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I was sitting at home one night flipping through the channels
on the TV; as usual there wasn't anything on that I wanted
to watch. So I decided to go out; it was a beautiful warm summer
night so I walk down town. As I approached the nightlife
section of town, I started thinking that I should find a
bar, meet some people and have some fun.
There were go-go bars with signs advertising exotic dancers.
Others had live bands and cover charges, not having much
money to spend I'd decided to go into one of the bars
that didn't look too expensive. I opened the door and
had to step-aside for some people that were coming out laughing,
apparently about something someone had said.
I walked in the bar and noticed that it was about half full
of people that looked like they were from all walks of life
and all having a good time. I could hear the pool balls clicking
together in the backroom.
I went up to the bar and ordered a draft beer I got my beer and
turned around. When I noticed there were two girls at the
jukebox. I went over to them and laid some money on the top
of the jukebox and asked them to play something for me, as
they look at me; I smiled and walked away.
I walked into the backroom and watch the pool players for
a moment. The jukebox started playing after a minute or
two more I walked back to the main part of the bar to mingle.

There were a few people dancing in the large open area. Some
of them were touching and kissing each other as they danced.
Not wanting to disturb the dancers, I walked around the
dance floor and spoke to a few people that were loosely standing
around the bar.
After a little small talk with some of them I sat down at an
empty table that was next to the two girls that were at the
jukebox they paid little attention to me and I didn't
say anything to them. As I watch the dancers on the dance
floor I noticed a woman sitting by herself at a table across
from me was looking at me, she looked a little butch but very
pretty so I acknowledge her with a wink and a smile, she seemed
a little amuse and smiled back; after that I didn't
pay much attention to her.
After a little while I got up and began to mingle working
my way to the bar to get another drink. I raised my glass to
the bartender. While I was waiting for the bartender I looked
around the bar to see what was going on. I noticed the woman
that was sitting by herself at the table was staring at me
rather intensely she seemed to be interested in me but I
didn't know why.
She got up from the table and came over to the bar and asked
me may I buy you a drink? I said sure why not as the bartender
filled our drinks, she laid the money on the bar for both
drinks and asked me do you come in hear much? I said no, I'm
new in the area. And I really don't know my way around
She said I can show you around and introduce you to some people
if you'd like. That would be great I said enthusiastically.
We walked over to her table. She asked are you married or
have a girlfriend? I said no I am single and looking for a
good time.
She said why don't we get out of here and go someplace
more private? It sounds like a good idea I said; I'm
not driving tonight. She said my car is parked just outside;
we can go to my house if that's all right? I said sure,
as we drove away, I asked her do you frequent that bar often?
She said no this was my first time and I probably won't
be going back there it's not my usual hangout.
I asked her, where do you usually go? She said you'll
see, I'll show you around and introduce you to some
of my friends I think you'll like them. She made a phone
call and talked for some time. When she finished her call,
she said tell me about yourself. I said well I don't
really know where to begin, what would you like to know?
What are your fantasies she asked?
As I was thinking about this, she asked if I ever had a fantasy
of having sex with more than one woman at the same time. My
answer was doesn't every man dream of that? She said,
that's good, so do you have sex often she asked? I laughed,
and said not enough. Do you think you can handle me? She laughed
and said no problem there.
What is your sexual orientation? I said heterosexual.
Does that mean you've never been fucked? I said well...
not exactly, I've known a few women that like to strap
one on. So you don't mind getting kinky she asked? I
said not at all; that spices things up and makes it a little
more interesting. I asked her is there anything in particular
that you like to do? She said no I like to do just about everything.

