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With a sudden flash of light and a tremendous clap of thunder
you were thrust into complete darkness. The rain beat against
the windows you could hear the wind howling through he attic.
The cat leaped up on the chair behind you and lay down his
front paws on your shoulders you could hear his faint purring
as his nails began to extract and then retract pulling on
the flesh of your shoulders. As the next bolt of lightning
split the night sky your eyes catch glimpse of the clock
it reads 6:15. Damn it you think what the chances that they
will have anyone available at this time to come out and see
what is he cause of your power outage. As you stand the cat
jumps to the floor his body rubs against your legs as your
eyes struggle to adjust to the darkness. You begin to cross
the room one-foot working in a sweeping motion in front
of you; your arms outstretched in front of you as you make
your way slowly from the living room to the kitchen.

As you approach the archway leading to the kitchen a bolt
of lightning lights up the room followed by a clap of thunder
that rattles the dishes in your hutch. You inhale deeply
your heart begins to beat faster as the pounding of the rain
seems to double never before had you heard a storm with such
intensity. You make your way to the phone and lift the receiver
to your ear. A steady tone greets you a sigh comes from deep
inside you.

You dial the number from memory of the electrician that
lives just up the road from you hoping that you catch him
at home before he heads out to his cottage for the weekend.
The phone rings once, twice, three times and then the answering
machine kicks in. you place the phone back down not bothering
to leave a message and reach over to retrieve the phone book
from the counter top. Taking the box of matches from the
kitchen table you light one and put it to the candle that
sits in the middle of the table. The candlelight fills the
room the soft flickering flame casts shadows about the
room. Opening the book your finger runs along the listing
of electricians you stop about a third of he way down and
dial the number. Crossing your fingers you listen as it
rings. On the third ring a deep voice answers, “Hello.”

“Hi my name is Connie and I’ve had a power outage
I think maybe a tree or something has fallen can you help
me?” Your fingers cross as you await his response.
“Well ma’am I am on my way out to another call
but I can send my son by to take a look I’ll follow up
and do any repairs that are necessary.”

“Thank you so much!” you reply you proceed
to give him your address and then hang up. As you sit at the
table your mind begins to wander storms like this always
caused you to become a little randy you squeeze your thighs
together as you try and fight back your arousal and the evil
nasty thoughts you conjure up in your mind.

Suddenly you are shaken from your daze by a knock at the door
looking towards the living room you can see the headlights
of a truck in the driveway. Hurrying to the door you ease
back the curtains your hear leaps into your mouth as your
eyes meet his. Your fingers fumble with the lock your clit
throbs as a clap of thunder is followed by a burst of lightning
you open the door and let him in.

“Raining cats and dogs out there, ” he says
as he steps inside the doorway. His long brown hair plastered
to his face you turn and grab a towel from the laundry basket
and hand it to him. As he wipes his face and head dry, your
eyes scan over his chest, his T-shirt clings to him like
a second skin his chest is impressive. Your eyes travel
down his chest to his taunt stomach as your eyes move to his
crotch he lowers the towel he watches as your tongue moves
across your lips as you gaze at his package. He pretends
not to notice your stare and moves the towel back to his face
drying his face and neck the twirling the towel he wraps
it around his neck and slaps his hands together. The sudden
clapping of his palms startles you your eyes leave his crotch.


“So seems to be only your house without power this
evening guess you’re the lucky one, ” he
smiles as he bends and removes his boots. Your eyes look
over his tight ass you fight the urge to reach out and pinch
it your arm brushes your nipple as you close the door. You
move to the kitchen and get the candle from the table. Lighting
the other candle that sits on the table you move back to the
living room. As you enter the room you are frozen in your
tracks there he stands a pair of your panties under his nose.

Immediately your pussy begins to moisten as you watch him
rub the silky fabric over his face and then drop them back
into the basket. You move towards him, the candle lighting
your way, as he turns towards you once again you find your
eyes travelling down his body to his crotch. You gasp as
you notice that he has grown considerably you can make out
the outline of his mighty cock as it strains against his
jeans. Reaching out, his fingers touch the back of your
hand, the mere touch of his hand causes your heart to beat
faster your clit throbs as his fingers move across your
hand and takes the candle.

