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RV Park


I had worked for this company for almost four years and it
surprised me when the foreman asked me if I wanted to join
the mobile team. Didn’t take me more than ten seconds to
decide I rather travel around the country versus sit in
the same location forever. I hated going into the same place
every day and seeing the same country. I was very happy to
be traveling. After talking to the foreman a bit that afternoon
about the travel and locations, I had decided to take my
RV to live in versus renting an apartment. The contracts
would usually be three to six month contracts that could
be extended at any time or even shut down. It all depended
on the scope of work and the size of the job.

That Wednesday, the foreman told me that they had a contract
starting out in Lubbock, Texas, the first of May and that
he wanted the crew there in place no later than the last day
of April. The next weekend, I drove over to Lubbock and found
several RV parks in the immediate area. I ripped the page
out of the yellow pages and visited a couple of them. One
RV Park hit my fancy when I first saw it. It had lots of trees,
was well laid out, was clean, had it own laundry and was very
well kept. It didn’t have any mobile homes and seem to cater
solely to RV’s. I pulled up and went in the front door. As
I walked in, I called out and heard a lady’s voice in the back
that said, “I’ll be with you in a minute.” I waited and look
around the general store. They had a lot of RV parts, groceries,
and nic’ nacks. A few moments later, this lady appeared
from the back of the store and greeted me. A very attractive
lady with the most wonderful smile and a certain twinkle
in her beautiful blue eyes. She was probably in her late
50’s or early 60’s, but she definitely had a spark in her.
She introduced herself and told me that her name was Susan
and she was the manager for the RV Park. We discussed the
rent and rules of the park and I paid her for three months
up front. The foreman had told me the job would last no less
that 90 days, but could extend out to six months to a year.
Susan went out with me and showed me a location that was up
the hill behind the store that had two very nice shade trees
and a hedge. I asked her if it was more and she stated that
it was the same price and that she only put people up here
that were going to be here for a while. She stated it was quieter
and more secluded than most of the other slots. We went back
to the store and I wrote her a check for the first ninety days
and gave her an approximate date that I would be arriving.
I thanked her for her time and then got into my truck and left
for home.

I arranged for a neighbor to watch my place and pick up my
mail while I was gone. I did most of my banking on line and
that wouldn’t be an issue. I got my rig (33 foot travel trailer)
ready to roll. I pulled into the RV Park that Friday evening
and the lot the manager had promised me was till open. I touched
base with her and then busied myself getting my rig set up.
The next morning, I heard a lawn mower and looked outside
and saw Susan mowing my lot. I pulled on a pair of jeans and
stepped out and finally caught her eye. She stopped the
mower and I asked her why she was mowing my lot. She stated
they mowed all the lots and it was included within the rent.
I told her that I was use to doing my own lawn work and actually
enjoyed it. She stated that she would be more than happy
for me to take care of it and showed me were they kept the lawn
tools, mowers, gas cans and weed eater. About that time,
this guy pulled up in his truck and she introduced him as
her husband. He wasn’t nearly as friendly as she was, but
seemed like her was OK. I finished up the lawn and then took
the mower and weed eater back to the storage area. I cleaned
off the equipment and was placing it back into the shed when
he came around. He was surprised that I had brushed off the
mower and refilled it and checked the oil. However, it was
readily apparent we were not going to bestest buds. He just
didn’t seem like the kind of guy that wanted to be left alone.
That was fine by me. I wasn’t here to win friends or start
any social programs for recluses. I guess what they say
is true, “opposites attract.”

I had stocked up on groceries and was putting them away when
something caught my eye out the window. It was the manager
and her husband walking across the park below me. I watched
for a minute and then saw them go inside a very nice fifth
wheel camper. I guess this was there home. I finished packing
every thing away and then pulled a cold beer out of the frig
and went outside to sit under the shade tree in my lounge
chair. In a few minutes, I saw her come out of their camper
and head back to the store. I waved as she went by and she waved
back. I had just come back outside with another cold beer
when she reappeared and began walking up the hill toward
my rig. I had my shorts and sandals on, but no shirt. When
she got close, I asked if she wanted a beer and she told me
that she didn’t want one and that one of the rules in the park
was that if you were going to drink outside you had to put
your drink into a cup. They didn’t want anyone sitting outside
their campers drinking in the open. I apologized for breaking
the rules the first day and she waved me off and told me it
was the owner’s policy and she had just forgotten to tell
me about it. I assured her that I would be more careful in
my libertine activities from then on. She laughed and then
turned to walk back to her camper. I noticed as she walked
down toward her camper that she filled out that pair of jeans
very nicely. I had never been attracted to redheads, but
regardless, she was a very attractive woman. I shook it
off, discounted my thoughts to the beer and went inside
to find a glass that would hold a 12 oz. Beer.

On Monday, I met up with the crew at the appointed place and
time and we began work. We started early and tried to finish
up before the sun was kicking our Anglo butts. I was usually
back at the park by 3 or 4:00 o’clock each afternoon and we
had every weekend off unless we had gotten behind on the
work schedule. Friday evening when I came in, I gathered
up all my work clothes, showered and pulled on a pair of shorts
and a short sleeve shirt to do laundry. I carried my laundry
down to the wash room and then buttoned up my shirt before
going around into the store to get change. The manager and
I chit chatted for a few minutes as she got me my change and
then I went back and started my loads. When I finished, I
walked back up to my camper and poured me a beer. Finished
the beer and then filled the plastic white cup with another
beer before going down to put my clothes in the dryers. When
I arrived at the laundry room, she was inside sweeping up.
I moved carefully around her so as not to disturb her pile
and started to unload my washers. She stopped sweeping
and said, “I can’t remember the last time I saw a guy in her
that had separated his whites from his colored clothes.”
I laughed and told her that I had been on my own for several
years and had been taught well by my mother. As I loaded the
dryers, she began asking me questions about myself and
what I did. She asked if I was married and I told her I had been,
but we had divorced several years ago. I expounded on it
by saying that I had found that I enjoyed living by myself
more than with someone. She looked a little puzzled about
and then said, “You don’t even had a girlfriend.” I laughed
and told her no. That I had not found anyone that would put
up with me yet. I found out that she and her husband had just
came to Lubbock a couple of years before. The Gas Company
that he worked for had transferred them out there. She had
stayed in Odessa for a few months and then joined him there
in Lubbock. She stated he had pulled up their RV to live in
and had found this park. A couple of months later the old
manager quit and he suggested to the owner that his wife
could manage the park with his help. The owner agreed to
give it sixty day as a trial and they had been there every
since. She stated that she didn’t mind the work, but missed
their home in Odessa and hoped they would get transferred
back there. She finished her cleaning and I went back to
my rig for my clothes hangers and another beer. I had asked
if she wanted a beer, but she said that she never drank while
she was working. I finished up my laundry and carried it
back up to my rig. I got out my ironing board and iron and began
the chore of doing the ironing. Before starting, I stripped
down to nothing and got out the bottle of bourbon and poured
a double. I hated doing the ironing and had made this a routine
that seemed to make the chore a little more enjoyable. I
found that I loved the feel of “Mr. Happy” swinging to and
fro as I did my ironing. True was, I hated wearing clothes
and was just a bit of an exhibitionist. I had a nice package
and after a few drinks loved showing off my cock. A practice
I had started while staying in motels while I was working
away or just traveling. I never closed the curtains and
found that it excited me to know that someone could see me.

