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Private Practice


“Good morning, honey, ” said Judy after her husband, Fred,
accidentally woke her up as he was getting dressed.
His designer suit was almost completely on except for his
tie and shoes. He didn’t speak at first because it was early
and it took a few seconds for his brain to process what his
wife had said.
He sat in the chair opposite the bed and started putting
his shoes on. “Sleeping in today?” he asked. It was going
on eight o’clock and Judy was still in bed, which was highly
unusual for her.
“Yes, ” she replied, “I was up all night reading.”
She had a slender figure with long brown hair, large breasts,
and puppy dog eyes. She was totally naked turned on her side
almost in a fetal position with her arms covering her upper
body. She rolled over and saw that Fred was wearing an Amani
“Looks like a court day?” she said, half smiling.
Fred lifted the tie and said, “A tell-tell sign.”
“Come home early; I’ll make you dinner, ” she said as she
rolled over to go back to sleep.
Fred was one of the best divorce lawyers in the state. He
ran a private practice with two secretaries that were busy
at work when he walked in the office.
He greeted them and stood at the doorway looking at them
as he sipped his coffee. Red was a redhead with big tits who
could be really pretty if she’d just tone down on the makeup.
Joanne was thicker than Red, but in a voluptuous way. She
had puffy blonde hair and some enormous breasts. She wore
fake eyelashes and too much lipstick, but it gave her a sex
appeal that was similar to Marilyn Monroe.
They were docile around the boss, but Fred had a feeling
that they had a wild side in bed. The problem was that they
were both lesbians, but it didn’t stop him from fantasizing.
Almost every morning, he would do the same thing that he
was doing right now: sip his coffee as his eyes danced up
and down their bodies filming a mental, pornographic movie.
He would imagine how they would look in their underwear
and how they would look topless or even what color their
nipples were.
It happened subconsciously, of course, and he never knew
he was doing it until he would glance at one of their faces
and catch one of them frowning or rolling her eyes at him.
This time it was Red rolling her eyes at him so he headed to
his office to meet with his client.
He sat at his desk. She was sitting on the other side with
an attitude written all over her face.
“I didn’t get an ounce of sleep last night. I can’t stand
the thought of seeing him again, ” said Mrs. Jones.
She was pissed off because she was going through a messy
divorce and she thought the case would be over the last time
they went in. She was wrong. It got delayed because her soon-to-be
ex-husband’s lawyer found a minor technicality that postponed
it until today.
“We’ll be in and out in less than two hours, ” said Fred trying
to calm her down.
She stood and started walking to the other side of the desk.
“Two hours?” she barked in frustration. “Do you know how
long two hours is? Maybe I should take some Valium or something?”
Fred stood and grabbed her gently by the shoulders. “It’s
his head that’s on the chopping block, not yours, ” he said
trying not to laugh at how overdramatic his client was acting.
“And no Valium. I don’t want you looking like some drug addict.”
She looked him up and down. He was standing very close to
her. It seemed to trigger something in her. Her anger disappeared
immediately. She touched his chest lovingly and smiled
at him.
“We don’t have time, ” said Fred. He knew what she wanted.
They’d been sleeping together since a few weeks after he
began working on the case.
“To hell with them. Let them wait, ” Mrs. Jones said.
Everything inside of Fred told him not to do it except for
the few inches that were starting to stretch and harden
in his briefs.
He returned her affection by tenderly touching her elbows
and then her upper arms and then her back, which led to him
pulling her closer and squeezing a handful of her tender
ass. Their lips met and the room was filled with the sound
of lips smacking together.
Fred sat in his leather chair. Mrs. Jones leaned on him and
continued kissing as she helped him loosen his tie and get
his suit jacket off.
She leaned back and felt the huge bulged in his thin designer
pants. It was already hard, but the sight of Mrs. Jones in
her green dress hiked all the way up to her thighs made it
start throbbing as it jumped in her hand.