As she parked the car and we went to go inside. I was thinking
how glad I am I went out; and how this night might be a great
night after all. She unlocked the door, and said after you;
putting her hand on my back and coaxing me in. As I when in,
I noticed the room was very dark and I couldn't see anything
but she was right behind me.
I thought she would turn on the light but she closed and locked
the door. I didn't want to trip or bump into anything
so I just stood there. I thought perhaps she'd have
to move to the center of the room to pull a string or click
a switch on a lamp or something. As she turned the light on,
I noticed there were several half dressed women in the room;
they surrounded me and brought me into the center of the
room. I was shocked and a little stunned I didn't know
what to do.
They started running their fingers through my hair, standing
in front of me on either side and behind me holding my arms;
they started rubbing my chest and crotch as they unbuttoned
my shirt, while it slid of my shoulders, and down my arms,
they were speaking soft and gentle to me saying things about
how cute I am and how I was going to have such a good time.
I said um.... ah... I didn't know what to say, I was so
overwhelmed. They started kissing me as the woman behind
me raised my T-shirt the women in front pulled it off. They
started unfastening my pants. One of them asked me, if I
ever had sex with 10 women before? I said no; as they put leather
bracelets on my arms. I started to say, wait a minute slowdown;
but as I said wait a min...
Someone grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I said ahhh...
as the rubber ball gag when in my mouth. They pulled me down
to the floor. As they pulled my pants off, I noticed some
more women coming into the room that had BDSM outfits on.
They were wearing strap-ons, of varying sizes one of them
stood out from all the rest because it was so huge.
I knew I was in trouble. They held me down and put a blindfold
on me while they were kissing me and sucking my dick. While
some of the others put leg bracelets on my ankles.
They took me into another place in the house. I heard chains
rattle and I knew I was being taken to where they were; I gave
some resistance so they picked me up and took me over to them.
They hooked them to the bracelets on my arms and ankles spreading
my legs apart about two feet.
There were so many of them I couldn't offer much resistance.
And I didn't know if I really wanted to. They tightened
the chains on my arms standing me up and raising my arms up
and apart until they were fully extended. I wanted to speak
but the gag in my mouth wasn't going anywhere, all I
could do is make noise.
The blindfold added to the erotic fear and excitement.
My body was shaking and my heart was pounding. They were
stroking my dick rubbing my balls pinching my nipples and
kissing me all over; I was so excited, I could have shot my
load. I knew I wasn't dreaming but I could hardly believe
that one of my fantasies was actually coming true.
I felt the crack of a paddle on my ass; it didn't hurt
much; but I knew it was just the beginning, and then crack
again... and again... slow and steady each whack seemed
a little harder. They asked me, do you like that?
Ha... do you...? I couldn't say anything but I think
I nodded my head. This went on for a few minutes my ass got
hotter and hotter and so did I. They asked me, do you want
more? I didn't know if I did or not. They said tell me...
do you? As they continued spanking me harder and harder,
I moved my ass forward away from the paddle; but I wasn't
going anywhere.
It felt like my ass was on fire. I was so excited, I thought
I wanted them to stop, but I wasn't sure. I was breathing
so hard. I couldn't see anything and I couldn't
say anything. I had no control over what was happening,
and this added to the excitement. They asked, now... do
you want a couple whacks, real hard? Ha... tell me...
I turned my head to the side as if to look around, but of course
I couldn't see anything. One of the ladies said, say
yes... say it... and then we'll stop. I shook my head
yes, and brought my ass forward away from the paddle again.
One of them said NO... and pushed my hips back and said don't
And then the loud crack with a horrendous whack. I jumped
with a muffled Aaaaaa... and thought I'd cry. Someone
pushed my hips back again, straight into another whack
even harder. I jumped again with another muffled Aaaaaaaa...
I flexed my arms, I think I pulled my feet off the floor and
did a little dance. My excitement skyrocketed; these women
were taking me to a place I never knew existed.
One of the ladies said, let him rest. It took me a couple of
minutes to catch my breath. My ass was so hot. They started
fondling me pinching my nipples and rubbing their hands
over my body, lightly squeezing and fondling my balls and
sucking my dick. My dick got very hard and just as I was about
to come they stopped and left me alone. I was disappointed,
frustrated and found it a little tormenting.
I could hear the women kissing each other moaning and groaning,
I knew they were having sex with each other I wondered who
was doing what to whom. I couldn't see what they were
doing but I knew they were having a good time.
As I pondered this, I realized I had to piss. But I was chained
blindfolded and gagged. I wasn't sure if I would be
able to let them know and didn't want to just piss on
the floor. So I rattle the chains brought my ass back and
pulled my knees together.
I got their attention; one of them said what's wrong
with him? Another said simultaneously what's he want?
Another said I think he's got to pee. As I vigorously
shook my head yes, another woman proclaimed you better
not piss on my fucking floor!
I could tell they hadn't considered that, because
they didn't really know what to do about it. One of them
said, take him down. And another said let him piss in a jar.
But another said I've got a better idea. I could hear
them whispering; they were discussing and planning something
but I couldn't tell what.
Then they asked me, if we take you down are you going to be
good? I was in no position to negotiate, so naturally I nodded
my head yes. They took me down and lead me to another part
of the house. They said we're going to take the gag out
of your mouth but you are not to speak unless you're
spoken to; is that understood? I nodded yes.
They took the gag out of my mouth, my jaw was relieved, and
I didn't say anything. They told me, if you disobey
us you will be punished. I said; I'll do whatever I'm
told. May I ask a question? Okay... I asked; may I have the
blindfold off?
Are you going to be good they asked? Yes I promise I will,
I said. They took the blindfold off as my eyes adjusted to
the light; I could see that I was in the bathroom where there
was a large tub with several shower heads and room enough
for several people.
Some women came with long heavyweight shoe strings, they
made a slipknot with a loop in the center of one string slipped
the loop over my balls and synched it up tight. They tide
one end of the string to my left wrist and the other end to
my right wrist.
The second string they loosely looped around the two strings
running up to my wrists, it made a good leash. They pulled
the leash string, it slipped up the two strings attached
to my wrists bringing my hands together. Any effort to keep
my hands apart transferred the tension to my balls. So I
could offer no resistance.
They took the wrists and ankle restraints off. By this time
I had to go so bad I could hardly restrain it; but remembering
they told me "not to speak unless you're spoken
to" I didn't say anything.
They laid me down on my back in the tub and told me now you can
piss. As I started, one of them took hold of my dick, and directed
the stream of urine all over me. I felt relieved even though
I was lying in the urine with it all over me.
Several of the women got into the tub and took turns urinating
on me. I never had a golden shower before, but I had to admit
to myself as the urine splattered and sprinkle on me; the
warm liquid running over my body felt good, and the view
wasn't bad either; they were all beautiful women.