As I enjoyed the bourbon with the beer chasers, I was feeling
pretty mellow and didn’t even notice someone walk up to
my rig. The knock at the door surprised me. I slipped on my
shorts and opened the front door. It was the manager. I asked
her if she wanted to come in, but she declined stated that
she had forgotten to tell me about a social get together
they were having that evening down on the other side of the
store. She said it isn’t anything formal and something
they do once a month so everyone could meet their neighbors.
I told her that I would love to join them and asked what I could
bring. She told me that I could bring whatever I wanted to.
As she turned to walk away, she paused and stated, “You separate
your clothes and iron too. Some ole gal is going to capture
you if they find out you can do all this.” She laughed and
turned to walk back down to the store. As she walked away,
I couldn’t help but think, “Damn that ole gal has a nice looking
ass. As I slipped out of my shorts, I thought to myself that
she could not have walked up and knocked on the door without
seeing me ironing naked through the window. I slipped my
shorts back on and walked outside. I went to the edge of my
lot and I could clearly see through the window and see the
ironing board and iron. However, she had not said a word.

I eased back on the bourbon and spent the rest of the afternoon
cleaning up my rig and making sure I had everything ready
for the next workweek. About 7pm, I walked down to the store
and found everyone on the east side of the store in the shade
chatting and talking. I noticed a table set up with chips
and dips and a veggie tray. I walked back up to the camper
and got a couple of bags of chips and a bean dip and took it
back with me. The manager saw me as I put them out on the table
and came up to me. She was wearing a sundress and had a drink
in her hand. She took me by the arm and took me around and introduced
me to several people. Most of them were older people, couples
and singles that had been there at the park for a while or
came in every year about this time to spend a few weeks. By
the time she had finished introducing me, I had forgotten
most of their names.

I looked around for her husband and finally saw him over
at the edge of the group talking to two older guys. I soon
went back up to my camper and got a beer for my plastic cup
and then rejoined the group. I talked with several people
during the evening and determined that most of the people
there were retired. The guys were interested in what my
company did and the ladies were more interested in my family.
Every now and then I would slip off back to my camper, have
a shot and refill by beer tankard. About dark, I wandered
back up to the camper, took a shower and went to bed. It was
a nice evening, but I was glad they only did it once a month.

The next morning I got up early and as soon as I thought it
was late enough not to disturb anyone, I went down and got
the lawn mower and weed eater and took care of my lot. I was
just finishing up, when an older lady I had been introduced
to at the party walked by with her little dog. Not sure what
kind of dog it was. Just one of those little dogs that yap
a lot and is always under foot. She had stopped in front of
my rig and picked her dog up. I was only wearing my shorts
and sandals and was covered in sweat, but she came over anyway.
She stated, “I met you at the social the other night, but
I am terrible at names. My name is Maggie.” I introduced
myself and she was just making small talk, when I interrupted
her and asked if she would like something cold to drink.
I was dying for a cold beer. She asked what I had and settled
on a glass of ice tea. I got the ice tea and a beer and went back
out to find her sitting in my lounge chair with that dog in
her lap. I gave her the tea and sat down on my steps with my
beer. She seemed to be a nice old lady. She was very tall and
very slender. She was very nicely dressed and you could
tell she took a great deal of pride in her appearance. I apologized
for not having a shirt and she told me to think nothing of
it. Maggie told me that when he was younger, her husband
was a big fellow like me and she always enjoyed watching
him work around their yard without his shirt. As she talked,
I had learned that after she and her husband both retired
they did a great deal of traveling in their Winneabago Motor
Home and visited here every year. When he passed away, she
had sold their home and had moved their Motor Home to this
RV Park for good. She liked the climate and had some very
fond memories of the time she and husband shared in this
area. When she finished her tea, she got up, thanked me for
the chat and tea and continued her walk. She was a very nice
lady, but seemed very lonely to me. I cleaned up the equipment
and replaced them in the shed.

After work the next day, I came in and went through my usual
routine of stripping down out of my work clothes and grabbing
a beer before I hit the shower. I stepped out of the shower
and into the hallway in front of the bathroom to towel off.
I always did this because the bathroom was too small for
me stand in and towel off. When I turned around to step into
the kitchen for another beer, I saw Maggie on the road just
in front of my rig. I stepped back, but I don’t think it did
any good. The curtains in the bedroom behind me were very
thin and let in a lot of light and it was a straight shot from
the front of my rig windows through the kitchen, down the
hall way to the back of the rig. She had stopped and picked
up her dog and I could see she was talking to him. In a minute
or two, she continued on with her walk.

