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Real time


"Real time" Anger; deep and burning anger. There was also pain. Pain
of a kind I'd never felt before. I wanted to kill or be
killed. I had never been this angry before in my life. Some
might say I was pretty young yet and that life would have
other situations that would bring out anger like this again.
I don't think so.

My anger is a kind of anger that nobody should have to deal
with. Any kind of anger that makes a person feel a need to
take another individual's life is not good. I wanted
to kill two people at the moment, and once I made my presence
known I knew that I'd have to exercise extreme caution
in order to not end up in prison.

Why am I so angry? I'll tell you why. It all started about
five weeks ago when my wife started to change, like a chameleon
in front of my eyes. She went from loving, doting, and pleasing
me to smart ass retorts, slights, and cuts. She began to
refuse intimacy and that intimacy included things husbands
and wives do in bed together.

That made me suspicious immediately, since I'd once
had a girlfriend who had cheated on me, and when that all
came out, I'd learned some painful life-long lessons.
I never mentioned the first bitch to the now second bitch
in my life. Don't know it would have made a difference

On the second week of her ‘change' I decided to investigate
further. I'm not a guy who takes his problems to a P.I.
or someone else to help solve. Nope. I'm one of those
hands-on guys and I handle my own issues quite well thank
you very much.

I followed her from her workplace at lunchtime. When she
pulled into that motel parking space and walked briskly
right to room 104, I knew she was cheating on me. Her job didn't
involve dealing with customers out of the workplace at
all. Matter of fact, she didn't deal at all with customers
since she worked in the record keeping department.

That first discovery caused me pain, but not near the pain
that her taunts, cuts and slights had already caused me.
The man she met was a co-worker of hers... of sorts, he worked
in a different department. I had heard he was in the quick
rising circle and that he was headed up the ladder rapidly.

After seeing them meet three times in two weeks I decided
how I was going to approach this ‘issue'. Head on. I'm
too cheap to pay good money out to find out an already known
factor, so I just waited until now, knowing that just behind
this door my wife was in the arms of another man.

‘I won't kill them I won't kill them' I kept
repeating that to myself in the hopes I wouldn't kill
them. It was going to be a very close thing. I had to confront
them, and I had to get the pictures. In this state I could
still sue for ‘alienation of affection' and her employer
would be getting hit hard too, for allowing it to happen
as it did.

My guess was that ‘Mr. On the Way up' was soon to be ‘On
the Way OUT'. I needed the pictures, and then I needed
to serve the soon to be ex-wife the divorce papers. The locks
on our house were being changed as I stood here, the locksmith
having been paid by me just before I left home. I had moved
all ‘our' money around and split it evenly. I had canceled
all our credit cards. I had done many things over the last
two weeks, and now the final turmoil was about to begin.

I am not certain how Simone will react. It is my thought that
she will be happy instead of upset...however she may feel
quite guilty in a few minutes too. Of course, my lawyer who's
had a lot of experience with divorce, told me the guilt will
pass, as soon as she gets her own lawyer.

Do I love her you may ask? Well, right now I hate her fully
and openly. At the same time I'm in a deep inner fight
with myself thinking that she really loves me and this is
just a mistake on her part... poor judgment and we may fix

Logically I know it won't happen though. I can't
accept a wife who would cheat on me. There is not one ounce
of trust left in my being for her. The love that I still have
for her is just that part which hasn't had time to accept
this sudden and complete change happening in such a short

The manager of the motel handed me the key to the room. A hundred
dollar bill and a promise to not mess up the place served
as the ‘gateway' to having the key in hand. He's
a nice guy and I'm sure it's not his fault my wife
and her toy-boy chose this place for their trysts. He also
mentioned something about his ex-wife and how there were
some similarities between us.

"Slow motion"

Inserting the key I opened the door quietly. Moving into
the room I close the door almost all the way, leaving it cracked
just a bit. I aimed the camera and stepped into the room fully.





"Man I love this digital camera." I thought
to myself. "I'm sure glad she gave it to me for
my birthday three months ago."

