little disconcerting.” Rob said watching as
John attempted to avoid the pictures stare. “It’s the only
picture I have left of her left on display, and the one thing
about her is that I know without a shadow of a doubt, Rosemary
would want me to be happy, so long as no one gets hurt. Rosie
was extremely broad minded, and she had long ago made certain
that I was aware of her own sexual preferences which she
used to indulge in from time to time.” John smiled thinking of his own wife and her friend Gail;
“I know exactly what you mean.” John said. Rob nodded knowingly,
not aware of John’s wife’s affaire, but he had come to realise
that many more people were capable of switching between
genders than he had been led to believe. Even amongst his and Rosemary’s own friends, certain secrets
were revealed, usually by jealous partners or discarded
lovers. That was how he had first learnt about Rosemary’s
affaire with his own secretary. Rosemary had openly admitted
her infidelity and asked him if he would have preferred
her to have slept with his partner instead. Of course Rosemary
won that argument and whenever she felt the need for female
company she would tell him openly, but would tease him for
days about the sexual details and when she finally described
them in graphic detail they would make extreme passionate
love. “This is where I have my darkroom.” Rob said opening another
door that led up a flight of narrow stairs to the attic room.
“Would you care to take a look?” John couldn’t help but hear
the hint of excitement in Rob’s voice. “Please.” John replied, his own voice obviously husky
with similar anticipation. As he followed Rob up the narrow
staircase he felt his penis hardening. He had wondered
just how they would break the ice, especially when their
first sexual contact had been in almost complete darkness.
The tiny red light flickered on as Rob closed the door behind
them. “Wow what a great set up.” John said his eyes focusing quickly
in the dim but sufficient light. The loft dark room covered the entire roof space and the
huge Velux windows were encompassed with perfect blackout.
A long workbench with enlargers and several sinks ran the
length of one wall. A roll down photographic sheet and a
battery of lights took over the adjoining wall. John realised
that this was not only a dark room but also a fully fitted
photographer’s studio. A long four seater settee sat along
the wall opposite the range of sinks and equipment. John
briefly wondered how they had managed to get it up the narrow
stairs. A small kitchenette combined with a tiny bar stood
in the corner behind the door they had just entered, “Here let’s sit for a while.” Rob’s voice held a tremor of
anticipation. “Sure.” John replied his prick now rock hard up against
his stomach. Yet the red light still seemed to illuminate
everything. John dropped into the comfortable settee, Rob sat next
to him. John noticed the small remote he held in his hand.
“A little nerve racking.” Rob said nervously. “Somewhat.” John replied his breath coming hard now. “How about now?” Rob asked as he pressed a button on the remote
and the room plunged into absolute total darkness. “Oh yes.” John felt Rob’s hand in his lap impatiently fumbling
in the dark as he finally slid John’s zipper all the way down.
The slim cold fingers eased John’s erection into the darkness.
John felt a shudder of pleasure as his foreskin was drawn
back exposing his already wet sticky knob into the unseeing
darkness. John could hardly breathe as his shaking hands reached
blindly for his new friend’s groin. His hands made contact
with an already exposed prick; it too was sticky with its
own pre-come. “Just let’s sit for a while like this.” Rob whispered stroking
his hand slowly up and down John’s shaft. “Toss me off slowly.”
Rob continued his own breathing was laboured with fervor.
With his unencumbered right hand John unclipped the waistband
of Rob’s slacks. He was a little surprised to find that Rob
was not wearing any under shorts. Rob raised his buttocks
just enough for John to slide them to his knees. John’s free hand now cupped the firm balls covered with
fine downy hair; he could smell the erotic aroma of male
arousal making his own prick exude even more of its secreted
juices. John breathed in deeply as he felt Rob’s hands reaching
for his own waistband and he too raised his backside as Rob
eased his trousers down to his ankles, Complete with his
boxer shorts John kicked them off his feet and away into
the darkness. Both men were now naked to the waist and yet unable to see
anything. “Relax for a while I am sure you want to make this last as long
as possible.” Rob again whispered into the blackness that
surrounded them. They both lay with their backs to the settee each stroking
the others pricks and feeling the wafts of pleasure that
came with every stroke over the rim of each man's bulbous
knob. “This really is good.” Rob said leaning across and cupping
John’s balls in his free hand his forefinger stroking the
ridge just before John’s arsehole. John slid forward just
enough for Rob to be able to reach his expectant hole. Rob finger remained away from the puckered mouth he knew
John wanted him to play with the outside of it, but Rob had
thought of little else for the past fortnight, planning
what he felt was a seduction and he wasn’t about to rush it.