The next day when I came in from work, I had just stepped out
of the shower to towel off. However this time I looked out
the front window, but didn’t see her. By the time I had toweled
off Maggie was there in front of my rig again. Stopped and
picked up her dog and then continued on with her walk. This
went on about every other day that week. It might have been
my ego, but it seemed like to me she was timing her walks so
that she would be in front of my rig just about the time I was
stepping out of the shower. The next day I was going to check,
but she didn’t take her walk. I watched for Maggie about
an hour, but she never walked by. The next afternoon when
I came in, I held off on my shower and watched for her. As I
waited, I had a couple of beers and then there Maggie was
I could see her out my side window coming up the lane. I waited
until she was just about in front of my window and then started
stripping off the rest of my work clothes. I had my back to
her, but had opened my closet door so I could see in the mirror,
that was attached to the closet door. As I stepped out of
my boxer shorts, I could see Maggie, through the mirror,
holding her dog and looking directly in the window. I didn’t
look around, I just stepped into the shower. When I got out
of the shower, she was gone. Just as in the motel rooms where
I had left my curtains opened, I found that it excited me
knowing that someone could see me naked. I knew this was
a different ball of wax. The people at the motels you would
probably never see again; however, most of these people
lived here at the RV Park, at least part of the year, and it
could be trouble if I pulled this stunt in front of the wrong

On Friday evening, I came in after work and was ready for
some down time. It had been one long hard week and we had certainly
earned our wages that week. I downed a beer and had a shot
of bourbon even before I stripped down for the shower. I
grabbed another beer and then stepped into the shower.
As I stepped out to towel off and then stepped into the kitchen
area to pour myself another shot. I threw back the shot and
chased it with the beer. Then there she was again. Almost
like clock work. It didn’t surprise me Maggie was there.
With me in the kitchen, there isn’t any way she could miss
seeing me standing there naked as I tossed down that shot
of bourbon. Instead of continuing her walk, I could see
Maggie was walking toward my rig. I backed up into the bedroom
and found a pair of gym trunks that I slipped on. The gym trunks
were old ones, very thin and short, but very comfortable.
Not anything you would wear out in public, but good enough
to lounge around in or do some light yard work. Then came
the knock at the door. I opened the door and there she was
with her dog. I invited her in to be polite, but did not expect
her to accept since I was a single guy. However, she surprised
me when she stuck out her hand for me to help her up the steps.
Just guessing, I thought she might be in her late seventies
or perhaps even early eighties. She was wearing a very nice
full dress that was bright yellow. The dress was very modest,
but still very attractive. I offered her tea, but Maggie
looked around as if to see if anyone was listening and said
in a low voice, “I’d rather have a beer.” I got her a beer and
glass and poured it for her. She was sitting on the love seat
when I got back with her beer. I told her that I would put on
some shorts that were more acceptable for a lady’s company,
but she laughed and told me not to worry about it. I had left
the door open with just the screen closed. She looked at
the door and said, “Most guys your age don’t know that it
is proper to leave the door open in a hotel room if you have
a lady guest.” Maggie laughed and stated, “You don’t have
to leave the door open for me.” I closed the outside door
and then settled on the arm of the chair across from her.
The shorts were very thin and I knew that you could easily
see the outline of my cock through them. However, if it didn’t
bother her, it didn’t bother me and like I said earlier,
I was a bit of an exhibitionist at heart. When I finished
my beer, I asked if she wanted another one, but she said no
that one was enough for her. Maggie looked around again
and then whispered, “I liked gin, but that is our secret.”
As I stepped into the kitchen to get another beer, I laughed
and assured her that her secret was safe with me.

When I came back in, I noticed that she was looking directly
at my crotch area and I knew that she could clearly see the
outline of my cock. Having had a couple of beers, instead
of taking a seat across from her on the arm of the chair where
I had been sitting before, I chose to stand and lean against
the counter at the edge of the kitchen. I knew the way I was
leaning the outline of my cock even more visible to her.
As Maggie chatted, she would pause to sip her beer. As she
sipped her beer, she was looking over the glass directly
at my cock. This excited me knowing that a woman, even as
old as she was, was still interested in a nice cock. Excited
me enough that my cock was growing thicker as she sat there.
Every once in a while I would glance down, when she wasn’t
looking, to see how large the outline was. I asked if she
wanted another beer and this time she accepted. I took her
glass and refilled it for her. This time I took a seat on the
arm of the chair across from her. My cock wasn’t completely
hard, but it was still very thick and excited by her watching.
Had it grown much larger, the head of my cock would have been
coming out the leg of the leg of my trunks. That probably
would have been a little more than would have been acceptable.
This was harmless teasing, but to expose myself like that
might have been asking for trouble. Maggie finished her
beer and then gathered up her dog that had been in her lap
the whole time and left. It had been a long time since I had
been with a woman, but I was a little confused why this older
lady watching my cock had excited me so much. All I knew was
that I had enjoyed the attention she gave me and was pleased
that she enjoyed watching. I couldn’t help think about
it that evening after I had gone to bed and finally ended
up stroking my cock thinking about Maggie watching me jack
off. It didn’t take any time for me to shoot a thick hot load
of cum all over my stomach and chest. I had to get up and shower
before I could go back to bed.

On Saturday, after I finished my yard work, I took my laundry
down to the wash room and went into the store to get change.
As Susan gave me my change, she stated, “You’d better be
careful or the old widow will have you.” I knew then that
the older ladies visit to my camper the day before had not
gone unnoticed. I laughed and thanked her for the warning,
but told her that I thought the poor old gal was just lonely.
As I did my laundry the manager came out to the laundry room
and started cleaning up as she had done before. We chatted
for a while and then I asked if she wanted a beer. Surprised
me when she accepted and I cam back with two beers. I’d had
a couple of shots while I was back up at the camper waiting
for the wash to finish. When I gave the Susan her beer, she
thanked me and then slipped up on the folding table to sit.
Instead of going back up while the clothes were drying,
I stayed there and chatted with her. Susan was a very attractive
lady and had a very nice figure for a woman her age. Her blouse
was open by two buttons from the top and I could see the top
of her breast held back by the white bra she was wearing.
I am sure my looking didn’t go unnoticed by her because at
one point she bent over even more resting her elbows on her
knees giving me an even better look down her blouse. By the
tone of her voice and a couple of comments she made, I thought
for a moment she might be flirting with me. I would have loved
to thrown her up over one of those washers and fucked her
until she was screaming for me to fill her with a thick hot
load of cum. Damn, just the thought of playing with her lovely
full breast was making me hard. As I gathered up my laundry
basket and walking out the door, Susan said, “I sure can’t
blame the widow for wanting to ride that pony.” Now there
was no doubt in my mind she was flirting with me. However,
this lady was married and I sure didn’t want any trouble
with any husbands. I laughed as I walked out the door told
her I would try and protect myself from the widow. I did my
ironing and then had supper watched TV for a while and then
went to bed. I had fully expected the widow to walk by, but
she didn’t. The next afternoon I was outside when the widow
walked by. Maggie stopped and I offered her a beer, but she
chose to stay outside with a glass of tea. As we talked, she
asked me if I could like to come by her place that evening
for dinner. I started to decline, but she insisted stating
that she didn’t get to cook much anymore. I told her that
I would be glad to join her for dinner. She told me to be there
at 7pm. When I asked what I could bring, she told me she had
already gotten everything she needed for dinner. She finished
her tea, told me which lot number and then left.

