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Real life - Real story - Real people (names were changed)


Jeannie and I had been through a lot together . We met in seventh
grade and over the years, as a couple of curious, horny teenagers
we taught each other about sex. We only made it to fifteen
before we lost our virgin one afternoon as her grandparents
house, while they were shopping and Jeannie and I were alone.

We had already seen each other's reproductive organs
several times before we did it. And we had also gotten use
to playing with each other's reproductive organs
too. Of course I could only get Jeannie so excited but never
as much as she excited me when she stroked my cock. And as
an innocent teenage girl, Jeannie screamed the first time
she saw me explode while she was stroking my cock.

Looking back I can't believe we were so young when we
experienced intercourse together although at the time,
we felt like we were ready for it. It was certainly a huge
risk since Jeannie was not on the pill and we used no other
form of birth control. Like a lot of boys that age, I had planned
on and promised Jeannie I was going to pull out but that never
happened. Instead my sperm flooded her womb and we had to
sweat it out for nine long days until she thankfully got
her period.

I purchased a package of condoms the next week and from then
on Jeannie and I began to enjoy a very active sex life together
even though we were only fifteen years old. I truly did love
her so much and not just because she let me screw her but because
she was my girl and would always be my girl. And she always
said I was her man for life. Jeannie and I tried to control
ourselves but that was pretty much impossible after the
fourth or fifth time we had experienced the marvelous feeling
we had when our bodies were together.

And it also got much easier when I finally turned sixteen
and got my driver's license. It meant we didn't
need to sneak around and wait for an empty house either at
my house, her house or her grandparents house. We could
use my mother's car which we did every weekend on our

At the time I didn't see it but slowly Jeannie developed
her own sexual appetite as a young woman and began to respond
with much more passion when we had sex other than just laying
there scared like she did the first few times. By the time
she turned seventeen, Jeannie began to climax fairly regularly
after we had explored oral sex together and realized how
much more that added to our experience, and then her climaxes
became predictable

She loved sucking my cock and I loved licking her pussy until
she screamed from her orgasm. I liked her smell and the taste
of Jeannie's pussy right from the start. But the biggest
step we took was when Jeannie finally got on birth control
pills because we no longer needed a latex filter between
us. At seventeen I was producing huge volumes of cum which
made it messy afterwards but that was a small price to pay
for the pleasure we both shared from then on.

Most of our close friends in high school knew Jeannie and
I were sexually very active and were somewhat jealous of
us too. During our senior year of high school, Jeannie and
I were making love at least twice a week and sometimes more.
It was simply become our routine and something we both needed.

And then Mother Nature threw us a curve when somehow Jeannie
became pregnant the summer after we graduated. So then
our secret became known by our parents as well as every other
adult in town who still saw us as just kids. But Jeannie I
were in love and married within a month in a rushed ceremony
put together by her parents and mine.

I was just about to leave for college so Jeannie said she
would stay at home with her parents and I would come stay
there too on weekends. We had talked so many times about
our life together and we both knew I needed an education
so we could someday support my family well.

Those first few months after we were married, were probably
the most awkward for Jeanne and for me. I came home every
Friday from college and would go directly to her parents
home to be with her. And it was not that her parents didn't
treat me well or were not understanding but it was so uncomfortable
the first few nights Jeannie and I went upstairs to her bedroom
with her parents in the house. Legally we were married but
they still saw us as kids.

But Jeannie would be all smiles when she crawled into her
bed naked and waited for me to join her. Her parents were
just down the hall but it didn't stop Jeannie and I from
fucking each other at least once and sometimes twice a night.
My dick was always hard when I was near her.

My new wife was rather lean but had very soft breasts and
wide hips so she was a very good ride once my dick was planted
inside of her sweet, wet pussy. In those days girls didn't
trim or shave so Jeannie had a very thick dark patch of hair
over her pussy which became matted from her own juices when
we fucked.

I eventually graduated from college, got a pretty good
job so Jeannie and our baby who was almost four, finally
moved into together at last. We were finally a real family
with a place of our own. The next fifteen years went by in
the wink of an eye and before Jeannie and I knew it, we had
our own house, two more kids and a life like every other young
couple we knew.

