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Private Lessons


Adrienne groaned in frustration. The professor walked
through the classroom passing out the rest of the tests.
The big, red, 52/100 mark glared up at her from the paper
on the desk. Another F. With only two more weeks until finals,
there was no way that Adrienne would be ready to pass the
big exam in her grammar class. Maybe she should just drop
it and switch her major, that way she wouldn’t have to take
this stupid class. But she wanted to be a journalist so badly.
Why did the school have to require so many stupid classes?
She flipped the first page of the test over, scanning over
her many errors. Who cared what the predicate nominative
was, anyways? Certainly someone could read a newspaper
article and learn something new without the reporter knowing
which word was the object of the preposition. Apparently
the University didn’t see it like that, though, and if Adrienne
didn’t make it through this class with a C or higher she wouldn’t
be graduating for an extra year. She felt like ripping the
test up, and thought she might just do that as soon as class
was over. She flipped to the third page and sighed. At the
bottom was a scribbled from her teacher. “See me after class, ”
it said.

Professor Johnson wasn’t exactly a favorite teacher among
the students. He didn’t have any special tricks to make
going to class fun, and this was defiantly the least fun
you could have in class, even counting math. Ogling him
was the only reason half of the women, and a few of the men,
attended class. Adam Johnson was, for lack of words, hot.
His long dark hair was always pulled into a ponytail at the
back of his head, and Adrienne had heard girls whispering
about what it must feel like to run their hands through it.
His face was large, with chiseled features, a handsome
nose and perfect red mouth. When he talked it was impossible
not to look at those lips moving. His shoulders were large.
It was hard to make out his chest from underneath his cotton
shirts, but the snug fitting pants the shirts tucked in
to left a good impression of a small waist, tight buttocks,
and muscular legs. After an interminable lecture on the
use and placement of gerunds, during which Adrienne amused
herself by watching his lips move seductively, Professor
Johnson excused the class and began to gather the papers
at his desk. Adrienne put her books inside her backpack,
along with the despised test, and walked up to the front
of the room.
“Ah-hem, ” she said, standing behind the teacher. “Ah,
Miss Courtalaine, ” Professor Johnson smiled warmly
while his eyes roamed up and down Adrienne’s body. “I’ve
noticed that you haven’t been doing very well on your tests.
They aren’t very important in the long run, not worth much
of the grade, and I’ll be dropping the lowest score. I was
thinking maybe you could benefit from some extra study
time.” Adrienne flushed, color rushing to her cheeks as
she furiously blinked back her embarrassment. “It’s not
that I don’t study, sir, ” she said curtly, “Sometimes
I just find it so hard to understand what the book is talking
about. I don’t know the difference between subordinating
conjunctions and correlative conjunctions. I think that
if I could just sit down with someone and have that person
explain the concepts to me, then I could at least pass the
tests. But just reading about it isn’t doing enough.” “Well, ”
said the professor, “Maybe we could work something out.
There are tutors available between noon and two o’clock
on Thursdays, do you think going over to them might help?”
“I have class, ” she muttered. “Plus I’m afraid that two
sessions aren’t going to help me too much.”
“Hmm…that does make it a little more difficult…Well, Miss
Courtalaine, maybe we could work something out. Are you
free after four o’clock?” “My last class ends at three thirty.”
“My office hours end at three forty-five, but I could open
my services up to you after that, before my five o’clock
class, to help you study, if you would like.”
Adrienne’s eyes lit up. Spend time alone with this professor?
She would love to!
“That would be wonderful, sir!” she exclaimed. “Thank
you so much!” After flashing him a beaming smile, Adrienne
turned and walked out of the classroom as though floating
on a cloud. This was going to be great!! **

“Alone with Adam Johnson? Just the two of you? Oh my god Adrienne
you are so lucky!” Adrienne’s friend Carly jumped up and
down in her seat with excitement. “Do you think you two will
get it on?” Adrienne gave Carly a friendly shove from across
the table. The dim bar was filling up rapidly. The club was
the closest bar to the university and it was busy, even for
a Saturday night. Groups of students sat around tables
laughing with each other as one person or another told drunken
jokes about blondes walking in to bars with hilarious consequences.
Music blared over the shouting throng of students, and
through all of this Adrienne and Carly strained to hear
each other from the opposite sides of a table. “How can you
say such a thing?” she asked. “We’re going to be talking
about, uhgh, grammar. Can you think of anything that’s
less of a turn on?” “You’re going to be alone in that man’s
office and thinking about grammar? Puh-leeze, you’re
only human! I bet verbs are the furthest thing from your
mind.” Carly gave a tipsy hiccup.

