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Rainy Night


"I am so glad that we met for coffee."

"I am too but I do have to leave." You say looking
at your watch and frowning, "Do you know how long we
have been sitting here talking and getting to know one another?"

"No I have no clue! I was having such a good time learning
things out about you!" I say leaning over grabbing
and looking at your watch, "Damn, guess I really do
know how to talk! Who would have guessed I had so much to say!"

"Well, you sure can talk but I have enjoyed our 4 hours
here." Sitting up a little straighter in the chair
so that you get a deeper look into the valley I have created
between my breasts as I lean into look at your watch, "The
view sure is sweet from where I am looking."

"Maybe one day you will get an up and close personal
look at that view?" I say smiling and sitting back,
"I really hate to see you go. We are having such a good
time getting to know one another!"

"Yes my dear but reality does happen from time to time
and I do need to get over that lonely road." You stand
up motioning for me to follow your lead, "I'll
walk you to your car. I want to get over the worst of the road
before night fall."

"Yes, I would hate to have anything happen to you.
Those low flying deer tend to make a mess of trucks."
I say laughing, "I didn't bring the car as I am
staying a couple of streets away and thought I would get
some exercise and walk. I am looking after my friend's
dogs for a couple of days while she is away and I am certain
they will have to go out by now."

Grabbing my hand and lacing our fingers together we turn
as one to walk towards the door. Each step taken seems to
get smaller and slower as the door gets nearer. Knowing
that mutually we really do not want our time to end yet. I
lean my body more into yours so that we are walking as one.
Your arm is nestled against my breasts and I want you to remember
the warm imprint of them against you for that long drive
home and for the days to come before we can get together again.
I always hate the letting go and the not knowing when I will
talk to you again. It has taken us so long to finally get our
schedules together to meet for coffee. We have been talking
for awhile now and knowing each other through words but
today was a milestone in the department that all of our words
finally came to a reality and meeting each other. I was nervous
and hoped with all my heart that I had lived up to all expectations
that you had of me. I look up at you and see you smile and those
worries I had seem pointless now as I know that I have won
you with my wit and charm. The words that we shared on line
I knew opened us to friendship and now it is the mutual need
to see what those words and physical attraction will give
us. I can only anticipate what the future path will lead
us to and I know that the feeling is mutual in this trip we
are going to be sharing.

"Aw Damn!" I exclaim

"What?" You ask looking at me with worry

"We were in here so long that the beautiful Sunny day
that it was has now become a beautiful dreary rainy day."
I say pointing out the window

Laughing heartily you say, "That is too funny Baby!
Did we not both say that we liked rainy days? Kind of funny
that our first meeting ends in rain!"

"How could we be so absorbed with one another that
we totally lost track of all time? The things going on around us and that it is a torrential
down pour out there?" I ask

"Darlin' I am not complaining!" Stopping
just beside the door so we would be out of the path of people
trying to come in out of the rain. Grabbing my other arm and
turning me towards you, "Honey, I have been wanting
to do this for hours."

"What?" I ask confused?

"Be quiet for a minute."

"Um Ok!"

"Guess there is only one way to get you to shut up."
You lower your lips to mine and capture my gasp of surprise.
I have wanted this for so damn long and to finally feel your
soft lips pressing into mine. I open my mouth slightly so
we are nipping at each others lips. I can taste the coffee
you drank still lingering on your lips. I want to deepen
the kiss but know that a coffee shop is not the place to do
it. Um the pressure of your lips on mine feels so good, I can
taste your need in the pressure you are setting against
my lips can you feel the passion in mine? All of a sudden you
are drawing back and I am standing there in a daze feeling
the heat of your kiss quickly cooling on my lips.

"I have wanted to do that since I walked through the
door and saw you!'

"What took you so damn long?" I ask laughing

"Thought you may not want me to be so bold?"

"Please there is not a secret between us about out
sexual preferences in bed and you felt you could not kiss
me? Let me solve that problem right now!" I push you
back into the wall and put my arms around your neck drawing
your mouth towards mine. Keeping eye contact as long I can
I nip at your bottom lip with my teeth and hear you moan deep
in your throat, "Like that baby?"