John like himself was going to wait until they were both
ready. John’s hand rhythm began to increase in speed his
thumb caressing the small penis mouth before drawing Rob’s
foreskin back down the thick shaft. Rob’ lifted his groin
as he felt the sperm in his balls rising to a climatic point,
his own hand responded until he felt John too was on the verge
of ejaculation, Almost there Rob clamped his free hand
over John’s pumping fist at the same time he stopped his
own hand pumping and gripped the knob of his companion until
he felt the explosion subside before it erupted into the
darkness. “Put the light back on.” John asked. “I want to look at your
cock before I suck it. Jesus how I want to suck it, feel it
in the back of my throat taste it, and yes now I understand
how you must have felt behind the club, and at this moment
I don’t give a rats ass about anything except the thought
of sucking your penis. Rob I want to try and take it up inside
my arsehole later. I’ve tried several things already since
that night and it was painful at first but then it got better
and I have begun to think I am addicted to it or at least the
thought of it.” Suddenly the red light flashed on dimmer than before but
with enough light for John to see the bulbous knob protruding
from his own fist the aroma of sex filled the large room.
“Lie down on the carpet.” Rob whispered “I want to look at
yours as well and I want to feel your cock in my mouth again”.
As John slid onto his back on the carpeted floor, Rob brightened
the red safety light and stood for a few seconds over John’s
prostrated form. John riveted his gazed at the eight inch
long Rob’s penis, noting it was thick with a slight curve
to the right, his balls were covered in a soft down of fair
hair. Rob sank to his knees his face on a level with John’s
own hard erection. John caught a glimpse of his new friend’s puckered anus
and gripping the base of Rob’s prick he slid it between his
pursed lips letting the edge of his teeth slide gently across
the blued wet knob, he sucked greedily draining the penis
pipe of all the fluids secreted in it. Rob gasped as the teeth
caressed the nerve ending of his tender dome, wanting to
shoot his seed, but the sensation was too tender and he felt
his reservoir of semen retire back into his bollocks. His own mouth encompassed John’s own knob and using his
tongue he forced the pointed tip into the tiny mouth before
sucking John dry. Using his own saliva he greased John’s
rampant pole and began a steady thrusting motion teasing
the rim of John’s knob where the nerve endings were the most
effective with his tongue pressing hard and circling it
until he felt John’s body lift upwards to meet his every
thrust. John tried to keep his mind on making his partner ejaculate
but the tension of his own erection was too overpowering.