Turning quickly so he doesn’t see your flushed cheeks
you lead him to the cellar your hips swaying a little more
than necessary you can feel his eyes on your ass as he follows
you. Your nipples fully erect straining against the fabric
of your blouse. Reaching the cellar door you open it as he
walks past you his eyes glance at your nipples you see a soft
smile splash across his soft lips. His cologne fills your
nostrils your hands tremble as he proceeds down the stairs.
You turn and take a seat in the chair that sits in the hallway
watching him descend the stairs once you can no longer see
him your hands move up to your breasts you give your nipples
a soft caress. Your legs spread apart your ass moves to the
edge of the chair you hand moves from your breast and slips
under your short skirt. You cup your pussy with your hand
giving it a gentle squeeze. Your thighs instantly close
tight around your roaming hand your body quivers as palm
moves along your clit your finger digs between the folds
of your pussy you feel your legs quivering as you orgasm.
Your juices flooding your panties your eyes slam shut as
you bask in the glow of your orgasm.

Hearing him coming up the stairs you fight to regain your
composure. Your eyes meet his as his head appears just above
the floor your hand moves quickly from under your skirt
you can smell your pussy juice as you try to stand your legs
still weak you fall back to the chair. Climbing the stairs
his eyes are drawn to the patch of white that lies between
your thighs your legs still spread he licks his lips his
hand moves to his crotch he presses hard against his cock
a groan slips from his lips.

The electricity between the two of you is overwhelming
as he stands before you. You see his nostrils flare as he
inhales deeply your eyes looking directly ahead you see
a small wet spot on the crotch of his jeans. Your clit throbs
again your thighs slam together as your tongue once again
moves across your lips. His hand extends towards you reaching
out your fingers grasp his. Gently his hand closes around
your hand lifting you to your feet for a moment you feel as
if he has placed you on a cloud. As his other arm touches your
shoulder your whole body shivers his strong hand presses
flat against your back and moves ever so slowly, gently
to your ass.

Suddenly, almost as if on cue, you both stepped forward
your bodies now touching looking up into his eyes your lips
trembling your eyes refusing to leave his. Your hand leaves
his as his hands move to hold you around the waist and after
a moment’s hesitation, move up around your back
both of your hearts pounding, your hand moves to his shoulder.
As both of your hands move around his neck, he lowers his
mouth down to meet your quivering lips. As his lips touch
yours, instinctively you open your mouth, sucking and
searching for his tongue. You feel it quickly thrust into
your hot wet mouth you murmur into his mouth as your body
twitches with desire. He begins to grind his inflamed cock
into your crotch.

“Oh baby we shouldn’t…….I….., ,”
he starts to say before you reach up and pull his mouth back
to yours. His hands pulling away from your back you feel
them as he lightly touches your breasts from beneath. You
hips grind right back into his as you pull your mouth away
from his.

“Let’s go to the backyard.” You say
as you turn your hand taking his pulling him, almost running
through the house toward the back door. Opening the door
the rain pounds the sides of the house the resulting mist
soaks your dress it clings to your body your nipples already
hard you feel them stiffen even more as your pussy spasms
the fresh clean smell heightens your arousal. Turning
to him your eyes wide with unbridled lust your chest heaving,
“Let’s fuck out there!” as you turn
to point to the backyard you feel his hands on your hips his
breath hot on your neck he whispers, “ I’d
love that.”

Your senses on fire, your legs fight to hold your weight
as his fingers unzip your dress. Feeling the zipper reach
its end you turn slowly around his fingers uncover your
shoulders you feel the material move daintily across your
nipples as it skims down your arms and over your hips forming
a pool of material around your feet. As you reach up and pull
his face back to yours his hands encircle your breasts the
sudden rush of pleasure causes your mouth to open wider
as you gasp into his mouth. Sucking desperately at hi tongue
you grind your crotch wildly against his.