Even though we met when we were very young, Jeannie and I
knew we were meant to be husband and wife. We shared no secrets
and talked about everything that was on our minds. And that
included anything and everything about our sex life together.
We had such a bond that nothing ever made Jeannie or me feel
uncomfortable to talk about.

It was one night, after a really good romp under the sheets
which included two orgasm for Jeannie and one big one for
me, that we began to talk about what we both missed out on
getting married so young in life. We were both covered in
sweat from our amazing fuck session and were lying on our
backs sucking for air when Jeannie asked me if I regretted
never having the chance to date any other girls while we
were growing up.

"Yes I guess I kind of do. But I am still really happy
I found you, " I replied. Jeannie rolled onto her
side and kissed me on the cheek before she said she was happy
too. "So do you regret not dating any other boys?"I
asked my wife next. "Yes I probably feel a lot like
you, " Jeannie said back to me. We then reminded ourselves
we had three great kids together and a wonderful life so
whatever we missed, must not have been that important.

But the most impactful part of that conversation was what
Jeannie and I were still afraid to say to each other. She
had used the term, dating but maybe my wife really meant
she never had the chance to have sex with anyone other than
me. I remember after I cleaned myself up and laid on my side
next to my wife in our bed, my head was dizzy with sex thoughts
and other people.

But Jeannie was up bright and early the next morning, busy
getting our three kids ready for school when I showered
and got ready for the office. And she had her usual big smile
across her face when I walked into our kitchen and kissed
her before I poured myself a cup of coffee.

I truly felt in my heart that I simply adored the woman as
I looked at her, now mature shapely figure and wondered
if she might truly like to enjoy another man, once in her
life. But of course I kept those thoughts to myself, ate
breakfast and was on my way leaving Jeannie to put our home
back together.

The more days that passed, the more thoughts I had about
Jeannie and other men and being honest, me and other women
too. And it was confusing for me because I would be jealous
for a second and then aroused the next second.

I also began to wonder if other respectable, happily married
couples had some of the same thoughts I was having. I mean
there had to a lot of other me and Jeannie's out there
in the world, in our situation. So one Saturday without
telling Jeannie I stopped by the adult store, I frequented
a few times where I had bought her some toys, just to look

I was actually thinking about getting Jeannie a new larger
vibrator because she loved the first one I surprised her
with a few years earlier. It was one night after Jeannie
and I were in bed making out and getting hot when I showed
it to her. I remember her eyes got really big as she held it
and asked me how it worked. Of course I really didn't
know but knew that together Jeannie and I were going to figure
it out. So I had her lay on her back as I slowly spread her legs
as her hairy pussy came into my view.

"It runs on batteries, " I told her as Jeannie
giggled and nodded her head. So I turned in on and felt it
vibrating before I slowly and gently put it on her pussy
and clit. I swear my wife's entire body came off the
bed the moment she felt it. "Honey, that is something
else, " Jeannie said red faced at all. So had her lay
back down and sent her to a place she had never been before.
My wife couldn't even speak after her third orgasm.

So I was browsing the isles of toys before I came upon a section
of magazines and stopped to flip through a couple of them.
And by sheer accident I saw an ad that claimed they could
match couples with other couples for discreet intimate
meeting. They called themselves "The perfect match."
I guess I got excited and bought the magazine not really
sure I was even going to actually show it to Jeannie.

But I have always been terrible at keeping secrets with
Jeannie and ended up showing it to her after the kids went
to bed. My wife looked confused at first wondering why I
had just given her a sex magazine . So I flipped open to the
page where the ad for "The Perfect Match, "
was and told her to read it.

My wife read for about five seconds, then lifted her head
and looked at me before she went back to reading the advertisement.
The company claimed that they had lots of couples looking
for just the right other couple for discreet sexual encounters.
My heart was racing as I waited for my wife to finally finish
it. And when Jeannie was finished she closed the magazine
and didn't say a word. But I could tell her head was now

Jeannie finally looked at me and said, " So what exactly
are you suggesting?" I reminded her about her dating
other people comments and thought she might also have been
thinking about sex with other people too. I also told her
we had both missed out on that too. It took her a few minutes
before she finally admitted she had thought about sex with
other men too but didn't regret that we married so early
in life.