I stopped by a local shop and picked up a small bunch of flowers
and then started walking over toward Maggie’s lot about
ten minutes early. Her lot was on the far side of the park
and was a good ten-minute walk from where my rig was. When
I knocked on the door, she opened the door and ushered me
in and then pulled the door closed behind me. It was a very
nice Motor Home, very elegant furnished. Instead of the
cheap wood trim used in most campers, this was finished
with very nice trim and had etched glass in all the cabinet
doors. The slide outs gave it the appearance of being much
larger than it was. I gave her the flowers and she thanked
me as she took them to put them into a vase for the table. She
was wearing a long white low cut dress with a flower print
that went down past her knees, white pumps and a large bead
necklace. It was very attractive on her and made her look
even more elegant than she had before. Maggie asked me if
I wanted to join her in a drink and I told her that I would.
She asked if I liked gin and I told her that I had never had
gin and without another word she was mixing me up what she
was drinking. I sipped it and it was strong. The taste of
the gin reminded me of pine needles. Much different that
the bourbon that I was use to, but had almost a refreshing
taste to it. She had already sat the table and in just a few
minutes we were sitting down to dinner. Maggie was a very
good cook and I could not refuse the seconds she offered.
It had been a long time since a woman had fixed me a sit down
meal like this. When we finished, I got up and started to
help clear the table, but she motioned me into the living
room and took my glass. She fixed us both another drink and
then went back into the kitchen to clear the table. In a few
minutes, she was back in the living room with me. We talked
as we sipped our drinks and twice she got up to freshen up
our drinks. The second time, I told her that I wasn’t use
to the gin and had better not have another. She laughed and
told me that a fellow my size should be able to drink at least
as much as a little old lady. I didn’t argue and took the drink
when she returned, she sat down on the couch beside me. Then
in a few minutes, she took my drink again and started back
into the kitchen, but this time I told her that I had had enough
and couldn’t drink any more and should probably go home
pretty soon. Earlier I had excused myself to go to the bathroom
earlier and found it hard to walk straight. The gin had already
taken a toll on me.

She went into the kitchen with her glass and then as she returned
to the living room, she stopped at the edge of the kitchen
with her glass in her hand. Maggie said, “You don’t have
to go home tonight. It has been a long time since I felt a man’s
body next to me and I would very much like for you to stay.”
Before I could answer, she had reached down and taken the
hem of her dress with her free hand and pulled it up and to
the side. I didn’t see her undo the buttons up the front of
her dress or remove the belt. I guessed she had done this
while she was fixing her drink. As Maggie lifted her skirt,
I would see she had some very nice long legs, was wearing
no panties and had a very nicely trimmed patch of pubic hair.

I didn’t know what to say. So, I didn’t say anything. She
moved over to the couch and knelt down in front of me. She
unzipped my slacks and I could feel her hand pulling my cock
out as she bent over and took me into her mouth. I could feel
her hot breath on the head of my cock just before she slipped
me inside her. Her mouth was very hot and felt so good. It
had been a very long time since I had been with a woman. I could
feel my cock growing hard as she took me deep into her mouth.
In just a few moments my cock was hard as a railroad spike
and she was taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she
could. She would rise up kiss and lick the head and then slide
my cock back deep into her mouth. She continued to bob up
and down on my cock as I looked down. It was a very provocative
image and I loved feeling my cock grow so hard and thick in
her mouth.

The way she was bent over, I would see down the front of her
low cut dress and see her breast cupped in a satin looking
bra. She almost brought me to the point of no return as she
sucked my cock and I reached down to pull her up. Maggie looked
up into my eyes and without a word took me by the hand and led
me back to her bedroom. I stepped up into her bedroom with
her and she stopped and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it
off and unbuckled my belt and let my slacks drop to the floor.
I stepped out of my shoes, socks and slacks as she unbuttoned
the last two or three buttons on the top of her dress and let
it fall to the floor. Maggie took me by the hand again and
pulled me onto the bed with her. She lay back on her back and
put her hands behind her head under the pillows as she spread
her legs for me. My hand slipped in between her legs and felt
her wetness as my mouth found her breast. I licked and sucked
her nipples as my thick long fingers slipped deep inside
her. She moaned with pleasure and raised her hips to take
my fingers deeper into her. My cock was rock hard and I felt
her reach down and take the shaft of my cock into her long
elegant fingers and began stroking my cock as I continued
to suck her nipples and finger fuck her pussy. Then, with
her hand still around my cock, she pulled me over on top of
her and I slide in between her legs. Her hand guided the head
of my cock to her waiting pussy. She rubbed the thick head
of my cock between her pussy lips and against her clit. Then
she pushed my cock down a little and raised her hips just
a little. She was so wet that I slipped deep inside her with
ease. As I slipped inside her, she whispered, That feels
so good. It has been so long since a man has taken me.” A low
moan came from her lips as I began rocking my cock deep into
her. Long slow deliberate strokes all the way inside her.
I could feel her body responding to mine. As I pushed deeper
into her, she would raise her hips to meet me. “Fuck me harder, ”
she whispered. I pulled my cock all the way out, I slammed
my cock back into her. She arched her back and let out a small
whimper as that cock slammed into her. Then she spread her
legs wider and put them over my shoulders as I continued
to fuck her even deeper and harder. She had her eyes closed
and was pulling on the edge of the pillow under her head as
I fucked her even harder. My balls were slamming on her ass
as I fucked her. She turned her head to the side and took the
edge of the pillow into her mouth and bite down on it as I continued
to power fuck her pussy. She was taking all the cock I could
give her and I could feel the fire building up inside her.
As the fire overwhelmed her, she arched her hips up one more
time to take my thrust and her fingernails now deep in my
back as she began cumming all over my cock. Her body jerked
a couple of times as the fire subsided within her. She looked
up at me and then took my face in her hands and kissed me on
the lips as my cock was still holding deep inside her.