She was screaming at the guy to get off her. He was pissed
and moving to get up. I took several more pictures, seeing
her hard nipples, the red marks where he had been sucking
on her tits, his hard cock popping out, and cum shooting

Simone was crying, trying to cover up while he did the stupid
thing. I had secretly hoped he would and his choice made
my next move quite natural.

"What the fuck? Who are you? Get the fuck out of here
before I kick your ass!"

"Who I am is her soon to be EX. Whose ass is going to be
kicked is debatable. I don't think you're going
to kick my ass."

I moved to one side as he approached. Setting the camera
down and turning just a bit to the right I let him come up on
my left. Letting go of the camera I began to turn rapidly
and in so doing, swung my arm up and hard.

My fist connected with his jaw almost perfectly. His feet
lifted up off the floor with the force of all my anger, pain,
and just a tad of fear. Fear you say? Yes...fear. I was afraid
I was going to kill this stupid asshole, and he just wasn't
worth it.

He hit the floor, out cold. I must have been quite angrier
than I thought. I bent over and checked him for a pulse, suddenly
aware that I may just have killed the dumb-shit, and that
would have been tragic, for me that is.

There was a pulse, so I relaxed. I heard Simone going on and
on about something, and now I turned to face her. She suddenly
shut up, fear choking her voice. I knew that she'd never
seen me this way before, and I must have looked far different
from the man she had left at breakfast this morning.

"Well whore, hope you enjoy this dip-shit. He's
going to be yours from now on. I sure as hell don't want
anything to do with your cheating ass anymore."

She sat there, tears running down her face, shaking and
hugging herself. She couldn't look me in the eye something
I noticed had been occurring more and more lately. Now though,
she knew that I knew. Now she knew the game was up. She glanced
at me standing over her lover and I'd seen her shiver.
Her eyes didn't stay on me very long though.

"Here are the typical papers which are served in situations
like this. I'm suing for divorce. The locks on the house
have been changed. I've set up a bank account with your
half of everything. You're served, we're through,
thanks for nothing."

The papers landed on her knees which were half out of the
sheet she was trying to hide under. She looked at them, and
then looked into my eyes. She said nothing. For the first
time in the last three or four weeks, I felt nothing.

Two kinds of nothing were going on in that room. Mine was
going to be far more painful in the end, but right now, she
knew there was nothing she could say to make things right
between us. I even got the feeling that she may not know how
to make things right and that ‘us' hadn't existed
for a longer time than these last weeks.

I turned and left, hearing her plead with me as I went out
the door.

"Wait. Let me explain. PLEASE Jonathan... PLEASE!"

I kept walking. I couldn't let her see my eyes right
then. They were full. Tears were welling up in them, and
I knew that if I turned I'd weaken in my whole plan. There
was too much water under the bridge and I had too many issues
now to want to do that. What had once been, now was nevermore.

Arriving home I found the locksmith patiently waiting.
He'd changed all three entry locks and the garage door
opener had been reprogrammed. I thanked him for doing the
job on such short notice, and tipped him a twenty.

Inside the house that had been a home, I sat at the kitchen
table and thought over our years together. I didn't
know why Simone changed or why she suddenly decided I was
less than what she evidently had originally seen in me.
I didn't know one damn reason why she had done this.

I did know that we were done. I did know that in five weeks
the pain and words had made me a different man, but obviously
Simone missed that change while it was occurring, just
as I had missed the changes in her too.

The phone rang. Looking at the caller ID I saw it was Simone's
mom. I answered.

"John, what's going on? Simone came over here
in tears saying that she'd ruined your marriage. What's

"Well Doris, it's like this. Simone will have
to tell you what happened, but suffice it to say that I found
her at a motel room today and served her the divorce papers."

"Why John? I don't understand this at all. "

"Look, I'm really sorry Doris. You know that
I love you and Sam with all my heart and this whole thing is
tough on all of us... but it has to be... this... way."