The two girls giggled. “We’re going to start meeting Monday, ”
Adrienne took another long drink of her long island iced
tea. “I feel like I’m going on a first date. Do you think I
should dress up to meet the professor?” “Oh my god, yes!
You should wear that black dress you bought last weekend.”
The dress in question was a tiny, flimsy bit of fabric hanging
off of two spaghetti strings. There was such little fabric
to it that it could hardly be called a dress. When Adrienne
had tried it on, she’d had to pull it down to keep her thighs
modestly covered, and had purchased it exclusively for
parties. “I couldn’t wear that, it’s practically lingerie,
for god’s sake!” Adrienne shook her head uncertainly and
watched the ice clink around in her glass. “Honey, I’m serious.
You should really give this guy a go. When else will you have
a chance to show off to a man this hot?” Carly rolled her eyes
back. “He is drop-dead sexy. He teases us all day, for gods
sake, why don’t you give him a little of his own medicine?”
“But he’s the teacher! I doubt he’s driving us crazy on purpose.
And what do you think he would think of me showing up in more
leg than skirt? He’d probably tell me to go home and get dressed.”
“Not if he’s human, girl. I think it’s more likely he’ll
invite you over to his place to get undressed.”
“I don’t want to seduce him, I just want to pass the class.”
Adrienne propped her chin in her hand, elbow resting on
the table. “Of course, nothing says I can’t get learn in
that black dress.”

“My opinion is ‘Go For It Girlfriend, ’ do what that lust
of yours tells you to do! I promise you, nothing bad could
possibly come of it!” “Maybe he’d ask me out, ” mused Adrienne.

“Maybe he’d fuck you!” laughed Carly. “Maybe he’d bend
you over that big desk of his and fuck your brains out, so
that you couldn’t study no matter how hard you tried!” “I
bet that would be some wild ride, ” giggled Adrienne, rolling
her eyes. “I can just imagine him pounding in to me, chanting
‘A transitive verb is an action verb, it requires a direct
object to complete it’s meaning into the sentence.’” Carly
burst in to fits of laughter. “Honesty, Adrienne, if you
can joke like that how could you have failed another one
of the tests? Are there any opportunities for make-ups?”
“No, but maybe there’s some extra-credit I could do, ”
Adrienne joined in her friends laughter. “So are you going
to do it? Are you going to wear that dress?” “I don’t know,
I really don’t know if I should…I want to, I really, really
want to…maybe a couple more drinks will help me figure it
out.” Carly squealed in delight as someone placed their
hands over her eyes and whispered/shouted “Guess who”
in her ear. Josh Kilgore slid into the booth next to Carly.
“What’re you two kids up to tonight?” he asked. “Not much, ”
answered Adrienne. “Just having a good time.” “Well, better
now, I hope, since I’ve arrived.” Josh smiled at Carly,
who threw her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on the
side of his mouth. “Everything is better with you around,
sexy, ” shouted Carly. “Come on, let’s dance.” Josh stood
up and pulled Carly out of the seat behind him, they left
Adrienne at the table as they made their way through the
crowd to the busy dance floor. Adrienne stared in to her
cup. Alone with Professor Johnson. This could be a lot of
fun. Maybe she would wear the black nothing of a dress, just
to see how he’d react. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…right?
Yes, she decided as she downed the last of her drink, it would
definatly be something to think abt.

All day Monday Adrienne was full of nerves. Butterflies
seemed to have taken flight in her stomach, popping up to
the back of her throat every now and then to remind her to
tug down her skirt, or cross her legs higher so that fellow
students wouldn’t be getting a peek at her lacey panties.
It seemed like forever before her last class ended, and
she made her way across the campus to Adam Johnson’s office.
Adrienne peeked cautiously through the door. The room
was dark. Shades were drawn over the windows, dimming the
room in to a pleasant dusk. A large wooden desk stood near
one wall with a computer sitting on top of it. Papers were
strewn everywhere, in piles, in folders, in wire baskets.
There were two chairs sitting against the wall opposite
the desk, and a large gray metal filing cabinet stood in
the corner. Professor Johnson was there, leafing through
some papers, one of the cabinet drawers standing open.
His eyes shot over to the doorway and took a double take when
he saw her there in the revealing dress. Cleavage seemed
to be pouring out the top of the scooped neckline, the clingy
fabric leaving no part of her body to the imagination. Legs
bare, her creamy skin was a pale contrast to the dark black
of the dress and black straps of her high heeled sandals.
“Miss Courtalaine, ” he said. “Please, come in. I thought
we could work on the first section of the book today.” Adrienne
walked slowly in to the room. She shot the professor a warm
smile, one that she hoped he would take as being slightly
more than friendly. Walking over to him, she placed her
hand on his desk.

“This is a nice piece, ” she said, referring to the furniture.
“Thank you. I bought it at a flea market a while back. I’m
glad you like it.” Adam took a couple steps closer to her.
“Won’t you have a seat?” he motioned to one of the chairs.
“Let me find my book--” He looked around spending more time
looking at her legs than the top of the desk, Adrienne thought.
Finally his hand found the book and he smiled. “Ah, here
it is.” Adrienne sat down in one of the wooden chairs. She
crossed her legs and let her skirt shimmy up her leg, exposing
a great deal of her soft thigh. The professor sat down in
the chair next to her, and held out the book. She didn’t look
at it, but looked instead at his bare arm. She liked the dark
hairs, and the way the deep brown freckles looked on his
tanned skin. Looking at his face, she smiled at him again,
and he smiled back. His smile was slightly to the side, almost
like a smirk, and it caused Adrienne’s smile to falter for
a moment. Was he smirking at her? He broke the silence. “Verbs, ”
he said. He glanced around the room, his eyes settling on
her legs, then looked up sharply, waking from his daydream.
“Verbs are very important…”