Fred kissed her as he stroked her long blonde hair and guided
her head down towards his waiting prick.
She pulled his pants down and pulled his meaty cock out.
Fred looked down and saw a head of blonde hair bobbing up
and down as her wet mouth engulfed his cock whole.
“Ohhh, ” moaned Fred as his semen shot into Mrs. Jones’s
awaiting mouth. She swallowed it as it came out.
He gently grabbed her by the head, lifted it up, looked deep
into her eyes, and gave her a long, wet kiss. Once he got himself
looking descent again, he and his client went to court.
After Judy finally got out of bed she went straight to Jill’s
house. Jill used to be just an acquaintance of Judy. They’d
recently become best friend’s because they were both in
dismal relationships.
They turned to each other for comfort, but they handled
their problems entirely different. Jill, a blonde spitfire
with an insatiable hunger for sex, chose to look to other
men to ease her pains of the heart, while Judy, demure in
nature, coped with her problems by confiding in Jill and
sulking in her sorrows.
“You’re not thinking about doing anything crazy like getting
a divorce, are you?” asked Judy.
“No, of course not. Tom’s trucking business makes too much
money, ” Jill replied. “I’m just restless and depressed
I guess.”
“You could try taking a holiday. Huh? You and Tom; go to someplace
exotic? That usually works.”
“I don’t want to go anywhere with Tom. The spark just isn’t
there. I guess I’m tired of him.”
“So what are you going to do?”
“You know how a man gets so excited when you first start dating
him? I guess I want to experience that again.”
Judy’s face remained passive, but she was getting excited
on the inside. Jill didn’t want to leave her husband, yet
she wanted to feel the excitement of a new relationship.
That could only mean one thing.
“Well could you tell me about it at the store because I have
to go grocery shopping?” asked Judy.
Jill smiled brightly, said, “As long as you do all the listening,
I’ll go anywhere with you.”
They continued talking about ways to fix their relationships
while they shopped. It turned out that Judy was right in
her assumption that Jill was going to start having an affair.
She’d been seeing one of the truck drivers who worked for
her husband.
Judy wanted to hear every detail, but there wasn’t much
to tell. They hadn’t done anything other than flirt because
the driver was too afraid of losing his job to take a chance
on having sex even though it was obvious that he was dying
for it.
The majority of their conversation dealt with this topic,
but Judy came up with a great idea to catch her husband’s
attention before they parted ways. They stopped in a clothing
store to pick up the right “tools” for the job.
Later that night, Judy showered and put on a very sexy lingerie
set. It was black, laced, and most of it was see-through.
The panties were thin and showed a generous amount of her
pussy and ass. The pushup bra was a size too small so it could
really accentuate her ample breasts.
To say the least, she was a knock out!
She called Fred to the room when she heard him come through
the door. She stood with her back to him waiting for a reaction.
She heard footsteps and felt his soft hands touch her shoulders.
She smiled knowing that her plan had worked. Her pussy started
to seep her sweet juice, happy that her long drought was
about to come to a close.
He kissed her shoulder, then her neck, and walked around
her so he could face her. “You look beautiful, ” he said.
“Why don’t you do something about it then?” Judy flirted.
She took a step back and lie on the bed. Fred followed a step
behind her.
“Would you like to hear about last night?” asked Judy while
sitting at the kitchen table at Jill’s house the next day.
“I’m all ears.”
“Remember the lingerie that you helped me pick out? I put
it on for Fred…with all the trimmings. I wanted to surprise
him when he came home from work. At first he pretended to
be excited. But then that was all there was because he couldn’t
even keep an erection. He’s really pathetic.”
“I’m sorry. Well what do you make of it?”
“I guess he’s just not interested in me anymore.”
“You can’t base that on a single occurrence.”
“I’m not basing it on one occurrence; it’s been going on
for a while.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?”
