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It was after midnight when my cellphone rang. It was my girlfriend,
Jennifer, calling. “Jen, what the hell? It’s really
late”. Jennifer’s voice was low and hard to hear; there
was water running in the background. “Victoria, I’m
scared and I don’t know what to do”. I sat straight up,
all traces of sleep gone. “It’s ok, Jen, where are you
and what’s going on?” I asked.

I’ll get back to the rest of that conversation shortly
but to bring you up on whom and what gave rise to this midnight
call I need to roll the clock back about six months. Jennifer
and I met each other at work several years back. Mostly just
a ‘work friends’ sort of thing until her douche bag,
ex-husband dumped her to bang some piece at his office a
couple of years ago. I knew he was an asshole the first time
I met him and figured she was way better off without him.
But they’d been married for over 30 years and Jennifer
was totally floored by his exit; she had no idea what a tool
he was and thought the sun rose and set on him. I mean, really,
she wasn’t a great prize in the looks department, but
she was fun and she worshipped that jerk, but she should
have scraped him from the bottom of her shoe years earlier.
Jen went through the usual depression phase and we became
real friends after I reached out to lift her up through that.
Since then, we got to be pretty close on most things and went
shopping, or did spa days, that sort of thing. She came over
to our place often for dinner and just hanging out and Mark,
my husband, was understanding and took her under his wing
as well; sort of like a sister.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Mark and I were throwing a
pool party (all vanilla; Memorial Day thing for the neighbors)
and Jen was there. She seemed a little excited and was asking
me about one of the guys horsing around in our pool. Of course,
he was the spitting image of Mr. Douche Bag. “I’m not
sure, ” I said, “I think he came with Sheila. Why?”
She just sort of deflated in front of me. “Victoria, I’ve
got to tell you the truth. I haven’t had sex since before
my divorce. All those times I told you I did were just made
up. I thought maybe I’d go talk with that guy and you know….”
I’m pretty sure my jaw literally dropped - now it was my
turn to be floored. I know she wasn’t winning any beauty
prizes but she was nice, had big tits and, hell ‘a stiff
prick has no conscience’ and all that. I assumed she was
getting laid at least occasionally. “Victoria, I’m
sorry, but sometimes I get intimidated by you. You’re
super-hot, you’ve got guys hitting on you all the time
when I’m with you (true), and I know the stories you’ve
told me about you and Mark and the ‘stuff’ you’ve
both done are all true. I didn’t want you to think I was
a complete loser.” For a second, I didn’t know what
to say or do and just stood there looking at her, but only
for a second. “Ok, here’s what we’ll do, ” I said,
“First, that guy is a drip just like ‘(Mr. Douche Bag)’,
forget him, you can do a lot better. Second, I’ve got an
idea and some suggestions but I want to get Mark’s input.”
She winced when I mentioned Mark. “Look Jen, he knows
about guys and how they operate - what makes them tick - better
than I do, he gives great advice, and he won’t judge you,
so relax. Just hang on until these folks go home.”