They turned on the shower; when the cold water hit me it was
shocking but it's soon got warm. They had their feet
on me; I knew they didn't want me to get up. So I stayed
down as they showered their beautiful bodies above me.

I tried to watch them but the water coming down sprinkled
in my eyes, so I couldn't see much. I knew they were fondling
and washing each others backs. They finished showering
got out of the tub and told me to wash.
When I finished I got out of the shower. They were waiting
for me. They pulled me down to my knees in front of one of them
with a strap on. Someone took hold of the back of my hair.
The one in front of me said suck-it bitch as she put it into
my mouth, I didn't resist.
As she fucked me in my face, another started sucking my dick.
With each stroke she pushed it further and further into
my mouth. I started to put my hands up to protect myself from
getting too much, but someone pulled the leash and all I
could do is pull my balls.
I started to gag, but she didn't stop she took a hold
of my head and shoved it deeper into my throat and yelled
yes you like that bitch as she orgasm. I couldn't answer
but I could tell she was enjoying herself. I thought I might
come to; when someone came to the door and said bring him
out here.
They put the blindfold back on me, took me back out into the
other room where they put me on my knees. They took off the
slip loop leash restraint, and put the wrists and ankle
bracelets back on me.
I thought they were going to fuck me in my face some more I
was hoping they wouldn't make me choke on it to much,
but I was sure they would; when one of them asked me do we need
to gag you? I said no, I'll be good. Someone said that
reminds me, we need to get him straight on the rules.
One of them standing behind me spoke softly in my ear and
said, you're not allowed to say no. I am sorry I said.
Another said you're not allowed to offer excuses for
disobedience. You won't be punished for saying no
this time because you didn't know you weren't
suppose to.
Someone else told me you're too think, feel, and like
whatever you are told to think, feel, and like. Can you do
that? I said I'll try. One of the ladies said that's
expecting too much from him right now, I think it's
enough if he knows to obey every command. Several more agreed.
Do you understand the rules so far they asked? Yes I said
I think so. I know I want to please you.
I heard a chain rattle, so I thought they were going to put
me back in the chains again. I wasn't sure I wanted to;
but I didn't dare say anything. They put my arms behind
my back and hooked the bracelets together.
I knew the chain was coming from above my head when I felt
the cold chain touch my back as they connected it between
the bracelets. I was nervous because I didn't know
what they were going to do. They pulled the chain raising
my arms and said standup. I didn't have much of the choice
my arms were being pulled up behind me.
As my arms were being raised higher and higher, I soon found
myself bent over and on my toes. Someone said don't
hurt his shoulders, so they let me down until my heels touch
the floor. They asked is that better? I said yes as I felt
a hand put something wet and cold on my ass hole.
The next thing I knew a slippery finger when in my ass about
one second later went another. She took them out and pushed
against my ass hole with her strap on dildo. I felt my ass
open up to receive it.
As soon as it was in me she pulled it almost all the way out,
and put it in again each time putting it in further and further
until I had it all. She said isn't that good? Tell me
you want more. I said yes... give it all to me.
She fucked me slow and gentle at first as she pumped, I started
getting hot. She started fucking me faster and faster harder
and harder. She fucked me so good I didn't want her to
stop. It made me so hot.
After a few minutes another to her place, I could tell this
one was bigger. She fucked me slow and gentle they were pinching
my nipples. They raised my head; the lady standing in front
of me put her dildo in my mouth.
The woman fucking me in my ass gave it all to me pushing me
forward, sliding me down the shaft of the dildo in my mouth.
As it went down my throat I gagged. The woman fucking me in
my ass backed off, I could move off the one in my throat, but
as soon as the end of it came out of my throat to my mouth.
The woman fucking my ass gave it all to me again pushing the
dildo back down my throat. They continued fucking me like
this for a few more minutes. I couldn't breathe well
and felt a lot of excitement.
They held my head up by my hair, and all I could do is take it.