“It wasn’t this bad before. It’s just hitting rock bottom
Jill was quiet for a moment. She could see pain all over Judy’s
face. She appeared to be on the verge of tears.
Jill had never been the type who listened very well, but
now that she was really listening, she could see what horrible
condition her friend was in mentally. Judy hadn’t been
happy for a long time but Jill was too caught up in her affair
with the truck driver to notice.
“What are you going to do?”
“I don’t know.” She looked up for the first time. “Any suggestions?”
Jill laughed because Judy should have known better than
to ask advice from somebody like her.
Judy looked out the window and said, “I think he’s having
an affair. What do you think?”
“Isn’t that what it usually is?”
Judy arched an eyebrow and nodded. “Yeah, I just didn’t
wanna admit it to myself.”
“You put him to the test and you’re facing up to it now.”
Jill was right but she didn’t want to throw her whole relationship
away based on a hunch. She went home and decided to do some
detective work. There’s no better place to search for information
than from your husband’s best friend, who happened to be
one of Judy’s closest friends too, so she called him over.
They sat on the couch and she thanked him for coming over.
She wasn’t in a mood for bullshitting so she got straight
to the point and asked him if Fred was having an affair.
Sid was shocked by the question and felt very uncomfortable.
Judy and Fred were both his friends. He didn’t want to betray
one to be loyal to the other.
“Fred’s my partner, ” he said.
“Yeah, so? You and I go back a lot farther than you and Fred.”
“Yeah. We’ve been good friends a long time.”
“Very good friends, ” she reminded him. She made it sound
like he had an obligation to tell her everything.
At that moment, Sid couldn’t help but wonder how good a lawyer
Judy might have been if she would have chosen law as her career.
She could be very manipulative when she wanted something
and she had the type of appearance, demeanor, and tone of
voice that made people trust her within minutes of meeting
“Well?” she asked.
“I’m happy to say that I have no reason to believe that Fred
is seeing another woman.”
Shockingly, Judy’s expression grew sadder as the realization
of what was happening set in. “I guess that means he’s just
lost interest in me then, ” she said.
“Why do you say that?”
“Shall I go into graphic detail for you?” said Judy, trying
to salvage what was left of her sense of humor.
“Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s just a phase he’s going through.”
There was a long silence while all the possibilities rushed
through her head.
“You look great, ” said Sid.
She flashed a genuine smile and thanked him. It had been
a long time since anyone other than Jill had given her a compliment.
“You know, I don’t know anybody that has it together better
than you, ” he added.
“Then how come you were never interested in me?” said Judy
with a rye smile.
“Who says I wasn’t? You’ve always had a boyfriend and plenty
of guys standing in line.”
Judy’s smile brightened immensely. “So you’re saying
you were interested in me?”
He didn’t like where this conversation was going. He only
complimented her to make her feel better about herself.
He wasn’t expecting to end up flirting with his best friend’s
wife, but there was no turning back now.
“Everybody’s interested in you, ” he said. “Including
Judy’s eyes were wide open and her smile had stretched the
width of her face. She was playing with her hair and fidgeting
like a schoolgirl. “How come you never said anything?”
she asked.
“Because when a girl likes a guy, he knows, ” Sid said cockily.
“I guess so, but you were never the type for settling down
anyway. You’re still not married.”
“Getting back to Fred–I’m sure whatever he’s going through
is just temporary and he’ll snap out of it. I gotta go.”
They got up.
“Hey, thanks for coming over. I needed someone to talk to.
I appreciate it.”
There was another uncomfortable silence until Judy broke
it with a quick kiss on Sid’s mouth. She couldn’t look him
in the eye after that. She was blushing and smiling and so
was he.
“Thanks, ” she said again.
Sid stepped around her and headed to the door. “Don’t do
anything foolish, ” he called over his shoulder.
“I never would…unless it was with you.”