Your nails dig into his shoulders your lips leave his you
bury your face into his shoulder just as your body convulses
the excitement too much; you orgasm as his fingers move
exquisitely over your hard nipples pinching them between
his fingertips. Crying quietly into his shoulder, his
fingers leave your breasts moving under your chin he lifts
your face looking into your eyes he asks, “You ok

Smiling seductively at him all you can manage is to nod your
head yes. Taking a half step back from you, his eyes for the
first time taking in your near naked form, drawn to your
breasts your nipples standing at attention his hands reach
out. Your hands grab his backing away from him you smile
as you drop to your knees. Giggling as you look up at him your
fingers undoing the button of his jeans then lowering his
zipper you can feel his hard cock throb against your fingers
as you lower his zipper. The head of his cock clearly visible
as it pokes out from the top of his boxers. Your mouth waters
as your thumbs hook into the belt loops of his jeans you yank
his jean down over his hips. His boxers caught by his jeans
move downwards as you remove them. Lifting your head, his
jeans around his ankles, you watch as he lifts his shirt
over his head. Your pussy contracts as your eyes move up
the thick vein filled shaft of his prick the head a deep dark
purple you see it pulsate as his arm extend over his head
and he tosses his shirt behind him.

Your nails glide up his strong firm legs your fingers cup
his balls you can feel them roll in your hand as you inch closer
your tongue licks his inner thigh you see his cock jump as
you move your tongue up along his thigh. Your hand squeezes
his balls firmly as your tongue moves up over his hip, your
cheek graze his cock as you release his balls and move to
your feet. Your look him straight in the eyes, placing your
thumbs on either side of your panties you push them down
off your hips and down over your legs to your ankles then
step out of them.

You hear him gasp as his eyes take in your total beauty, you
feel his eyes on your full round breasts then can almost
feel his eyes as they look down at your naked pussy. “My
God you are so beautiful!”

Your cheeks hot your eyes move across his chest then down
his flat stomach your eyes widen as they move over his cock.
Reaching out with your fingers you grasp the hot flesh of
his prick. “Nnnngggg!” he gasps you feel
his cock swell within your fingers as you lead him through
the door by his cock.

The rain a fine mist almost by now the coolness of it stiffens
your nipples even more, damn it you think they almost feel
as if they will split in two. You lean him towards the back
of the yard the rain causing his body to shimmer. Reaching
the back of the yard you release his cock but not before sliding
your hand up and down his shaft. Your hair clings to your
face as you drop to your knees before him. His eyes meet yours
as your hands move up his thighs he reaches down his fingers
move across your cheeks pushing the hair from your face
and tucking it behind your ears.

His cock long and hard stood up between his legs your hand
grips his cock as you rise up your eyes close a you inhale
the musky aroma of his cock. Opening your mouth you lower
his cock to you letting the head slip past your lips. Pursing
your lips you begin to play your tongue around the head of
his cock licking off the beads of cum which had formed there.
Licking harder, running your tongue in circles around
the head of his cock you close your lips around the thick
bulbous knob and suck on it for a second. Moving your lips
part way down the shaft your tongue swirling back and forth
across the underside of his cock your head moves up your
fingers gingerly grasp his cock as your lips close around
one of his balls. You feet every muscle in his legs tighten
as your open your mouth and take in both his balls.

Your soft tongue drives him crazy as you working first around
one ball and then the other sucking harder you pull his balls
deeper inside your mouth as your wrap your hand around his
cock and begin to jack him off. His hands move to your head
as you let his balls tumble from your lips you lower his cock
and with one swift swallow you slide his cock deep inside
your mouth. The head pushes into your throat your nose I
tickled by his pubic hair his whole body quivers then shakes
as you let your tongue move along his balls. “Fuck
baby yeah suck my cock!” he screams as his hands hold
your head tight and he begins to fuck your mouth.