We lay there for a minute and I asked if she was OK. She nodded
that she was. I pulled out of her and then rolled her over
on her stomach. Pulled her up and placed the pillows under
her. I got up behind her and took my cock and guided it to her
wet stretched little pussy. The thick head of my cock slipped
into her without any effort at all. Soon I was driving my
cock deep inside her again. I was pulling my cock almost
all the way out and then slamming it back deep into her pussy.
The force of my thrust was almost pushing her into the headboard
of the bed. She had taken the edges of the bed cover in her
fist and was biting the edge of the covers as I continued
to power fuck her pussy. I could feel the fire building inside
her again as I fucked her even harder and deeper in this position.
Her head tossed back and forth as she continued to bite the
covers and let out those muffled screams of pleasure as
I power fucked her pussy. Then I couldn’t hold it anymore;
my balls exploded filling her with several hot thick streams
of cum. I could tell she was cumming as I was filling her.
I drove one more time deep inside her and with my hands around
her tiny waist I held her against my cock until my cock had
stopped jerking deep inside her and filling her. My thick
cum was already pouring out of her pussy as I held her there.
Her body relaxed, I slipped out of her and lay down beside
her and pulled her close to me. Her head on my chest as she
let her leg slip over the top of my leg. Our mixed cum running
out of her drenched little pussy all over our legs. We fell
asleep for a little while and when I woke up she was sucking
my cock again. When my cock was hard, she slipped up on top
of me and slide down onto my cock taking it all the way inside
her. She rode my cock and bent over so that I could take her
breast into my mouth and suck and lick her nipples as she
continued to ride me. As she started to cum, she leaned backwards
on my cock and I could feel her muscles tighten around the
shaft of my cock. I couldn’t hold back anymore and filled
her again with a nice load of hot cum. She laid on top of me
with my cock inside her for a few minutes until my cock started
to go down and then slipped off me and took my cock into her
mouth and sucked the last drops of cum out of my cock.

Then she lay back down beside me with her head on my chest.
In a few minutes, I had to get up and go to the bathroom. When
I came back, Maggie was sound asleep, I kissed her on the
cheek and whispered that I would see her later. I gathered
my clothes and stepped out into the night and walked back
up to my rig.

The next morning my head felt like it was going to split apart.
Damn that gin. It all seemed like a dream, but a very nice
one. I’d had never imagined that a lady her age would still
be interested in sex or be as forward as she had been that
night before. That was a hell of a ride that lady had given
me for sure. I spent the rest of the next day nursing my aching
head and hoping I would be fit for duty the next day. I kind
of thought Maggie might come by that afternoon, but she
didn’t. The next day after work, I stopped by a Flower Shop
and sent her a nice spring bouquet of flowers with a note
thanking her for a lovely evening. Later than evening,
I saw the Florist’s van enter the park and knew she had gotten
the flowers.

The next day after work, Maggie appeared again just about
the same time as she had in the past. This time I slipped on
those short thin gym trunks and went outside. She stopped
and came into the yard and I offered her a glass of tea. She
seated herself in my lawn chair as I got the tea and came back
out. After I gave her the tea, there was kind of a long pause
where neither of us said anything. Then she broke the silence
stating, “That was a lovely bunch of flowers you sent. Thank
you, but you didn’t need to do that.” I told her that I had
a wonderful evening and it was the least that I could do.
She blushed a little and replied, “It was very nice for me
also. I hope you don’t think less of me for being so forward.”
I told her that I didn’t and was glad she had chosen me to spend
that evening with. “Well, do you want to continue, ” she
replied. I laughed and said that I would, but didn’t know
if I could keep up with her. She blushed again and stated,
“Oh, I think you will do just fine.” She said that we had to
be careful that she didn’t want the park to think she was
some kind of tramp or anything like that and I agreed with
her. We agreed that when I came in from work I was to drive
by her lot on my way to mine and if her porch light was on, then
she was inviting me to come up for the evening after dark.
Also that when she came by on her walk in the afternoons,
if I offered her a beer, I was inviting her in. With that agreed
upon, she let her dog out of her lap and he ran over to the edge
of the hedgerow on my lot. Maggie walked over and knelt down
to pick up her dog and motioned me over to her. I walked over
and as I got near her, she reached up and took my cock out of
my trunk leg and gave it a nice long suck. From where she was
at, nobody could have seen anything for the hedge or my truck.
She kissed the head of my cock and let it slip back into the
leg of my trunk, picked up her dog and then continued on her
walk. I thought to myself, “How did she get that dog to go
over to that hedge like that?”

About once a week, I would come into the park and see her porch
light on and well after dark I would walk down to visit with
her. She was an incredible lady. She had a very good imagination
and wasn’t bashful at all about telling what she wanted.
Maggie was always very well dressed and kept. Some evenings
she would be wearing only a garter, hose, high heels and
a bra when I arrived. She never answered the door. I would
knock and then just walk in as she had instructed me to do.
Once or twice a week, she would walk by and either I would
ask her if she wanted a beer or she would ask me for a beer.
I always left the door to my rig open, but the way it was positioned
nobody could see in the door unless they walked up to it.
When she came in for a beer, she would usually only give me
a quick blow job and then go outside with her beer in a cup
and finish it before continuing her walk. One afternoon,
I talked her into kneeling on the love seat facing the back
of it. I lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and entered
her from behind. As soon as I slipped inside her, I was pounding
her pussy with deep powerful thrust and almost pushed her
over the back of the love seat. In no time, she was cumming
all over my cock. As I felt her start to cum, I couldn’t hold
it anymore and filled her stretched pussy with a thick hot
load of cum. It took her a couple of minutes to steady herself,
but then finished her beer and went outside to the lawn chair.

The next Saturday was the monthly social for the park. The
Susan had reminded me of this when I came into the store to
get change for the laundry. As I was leaving, she asked me
how I was getting along with the widow. She was probing and
I knew it. I had been very careful to make sure nobody saw
me when I went down to her lot and we were never inside my rig
long enough that anyone could have suspected anything.
As I turned to go out of the store, I replied, “She is a very
nice lady and I enjoy chatting with her.” As I walked out
the door, I head the Susan say; “I’ve never heard it called
‘Chatting’ before.” I didn’t respond to her comment and
just went around and started my laundry. Susan didn’t show
up to clean this time while I was doing my laundry and I was
kind of glad. I always enjoyed admiring her body as I did
my wash, but she was getting a little to personal.

