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RAhul and Rohini


Rohini and Rahul were one happily married couple. Rohini
was around 34 and good looking. Rahul was 36 and well settled
with two loving kids and they both loved each other.

Rohini was lucky to find Rahul in her life which gave her
freedom to work and have time with her life and do things
in her career. Rahul always gave her a helping hand at home
to do household work and look after the kids.

Rohini had never thought about anything else than having
a good family life and loving husband. She use to work hard
and same time made sure she gives time to her family.

Things changed for Rohini when a new guy in her office joined
his name was Aryan. Aryan was handsome well-built and had
charms for which any girl could fell for him. Many girls
in the office use to find him attractive and Rohini was not
one of them until the day when she found him talking to one
of his colleagues about her.

She heard him say that he would have loved to be with Rohini
and he finds her the most beautiful women in the office.
Rohini was flattered by his words and her mind deep inside
feeling like a teenage girl once again who could not believe
the guy likes him more than any other girls in office.

She just smiled and walked but her mind somehow was getting
back to the comments made by Aryan and she found herself

She made her way back home after making the household purchases
at the market, the comment made by aryan playing in her mind.
She had never ever before experienced such feelings for
sexual intimacy with another man since marrying Rahul.

But now here she was, feeling and behaving like a silly young
girl all over.

“Rahul I’m home, ” she called out as she found her
way to the kitchen with the vegetables.

Soni and Vihaan ran into the kitchen and hugged around her,
each of them trying to outdo the other in telling her what
they had been up to with their father.

Rohini bent down and gave them both a loving, motherly hug.

They were priceless to her. Watching her family around
her never failed to bring about a warm glow on her face. She
could not imagine achieving the perfect balance between
a growing career as an architect in one of the leading firms
as well as a successful homemaker without Rahul by her side.

As the children rushed off to watch their favorite cartoon
show, Rohini felt her husband’s nearness even before
he kissed her cheek from behind.

“Missed you baby, ” he whispered in her ear as his put
his arms around her waist.

She leaned back and rested her head against Rahul’s chest
and closed her eyes.

Rahul moved his right hand under her skirt and slid his hand
inside her panties. He began caressing her pussy with his
fingers while his other hand continued to tease her nipples.
Rohini felt her legs went weak. He removed his hands as the
kids came running back with some fresh mischief in their

Rahul settled the children in there room and came to the
bedroom where Rohini was changing her dress and was now
only in her innerwear’s.

Rahul hugged her from behind and Rohini could feel his hardness
touch her ass and feel it she immediately got hot whereas
on any other day she would have made some excuse and went
to her children first and her daily household work. They
made love to each other and she was more than hot and responding
to sex and finding it more interesting with thoughts of
Aryan in her mind.

As she dressed for the office in the morning, she kept thinking
about the manner in which Aryan was slowly but surely invading
her thoughts. He was an attractive and handsome man.

“What’s come over me?” thought Rohini as she switched
on her computer to start another day at the office.

“I seem to be behaving like a school girl who has a crush
on her teacher.” She smiled and tried to concentrate
on her work.

She was looking ahead for the meeting with Aryan for a project
and was getting hot and unable to concentrate on her work.

“Rohini, is a beautiful woman. Your husband is one hell
of a lucky guy. Wish I had met her earlier, ” words were
constantly repeating in her mind. She felt a rush of emotions
sweeping through her body.

She couldn’t quite understand the feelings her body
was showing towards Aryan. All her married life she had
never had the urge to flirt with another man, let alone having
affair. The next couple of hours were busy. Time seemed
to fly by and she was able to get her mind back to work.

Since it was 3 pm she managed to call Aryan

“Hi Aryan it’s me Rohini. When can we meet to look at
the modifications done for the project presentation?”

Aryan was busy in his work and completely forgotten about
the meeting with Rohini. He politely explained her that
he got busy in some work and he can discuss about the presentation

Rohini was really looking for the meeting ahead and was
disappointed but managed to make excuse and told him that
boss would like to have the final draft by today day end.
Rohini keeping up the phone made her way to Aryan’s office.
She made her way directly to his cabin and entered to find
him sitting on the couch, going through the project presentation.
Hi Rohini, “said Rahul with a wide easy smile and her heart
felt beating faster than ever which she could not understand.