Although he wanted to, he didn’t respond. He went straight
to his minivan and waited until he was inside before he adjusted
a very uncomfortable, throbbing boner. He didn’t want
Judy to see him if she was watching through a window.
Up to that point, he had never given the possibility of having
sex with Judy real consideration. The thought had crossed
his mind on many occasions, usually during those wild nights
that he spent with his hand and a jar of Vaseline, but he never
thought it could happen in real life.
He reflexively turned the wipers on as the rain started
beating down on his wind shield, but he paid the world around
him no mind. He was lost in the mental images playing in his
The thought of making love to a woman like Judy–Hmmm.
“Are you okay?” asked Red.
“Yes, what made you say that?”
“I don’t know. I can sense something is wrong.”
“No, nothing, ” said Joanne. Her face said otherwise.
She was wearing a frown the size of California and she hadn’t
said anything all day.
Red asked repeatedly until Joanne gave in. “I love you so
much, ” Joanne said, “and I would just die if I caught you
with another woman…” There was a slight pause, then she
added, “…or man.”
Red knew her better than that. She wasn’t worried about
other women. She was worried about men.
“I would never do that to you, ” she pleaded and crossed
the room so she could comfort her girlfriend.
“I know; it’s just that I’m so jealous. It’s the way you look
at men. It’s like you miss them.”
Red was shaking her head before she was halfway done with
her statement. “I love only you, Joanne. I admit sometimes
I think of men, but I can never love a man, not even a little.”
“Then you wouldn’t do it with a man?”
Red laughed, said, “Of course, not. Maybe together and
then we’d throw him away when we’re done.”
They both started laughing. They gave each other a quick
kiss and went back to work.
About an hour later, Joanne looked up from her desk and said,
“Let’s do it. I wanna make love.”
“I’d love to but we don’t have time. Sid could be back at any
Joanne grimaced and said, “It’s going to be hell getting
through this day.”
The phone started ringing Red answered it. It was Sid calling
to check his messages and tell them he would be stopping
for lunch before he came back to the office.
They got naked immediately, both of them with a huge set
of breasts that spilled out of their bras. Red leaned against
one of the desks and raised a leg onto it, revealing her trimmed
Joanne wasted no time dropping to her knees to get a taste.
She was a lot hornier than usual. She loved having sex at
work because it reminded her of their first time together.
She licked Red’s slit from her asshole to her clit and kept
going a little further so she could feel her pubic hairs
tickle her tongue. A few licks later, Red’s pussy was soaked
and she was moaning in ecstasy. Joanne slid a finger in her
and eased it in and out as she licked her clit.
“Oh, yeah!” cried Red.
She looked down so she could watch and an orgasm hit her so
hard she almost slipped off the desk. Her legs trembled
and stiffened and her pussy convulsed as it spurted hot
juice into Joanne’s mouth.
“Oh, fuck me with your tongue!”
That, Joanne did. She swallowed every drop of cum she could.
Her tongue never stopped its assault on Red’s hot clit.
Sometimes she’d pull back and finger fuck so she could get
a joy out of watching her lover quiver as one orgasm after
another hit her.
“I want to taste you, ” Red managed to mumble, so they trading
Red kissed Joanne passionately before she went down on
her. She wanted to taste her own pussy juice, something
she liked doing because it seemed so kinky and made her a
lot hornier every time she did it.
She first discovered this when she would suck her own pussy
juice off her ex-boyfriends’ cocks when she was dating
men. Joanne didn’t have a cock so she had to suck it off her
lips by kissing her repeatedly with tongues attacking
until she couldn’t taste it anymore.
Joanne sat completely on the desk with her legs spread wide
Red opened her pussy lips and dove right into it. It was already
soaking wet and shining as Red dipped her tongue into the
pool of love juice inside of it.
She gyrated her tongue on Joanne’s clit and slurped at it.
“Like that!” screamed Joanne.