"Don't start something we can't finish
baby!" you say drawing back from my nipping. "Who says I am starting something? I just taste your
coffee and if I must say so myself it was quite delicious!"

"C'mon I'll drive you to where you have to
go. We will have to make a run for it as I parked at the back
of the parking lot." Grabbing my hand we make a run
for your truck getting dripping wet in the run as we splash
through the puddles getting there. We fall into the truck
laughing together.

"You have water running off your nose!" leaning
over I lick the tip of your nose taking the drop into my mouth
and giggle.

"We are both wet!"

"One of us more so then the other I can guarantee!"
I say winking

"Naughty girl! Where to?" Pointing in the direction
we need to take we fall into a companiable silence as the
wiper blades swoosh across the windshield beating the
pulsing rain off its smooth surface. All of a sudden I realize
that our time is coming to an end and I do not want it to end.
We pull into the driveway and you shut the truck off and turn
towards me, "Come here baby girl!"

I quickly release my seat belt and launch myself into your
arms and sink my face into your wet shirt front so you do not
see how badly I do not want you to go. You wrap your arms around
me and just hold me for a few moments and we both seem content
to hold one another and listen to the rain beating on the
roof. My heart is in my throat as I do not really want this
time to end at all. When we set up this meeting I knew that
we were not going to be able to prolong it as you had to get
back to the island for an obligation. But I really did not
think that I would feel this way. I have to get my bearings
together because I do not want you to see how much I really
want you to stay longer. "Honey, I have to leave."

"I know."

"We will get together soon."

"I know."

"Look at me Baby. I want to see your eyes as you always
say they are the windows to your soul." I pull back
a little and look into your eyes, "With you pressed
so tightly against me I can't see the rosy tips of your


"Think I didn't take notice of the fact that your
shirt is so wet that I can see all of your breasts!"
Smiling you snake a hand between us and cup one of the orbs.

"Oh hell you dirty old man!"

"But you like this dirty old man!"

"Damn straight!"

"Honey I really do have to leave" You say still
rolling my budded nipple between your fingers making me
purr deep in my throat

"Ummmm OK. I am getting out!" I say not making
a move to get out of the truck "I'll walk you to the door and make sure that everything
is all OK in the house. You know do my civic duty as a Mountie."
You reach for the door handle and get out of the truck I slide
out behind you. This time we do not run to get out of the rain
we walk towards the door and I hand him the keys to open the
door and we hear the dogs barking at the door. You open the
door and the dogs streak out by us running to do their business.
I follow you in the door, kick my shoes off and walk towards
the kitchen as you begin your search of the house. I hear
you walking room to room checking for any supposed intruders.

"Alls clear baby I am going to leave now." You
say walking into the kitchen

"Don't go!"


"It is almost dark and it really is raining now. It
will be a really hard for you to see and it is deer season and
all. I am sure that they are looking for shelter from this
mess." I say trying to sound reasonable.

"You are right it is raining quite hard."

"There is a guest room and you can stay there and I will
set the alarm clock so you can get back early enough I promise."
Trying to still remain cool and not show too much emotion.

"Well it would be nice to get out of these wet clothes
and into something warmer."

"Good deal. Go get your bag and let the dogs in while
you are at it." I open the fridge door and pull a bottle
of wine out, "I will get your room ready it is the first
one on the left upstairs. Get yourself settled do what you
want I am going to go grab a bubble bath to warm up from the
rain." I pour a glass of wine and walk by you stop just
as I reach you I kiss your cheek, "There is another
bathroom beside your room if you want to have a shower."

I hear you chuckling as I walk up the stairs. I truly cannot
wait to get out of these soaking wet clothes they are so clammy
and I know that I am smoldering them to my body with the desire
that I am feeling. How in the hell am I going to get through
this night? Knowing that you are sleeping just down the
hall from me? All I want to do is feel your lips all over my
body and then us making slow passionate love. Would it be
so wrong for us do make love I wonder as I drop some bubble
bath into the running water and light the candles around
the tub. I know that we have just met but technically it is
not like we do not know one another we have been sharing our
thoughts for some time now. I know that he loves to suck on
toes and he knows that I like to explore a man's body
to make him shiver with desire. I get into the tub and slowly
sink into the fragrant bubbles taking a sip from my wine.
I hear you walking around the house talking to the dogs.
I smile wondering as to what you are thinking if your thoughts
are even remotely close to what I am thinking?