"Well I certainly don't regret it either. But
what if this actually worked?" I asked Jeannie. Jeannie
looked at me and asked if this was really something we both
wanted to really try. Jeannie and I had bonded when we were
just fourteen and had spent most of our lives as a couple.
I told her I wasn't sure but the ad did say it was free
to send away for the surveys we would both need to fill out.
"It would only cost us something if we sent our surveys
back to them so they could find us a matching couple, "
I said to my wife.

Two weeks later I walk in the house after work and was greeted
by Jeannie smiling at me while she waved a large brown envelope
from the company. She had already opened it and read the
couple survey, the male and female surveys so she handed
to me and told me to go in our bedroom, close our bedroom door
and read it for myself while she fed the kids their dinner.

It was a scary thought but also very exciting as I read all
three survey's before I hid it and joined my family
for dinner. But all I felt was this excitement inside and
every time Jeannie' and my eyes met I sensed she was
as excited and nervous as I was. It was again after all three
kids were in bed that my wife and I sat to talk about it some
more. And that ended when we agreed to each fill our own surveys
as well as the couple's survey, just for the fun of it.

Jeannie and I had told each other a half a dozen times we were
just doing this for fun and that we were not actually going
to send them back with a check. But we first started with
the couples survey and listed age ranges we might be interested
in, income levels comparable to ours, etc. And we listed
our hobbies and other activities we enjoyed as a couple.

It was a bit more embarrassing to fill out the male and female
surveys together because they touched on each of our personal
preferences for other lovers. It ranged from hair color
down to breast size and weight ranges for me and heights,
hair color and cock shapes and lengths for Jeannie.

It took a good hour before I walked back in from the kitchen
with my completed and found Jeannie on our sofa still blushing.
"Are you finished?"I asked her. She giggled
nervously and nodded her head yes. "So are we really
going to mail them back in" Jeannie asked me. I told
her I thought we should and she also agreed although she
said it didn't mean she was really going to ever do anything
with some other man.

Our life was out of sorts over the next few weeks as Jeannie
and I waited to hear something back from the company. Jeannie
and I had been fucking each other since we were very young
so the idea of now having sex with another person was exciting
but almost too fantasy like, to be real. But we had been swept
up by the fantasy and waited each day for some kind of response.

And then one day an envelope arrived from "The perfect
match." According to the company a couple named Phil
and Brenda were as close of a match as they could make for
us. They gave the match a score of 87 out of a hundred which
they claimed had a very high probability of being a great

And they also informed us that if we wanted to proceed, we
would need to send them our first names and phone number
and they would forward them on to Phil and Brenda but only
if they also replied too and then we would get their phone
number sent to us too.

Instantly my mind began to wondered about this lady named
Brenda and I wondered what kind of person she was and why
had her and her husband had filled out their survey's
too. "What should we do?" Jeannie asked me,
trembling at our kitchen table. We both agreed to sleep
on it for a few days but as soon as we crawled into bed together
the fire was so hot, we changed our minds and agreed to send
it back in.

By the time my hard dick was inside of Jeannie's amazing
pussy , my thoughts were all over the place. "Your
thinking about it , aren't you?" Jeannie said
after I had pumped her hard a few times. Every single nerve
in my cock was over sensitized to the point I could hardly
think at all. "Yes I am, " I told my wife as she
clung to me and said she was thinking about it too. When I
came in her a few minutes later it was breathtaking for all
the usual reasons but even more so because of the one new
reason we both had in our heads.

A week or so later I came home from work and was told, Brenda
called Jeannie one afternoon and they talked for over an
hour. Jeannie was so excited and said Brenda sounded so
much like an old friend, it was almost spooky. Phil and Brenda
had married young too, at twenty one and had two kids and
all the same thoughts Jeannie and I had.