Jen helped us clean up and put everything away after everyone
was gone. It was about 9PM; I grabbed her arm and a bottle
of wine and plopped down by the fire pit. I called back to
Mark to bring three glasses and join us. As he sipped his
wine, I laid out the story to Mark. I could see that Jennifer
was really uncomfortable but other than looking at her
a couple of times, Mark didn’t say anything, just listened
until I finished. He waited a second while his ‘wheels’
were spinning. “Ok, ” he said, “sounds like a problem
but definitely solvable. What are you thinking?” That’s
Mark, Mr. Business Executive, give him a problem and he’ll
whip up a Power Point presentation with a five-point plan
and plow ahead, no blame, no excuses, just ‘let’s get
this done’. I said, “Well, this girl needs some dick
and I figured you…” but he didn’t let me finish. “Whoa,
whoa, whoa, slow down there princess. Besides the fact
that Jennifer just about came out of her skin when you said
that; it’s, at best, a really short-term response, this
is a longer-term issue and requires a different solution.”
See what I mean about Mr. Business? “Ok then, what do you
think?” I asked. Mark turned to Jennifer and asked her
a bunch of questions; some were just background, like ‘no
bullshit now – really how old are you?’ but mostly they
were about her marriage, her earlier sex life, what turned
her on (boring) or off, what she wanted now, where she wanted
to be in a year, what she had tried, what had worked, what
didn’t, what she was comfortable and uncomfortable
with, what parts of her body she thought were good and what
was not, what kind of man did she find attractive and why,
was she looking for a husband, and so on. No judgment, no
snickering, but a lot of follow-up, clarifying questions.
I could tell Jen was really antsy at first, but pretty quick
she realized that he was trying to help and she opened up.
It was clinical, like a doctor visit, but in ten minutes
he found out more about Jennifer than I had learned in the
previous five years. No wonder he makes the big bucks.

“Ok, ” he said, “I’ve got a few ideas and some of
this will need Victoria’s help”, he nodded at me, “but
I think it’ll work out just fine. But, I’d like to make
sure of a couple of things first. You might not want to and
you don’t have to but, honestly, I really just want to
help you and what you’ve done until now hasn’t worked.
Will you just go along and trust me on this?” Jennifer
had been growing more relaxed until then, but now she got
nervous. I didn’t know what Mark had in mind, and neither
did she, but she shrugged and said that she was game.

Mark continued, “Jennifer, what I’m going to say will
be blunt and you probably won’t like it right now. But
to fix anything you’ve got to be honest, so that’s what
I’m going to be, but more importantly you’ve got to
be honest with yourself. Ok? Let’s start with the external
or objective items, then the mental or attitude issues.
First off, you’re fairly plain (ouch, no holds barred)
and….” I jumped in, “that’s not fair, she’s…”,
but Mark cut me off. “Victoria, everybody that tells
a plain girl that she’s pretty or beautiful on the inside
or anything like that is slinging bullshit, you know it,
I know it, and Jennifer should know it. It isn’t helping
her to lie to her. She’s not ugly, just plain – right?”
I hated the way he said it, but I knew he was right and I nodded.
Mark looked back to Jen and said, “Jen, plain isn’t
necessarily bad, hell that’s what make-up and hair styling
is for, it’s just average. Think about it – most people
are average, that’s the whole definition of average.
Now the truth is that most men are ok with average, you just
have to work a little harder to be better, even slightly
better, than average. This means you’ve got to improve
your make-up and hair and change the type of clothes you
wear. In fact, stand up right now and lose that warm-up jacket.”
Jennifer stood up; she was wearing baggy gym pants with
a pullover top and a zippered jacket that was too loose.
I almost thought she was going to storm off; her face was
red, but I couldn’t tell if it was anger or embarrassment,
but she unzipped the jacket, set it on a chair and was starting
to sit again when Mark said, “Just stand there.” “Ok,
turn around; let me see your backside.” She did it, then
he said, “Jennifer, I know you said that you thought your
best feature was your eyes and I agree, but it will take more
than that. Ok, kick off those flip-flops and take off your
pants.” She hesitated and looked around but our yard
is very private and she slipped off her gym pants. Mark sat
there and told her to turn around again. “Ok, we’ve
got some cellulite issues, but that’s nothing unexpected
in a 48-year old. Now off with the top.” She pulled her
top over her head and stood in front of Mark shivering a little;
now she was only wearing a bra and panties. “Alright, ”
Mark said, “from now on no more granny panties – ever
– go with thongs or anything small and lacy; same idea
on the bras. The one you’re wearing is too small - Victoria
can help with that stuff. Your ass has some potential but
it’ll need work” (what’s this – are we in an auto
body shop?) “No tats – that’s good. Jennifer, it
looks like you need to lose about 20 or 30 pounds, it’s
showing especially in your thighs and belly, but again
that’s not unusual. And stand up straight, posture is
important to both the way you look and your confidence;
if you stand up straight and stick your tits out like you’re
proud of them, you’ll be ahead of 75% of the other women.”
Jen straightened up but it just made her belly worse and
I giggled a little. “Victoria, do you want to help her
or not?” Mark asked. Ok, Mr. Tight Ass. I said I was sorry
and he went back to Jen. “Jennifer, this will probably
take a few months and it will seem like the hardest thing,
but it will get easier with time, and I know that you’ve
had a tough time with diets in the past, but you’re just
going to have to deal with it, so focus. No booze, lots of
veggies, no starches or breads, lean meats. And Victoria
will get you going at her gym, start slow but start. You’re
not going to be a body builder, but you need to tone up in lots
of places, especially under your arms and your legs. It
took you a lifetime to get in the shape you are now, but if
you bust your butt, you can change that in about 2 months.
Now for the bra and panties, ” he said. I was surprised
that she didn’t balk, but she just reached behind and
unsnapped her bra and let it slide off her arms, then she
pulled off the panties. “Ok, not bad; your tits are full
and pretty good. Yeah, I know they sag a little, but hey you’re
almost 50 and that shit happens. Jennifer, I’ve seen
a lot worse; I think you should emphasize your tits more
– Victoria this is your area.” (WTF, do you think I’m
working for you?). “Would you mind standing with your
legs apart?” She did as he asked and he leaned forward
almost putting the tip of his nose on her clit and said, “Nothing
unusual, nothing smells bad, hygiene is acceptable, lips
and hood look ok.”