"Can I come in?"

"Sure." I say sinking a little more below the
bubble line but I know that once you clear the door you are
still going to see quite a bit of my breasts.

"Thought you may need another refill on your wine,
" You say walking through the door with the bottle
of wine and I note that you changed into a new pair of jeans
but no shirt, "Need me to wash your back baby?"
I hold my glass out to you for a refill, "If that is what
you want to do." I say settling back into the water
and closing my eyes

"Have room in there for two?"

"Always hop in!" Opening my eyes then and watch
you drop your jeans the man is commando. This is the time
I have desired of so often over the last couple of weeks.
Finally getting to see all of you and just not what my minds
eye wanted to see. It is almost like you know I am devouring
you with my eyes as you pause in your movement to the tub.

"Like what you see?"

"Hell yeah!" Leaning forward in the tub You
climb in behind me and run your legs down both sides of mine.
I have envisioned myself between these legs so often in
my dreams. I feel your hard leg muscles against my hips,
I can tell that these legs were heavily worked out from the
running. I let a purr out of my pleasure and lean back into
your chest. You wrap your arms around us and rest them just
under my floating breasts.

"Now this is nice"

"I agree. Never took you to be a man that would be into
a lavender bubble bath." I say nestling tighter into
that juncture between your legs finally allowing myself
to take note that your cock is hardening against my back

"I am into whatever you are into sweet heart!"
Palming my breasts in your hands and tweaking at my nipples
that have budded up with your attention. "Have I told
you today how much I like these?"

"No but you can show me by keep doing what you are doing
Baby!" I say cupping your hands more tightly on my

"Ummmm!" you kiss down my neck across my shoulder
while tenderly squeezing my breasts. I tip my head back
to give you better access to the spot you seem to be seeking.
Your mouth is so tender against my skin. I run my hands up
and down your bent leg from knee to crotch not able to get
to that spot I feel pulsing faster against my back. As I lay
there against your chest, your left hand leaves my breast
and starts a slow path down across my belly and stops at my
pelvic bone. "You really are bare there aren't

"Honey your request is my command! You said you like
a bare pussy so I am as you wish!"

"Are you wet for me darling?"

"Test my waters and find out." I say teasing
and taking my leg and dropping it up over yours so that it
was laying outside the tub allowing you that full access
I have been craving.

"You are so wanton." you say taking your other
hand from my other breast and grabbing my face and turning
it back towards yours "kiss me baby"

"Gladly!" I open my mouth to your questing lips
and you take no time in sliding your tongue into my mouth
and doing the chase and retreat game of passionate lovers.
As I try to grab at your tongue in my mouth by clamping down
on it with my lips and drawing it deeper into my mouth you
sink a finger between my other lips and quickly find that
wet spot you were asking about. I groan as I do not know which
pleasure to enjoy more your soft lips nipping at mine as
our tongues duel for possession or that finger touching
and tormenting that spot that begs for more of your touch.

"Baby, the water is cooling and I have no idea how it
is as I am so damn hot to see all of you minus these damn bubbles.
Lets get out and get to the bedroom so we can get down to business."

"Race you!" We both lunge out of the tub and run
to the bedroom dripping a trail of water behind us not caring.
We both collapse on top of the bed giggling and laughing
at our antics.

"Wanna dry off first?"

"No way! Takes too long and I want to finally look at
you and enjoy what I have been wanting for so long!"
I say pushing you back down on the bed and rolling over on
top of you and sitting back on your thighs so that your hardened
cock is between us. "Ummmm, I see my friend has awoke
to join the party!" Grabbing at it and squeezing gently
"But not right now mon ami I have some exploring to

"God yes explore baby!"