Adrienne stopped listening to him but instead watched
his face. It was much like when they were in class, but she
had never seen him up this close before. It was almost as
if they were sharing a seat together, with no space between
them. His chair was pushed close to hers, so that she could
see the book he was. He continued his lesson but it all sounded
like gibberish to her, gibberish from the most sensuous
mouth she had ever seen.
She watched his lips move, his tongue moving inside his
mouth, the tips of his white teeth poking through. She realized
that he had stopped talking. Had it really been that long?
“It looks like it’s about time for me to get going, ” He said,
glanced at his watch. “I’m sorry we didn’t have more time,
but, I have to get to my five o’clock class.”
Adrienne snapped out of her trance and reached for her bag.
A pencil slipped off the book in her lap, landing on the floor
next to her foot. “Allow me, ” said the teacher, kneeling
down. As he reached for the pencil his arm lightly brushed
against Adrienne’s bare leg. She shivered, a jolt of electricity
shooting up her back. “Here you are, ” he said, holding
up the pencil. His eyes followed the bare leg, crossed inches
in front of his face, up to the short skirt. He could see her
black panties peeking from underneath. Adrienne took
the pencil, standing up quickly. “Thank you, sir. It has
been very informative. Shall we say, same time tomorrow?”
“I think that that would be an excellent idea, Miss Courtalaine.”

“Please, ” she said, slipping the pencil behind her ear,
“Call me Adrienne.” “Very well, Adrienne. I will see you
in class tomorrow.”

Adrienne tapped her pencil on her desk impatiently. No
matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t concentrate on
the book in front of her. Every time she looked back at the
page, all she could see was Professor Johnson’s hand brushing
up against her leg. Obviously he hadn’t meant to…had he?
She groaned in frustration, threw down her pencil and got
out of the chair. She began to pace her small room, hands
clutched in front of her body. Why couldn’t she get this
man out of her mind?? It was dark out, nearly midnight, Adrienne
had changed in to her nightgown long before. It was white,
cotton, about knee length and sleeveless. She looked down
at her body, giving it a once over. Yep, everything still
there, arms, legs, breasts. She felt ridiculous. He couldn’t
be attracted to her, could he? Not seriously. She stared
at her face in the mirror, nitpicking every small detail
about her soft features. He was her teacher, she was his
student, that sort of thing might happen in stories but
not in real life. She sighed, smoothing out the skirt of
her nightgown. Who knew what any man was thinking, let alone
this drop dead gorgeous, handsome, sexy, smart, sexy,
kind, sexy, but most of all sexy teacher? Maybe a nice, long,
hot bath would help her think things through clearly. She
could use some of those aromatherapy oils she’d been saving
for just a day such as this. Adrienne walked down the hallway
to the bathroom, her towel and a book in her arms. Just the
thought of the bath was already relaxing her. The hallway
was dark; her roommates were probably already asleep.
She opened the door to the bathroom slowly, the hinges creaking,
and stepped barefoot on to the cold tile floor. It was smooth,
but freezing. Adrienne walked on tiptoes to the toilet,
where she set her towel on the closed lid, and knelt down
next to the tub. She turned the water on and cringed at the
gushing noise it made, breaking the otherwise peaceful
silence of the house.

With her hand, Adrienne checked the temperature of the
water before plugging the drain, and then watched impatiently
as the water flowed into the tub. When it had filled a couple
of inches of the tub, she stripped off the nightgown and
tossed it in to the corner. She couldn’t help taking a small
peek in the full-length mirror, turning slightly to see
her profile. Not bad, she thought. Her butt didn’t stick
out, just gave a hint of roundness. Small but supple breasts
jutted proudly from the top of her chest. Her legs tapered
nicely to shapely feet. Her eyes wandered up to her pubic
hair and she noted that it was just about time for another
trim. Oh well, she could take care of that in the morning.
She flipped her hair back with her hands, twisting it in
to a quick, thick braid, which she wrapped in to a bun. She
tied the bun in place with a scrunchie. That would keep it
out of her way while she was bathing. With a flip of a switch
the ceiling fan came on, adding it’s gentle humming to the
noise pollution in the bathroom, and Adrienne stepped
in to the tub. First one foot and then the other, Adrienne
lowered herself cautiously in to the steaming hot water.
After an initial stinging of the heat, it felt great surrounding
her skin. The water opened up the pores and soaked all the
places on her body that stress had tensed up today, first
while in classes watching all the male students gawk at
her from their seats, then when she met with Adam Johnson
later that afternoon. She rested her head on the edge of
the tub and sighed heavily as the water covered her chest.
Her legs relaxed to the sides, resting on the tub. With one
foot she turned off the flow, and with one hand she grabbed
her novel, an old erotic favorite that was perfect for a
late night bath. She opened up to her favorite part on page
63 and began reading about Regan’s romp with the office
janitor and started to stroke her pubic hair.