Of course Jeannie and I were excited and we never really
stopped to think about what we were really considering
doing. With a real possibility of actually having sex with
someone else clouded our thought process. We never actually
stopped to discuss how each of us would feel during and after
because our hormones were controlling everything from
then on.

Jeannie explained that her and Brenda had planned on talking
again later that night so I and Phil could also be including
in the conversation. I had some mixed emotions about my
wife being so excited but kept them to myself. I knew in my
heart Jeannie was still in love with me and we would be together
forever. And I also wondered what Brenda was really like
but didn't share that with Jeannie either.

The kids were finally in bed and Jeannie stood by the phone
with a nervous grin on her face before she said, "
Ok are you ready?" I nodded yes so my wife picked up
our phone and called Phil and Brenda back. Everyone took
turns chatting with everyone else in an attempt to get to
know one another for a few minutes. Phil and Brenda seemed
like really nice people and it was obvious the four of us
shared the same desire from this friendship.

Jeannie and I simply had our hopes up too high after that
call because we both felt like Phil and Brenda sounded absolutely
perfect for us. Jeannie and I were in bed a short time after
and the whole time I fondled her soft tits and played with
her wet pussy, my wife shook and trembled. How would Phil
touch her and how would she feel being touched by Phil? And
of course I imagined Brenda naked next to me on a bed and how
awesome it would be to be touching her like I was now touching
my wife.

The four of us lived about a hundred miles apart and agreed
to meet in the middle on Saturday night face to face for the
first time. The plan we all agreed to was that we would meet
and talk and feel it out. In other words we were going into
this planning on playing it by ear. Even though both couples
shared the same dreams and had the same fantasies, we were
still basically strangers.

Jeannie had me drop our kids off at her parents in case it
got too late for a sitter and spent over an hour getting herself
ready. And I was so nervous I wasn't even sure I could
get an erection if we all decided to do something more than
just talk. My sex life and all my sexual experiences had
only involved Jeannie from the time I was a fourteen year
old boy.

I thought my wife looked great, her hair and makeup were
perfect and the dress she picked out made her look really
cute. "Ok be honest. How do I look?" Jeannie
said standing in our living room ready to go. I kissed Jeannie
and told her she looked fantastic and I was sure Phil would
feel the same way. "Oh my God. I can't believe
any of this is happening, " Jeannie said before she
grabbed her purse and we set out on the strangest journey
of our lives.

First impressions of Phil and Brenda were shocking and
neither of them looked anything like we imagined they would
look like. Phil was rather tall and kind of nerdy with his
hair already thinning. And Brenda was short and a bit on
the plump side . I remember Jeannie quickly glanced at me
with a bit of a shocked expression but covered it up well
as to not offend either of them. And I'm not suggesting
Jeannie and I looked like models but we did look better than
Phil and Brenda.

Ten seconds after shaking Phil's hand and hugging
Brenda as a friend, I was sure this was not going anywhere
at all. But Jeannie and I were both trapped and felt like
we at least needed to chat with them since we had all driven
so far for this first meeting. So we all shared a booth at
the bar we met at and ordered drinks as my wife and I nervous
tried to talk and sound interested, even if we weren't.
And every thirty seconds Jeannie would glance at me with
a smile but I knew she was forcing her smile.

The first half hour was like watching grass grow with no
connections what so ever being formed. Of course we had
no idea how Phil and Brenda felt about us but that didn't
really matter in the long run because Jeannie and I knew
this was a dead end street for us. But we remained with them
and told our story to Phil and Brenda as they giggled a lot
and listened closely. And then we heard how they met and
how their lives went from the time they fell in love and got
married to now.

I kept thinking it was just too bad they weren't our
cup of tea because Phil and Brenda were really nice people.
They were honest, polite, funny, cordial and considerate.
They were everything Jeannie and I ever hope for. And even
though Brenda was on the plump side she had her own distinctive
sexual essence to her as a woman. I was still pretty sure
Phil was not appealing to Jeannie but after looking at him
for an hour he also had his own special qualities too. Bottom
line was they were both really good people.