Spurned on by his obvious enjoyment you begin to try and
match the thrusts of his hips with your mouth your lips tight
around his cock. Faster and faster he fucks your mouth you
try your best to match his strokes then giving up you relax
your neck muscles and open your throat and let him fuck your
mouth letting him control the depth of penetration. Your
hand slides between your legs you rub your clit between
your fingers you can feel the rain streaming down your back
and between the cheeks of your ass. Your fingers move further
back between your legs the rain dripping off your pussy
you slide two fingers inside your cunt and begin to fuck
yourself trying to match the thrusting of your fingers
with his cock as he fucks your face.

Breathing hard and heavy, your legs tensing and relaxing
as you thrust your fingers in and out of your pussy. Your
other hand moves down you rub your clit frantically your
pussy on fire. You feel a bolt of electricity course through
your body as your fingers grip your clit and twist it. Just
as your body explodes in orgasm you feel his hands pull your
face towards him the head of his cock strokes your inflamed
throat your scream held back by the thick head of his cock.
It jumps in your mouth the underside of his cock bulges against
your tongue, the head expands in your throat, then explodes.
The thick hot cum coats the walls of your throat as he pulls
back it discharges again the second stream of jism hits
the roof of your mouth filling it. You try to swallow as you
do you feel his cock push into your throat again. His sperm
flows from the corners of your mouth as he drives his cock
deep into your throat.

Suddenly your whole body vibrates your fingers still inside
your pussy curl your eyes roll as a second wave of electricity
shoots through your pussy. Your pussy tightens around
your fingers as your nails dig into the tender flesh you
feel your juices spray your thighs as it rushes past your
fingers and erupts from your pussy. The oily cream warms
your thighs as it cascades from deep within you.

Grunting he pulls his cock from your lips your mouth tightens
as you drive your face forward you suck hard you feel a large
amount of his load fill your mouth again as he fights to pull
his cock back. The rain dripping down your face as you look
up at him as let his cock leave your lips your tongue circles
your lips seeking out his cum you feel the thick cream drip
off your chin and land on your thigh.

“You like that?” you say huskily as your tongue
licks at the corners of your mouth.

“You better believe it!” he beams as he kneels
down in front of you. His hands on your shoulders leaning
towards you his mouth presses to yours he kisses you with
urgency his tongue licks at the soft lining of your cheeks
his hand move down your sides and over your ass. As you rise
up your fingers move from within you. Breaking the kiss
you look into his eyes as your fingers move to his lips covered
in your cream they push past his lips. Immediately his tongue
thrust between your fingers then around each one as his
lip close tight around your finger you feel his cheeks rub
against your fingers as he sucks hard on your fingers you
pull them back.

As they slip from his mouth with a loud popping sound. His
tongue moves around his mouth savoring your taste, you
see his Adams apple rise and fall as he swallows your cream.


“Mmmmmmm, God you taste so good. I have to get more
of that!” he says as his hands lift your ass as he lays
you back.

The grass drenched, it tickles your sides, you feel his
thighs brush against yours as his hands cup your breasts.
Moving over your nipples as he lowers his head, the rain
now begins to fall harder, you close your eyes: squinting
at him, you feel the cool rain pool in your navel as his hands
move over your ribs. You feel his tongue on your skin it circles
your navel and then fills it forcing the rain water out you
clit hardens as it washes over it and proceeds down between
your lips. Your legs spread as his teeth move across your
stomach and he bites you delicately.

His eyes meet yours as his tongue flattens against your
stomach moving side to side across your stomach moving
lower first the top side of his tongue then the underside.
Alternating soft kisses with gentle bites your head lifts
as your knees draw up your hands on his shoulders you try
and push him lower your hips rise trying to force his mouth
onto your pussy. His head suddenly swoops lower you feel
it slide along the flesh that joins your pussy to your inner
thigh your knees fall to the earth as you arch upwards your
hips sway side to side trying desperately to force his tongue
to your pussy. His head turns sideways his tongue laps at
the cream that covers your thighs.