She sat across him and opened her papers, her skirt riding
up above her knees.

Aryan didn’t seem to notice as he began studying the details.
He had a good grasp of the work. His queries were to the point.
So engrossed were they that she didn’t notice how late
it had become.

As she continued briefing Aryan she noticed him fixedly
staring at her legs. She glanced down.

Aryan was getting a good view of her skirt. In the course
of their animated discussion, her legs had opened up a bit.
He could see her creamy inner thighs .The parting between
her legs was giving a great view. Rohini could feel her body
responding to the caress of his eyes. She bit her lips. Then
she gently adjusted her position. Now her skirt had ridden
up by a few inches. A bit more and her white panties would
be discernable. Aryan licked his lips as he continued staring
at her smooth thighs.

Her heart was sending signals and her eyes were revealing
her eagerness to Aryan.

Aryan shifted his position as he continued to talk and as
clear as possible kept glancing at her display.

“I think we have finally covered everything, ” said
Aryan as he pulled back his looked towards her face. This
calls for a little celebration. I have bourbon stashed
in my drawers. Let me take it out.” “Just what we require
for a short break” replied Aryan with a small wink. Rohini
smiled, warming up to him.

He had a nice, easy going manner that went well with his tall,
handsome personality. As he Aryan bent down to rummage
in his drawers he took a quick glance up her legs.”

He can see her panties from down there” thought Rohini.
The very thought of Aryan looking at her treasure made her
wet. She wanted to rub her clit. She somehow refrained from
her squeezing her thighs together. Aryan got up and made
his way back towards her. She could see the bulge in his trousers.

As they continued making idle chit – chat Rohini was surprised
to realize that they had quite a few activities in common.
He loved to paint and so did she. They even listened to the
same type of music.

With the second glass empty of water Rohini was feeling
relaxed and comfortable in his company. She had removed
her jacket and placed it on the back of the couch during their
discussions and every now and then Aryan would take a glance
at her protruding nipples. But she didn’t seemed minding
it at all.

As Rohini crossed her legs, her skirt slid up further. Had
he been sitting across her Aryan could have had a clear view
of her panties. Rohini gave wicked smile as she continued
to listen to him talk about some of the recent painting exhibitions
he’d been to. Aryan’s hand was now resting on her knees.
Gently he rubbed the base of his palm as he shifted his hand
above her knee. Her heart fluttered a beat as Aryan pressed
his palm against her thigh, all along talking to her and
looking into her blue eyes. His flirtation fired her blood
and sensation passed thru her body. Rohini wanted to close
her eyes and enjoy the emotional upsurge convulsing through
her body. But she continued talking with Aryan, her cheeks

“Met anyone interesting in the city?” she asked to
change the topic.

“Yeah I have.” replied Aryan.

“Anyone I know?” asked Rohini with just a hint of shameful

“You sure do” replied back Aryan, looking serious.

“Really?” Rohini juggled her memory but could not
come up with any name.

“It’s you Rohini. Like I said I wish we had met earlier, ”
Aryan replied. Rohini was shocked and understood that
he watched her passing nearby when he made his statement
to one of his co-worker.

Aryan winked at her It was as if a floodgate of emotions had
burst open inside her. She looked dreamily into his deep
brown eyes, savoring the emotions as at last they spread
to every part of her demanding body. By now Aryan’s hand
had worked its way under her ridden up skirt. He was gently,
very gently pressing his palm on to her skin as though massaging
her thigh, feeling the softness of her body. He was close
… very close to her pussy. “We have been working together
for quite some time now. How come you have never invited
me over to meet your family, ” said Aryan.

His voice, just a whisper, was having a magnetic effect
on her. “You have a date – with me, my husband and our
kids, ” Rohini said in a flash.

“Great, ” said Aryan his eyes devouring the dark shape
of her areolas firmly imprinted on her blouse. His hand
continued to gently explore her inner thighs. The heat
of his palm was searing her thigh. For the next few moments
neither of them spoke. She was feeling suddenly scared.
Her body was sending signals she didn’t want to acknowledge.
“It’s late now. I better leave, ” Rohini heard herself
speak from far away. For a moment Aryan didn’t reply.