I had tears running down my cheeks now. I truly loved Simone's
parents. They'd been very good to me over the years
Simone and I had been together, and hearing the pain and
confusion in Doris's voice cut my soul. I was glad that
this was taking place over the phone. I didn't want
them to see me like this.

"John, can't you two work it out somehow?"

"I don't think so Doris. This is a biggie. A seriously
huge biggie and it's one of those biggies that destroy

The silence on the other end of the phone told me that Doris
was trying to cope with such hard and fast news. I felt for
her, since just last night we'd had dinner with Doris
and Sam, and Simone was all lovey-dovey while in front of
her parents. The whole show had been surprising to me.

We'd fought on the way there, and of course I got the
cold shoulder on the way home...but while at Doris and Sam's,
we'd been the perfect little couple. I didn't
allow our fight to show to prevent Sam from being hurt by
his daughters actions, but it appeared I should have warned
them somehow before taking the actions I just had.

Sam's health wasn't all that good and the years
of working in hard jobs combined with the smoking he'd
done led to his current health being so poor. Doris was in
good health, but always worrying about Sam, so I felt bad
about having not given them some kind of heads-up on all
this mess.

I knew that had I warned them though, Simone would have got
some kind of warning and I'd never have gotten the pictures
I needed. Well, I didn't actually need them for court
unless her lawyer copped an attitude on us. If her lawyer
copped the attitude, then the pictures would be laid on
the table along with sworn testimony from six different
individuals about their ‘affair'.

I call it an affair with reservation. I'm not sure Simone
was in love with this guy or even if she had participated
initially of her own free will. One of the sworn statements
from a co-worker of Greg's had indicated that he held
something over Simone's head at the start of the whole

My lawyer was having a heyday with the case being presented
to Simone's employer. That case had been presented
and filed this morning while I was preparing to visit the
motel room. He'd filed in court and then within twenty
minutes was on the phone with the company lawyers. They
were excited to say the least.

They were also in denial, of course, but he mentioned the
sworn statements and suddenly the company had a whole different
take on things. I knew from what my lawyer told me that Simone
and lover, and any others involved were more than likely
to be terminated from their jobs the next day, barring any
reasonable excuse for their behavior.

Me, I knew that the case for alienation of affection against
Greg was strong from his employers actions. We had the sworn
statements from three of his and one of her co-workers about
them sneaking around at work and getting it on. There had
been speculation by supervisors at the company about them
as well, yet nobody said anything to them or me.

We also had sworn affidavits from the motel owner and a cleaning
lady as well. Six witnesses of sorts, and my pictures to
ensure proof that there were in fact sexual liaisons happening
on company time.

Their using the motel had come about to alleviate the attentions
of co-workers. Greg had evidently figured out that ‘they'
were becoming too noticeable. He also knew about the company
policies on things like workplace romance. My lawyer had
gotten lots of info. We also had their ‘company policy'
on workplace ethics, actions and relationships in printed

I discovered that Simone and the ‘jerk' had been together
for a bit more than five weeks by the point I figured out things
weren't right. So, Simone had been running around
on me for just over ten weeks in total by the time I visited
them at the motel.

My finding out five weeks prior had been one of those ‘most
difficult' times in my life. I'd had three of them
so far, and by now I hoped I'd never have another as long
as I lived.

"The History" (Simone's version)

We weren't getting along as well as we had been when
first married. Jonathan had been busy at his work, working
on several projects. We had talked about it, since it was
cutting into our personal lives so much. I knew that in a
few months all the hard work would more than likely pay off
with a nice promotion.

Meanwhile, at my job, Greg had found that I'd messed
up on some employee records. It wasn't a huge mistake,
but it was a serious error on my part and could have cost me
my next promotion and raise, as well as caused me to be held
back for the foreseeable future.

Greg, being the kind of... 'man' he is, used that
information and for all practical purposes blackmailed
me into meeting him after work one night. That turned into
‘a' sexual favor for one time to prevent me from suffering
for all the issues surrounding my mistake.

While not thrilled about it all, the one thing that allowed
me to do such a thing was the fact that Jonathan and I hadn't
been getting along well, nor had we had much sex in the last
six months.