I had somehow tricked myself into thinking that Phil and
Brenda would walk in and the sparks would have been flying
from the start. And that Phil and Jeannie would have felt
the same way about each other that I imaged Brenda and I were
feeling. My dream was just that, a dream and nothing more
than my over active imagination.

But Brenda did have a cute face and big brown eyes so after
an hour or so I enjoyed looking at her and talking with her,
I kind of liked her as a person. And at some point Brenda and
I were holding our own conversation while Phil and Jeannie
talked to each other at the same time. Brenda admitted to
me she had been very nervous getting ready to meet me and
that at one point earlier in the afternoon, she even thought
about calling us and canceling out.

About ninety minutes passed before I looked at Jeannie
as to say with my eyes only, " Have we stayed long enough
to not hurt their feelings." I had actually enjoyed
speaking with Brenda and even had a few sexual thoughts
about her but I didn't know where Jeannie was at for
sure so I just didn't let my mind wander too far off the

Phil then explained to my wife and I that he and Brenda had
decided they would need to go off and talk alone before they
would make any decision as a couple. Jeannie looked at me
and then back at Phil and told him that sounded like a really
good idea. "And we all should agreed that there will
be no hard feelings if things don't work out, "
I said to them. Phil and Benda both agreed before they got
up and walked over to another table to talk alone.

I expected this was going to be a quick and easy decision
for Jeannie and me. I mean we weren't talking about
just kissing them, we were talking about real sex with these
two people. You can call it whatever romantic name you want
to give it but speaking bluntly, but basically all we were
considering was fucking them.

My wife looked at me and the first thing she said was "I
don't know. What do you think?" I leaned back
and stared at my wife, not expecting that. "So are
you saying your thinking about doing it?" I asked
her. Jeannie blushed and quietly said Phil was not her type
but he was a nice guy and she did trust him. Jeannie then asked
me to be honest and tell her how I really felt about Brenda.
"She is definitely nice but she is not exactly what
I was hoping for, " I explained.

"Ok, do you want to have sex with Phil?" I said
to my wife. "Half yes and half no, " she explained.
"If they come back and say they are interested, what
are we going to tell them?" I asked. Jeannie was clinging
to her cocktail glass with both hands as she looked at me
and said, " I don't know. This is going way to
fast. "

Just then Phil and Brenda walked back up the booth we had
all shared and sat down across from us without looking directly
at Jeannie or at me. I watched as Brenda kept her head bowed
enough to not look into my eyes so I sensed how nervous she
really was. " Well, my wife and I discussed it too.
And we think your both really great people. And this would
be a huge step for Brenda and I but in the end we decided we
are saying yes if you two are also saying yes, " Phil
said to Jeannie and I.

I looked at Jeannie as she looked back at me and we both looked
like panic was suddenly gripping her. Jeannie finally
looked back at Phil and Brenda for a second and then back
at me before she said, "What do you think?" I
told Phil and Brenda that Jeannie and I were not sure but
we certainly like them as people".

We quickly agreed to share a room at a nearby budget hotel
near the freeway as we got in our cars and headed down to it.
I don't believe my wife and I really understood what
we were doing. We had been together as lovers since we were
fourteen and neither of us had ever been with anyone else.
And neither of us said a word in the car as we followed their
car down to the hotel.

I gave Phil half the money and he went in to get the four of
us a room while Jeannie, Brenda and I waited outside. I could
tell both wives were as nervous as I was feeling. Phil came
out a few minutes later with the key as the four of us stood
in the parking lot almost too afraid to even go inside the
hotel. So I suggested we just go in the room but stay with
our own spouses at first and then figure out when would be
a good time to switch.

Brenda immediately agreed and said it would be much easier
for her if her and Phil started out together. I already knew
Jeannie liked the idea because of how hard she was squeezing
my hand. So the four of us walked into the hotel, got a strange
look from the night clerk and quickly went down the hall
to room 152. To say things weren't going well would
have been an understatement because the key didn't
work and Phil had to leave his wife, Jeannie and me to go back
and get a new one.

I had that moment to look more seriously at Brenda and get
a better idea of her shape that I might eventually end up
seeing totally naked. She was still on the plump side but
Brenda definitely had some bumps and curves to her shape.
Of course my mind could still not imagine her actually being
naked in front of me. Phil brought back another key and thankfully
that one worked.