She tossed her head back and savored every moment. She knew
they had limited time and having sex at work was her favorite
place to have sex. Opportunities were rare because someone
was always at the office, so when one came up, she really
let herself go wild.
She felt a finger enter her pussy followed by another. She
looked down and saw Red pulling both fingers out and sticking
them in her mouth to suck the juice off, and then slide them
back in.
Joanne’s cunt was tingling madly now. Both women were talking
nasty to each other as Red slid both fingers back inside
Her breasts were so big and they were driving Red crazy.
She started licking her pussy again.
“Make me cum on your tongue!” pleaded Joanne. “Ohhhh!”
she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Ohhh…myyyy…gooooood!”
Cunt juice was spilling into Red’s mouth like a waterfall.
Joanne grabbed her hair and forcefully pushed her face
deeper into her hot nest while she thrust her horny pussy
at her mouth.
She waited for this orgasm to cease before she pulled her
up and gave her another kiss so they could share in each other’s
They got dressed in a hurry, opened a window to let the office
air out, and went back to work as if nothing had happened.
They finished just in time because Fred walked in with his
client about three minutes later. She looked pissed and
he didn’t look too happy either. They went straight to the
office without saying a word.
“I can’t believe we have to go back again!” barked Mrs. Jones.
“His attorney is being very aggressive.”
“Aggressive? He’s being an asshole! He just wants to make
me miserable! You gotta do something about this!”
She was right, thought Fred. He did need to do something
about this, not because it was his job to win for his client,
but because he was getting so sick of her bitching all the
time and putting such a ridiculous amount of pressure on
him as if he was some kind of miracle worker.
That’s when an idea popped into his head.
He said, “I’m gonna put a private investigator on this.
Maybe he can come up with something that we can use as a bargaining
“Just do what you gotta do. Make sure you keep me out of court
and away from that bastard.”
Judy went back to Jill’s house after Sid left. She was dying
to tell her everything that had happened.
“So do you think that I always wanted to sleep with Sid?”
She asked.
“From what you tell me, yes, ” Jill replied.
“That’s my husband’s partner; I must be insane.”
Jill flashed a devilish grin and said, “But it’s also very
exciting, right?”
There was a part of her that wanted Judy to cheat just because
she was planning to do it and both of them cheating would
give them more to talk about.
“Doing it to someone new, ” continued Jill, “can give you
a real high. I have someone new on the horizon too.”
“What?” asked Judy, excited?
“He’s a truck driver that works for my husband.”
“He works for your husband! Isn’t that cutting it a little
close to home?”
“You should talk, ” said Jill.
“Hey, just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean you have to be, ”
she joked. “So does he know how you feel about him?”
“No, but he’s been stealing looks at me when I go and see Tom.
He tries to be discreet but he can’t help himself. Oooh,
it turns me on to watch him squirm whenever I’m around.”
They both giggled. “You and me are a real mess, you know that?”
said Judy.
“Maybe, but so what? We gotta live.”
“That, we do, ” said Jill.
Back at the law office, Sid was pretty much doing the same
thing. Judy was all he could think about. His cock stayed
hard all day. He decided to go home to his “friend, ” Leah,
to get his mind off of her.
Leah was a beautiful blonde with a shapely figure and great
personality. She was far younger than Sid and still in college.
Just being around her wasn’t helping so he made love to her.
They sat on the couch snuggling when it was over. It didn’t
last as long as usual and Sid was very quiet. It was just the
two of them breathing and holding each other while they
stared at the wall.
They both had something on their mind that had been eating
away at them so Leah decided get hers out in the open. She
looked over her shoulder and said, “This probably isn’t
the best time, but are we ever going to be anything else to
each other besides just living together?”
Sid looked away. He thought it over and said, “Do you mean
what I think you mean?”
“Yes. That taboo subject called marriage.”
“Well, I haven’t really given it much thought and I wasn’t
aware that you were thinking about it either.”
“How can I not think about it? I love you and I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.”