I didn't realize it until that first meeting between
Greg and I, but I had also been feeling I was missing out on
some things that other people had experienced in life.
Jonathan had been my one and only. I'd never been with
any man other than him, ever. Greg and I being together had
opened up a dam deep inside me.

That first time with Greg was in his office during lunch.
Everyone left as usual and I'd hung back. Greg was waiting
for me, and he'd even brought in a small bottle of my
favorite wine, along with some cheese and crackers.

Our lunch times were usually an hour, with everyone going
to local restaurants or street vendors to eat. I'd
usually go to the street vendor and buy something quick
off the cart and then go sit in solitude at the park. We weren't
missed at all that first day.

Greg had turned out to be nicer than the mean old blackmailer
I'd thought. That first time was kind of a ‘letting
go' for me too. After that day I discovered I wanted
it more. Even though I knew it was wrong. Even though I still
loved my husband, Greg treated me like... I don't know...
maybe ‘his property' or something. With him I could
let go and be someone else totally.

He'd order me to do things and at first, as I said, while
not thrilled, I'd do them. By the end of that ‘lunch'
I had done some things with Greg I'd never done with
my husband. Greg was the first man to cum in my mouth. I swallowed
to keep the cum from staining my dress.

Greg was the first man to finger my asshole. We did it over
his desk my body bent over, dress still on but pulled open
to expose my tits. He'd pulled my dress up in back and
when his cock slipped between my pussy lips I came hard.
It was so nasty... so dirty... so... sexy.

My hands were on the edges of his desk top hanging on as Greg
thrust in and out of me. His cock wasn't bigger in length
than Jonathans but it was fatter, so it felt huge inside
me. As I approached my second orgasm Greg's fingers
slipped into my asshole. Two at first, then later, I think,

After I thought he came, he pulled out and ordered me to suck
him clean. I sucked on his cock, which didn't go soft,
and suddenly I had another load of cum shooting into my throat.
The second load of cum I'd swallowed in my life, the
second in less than an hour.

I later learned that Greg hadn't cum in my pussy but
had held off. I had been cumming so hard I never knew that
he didn't shoot off in me. He'd wanted to see me
sucking his load out of his cock since he could never get
his wife to do that.

We'd barely been able to get things straightened out
before the others got back, and I'd left his office
not feeling as angry towards him as I had when it all started.
Later that day as I tasted him on my lips, I found myself thinking
about the next time. It was a sudden, unbidden thought...
and it told me that I wanted Greg again. .

Greg also wanted more than the one time too. He approached
me the next day about it, and we once more did the office thing.
That time I attacked him and we fucked until he came deep
inside me.

I heard him begin to say things about Jonathan that day.
Negative little slights. I never really thought about
what he was saying, since I just wanted to feel his cock deep
inside me again.

During the next two weeks the pattern emerged that while
we were doing it, Greg would say terrible things about Jonathan.
He even intimated that Jonathan had to be cheating on me.
With the way things were in our lives at home, I pretty soon
took Greg's attitude.

Over the weeks I started to belittle and run down Jonathan
to everyone except my parents. I feared that my mother and
dad would see right through me, so I tried to be the dutiful
loving little wife while my parents were around.

So now, just before the motel trysts evolved, Jonathan
and I were on the outs, Greg and I had gone from having sex
to a full blown affair. Greg was the first to take my anal
virginity. At first it was painful. Later on I found I was
shoving back begging for Greg to do me harder and faster.
I'd never have thought I'd like anal sex, let alone
beg for it.

Sucking off Greg was my passion. I found that I developed
a taste for cum and at times I'd rather suck him off to
taste him then fuck him. One day I actually came while I was
sucking him, and while I was cumming, Greg had moved a bit
so when I came down from my orgasm I discovered that my lips
were pressed hard at the base of his cock.