He gently brushed away the strands of her hair falling across
her face. He let his fingers trace the outlines of her cheekbone.
He let them rest for a moment at the nape of her neck.

“Okay, if you have to, ” he finally whispered.

He bent forward and kissed her near the corner of her cheeks.
Aryan pressed his lips and held them there for a moment,
brushing her lips with his as he withdrew. Rohini got up
and with a quick good bye she made her way out.

The night she was not able to sleep and found her sitting
on the couch sipping a beer. Rahul and the kids had already
gone to sleep when she arrived home.

She was letting things get out of her hands. Aryan overtly
sexual behavior had made it pretty clear that he was interested
in having an affair. It was her own reaction to his overtures
that was disturbing her. It was exciting to realize that
a man other than her husband wanted to fuck her. But she was
letting this game go too far.

She smiled to herself as she remembered how Aryan had felt

Rohini opened her legs and began playing with herself and
imagined Aryan in the nude.

He had a strong muscular body. It would be nice to press close
hers close to his. Rohini let out a low moan of passion as
she imagined Aryan straddling her.

Her fingers quickened their circular motion over her erect
clit as a warm feeling engulfed her, slowly drifting into
an erotic dream.

She could feel her body responding to the fondling of her
breasts. She squirmed to allow him to get a better access
to her body. He was rubbing his cock against her ass cheeks.
His manhood was hard, warm, impassioned.

“Manhood? Aryan was fucking her?” Rohini opened her
eyes wide. She looked round to find Rahul next to her. She
had gone to sleep fingering herself.

“What made you late?” asked Rahul as she made her way
to the bathroom. “I woke up in the night to find you sleeping
on the couch with your nightie pushed up

“My meeting with Aryan finished late and by the time I
got back you were asleep, so I had a beer and fingered myself
to sleep, “said Rohini as she stepped inside the bathroom,
her face turning a scarlet red with embarrassment. My God,
if he knew what I had been dreaming about thought Rohini
with a shudder. “Hey, I would like to meet this guy who
sends home my wife all heated up.” said Rahul with a wink
as she made her way back to the bedroom with her bathing gown
tightly wrapped around her curvaceous body. “Oh, he
wants to meet you. Should we have him over for dinner this
Friday?” asked Rohini as she thought how close Rahul
was to the truth. Sure said Rahul as he got ready and left
for office taking the children to drop on the way to school.
Rohini didn’t get much time to think about the dinner
date. She had to utilize every minute at her office to finish
her work and then rush home for the evening schedule. It
was Thursday before she could seriously think about calling
Aryan over for dinner. The next day Rohini took the afternoon
off to prepare for the evening and made a call to Aryan to
remind him about the dinner at her home. She decided to prepare
some Punjabi dishes. Something nice and peppy. For the
evening wear Rohini decided to wear embroidered blouse
and a skirt that ended near her knees.

Aryan arrived on time, “You look lovely, ” he said
in her ear

Rohini smiled at the compliment and then introduced him
to her husband. They seemed to get along well. They talked
about their office work, the ongoing cricket matches .Rohini
listened to the men as they sipped their drinks. After another
round of drinks they finally settled down for dinner.

Aryan seated himself next to Rohini as Rahul took the chair
on the opposite side.

Rahul you are one hell of a lucky guy, ” Aryan, rested
his left hand on Rohini’s knee as he said it. He continued
to caress her as the dinner progressed. Rohini looked towards
her husband Rahul. Rahul didn’t seem to notice anything.
Aryan pushed up her skirt as he stroked her thighs. Rohini
flushed as a warm sensation swept over her body. A couple
of times Rahul looked at her as though trying to reading
something in the expression of her face but didn’t say
anything. Her skirt was now pushed up to her hips. Aryan’s
warm roving hand was resting between her thighs, feeling
the heat rise from her pussy.

Then he began to gently apply pressure.

“Oh, my God!!” she thought. “He wants me to open up
my legs in front of my husband!!”

A tight knot began forming in her stomach. Her body was sending
signals she didn’t want to sense.

The situation she found herself in was making her hot. She
began parting her legs. Aryan placed his hand over her panties,
causing a shiver. He kept it there, pressing the fabric
between her pussy lips.

Then he began to rub her pussy. Rohini sighed and rested
back on her chair letting the lust take over her body.