“I love you too but it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to
get married.”
She sat up and said, “It means a long-term commitment.”
Sid didn’t respond. Frustrated, she said, “I’m sorry I
brought it up.” She got up and left.
With everything that’s going on in my life, thought Sid,
I don’t need this shit.
It had been a long day, but night came at last. Fred and Judy
were lying in bed. The tension was so thick you could cut
it with a knife.
Fred was wondering if she suspected anything yet. Judy
had just grown disgusted and fed up with him.
He never touched her ever and it made her mad because she
knew Sid wouldn’t be lying there like a pussy if he were in
bed with her. He’d lay her flat and eat her pussy after shoving
his dick in her mouth and then fuck her silly.
Her pussy got hot thinking about it. Her mind was made up.
She was going to fuck Sid the next time they were alone together.
As usual, she met with Jill the first chance she got and told
her about it, but Jill had a story that was far more interesting.
She had borrowed Judy’s house to have sex with that truck
driver and fucked him all over the living room. She sat there
and gave Judy a blow-by-blow description of everything
they did, every minute detail.
It sounded like Jill had had a lot of fun. With every word
that came out of Jill’s mouth, Judy tried to imagine herself
doing the same thing with Sid. It turned her on a lot, and
Jill could have sworn she saw Judy playing with her pussy
under the table at one point.
“Would you do it again?” asked Judy.
“Hell, yeah. I love being desired by a man with a high sexual
“But what about a relationship?”
“That’s what I got you for.” They both started laughing.
The telephone rang. It was Sid on the other end. Her heart
skipped a beat. This was her chance to make something happen
but she didn’t want to talk about it with Jill around. Luckily,
Sid asked to see her so she didn’t have to.
“The door’s open;”she said, “come on in and lock it behind
you.” They hung up.
Judy was nervous, eager, and excited all at once. Jill got
up and left hoping that her friend would have a story of her
own to tell in the morning.
Judy wore the exact same outfit that she was wearing the
night she tried to seduce her husband into having sex with
her. She waited in the bedroom for Sid to come in.
She was really nervous now that she was going to go through
with it, but Sid set her mind at ease. He was calm and gentle
with her. He treated her like precious gem from the beginning.
Sid pulled her in close and kissed her while he touched her
tender, warm flesh. Judy’s lips were a little tense at first,
but she loosened up quickly as a wave of tingles trickles
through her chest and belly.
She reached for his zipper. He reached for her bra straps.
They were both naked in a few minutes, and when Sid saw how
well Judy was built, his tender affection quickly turned
into an animalistic lust.
He already knew Judy was beautiful, but he had no idea she
looked this good naked. Her breasts were a lot bigger than
they appeared when they were snuggled behind a bra; her
waist was thin; and she had curvy hips and a succulent, juicy
Judy saw the change in his facial expression. It scared
her at first, but she started to feed from it after a few seconds
of staring into his eyes. Her inhibitions were totally
gone and replaced by a wanton desire to be fucked and degraded.
Sid led her to the king-sized bed. He lay on it with his legs
wide open. Judy crawled between them like an animal–keeping
her eyes fixed on Sid–opened her mouth, and latched her
lips around his swollen cock. She was in a bent position
with her head down and her ass stuck high in the air.
Sid’s cock was average, not too big but definitely not too
small, just the right size for great oral sex. She could
almost deep-throat it every time.
It smelled of soap and tasted of salty pre-cum. She slid
it into her mouth until it reached the back of her throat
and rose up with hard suction until it popped out to her mouth.
She let her tongue slide along the vein, then turned her
head sideways and massaged his cock with her soft lips before
swallowing it back down again.
She looked up and saw Sid with his head back, eyes rolling
into the sockets, and mouthing words that were barely audible.
His stomach was tense and he was digging into the bed with
his nails.
Happy that she was giving a good blowjob, she started sucking
him faster and stroked his meat with hand. She slurped it
harder and had his whole pelvic area as well as her mouth,
chin, and the lower part of her nose, covered in saliva.