With her long index finger she wrapped the hair into curls,
stroking it, swishing it around in the water. Her fingers
started to move slowly from the hair to her inner thighs,
rubbing against the smooth skin, lightly brushing her
nether lips opening them in the water. The silky skin of
her labia floated softly, letting water rush in to each
tiny fold of the skin,
tickling her insides. The water rippled over the tips of
her nipples, leaving them wet and becoming erect in the
air, chilly compared to the hot water she soaked in. Adrienne
began to stroke her clit with her fingernail, scraping
it lightly, rubbing it a very little bit with the tip of her
finger. It started to throb as Regan’s adventures turned
anal, and Adrienne moved her middle finger down to her puckered
asshole, slipping in easily to the first knuckle. Adrienne
set the book on the side of the tub and reached down between
her legs with her left hand, pushing her middle and index
fingers in to her pussy, slipping the right middle finger
in to her ass another notch. With her left thumb she resumed
stroking and rubbing her throbbing clitoris which was
now quite hot to the touch. Her hips thrust slightly, and
she moaned behind her closed lips, shutting her eyes and
throwing her head back.
Behind her closed eyes, she saw Adam Johnson standing next
to the tub. “Fuck yourself for me, ” he whispered, in her
dream. “I want to see you masturbate for me.” The moans escaped
her hips as her thrusts became slightly more violent. She
checked herself, quieting down in fear that her roommates
might hear. Most likely they wouldn’t be able to hear anything
over the fan and through the walls, but it added a perverse
sort of excitement to Adrienne to try to keep quiet while
her passion mounted. After very little stimulation Adrienne’s
clit already felt like it was on fire, and her whole pussy
began to tighten around her fingers, clamping while she
struggled to relax and enjoy it. Her buttocks held tight
to the finger probing them. She tried her best to relax,
and slip her entire middle finger inside the small hole,
but it was impossible…she was too far gone already. Her
orgasm exploded, moans erupting from her open lips again,
hips held high by her taut legs that pushed against the side
of the bathtub. Shivers ran from her toes up to her head and
down again. She could feel the spasms around the fingers
in both holes, and each additional flick of her clit sent
new waves of electricity through her body. Gasping, she
removed the fingers, washing them off in the water, and
lay back against the tub again, relaxed, glowing in the
aftermath of her climax. She shut her eyes and pictured
the professor, smiling. Smiling at her, stroking her hair.
Running his fingertips across her lips, and down her neck
to her breasts, where he lightly pinched the nipple, making
her squirm in reality. “Same time tomorrow?” her dream
man whispered. “Yes, ” she said to the empty room. “Definitely

“I’m glad you showed up, ” Professor Johnson said, smiling
at Adrienne who stood half hidden in the doorway. He glanced
appreciatively at her skimpy outfit. Not wanting to show
up any less sexy than the day before, Adrienne had decided
on a dark red plaid skirt that stopped slightly above the
knees, and a tight sheer white blouse which left absolutely
nothing to the imagination. It was low cut, scoop necked,
allowing the tops of her breasts to make appearances in
her half-cupped white lace bra. A thick black belt held
the outfit together. She had done her hair in pigtails,
sort of a schoolgirl statement, and it excited her to now
be thinking such dirty thoughts about a teacher in this
costume. She took the tip of a pigtail now, and twirled it
in her fingers. “Well, yesterday helped me so much, and
I really do need the help, ” she trailed off, looking up
at his smiling face. He walked over to the doorway, ushering
her inside and closing the door behind him. She wondered
if he would put the blinds down, giving them more privacy,
but he didn’t. Instead, he turned away from the door and
walked over to the chairs, picking one up and swinging it
to face the other, and patted the seat.

“Why don’t you sit down?” he asked. Adrienne crossed the
room to the chairs, and sat down in the one he offered. He
sat down across from her, so close their knees were almost
touching. She could feel the fabric of his slacks rubbing
against her bare legs, and it sent shivers racing up her
spine. “Shall we begin?” he asked her. “I don’t know what
we ought to cover, ” she said. “I seriously just don’t get
any of it.” “What do you think the hardest thing about this
class is, for you?” “Well…” she started. She wondered what
he would say if she told him that all she could think about
during his lectures was him, the teacher. “I guess trying
to recognize which word is what, if you know what I mean.
in the last test.”
“Why don’t we pull out that test and take a look at it, huh?”
He stood up, and Adrienne felt herself let go of the great
breath of air she had swallowed when his pants had brushed
against her legs. Adrienne wondered what that fabric would
feel like brushing against her
inner thigh. Or her breast. On impulse, she reached out
and touched the pants with her hand as he walked by her. She
was mortified! Had she actually done that? Did he notice?
My, but it had felt nice. She twisted around to see what he
was doing. Professor Johnson was just rummaging through
his filing cabinet again, seemingly oblivious to the faux-paux
that had just occurred between his student and his pants
leg. He began to turn around and she looked straight forward
again, squeezing her hands in her lap. She didn’t want him
to know about the tension that was building inside of her
and gnawing at her insides. The teacher took his seat again,
and handed her a copy of the test. “Do you understand question
one?” he asked her. “I don’t have to foggiest idea, sir, ”
she said, blushing. “Well, ” he began, “Let’s start at
the beginning then…” His words filled the small office,
but just like the day before Adrienne found that she was
only fascinated by the man, and not the content of the words
coming out of his mouth. To her ears, his rich, deep voice
was proclaiming that he lusted after her. Her imaginary
Adam Johnson was
admiring her legs, talking about her lacy bra, and saying
that she ought to bend over the desk while he ‒