Her breasts heaved and her body shook as she welcomed the
orgasmic emotions rushing thru her body. Rohini saw her
husband looking her way with a questioning look. “My
facial expressions must be worrying him, ” she thought.

Gently she indicated to her glass to show that the drinks
were effecting her. Rahul continued to look at her for a
moment then he nodded and continued conversing with Aryan.
This had gone far enough.

Aryan would look at her now and then with a knowing expression
in his eyes. “He knows I’m in his. He knows I have accepted
his gestures, ” thought Rohini.

Aryan looked at his watch and exclaimed, “Wow! It’s
late. Thanks for the lovely evening. I enjoyed it.” Rohini
got up and saw him off up to the main door. As they stood alone
at the lobby near the elevator, Aryan leaned forward and
before she could react kissed her slowly on her trembling

“You smell wonderful” he whispered holding her close,
kneading her buttocks with his hands.

Rohini wanted to say something. But before she could say
anything, he gave her butt a last squeeze and moved towards
his car.

The next few days Rohini avoided any meeting with Aryan.
Every time she thought of their scandalous behavior during
the dinner left her breathing heavily. It felt nice to be
lusted for. But could she dare take it further? It was Friday
noon when Aryan called her up.

Aryan asked her if she can go out with her for dinner and stay
back in the night as they can complete the pending project
work. Rohini was in two minds but somehow unknowingly said

Rohini called Rahul and told him she won’t be able to come
home today as she will be stuck in office work to which Rahul
nodded and Rohini’s mind once again drifted to Aryan’s

They both got into the car and Aryan reached his home in no
time. He took her inside his home.

Both of them were silent as they got inside.

Aryan had put on some soft music and it was initiating a meltdown
of her resistance.

“Let’s dance this, ” Aryan said. He took her hand
and helped her off the couch.

They danced close. Rohini felt comfortable in his arms
as they slowly drifted across the room. Every now and then
her breasts would brush against his chest. It aroused a
tingling sensation in her nipples, one that was spreading
down to between her legs.

Aryan slid his left hand down from her waist and rested his
palm on her bums. As they moved around, he began to rub her
cheeks in slow circular motions.

Flashy hotness was engulfing Rohini’s body as they continued
their erotic dance. Aryan drew her close. She rested her
face on his shoulder. She pressed her lips against his hairy
chest. A moan inadvertently escaped her lips. Both her
hands were by now around Aryan neck. They were almost motionless,
only swaying to the music. Aryan hands were freely roaming
all over her body. He cupped her breast with his hand, gently
squeezing it while his other hand explored the roundness
of her rear.

Then they stood motionless. A man and a woman in close embrace.

Aryan rubbed his fingers along her neck. “You are a complete
woman Sam, a complete woman.”

Their eyes locked for an instant, and then Aryan bent to
kiss her.

Rohini tilted her face in mute acceptance. His lips pressed
upon hers. With a hungry intensity he kissed her lips. She
reciprocated the intensity by opening her mouth for his
passionate invasion.

Their tongues pressed together as Aryan began squeezing
both her breasts. His cock was rubbing against her belly
as his right hand applied pressure on her nipples from above
her blouse. Then Aryan stood back and released her from
his hot embrace .He looked at her with deep, somber eyes.

“Remove your clothes.”

“What are you saying, Aryan?”

“Rohini I have never met a woman like you – complete
in all respects. I want to see you – admire you in all senses.”

Slowly Rohini unbuttoned her blouse .Button by button
it opened up. It hung open exposing her bra.

“Take it off.”

She slipped it off. He was admiring her breasts, now encased
in her white bra. Her breasts were heaving in response to
his stare. She looked into his eyes and responded to an unspoken command
by unzipping her skirt. It fell on the carpet. She stepped
out of it. Her panties were wet. This was not lost to Aryan
who stared intently between her thighs. He was breathing

Aryan removed his shirt and tossed it aside. The sight of
his hairy chest made her tremble.

“Your bra, ” he ordered.

Rohini sighed. Her hands went behind and she unclasped
the hook. Aryan stepped closer as her lovely breasts freed
themselves from their captivity. They stood out, proud
and pert. The nipples were taut and pointing towards him.

He stood transfixed. His eyes took in the fullness of her
breasts as they shook gently.