“Victoria, would you mind grabbing Jennifer a towel
or robe or something, please?” I walked over to where
we kept beach towels for the pool, pulled one out and handed
it to Jennifer. She wrapped it around herself, said thanks
and sat down. Mark appraised her some more. “Ok, ”
he said, “diet, exercise every day alternating weights
and aerobics, and work on the posture; Victoria is going
to take the lead on clothing but this will mostly be on you.
Are you ready?” He asked but didn’t wait for her response.
“Now, all that will seem hard, and it will be, but the next
will really be challenging. You need to unlearn some bad
habits and replace those with good, some things are just
little ‘tricks of the trade’ but most of it is attitude.
First, you’ve either been sitting around waiting for
some guy to hit on you and when that didn’t work you approached
them and struck out. Finding guys who want to talk to you
and fuck you isn’t hard, hell that’s ingrained into
the species but you’ve got to do some groundwork. Here’s
a couple of tricks if you’re trying to get guys to hit,
if not, do what you want – first, no large groups of girls,
three of you together is the limit. Guys are already nervous
about rejection and most won’t approach a group. The
imaginary walk of shame back is too hard for them or they’ll
get mouthy and belligerent – either way, not good. Second,
always have a ‘wing man’; it helps to have an extra set
of eyes for one thing and you won’t feel as out of place
or seem desperate with a girlfriend – just don’t get
so involved in the ‘girl talk’ that you aren’t aware
of some guy trying to catch your eye. One thing though - your
‘wing man’ shouldn’t be as pretty as you. You want
to be the ‘catch’ of the pair and every guy will evaluate
a pair of girls together and move on the better one – you
want to be that better one. This means don’t sit next to
a beautiful woman at a bar; move over as far away as you can.
Ok, just to be blunt again, that means you can’t try to
get picked up with Victoria around – it just won’t work
unless there are two or more guys, but even then you get the
slug. And unless you’re sure the other girl is the wing
man, assume you are.” Something sort of clicked in here
and she turned to me. Mark said, “Don’t blame Victoria,
she wasn’t cock-blocking you intentionally. But she’s
a natural at bringing men around and probably doesn’t
even think about it consciously. But she can be a great resource;
you girls go out, have a good time, but pay attention to her
actions, body language, what she does, how she talks, and
all that stuff. Learn from her; like I said, she’s a natural.
You’ll eventually develop your own flirting style but
if you ever knew how to flirt, you’re way out of practice,
so watch Victoria; she probably winked at the obstetrician
when she was born.” (Asshole, but he had a point). “Just
don’t expect any action when she’s around. Oh, that’s
another thing – all other women are your competition
when you’re on the prowl. You don’t have to be and shouldn’t
be all catty about it, just don’t get hung up on some notion
of ‘sisterhood’ or ‘female solidarity’; that’s
fine when you’re just with friends or over here but it
will work against you in the dating world. There’s a lot
more of this kind of thing, but we’ll cover that later.”