Rob knew he had won the friendly encounter and was all too
aware that John wasn’t far off shooting his spunk. With his right arm holding John’s leg's apart he placed
his forefinger over the crinkled mouth of his arsehole,
He felt John jerk with pleasure and he eased of his suckling
motion of the penis head. A mouthful of John’s juices and
Rob’s saliva spread over the anus opening and with his forefinger
Rob proceeded to press against it with a in out motion. Again
John responded by lifting his other leg to stretch his arsehole
wider. Rob felt the resistance weaken and his finger slid
easily up into John’s anus, momentarily John arse muscles
clamped shut in an involuntary protest at the intrusion,
only to relax as the finger brushed the erogenous nerves
that had lain unused for decades. John’s subconscious opened the long closed doors as his
mind flashed back the decades as recalling the first man
who introduced him to the carnal pleasure of masturbating
another male person. It had taken place in a near empty picture
house one afternoon when he was just thirteen years old,
and John had skipped school and had managed to sneak into
the cinema through a faulty exit door. At first the truant boy wondered why in such an empty cinema
the man would choose to sit next to him. The man had draped
his mackintosh over his own lap, and a few minutes later
John felt the man’s hand resting on his knee. John thought
that the man hadn’t realised what he had done, but John was
afraid to ask him to move it. Then when the man's hand
brushed over onto John’s groin and touched his developing
penis through his trousers. His young penis had stiffened
even before John knew what was happening. John had been
masturbating by himself for a couple of years by then, and
couldn’t resist the feeling when his small cock tingled
so much that it leaked the white milky liquid. John hadn’t objected when the man used his mackintosh to
cover both of their laps hiding what was going on from any
other patrons. The man expertly unbuttoned John’s fly
and slipped John’s cock out from his trousers. John had
shuddered a little from nervousness but more from the erotic
pleasure that made breathing difficult. John looked around
nervously not because he wanted the man to stop, but he didn’t
want anyone else to see what they were doing and seeing that
there was no one near them, so no one would ever know; John
had shifted in his seat to enable the man to get both his prick
and balls out of their confinement but still hidden beneath
the cover of the man’s mackintosh. The man's nimble fingers stroked John’s small knob
stopping several times just before John spurted. John
remembered how the man had loosed his hold on his prick and
eased his hand further between his legs until the wet finger
tip had probed his tight arsehole. John almost unknowingly
raised his feet onto the back of the seat in front and had
allowed the man to enter his bottom with his finger. John
knew he shouldn’t but his own hand went searching for the
strangers cock and easily found it already outside the
man’s trousers. It felt massive and it was wet and sticky
with a thick foreskin that was made up of several folds.
The man held John’s wrist and guided his hand into a steady
rhythm. It felt exciting and powerful to be pulling the
thick foreskin back and fore over the smooth knob. The man
moved John’s hand into a faster motion building up until
his body stiffened before jerking several times. John
felt his hand swamped with warm thick fluid, removing his
finger from the boy’s arsehole the man began stroking John’s
foreskin over his tender young knob until John’s smaller
prick erupted over the man’s hand. John watched in fascination as the man removed his hand
from beneath the mackintosh and licked the boy’s spunk
from his fingers. Squeezing John’s hand the man got up and left the cinema.

Feeling Rob’s finger plunge deeper up his bottom and the
recollections returned back to the memory banks in his
brain, John was no longer able to control himself and he
felt his spunk surge up the inner shaft of his swollen prick
and out in a flood into Rob’s eager mouth, even before he
had finished sucking John’s cock dry his own penis had begun
ejaculating in jerking steady pumps; the first hit John
deep in his throat and he struggled to swallow the creamy
juice before a second and third jerk pumped even more salty
semen into his mouth, John counted eight surges before
Rob’s prick ran dry and finally slumped into a limp state.
Both men lay back, breathing as if they had just completed
a marathon. John was surprised to find that the guilt he had expected
to hit him once the height of the moment had passed didn’t
happen. He looked down to where Rob lay beside him also breathing
easier now. Rob smiled and nodded his head he too had expected
to have been consumed with guilt but in the dim light neither
man felt anything more than a wave of satisfaction. John
returned the smile. It was ten minutes before both men sat up on the settee their
now naked bodies touching. “I have to tell you that I had hidden the fact, even to myself
that years ago when I was a kid some stranger finger fucked
me in the cinema, while I tossed his prick off, and I was so
scared afterwards, because it had felt so good that I was
a homo or something, and if any of my mates ever found out
what I had done then life wouldn’t have been worth living.
I got picked up a few times after that by other guys with mackintoshes,
and to be honest after a while I got to like it that I used to
go looking for them, but no other bloke ever put anything
up my bum until now.