My knees wanted to buckle but that put a strain on my shoulders.
Just as I thought I couldn't take any more, they stopped;
and let me down to the floor.
As I lay on the floor catching my breath, I thought about
how horny I am and wondered when they were going to let me
come. They disconnected the chain and the bracelets from
each other. I brought my arms around to the front of me.
One of the ladies took a hold of my hips and said, come up to
your knees, as another laid her pussy down in front of my
face took my head and said eat me. A woman knelt behind me
and I knew I was going to get fucked again.
As it pressed against my ass I could tell it was even larger
than the last, she didn't take her time, she just pushed
it in, my ass hole cramped a little it hurt some so I said easy
take it easy! Someone said he spoke, another said he wasn't
suppose to; he'll have to be punished.
I licked the pussy running my tongue up to the clit and back
down again in the hole, and backup again hoping to do such
a good job they wouldn't punish me to much. The woman
behind me was fucking me so good; it made it hard to concentrate
on licking that beautiful pussy.
I was breathing so hard and the dildo was so big it must have
been pressing hard against the prostate stimulating it.
I wanted to come so bad; I thought I mite, but it didn't
quite happen.
Well... maybe just a drop; I couldn't tell I was so close
to the edge; it was driving me crazy with desire. I knew sooner
or later I would get to come but I didn't know when. I
wanted it to happen now but it wouldn't.
The woman I was eating was coming and coming as the woman
behind me slammed me harder and harder I could tell she was
orgasming to. When they were done, they pulled away from
me. I was so very aroused and breathing hard; I had to catch
my breath again.
I reached up with my hand and felt around to touch one of the
women standing next to me she slapped my hand down. Another
put her foot on my back and pushed me to the floor and said
lay down, so I laid down on my stomach.
Someone said you spoke didn't you? I said yes... I was
going to explain, but I thought they might think I was offering
excuses for my disobedience; and I knew that wasn't
allowed. They said you'll have to be punished.
They put a collar on me and attached my wrist bracelets to
it; they put a short chain between the ankle bracelets;
and took me into the shower. They hooked a chain that was
hanging from the ceiling; to the collar, and took the blindfold
off and left me standing there.
They left the shower and turned on the cold water. The cold
water came out of the shower heads from all directions and
hit every part of my body. It was shocking and all my muscles
The water got colder and colder as they left the room, I moved
my body one-way and then the other but, I couldn't go
far and there was no way to get out of the cold spray. The water
was so cold it stung my body it felt like it had ice in it.
It made me want to piss so I did. My muscles cramped my dick
shrank until it hurt and my scrotum shrank until it made
my balls ache. My body shivered and shook.
After little awhile they came back and turned off the water.
They asked me have you learned your lesson. I replied yes
I have; as my teeth clattered I could hardly speak.
They dried me off as one of the ladies said when we take him
back out into the other room lets leave the blindfold off;
I want to see his eyes when he gets out there.
I was glad because I was blindfolded when they took me to
that part of the house before; I wanted to see where I was.
They answered her saying are you sure you want him to see
where he is.
She said sure why not, he'll be good? Are you going to
be good they asked? Yes, I said this is an old fantasy of mine.
Oh... are you sure about that? Yes, I said I want to obey you
and do whatever you want.
They said okay... left the blindfold off and took me back
out into the other room. I could hardly walk my muscles didn't
work well and my body was shivering.
As I looked around I noticed there were whips, crops, paddles,
and flogs of all sorts. There was a suspension wheel, a rack,
benches, swings, chairs, and different kinds of BDSM devices
and equipment all-around me; it looked like an old medieval
torture chamber.
My erotic fear rose again; as my body warmed, I thought about
how I wasn't sure I was ready for all of this. But I found
it very arousing; my dick started to grow. He likes what
he sees, one of them exclaimed.
They sat me in a chair facing all that equipment, as they
started strapping me in my body continued to shake. I didn't
know if it was because I was still cold, afraid, nervous
or excited; I think it was a combination of all those feelings.