“All this other stuff is important, but it’s not vital,
what is critical is your attitude. You’ve got to believe
that you are attractive and that men want you and then project
that belief. You have to be confident, not arrogant you
understand, but confident. If you think you’re pretty
and any guy would be lucky to have you, then you are and you
become irresistible to most guys. You’ll carry yourself
differently and see men differently and they’ll definitely
see you differently. At first, you will just be acting,
but getting in shape, dressing the part, and learning from
Victoria, and my guidance will help build your confidence,
but in the end it will be all you and how you see yourself.
It sounds easy, but it’s really the hardest part. You’ve
got to change how you see yourself and overcoming a lifetime
of poor self-image isn’t for the weak. This is more than
just getting a man, it’s about being happy with who you
are and comfortable that you’re a woman, the object of
men’s desire, which is wonderful, nothing less.”
“Are you ready for all this and is this what you want?”
Jennifer thought for a minute and said, “I’m ready.
When do we start?”

The next few weeks, Jennifer was constantly at our place.
Mark had her swimming laps every evening until she couldn’t
lift her arms, and I had her lifting weights every other
day at the gym. I took her shopping for sexy lingerie and
dresses. We got her hair done and I helped her with more complementary
colors of eyeshade and all the rest. Mark and I both gave
advice and examples long into the night. We shocked her
a bit when I gave a demonstration on how to really suck cock,
using Mark as the test subject; beyond the fact that she
had never been present when other people were having sex,
it was that she hadn’t seen a real dick in years. She was
really turned on and was literally begging for it, but Mark
wouldn’t allow it, only for her to watch and learn. He
said it was some shit about maintaining objectivity but
it just felt cruel to me. It was gradual but in about 8 weeks,
the change was remarkable. This charm school stuff was
wearing me out and really cutting into my own fun, but Jennifer
was really blossoming.

A few times, I dressed both of up in little black strapless
dresses that highlighted our tits and legs, got our ‘fuck
me’ stiletto heels on, and took her to some of the places
around town. Mark would come along but sit separately,
just to watch and provide insight later. As Mark had said,
while I was there, it was like she was invisible to the good-looking
guys, lots of trolls but not quality stuff. Still it gave
her some practice flirting with men in general, even if
they were trolls. Once, about two months into this, we both
had guys flocking around. We were both dancing and flirting
and generally just teasing (at least for me – it was really
hard to not take off with some of these guys, I did give a couple
blowjobs out back but I was really in ‘need’ if you know
what I mean). Finally, Mark came over and took me out onto
the dance floor. He pointed to Jen at the bar and asked if
I noticed that whenever I was there, the guys were focused
on me, but when I was away, they were all over Jen. “I think
we need to see if our ‘butterfly’ is ready to fly, ”
he said. He walked over to her and asked her to dance. But
he just took her over to a place where they could talk and
a couple minutes later he came back to me. “That tall guy
with the black shirt, don’t you know him?” Yeah, I know
him and he knew me. “That’s Tony. He’s a major player
and we’ve been together a few times. Don’t you remember?”
“Oh yeah, that’s right, ” Mark said, “Jennifer
tells me she is really attracted to him and it seems mutual
- don’t you think?” I looked over and saw Tony with his
hand on Jen’s thigh with his thumb under her hem – about
two inches from her pussy and Jen was giving the wide-eyed
look straight back to him like he was the only guy in the world
and holding his bicep. Yeah, they were definitely into
each other. “I want you to go peel him off; think you can
do that?” Mark asked and said, “If you can catch him,
you can keep him. I’ll see you at home later.” No problem.
I went over and grabbed Tony’s ass as I sat down. He looked
over and shifted his hand from Jen’s leg to mine, except
he put his whole hand right at the top of my leg with his thumb
pressing slightly right on my clit. No one could see this
except Jen and I could tell she was bothered but not enough
to say or do anything. I pulled Tony’s head close with
my other hand, so he was looking down right at my tits and
told him to take me home and fuck me right now. Well, that
boy didn’t need to be told twice and we left Jen sitting