I finished up my chores for the day and had a couple of shots
before heading down to the social. When I got there, it was
pretty much as usual. The same groups of people were chatting,
the Susan’s husband was talking with a group of men and the
same layout was on the picnic table. I put down the dip and
chips and then stood back just to watch the different groups
interact together. As I was sipping my beer, the Susan came
by and asked another fellow and I to help her with something.
The other fellow and I followed her around the building
into the store. She handed him a box and asked him to take
it out to the store. He headed out the door with a box in hand
and I waited for whatever it was that she wanted me to carry
out. She paused and watched as the guy went by the store windows
toward the group and then she stepped forward, took my face
in her hands and kissed me full on the lips. It surprised
me, but I returned her kiss with equal passion. She ended
the kiss and pulled back stating, “You are a good kisser.”
She walked by me handed me a box and put her finger to her lips
and then to mine as she passed me. I followed her out the door
and back around the building to the social. The rest of the
evening was pretty uneventful. Maggie spoke occasionally,
but pretty much kept her distance. I was very happy she was
as discreet as she was.

Every now and then I would catch the Susan’s eye. She would
glance my way, give me a brief smile, which she hide behind
her glass, and then continue with the conversation she
was having. Her husband always left about 9 O’clock and
she always remained afterwards to clean up. I was hoping
to get one more kiss from her and followed her into the store
once when she went in. She put her finger to her lips motioning
me to be quiet and then just a moment later an elderly couple
came in the door behind us. I went back outside to the picnic
area and everybody was just about gone. In a few minutes, she came back out of the store. Susan walked
around the picnic area looking the area over to make sure
it was cleaned up. As she walked by me, she slipped me a note.
She glanced into my eyes, smiled and without saying a word
turned and headed up to her motor home. I walked back up to
my rig and when I got inside where I could see, I opened the
note. The note read, “Meet me at the laundry room in an hour.
The door will be open. Don’t turn on the lights.” Now my heart
was racing. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I
was excited as a sixteen-year old school boy. It was about
10:30 and I figured that I had about fifty minutes to wait.
Several thoughts ran through my head. Should I go down there?
What if her husband catches us? If I got caught with her,
would I lose my lease? Would her husband complain to my company?
Could I lose my job over this woman? For the first few minutes,
my mind raced with all that could go wrong if I went down to
meet her. However, the bourbon soon took over, overriding
common sense and I found myself a few minutes later walking
through the night air to the laundry room. I watched around
me to see if anyone might out taking a night stroll and more
than once at the manager’s camper. However, I didn’t even
see one light on anywhere within the park.

When I reached the laundry room, my heart was pounding my
chest so loud I am sure you could hear it a block away. I push
on the door and it was open. The lights were off inside, but
I stepped into the room. The light from a distant street
light shed a little light into the small windowless room,
but I saw nothing except the outline of the row of dryers
in front of the door. I head a voice in the darkness say, “Close
the door and lock it.” I let the door close behind me and fumbled
with the lock. With the door locked, I turned around and
then felt Susan pressing her body against me. She placed
her hands on my face and guided my lips to hers. I returned
her kiss and felt her tongue dart deeply into my mouth. She
tasted sweet. I pulled her body close next to mine and could
feel she wasn’t wearing a blouse or bra. I could feel her
breast pushing against my chest. My arms locked around
her and her arms around me. I could feel her fingernails
in my back. My hands went down to her waist and then up under
her arms to rest on her breast. She kissed me again and even
more passionate as I took her breast in my large thick hands
and massaged them. Taking her nipples between my thumbs
and forefingers and rolling them and pinching them ever
so lightly. Her hands came down from my face and rested on
my chest. She turned her head slightly to the side, breaking
the kiss and I could hear her breathing short rapid breaths.
I bent over to take her breast into my mouth and she placed
both her hands on the top of my head and guided me to her breast.
I sucked her breast deep into my mouth and then rolled her
nipple between my teeth gently. She pushed me to the other
breast and I did the same with it. She had her arm around the
back of my head holding me onto her breast. Low moans of pleasure
ushered from her lips as I continued to suck and nip at her
breast. With one hand on her waist, my other hand slipped
down between her legs. I then discovered in the dark room
that she wasn’t wearing any shorts or panties. She had completely
stripped down before I had gotten there. My hand slipped
between her legs and she moved her legs apart for me. My thick
long middle finger slide in between her pussy lips and she
raised one leg slightly as I began to massaged her clit.

More low moans of pleasure escaped from her lips as I began
rubbing her clit with more force. Her arm around my neck
pushed me down. I knelt in front of her and put both my hands
around her waist. I moved my face closer to her pubic mound
and could smell the scent of her passion as my tongue darted
out and touched her pussy lips. I let my tongue run up her
pussy lips and then sucked her clit deep into my mouth. Her
whole body shuttered as I sucked her clit into my mouth.
I held her clit deep in my mouth for a moment and then her hands
were on the back of my head guiding me as my tongue began licking
and sucking her clit. I spread her legs wider with my free
hand and then slipped my thick long middle finger deep inside
her as I continued to suck and lick her clit. Then I put two
of my thick fingers into her pussy and nibble on her clit
with my teeth as she held me firmly there with her hands.
I could feel the fire burning with her as she held my tongue
hard onto her clit. My fingers could feel the spasms within
her as the fire overtook her and she began cumming all over
my fingers and tongue. I sucked her clit deep into my mouth
and while my fingers pushed deep inside her, as she came.
When the fire subsided in a few moments, she took my head
in her hand and held it against her stomach tightly.