Aryan was mesmerized by her large reddish brown areolas.
The nipples were fully erect, sending him a clear signal
of the state of her emotions. He licked his lips.

Only her panties remained.

“Rohini, ” he softly said, barely audible.

“Aryan. Aryan, please. I think we’ve gone too far already, ”
pleaded Rohini.

Her big, blue eyes looked pleadingly into his face.

He continued to stare intently at her.

Neither spoke.

Then as if in a trance, Rohini turned to her right and began
sliding down her panties. She stooped to remove them and
then stood up. Slowly she turned back to face him.

She was clean shaven. Her pussy glistened with juice and
sweat. Her wet lips were engorged and the pink inner lips
were protruding. Aryan went down on his knees in front of
her, his face close to her slit. He closed his eyes and deeply
inhaled her womanly smell.

Then he moved behind her.

He affectionately gazed at her curvy ass. Rohini could
feel her ample juices wetting her inner thighs. Rohini
continued standing in only her high heels as Aryan began
running his hands over both her calves. She shuddered at
the contact.

“Smooth, ” he murmured. “Beautiful.”

His roving hands moved to her thighs, then her buttocks.
He felt them, rubbed them. Then he caught them and gently
pried them apart to view her brown hole. Aryan placed his
hand on her ass crack and began running his fingers up and
down. He continued upward to feel her bare back. Again and
again Aryan let his hands play all over her naked back. Rohini
closed her eyes and tilted her head, savouring the sensation.

Aryan stood up and came in front of her. Her eyes were still
closed, her naked breasts heaving with each breath she
sucked in with her partly open lips.

Rohini heard the sound of his zip coming down. She opened
her eyes wide.

“Aryan what are you -”

“Rohini it’s only fair you should see me.”

His cock sprang out. Rohini stared dumbfounded at his manhood.
It was big, handsome. The knob was smooth and red. And yes
he was circumcised.

After marriage this was the first time she had seen another
man’s cock. Aryan was handsome. His semi erect cock proudly
dangled in front of him.

He took his cock in his hand and began playing with it, all
along staring at her naked breasts. It began growing –

“Look Rohini. Look what your beauty is doing to me.”

She continued to gaze at his cock. It was now extremely hard
and sticking out proudly at a nice angle and a bit of curve.
Her thoughts went to her husband. Aryan’s cock was very
straight, no curve at all, and cut with a well-shaped knob.
Aryan continued to move his hand up and down his shaft which
was already wet with precum. His breath was getting heavier
with every stroke. Her pussy was aching for the feel of his
manly hands over it. She parted her legs a bit.

Suddenly, all the pent up lust they felt for each other exploded.
Aryan grabbed her, pulling her hard against him. They began
kissing furiously, their tongues swirling furiously
inside each other’s mouth, their pelvises grinding,
hands grabbing each other’s ass, pulling harder against
each other as their desperate, horny lust took over.

“You’re so big and hard, ” she moaned, grinding

Aryan leaned over her and began covering her hot pulsating
body with a flurry of kisses.

Rohini leaned forward, pressing her lips to his skin, tasting
him with slow sweeps of her tongue, learning him with soft
brushes of her lips. His heat, his scent, the mere feel of
him was making Rohini’s head spin, making her catch her
breath. She dug her fingernails into his back as Aryan continued
to feast upon her, taking his time, savouring her textures,
her flavour.

Aryan got down between her legs, his balls and swollen cock
hovering above her panting body and began rubbing his middle
finger up and down her slit, teasing her, stroking lightly,
dipping into her pussy, pulling out, playing with her,
Then he added a second finger, thrusting deep then slowly
pulling it out again, feeling her pussy gripping his fingers
with each thrust. Rohini gasped as his stubble covered
cheeks brushed against her inner thighs. He moved closer,
his tongue playing on her dripping pussy, In response to
his ministrations Rohini lifted her legs higher, opening
her pussy, arching her back, thrusting her pussy harder
against his tongue. Aryan played his tongue slowly up and
down her slit, going deeper with each swipe, loving the
delicious juiciness of her pussy, the pungent aroma of
her sex, the deep guttural sounds coming from both their
mouths as he devoured her dripping pussy. He found her engorged

He shifted his position and placed his lips over it, sucking
hard, causing her to jolt and shudder. Fire burned beneath
her skin, wetness tickling her thighs as it trickled from
her nearly spasming pussy, her moans echoing with his groans,
perfectly synchronized.