I lean forwards so that we are laying chest to chest with
your hard-on nestled tightly between us. I tenderly run
my hands and nails along either side your face and place
sweeping butterfly kisses along your eye lashes. You growl
deep in your throat and I know that I am doing something you
like. I wiggle down your body a little and bite your shoulder
then lick at it to soften my harshness. I look at you laying
there watching what I am doing to your body and I know you
are trying to figure out what I am going to do next and knowing
full well you will not know but will enjoy whatever I choose
to do so. I roll off you and sit up and look at all of your body.
I love a man's chest and all I really want to do is suck
your nipples. I lean down and lick at your right one by the
moan escaping your lips I know you like it so I harden my pressure
on the nub and nip and suck at it. As I do this I pinch the tip
of the other one between my fingers and watch your reaction
through the fringe of my eye lashes. Your cock is now pulsing
madly at my hip but I am not ready to give it attention yet
at all. I am exploring my man and seeing what makes him tick.
I start tracing love bites down the centre of your chest
and I hear the catch in your breath as I get closer to your
pulsing need just as I fall between your legs I veer my mouth
off to your right hip bone and bite at it. You buck up off the
bed and I see out the corner of my eye how your cock begins
to weep more precum and the head is totally glistening with
it. I see you looking down at me with anticipation. I am not
going there yet as I grab your knees with my hands and spread
your legs farther apart so I am now totally laying between
your legs.

"Please baby taste me. I want to see you take me into
your mouth. Please!"

"Not yet darling you have to want me!"

"I do can't you see how much?" You say grabbing
your cock and pushing it towards my face.

"Not nearly enough yet. I am not done exploring, but
you can help me out here now. Hold your cock up straight."

You do as I wish and I plunge my face between your legs and
take one of your balls into my mouth and suck hard. You quickly
drop your cock and moan as you clutch at the bed spread and
ask me not to stop. At this request I quickly stop and you
are so into the throes of passion is takes you a moment to
realize I am no longer sucking your ball. "Like that

"Hell yeah do it again. Please God do it again now!
Your mouth feels so good on me!" At such a sweet request I quickly lower my mouth and make
sucking kisses all along your balls and the crease between
your legs. As I take the ball I did not suck earlier into my
mouth I take my knuckle and press it into that sweet soft
pleasure zone that is guaranteed to get a reaction out of
you. Just as my knuckle goes into that soft spot under your
balls you come straight up off the bed and start moaning
that you are about to cum. I suck a little more gently as I
do not want you to cum yet. I see now that your cock is totally
soaked in precum and know that now is the time to give it the
attention that it has so richly deserved. I lick up one side
of the shaft taking the drops of precum as I lick. I feel your
body tighten as I get so close to the head of the shaft and
I know that you have stopped breathing anticipating that
I am going to take that tip into my mouth now. Sorry but not
yet I am not done exploring. As I move to the other side I do
not go near the tip at all and I start to nibble and lick my
way down the shaft to your balls again. You groan and begin
pleading with me to take you into my mouth as you need to cum.
I do not pay any heed to your requests and do sweeping swirls
all around your shaft getting all traces of your precum
now. As your pleading gets harder and more demanding I finally
decide to take mercy. "Baby, open your eyes and watch me!" I demand.
I grab the base of your cock and squeeze hard just as I push
the tip past my soft lips. I take all of the mushroom in my
mouth and suck hard. As I do this I feel your balls tightening
against my hands where I am holding onto your shaft tightly.
I deepen my kiss onto your cock and take as much as I can as
you are saying you can not hold back much longer. I know you
are watching me take you deeper into my mouth and I know your
need is getting closer to its release as there is a steady
stream of precum streaming from your tip now. I release
my mouth from your shaft and you moan as you are now into the
deep throes of needing to release your need.

"Do you want to cum in my mouth Honey?" I ask

"God yes. Take me now!"