They were putting wide straps on every part of my body, even
a harness on my head with straps holding my head against
the back of a chair. I couldn't move anything I couldn't
even open my mouth, as I sat there facing the room with my
back to the door.
I couldn't see the women anymore they had left the room.
All I could do is sit there waiting. After a little while
one of the ladies came back and fondled me until my dick got
real hard and then she left.
After a while two more came in one stood up on the chair I was
sitting in and rubbed her pussy all over my face. I wanted
to stick my tongue out to lick it, but the harness holding
my head wouldn't allow my mouth to open far enough.

The other woman fondled and stroked my dick with her mouth.
My cock got so hard and then they left the room leaving me
sitting there again frustrated and horny. As my arousal
subsided, I thought about what they were doing and how tormenting
it was.
I wondered if they were ever going to let me come. Before
long someone came behind me reached over my shoulders and
started rubbing my chest and throat, she slipped her hand
over my mouth and pinch my nose closed.
I couldn't breathe and started to get excited after
a few seconds more she let go. As I caught my breath I felt
a pinch on my nipples I knew it wasn't fingers, it hurt
so good I could hardly stand it.
And then I felt my nipples being pulled down one and then
the other, as the pain increased by felt them stretching
and I couldn't think of anything else. I just sat there
all alone with these waited clams pulling on my nipples
it seemed like quite a longtime before the pain started
to go away as my nipples got num.
Another woman came into my view, knelt down in front of me
and started sucking my dick as it got harder she reached
up and remove the clams and the pain returned, as the blood
flowed back into my nipples.
I thought how I was about to come in her mouth and what her
reaction would be, but she must have known I was going to
come because she stop and went away. Again those bitches
had taken me to the edge and went away, it was driving me crazy.