Her thoughts were interrupted. “You okay?” Professor
Johnson repeated. “Oh, yeah, I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t get
much sleep last night, ” Adrienne shook her head quickly,
seeing the picture in her head dissolve like a puff of smoke
whisking its way into the sky. “Please go on.” Professor
Johnson lifted his hand and brushed a strand of hair away
from Adrienne’s face. Her mouth dropped open in astonishment
for a split second before she clamped it shut again. Her
lips moved as though to say something, but no words came
out, only empty air. Where he had touched her face in an almost
fatherly manner, the skin was aflame, as though his fingers
had been made of fire and wiped their heat on to her skin.
Her loins grew hot as well, and she found herself involuntarily
shifting on the cold seat. But Professor Johnson seemed
to be paying no mind, looking instead back to the test, and
saying something about pronouns. For the duration of the
lesson Adrienne’s heart raced. Her mind wished for another
hair to fall out of place, perhaps instigating a replay
of that
gentle touch. But, alas, four forty-five rolled around
in too short a time, and Professor Johnson got out of his
seat to grab his bag. “Well, thank you very much for your
time, professor, ” Adrienne said smoothly. “You’ve helped
me immensely.” “As always, the pleasure has been mine,
Adrienne, ” he said, using her name for the second time.
It sounded like dark chocolate rolling from that tongue.
“I hope I’ll be seeing, uhm, more of you tomorrow.” Was she
imagining it or had he glanced at her chest when he said that?
She couldn’t tell, but the butterflies were back fluttering
away madly at her insides. “Of course, ” she said, smiling
at him before leaving the room and walking down the hall
towards the elevator. Her eyes moved downwards to look
at the breasts poking through the fabric. How was she going
to manage this one?

“Of course, ” mused Carly, nibbling at her fingernail
and looking towards the ceiling, “You could always go in
topless.” “God, Carly, be serious!” Adrienne laughed
out loud before dropping her head into her arms, which lay
folded on the table. They were back in the bar, unusual for
most students late in the afternoon on a weekday, but pretty
standard for Adrienne’s bouncy friend. “Okay, so he touched
your face. Time to get him to move a few feet down! Maybe it’s
time for you to make your big move. Grab his dick, that turns

guys on.” All Adrienne could do was groan in to the table,
shaking her head back and forth in a very unconvincing argument.
“I’m not going to do that, ” mumbled Adrienne to the table.
She sat up again, throwing her weight against the back of
the booth. “Do you think he was coming on to me, or was it just
a…well, like, a paternal thing?” Adrienne looked at the
bar longingly. She wanted a drink, school night or not…
“Well I don’t know, girl. All I know is that you know how to
get a man, so why should this one be any different?” “I can’t
believe this, ” Adrienne sighed. “I mean, I know that I
set out to seduce him…that’s what I was thinking…but I don’t
think I ever thought that it might work.”

“Take it to the next level, honey, I say you make a move.”
Carly spotted a couple friends and waved frantically at
them. “Hold on, Adrienne. I’m gonna go say hi, ” Carly scooted
out of her seat and ran over to the other girls, squealing
and jumping up and down as usual. Adrienne thought about
what Carly had advised. Adrienne really wanted to make
a move on Professor Johnson, but she wasn’t sure. What if
he rejected her? Would she be able to handle the rejection?
What if he got angry? Could she be kicked out of school for
coming on to a teacher? Carly flew back in to her seat and
drummed her hands on the table. “So, what do you think?”
Carly said. “Can they kick me out of school for this?” Adrienne
muttered. “Girl, word gets out that you’re coming on to
teachers, I’ll bet you never have a problem getting in to
a class again…as long as the teacher is male, anyways.”
Adrienne had to smile. “I’m serious, though, Carly. I mean,
what if I come on to him, and he doesn’t respond at all? Or
what if he tells me to get the hell out? I don’t know if I could
handle that.” “Has anyone ever told you no?” Carly laughed.
“I can’t see it happening in this lifetime, anyway!” “There’ve
been guys who said no…” “Name one.”

Adrienne’s jaw moved up and down as her lips searched for
names. She couldn’t find any. “Alright, then, what should
I do?” She asked. “What can I do, without showing up topless,
that can top the white blouse I wore today?” “Maybe we should
go shopping!!!” Carly’s hands began beating on the table
again in excitement. “We could go to the mall, check out
some of the stores, I’ll bet they have something that will
absolutely boil his blood!!” “After the last couple outfits
I’m afraid I’ll have to show up in my underwear to get more
attention…and I think I’m developing a reputation among
the guys in my classes.” Adrienne didn’t know if that was
a good thing or a bad thing, and she noted so to Carly. “Well,
it’s true, isn’t it? And, I mean, how bad of a reputation
could it be? All you’re doing is giving them woodies during
History classes. What else would they be paying attention
to?” “Alright, let’s go to the mall.” Adrienne pushed herself
out of her seat, giving one last glance to the bar, and headed
for the door. Carly rushed over to her other friends to say
some quick goodbyes, and skipped back over to Adrienne.
The two left with linked elbows, marching towards the bus
station with determination in their step.