I slide your cock along my lips lining them with the stream
of cum and as I see you finally focus your eyes onto what I
am about to do. You moan one last time that you are going to
cum now. I plunge my lips down your shaft and grab your balls
and squeeze tight as you bathe the back of my throat with
your cum. As I squeeze you are bucking wildly against me
and I am feeling your hips thrust as I eagerly suck down every
drop of cum you are giving me. You are muttering incoherently
and saying how hot it was to have your cock sucked like this.
After three quick bursts of cum I move my mouth a little up
your shaft and release my pressure on your balls somewhat
knowing that I am able to squeeze some more cum out of you.
At this point I feel you rise up on your elbows to see what
I am doing. I come up to your tip and suck it hard like a lollipop
and you start groaning again that you are going to cum again
at this I drop your balls and push my knuckles into that soft
spot again under your balls. You go wild pulsing inside
my mouth and spurt the biggest load of cum yet down my throat
and I suck and suck till you are not able to release anymore
and are spent. As you start to soften a little I let you slide
from my mouth with a plop. I lick down the shaft to make certain
I did not miss any, you are spent and moaning and not making
any sense as your breathing comes under a more regular beat
I crawl up your body and look into your eyes.

"Like that?" I ask as I lick my lips and take the
little bit of cum that escaped my mouth.

"That was so worth the wait but a pisser that we waited
so long to do it." You say still breathing fast. You
pull me to your side and crush me to you, "Who taught
you to explore so well my dear?"

"Me and my need to fill my curiosity!"

"Well darling anytime you want to do that again please
do it! Give me a minute to get my breath and I am going to make
your toes curl!" you say rubbing my arm and grazing
my breast as you sweep by it.

"I am Ok take your time catching up because I am going
to wear you out darling" I promise as I roll off the

"Where are you going?" you ask leaning up on
your still shaky arms

"I am going to the kitchen I forgot to feed the dogs
when we came in." walking towards the door

"Hey, Honey!"

"Yeah." I say stopping at the door

"Lookin' good from here!"

"Thanks Baby get your second wind and you will see
how it good it can be!"

Walking down the stairs I smile to myself as I know that I
curled his toes damn good. I know now that he was no longer
having anymore second thoughts about waiting the rain
out here. I sure did enjoy my exploration of his body and
he tasted so good. He has a fine body for a man of his age, then
again he would have to remain in good shape to keep up with
the younger RCMP's just out of school. I bet they could
learn a thing or two from this man though! I scratch the dogs
between the ears and drop food into their dishes. I walk
over to the sink and stretching up to look out the kitchen
window to see how the rain was gathering in the backyard
I gasp as I get grabbed from behind and spun around and feel
a hand slide between my legs.

"Got my second wind honey!"

"Great because you just scared the wind out of me you
devil!" I exclaim slapping at his hand between my
legs but not slapping too hard.

"You smell good!"

"I smell like the bubble bath and your cum!"

"Ummm did I tell you I liked that?"

"I think I got the point when you started praying to
every God in the world as you bathed the back of my throat
with your love juice!" Laughing I kiss the side of
your mouth and you quickly turn so our lips are aligned and
you quickly thrust your tongue in my mouth. I open my mouth
wider to deepen the kiss and wonder if you can taste yourself
in my mouth. I duel with you for possession of who gets to
thrust into who's mouth or to deepen the kiss more so.
As we are doing this you back me up to the island and push me
into it. I smile into your mouth as my butt hits the counter

"Is it my turn already?" I ask coyly jumping
up on the counter top

"Honey I am going to love loving you!"

"I am so yours to do as you wish Baby!" taking
your hand and guiding it between my legs that are spread
wide, "Look at how much I am desiring you honey, feel
my need for your touch!" rubbing your hands between
my woman lips

"You are so wet Baby!" pulling your hands from
my wet passage you bring your finger tips to your mouth and
lave them of my pussy juices. "Do you think you could
wash my face with your juices?"

"I promise you I can. With a little coaching I am sure
I can do as you wish mon ami!"

"Coaching? What in the hell are you talking about
I know exactly what I am doing!"

"Double dog dare you to passionately coach me!"

"Game on Baby!"