I wanted to come so bad; I would have jerked off but I couldn't
move. I expected another one to come in soon and tease me
some more but after a longtime no one came, I just sat there
unable to move at all.
I was getting tired of sitting in that chair my ass was getting
sore from the hard seat, and my legs were going to sleep,
it felt like hours, but I couldn't tell how long it really
Finally they came back and took the harness off my head.
As they unfastened the straps that were holding me in the
chair, they asked are you a good boy?
I said yes, are you ready to come now one asked with a soft
voice. Oh yes, I said I sure am! We'll see one of them
said with a mischievous tone. Did you like that cold water?
No as I realized I wasn't supposed to say no, I mean "I
didn't like it" quickly changing it, but it was
too late I had already said it.
One of them quickly slapped my face, a little startled by
this I raise my hands as another standing behind me grabbed
my hair on both sides and pulled my head against the back
of the chair. Put your hands down they said, grab the arms
of that chair and don't you let go. I did as I was ordered.
Why did you say no one of them asked sternly? I didn't
mean to I replied I'm sorry. And then another slapped
me on the other side of my face.
I started to let go of the arms of the chair; but I didn't,
I took a firm grasp so I wouldn't let go of the chair.
Are you offering excuses one asked as another slap me? I
knew I couldn't say no, while I was trying to think of
something else to say; answer me she said.
I'm not offering excuses I exclaimed. Another lady
took a position in front of me in looked into my eyes and said
very gently you know why you're being punished right?
Yes I said something I shouldn't have said I admitted.

Don't move she said as she raised her hand, I new she
was going to slap me; I closed my eyes, slap as I open my eyes
back again the other way another slap. Keep your eyes open
she ordered; I didn't say anything as another took
a position in front of me and slapped me; I left my eyes open.

They weren't slapping me very hard. I could tell they
were being careful and purposely being gentle. I never
had this much attention from so many beautiful women at
one time; I think I liked it.
My dick was getting harder and harder again. He likes it
one of them said as another lady took a position in front
of me and slapped me. Good one of the ladies replied to her,
I think he'll make a good slave for our club.
Another took a turn, and then another and another. They
took turns slapping me until they had all had a chance to
slap me at least once.
One of the ladies asked, would you like to be our slave whenever
you're allowed to be here? I think so I said, but I wasn't
sure; I was wondering what rights I would have; although
I was sure the slave wouldn't have many if any.
We're an all-female club another one said; how can
we allow a man to join. He wouldn't be a full-fledged
member if he is our slave, another replied.
He wouldn't have a vote or a say in how things are done,
another said agreeingly. He'd still be a member another
maintained. Can anyone say we haven't had fun with
him, another asked?
As they discussed the merits of allowing me to be there club
slave I put my hand to my mouth to indicate I wanted to speak.
Are you asking for permission to speak one of the ladies
Yes... I could be a mascot I said. Can anyone think of a better
mascot then a man on a leash for an all-female sex club? I
think a man on a leash would be a perfect mascot for our club
one of the ladies declared.
Yes..., I think so, I agree, they started saying. One of
them spoke up and said we'll think about it.
Another one of the ladies pointed to the floor in front of
the chair they had me sitting in and said get on your knees.
I was glad to get out of the chair.
As I got on my knees one of the ladies standing in front of
me took hold of my hair and guided my face into the strap-on
she was wearing. I new what she wanted as it touched my lips
I open my mouth she said suck it, suck it real hard.
So I sucked on it as hard as I could. She held my head and began
moving her hips in and out fucking my face real slow and gentle.
I was hoping she wouldn't make me gag on it.
I raise my hands towards the dildo; she took hold of my hands
pulled them behind her and placed them on the cheeks of her
ass, took hold of my head again and continue pushing her
dildo in and out of my mouth.
Someone took hold of my balls from the back and gave them
a little squeeze as I moaned from the pain, two of the other
ladies knelt down on either side of me and started rubbing
my chest and nipples squeezing and twisting them making
me realize they are sore.
When they let go of them I felt the squeezing of the weighted
clamps pulling down on them as the two ladies stood up. The
woman fucking my face stopped moving her hips and started
moving my head in and out making the weights swing constantly
changing the sensation on my nipples.
Crack... I felt the paddle on my ass from one side, swish...
whack I felt the flogger on my back from the other side. First
one and then the other as my nipples pulled from the weights
swinging back and forth while I was geting fucked in the
Jerk-off someone said, so I brought one of my hands down
from her ass and began to stroke it. I was hoping they would
let me finish; I wanted to cum so bad. As I got ready to cum,
I got so hot I could hardly feel what they were doing.
Squirt, squirt, squirt between her legs and across the
floor. I yelled ahhhhhh; they stopped what they were doing
and I came some more. I slumped down exhausted as I heard
someone say lick it up. I was filled with apprehension but
I knew I better obey.
They were standing all-around me saying do-it, hurry-up.
I looked at them beggingly and felt the flog on my back. So
I put my face to the floor and began to lick it.
I was wondering if there would be some way I could cheat,
when I herd someone say, do a good job as another said get
it all. Crack I felt the paddle on my sore ass motivating
I began licking it up vigorously, wanting them to be pleased
and happy with the way I was doing it. The taste was very strange,
and I knew why they say it is an acquired taste.
I could tell they were enjoying watching me, there were
little giggles and things like o-ya, that's it, get
it all and you like it don't you.
I didn't stop to talk; I just finished doing it, raised
up hoping they would be satisfied with the job.
They pointed to a cage and told me get in the cage. I started
to stand up but they stopped me and said crawl. As I crawled
over to the cage, I noticed it wasn't high enough for
me to stand in anyway.
Crawling into the cage I noticed there was a comforter with
a pillow in the middle of it. I crawled onto it and turned
around just as one of the ladies put a bottle of water inside
the door, closed and locked it.
They left the room; I wondered how long they were going to
make me stay there. I thought about all that had happened
and how intensely enjoyably tormenting, and how very pleasingly
humiliatingly satisfying it was.
I could hardly believe that what I had been fantasizing
about for so long had actually happened. As I lay there so
tired, thinking about all this, I must have fallen asleep
because the next thing I knew, I was waking up; it must be
mourning because I could smell the coffee.
And I was in my own bed, no; why does it have to be only a dream
I mumbled still half asleep. What's that dear, my wife
asked? As she crawled into the bed, I turned over to see her
just as she slid her hand across my genitals; stopped and
through the covers back and said what's this, your
wet and sticky.
What did you do; she asked? I... yeah... I guess I must have
had a wet dream. You'd better tell me about it she said.
It's a long story I replied and I'd be to embarrassed.