I had taken him all the way into my throat. That became a thing
we did each time we got together. I'd suck and work on
his cock until I'd have him all the way inside of my mouth
and down my throat. I loved the feeling of power that gave

Greg had mentioned that the motel would be the better way
for us to keep meeting until we could figure out something
else. His wife was getting suspicious and he thought that
someone at work may have mentioned to her that we seemed
to be together a bit too much, considering that we worked
in different departments.

We had never talked about leaving our spouses. It never
came up. We were just meeting for the hot sex and the more
we met, the hotter it seemed to get. The time before Jonathan
made his knowledge of us known, Greg had started to talk
about maybe inviting in another man.

At first I was reluctant, but after his persuasive talk,
I was soon wondering what that would be like. Had Jonathan
not done what he'd done, I'd probably have been
with more than one man in less than a month. Greg seemed to
know what to say and how to act to get me to do things with and
for him that I'd never even thought of allowing Jonathan
to do with me.

I should have seen that with Jonathan there was love. Love,
respect, and understanding. I gave that up for sex. Sex
and lust. Greg ordered and took what he wanted, and I gave
it up to him with little or no fight. Jonathan had respected
me and would never have ‘taken' anything without my
agreeing to it completely.

Greg could take from me and order me because he had no love
there for me. He just had this little slut he could get whatever
he wanted from, while his wife gave him the emotional support
he needed.

I on the other hand, had taken Greg's banter about Jonathan
to heart and cut my emotional support with my husband in
favor of having the sexual high I had with Greg. Looking
back, I know now I made the biggest mistake of my life ten
weeks ago and there is no going back and fixing it now.

I can remember the last time Jonathan and I had what I would
call ‘great sex'. We'd been to my parents for dinner.
Mom and dad had been away for a few weeks on a trip and they
were so full of love and laughter that it was contagious.

On the way home I'd snuggled into Jonathan as he drove.
Opening up his pants I'd begun to stroke him, fondling
and just holding his cock. He almost drove into the ditch
twice before we got home.

Once home we'd run into the front room and I was stripping
as the front door closed. Had someone been walking by and
looking, they'd have seen me topless, struggling
to get my pantyhose off.

Jonathan picked me up in his strong arms, and carried me
into the bedroom. Placing me on the bed gently, as is his
way, he moved between my legs. His hot breath was the first
thing I felt at my pussy.

Jonathan loved to eat me. He seemed to live for it at times.
His tongue worked magic on me, parting my pussy lips, delving
inside, tickling my clit, moving around, up and down, its
rough texture and then all at once smooth and slick, then
rough again. God I loved how Jonathan used to eat me out.

I had kept my legs spread wide, and Jonathan's fingers
slipped into my pussy. Always careful, he was slow in his
movements, making sure I was prepared before he got firmer
or rougher.

Oh yeah, he could be rough. He could be abrupt. He could catch
me off guard while fucking me deeply. Why I had gone for Greg
as I did is something I never really thought about. Other
than the issues I felt Jonathan and I had, there was no reason.
Issues that now I can clearly see were just my problems getting
out of hand. I was the issue.

I had always wanted to suck Jonathan off, but he'd usually
stop me before he came, wanting to please me more while he
still could. I'd never struggled to keep on going,
though at times I wondered what it would feel like, taste
like, or be like, to have him cum in my mouth.

That night he'd been gently making love to me, then
suddenly he became a tiger. Literally. He moved with a firmness
I'd never seen before, and, while not too forceful,
he was forceful enough to make me lose it. It had been the
best sex we'd ever had, and looking back, at least I
have that memory untainted by Greg and my actions afterwards.

We'd fucked for hours that night, almost into the next
morning. I spooned up to my husband secure in the knowledge
that he loved me and desired me deeply. Then several weeks
later I'd been caught up with Greg and his ‘blackmail'.

I still don't know how I managed to make that first step
like I did. I ask myself ‘why didn't I fight Greg and
push him to reveal what he allegedly had on me?' ‘Why
would I allow my job and my fears for moving up come between
my husband and me?' ‘How had I been so damned easy?'