“Have you, ever been really fucked in the arse?” John asked
the words coming easy like they had known each other for
years. Rob nodded knowingly “I was fourteen when I first got fucked
at school by one of the prefects who started off by making
me suck his cock every night after lights out. And then one
night he bent me over a desk and shoved his cock right up inside
me. I still remember just how much it hurt at first and I burst
out crying’ so he pulled out and slapped a blob of Vaseline
over my hole and across his knob. Then he took it slowly at
first until I became used to it and after that and it didn’t
hurt half as much, and it wasn’t long before he shot his load
into me I still remember how it felt feeling his spunk dribble
down the inside of my thighs. My backside was sore for a while
but I loved the feeling even when I sat on the hard benches
my bum would tingle and my cock would always get hard. I told
myself it was because I didn’t want anyone to know that I
never said anything to anybody. From then on this prefect used to fuck me twice a week for
the whole of his last term, and I still had to suck his prick
of at other times; and I hated it, or I told myself I hated
it, while I tossed myself off afterwards just thinking
about him coming up inside me or in my mouth. I never did decide
which one I wanted most. Then when girls came along I deliberately
put my youthful past out of my mind, but ever since those
early days I have always washed the inside of my arsehole
as well as the outside. You obviously keep your inside clean
as well, as I just discovered.” “A recent discovery gleaned from the internet and I agree
it is a pleasing experience.” John answered. Rob saw that John’s penis had responded to the story from
his past, and it had begun to regain some life. His own penis
responded as much from the memories as to the response of
his naked friend. “Not sure I can retain a hard on so soon.” John laughed as
Rob’s hand began stroking his semi hard member. “Never mind, I’ve tried to cover all bases.” Rob said knowingly
and standing up he opened the small draw in the drinks cabinet,
and pouring two glasses of still water into glasses, he
handed John a blue triangular tablet, and washed the one
he put into his own mouth down in a single gulp. John’s quizzical
look made Rob laugh. “No it’s not an illegal substance; it’s Viagra I got some
of a doctor friend of mine who thinks I am spending the week
end with a nymphomaniac.” John followed Rob’s lead and drained the glass along with
the supposedly magical pill. They sat in the dim light waiting for the tablet to take effect,
both men unsure of exactly just how the Viagra was supposed
to work. “So you have never had another man inside your arse?” Rob
said “or are you keeping it a secret.” John felt his face flush in embarrassment “Am I that transparent?”
he asked. “No not really I saw something in your face when I was telling
you about my own anal insertions and I just guessed.” “I suppose its time to expose all my demons; I mean we try
to bury those incidents that may cause us problems. The
time I was fucked up the arse was when I to was fourteen and
in the Army Cadets at the time, and consensual masturbation
was the norm and no one seemed concerned about it. Tossing
each other off was a pastime, only this one night the way
we left the barracks was down an overgrown path to a small
side door. Everyone else had already left when the seventeen
year old cadet sergeant and I were leaving; he stopped and
asked if he could suck me off, well in those days my prick
responded to the merest suggestion. I mean he had his hand
on it when he asked, and I liked the feeling of a warm moist
mouth suckling my knob, and now I know I still do.” Rob laughed and squeezed his own knob for John to see. “Well as there was no one around and it was pitch black I lay
flat on the grass bank and he pulled my battledress trousers
down. I remember it was freezing cold, but having my cock
sucked was something special back then. He even wrapped
his mouth around my bollocks and rubbed his finger across
my hole. It was then that he told me he wanted to fuck my arsehole.
By this time I would have agreed to anything and before I
could change my mind he turned me round and made me kneel
and then he slid his long thin cock deep inside me, at first
it felt like I needed to go to the toilet as it slid deeper
into me, and then it felt so great, a little painful but not
uncomfortable. I can tell you now, and no one else knows
this, but I didn’t want it to stop, I had already shot my own
spunk into my hand, but his cock went deeper up my hole than
anything had ever before, and yes I didn’t want it to stop.