Before the words are out of your mouth your mouth is eagerly
sucking at my nipple. I moan as I look down and see you eagerly
laving and sucking at the tip like a new borne babe. This
a feeling that I crave from a man. Him pleasing my breasts
with his mouth and teeth, I feel my breasts thicken and demand
more attention as I feel the pull all the ways to my toes as
he kisses all over the orb and gently bites at it also. As
he is sucking one he is rolling and squeezing the other between
his hands. I pull his mouth tighter to the tip and lace my
fingers through his hair.

"God your mouth is so tender on me! Please do not stop!"
I feel the moisture between my legs start to trickle down
the slit of my ass. I know from past experiences I can orgasm
from a man giving the girls the attention they deserve.
"They taste so sweet. They quiver as I lick them and
I feel them tighten in my mouth." You mumble around
a mouthful of breast "Does it make you wetter?"

"God, check and see!" I dare you

Not a man to back down from a challenge I feel your right hand
quickly leave my breast and slide towards that path of passion.
You tickle your finger tips across my belly button as you
suck hard one nipple then the other so it does not feel jealous
of it's twin. You stop once again just above my pussy
lips and and rub across the smooth juncture and comment
"I like that you are bare. Not even a landing strip!
This way I get to see everything and I plan on seeing everything
baby!" As you say this you slide a finger between my
pussy lips and gasp, "Honey you are so wet! Do you like
what I am doing to you?"

"Man I have wanted you to have me for so damn long that
I thought I would perish from the need!" I plant my
feet and lay back flat on the island counter top enjoying
how your finger as it is lazily running back and forth my
slit just narrowly missing that pearl that is begging to
be polished with your mouth.

"Every time you masturbated did you imagine it was
me pleasuring you?" sliding a finger into my pussy
and swirling in the juices I gasp

"Yes! Every time I touched myself I wanted it to be
your hands on my body!"

"What did I do when I was pleasing you?"

"You rubbed my clit!" I say opening my pussy
lips so the nub was visible to you, "Please rub it now!"

"How do you want me to rub it? With my fingers? Like
this?" Stroking the nub lightly and making it quiver
and harden at your touch. Tracing a finger down a little
lower you gather some of my juices and lube the nub better
so that your fingers glide more smoothly over it. I feel
myself quickening towards my first orgasm as you circle
that nub with your fingers and roll it between your fingers
"Do you want me to stop? Tell me Baby!" you put
more pressure into the rubbing and polishing and my hips
start to tip and turn towards your rubbing fingers. "I
see your breasts are beginning to flush does that mean you
are close to an orgasm? Are you going to cum for me Baby?"
"Don't stop just keep doing that. I am going to
cum!" You play a game of cat and mouse with my clit.
You add a strong pressure and then retreat. I feel my clit
doing the same as it is beginning to pulse to life. I am on
the cusp of an orgasm and pull my legs tighter towards me
and push down on my body just below my belly button and above
the juncture you are playing at with my hand and feel my orgasm
ripping through my body. As I am in the throes I watch your
face as you watch my orgasm rock my body and I see the amazement
on your face that it was so easy to make me have an orgasm.
You keep rubbing till I am in a long standing orgasm.

"How do I make you keep orgasming you said you were

"Ummmm either keep rubbing or start sucking my clit....I
am cumming again!" I purr as another one rips at my

"Honey, there is a puddle under you. That is so damn
hot knowing that I am the cause of it! I will do whatever you
want to wash my face baby tell me!" You say rubbing
harder at my clit

" me in your mouth....please!"
I beg pulling at you wanting your mouth on my clit so badly.

"In your fantasy did I do this?"

"God yes! Please do it!"

No more pleading was needed you dove between my legs and
started lapping at my pussy like you had not had drink in
days. I heard you slurping at my juices as I rolled into another
orgasm as your mouth descended onto me. I clutch at my breasts
pulling at the tips as you lick from my hole to my clit. I know
that I am so wet down there how could I not be as it had been
so long I had wanted you to be doing this to me. I hear you mumbling
how good I taste in your mouth and how much you wanted this.
I keep quivering and shaking with the orgasm moaning it
out long and hard and I know that you are licking at all the
juices that this hard orgasm is bringing down on me.