I stood up and kissed her and moved her backwards to where
I knew the folding table was. I was going to slide her up on
the table, spread her legs and have another taste of that
sweet pussy. As she reached the table, I lifted her up onto
the edge of the table and started to go back down on her, but
she stopped me. She reached down between us, feeling my
cock through my shorts. She slipped her hands inside my
shorts as she kissed me. She pulled my cock out of my shorts
and pulled me toward her as she leaned back and spread her
legs. Rubbing the thick head of my cock on her clit before
guiding the head down to her waiting pussy. I pushed the
head of my cock against her already wet pussy lips and felt
the head pushing it’s way past her lips, forcing her apart.
As the head of my cock forced it’s way into her, she wrapped
her legs around my waist and held me with her arms around
my neck. She leaned back moving her hips forward to take
me. She let out a small gasp as my cock went past her lips and
slide deep inside her. I pulled her to the edge of the folding
table and began those long deep strokes. Almost pulling
completely out of her before sliding back all the way inside
her. As I quickened my strokes, she leaned back on the table
on her elbows. She had taken her legs from around my waist
and raised her legs to take me even deeper into her. Her pussy
was so tight and so hot. I didn’t think I could hold out any
longer when she started bucking against my cock stating,
“Don’t stop, I’m cumming. Oh, please don’t stop. Fuck me.
Fuck me harder.” With that, I couldn’t hold back anymore
and my cock jerked inside her shooting thick stream after
stream of hot cum deep inside her pussy. She began crying,
“Oh, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh, please don’t stop. Fuck
me. Fuck me.” With one more deep powerful thrust inside
her, she let out a gasp as I held her there on my cock. She leaned
forward and kissed me on the lips as I held deep inside her.
Our bodies cover with our sweat and the room filled with
the scent of our passion. She put her arms around me and held
me there for a moment with her head resting on my shoulder.
In a few moments, she leaned back and told me that I better
go. I kissed her again, recovered my shirt and shorts and
slipped out the door. I didn’t see her leave the laundry
room and wasn’t sure how long she stayed.

The next afternoon after work, I came back into the RV Park
and drove by the Maggie’s lot. I was glad her porch light
wasn’t on. The fling with the Susan hadn’t taken all the
starch out of my sails, but it would be nice just to have a
quiet evening alone tonight. I stopped by the store to check
my mail and when I walked in the Susan and Maggie were sitting
in the front of the store on the sofa chatting. I thought
to myself, “Self, this probably isn’t good.” The Susan
got up and came over behind the counter and looked through
the mail. As she walked by me, she smiled and winked. I glanced
back toward the Maggie, but she was facing the other direction
and I wasn’t even sure she knew I came in. The Susan gave me
my mail and before I could leave asked, “Maggie have you
met this young man.” Susan gave me a smile and walked past
me back to where the two ladies had been sitting. Maggie
turned around and said, “Yes, I’ve met him at the socials.”
And then turned back around. Maggie was good. She had turned
off Susan's prodding with a certain elegance and grace.
As I started out the door, the manager called behind me,
“Hope you enjoyed the social last night.” I looked back
and there was that evil little smile on Susan’s lips. I responded,
“Yes, I had a very good time and I am looking forward to the
next social.” I head up to my rig, took my shower and fixed
a little dinner. I watched, but the Maggie didn't come
by that afternoon. I wondered if Maggie had picked up on
Susan’s actions. I thought to myself, “Don’t worry about
it. Just leave it alone and let it play itself out however
it will.”

Two days later, after I got in from work, the Maggie walked
by. I had just stepped out of the shower and wasn’t completely
dry yet when she knocked on the door. Holding the towel in
front of me, I answered the door and seeing me standing there
nude holding only that towel, she came right inside. No
sooner had I got the screen closed, she had put down her dog
and gave me a nice long kiss. My hands went straight to her
breast and I could feel her nipples through her blouse and
bra were already growing hard. She began licking the beads
of water from my chest and moved down across my stomach.
Sitting down on the love seat, she put her hands around my
hips and pulled me close to her. My cock right in front of
her. She closed her eyes and slipped my cock into her mouth
and I felt her the vibrations around my cock as she started
making a “Mmmmmmmmm” sound deep in the back of her throat.
Damn, I love the way she sucked my cock letting it grow hard
in her mouth as she sucked me. As my cock began to grow hard
in her mouth, I told her to get up on the love seat and face
the back of the seat. She took my cock out of her mouth and
I took her by the arm and turned her around. I had her kneel
on the seat of the love seat, slightly bent over with her
arms on the back. I lifted her skirt and slipped her panties
down to her bent knees and then took my cock and rubbed it
all over her pussy. She was already wet when I slipped inside
her. A low deep moan of pleasure emitted from her lips as
I slide all the way inside her. I started pumping into her
with those long slow strokes and every once in a while I would
slam my cock deep inside her. Hold it there for a second and
then begin with the long slow strokes again. She turned
and said over her shoulder, “Stop teasing me with that thing
and fuck me.” My strokes became harder and deeper. Becoming
so hard that at one point I was afraid I was going to turn the
love seat over with her. Maggie was pushing back on my cock
to take me deeper as I pounded her pussy. Then I saw her grasp
the top edge of the love seat and lean over and bite the material.
I knew she was cumming. I wasn’t ready yet and pounded her
even harder as she began to cum all over my cock. Then my balls
exploded filling her. I pushed deep inside her and held
her there until my cock stopped jerking inside her. She
slipped off my cock, turned around on the love seat, pulled
up her panties, adjusted her dress and gave me a little kiss
on the lips as she gathered up her little dog and went out
the door.

The next weekend, I had just finished cutting my small lawn
and was putting the equipment away, when the Susan approached
me. She asked me if I knew how to replace a garbage disposal
and I told her that I did. She asked if I had time to look at
it now and I told her that I did. I followed her over to their
Motor Home and entered behind her. Susan’s husband, who
was sitting on an easy chair in his undershirt watching
a ball game and drinking a beer, asked her, “What is he here
for?” She curtly responded as she led me into the kitchen,
“He knows how to replace a disposal. I’ve asked you to do
it for over two weeks.” To this he flipped her the finger
over his shoulder as he continued to watch his game. She
already had the disposal and it didn’t take long to remove
the old one and slip the new one into place. Once while I was
replacing the disposal, he yelled at Susan to get him another
beer, but she just ignored his request. He walked into the
kitchen, got himself another beer and shuffled back to
his seat without saying a word or even offering me a beer.
I was thinking to myself, “What a class A asshole.” As I finished
up, she came back into the kitchen area. Susan had changed
clothes putting on a pair of shorts and a white tank top.
I put the old disposal back into the box that the new one came
in and collected the tools. I had washed my hands in the kitchen
sink and she handed me a kitchen towel to dry my hands on.
I was standing next to the bar that separated the kitchen
from the living room. As I was drying my hands, Susan looked
into the living room and then put her finger to her lips motioning
for me to be quiet. She knelt in front of me, unzipped my jeans
and pulled out my cock, and kissed the head of my cock before
sucking my soft cock into her mouth.