Unable to take his teasing anymore you reach down and grabbing
two fistfuls of his hair you forcefully pull his head to
your pussy. His nose brushes your clit as you drag his head
upwards your hips rising you can feel his breath on your
pussy. Tilting your hips, you feel his chin touch your swollen
pussy lips as his lips part his mouth opens wide. His tongue
strokes your pussy as his lips move along the surface of
your pussy drawing ever closer you feel his upper lip as
it comes in contact with your clit his lower teeth scuff
your pussy lips his bottom lip drags behind them. Your clit
feels as though it has burst as you finally feel his lips
close over your clit and he sucks it deep into his mouth.
His tongue strokes the sides of your clit as he sucks harder
his teeth embrace your clit his tongue draws back you feel
the saliva from his mouth pool around your clit warming
it then feel the tip of his tongue as it knocks against your
clit against his teeth.

Your teeth and fists clench, your toes curl, your knees
shoot up trapping his head, holding it tight as he moves
his lips along your clit moaning as your fingers pull his
hair and you grind your pussy against his face. His moan
vibrate his lips your eyes roll as his teeth part his lips
hold your clit tight and his tongue begins to circle your
clit, flicking it back and forth. Your hands leave his hair
your fingers crush your breasts as your fingers grip your
nipples you twist your nipples tugging them releasing
them you lift your fingers to your mouth licking them. Returning
them to your nipples, circling them daintily, your thumbs
press against them as your hand opens cupping your breast
you lift your nipple to your mouth your satiny wet tongue
caresses your nipple while your hands knead the pliant
flesh of your breasts.

As your teeth clamp over your nipple your head falls back
as you feel the thickness of his tongue as it pushes between
your lips flattens and moves downwards the sides of his
tongue pushing your lips wider as it slides down and passes
over your entrance. His fingers move over your inner thighs,
you feel the tips of his fingers as they ease your lips apart
the tip of his tongue swirls around your entrance curling
just inside you as each circle gets smaller his tongue pushes
deeper. Your mouth opens, no sound escapes your lips, your
head rolls from side to side as you lift your hips and you
feel his tongue dart deep inside you. Your pussy grips his
tongue as your fingers dig into the wet earth. The rain causing
steam to rise from your body as you moan and writhe below

His tongue slides along both walls of your inner pussy then
flicks upwards forming a bowl and scooping up your cream
drawing his tongue back between his lips you can feel him
moan as he drinks your juices. His whole body shudders as
he hungrily returns his tongue to your pussy, pushing it
deep, twisting it inside you, rolling it as he begin to tongue
fuck your pussy. His tongue driving in and out of you each
time it pulls back you feel its tip caress you dragging along
the moist inner flesh of your pussy. His fingers spread
you wider; you can feel the tip of his nose push between the
folds of your pussy as his tongue digs deeper than before.
His teeth against your lips his fingers release your lips
as they close around his tongue you feel them roll as he clamps
his mouth over your entrance and sucks deeply. The tender
walls of your pussy are pulled together by the suction created
his tongue the only thing that keeps them apart. As he wiggles
and pull his tongue back your fingers dig into the earth
you can hear the grass rip as your fingers tear it from the

Your whole body racked with spasms, the sky lights up as
the earth rumbles below you, for a moment you are blinded
your eyes clamp shut tight as they open your eyes meet his.
Your body warms as his shelters yours from the rain his chest
brushes your nipples as you feel his hips meet yours. His
cock digs into your flesh as your knees draw up around his
waist. Your hands on his shoulders you lift your head your
lips meet his you feel his warm tongue as it moves over your
bottom lip then past your teeth the tip touches yours as
your tongue rolls around his the taste of your juices on
his tongue drives you crazy. The ground warm under your
back as his body grinds against yours, you feel his cock
throb as it moves along your skin. Drawing his hips back,
yours rise as you feel the head of his cock trail over your
clit, your nails dig into his flesh as your hands move down
his back. You feel the rainwater flowing between your legs
your pussy lips hang open as you wrap your legs around him
you hand moves between your bodies you seize his cock and
lead him to your entrance.