Adrienne pushed the door open with confidence and walked
briskly in to the office.
Professor Johnson sat at his desk. When the door swung open
he looked up, startled. Adrienne smiled at him, lowering
her eyes shyly and batting her lashes at him. The teacher
crossed his hands in front of him and gave her a burning hot
look that she could feel boring into her core. The familiar
ache in her pussy appeared at once, and she tried to keep
her breath steady as she casually strode over to the desk
and sat on the edge.
“I’m ready for my lesson, sir, ” she said, dangling her
legs. She had found the perfect outfit yesterday with Carly.
She had decided that it was time to take the upper hand with
the professor, and had dressed for her role. She wore leather
pants that molded to her legs and ass like a second skin,
and a scarlet red baby-t shirt, low cut with tiny strings
sleeves. No bra today, her nipples could be seen, erect,
through the thin fabric. It was short and left her midriff
and naval exposed. She had topped the outfit off with leather
boots that tied up the fronts. She reached up and brushed
the hair out of her face, stretching her long body as she
did so, her hand nearly touching the teacher’s chest. Professor
Johnson grinned at her like a Cheshire cat. His eyes didn’t
give away what he was thinking, but she thought that maybe
there was some lust in there. They held eye contact for what
seemed like an eternity before he said: “Shall we get on
with your lesson, then, my dear?” Adrienne melted at the
sound of that voice.

“Yes sir, ” she whispered throatily. This time he stayed
behind his desk during the entire hour. Maybe to hide an
erection? Thought Adrienne. It pleased her, anyways.
At the end of the session he got up and reached out his hand
to shake hers. She could feel his hand devouring her smaller
one, the soft palms rubbing together. His fingers brushed
over hers in an almost intimate way. He lifted his other
hand to her arm and caressed it softly, running a fingertip
from her bicep to her forearm, hesitating slightly at the
inner elbow.
“I can’t wait for tomorrow, ” he said. “I think that you’re
improving beautifully.” Adrienne seemed to float through
the next days, impatiently watching clocks for four o’clock
to come around, then practically running to the teacher’s
office. The weekend was the worst; Adrienne took about
six baths and masturbated each time to relieve the sexual
tension from her body. It was back, however, as soon as she
saw him in class again on Monday. During the week before
finals, things became almost unbearable for her inside
his office. Professor Johnson seemed to be teasing her
with his words and his
looks, his brief caresses. His hands became more daring,
and Adrienne invited it with gusto, parting her lips and
stifling moans each time his fingers touched her flesh.
At the end of the session Friday, before they parted again
for another long weekend, Professor Johnson ran his hand
through Adrienne’s loose hair, touching her head and running
the hand down her neck all the way to the small of her back.
He leaned in close to her face, until their noses were almost
touching. Adrienne’s lips felt swollen with the desire
to kiss him, but instead she did nothing, only standing
there as his green eyes dug in to her golden brown ones.

“I’ll see you at the test on Monday, ” he said softly. She
stood still as he released her from his embrace and took
a step back from her. He was still smiling, casually, and
began to put his things in to his bag. Adrienne grabbed her
backpack and swung it over one shoulder. “Thank you, sir.
I can’t wait to see you again.” She practically ran out of
the building, not stopping until she was on the street again.
Her chest heaved as she gasped for breath. Her heart pounded
rapidly in her chest, seeming to want to escape from the
ribcage and tear right through her. She turned towards
home and began walking steadily, pictures of Professor
Johnson in her head swirling around in circles. His lips,
his eyes, his hands, his body. She wanted him so badly! She
skipped like a schoolgirl most of the way home, happy to
be alive, happy to have the images of her teacher in her mind.

Only five more minutes until class was out. Adrienne chewed
on her pencil, practically gnawing at the wood, hoping
for some inspiration to come and rescue her from what looked
like another F. None came. “Alright, class, ” Professor
Johnson said, pacing down the aisle. “Time’s up. I hope
you all did well, and have a great spring break. Leave your

tests on my desk in front, and good luck on your other finals.”
Students began to shuffle about, scooting out their chairs
and lifting up their bags, headed for the door. Adrienne
stayed in her seat, searching the page for any hints of how
to pull another answer out before turning it in. She glanced
up, surprised to find that she and the teacher were alone
in the room. He sat on a desk a few rows in front of her seat,
arms crossed, looking at her with an unreadable emotion
in his eyes. “You do okay, Adrienne?” Adrienne felt her
pulse quicken as it always did when he used her name. “I think
I may have failed, ” she muttered, giving the paper one
last look before scooting her own chair away from the desk
and getting to her feet. “Oh well, maybe journalism isn’t
for me. Maybe I should study something easier, like physics.”
Professor Johnson chuckled. “I’ll bet you’ve surprised
yourself, ” he said. “You probably got the best grade in
the class.” “Do you grade the finals on a curve?” she asked,
smiling. “Just you wait, ” he said. “I’m sure you did just
fine.” “Don’t you have another class to go to?” Adrienne
asked, looking at the
clock. “Not today, ” he said. “Those students got 50 page
papers to turn in instead of a test.” “Lucky them, ” she

“You want to come up to my office? We could…talk about the
test.” Adrienne looked at him. His face was unusually intense,
his eyes probing in to hers, almost begging her to come.
She nodded. “I don’t have anywhere else to be.” “Excellent!”
Professor Johnson seemed happy, almost even relieved
at hearing that answer. The two walked to his office together,
chitchatting about their weekends. “Honestly, sir, I
wasted most of my time sitting around not doing much. I know
I should have been studying, but I just couldn’t concentrate.”
She hung her head, a bit ashamed, after all the help he’d
given her. “Oh, really, ” Professor Johnson mused. “I’m
sorry to hear that. But, studying doesn’t always help as
much as people seem to think it does. As long as you knew the
material, it shouldn’t have been a problem.” Adrienne
felt ashamed. She shouldn’t have told him that. “Of course,
now that the final is over, ” he continued, “You don’t really
have to worry about it anymore, do you? At least not until
grades are posted.”