Looking back, I dearly wish I'd tried to push Jonathan
into trying out different things, and I wish I'd been
the ‘slut' for my husband instead of some creep like
Greg. It's not like I ever loved the guy. Jonathan on
the other hand, I loved. I'd had a short time ‘out of
love', that happens in marriages. Instead of hanging
in there, I'd taken the easy way out and found pleasure
in the arms of another man.

What hurts the most is the fact that I have to live with the
brand ‘cheater'. That's what I am, what I've
become. I've heard people say, ‘Once a cheater, always
a cheater'. Now I live knowing that I'm a cheater.

When Jonathan stepped into the room that day I was shocked.
I tried to hide. I tried to get Greg off me. By the time Greg
got up I looked at my husband's face and saw a stranger.
There was a look in his eyes that I'd never seen before.

Greg got up off of me, his hard cock pulling out of my pussy.
Greg had been orgasming as Jonathan started to shoot the
pictures of us. Greg got off the bed saying something I didn't
catch, while Jonathan calmly turned and put the digital
camera on the table next to where he was standing.

The next seconds stunned me. I saw Greg start towards Jonathan,
threatening him. The next thing I saw was Greg flying up
about two feet into the air, then landing on his back, out
cold. I heard the crack of something hitting flesh right
as Greg suddenly apparently jumped into the air as if sprouting
wings. I turned back to look from Greg to Jonathan, and I
saw Jonathan holding his fist closed, a bit of blood spattered
on him.

Jonathan's cold, ice blue eyes found mine and I couldn't
look at him any more. I tried to cover myself up, burrowing
into the sheet. Jonathan called me a whore and tossed some
folded papers on the bed. I heard something about papers,
divorce, being served. I looked at the sheets of the bed,
not knowing if my husband was going to beat me too or not.
I was scared and embarrassed, and, most of all, ashamed.

Jonathan suddenly turned and started walking out, having
grabbed the camera from the table. I cried out to him...I
can't remember what I said, but I remember thinking
that what ever it was it must have sounded so hollow.

Afterwards I took a long shower. I never checked on Greg.
I didn't care if he was dead or not. The motel manager
came by and checked on the room. That's when I found
out Jonathan had bought a key from him.

That manager looked at me like I was dirt. He said that he'd
caught his wife with another man in a room just like Jonathan
had, and that was the only real reason he'd given Jonathan
the key. He told me I'd really screwed up.

He didn't need to tell me. I knew. I'd just thrown
away the best thing I'd ever had in my life. All because
I got caught up in my little affair and thought I had something

The following day I showed up at work and there were three
men in my office waiting for me. The president, the Human
Resources manager, and some guy who I think was the company

I was asked how Greg and I had gotten together. I explained
everything. I held nothing back. I could see the looks on
my co-workers faces as they walked by the office, the same
as when I walked in that morning, and I knew I'd be gone
by the end of the day.

I was wrong about that though. First, the HR guy made sure
that the first time I was with Greg was blackmail of sorts,
and then they made me sign some papers about Greg and me.
I was out of the office and on the street before lunch. The
company wouldn't allow me to work there, but since
Greg had blackmailed me to begin with, they had to give me
severance pay. Other than that, I was out.

Greg was escorted out by building security and right into
the hands of the police. Evidently he'd been up to something
else and it all came out during questioning. Greg was in
deep, very deep.

I found out later that Greg had been stealing from the company
here and there. Usually it was small amounts or a bit of fast
work on receipts from traveling and stuff. All together
it had added up to enough to charge him with Grand Larceny.

Greg's wife left him, taking their three kids and moving
home to her parents' house back east. Greg was in jail
awaiting trial. I was asked to testify at first, but when
the D.A. and I talked, she realized that my testimony would
probably hurt more than help, so they decided to not use

The lawyer for Greg asked me if I'd testify on Greg's
behalf. After I told him what I'd say about how Greg
had originally blackmailed me into sex, and then how he'd
worked the wedge between my husband and me, he too decided
I was not going to be any use on the stand.