A whimper tittered on her lips as Aryan strong hips push
between the roundness of her thighs, forcing them open,
and the thick ridge of his impressive cock pressed against
her wet pussy. Her teeth sank into her lower lip as his cock
stretched her with a slow burn, tight muscles protesting
the girth. Lips fell open. With one last nudge of his hips
he took her fully, pressing all the way to the limits of her

Holding still, Rohini could feel him pulse, her body stretched
tightly around him. Hot breath teased her ear, her only
warning a deep manly growl before Aryan pulls back and slammed
forward. He rode her hard and fast, groaning in her ear with
each ramming thrust, using her body as he saw fit, taking
his pleasure and giving her more in return.

Rohini felt his hips move faster, and he seemed swell even
more, challenging the limits of her pussy, pushing through
the too tight pleasure ravaged muscles of her pussy.

She felt herself coming apart as her orgasm took hold of
her body, so deep in intensity that no sound passed her lips.
Her eyes had tears in them.

Aryan exploded in a huge, mind blowing orgasm, his sperm
gushing into her, his thrusting harder and faster as spurt
after spurt of hot cum poured into her like lava from a volcano.
Aryan kept his cock in her tight pussy as though Rohini had
milked every ounce from him. Finally, he collapsed on her,
still writhing in the aftershocks of his huge mind-blowing
orgasm, his limp body laying heavily, her tits crushed
against his chest, his head on her shoulder, unable to breath,
his deflated cock pressed against their wetness, the aroma
of our sex filling the room.

After a few moments, she began running her fingers through
her hair. They were both completely spent.

“Open your eyes, ” he demanded wanting her there with
him. “Look at me.” So she did.

“Always love me, ” she begged softly. “Don’t
ever stop.” She was still Cumming. He could feel the twitching.
And his own climax swept through his body as she whimpered,
her lips still touching his.

They clung to each other desperately. She wrapped her legs
back around his waist and pulled him close, loving the feeling
of his body shuddering and spasming on top of her, thrusting
those last few thrusts, then collapsing against her, burying
his face in her neck. She looked down at the top of his head
and placed a kiss there, still feeling the pulsing of her
lips around his softening cock.

Exhausted they lay entwined for a long time till sleep took
hold of them.

Her cell rang.

Rohini got up with a start and looked at the number.

It was Rahul. She got up. “I have to go, now.”

Rohini was feeling guilty about facing Rahul and decided
to stop before it’s too late. She got back to her office,
she felt a bit flustered. This was different. She took a
deep breath, smoothed her dark hair down with her hands,
and got back to work. Must be some sort of hormonal shift,
Rohini thought to herself. He’s just a man. And besides.
You’re married.

Rohini was ignoring Aryan and trying to make less contact
after the home episode but somehow she was also annoyed
with Aryan not getting in touch of her.

In the mean while Aryan was talking to Vinod something in
private about and Rohini just was passing by. The both glanced
at each other and smiled and Rohini’s heart once again
start fluttering with her mind not in her control.

Next few days both were playing hide and seek with each other
and more desperate they got to be with each other. Rohini
received a ping on her phone and it was Aryan

“Can’t stop thinking about you, with a smiley “.
Rohini replied “so, what’s on your mind”? Aryan
replied lets plan a vacation. Rohini seems confused but
managed to say yes to him and they started planning for excuses
at home to be told. Aryan was thinking in his office where
he assumed that he loved Rohini but her fears will take her
away. So he decided to make the trip secret and not to reveal
any details to Rohini unless and until they reach there.
Rohini was thinking about the vacation and the excuse she
got to make to Rahul.

Slowly and steadily she was drifting towards Aryan and
getting away from Rahul.

She had mixed emotions but happy and smiling thinking about
the vacation and her mind was wandering the honey moon.
As that was the last time she had a long vacations due to the
hectic office work and the kids to take care of. Aryan in
his mind has decided to make Rohini his own and open her and
make her his own wife.

Aryan made a few calls and planned the vacation trip and
the place however it was just his secret.

Rohini completed her work and made her way home with her
mind occupied with vacation.