Mark told me later that after we left, Jen was just sitting
there sort of looking morose and the guys could see it and
weren’t coming by. After a little while, Mark took her
home. He asked her how she felt. She was disappointed in
me, and more than a little pissed off. “I thought Victoria
was my friend but she was such a bitch, ” I later heard.
Mark explained that I was her friend and that he asked me
to do it. Jen was puzzled, “Why?” “Jennifer, can
you see how far you’ve come in the past couple of months?”
“Yes, of course, ” she answered, “but what does
that have to do with it?” “I want you to really look at
how you felt when Victoria took Tony away from you. I know
you’re mad at her, but is there anything else?” Finally,
she told Mark that she wasn’t really pissed at me but that
she sort of expected it since Tony had been talking with
me earlier; she was disappointed in herself that she didn’t
say or do anything at the time and maybe a little relieved
too. Mark told her to not hold it against me and she still
had a little more training needed.

I could tell that Jen was a little pissed at me the next morning
at the gym but she didn’t say anything until later when
I called her. “Jen, ” I asked her, “are you pissed
about Tony?” At first she said no that Mark had explained
it to her and tried to change the topic, but I pressed, “Honey,
you could have had him.” “He kept asking me ‘if my
friend was interested in a threesome?’” “What?”
she said, “I thought he was all about you.” “No, honey.
You were all about me. You were looking to me for signs and
cues all night. You didn’t say a word when I took him from
you and then you just quit. How come?” “I didn’t think
I deserved it, I guess, ” she said. “Ok, you need to
build that confidence a little more. Mark and I are really
proud of you. He can be an asshole and sometimes his lessons
and tests sting but he was right. If you don’t have it in
you to either pull a guy like Tony back and tell someone like
me to back off, or propose something like a threesome, or
at least let it go and keep having a good time, you’re gonna
get your head messed with big time. Don’t confuse lust
and sex with love or you’ll break your heart.” “Besides, ”
I said, “Tony was a lousy lay; he popped off like a teenager
in 30 seconds and fell asleep.” Jen laughed. (I was lying
to save Jen’s feelings, Tony fingered me in the car until
I damn near drove off the road, ate me out until I was screaming,
and then fucked me until I was stupid and then fucked me some
more. I didn’t get home until the next morning about 8AM,
when I walked in with his semen still running down my leg,
feeling like a complete whore. I loved every minute. Good
old Tony the Tiger, ‘heeees GRRRRReat’.) But I said
to Jen, “I know it sucked last night, but Mark really did
you a favor.” “Doesn’t feel that way, ” she said.

I still saw Jen at the gym and she was really getting in shape.
We talked, but mostly commonplace things, and had lunch
a few times, but something was different and I wasn’t
sure what. I asked her if she was still upset with me and she
laughed it off. After a couple of weeks, Mark asked about
her and mentioned that he’d seen her at one of the local
spots one night, but he hadn’t talked with her, she had
a bunch of guys around and it was like she was holding court.
Then one night, Mark and I went out dancing and Jen was there.
She was dancing with lots of different guys and you could
tell they were really into her. She was giving each one her
undivided attention and doing all the things I had taught
her, and then shifting to another guy and making him feel
like he could be the ‘one’ tonight. You could see the
erections on about three guys as they stood trying to get
her attention; even old Tony the Tiger was sniffing around.
Anyway, I lost track of her in the bar after a while and just
concentrated on my own fun that night.