The four of us rushed in and locked the door immediately.
And the room was definitely budget because all it had were
two normal beds, one chair, one desk and a TV. I wasn't
sure what to do so I grabbed Jeannie's hand and led her
over to the far bed while Phil and Brenda remained on the
other side of the room.

"So should we just start kissing or what?" Phil
said to us as I nodded my head and turned to Jeannie who was
really shaking by then. Jeannie and I began to kiss one another
but it wasn't the sexy kind of kisses we usually shared
because we were both too nervous and were not feeling it
at least yet. It took Jeannie and I some time to loosen up
a little as she smiled after a rather hot kiss that we had

"Should we just leave?" I whispered to my wife
after the kiss. Jeannie shrugged her shoulders but didn't
reply so I pulled her back tight to me so we could kiss again.
Our kisses got better but not super hot as we kept hearing
Phil and Brenda whispering across the room too. "Ok
we have to decide now, " I told Jeannie after ten minutes
of kissing each other. "What do you think we should
do?" My wife whispered back. I told her we came this
far so maybe we should just go for it and see how it works out.
Jeannie instantly smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

Brenda was blushing like crazy while she approached me
standing by the bed farthest from the door. "How are
you doing so far?" I remember asking her as Brenda
smiled and said she wasn't really sure yet. But her
and I were standing in front of each other and had obvious
interest even if our nerves were still getting the best
of us. So I slowly reached out for Brenda and she slowly moved
closer to me before she was half in my arms but still close
enough for us to share our first kiss.

Our first kiss led to a second and then a third which actually
had some feeling behind it. It didn't take long before
Brenda was tight against me and I felt her soft breasts pushing
against my shirt. Her shape was different than Jeannie's,
her perfume was different than Jeannie's but the heat
she was starting to give off was the same. Brenda was a woman
with hormones and as they surfaced so did her passion.

I knew Jeannie was kissing Phil too but I couldn't look
just yet and needed to keep my focus on Brenda. It would have
totally distracted me if I had seen my wife in another man's
arms. I don't remember exactly how long Brenda and
I stood embracing and kissing one another but it was quite
a long time. But we hadn't gotten this far just to kiss
each other, so I finally let my hand rub over the front of
her blouse for the first time.

No doubt Brenda felt my hand but she didn't object or
push it away so I kissed her again and reached behind to pull
her ass even close to my body. I felt her warmth and she felt
my hardness as our lips remained glued to one another's.
I guess it just got to the point that if we were really going
to fuck our clothes had to come off. So I began to remove her
blouse as Brenda stood still and although she trembled
a lot she didn't stop me.

I had never seen another woman in her bra so the excitement
of seeing Brenda in her bra was more than thrilling for me.
And my shirt came off and then her skirt and my slacks and
before we knew it Brenda and I were half way there. Even with
all our nerves fighting us, I was still hard and Brenda was
still wet. Her panties were clinging to her pussy and her
breasts were heaving in her bra.

At that point I thought I was aroused enough to not be bothered
if I saw Jeannie so I walked behind Brenda to unhook her and
also see how my wife was doing. When Phil saw me walk behind
his wife, he let go of Jeannie and walked behind her too.
All four of us were facing each other when Phil and I unhooked
our wife's bras at the same time.

Jeannie's eyes did look a little glazed over or so I
thought as I watched her breasts flop free on her chest with
Phil still behind her. And when Brenda's bra hooks
came open, I slowly slipped her bra off her shoulders. Brenda
was back to looking nervous when I turned her around to face
me but her eyes still had that fire too. Her body was thicker
than my wife's but her breasts were also larger as I
looked at them for a second and immediately held them in
my hands.

Maybe that was the turning point for all of us because shortly
after that Brenda and I were on our bed and Jeannie and Phil
were on theirs. We were all super aroused enough to know
we were not going to stop until we experienced the real deal
with one another. Jeannie and Brenda began to whimper at
about the same time as Phil and I went to work on each other's

By that point, I really wanted to fuck Brenda and she wanted
to fuck me. Jeannie actually slipped her own panties off
for Phil while Brenda waited for me to remove hers. And when
Brenda's pussy did come into my view, she was swollen,
puffy and wet. I just knew that once my hard cock was in her,
it would be the gateway to her soul.