Rahul was waiting for her home and the kids just hugged her
as she walked inside. She gave them kisses and turned to
Rahul who was anxious to make love to her.

Rohini completed her housework and dinner and after having
walked into the bedroom where Rahul was anxiously waiting
for her.

I am really lucky to have you as my wife. All my friends are
jealous, but I feel proud.” She liked the flattering
words and blushed “Thank you as Rahul spoke to her.

His hands started roaming her body and Rohini was responding
to his touches. Rahul now made her lie on the bed and started
kissing her slowly from head to toe and even after such a
long time of marriage Rohini still was shy and like a teenage
girl in her honeymoon which Rahul always loved in her.

He moved closer to her until their thighs and shoulders
were rubbing against each other. He pulled her palms from
her face and looked at her lovely face. Her juicy pink lips
were inviting. Her eyes shuttered in shyness. And a slight
smile beautified her face. He lifted her chin with his hand
and looked into her eyes and said “I love you” and kissed
her lips. It was the softest thing he had ever tasted. He
took her upper lip between his lips and sucked it sensually.
She began to respond by lifting her chin up to meet his height.
She let Rahul sensually suck her lips and kissed his lips
in turn. Rahul was holding her palm while he was kissing
her lips and felt her grip tighten. She was enjoying it too.
They kissed again for what seemed like eternity.

Slowly Rahul undressed her and himself and now she was touching
and holding his dick in her hands and massaging with her
fingers in circular motion.

He opened her legs and placed his dick at the opening of her
love hole and started moving inside. Rohini let out a moan
and was responding by pushing her up in air. Slowly Rahul
was increasing his pace moving in and out. Rohini was under
his influence and both of them nearing orgasm. Rohini gave
a loud moan and it was unusual for her to be so loud.

As both of them lying hugging each other Rohini’s mind
started wondering about how lucky she is too be loved by
Rahul and care about her. She kissed him and said I am going
to miss you for a week. Rahul was surprised and asked her
what she meant about a week. Rohini very skilfully was making
her point to convince Rahul. Rohini told Rahul about her
office client trip to Bangalore for a week for important
business to which Rahul nodded however little suspect
but dint doubt her and kissed her back and said yes. They
both lay each other in their arms and went to sleep.

Rohini made her way back to office to find Aryan in the parking
to whom she smiled and nodded about the plans.

Aryan was very happy to get a confirmation and wanted to
take her in his arms right in the parking but stopped himself
not to make the other office colleagues suspicious.

As the days passed by in office and the vacation day was near
Rohini made herself ready and to her way on airport. Rahul
was having a concern look on his face and kissed her and repeating
to her to take care and be in touch without fail.

Rohini joined Aryan at the airport where they both smiled
at each other and spoke about office project as aware about
the presence Rahul. Rahul spoke to Aryan and asked him to
take care to which Aryan assured him that he need not bother
and he will be there with her for the most of the part. Rahul
felt assured and turned his way to home. Rohini was still
not aware about the location and asked Aryan his plans to
which he winked and asked her to relax and say trust me it’s
our honey moon and I want to surprise you. Rohini blushed
at the words honeymoon. As they boarded the plane that’s
when Rohini realized they were heading to island.

When the shuttle from the airport dropped them off, they
discovered their accommodations were a beachfront chalet
with the sand right outside their door.

Inside they found a comfortable living area, a mini-kitchen
and a plush king-sized bed.

“Hey, let’s try out the bed, ” Aryan teasing as they
set their bags inside the door.

Rohini blushed like a newlywed bride and said “Let’s
do the beach first. We can spend all night in bed.” Hearing
her words Aryan puller her close and said you are a naughty

As they got settled in the room Aryan handed Rohini a small
suitcase full of clothes. Rohini was surprised and Aryan
told her that from now onward he is his husband and they are
on their honeymoon and he will be happy if she also be his
newly wed bribe. Rohini just nodded and laughing said ok
my sweet hubby. She was now completely being under the spell
of Aryan and with so far from home had less choice and beyond
thinking of the consequences of her adultery.

Aryan handed her a rather modest size bikini while changing
himself into long boxer trunks. Rohini looked at the bikini
and protested to Aryan about being too exposing to which
he winked my sweet wife we are far away from our home and no
one hear is going to know what we wear and the only person
to know her his him and he has seen her far much in better ways
than what she is wearing.