We had another pool party a couple of weeks ago, but this
one definitely wasn’t supposed to be vanilla and we had
four other couples and a couple of single guys. A few days
before, Mark suggested we invite Jen; mostly I think he
was just curious about what had happened to her. I wasn’t
sure if she’d be interested but I called her anyway. She
had a few questions (the usual ones) and said she’d be
there. Well, she came and in some ways it was like old times.
We caught up on recent happenings in each other lives and
I introduced her to everyone. She was definitely attracting
attention, especially from the solo guys since she was
the only solo girl, but really from everyone including
the other girls. She was almost strutting as she walked
over to talk to people.

At some point, everyone was naked and either in the pool
or in the spa and Jen was right in the middle of it. I was trying
to be the good hostess up to that point and was shuttling
drinks from the kitchen with Mark’s help. Finally, I
told Mark that we were going to get naked and join our party
and stop being the wait staff. He agreed and we walked out
on the deck. Mark just dropped everything and jumped in
the pool, but I gave a little strip tease for everyone and
stretched it out until I was sure that I had everyone’s
attention before slipping into the spa.

One of the solo guys, Gary, had been sitting next to Jen in
the spa with his hands all over her tits and his tongue down
her throat, but he stopped to watch my act and his eyes never
left me as I stepped into the hot water. “Hi Gary, ”
I said as I looked at his penis near the light under the bubbling
water. “Everyone’s on their own for drinks; it’s
my turn to have some fun now, ” I said to the group in the
spa, while I continued to stare at Gary’s growing cock.
As Gary started to shift to give me room to sit next to him,
Jen leaned over and said something in his ear. He nodded
and stood up and the water was dripping off his considerable
shaft. Gary sat on the edge as Jen deftly came around and
took all eight inches in her mouth and proceeded to give
him a blowjob. She had been at this for about 30 seconds when
Paul, our neighbor, came up behind her and pushed his absolutely
enormous dick in her pussy. Jen gasped like I did the first
time I fucked him (the damn thing is like a baseball bat),
but she kept giving Gary head while Paul pumped into her
from behind. Now, I’ve been ‘working’ with Paul
on his technique for a couple of years, but he’s a retired
Marine and he’s pretty much a ‘full speed ahead, damn
the torpedoes’ kind of guy. (I have gotten him to work
on his control, so he doesn’t cum so quickly as I did.)
Anyway, Paul is slapping every inch into Jen and her head
is slamming into Gary’s stomach each time but she didn’t
give up (kudos) despite the pounding she was getting. Now
all of this is happening within about 12 inches of me and
I was feeling a little left out but not for long. In about
a minute, Jen was moaning with pleasure; she was out of the
water enough that I could get under her and still keep breathing
above the water; I took her left breast and started to suck
on it and run my tongue around her nipple. Let me tell you,
this was quite a challenge since she was moving back and
forth about six inches every time Paul shoved that monstrous
cock in her and I was trying to avoid drowning but I’m talented.

Anyway, I hadn’t been at this very long when Gary’s
leg came up and sort of kicked me in the back of the head as
he shot his load in Jen’s mouth. I looked back and saw her
swallow every drop and lick him clean just like she’d
been doing this for years. All the while, her moans became
more intense. Between me on her tits and Paul stretching
her pussy like it had never been stretched before (I know)
she started to arch her back and grab the side of the spa like
she was going to snap off the brickwork. In a couple of seconds,
her breath was ragged and now that she didn’t have Gary’s
cock in her mouth, her moans were getting louder. I reached
down and using Paul’s dick as a guide, ran the tip of my
finger across her clit. Well, that did it; She came so hard
that she pushed my head underwater and I came up sputtering,
but Paul wasn’t through with her just yet and kept at.
I watched Jen come again and again, until she finally gasped
out “stop, please stop”, and Paul withdrew. She stood
with her ass half out of the water, still holding the side,
and trying to catch her breath.