Brenda tasted good and squirmed a lot while I licked her
pussy although I don't think she climaxed. But I tried
my best to give her as much pleasure as I could. And she sucked
my dick but didn't feel comfortable doing it so I rolled
her onto her back and spread her legs when the time was right
for both of us.

I had never done this with any other woman before except
for Jeannie but once the fat end of my cock felt Brenda'
slippery opening, it felt natural. And Brenda got a big
smile on her face as soon as she felt my cock penetrating
her womanhood. It may have taken us all of ten seconds before
my full cock was inside of her pussy and we were now one body.

I did glance over once to see how Jeannie was doing and her
legs were wrapped around Phil while his fat cock was sliding
in and out of her pussy too. It was a first for all four of us
as we fucked and kissed and continued to fuck each other's
spouses, with more and more passion. Within just a few minutes
Brenda and I were sharing something very special and very

She was tight yet slippery and every time I moved deep into
her womb, Brenda's muscles gripped my shaft and held
it inside of her for a moment or two. It may have been our first
but it was still very special for both Brenda and for me.
We were fucking each other very slowly as we stared in each
other's eyes for the longest time enjoying every moment
of our experience.

I also loved watching how Brenda's tits bounced on
her chest once I picked up our pace. And as soon as I picked
up the pace Brenda picked up the pace too. We both knew my
cum would soon be filling her pussy for the first time and
the sheer excitement of that experience seized both of

It had to be total luck because once Brenda and I went after
each other, Jeannie and Phil were doing the same thing on
the other bed. I will never forget the first spasm that I
felt when a thick glob of cum squeezed down my cock and shot
out into Brenda's pussy. It was simply incredible
as I began to fuck her harder and harder as she clung to me
and worked every drop I had out of me.

I was trembling really hard by the time the experience was
over and I laid on Brenda's soft body and felt her tits
pushing up at my chest. I then heard Phil begin to grunt as
my wife whimpered like she always does near the end. Even
though Brenda and I were done, we both looked over and watched
our spouses still fucking each other like two crazy people.

Phil definitely had my wife going by then as I kept slamming
up into her causing Jeannie to gasp more each time. "Kind
of strange to see this, " Benda whispered to me as
I remained on top of her. Phil's ass looked like a jack
hammer as it rose up and slammed down while his cock continued
to drive Jeannie crazy. And then without any warning Phil
slammed Jeannie and held her cock deep in her pussy when
his cum finally began to blast out and fill my wife's

The drive home was different because Jeannie and I both
tried to be honest but couldn't put into words how we
each felt during and after it was over. The fact was I had
cum inside of another woman. And Jeannie was going home
with me filled with the cum by another man. It was a first
for both of us.

Things slowly returned to normal although Jeannie and
I did have an extraordinary night together once we got home.
And in fact we couldn't keep our hands off of one another
for the next two week. But it didn't change our love
for one another nor did it change our marriage. But it definitely
changed our sex life from then on.

If you want to know the four of us got together every few months
for a night of fun over the next five years. My wife and I both
agreed that what we had was indeed very special but taking
a break and enjoying a friend once in a while was also a lot
of fun and special in its own way.

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What a great story! I really enjoyed the article.


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a new start with fun fir all but with different partners


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## lost our virgin one afternoon

Yep lost a few over time too...


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Your Tales of Erotica are the Best


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Great story once again Dangerous. One wonders about the four people who did not like it. They mus be hard core gay or simply do not like good writing and a bit of feeling and emotion thrown in. Perhaps it was to long for them....There are some who must have it fast and short just as they like their sex. Personally I like it slow and sensuous; and with feeling. So keep sending them, they are great.


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I really enjoyed this and think it will help me in my own explorations with my partner. Great story!


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Very honest and interesting story


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Very nice story and well written


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great story. Brings back memories