I remember walking home that night feeling his spunk leaking
out of my backside and dribbling down my legs. I tossed myself
off three times that night. I don’t know if he felt guilty
or what, but he never tried it again, which probably saved
me from turning into a permanent homosexual. “Got any more experiences you want to share?” Rob asked
his prick swollen to full size. “You know, the more you think back the more recollections
that flood from the blanked memory cells.” John paused
a moment. “Another time I had just started work and like all new kids
in a factory back then, they were fair game for all sorts
of people. The one day I had slipped into the toilet for a
piss, when this guy followed me I hadn’t realised that he
had locked the door behind him. He stopped next to me and
when I was about to piss he grabbed my cock which went into
instant erection and dropped to his knees his mouth took
my whole cock into his mouth sucking it like crazy. “Let
it go.” I heard him say, “Go on take a piss.” Well I tell you
this guy was different, but well he was sucking it anyway
so I let it go into his mouth, and he swallowed the lot. It
felt strange pissing into his mouth but good, he asked if
he could meet up after work as he wanted to suck my balls dry
of spunk. He really knew how to suck cock. After that we used to meet on the canal tow path at night and
he would suck me dry and then fuck me between my legs rubbing
the bridge between my balls and arsehole he never once asked
if he could fuck my bum and as he had a huge prick that produced
gallons of really thick spunk. Consequently I never offered
I thought he would probably kill me with it, but I always
walked home feeling his cold spunk running down my legs,
and I would have to toss myself ff a couple of times before
I could sleep.” Rob’s left hand rubbed up and down his own shaft and his right
caressed John’s rampant cock. “I never realised just how many times I have had sex with
men until now.” John confessed, “Surely you must have some
experiences since you left school.” It was Rob’s turn to flush. “Well if we are being confessional
there have been a number of incidents but like you they are
buried deep in the forgetful part of my brain.” “Come on then don’t be shy” John cajoled Rob who was still
maintaining the steady rhythm on both of their cocks. “Maybe later at the moment I would prefer to live in the present,
and now we seem to be at ease with each other, and have some
confessions out in the open should we move into the bedroom
I am sure we would be much more comfortable, and I want you
to see Rosemary’s collection of sex toys. She was an avid
collector and she taught me a lot.” Grabbing their clothes the two men made their way down the
upper stairs and into the huge master bedroom, Floor to
ceiling mirrors made the room look even larger and the heavy
drawn curtains shut out the weak wintry sunlight, Rob flipped
the bronze light plate and hidden lighting flooded the
room in a soft subdued hue. John was impressed and said so. “Want to watch some movies?” Rob said hitting a small remote
beside the bed; a faint whirring sound echoed through the
silence as the centre mirror rolled aside to reveal a sixty
inch flat screen TV. “Rosemary’s collection of adult movies
was phenomenal, as well as varied, so anything you want
to watch.” “Women with each other are fine. Those well hung studs give
me an inferiority complex.” John smiled and pulled on his
prick as if trying to stretch it. “There are some real classics from the sixties and seventies,
dubbed onto DVD and digitally remastered from the original
sixteen millimeter and even some from the old standard
eight millimeter. Cocks in the early days were far more
realistic back then.” Rob said feeding a coded sequence
into the computer like remote control. Within a few seconds
the opening credits rolled in German across the screen.
“The Germans tend to be just as inventive as and far more
realistic than the oversized American versions.” Rob
said sliding onto the super king size bed, patting the place
next to him. John accepted the invitation shuffling up
the bed until his head and shoulders rested against the
oversize pillows, with one hand behind his head and the
other resting on Rob’s hardening prick. They watched engrossed
and as the film opened, the surrounding lights automatically
dimmed to a mere glow giving just enough light for the men
to see each other. The films lesbian content affected both men’s pricks and
even though they were enjoying each others manly attributes
they knew that they were both heterosexual first and preferred
men as a pleasant diversion. The fact that they had both
experienced male sexuality as young boys, and admitted
to enjoying those early experiences, which they had both
intentionally suppressed in order to fit into the society
that expected them to be men and fathers first didn’t alter
their own perception of their predominant sexuality.
They both recognised that their early suppression was
probably responsible for their response to each others
demands and now made both of them much more able to accept
anything that each of them wanted to experiment with. The film was halfway through and becoming a little monotonous
when Rob leant across and took John’s hard cock back into
his mouth. His tongue encircled the bulbous knob

There is still so much more to learn about love. Jon UK

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mmm - I had som lovely orgasms reading that. Very inventive.


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That was an awesome tale - shot a few loads reading it myself