Grunting as you take his cock in your hand his hips rise as
you press the head of his cock against your opening. Feeling
the soft rim of your pussy encircle the head of his cock his
hips thrust forward his cock splitting your tender wet
lips as with one mighty thrust he fills your pussy. Your
inner walls driven apart by his thick cock, the head grinding
along your fleshy insides. As his balls meet your ass a bolt
of lightning lights the night sky your eyes meet his you
see his roll as you tighten your grip on his cock the ensuing
thunder drowns out your screams as his cock pulls back.
You rise up trying to engulf his cock your pussy moves along
his shaft as you lift and drop your hips rolling them below
him his cock filling you your pussy so wet it moves effortlessly
along him.

As your hips drop you feel the head of his cock as it rests
just inside you, your pussy lips sucking at it, then with
a series of short fast strokes, each one a little deeper,
he moves his cock deeper and deeper inside you. Your body
burning the friction caused by his cock makes your pussy
tingle. The rain splashes off the earth around you, tiny
droplets form on your flesh and trickle along your sides
as his hips slap against yours. Driving your hips back to
the earth you feel the waves of water skim your back as your
ass rises and falls the puddle beneath you grows as the rain
builds in intensity.

The rain stings his back, the wind picks up, your nipples
stiffen as the wind rustles between your bodies your hands
reach for his ass you clutch his buttocks and pull him deep
inside you. His chest crushes your breasts as his lips meet
yours and his tongue forcefully enters your mouth licking
and probing the softness of your mouth his hips rolling
his cock stretching your entrance as the root of his cock
makes wide circles. As his tongue touches yours the night
sky once again turns lightning blue your eyes close as you
feel his hips leave yours the thick head of his cock scours
the internal confines of your saturated cunt the rim dragging
your cream from inside you as he withdraws. Your pussy narrows
as he pulls back feeling the head as it approaches the mouth
of your pussy your hips lurch upwards you moan as your pussy
slides upwards along his shaft you begin to spiral your
hips. His hips motionless, yours continue to gyrate below
him. His hair drenched; clings to his face, his eyes sparkle
as your pussy moves his cock in a counter clockwise direction
The tip of his cock remains just inside you when your hips
are at their lowest point as they circle, you pussy engulfs
the whole head of his cock.

A clap of thunder drowns out his howl of lust as his eyes lock
with yours the hunger for you evident in his eyes your body
braces as you feel his knees prop your hips up off the ground.
Your shoulders and the back of your head the only part of
you in contact with the earth. His arms extend outwards
both of his hands glide along your legs directing them inwards
along his arms. Rising to his knees the earth rumbles under
you as your ankles move across his broad shoulders the rain
tickles the souls of your feet as your toes touch behind
his head.

Your eyes leave his and travel along his chest reaching
upwards your hand suddenly drops back to the earth as you
feel his cock lunge inside you. Your fingers pull at your
hair you bite your lower lip as his hips hit your ass driving
your hips forward your lower back snaps back at him. Intertwining
his fingers he holds your legs tight, every muscle in your
body tightens as you brace for his next thrust. Your hand
reaches for your pussy your fingers on each side of his cock
moving lower trying to protect your pussy from the impending

“Oh please no more! Please……..”
your hand pressed firmly on your pussy your fingers resting
on either side of his cock pulling them together you can
feel the hard core of his cock between your knuckles. His
biceps flex his eyes reflect the bolt of lightning from
far off in the distance you feel your shoulders slip across
the soggy grass his hips draw back.

The air around you vibrates the skies open up enormous drops
of rain begin to fall from the sky forcing you to close your
eyes. You feel each vein of his cock pulse as you push your
fingers tighter together cutting of the blood flow to the
end of his cock. His hips charge forward, your fingers fight
to hold his back thick shaft coated with your cream it slides
effortlessly forward forcing your fingers wider apart
as the root of his cock approaches.

“EEEEEEEeeeeyyyyyyiiiiiii!” you yelp
as you feel the head of his cock move over your g spot, you
press down hard on the surface of your pussy with your palm.
Your clit is squeezed between the head of his cock and the
heel of your hand. Your ass bounces off his hips the slapping
sound of your wet bodies echoes off the fence as your hand
leaves your pussy and clutches at the lawn. Your ass swings
back towards him, his cock impales you, the velvety walls
of your pussy giving just enough to allow passage of his
thick cock.