Her pussy was steamy wet. As if Sid could read her mind, he
pulled her mouth off his cock, motioned her to turn around,
and slammed it in her horny nest.
It was a little painful at first because Judy hadn’t been
fucked in so long, but she adjusted to–or just ignored–the
pain and rammed her ass back at him, forcing his cock deeper
inside with every thrust.
Judy lost all the strength in her arms. Her head fell to the
bed, putting her at an even better angle to get fucked. Sid
held onto her by her butt cheeks and pounded at that sweet
pussy until he felt an orgasmic tingle forming in cock.
He wanted it to last longer, but it was like he couldn’t control
his body anymore. Between the sight of Judy’s ass, her arched
back, and the sound of her screaming at the top of her lungs,
he was powerless to slow his pace or do anything else that
would prolong their erotic encounter.
He pulled out and let his cum fly. Every drop landed right
on her ass and dripped down to her pussy and asshole. Sid
used his cock to spread it around, smearing it on her asshole
and pussy hole.
Sid leaned forward and kissed her shoulder. She rolled
over and they started kissing some more, both with happy
smiles on their faces.
“That was wonderful.”
“Yes. It was, ” said Sid.
“Let’s do it again?” asked Judy, and it was on for the second
It wasn’t as good as the first, but it was still nice, and
at least Judy got to have her pussy licked this time after
they wiped all of Sid’s cock juice out of it.
They took a shower together after they were done. They parted
ways after some small-talk and Judy fell right to sleep.
She woke up about two hours later and went to Jill’s house.
Jill was all smiles listening to her friend’s story. She
felt closer to Judy than ever because now they both had a
naughty little secret in common.
Judy and Sid hooked up again the following day. This time
they had sex all over the living room.
When they were done and cuddling on the couch, Sid said,
“For my sanity’s sake, we’ve got to tell Fred.” His conscience
had been eating away at him since yesterday but he still
couldn’t resist having sex with Judy.
Judy said, “I know. I will.” There was a long pause, then
she looked up and said, “Will you marry me?”
Sid laughed, but then he realized she was serious. He thought
about it. It made sense. They did love each other, sex was
great even it they’d only done it twice, they never disagreed
on anything, and they’d known each other for a very long
He accepted.
When he left, Judy showered–alone this time–and called
her Fred. She told him she needed him to come home because
she needed to talk to him.
“I need to talk to you as well. I’ll be right home, ” said
Judy’s stomach was twisting and turning the whole time
she was waiting. Every minute seemed to fly by. She was terribly
anxious about how this would affect Fred, and if they would
remain friends when it was over.
She felt ashamed for cheating on him because she wasn’t
even a hundred percent sure he had been cheating on her.
After all, what had Fred actually done besides not making
love to her? Nothing. It never crossed her mind that the
reason he was celebate might have been because he was busy
at work trying to provide a good life for her.
She was so guilt-stricken that there were a few times when
she had to wipe away tears while she waited. She kept having
visions of her poor husband working long hours to keep food
on the table while she was at home fucking his co-worker
like a slut.
She nearly had a heart attack when she heard the living room
door open and shut. Fred came into the bedroom a few seconds
later. Neither of them could look at the other. Fred paced
the room as he undid his tie.
Judy decided the best way to do it is just to blurt it out,
but Fred beat her to the punch. Just as she had worked up enough
courage to say something, Fred started pouring his heart
“This is not easy for me to say, Judy, ” he said. “I love you
more than anything in the world, but I’m gonna be honest
with you regardless of the consequences.”
That was all Judy needed to hear to know that her assumption
was right. Fred had been having an affair. She wasn’t angry
though. On the contrary, she was happy. There was no need
to feel guilty anymore. They were even now, and at last,
her husband was being honest with her, which was what she’d
wanted in the first place.