She nodded in agreement. “I just wish I felt more confident
about my grade.” They had reached his office. He unlocked
the door and held it open for her. “Ladies first, ” he invited,
waving his arm. She led the way, walking in to the room and
taking a seat on a chair. He walked over, standing a few feet
in front of her. He crossed his arms and leaned against his
desk. “I’m sure glad that the class is over, ” sighed Adrienne.
“I don’t know if
I could have handled any more of that.” “I hate teaching
grammar, ” Professor Johnson admitted. “I dread winter
term, because that always means I’ll be teaching it. For
some reason, the students keep signing up for my class.”
“You know, ” admitted Adrienne, “all the girls in the class
really think you’re sexy.” “Really?” he raised his eyebrows,
looking speculatively at her. She shifted uneasily in
her seat. “Yeah, they do.” Her face was slowly turning red.
“All of them.” “Do you?” he asked. “Yes, sir, I think you’re
probably the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my entire
life.” His face twitched, his eyes darted across her body.
She shifted again, wondering what he must think of her for
admitting such a thing. Slowly he stood up, and took a couple
steps closer to her, leaning against the wall. “Not all
those girls are half bad, either, ” he said teasingly.
Adrienne gave him a half smile, not sure whether she liked
that statement or not. “Well not all the teachers here are
that bad-looking either, ” she joked. He laughed and took
a couple more steps closer. “Who else do the girls talk about?”
he asked, scratching his chin. “Well, Mr. Pope, for one, ”
she said, “But I think he’s a bit too old for me.”

Professor Johnson laughed, taking a few more steps towards
her. Adrienne looked up and was startled, for he was only
inches from her now. He stood right in front of her as she
sat in the chair; his crotch was just below her face. She
could see a bulge there, should she dare to hope that it was
sign of his arousal? He reached down and touched her hair
lightly. She closed her eyes as he caressed it, rubbing
it between his fingers. She heard his breathing, deep,
heavy, matching her own. She sighed as he took away his hand.
Adrienne looked up in to his eyes. Adrienne placed her hand
lightly on his hip, settling softly and rubbing her thumb
in small circular motions, causing friction between the
cloth and his skin. Shaking, her hand moved down slowly.
He didn’t protest as her hand moved towards the crotch,
which she took as a sign to go ahead. Adrienne was quivering,
unsure of herself and how she should proceed. Her hands
stopped in front of the bulge, and slowly felt their way
through the fabric until she had him in her hand, through
the slacks. Adrienne began massaging it through his pants,
caressing the shaft of his erect cock while
rubbing the underside of his crotch with her other hand.
She leaned forward and nipped playfully at the pants concealing
it, rubbing her face on his thigh.

He moaned, and reached down to fumble with the fly. His zipper
came down and he was exposed to her for the first time. Adrienne
smiled, she felt like she had been waiting for this moment
forever. She moved her lips to his cock, kissing the large
head. She started kissing it softly, rubbing her lips along
the foreskin and down the staff, nuzzling his testicles
with her nose. Her hot mouth moved back up to the head again,
and her lips parted, and she sucked it inside her mouth.
Out of the corner of her eyes, she noted that the windows
were all open, and the window in the door was not covered.
What if someone walked by? She felt herself getting hot
at the thought. Adrienne’s tongue teased his cock, probing
the tip with her tongue, nipping lightly at the very end.
She continued this until she heard his moans growing louder.
He thrust his hips towards her face and she took his whole
cock in his mouth. Her tongue ran along the underside, lapping
at the skin,
sucking him hard in to the back of her throat. She could feel
his cock growing hotter inside her mouth as she sucked him
harder. Her right hand fastened around the base, stroking
it while she sucked it; her left hand fondled his testicles
lightly, probing them and massaging them in her hand with
her soft fingers.

He reached down and held on to her head, directing her in
speed and rhythm by a handful of hair, thrusting his hips
in to her face until her nose was buried in her pubic hair.
Adrienne’s hand left the base of his cock and reached up,
under his shirt, to feel his chest.
His skin was on fire, so hot to the touch. It was soft and hard
at the same time, firm but smooth. Adrienne’s skin was hot
as well, her face flushed around his dick, her nipples burning
holes in her shirt. Her breasts yearned to be touched, her
pussy begged for satisfaction as it drenched her panties
with fluids. Her mouth held tight to his cock, lips wrapped
around the organ as she felt it somehow grow bigger still,
and his thrusts became more frantic. She could sense his
pending orgasm, and braced for it as his moans grew louder
still. With a final, violent thrust in to her mouth he came,
cum spurting into her cheeks. The hot fluid shot down her
throat, causing her to gag slightly before gathering control
of herself and swallowing it. She did not release his still
hard dick, but kept sucking it, getting every last drop
out and cleaning it off. Finally, after a few gasping breaths,
the teacher pulled himself out of her mouth, and knelt at
her feet. His pants still pooling around his ankles, Professor
Johnson began to unbutton Adrienne’s blouse. Once undone,
he gently helped free her arms and threw it to the side. He
undid her bra’s front clasp, exposing her breasts to him
for the first time.