I saw my chance and popped my ass up on the brickwork (cold)
next to Gary, who had been watching, and told Paul to get
over here and fuck me. Paul slid from behind Jen, stepped
up to me and slowly, and I mean excruciatingly slowly, inserted
his gigantic cock into me until I signaled him to stop, then
he just as slowly withdrew it until just the head of his shaft
was still inside me. A little quicker this time, he pushed
into me until I didn’t think I could take him anymore;
he still wasn’t balls-deep but I knew we’d get there
in one more try. He pulled back a little bit and went in and
then out – a little deeper each time until I could feel
his pubic bone pressing on my clit and I knew I was ready.
“Fuck me, Paul, fuck me now.” And he started to pile
drive me just like he had Jen a few minutes earlier. I felt
his hands on my tits, kneading my erect nipples between
his fingers. God, if only it could always be this way. I was
starting to really feel my orgasm build and began to moan.
I could feel every inch of Paul (and he had a lot of inches)
slam into me and then pull back and I could tell he was getting
close. Then someone’s mouth was pressed on mine and their
tongue was exploring mine. My whole abdomen was starting
to spasm and I came once, twice, and then Paul came inside
me and he was twitching and holding my ass cheeks to keep
his balance. I started to relax and opened my eyes to see
who I was kissing. It was Jen.

I just wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down on my
chest, her tits crushed against mine. We stayed like that
in each other’s embrace for a while until Paul slid his
receding dick out of my poor, sweet, punished pussy. Finally,
Jen lifted up from my face and behind her was Mark. “I think
our pupil has graduated, don’t you, honey?” he said.
“Well, I think she just aced the final exam, baby”,
I replied. “But you might want to give her some ‘extra

By the end of the night, I think Jen had fucked at least four
guys, but those were just the ones I saw so there may have
been more. The next day, I asked Mark how Jen was. “Dunno,
she was always working at least one and most times both ends
every time I looked. That girl sure has changed. I hope we
haven’t created a monster, ” he laughed, “but you
sure have some competition now in town.” I punched him.

Anyway back to the beginning, I’m on the phone with Jen.
I was concerned and asked her what was going on. She told
me that she’d been at the bar of the Doubletree and Mark
and some of his buddies came in. “I was flirting with all
of them but just for fun, you know, I mean it’s Mark. Anyway,
Mark took my hand and told his friends ‘guys, I’m claiming
this one just for me tonight, I missed out a couple of weeks
ago and she owes me’. I thought he was just kidding, but
I’m in the bathroom of his hotel room. I’ve been with
a lot of guys lately but nobody that I really knew and especially
not the husband of one of my friends. I’m REALLY not sure
about this.” “Oh, honey, ” I laughed, “don’t
you know he’s been grooming you for this since the beginning.
I’m absolutely fine with it, have fun, consider it post-graduate
education. You’ve still got a lot to learn, but Mark is
a great teacher. Now go fuck his brains out” and I hung

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Now thats a great storie very good read


Duo4Funwithu replies on 10/12/2013 8:58 am:
Thank you.

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This is a fabulous rendition of transitioning from one
place to another. Here is a blueprint for changing successfully:
identifying failures; deliniating goals; performing
the prep work; and committing to your investments.

And it's important to remember that these steps should
be personal, not just for someone else!!

Well Done!!!


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very good story. liked it.


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Great story...would love to meet you guys


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great story i really enjoyed it


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Very nice thanks for sharing


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AWESOME Then so awesome and again way awesome! My nipps
are hard my cock too! Very well written kept me connected
threw and threw!


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Very well wtitten!


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Excellent writing.


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Indeed a really good story