“I’ve been having an affair with a client, ” continued
Fred. “Look, it’s the one time I’ve been unfaithful to you.
It was purely physical, not that that makes any difference.”
It was true. Mrs. Jones was a sexy woman and she kept throwing
herself at him, especially when the case was going good.
Before he called home earlier that day, he had just gotten
finished having sex with her again. As a matter of fact,
that was the reason he decided to confess to Judy.
He’d just won the case for Mrs. Jones. She got a settlement
of more than £1 million pounds. It made her particularly
horny and she started seducing him once again.
It was a wild fuck in his office and it wasn’t just a blowjob
this time. There was cock sucking, pussy licking, fucking
on the desk, in the chair, and doggy style standing up, and
Mrs. Jones even took his condom off so he could cum in her
She didn’t make any effort to keep quiet either. She was
moaning loud enough to wake the dead the whole time. Joanne
and Red were giggling at them when they came out and that’s
when he realized things were getting out of hand and he needed
to regain control of his life.
A few minutes later, he was on the phone with Judy. Now he
was standing two feet from her waiting for a response.
“I wasn’t sure, but I had my suspicions, ” Judy said finally.
“I don’t know why I did it. You’re the best wife a man could
ever have.”
Not quite, thought Judy.
Fred sat on the bed with her and said, “I can’t stand the thought
of losing you. You gotta give me another chance. Please.
Give it some thought. If you want me to leave the house now,
I’ll understand.”
“No, I don’t need you to leave but give me some time to think,
He left the bedroom and Judy began to think. Forgiving him
wouldn’t be a problem. She had already done that. What she
needed to think about was who she wanted to be with. Just
a few hours ago, she was supposed to be divorcing him so she
could marry Sid. Everything had changed in the blink of
an eye.
Fred was gone when she woke up the next morning. He’d slept
on the couch.
The phone rang. She checked the caller ID. It was Sid. She
picked up the phone and held it to her ear without saying
“Are you there?” said Sid.
“Did you tell him?”
“No, I didn’t tell him. Sid, I love you and I love Fred too,
but I’m married to him and that’s a commitment that I have
to keep.”
He was quiet for a long time while he gathered himself together.
“I’m disappointed but I expected it. I understand.”
“Thank you for understanding. Thank you for not making
it too difficult for me.”
“At least you finally flirted with me, ” Sid joked.
“Hey, at least you were finally about to make a commitment, ”
Judy joked back. Seriously she said, “You’ll always have
a place in my heart.”
“Ditto for me, Kiddo.” They hung up.
Sid didn’t move from that spot for a long time. His life seemed
empty now.
He’d won Judy and lost her that fast. The other love of his
life, Leah, was completely moved out because she didn’t
want to be “just living together” anymore. She walked in
the house and sat down across from him.
“I wasn’t expecting to see you, ” said Sid.
“I didn’t want to leave without telling you goodbye, ”
said Leah.
“You’re all moved out and everything?”
“Yeah, ” answered Leah. “I found a nice single apartment.”
Single, thought Sid. Funny how that word rang in his head
and left such a negative impression.
“You leaving and everything–it takes some getting used
“Yes, I know. Are you alright?” asked Leah. Sid didn’t look
very well.
“No I’m not alright. I want you back.”
“I’ll take care of you.”
“I’m very confused.”
“Well, I’m not for once.”
“What’s going on with you?”
Sid got up and sat beside her. he held her hands and said,
“Will you marry me?”
“Yes, but tell me what’s going on.” She was happy about the
proposal, but very confused. Sid was so against marriage
he was willing to let her go so easily as if she never meant
anything to him, and now, all of a sudden, he was ready to
get married.
“I’m ready to make a commitment to you; that’s what’s going
on, ” said Sid.
“We can go to Las Vegas and be married within 24 hours.”
“Is this for real? Can I scream for joy?”
Sid nodded and said, “Scream.”

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