The teacher put his hands under her breasts, cupping them,
and flicking her nipples. It was Adrienne’s turn to moan
as he began to tease her hard little buds, pinching and rubbing
them, massaging her whole breast. His soft lips moved down
to the nipple and he started sucking on it lightly. Adrienne
bucked her hips, almost to the breaking point. She needed
some stimulation! Professor Johnson moved his hand under
her skirt and helped her out of her underwear, tossing them
in to the same pile as her blouse. His finger smeared the
wetness around, and through the slick flesh sought her
clit. The little clit was hard and exposed, and Adrienne
whimpered as he began to rub it softly. The teacher moved
his middle finger down, and slipped it in to her sopping
cunt. Her muscles instantly clamped around it, and he pushed
the index finger in to join it. Slowly, he began to fuck her
with his hand, while his tongue still moved over one nipple
and then the other.
Kissing her breasts, he moved his head down to her legs.
He kissed one knee and then the other, and then licked his
way up to her pussy with his long, wet tongue. He teased the
lips of her pussy. Flicking her clit with his tongue before
latching his lips on to it and beginning to suck. Adrienne’s
legs rose and wrapped around his head, pulling him in to
her crotch. He continued sucking as more and more juices
poured from her body. She began to pant, bucking her hips
into his hand and mouth. Her body tensed, muscles tightening
everywhere, and an earth shattering orgasm racked her
body. She screamed aloud, grabbing his hair in his hands,
holding him to her contracting pussy. He kept licking as
her body finished its throes of passion. Finally exhausted,
she pushed him away. She stood up from the chair, flushed
from her orgasm. He remained kneeling at her feet. “Lay
down, ” she whispered, and he complied, laying on his back
on the office floor.

Adrienne sat on his stomach, facing his feet. He had a great
view of her round ass as she bent over and began to lick his
cock again. He quickly grew erect again, and she slid down
his body, mounting his cock easily. Her thighs moved up
and down on him as he thrust his cock into her pussy. She rode,
grunts and moans from both of them filling the room. Adrienne
turned herself around on him, and pulled his hands to her
breasts. As he squeezed her nipples, she ran her hands down
his chest, toying with the hair there, moving up and down
frantically the whole time. “Get up, ” he said hoarsely.
She hesitated, but got up off of him. The professor put his
hand on her waist and directed her over to the desk. “Bend
over.” His voice was soft and yet hoarse and rough. She bent
over, her breasts shocked to feel the icy cold tabletop.
She felt him nudging her pussy with his cock, and she thrust
her hips back in welcome. He thrust into her hard, causing
her to slam up against the desk. It hurt her side slightly
but she was soon moaning in pleasure, pushing back to feel
the full extent of each thrust. Adrienne felt his thrusts
getting frantic again, and was afraid that he was going
to cum once more and ruin her good time. “Stop!” she said
harshly. He stopped, uncertainly, panting for breath.

Adrienne used all her strength to turn around, and push
him back towards the chair she’d been sitting in a little
while before. He sat down, and she climbed onto his lap,
guiding his cock into her sopping pussy again. He held onto
her hips and pulled her up and down on him while she used all
the strength in her legs to bounce on his dick, arms wrapped
around his neck. Her lips teased his earlobes and she moaned
heavily in to his ear. He started to grunt and she knew he
was going to cum again. She was close herself, and reached
down with her right hand to fondle her clit a little bit more.
Seconds later she was screamed as another orgasm clenched
her pussy around his cock, preventing him from pulling
out while he came. His cum spurted inside her, filling her
up and then drizzling down the sides, and making a mess all
over their legs and his chair. They stayed like that for
a few moments, her in his arms, him buried deep inside her.
She rested her head against his shoulder and nuzzled his
neck. She shut her eyes, completely satisfied.

A week later Adrienne was in front of her computer, checking
her grades. Her eyes ran down the row of class listings to
her grammar class. She held her breath, and looked ‒ an F.
Even though she had known she wasn’t going to do well, she
was surprised. Adrienne stared at the screen, blinking
in confusion. As she stared, the phone rang. She picked
it up. “You ready for our date? I’m going to be over in just
a couple minutes.” “Yeah, definitely. I was just checking
my grades.” “Oh, yeah, the grades…I hope you didn’t expect…”
the voice on the other end asked. “No!” she snapped. “This
is fine with me. I’m all ready to go.” “Good. I’ll meet you
at your place in five minutes or so.” “Great. Can’t wait
to see you, Adam.”

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Great story. Good use of erotic suspense. One criticism,
a bit too long for a posting on this website.