“Yes, ohhhhhh yesssss. Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!”
you bellow your eyes darken with pure animalistic lust.
Your fingers walking along the earth clinging to the grass.


“You like that? Want me to fuck you?” he seethes
through his clenched teeth. “I’ll fuck you!”
With the last word clear of his lips he starts moving his
hips faster your whole body thrown forward. Then swing
back towards his driving hips slapping off his hips your
skin reddens as his assault continues. The tender flesh
of your buttocks stings as your bodies collide.

“Ahhhhhrrrrrggggghhhh! Baby so close….
Mmmmm OH MY GOD!” Every muscle in your body tightens
your pussy clenches his prick squeezing it tight.

“UNG! UNG!” he shrieks, “Ohhhhhh
Fuck! Cummmminnnnggggg!”

His cock slams deeper inside you your pussy muscles ripple
along his shaft. Massaging his pulsating cock. You feel
his cock swell as his cream moves along the stalk of his cock.
Suddenly the head seems to expand to twice the size your
fingers dig deeper into the soft earth. Your pussy spasms
around him as he releases his load. It almost burns as it
sprays against your uterus you feel a second powerful geyser
of his cream erupt from his cock as his whole body shudders
your legs slip from his grip. Your ass splashes down into
the puddle below you. The grass cool to your skin as his cock
emerges from your pussy one last stream spews from his cock
and coats your clit then drips down your glistening swollen
puffy red lips. Your fingers collect his cream as it nears
the bottom of your crevice. Scooping his cum up with your
fingertips you look up at him your chest heaving as his hands
fall on each side of you his body weak the grass drenched
they skim along the grass his fingers dig into the mud stopping
his falling body just above you.

Rain drips from his face his mouth hangs open panting he
tries to smile, failing, his mouth opens again; his dry
lips stick together then slowly separate. Your fingers
covered in his cum, slide inside his mouth and press down
on his tongue. His velvety tongue draws back as your fingers
move back his lips wrap tightly around them. You feel his
tongue roll around your fingers as his cheeks draw in he
sucks your fingers deeper inside his mouth. His teeth hold
them tight his tongue swirls around and between your fingers
loosening his grip you pull your fingers back.

His tongue curls inside his mouth cupping his cream he leans
down to you as your lips part the middle of his tongue lifts
the you watch as the pool of his milky white cum flows down
his tongue. It slows as it drips from his tongue your mouth
directly below his tongue you extend yours your head rises
the tip of your tongue makes contact just as the weight of
it becomes too much. It runs down the center of your tongue
as it retracts into your mouth your eyes closed you are startled
as his tongue moves right along behind it pushing it into
your mouth.

The top of your tongue pushes upwards against the soft underbelly
of his. Twisting his within your mouth it moves under yours
the thick gelatinous cream encompasses your tongues as
they corkscrew around each other’s. Pulling back
his tongue re-enters his mouth just as your hands encircle
his neck and pull his lips to yours. Kissing him deeply the
kiss tasting heavily of him.

You bury your face in his shoulder as you feel his body go
completely limp, crushing you below him. The air forced
from your lungs. Struggling to his elbows your hands move
down his rain soaked body to his ass your hands slap his ass.


“God baby that was out of this world!” he whispers
in your ear as he shudders one last time.

Your hands move up his back, under his arms, you hug him tight
your breasts flatten between your bodies as you pull yourself
upwards squeezing him. Your feet move up his legs caressing
him suddenly the whole back yard is lit up. Your movement
tripping the motion sensor in the light fixture above the
back door. Only now to you realize the rain has stopped as
you both look in the direction of the light you see the curtains
on the window close a hand moving across the windowpane.


“Guess Dad got the power fixed, ” he giggles
as his lips meet yours briefly before separating again.
His face presses into your shoulder.

“And I think a hell of a show, ” you hug him
your hands gripping your elbows as you cling to him. You
both laugh as he rolls off you and lay beside you resting
his head on his hand his he pulls a single blade of grass from
the lawn and runs it along your skin. Smiling at you as you
roll towards him and you kiss once again.

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