I went home. That was painful. My dad was near heart attack
when I first got there. He was mad. Mad as I'd ever seen
him. He called me all sorts of names. He couldn't understand
why I'd tossed away my marriage with Jonathan like
I had.

What hurt the most was mom. She looked into my eyes, hers
full of pain. The words she said are ingrained into my brain

"You have made the worst mistake you could have ever
made. You let not only your mom and dad down, let yourself
down, but you let your husband down too. You, young lady,
have totally destroyed two marriages, and your husband's
love. Low. You have become the lowest of the low. I still
love you, since you're my daughter, but now I have absolutely
no respect for you."

It's been tough since then. Alone, out of work, and
living with parents who have changed dramatically due
to my actions, is stressful. Jonathan was true to his word
and the money was split even-steven. I signed away my interests
in our home, and he sold it immediately.

I'm working things out in my life now. I miss my husband,
and I wish now I'd never gone where I went. I know...
too little, too late. I have that cheater brand hanging
over my head, and it will take a long time, if ever, to get
rid of. I am starting over though. I hope that eventually
I'll be able to get on with life and not have this pain
on an hourly basis.

Jonathan quit his job and moved across the country. I think
he couldn't stand the thought of his cheating whore
wife being in the same state as he was. Painful lesson learned,
at least I hope I learned. Time will tell.

"Jonathan finishes"

Leaving the motel room that day was the numbest I'd
ever been. Simone was still on the bed, in tears, Greg was
still out cold. The manager of the motel met me outside in
the hallway. I handed him the key.

He placed his hand on my shoulder in a kindly way.

"It's tough right now, but it will get better.
Move on, find yourself and then find someone else. You'll
be okay. I won't lie to you its going to be painful for
a while yet. Depends on how much you loved her, and how much
you cared for her."

"Thanks. I figured out that bit, but hearing it from
someone who's been there is reassuring. See ya ‘round."

"No offense, but I hope not."

I walked away. At home that night I cried. I know it's
supposedly not manly or the macho thing... but I hurt. Doris
called me to let me know that she and Sam let Simone move in
with them. She sounded lost. That brought tears to my eyes
too. They were good people, and I felt bad that they'd
been caught up in this mess.

Days went by and Simone didn't contest a thing about
the divorce. It went smooth as silk. My lawyer was surprised,
as was hers too, I think. She had no fight left in her at all.
I could tell she was suffering, but at least she never tried
to excuse what she'd done.

Once the divorce was over, the case against her former employer
finished up. They just wanted me to go away and they were
willing to pay my lawyer fees, court costs and a tidy sum
just to make sure I did.

Greg went to jail. I relished that for the moment. Now he'd
get to know other forms of sex, hopefully on the receiving
end this time. I have no sympathy for him. He's not a
man he's a nothing, at least to me.

He had had three kids and a wife. I met her once during the
turmoil of the divorce... she was a looker too. What a dip-shit
Greg was. He'd had it all, and tossed it away because
of some kind of sexual thrill he must have felt he couldn't
get from her.

I turned in my resignation. My employers were stunned.
They worked hard to try to convince me not to quit, but I had
too many issues to be able to continue to work there effectively.
They did what they could, then once they knew I was gone,
the offered me a nice letter of recommendation which I accepted.

I have a new job on the west coast. I moved out here about a
year ago. I met a nice young lady. She's a keeper. I'm
still a bit gun shy in the trust department, but she has an
ex-husband who cheated on her, so there's a common
ground between us.

As for sex between us, you might want to know? Well, we've
done it all and then some. She is adventurous and so am I.
I want to ensure that we are both happy as we can be in that
department for the long term. We're meshing in other
ways too, so it's a well rounded relationship.

Having dated a bit since the divorce, I know a good thing
when I see it. Hopefully she feels the same way about me too.

Life has been a reality check, but I think things are on the

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A very good story, with a lot of pathos and reality. Thanks
for posting it.


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Wow! Deep and Realistic. In life you have to pay to play.
Unfortunately sometimes you pay when someone else plays.


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Very well written and oh so true. Been there and don't
want to do it again.