Her mouth felt like velvet on my soft cock. I was still acting
as if I was drying my hands as I watched him in the living room.
This was crazy. Here I was in their kitchen. He was watching
a ball game not fifteen feet from me and his wife, hidden
by the kitchen bar, was on her knees sucking my cock like
it was the last cock she would ever get. To say I was nervous
was an understatement. Damn she was good. Even though I
was nervous and had my eyes fixed on the back of his head,
it didn’t take her more than a couple of minutes before I
was cumming. She didn’t hesitate for a moment as she felt
me starting to cum. Susan briefly looked up at me and then
sucked me deep into her mouth as my cock began shooting thick
hot streams of cum into her waiting mouth. He hadn’t moved
at all except to take a drink out of his beer. She looked up
at me again and I could see the cum on her lips as she ran her
tongue around her lips. She smiled at me and then slipped
me back into my jeans and zipped up my pants. She went over
to the sink and poured herself a glass of water and smiled
at me as she took a long drink from the glass. I announced
that the job was done and then headed to the front door. Susan
called after me asking what she owed me. I told her that I
wouldn’t think of taking anything for doing something
this simple. He didn’t bat and eye and kept his attention
glued on the game. I walked back up to my rig and saw her going
back over to the store. She didn’t even glance my way as she
walked to the store.

Later that afternoon, the Maggie dropped by while on her
walk. Maggie elected to come inside and have a beer. However
this time, she was more interested in talking than playing.
She told me that next week her friend Ruth, from Georgia,
was coming up to spend a week or two with her. Apparently,
Maggie and her husband had been close friends with her Ruth
and her husband while they all lived in Georgia. After Ruth’s
husband had passed away and Maggie and her husband had remained
close friends with her. She said that after her husband
passed away, Ruth had begged her not to move away, but she
felt like she had to. Maggie stated they wrote each other
weekly, and talked on the phone, but they only got to see
each other once or twice a year. Before she left, Maggie
stated that she would like to introduce me to her friend
while she was here, but only if I didn’t object. I told her
that I had no objections and would enjoy meeting her friend.
I could tell her mind was focused on her friend’s visit.
This was the only time Maggie had stopped by for a beer in
the last couple of months that she didn’t want to play or
at least suck my cock. As Maggie started to leave, she stated,
“I’ve no secrets from Ruth and she does know about our little
fling here. I hope you don’t mind.” I would have rather Maggie
kept our secret completely, but what was done was done.
I told her that it was fine that she had confided in her friend
and that I was looking forward to meeting her.

I didn’t see Maggie again until that Wednesday afternoon.
I had checked each day when I came home from work to see if
her porch light was on, but it wasn’t. When she stopped by
Wednesday, I had already taken my shower and was watching
the evening news. I didn’t even see her walk into the yard
and the knock at the door surprised me. When I opened the
door, Maggie stepped in and pulled the door closed behind
her. “Why didn’t you come by last night, I left the porch
light on for you?” she asked. I told her that I had checked each day when I came in and was
surprised that the light hadn’t been on all week. She thought
about this for a moment and then replied, “I am sure I left
it on last night.” Again I told her that I had been watching
for it. “Do you want me to drop by this evening?” I asked.
She leaned forward into me and kissed me on the lips and said,
“No, take me right now.” I turned her around and pulled her
body into mine. My hands cupping her breast as I kissed the
back of her neck. I held her there for a few moments and then
she moved forward and knelt on the love seat and bent over
slightly resting her arms on the back of the love seat. I
lifted her skirt from behind to find she wasn’t wearing
any panties. “Such a naughty little girl. Walking around
the park with no panties, ” I said, as I gently slapped her
on the ass with my open hand. “Yes, I have been a naughty girl, ”
she responded. I slipped my shorts down and stepped out
of them telling her, “You probably need a nice little spanking
for being such a naughty little girl.” “Oh, yes, ” she stated,
as she rested her head on the back of the love seat between
her arms. I slapped her on the ass. Not hard, but harder than
the first one and watched as her body responded. I slapped
her ass again just a little harder. Trying to gauge just
how hard she wanted this spanking. One more slap on the ass
just a little harder and she uttered in a low moan, “Oh, that
is it. Spank this naughty girl.” I gave her about three more
quick slaps on the ass about the same hardness and then took
my cock and shoved it deep inside her as the stings of my slaps
were fresh on her now red ass. “Oh, Oh, that cock feels so
good, ” she said in a low muffled voice. I started pounding
my cock hard into her now wet pussy and would pause every
few strokes to give her another slap on the ass. In just a
couple of minutes, she was tossing her head back and forth
and I could feel her cumming. I slapped her on the ass one
more time. This time much harder than the other ones and
buried my cock deep inside her pussy and held it deep inside
her as my cock began shooting thick streams of hot cum deep
inside her, filling her. I held here there for a minute or
so to let the fire subside and then slipped out of her. My
cum was already dripping out of her pussy when I pulled out
of her. She turned around and sat on the love seat and then
took my cock and sucked the last drops of cum out of me. “Oh,
that was very nice.” she said, “We will have to do that again
soon.” She fixed her dress and then went on her way. The next
day on her walk she stopped by and told me that she had figured
out her porch light was burnt out. The next afternoon, when
I got off work, I drove past h

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i believe the rest got cut, continue on


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Too bad it was cut off - you did a great job with this story!


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they do not appear. It does please me, when I am pleasing
the reader.



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I have just posted RV Park II. I hope you enjoy the ending.
I have also posted some other stories: RV Neighbors, Florida
Motel and Older Couple Seduces Younger Man. I hope you enjoy
them also. Thanks again. Nick


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Thanks , sure is fun reading, wow!!


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A Great Story. I have had a few older women you just cant beat
them at all. Please continue trucker


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JRH and Trucker, I am glad you both enjoyed the story. Yes
Trucker, those older mature ladies sure do have a lot to
share. Thanks again. Nick