Rohini rather reluctantly changed into the bikini and
Aryan took her hands and headed towards the beach.

Rohini gave a pose to Aryan and they both smiled

On her way Rohini noticed a sign “Clothing optional”
and she saw a foreign couple walking completely nude.

As the couple passed besides them the Guy just looked at
them and said “Come on guys get nude”

Aryan smiled at the couples and just said oh yes why not?
Rohini was now in a shock and looked at Aryan with anger.
Aryan without looking at Rohini slipped down his trunks
and inner wears and he was now complete nude in front of her.

Rohini was rather reluctant now and holding to her bikini
as Aryan looked at her and said your turn wife. Rohini was
no way going to be nude as she never have thought about the
same and not even had any such experience till date. Aryan
moved closed to her and Rohini took a step back a little worried
and afraid. Aryan holded the towels he was carrying with
him which he spread and asked Rohini to pull down her bikini
as no one can see her then.

After almost 5 minutes Rohini finally pulled her bikini
and was not completely nude.

Aryan was admiring her beauty as she was the most beautiful
thing with a great face firm breasts and round ass and wonder
how did she managed to keep herself so fit after having two
kids. Her nipples where tight now with just a pinkish shade
to them.

As they started moving Rohini noticed many eyes looking
at her but was also relieved to find that all the couples
where just like they are now and busy with each other.

Aryan made way near the waters and spread the towel where
they settled and Rohini still was very quiet and not talking
or looking at Aryan at all.

Just then a middle aged woman passing nearby looked curiously
at Aryan and her eyes was on his dick which was rock hard and
Rohini saw her staring and gave her a stern look to which
she understood and moved on.

Aryan now looked at her and pulled her close and kissed on
her lips with his hands straight away resting on her breasts.
Rohini was now getting somehow relaxed and responding
to his kisses and their tongues now moving into each other.

Starting at her ankles, Aryan moved up her legs, over the
calves, and up her thighs. From the inside of her thigh,
he slipped his hand under her, fondling her outer lips.
She sighed with pleasure and spread her legs a bit, giving
him better access to her pussy. Slipping two fingers into
her already wet vagina, he used his thumb to stroke her clit.
Her hips began to undulate, her ass rose and fell and his
hand continued to plunder her. As she approached her peak,
she fisted the towel beneath her, and went over in a shuddering

Rohini was totally under his spell and dint mind Aryan’s
touch in open on a beach as she could see most of the couples
busy in doing sex and enjoying their vacation or may be honeymoon.

“Aryan, I want to talk to you about something. For some
reason, I find I really get off on being naked in front of
other people. Does it bother you if other men look at me?”

“Not if all they do is look. It kind of turns me on, watching
them watching you. Rohini’s hands was now on his dick
holding and massaging it while Aryan was fingering her
and moved two fingers and maintaining a steady pace.

As the time passed by they decided to take a walk on the beach
and Rohini was now more than open and all of sudden it looked
as it’s just some other girl.

While walking they saw many couples doing what they were
doing just a while back and they moved towards the resort.
They made themselves comfortable near the bar outside
in the garden and Rohini realized that the resort too was
having “Clothing optional” and she could see many
guys and there wife’s in their laps.

The band there was playing some African drums and tunes
and many couples dancing. The one good thing was about the
beach and resort was it was strictly couples and no singles
were allowed and no one with complete clothes. Aryan and
Rohini were now having martini and Rohini was now completely
in control of the situation and no more nervous or worried.

Just then a couple walked to us and they looked Indian and
the guy came near us and introduced himself and his wife
as Aarti and Akshay. He looked happy to find Indian couple
in such a place. Aryan and Akshay wasted no time and started
talking about business where Rohini could sense from the
corner of her eyes he was looking at Aarti and she was beautiful
and around 23 yrs. old.

Rohini and Aarti greeted each other and started chatting
over a drink and Rohini’s eyes wondered to Akshay as he
was well built but his dick was thick and hard and almost
10 inches and she has never seen in her life so many guys and
gals’ nude around and the curiosity got better of her
than her shyness.

After chatting for some time we both headed to our rooms
and promised to be in touch with each other during the stay
in resort.

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