She said tell me anyway and don't leave anything out,
I want to know it all; I don't keep secrets from you do
I? No you don't I said, and told her the whole story from
the beginning to the end although it was very embarrassing.

She listened without saying anything and I could tell it
was turning her on, although I thought she might be feeling
a little jealousy. She said well dear I've often thought,
even fantasized about dominating you like that but I didn't
think you'd want me to.
I was so embarrassed; I said well no, I wouldn't, I don't
think I want that. She said yes you do or you wouldn't
have dreamed about it. Well maybe a little I said.
Don't tell me you only want it from these other women!
No I said don't get jealous, it was just a dream; your
the one I want. Then you will let me do all those things they
did, she asked.
Aa... yeah... I will; I agreed; realizing I was now committed
and still a little embarrassed.
She asked haven't I always submitted to anything you
wanted? Yes I admitted but..., but what, she said. Don't
you think I should have a turned to have my fantasies fulfilled
to; especially since they obviously coincide so well with
yours she asked?
Yeah... I guess so, I guess you should. I want you to be as
good as you were in your dream; if you can do it in your dreams
for those other women than you should be able to do it for
me and I won't get jealous.
Yes... of course I replied I want to do it all for you, It's
just hard to admit it. Don't worry about it she said
I know you want it as much as I do and I love you for it.
Why don't we take the day off and go shopping for what
we'll need she asked? I can't I replied today is
the day I do the employees evaluations.
I can... she said, I'll take the day off and go shopping
without you, it's better that way anyway; that way
I can get whatever I want, and surprise you with what I bought.

Okay I said but I'd better get moving or I'm going
to be late. Take your shower and I'll get your breakfast
she said.
As I drove to work I was thinking about all the things she
was going to do with me; the more I thought about it the more
I liked the idea. It was getting me very excited and I almost
ran a red light so I decided I'd better forget it for
now and concentrate on my driving.
It was difficult to concentrate at work, and on the way home
in the car all I could think about is what she may have bought
and how I was so ready for what she was going to do with me.
I was so happy that what I had dreamed about, was about to
become reality after all.

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