"Squirt for me honey I know you can! Tell me how to get
you to do it!" you ask around a mouthful of my pussy
lips, "I want you to do it tell me or show me!"

"Yes....keep sucking my clit hard and soft as you
feel me quickening towards a release soften your touch...Yes
like that! Ummmm your mouth feel so good on me..."
I start to press up into your face knowing you are on the right
path to me squirting, "Right now plunge your a finger
into me as deep as you can!" You do this and I come right
up off the counter as I feel myself winding up for a big release
"Now finger fuck me with another finger.....yes
like that make it three...Fill me and plunge in and out as
you lick my clit and do not stop....Do it fast and deep"

You are pumping alternately two or three fingers in and
out of me and biting and sucking at my clit. At this point
I am going totally wild with the need to release. I am pulling
at my nipples and begging you not stop that it feels so damn
good what you are doing I know in a matter of moments I am going
to be bathing your face in my juices. I am in the throes of
my release that I do not know if I should be pushing you away
or pulling you tighter to me, I start to buck up into your
hand your mouth is not able to stay on my clit as I am throwing
my body around to meet your fingers, you take your hand and
start rubbing my clit harder not losing a beat if thrusting
your fingers in me and still keeping a close watch on my hole
for that bath to cum. "Yes Baby I am going to cum.....rub my clit....take
your fingers out of me fast." As you do this I feel the
suction of the air being released from your finger thrusting
and before the sound has past I am pouring my juices out onto
your face and begging you to keep rubbing my clit and lapping
at my swollen lips now as I keep squirting into your mouth.
There is no way that you are able to lap at the juices that
are pouring from me. At this point I have no clue as to what
to tell you to do as I am on the way to nirvana but if you want
more you have to keep going. I feel the juices on the counter
beneath me and I see there is a sheen of moisture on your upper
body is it from me or the work out I am demanding from you.
I am begging you not to stop just keep doing what you are doing
with your fingers and mouth. "Yes Baby!" is
all I am saying between breaths. It could be minutes or hours
later as I have caught my breath and see your head resting
on my stomach as you are now catching your breath but still
trailing a finger along my pussy lips but not touching the
inside of them. It is almost like you are scared to do so.
At this point I am a little shy and scared of what you are thinking
as some people do not take to a woman that is so in tune with
her body that they are able to release like they do. I gently
touch the top of your head. You look up at me and I see I kept
my end of the bargain as your face has been washed with my

"That was fucking amazing Baby!"

I smile and say "Glad to be of service!"

"Are you too tender for is to make love now?"
You ask standing up and pulling me up off the counter. As
a guilty pleasure we both look at the counter and see the
results of my orgasms.

"Hell no I am just getting started!" I grab your
hand and start for the bedroom.

"Are you sure?"

"I am fine and I promise you that I am totally primed
and ready for you now!" I grab your swinging cock that
I now see is fully aroused and swinging from side to side
as we rush to the bedroom.

"I do not want to hurt you!"

"Honey you cannot hurt me. What would hurt me is you
not making love to me! I want to feel your weight on top of
me and feel your life pulsing into me!" I drop down
on the bed and push myself to the top of it by the pillows.
"Please take me like I have dreamed of?

"OK!" you crawl up between my legs and shake
your head in amazement. I draw my knees up towards my chest
and watch as you guide you shaft towards that sweet spot.
Just as the tip begins to sink in you pause and watch my expression
I smile and nod my consent that I was OK. That is all the sign
you needed as you quickly plunge your full depth into me.

"Damn you are so tight it is like you are a virgin! I
feel like I am being gripped by a vice!" You gasp as
you have a hard time drawing back out from my depths. "What
do you want me to do?"

"This is your show now baby! I gave you what you
I want you to make love to me like the passionate lover you
are. I am yours honey to please make me yours now!"

With that being said I know by the look on your face we are
into a night of making love and I am not complaining as I feel
you thickening and hardening inside me. I am going to be
smiling for some time to come gotta love a rainy night!


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Great story and well told. Keep going, you're good.


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Naughty and very clever..... and taking charge. like that


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you are an amazing writer, the story drove me crazy and made
me remember some wonderful experiences